77+ Green Kitchen Backsplash Ideas – ( Inspired by Nature ) Green Design!

Designers are raving about these green backsplash ideas that are more versatile than you might even imagine. This earth-inspired hue comes in shades ranging from the palest mint to the deepest olive and every color in between. No matter how bright or bold you want your kitchen space to be, green kitchen backsplash ideas will help you get there. Browse our green backsplash tile products.

Gorgeous Green Color Mosaic Backsplash Ideas

Green has the potential to be a new neutral, depending on the shade. Pair it with whites and grays for a subtle pop of color amidst an otherwise soft color scheme that will last through the ages. Green backsplash ideas can be just as timeless and classic as black and white in the right design. We’re here to help you figure out what that design might be. Browse through our collection of green backsplash ideas to help you uncover the ideal low-maintenance and long-lasting mosaic tile that’s right for your space.

Green Kitchen Cabinet Green Backsplash Ideas

Sage Green Glass Glass Backsplash

White Kitchen Green Subway Backsplash Ideas

Green Subway Backsplash Tile

Brown Cabinets Green Backsplash Tile

Green Glass Backsplash Tile

Decorating with Green Natural Backsplash Tiles

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to incorporate green backsplash ideas into your almost-perfect kitchen. If you need a few ideas to get you started, take a look at these:

You certainly won’t be disappointed with the selection of green glass backsplash ideas that you’ll find in our gallery. These no-fuss mosaic tiles are the ideal addition for homeowners who want a long-lasting backsplash without the high-maintenance surfaces that some require.

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Shades for Green Backsplash


If you are looking for something adventurous, green is the way to go but which shades of green are right for your kitchen? From sophisticated emerald to bright mint, green comes in an endless array of shades and hues. This wide range of color options allows you to incorporate a green backsplash in different kitchen styles and color schemes.

Emerald Green Backsplash

Emerald is a vivid green that can lend instant sophistication to any space. It communicates a sense of prestige and luxury. With its eye-catching appeal, emerald green will help you to create a one-of-a-kind design. So, if you want to create a striking focal point that stands out in your kitchen, an emerald green backsplash is a perfect way. For a fresh look you can pair emerald green with neutral shades like beige or if you want the backsplash will be the star of your kitchen, pair it with white accents.

ID# 126501| – Credit© Juliet Murphy

Dark Green Subway Backsplash Tiles with Black Cabinets

The bold green color of the ceramic backsplash tiles creates a striking focal point between the black cabinets and transforms this kitchen into an eye-catching design with a dramatic appeal. The copper range hood, green granite countertops, and yellow glass pendant lights enhance the eclectic vibes while the black cabinets provide a sleek and sophisticated foundation for the space.

ID# 126502| – Credit© «Точка дизайна»

Green and White Kitchen with Concrete Floor Tiles

The small kitchen is decorated in white with a contrasting green tint in the facades. Glossy tiles add shine to the interior and create an interesting play of reflections. The green paint of the cabinets creates a continuous look with the emerald green backsplash while the vertically stacked layout of the subway tiles enhances the modern vibe of the room. The u-shape layout of the kitchen maximizes the functionality. The gray concrete floor tiles make a beautiful and sleek final touch.

ID# 126503| – Credit© Женя Постухова

Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Glossy Green Wall Tiles

In this transitional kitchen, the emerald green tile backsplash directly draws attention and elevates the design. The glossy finish of the backsplash reflects the light and makes the space feel larger. The white kitchen cabinets with a white countertop create a clean and fresh look and allow the backsplash to stand out. The rubbed oil bronze hardware adds a vintage vibe while complementing the range hood and lighting fixtures. The wood herringbone flooring complements the naturality of the green and adds a nice texture.

