Bar Backsplash Stylish and Functional Backsplashes for Home Bars

58+ Bar Backsplash

ID# 129403 | – Credit© Studio Dearborn

Wooden Countertops and Waterfall with Navy Blue Cabinets and Subway Tile Backsplash

Again, the shaker cabinet design and subway tile backsplash duo show off in this bar design. There is a soft harmony with the navy blue shaker cabinets and wooden countertops with a waterfall. Gold hardware and navy blue cabinets have an endless harmony and they put a stylish view to the interior.

ID# 129432 | – Credit© Tiburon Homes LLC

A Contemporary Home Bar Design with Stone Tile Backsplash

Contemporary design means having simple and plain lines or surfaces, of course. As it can be seen in this home bar area all the lines and surfaces of the cabinets have a plain look that gives a stylish appeal. The dark grey countertops and waterfall create a nice match with the brown cabinets and the brown shelf system draws hard edges which is a signature of the contemporary design approach. The stone tiles for the backsplash look as if it is made completely for this home bar design. It has a natural and stylish harmony with the brown cabinets.

Bar Backsplash

It is a nice idea to have a corner for entertainment with your guests, and home bars are perfect for this! It is a very useful home part when it comes to entertaining for both hosts and guests. Celebrations, small chats, or long heart-to-heart talks can be in this very special corner of yours. For this reason, you may like to complete your house design with the design of the bar or you can just contrast it to your house design and stand out the bar. Just like the kitchens and bathrooms, a backsplash has an important role for home bars. Bar backsplash is the element that brings all elements together and adds a stylish focal point. In this article, we gather different styled bar backsplash ideas. Keep reading and dive into these stunning tile designs to find the right backsplash for your home!

Of course, designing such a special place is not an easy task. There are many details such as which material you will choose and what color you will use. One of these details is the backsplash. Bar backsplash choice gains importance in designing a bar according to your style. There are plenty of alternatives in terms of materials such as marbles, granites, glass, or bricks to design your home bar. Besides its visual impact, a backsplash also provides a protective layer for walls, and this is important, especially in wet bars. So let’s see what are the alternatives for our bar backsplash!

ID# 129401 | – Credit© Corner Renovation

Contemporary Design with White Marble Bar Backsplash

Wow! That is a real corner with a contemporary design, right? A simple but striking effect welcomes us with an inviting glance. Black cabinets and wooden shelves have a perfect harmony together which adds a stylish look to the interior. The concrete countertops and white marble backsplash add a complete match and it is a good idea to use light color backsplash with dark colors to have a strong impact with their beautiful contrast.

ID# 129402 | – Credit© Forward Design Build Remodel

A Decorative Medallion Tile for the Bar Backsplash

Let’s use some work of art for our backsplash! You can also design your special design insert to backsplash as in this design of the bar. It is a good choice to create a unique tile design as a medallion and add a distinctive feature to the bar design. It gives a movement and creates a stylish look, isn’t it? The gray subway tile backsplash and white quartzite countertop have a stylish match and this match completes its look with the dark navy blue shaker cabinets. Thanks to the lovely design of the medallion tiles, this design adds some eclectic ambiance.

ID# 129404 | – Credit© Axon Homes

Small Home Bar with Light Gray Cabinets and Black Shelves

A lovely minimal bar with white shaker cabinets and a blue backsplash. Yes, blue tiles draw all the attention, but the team wouldn’t look perfect without the harmony of those light grey shaker cabinets and black knobs. White countertops and white patterns of the backsplash tiles match with each other and the black metal framed glass shelving system adds a movement with its different usage way.

Traditional Mosaic Tiles

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Mother of Pearl Waterjet White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Gray Dot Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White pearl and marble mixed mosaic tile, elegant look for projects.

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Light beige and brown travertine with glass inserts mosaic tile in a diamond pattern

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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ID# 129405 | – Credit© Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

White Marble Tiles and Wooden Floating Shelves for Wet Bar

If you want to design a simple and stylish bar you can choose marble tiles for a backsplash and combine them with floating wooden shelves. This bar has a nice soft look with simple white shaker cabinets and bronze naive handles. The white countertop also completes the plain look of the shelves and backsplash. The black faucet and under-mount sink created a little contrast and make a finished look.

