Tiled Kitchen Island Ideas Transform Your Kitchen with Tiled Island Ideas

16+ Tile Kitchen Island Ideas

Tiled Kitchen Island Ideas with Black and White Patterns

Forget the eye-catchy backsplash designs! Look at this stylishly tiled island! It is the most effective design element in this modern kitchen design. Using wooden flat-panel cabinetry with matte black hardware creates a canvas for the black and white tiled island and emphasizes it more. Thanks to the light gray flooring and the white stone slab backsplash the island stands out more.

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Light Beige Flat Panels

If you want curvy edges for the island and have concerns about how to tile it, then do not worry! The subway tiles are here! The white subway tiled kitchen island and its vertical lines create a movement to the light beige flat-panel kitchen cabinets. Matching the backsplash with the island tiles is a terrific idea to increase the energetic vibes of the simplicity of the contemporary design kitchen cabinets with minimalistic lines.

Tiled Kitchen Island Ideas

The kitchen is frequently the beating heart of the home. It’s where you and your family get ready for the day, create holiday memories, entertain friends and family, and celebrate life’s important occasions during get-togethers. The kitchen island, located in the center of the room, gives additional space for meal preparation, cooking, gathering for informal meals or coffee breaks, and even more storage space. Aside from its many utilitarian use, the island may also be used as an aesthetic focal point in the space. For instance, you can benefit from tiled kitchen island ideas that may inspire you with the ways of tiling the surfaces of the island.
You may be bold enough to use tile on the kitchen island to make designs with stunning outcomes. Scroll down and find stunning tiled kitchen island ideas!

Create an Eye-catching Focal Point with Tiled Island

Home renovation, especially kitchen renovation is challenging, there are so many things to think about. There are cabinet designs, islands, peninsulas, backsplash, and countertops. After these main things, floors, walls, ceiling designs, curtains, decorations, etc. come. Kitchen islands with tile are one of the ideas that you can go to design a kitchen. If you want to make a difference, you can use tile kitchen island ideas. Tiling the sides or back of a kitchen island or peninsula may do wonders for your area.

There are infinite ways to create a gorgeous focal point for your kitchen with kitchen islands with tile front, whether you want a flash of color or want to mimic the pattern of your backsplash. You can tile under kitchen islands creating unique designs with ceramics, cement tiles, mosaics, marbles, hexagons, or subway tiles to create a focal point with the tile front of the kitchen island. Scroll down to see some of the stunning examples of tile kitchen island ideas than can inspire you with their gorgeous looks!

Mesmerizing Patterns for a Modern Kitchen with Black and White

Using the white flat-panel cabinets as a canvas for the black and white tiled island is a terrific way to highlight it. The black wood floors help the white cabinets to emphasize the island. The black wood floors and the white flat-panel kitchen cabinets have already created a contrast, however, this contrast is accentuated and boosted up by the black and white tiled island very well. Using white countertops and a white glass backsplash is a plus to brighten up the black and white contrast.

Can you tile a kitchen island?

Almost all modern kitchen designs include seating — even the tiniest island can generally fit a countertop overhang and a couple of bar stools. You may also go with a long kitchen island with built-in low-level, table-style seating on one end. You can add an artistic touch to your kitchen islands with tiles! The countertop as well as the sides of your kitchen island might be tiled. Tiling your kitchen island is a terrific method to preserve its surfaces while also improving its appearance.

Go Bold with Blue Tiled Kitchen Island Ideas for Your Kitchens

The stylish blue fish scale tiles of the island create an aesthetic contrast with the brown hues of the environment. The black color details increase this contrast and bring ultimate beauty to the interior. Using a white backsplash as a canvas is a terrific idea to emphasize the fish scale tiles of the island. The freshness and the intimate appeal also welcome you to this stylish interior.

Kitchen Island with Tile Front

A kitchen island with a front increases the attractiveness of your space and may be the focal point of your kitchen, whether you’re constructing a rustic-style kitchen or one with a more contemporary touch. The kitchen island is a popular meeting place for family and friends, as well as a prep and display space for food and beverages. You can create a personality with a kitchen island with a tiled front and make a statement.
As we mentioned before there are infinite material options to tile under kitchen islands. Whether you want to design contemporary or classic kitchen islands with tile, there are design options for everyone to create their dreamy kitchen island with a tiled front.

Marble Tiled Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is almost a must-have in today’s world, as homes get smaller and kitchen space becomes more limited. As more kitchen islands are erected, homeowners are becoming more imaginative in how they decorate them. Kitchen islands with tiles are one of the ideas that you can rely on to create a gorgeous appeal for your kitchens. And if you decide to tile the kitchen island you may wonder which material to use on the kitchen island with a tiled front. A marble tile kitchen island is one of the alternatives from the infinite material options to the tile front of the kitchen island.