Sage Green Backsplash

Sage is a soft and tranquil grayish-green that can create a space that’s full of life while still being relaxing and easy to live with. It is a versatile color that can work with almost every color and every style. Unlike emerald green, sage green has a soft appeal and a sage green backsplash is a great way to create an effective focal point without overwhelming. You can pair it with neutral shades and a touch of some wooden textures to create a cohesive look!

ID# 126504| – Credit© Becker Building & Remodeling Inc.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Hand-made Sage Green Backsplash

White shaker-style cabinets, modern fixtures, and sage green semi-handmade vintage-looking tiles round out this one-of-a-kind design! Different shades of sage green bring a mosaic appeal while creating an accent wall above the white cabinetry. The white kitchen cabinets are paired with brass hardware, Caesarstone quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances. The green kitchen island with a white countertop complements the backsplash.

ID# 126505| – Credit© A & M General Contracting

Mediterranean Kitchen with Multicolored Floor Tiles

Different colors, patterns, and textures perfectly come together in this Mediterranean kitchen and create a one-of-a-kind design. The green square backsplash tiles complete the warm appeal of the wooden kitchen cabinets. The black hardware enhances the modernity of the atmosphere while the multicolored floor tiles add another layer of texture with their unique patterns.

ID# 126506| – Credit© Hive LA Home

Beach-style Kitchen with Black Cabinets and White Countertops

In this beach-style kitchen, the modern black kitchen cabinets and white countertops create a timeless appeal while the green tiles bring joy to the atmosphere. The sage green mosaic tile backsplash creates a focal point between the black cabinets. The same tiles are also used on the back of the peninsula to create a continuous look. The glass-fronted cabinet doors bring an open and airy feel while the wood counter chairs complete the warm look of the green shades.

Blue Green Backsplash

If you can not decide between blue and green, what about using them together? As we mentioned before, green has endless shades and some shades include blue undertones. Turquoise, cyan, or teal are some of the blue-green shades. These shades are perfect to create a bright look without losing the calming feel of the green. Except for these, you can also combine blue and green tiles together. This will create a stunning mosaic appeal and your backsplash will be the star of your kitchen!

ID# 126507| – Credit© Parcels Design Studio

Gray Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Vertical Subway Tiles and Wood Floating Shelves

The green glass subway tile backsplash is definitely the centerpiece of this contemporary kitchen. The eye-catching color of the backsplash tiles stands against the neutral color of the cabinets while the vertical placement of the tiles makes the space feel taller. Wooden floating shelves give an open and airy feel and allow the backsplash tiles to steal the attention.

ID# 126508| – Credit© Designs by KS

Contemporary Kitchen with Blue Green Backsplash and Wood Cabinets

In this contemporary kitchen, the blue-green backsplash adds a beautiful visual interest between the white and wood cabinets. Also, the natural tones of the backsplash complete the warm look of the wood textures. The white countertops make a fresh touch to enhance the brightness. The blue paint of the kitchen island complements the backsplash tiles.

ID# 126509| – Credit© Crib Creative

Beach-style Kitchen with Teal Tiles and White Cabinets

In this beach-style kitchen, the teal tile backsplash adds a pop of color and turns this otherwise ordinary kitchen into an eye-catching design! The textural surface of the tiles enhance the visual interest while the white wood kitchen cabinets give a sleek look. 

Materials for Green Backsplash


When it comes to backsplash design, material options are endless. But even if it seems like a small part, material choice is one of the most important things for a backsplash because a backsplash needs to provide both style and functionality. Green backsplashes come in a wide range of material options. It might be tricky to choose the right material but these green backsplash ideas will help you to find it!

Green Ceramic Tile Backsplash

With their almost endless color, pattern and texture options, and durability, ceramic tiles are one of the most popular material choices for kitchen backsplashes. When it comes to the ceramic backsplash, green might not be the first choice for homeowners but a well-chosen green ceramic tile backsplash will be a perfect addition to your kitchen!