ID# 129406 | – Credit© Kimberley Harrison Interiors

Stylish Entertainment Corner for Your Guests with Dark Colors

There is an enigmatic look thanks to the wallpaper and the green view from the window. Dark flat-panel cabinets and dark backsplash tiles match harmoniously and the floating wooden shelves add their soft look to this harmony. Yellow led lights draw a line that creates a warm look. White countertops and waterfall have an amazing contrast to the dark cabinets and the dark ceramics for backsplash.

ID# 129407 | – Credit© Ross Flinton Homes

White Cabinets and Lovely Tiles for Home Bar Backsplash

White walls, white cabinets stand out thanks to the dark wood floors giving a warm feeling. Using a thick countertop can make your design stand out even more. In this bar design, floral patterns create a beautiful harmony with the gold hardware and the beige marble countertop. They create a trio that makes the design look stylish. This traditional design has a bright and inviting effect!

ID# 129408 | – Credit© Anna West Interiors, LLC

Complete Wood for Cabinet Design with a Warm Greeting

Light wood floors and the cabinet design of the bar create a team that makes the interior more inviting. The white bricks surrounding the cabinet design with a peninsula and dark countertop create harmony and the black countertop adds a simple contrast to the white environment. The simplicity gives a tidy and clean look.

Types of Home Bar

Having a home bar getting more and more popular nowadays. It is a place where you can gather with your friends and family and have some good times with them. Even these small places have a variety of types that you can choose to use. There are dry bars that serve only to prepare drinks, you can use wet bars that you can wash your dishes. You may want to design your home bar most cleverly and uniquely and make it your favorite place so firstly you should decide what type of home bar is good for you. You may want to survey for yourself to understand your needs and the suitability of the place that you built in your home bar. Then you can go to the second phase of the design, choosing the materials! After all these, you will have unique ideas to design your sacred place.

Dry Bar Backsplash

Do you only want to hold your beverages with a mini-fridge but do not want to use water? Okay, dry homes bars are a perfect fit for this. A dry home bar is usually a place that can have a counter, backsplash, cabinets, and a mini-fridge that you can combine with plenty of textures or materials, you can have different accessories, too. You can diversify the things that you want to hold in your dry home bar, do not stick with only the simple structure, you can add shelves, built-in wine racks, cocktail napkins, etc. If you decide to use a dry bar, then let’s look for the materials! What type of backsplash, countertop, what should be the color of the cabinets?

ID# 129409 | – Credit© Studio Dearborn

Serenity with Blue Cabinets and Black Bar Backsplash

The light brown color of the wooden elements and gold hardware create a match that adds a stylish look to this home bar. There is a warm air in the environment thanks to wooden materials. The white countertop adds a beautiful contrast to the black ceramic tile backsplash and the view of those ceramic tiles continues till the ceiling behind the glass-fronted cabinets. The glass shelves keep the seamless view of the backsplash tiles and this put completeness to the design.

ID# 129410 | – Credit© Urbane Design

Transitional Wet Bar with Off White Cabinets and Marble Subway Tiles

It is an undeniable fact that dark wood floors add a warm and welcoming effect with the white color that adds fresh vibes to the interior. White marble subway tiles and white countertops create a perfect match, of course, and using those marble tiles for backsplash adds a beautiful stylish look. When you add gold hardware as in this design, this stylish look goes further.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White interlocking marble glass & metal mosaic tile contemporary look mosaic

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Modern white glass & quartz mosaic tile, ideal for a backsplash

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Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 129411 | – Credit© j witzel interior design

Contemporary Design for a Special Area with Flat-Panel Cabinets

A simple design is equipped with elegant black hardware and dark color flat-panel cabinets. This area has a minimalist and contemporary design style which you can choose for your dry bars. White solid surface countertop allows your home bar to look fresh and clean with the quartz backsplash. A tiny area where you can prepare your drink quickly and have a nice conversation with your friends and family.