Marble tiles are the materials that you can use in your kitchen designs and create luxurious appeals. You can match your marble tile backsplash with the marble tile kitchen island and boost up the expensive appeal of the elegance of the marble tiles.

White Marble Tiled Kitchen Island Ideas with Black Countertops

It is possible to use the same material for the backsplash and the island front as in this kitchen. The mint green of the walls and the wood details bring stylish naturality to the kitchen interior. The white marble mosaic tile island with the black countertops has a stylish contrast. Using dark wood floors and black countertops highlight the white marble backsplash with the front of the kitchen island

How to install tile on the kitchen island?

All of us know that islands have some perfect superpowers such as the ability to provide extra storage or aesthetic view. If you will install tiles on the kitchen island there is one issue that you may consider: the existing island that you will remake. If your existing island has wood surfaces before starting to tile the island you must buy a proper adhesive for wood surfaces and you need to be sure that the wood surfaces are strong enough to hold the tiles. But if they are not, you may want to change them with a backer board.

Backer board is used as a tile underlayment to prevent moisture from harming the walls and to provide a flat, sturdy surface for the tiles to rest on. Cement is the most prevalent material, and it’s utilized in bathrooms and shower enclosures. For other rooms in the house, it’s also available in water-resistant green board sheetrock. Both types of the backer board have identical installation techniques, with only minor differences when installed over plywood or drywall. Ceramic tile used over the backer board is one of the most long-lasting floor or wall coverings available. If you pass this step, we can start to tile an island!

Before starting you need to be sure that all the surfaces that you will tile are clean and solid.

Step 1-

To eliminate any dust left over the following installation, wipe the backer boards with a moist sponge.

Step 2-

Using a spatula, squeeze tile glue into the seams between the backer boards. Cover the joints with alkaline-resistant fiberglass joint tape. Apply glue over the tape and feather over the edges with the spatula to produce a tight bonded connection with the backer board. As much as possible, smooth out the glue.

Step 3-

Moisture-resistant silicone caulk should be used to seal the gap between the backer board and the floor. Allow the glue to cure as directed by the manufacturer.

Step 4-

Using a chalk-line tool, mark the middle of the wall vertically. Lay a row of tiles along the bottom border of the wall, dry-fitting them. To avoid uneven or thin-tile cuts at the margins of the wall, adjust the tiles as needed.

Step 5-

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make a tiny batch of thinset, no more than you’ll need in 30 minutes. Using the flat edge of the notched trowel, spread thin-set across a small portion of the wall in the middle. Drag the trowel’s notched edge through the thin-set until it’s no longer smooth in any spot.

Step 6-

Using the chalk line as a guide, place the first tile on the wall. To attach using the glue, press the tile to the surface. Install two spacers on each tile’s side. Place a second tile on the other side of the chalk line in the glue, butting the edges up against the spacers. Place a level across the tile’s surface. Tap the tiles with a rubber mallet to level them out if they’re uneven. Place one additional tile to the left of the first two and one to the right of the first two. Install one tile on either side of the chalk line to begin the second row.

Step 7-

Continue in this fashion until the bottom row is complete, forming a steplike design. Install the final two end tiles on the second row, then two more on the third row, two on the third row, and two on the third row to complete the stepping pattern until the entire wall is covered.

Step 8-

When a full-sized tile would not fit, place one tile on the surface, starting at the edge and overlapping the last tile in each row. Where the tile overflows the last full-sized tile, make a mark. Using a wet saw, cut the tile along that line. Chip away small bits of the tile using tile nippers to fit around light fittings and electrical outlets. To avoid chipping away too much, score the tile before nipping. Install the sliced tiles in the same manner as the full-sized tiles. Allow 24 hours for the thinset to cure.

Step 9-

Make a batch of grout as directed on the packaging. Remove the spacers from the equation. Using a rubber grout float, pack the grout into the grooves between the tiles. Using a moist sponge, wipe away the grout from the tile’s surface. Cure the grout as directed on the box. Use a neutral tile and grout cleaner to remove any leftover grout residue from the tiles.

White Kitchen Cabinets and Brass Hardware with Light Wood Floors

One of the things that you can make a difference is having diagonally installed floor tiles. The second one is using tiles under the kitchen island, and you can increase the stylish view by coordinating the backsplash tiles with the front tiles of the kitchen island. This matching look boosts the richness of the kitchen and adding brass hardware makes a glamorous effect.