ID# 126510| – Credit© Lydia Maskiell Interiors

Green Flat-panel Cabinets with Subway Arabesque Tiles and White Countertop

In this contemporary kitchen, the green backsplash tiles pull the attention at the first sight and add visual interest to the design. The classic subway pattern of the tiles makes a traditional twist against the modern green kitchen cabinets. The simple and plain look of the green cabinets seamlessly blends with the tiles. 

ID# 126511| – Credit© TVL Creative Ltd.

Midcentury Kitchen with Green and Beige Patterned Backsplash Tiles

The beautiful green and beige pattern of the backsplash tiles directly draw attention and create an accent wall in this midcentury kitchen. Wooden cabinets bring warmth to the atmosphere and create a harmonious look with the ceramic backsplash tiles. The unique design of the white kitchen island with blue subway tiles, wood countertop, and brown chairs add value to the design.

ID# 126512| – Credit© DUstudiO Interiors

Contemporary Kitchen with Green Subway Tile Backsplash and Wood Countertop

The bold and vibrant green color of the subway tile backsplash creates a distinctive focal point in this contemporary kitchen. The glossy appeal of the glass tiles also adds a freshness to the space. The black flat-panel cabinets serve an elegant look while the wooden countertops complete the natural feel of the green. The white upper cabinets create a clean look and make the space feel larger.

Green Glass Tile Backsplash

The charming appeal and strong durability of the glass never fail you down! Glass backsplashes are a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers. Whether it’s a glossy or matte finish, a glass tile backsplash can work with different design aesthetics, and when this functional material meets with the adventurousness of the green, the result is just perfect!

ID# 126513| – Credit© JEI STUDIO

Midcentury Kitchen with Green Backsplash and Bamboo Chairs

The green glass subway tile backsplash transforms this otherwise white kitchen into a welcoming and cheerful space. The soft green color of the subway tiles provides a fresh look between the white cabinets and wood accents. Also, backsplash tiles complement the warm appeal of the other natural materials.

ID# 126514| – Credit© D’Cruz Design Group

Contemporary Kitchen with Light Gray and White Cabinets

The single raw vertical subway tile backsplash creates a nice textural look in this contemporary kitchen. The white and light gray cabinets and the white quartz countertops create a cohesive look with the backsplash tiles. The terrazzo flooring makes a beautful final touch.

ID# 126515| – Credit© Bark Design Architects

Green Glass Sheet Backsplash with White Cabinets

The back-painted glasses we have here feature a baked-on finish that is resistant to chipping and peeling, making them a high-quality, pigment-rich backdrop. Naturally, though, this green glass sheet provides much more than just a splash of color between the white countertops and cabinets.

Patterns for Green Backsplash


In today’s market, from classic subway tiles to eye-catching mosaics, backsplashes come in a wide range of pattern and style options. You can create a timeless appeal with green subway tiles or add some modernity with hex tiles. Whatever your choice is, a green backsplash is a great way to create unique designs!

Green Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Mosaic tiles are classic for kitchen backsplashes and can be suitable for all types of kitchen designs. With their unique appeal, mosaic tiles are a great way to add visual interest, and thanks to their endless shades and hues, green is a perfect color to catch these arty vibes!

ID# 126516| – Credit© Retreat Design

Glossy Green Mosaic Tile Backsplash with Black Cabinets

The modern black cabinets’ smooth surface and simple design radiate class and refinement! The striking backsplash of green glass mosaic tile complements the sturdy cabinets in a beautiful way, and the focal point’s intricate design and vibrant color give the kitchen a much-needed energy boost.


ID# 126517| – Credit | © Spencer Constructions (QLD) Pty Ltd

Midcentury Kitchen with Wood Cabinets and White Countertops

The focal point of this design is the exquisite wood base cabinets and island, which radiate warm and inviting tones and provide a hint of natural beauty. On the other hand, the stylish design and shimmering finish of the green backsplash effortlessly blend functionality with artistic flair!