Wet Bar Backsplash

There are dry bars, okay, but what is a wet bar? The answer is simple, you have a special corner that is installed to an interior to hold your beverages for your guests and it also has a sink! You can prepare some drinks and then clean your dishes! It is easy to say “the difference is only a sink” because when it comes to designing your special place all the combinations come to mind and it becomes harder to choose the materials and combine them. Even the sink type and style matter!

ID# 129412 | – Credit© Yerigan Construction Company

Wooden Cabinets for a Wet Bar and Blue Bar Backsplash Tile

A lovely combination of the sweet brown color of the wood and blue textures. A contemporary design with a simple and unique style approach that you can have some qualified times with your guests. The small sitting area allows you to have nice talks with friends. There is no need to mention the perfect and soft harmony of blue and wooden colors, of course. You can have an undermount sink and chrome faucet to keep the completeness of the bar design.

ID# 129413 | – Credit© Topnotch Design Studio

Black and White Wet Bar with Multicolored Backsplash Tiles

Using simple colors with harmony is a thing. If you want to stand out something such as backsplash or cabinet design or countertop, it is a good idea to keep others simple as in this wet bar. So, we have dark shaker cabinets with lovely golden hardware and a faucet that combines perfectly, a beautiful harmonization of wooden floating shelves and white cabinets, nicely chosen white countertop but how about the backsplash? All of the other elements but the backsplash are in a simple design that helps the backsplash to stand out with its unique texture and patterns.

ID# 129414 | – Credit© construction2style LLC

Dramatic Tiles for Bar Backsplash and Black Cabinets Design in a Wet Bar Area

A mysterious look welcomes us with a dynamic backsplash! The black cabinets and white countertop have their strong contrast that gives a character to the interior but they are not the design element that draws all the attention. Those hexagon textures in charcoal and white color add a dramatic view to the interior. Thanks to them, it is hard to see the sink and faucet and understand whether it is a wet or dry bar!

ID# 129415 | – Credit© M House Development

A Brick Niche with a Farmhouse Design Style

This cabinet design reminds a rustic design style that gives a soft and warm atmosphere to the interior with its wooden texture. Dark wood colors have harmony with dark countertops and the farmhouse design style loves to use bricks to complete the look. Whether it is in its natural color or not, bricks create a perfect fit in this design style. This wet bar is built in a niche that gives depth to the interior and helps maximize space usage in the interior.

Basement Bar Backsplash

The basements can have different duties for homeowners according to their lifestyle of course. You can design it as a music studio, atelier or home cinema, and home bar. If you want to design a home bar in your basement there are a lot of options that you can consider such as the size, colors, materials according to the interior that your special design will belong to. Are there windows to have illumination, are you going to build it near a stair? Once you decide on all of the options, you can start your basement bar design. Of course, as the design emerges, details such as backsplash emerge. According to your design style, you can choose metal, stone, brick, or mirror for your basement bar backsplash.

ID# 129416 | – Credit© Knock Architecture and Design

Modern Design for Home Bar with Minimalist Approach In The Basement

This home bar design has a unique way to place itself such as being in a framed niche! Complete gray flat-panel cabinets and paneled appliances keep the completeness of the design look and that beautiful brown color of the wood materials put a strong appeal. If you do not want to use any stone-like material as a backsplash you may like to use wooden material that is already in your design as a backsplash.

ID# 129417 | – Credit© The Suite Shoppe Interiors

Charcoal Color for a Large Bar in Your Basement with White Island

A large place to have hours with your guests to talk about important issues! Dark wood floors and charcoal shaker cabinets add a warm look to the interior with their natural aspects. The shaker cabinets and white walls put a simple design approach and this design goes further with those stylish brick backsplash tiles! Do not forget those beautiful wall lighting fixtures that add a beautiful view to the home bar design.

Small Bar Backsplash

If you want to evaluate the small and unused areas in your home or if you want to create a small space, it would be very reasonable to use a small home bar here. Whether you choose modern, minimalistic, contemporary, or traditional design styles, a stylish home bar will satisfy you in these small spaces. If the materials you will use in small bar designs are simple, you can achieve a stylish and eye-catching result. Of course, if you want to go crazy and go out of the ordinary, maybe you can make a difference by highlighting your backsplash material.