Ceramic Tiled Kitchen Island

Smart kitchen island ideas have become an essential component for modern kitchen designs, which is understandable considering the usable value they provide to a kitchen layout. Aside from functionality, the change of pace provided by a kitchen island frequently inspires material diversification. You can be more daring with a bolder finish or color, or even a more costly material that would be prohibitively expensive across a whole room. The kitchen islands with tiles are one of the stylish ideas that you can have in your kitchens. One of the materials that you can rely on is ceramic. With the ceramic tile kitchen island, you can have such a unique design outcome thanks to the ceramic materials’ large variety of color and pattern alternatives.

When it comes to selecting a material for your kitchen island, low-maintenance upkeep and diverse design alternatives are essential. Ceramic tile is excellent at both. In this day and age, it’s also crucial to understand that ceramic tile is quite easy to clean. Most messes can be cleaned up with just water. Furthermore, tile does not contain or host typical allergens present in indoor air and is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. If you do not have any concerns about the tile front of the kitchen island let’s see some of the beautiful examples of a ceramic tile kitchen island.

Ceramic Tiled Kitchen Island Ideas with Curvy Edges for a Contemporary Design

Lines draw all the attraction in this contemporary design style kitchen, aren’t they? The curved island and its ceramic tiles bring a striking effect to the kitchen with a strong contrast between the black and white. They add an energetic look to the kitchen interior. The geometrical contrast is well used in this contemporary kitchen such as the contrast of the square tile backsplash and the ceramic tile kitchen island’s vertical lines. Having light wood floors is a good choice to emphasize the kitchen cabinetry design.

Is the tile kitchen island outdated?

With the changes in the fashion industry, trends in the architectural fields make us try the old things with new touches. These new twists can not be outdated. Since the material tile has endless options, we can not say that the tile kitchen island is outdated.

Bright and Natural Kitchen Design with Patterns

The harmony of the wood and white is always helpful to the designers if you need a fresh-looking kitchen with some naturality. The woven pendant lighting fixtures, medium-tone wood floors, the wooden top of the bar stools, floating wood shelves, and the wooden trim of the white hood increase naturality with freshness. The most eye-catchy design element is the black and white patterned ceramic tiles of the island. The energetic vibes are boosted by the freshness of the white surrounding of the kitchen.

Where to start laying tiles on the kitchen island?

You need to find the center point of each side of the island and ensure all the corners and the sides are covered with the tiles seamlessly.

Modern Kitchen Design with Ceramic Tiled Kitchen Island and Wood Countertops

You can feel the intimate greeting from this modern kitchen design. The light wood countertops and the black hardware create a stylish contrast with the white flat-panel kitchen cabinets. The square ceramic tiles of the island front increase the energetic look of the kitchen with the help of the white ceramic tile backsplash. Also, thanks to the light wood floors the bright look of the kitchen interior is well presented.

Cement Tiled Kitchen Island

If you’ve seen some very stunning patterned tiles on Pinterest recently, chances are they’re made of cement. These matte-finish and typically boldly patterned tiles are stunning. Historically more widespread in Europe than here, they’ve gained traction on this side of the Atlantic. If you will tile the kitchen island of your kitchen you can choose cement tiles. A cement tile kitchen island will add an aesthetic and energetic look to your kitchens.

Cement tile designs range from colorful flowers to futuristic geometrics, and patterns frequently create a bigger interlocking pattern when four tiles are put together. Because tiles can be created in small amounts, several firms offer personalized colors and designs. Cement tile kitchen islands develop a distinctive patina over time; some people find this part of their appeal, but if you like to keep them looking brand new, you may refinish them by sanding away a small layer of the surface and resealing.

Black and White Cement Tiled Kitchen Island for a Contemporary Design Kitchen

Contemporary design has those flat and plain looks with simplicity, however, you can bring movement and organic touch to the contemporary design style kitchen with the floral patterns of the cement tiles by using them on the surface of the kitchen island sides. The black cabinetry stands as a background to emphasize the black and white cement tile kitchen island and keeps the contrasting look lively.

Can you use backsplash tile for kitchen islands?

Yes, you can use backsplash tile for kitchen islands. Your kitchen’s heart and soul are the island and cabinetry. Don’t just go with the most basic option. Make them pop and blend in with the rest of your kitchen. Since the backsplash tile is to provide your walls from moisture, splashes, and other damages, they are good for the kitchen islands, too. You can create a matching look and make a statement with the stylish tiles that you choose.

Black and White Contrast and Exposed Wood Beams

The clean look of the white kitchen has a striking contrast with the white shaker cabinets and matte black hardware. Thanks to the black and white cement tiled kitchen island, this contrast is boosted and the kitchen gains movement. The exposed wooden beams and the light wood floors increase the naturality of the kitchen.