ID# 126518| – Credit© Мила Колпакова

White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertops

The white hexagon tiles with a green pattern are striking pieces that instantly improve any kitchen. The white shaker cabinets’ understated style lets the backsplash steal the show in this design. However, to give visual flair, the black granite countertop contrasts with the white cabinets.

Green Subway Tile Backsplash

Subway tiles are a lifesaver for every type of kitchen and they are great to create a timeless appeal. From sophisticated emerald to bright mint, a green subway tile backsplash comes in a wide range of color options that allow you to personalize your kitchen according to your taste!

ID# 126519| – Credit© YU Dsgn Галкина Юлия и Беляева Юлия

Contemporary Kitchen with Wood Kitchen Cabinets and Green Subway Tiles

In this contemporary kitchen, the light wood kitchen cabinets and the green subway tile backsplash provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The white countertops, upper cabinets and the white kitchen peninsula bring a bright look to the atmosphere. The unique lighting fixture makes a personalized touch and elevates the design

ID# 126520| – Credit©

Gray and White Cabinets with Black Countertop and Hardware

In this small Scandinavian Kitchen, the green subway tiles are laid in a herringbone pattern. This simple twist on the rectangular tiles gives a more unique look to the kitchen. The beveled style of the subway tiles gives a 3d effect and contrast with the cabinets. The white upper cabinets and dark gray perimeter cabinets give a sleek modern look with their flat-panel door styles. The black countertop completes the monochrome color scheme of the cabinets.

ID# 126521| – Credit© NEVA Architecture Intérieure – Interior Design

Green Subway Backsplash Tiles with White Grout

This contemporary kitchen offers a modern, slightly edgy space that is still warm and inviting. The stunning light green tile backsplash adds a pop of color to the design and creates a focal point between the white cabinets. The wood countertops complement the backsplash while the patterned floor tiles add visual interest.

Green Hexagon Tile Backsplash

With their sleek beauty, hexagon or honeycomb tiles can be used anywhere from bathrooms to entryways and kitchens are the most popular area of usage of the hex tiles. The geometrical shape of these tiles offers timeless and chic appeals for kitchens. You can use large elongated green hex tiles to bring dynamism or use tiny hex tiles to create a mosaic appeal with a slight texture!

ID# 126522| – Credit© Residential Attitudes

Midcentury Kitchen with Metallic Hexagon Backsplash

In this midcentury kitchen, the neutral color scheme offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The green hex tiles with a metallic finish create a focal point between the wood perimeter cabinets and white upper ones. Also, the backsplash softens the contrast between the wood and whites with its natural look. 

ID# 126523| – Credit© Jasmine McClelland Design

White and Wood Cabinets with Green 3D Backsplash Tiles

This otherwise plain kitchen gets a wow effect with the green hexagon tile backsplash. The hexagon tiles’ shiny surface and three-dimensional appearance heighten the impression and produce a powerful focal point! The white base cabinets and countertop give the space a crisp, new appearance, while the wood upper cabinets and peninsula finish the green’s organic feel.

ID# 126524| – Credit© Elena Eskandari – Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

Two-tone Cabinetry with Teal Elongated Hex Tiles and White Countertops

The teal elongated backsplash tiles bring a beachy vibe to this midcentury kitchen with wood and white cabinets. The lovely color of the hex tiles brings joy to the atmosphere. The light wood perimeter cabinets and the white upper cabinets serve a sleek and elegant look while the white countertops complete the freshness of the white cabinetry. The wood flooring creates a continuous look with the wood cabinets.

Is green backsplash good for kitchens?

Classic colors like black, white, gray, or blue, are a popular choice for kitchens and they are great to create timeless appeals. But if you are bored with these color schemes, and looking for something adventurous, a green backsplash is your solution! Whether it is sophisticated emerald green or bright seafoam green, a green backsplash is a perfect way to create creative and unique designs for your backsplash. So, the answer is an absolute yes!

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Green Subway Kitchen Backsplash Ideas