ID# 129418 | – Credit© Village Design Studio

Tiny Place for Nice Talks with Minimalistic Design

Some people think that the gray color is a cold one but as you can see in this small bar nook design it adds a soft and welcoming look. Just prepare your drinks and have a good time with your friends quickly! The waterfall gray countertops and eclectic design of the bar backsplash create a stunning harmony with the gray floating shelves. A great monochromatic color shade that adds stylish appeal to the interior.

ID# 129419 | – Credit© Darci Hether New York

A Small Bar with Dark Color Cabinets and Black Subway Tile Bar Backsplash

Wow! This home bar draws all the attention thanks to its perfect dark blue colored shaker cabinets! It is a clever idea to install it into a niche that saves some space! Black simple hardware and black backsplash create a duo with their harmony and dark blue floating shelves team up together with the frame of the niche!

ID# 129420 | – Credit© Mondo Builders, Inc.

Light Wood Frame for A Small Home Bar Niche

The calm and serene look of the interior comes from the beautiful shade of dark blue of course. It should also be noted that the indirect illumination of the daylight has a strong impact on having a serene look. With all these dark-colored design elements, the light wooden frame of the niche helps the small home bar to draw attention with its strong line. It is a good idea to use a mirror tile backsplash to gain depth for the interior.

ID# 129421 | – Credit© Bilotta Kitchen and Home

Brave Pink for Small Home Bar with Beige Wallpapers

Different and dense colors need an act of courage to use, of course. Blending and harmonizing correct colors and textures makes designers put an extra effort to go beyond the limits. As you can see in this small bar even the dark wooden floors create harmony with dense pink color. If dense colored material was used for the countertops, this would be heavy for small interiors, the same goes for the backsplash. A balance is achieved in this design that is not overwhelming for the eye.

ID# 129422 | – Credit© Ornare

Lovely Industrial Design with Brick Bar Backsplash And No Cabinets

Okay, like farmhouse design style, industrial design style loves to have brick materials, too. In this small area, you can see a simple and dynamic bar is designed with a marble countertop and brick wall as a backsplash. The black metal shelving system looks perfect in front of the bricks! Adding some green to this wall makes you feel as if you are in a garden! You can go simple with fewer elements such as using only a table-like cabinet design and shelves.

ID# 129423 | – Credit© Amy Friedberg Design

Small Home Bar Corner with a Beach Style and a Moving Bar Backslash

A simple and stylish look is gained with the naive gold hardware and flat-panel cabinet design with the wood floating shelves. But it is undeniable that those moving backsplash tiles draw all the attention that blend naturally with the gold handles. Light wood floors and white walls surround this beautiful and elegant small bar and create a bright-looking area!

ID# 129424 | – Credit© JLV Creative

Small Home Bar with a Minimalist Bar Backsplash

Event the base cabinets are in a dark color, there is a bright and spacious look in this small home bar thanks to the light color usage in the surrounding elements. White walls, light wooden floors, light wood floating shelves, and finally those beautiful minimalist backsplash tiles! The pattern lines have a charcoal color that blends with the black color of the base cabinets which are designed as flat panels. When you add elegant gold handles with the faucet it becomes more effective. Using an under-mount sink is a clever idea to not ruin the complete look.

ID# 129425 | – Credit© JLV Creative

White and Wood Backsplash with Black Shelves

Horizontal lines make an interior look wider and light color usage adds a spacious look as can be seen in this small bar design. The white color used for the base cabinets goes until the horizontal line which is separated with floating black shelves. After that, the horizontal lined wood panel comes as a backsplash that has harmony with the white color and makes the bar design look welcoming with a warm atmosphere.

Backsplash Materials for Home Bar

Once you decide on your interior design style the most important part occurs, choosing the correct material! Will you use a mirror backsplash or brick? Which material of backsplash will create an elegant look? Is it stone or wood? Every material surface has its special aspect in the design and sometimes these aspects blend with other design elements that create different results.

Mirror Bar Backsplash

There is a beautiful and stylish way to make your home bar create depth and illusion! With the mirror backsplash, you can have more depth and a stylish look. Also, this mirror material can have harmony in nearly every color with this you can have an opportunity to create a lot of combinations!