Striking Patterns of the Cement Tiled Kitchen Island Ideas with White Countertops

This white kitchen provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere thanks to the pendant lighting fixtures and the wooden details. The most eye-catchy design element is, of course, the cement tiles of the island. The striking patterns of the cement tiles add energetic vibes to the atmosphere of this kitchen. The black and white contrast is well presented in this kitchen design. Also, using white tile floors with white cabinetry, and countertops is a good choice to emphasize the cement tile kitchen island.

Mosaic Tiled Kitchen Island

Islands are self-contained constructions that may be added to your kitchen area; however, not every kitchen can accommodate one. If you have adequate room, it is strongly advised that you create an island since it is a very useful location for cooking and sitting. Because islands may be designed with drawers, shelves, and cabinets, they can also serve as countertops and storage places. Whether you choose a little or large island, it must complement the colors and style of your kitchen. If you are searching through the internet for those colors and materials for your island to complement the kitchen design, you can try out a kitchen island with a tiled front and mosaic tile kitchen islands are some of the perfect fits to tile under the kitchen island.

Mosaics have long been utilized as a unique approach to putting together a complex piece of art or pattern. Mosaic is a term that refers to a design made up of numerous tiny pieces of tile. Mosaic tiles are one of the more accessible materials on the market for bringing attention to a wall or countertop since they come in a range of designs and colors. If you decide to tile the front of your kitchen island scroll down to see some of the stylish examples of a mosaic tile kitchen island.

Mosaic Tile Island with an Aesthetic Contrast

If you like natural colors such as brown, blue, or green, you will like the idea of contrasting blue and brown in the interior. Because this contrast creates an aesthetic look to the kitchens and improves the design look. The white slab stone backsplash and the countertops boost the bright look of the light blue mosaic tiled kitchen island. Thanks to the light wood floors the contrast of the blue and brown stand out more and create a character in the kitchen.

Subway Tiled Kitchen Island

While tile is a very adaptable décor element, there are so many different types that it may be tough to know which one would work best in your area. You can’t go wrong with a classic, though. Subway tile, a rectangular white glazed alternative called after the design used in New York City subway stations, is a stylish option for kitchen backsplashes and shower stalls. It also blends in with most aesthetics because of its simplistic design such as the kitchen island with tiles. You may be getting used to seeing most of the subway tile designs only for walls, showers, floors, or kitchen backsplashes, however, a subway tile kitchen island can help you to make a difference in your kitchen designs.

Subway tiles may easily be utilized to clad your kitchen island as a method to add texture, pattern, and color to your design plan due to their tiny scale. Wall tiles have the extra benefit of functioning as a hard surface finish that is easy to clean and maintain, shielding your breakfast bar from scuffs and markings, thanks to their incredible strength and durability. Let’s check some of the gorgeous design options for a subway tile kitchen island.

Blue Subway Tiled Kitchen Island Ideas with White Quartz Countertops

The brightness of the white cabinets and the white quartz countertops is balanced by the blue and white backsplash. Also, the blue subway tile kitchen island improves this balanced look and adds an eye-catchy appeal. The medium-tone wood floors contrast with the blue subway tile increasing the aesthetic look of the kitchen design. Additionally, the freshness and the brightness fill the entire kitchen with a chic appeal.

Hexagon Tiled Kitchen Island

You’re constantly searching for ways to spruce up the kitchen by bringing in something fresh and trendy. Even though some trends fade away fast and may not be worth your time and effort, others tend to survive the test of time and serve you well for years, if not decades! As it continues to hold its own in the decorating industry, the geo trend appears to be moving towards the latter. Both homeowners and interior designers are on the lookout for innovative methods to add geo panache to the modern house. The hexagon tile kitchen island is certainly a good place to start!

Hexagonal tiles come in a variety of colors and may be utilized to introduce patterns without disrupting the color scheme of your modern kitchen. Whether you choose to achieve it with a lovely tiled backsplash, kitchen island with tile front, or floor tiles, the silhouette of the six-sided hexagon creates a significant effect. You can scroll down to see some of the beautiful examples of a hexagon tile kitchen island and get some inspiration!

Industrial Kitchen Design with a Hexagon Tiled Kitchen Island Ideas

So many things are going on in this kitchen! While the brick walls draw attraction the large hexagon tile kitchen island makes a statement in this industrial design style kitchen. The color and pattern transition of the hexagon tiles bring a stylish and contemporary view to the kitchen interior. Also, the color palette creates a warm and energetic-vibed kitchen atmosphere!


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Color Transition with Black Gray and White

The most eye-catchy design element is the black elongated hexagon tile kitchen island, of course. The white grout of the elongated hexagons matches the white countertops and the white backsplash creating a stylish contrast with the black. Thanks to the bar chairs there is a warm look. Also, the gray shaker cabinets complement the black and white contrast with a color transition.

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