ID# 129426 | – Credit© Total Concepts

An Illusion for a Wet Bar with a Mirror Bar Backsplash

Building a bar into a niche is always helpful to save space and when you add a mirror for a design element such as a backsplash it gives a depth that adds a spacious look and an illusion! Except for all of these, there is no need to talk about the brilliant harmony of wood texture and beautiful dark blue colored cabinets. They are completed with a beige countertop and chrome handles with blue parts in them. Glass-fronted upper cabinets and shelves add movement to the design.

ID# 129427 | – Credit© Laura Lochrin Interiors

Mirrored Backsplash with Wood Floating Shelves and Dark Blue Cabinets

First of all let’s talk about the blue, wood, and white harmony that gains an elegant look with the brass hardware usage. This combination always adds a perfect match to your design. To choose a backsplash for this perfect combination you can go simple or brave! As in this small bar design, the mirrored glass tile backsplash adds a perfect movement and gives a characteristic look with its white details. Those details and white quartz countertop softly complete each other.

ID# 129428 | – Credit© Lissa Lee Hickman

A Mirror Backsplash for a Home Bar with Wooden Cabinets

If you want to create a warm and welcoming design it is a good way to choose light-colored materials as in this bar design. To go beyond banality in design, you can add a different and unusual design element to your creativity such as a mirror backsplash! The light wood floors, white marble countertops, and waterfall, finally wooden cabinet design looks stylish and acceptable but when mirror backsplash joined this team the design of the home bar goes beyond the limits.

ID# 129429 | – Credit© Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC

Dark Wood Cabinets with a Contrast to Light Wood Color for Glass Shelving

A classy look that pops up when you open those stylish doors. The striking color of the yellow wood backsplash of glass shelving stands out densely The dark cabinets and grey countertops create an elegant look and the mirror subway tile backsplash gives a royal look. You may feel as if you are in 1950’s movies.

ID# 129430 | – Credit© Alisha Taylor Interiors

White Framed Mirror Tiles with Dark Gray Cabinets and White Countertop

Wow! There is a cozy and elegant look, isn’t it? Some people say that the blue color is a cold one but here it is not! Elegance comes from the beautiful harmony of the gold hardware and lighting fixtures with the blue cabinets, of course, but the white framed mirror backsplash adds a gorgeous effect to this home bar design! It is a good idea to complete it with a white countertop.

ID# 129431 | – Credit© Hendel Homes

Glass, Mirror, and Wood Trio with Black

Thanks to the shiny surfaces of glass, gold details, and the mirror, this home bar design is in a full rig. Building the bar in a niche that has a space-saving function with a perfect depth thanks to the mirror backsplash. The glass shelves complete the mirror and with their transparent look keep the depth effect of the backsplash. Dark wooden cabinets and black countertops make a beautiful harmony with their solid looks.

Stone Bar Backsplash

Stone backsplash allows you to use their gorgeous colors and patterns to create stunning designs. They have natural look so you can have a warm and welcoming view with your design. This stone backsplash can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and bars and make combinations with every color! The fashion of the stone material has an endless circulation with all design styles, so do not be afraid to use them.

ID# 129433 | – Credit© Hensley Custom Building Group

Nice Illumination for a Traditional Bar

Thanks to the beautiful lighting system this interior has a bright and luminous look, even the cabinets have their lighting system! Wooden countertops and blue knee-surface of the bar created an amazing harmony and the stone backsplash adds a stunning warm atmosphere that makes you feel at home. Light color usage on the walls helps the home bar stand out with its dark color cabinets.

ID# 129434 | – Credit© PureHaven Homes

Light Wood Cabinets with Pure Black Stone Slabs

When we look at this home bar design it gives the effect of separation. The stylish look with light wood flat-panel cabinets and simple hardware has a brilliant look. The complete black stone slab backsplash with its gray pattern adds a very dominant characteristic look. It is a clever idea to have two main colors to create a simple but stylish design. Even the black shelves do not interfere with the design and keep the complete look of the backsplash.

ID# 129435 | – Credit© Dona Rosene Interiors

Light Gray Cabinetry with White Countertop and Chrome Hardware

This wet home bar has a royal look with its stylish wood cabinets and an amazing backsplash! The stone material for the backsplash creates a beautiful harmony with the wood color of the cabinets and the white countertop keeps this harmony with a smooth line. The dark marble and quartz countertop completes the stylish look together with the glass shelves inside the glass front cabinets.

Wood Bar Backsplash

Wood materials require a little special attention when used in wet areas, such as wet bars. It must be sealed and maintained properly. Once you do this wood material can be used as a backsplash and you can have a stunning natural design look. Rustic design styles mostly have wood materials but you can have it in any style! To create a warm, natural, and inviting look these wood materials are the perfect choice for backsplash!

ID# 129436 | – Credit | © Lappin Lighting

Inspiration for a Seated Home Bar with Wooden Surfaces

There is a corner in your home and you want to make something with it, so you can try this out! This warm and inviting home bar has natural vibes with its hardwood surface. If there is enough place, you can have your bar seated. This design looks as if it pops up from the wooden floors and the wood wall niche creates a beautiful harmony with the light beige walls and wood countertop.

ID# 129437 | – Credit© Flavin Architects

Contemporary Home Bar Design with White Cabinetry

A contemporary home bar design impresses with its flat-panel white cabinets and black-framed glass upper cabinets. This black and white create a strong contrast and this contrast completes a stylish look with the dark brown wood backsplash of the home bar. This wet bar has an under-mount sink that helps to look this design seamless. The handleless white upper cabinets create a wholeness with the white walls that looks simple and elegant.

ID# 129438 | – Credit© LC Interiors

Luminous Interior with Wood Cabinets and Backsplash

A good illumination changes everything! Even if you use dark colors for your interiors, the bright atmosphere helps it to look spacious. In this home bar design, the dark wooden bar design with its wood backsplash looks warm and inviting. You can have joyful times by sitting around the bar table with your friends. Black table legs and the wooden top complete the wood design of the home bar. The under-mount sink makes the white countertops look whole and the black sink faucet teams up with the black legs of the bar table.

ID# 129439 | – Credit© Interiors by Herlong

Grey Cabinets with Elegant Handles with White Countertop

A lovely small corner calls for to grab a drink and a little chat. The stylish black faucet and black handles have a harmony that contrasts with golden knobs. Grey recessed-panel cabinets and their design add a movement with the wood backsplash which has a striking look.

Metal Bar Backsplash

Artificial material usage is popular these days, as technology grows material alternatives become wider and wider. The metal materials are one of these artificial ones and they have a lot of alternatives such as sheet metal backsplash that you can use for fireplace, the patterned metal backsplash that you can imitate brick or tiles, even mirror! The choice is up to your taste!

ID# 129440 | – Credit© Natalie L. Spiniolas

L-Shaped Wet Bar with Metal Subway Tiles with Mirror Effect

It is a stylish choice to use navy blue color with golden surfaces, they create both a harmonious and elegant look. Grey countertops and metal backsplash with a brick pattern add a beautiful match together. The mirror on the wall adds a soft line with its circular design and matches with the brass handles.

ID# 129441 | – Credit© Grandfather Homes

Gray Shaker Cabinets with Hexagon Wall Tiles and Wood Shelves

The blue color like grey cabinets and their perfect match with the brass hardware adds a beautiful look to the home bar design. The minimalistic window creates strong contrast with the dark color of the interior which also adds a beautiful illumination. The white countertops and the floating wooden shelves put a nice harmony with their horizontal lines. The hexagonal metal backsplash adds a nice movement to the home bar with its unique patterns.

Brick Bar Backsplash

Thanks to industrial design style, bricks can have a contemporary design! The farmhouse or country design style loves to use bricks, too! So to have a friendly and welcoming look with the warmth of brick materials you can have a stylish look. When the brick backsplash is used with wood materials it creates a cozy and serene view. Sometimes it is possible to add a movement to the atmosphere with its colors or patterns. Brick can serve as joker material for nearly every design style!

ID# 129442 | – Credit© R|House Design Build

The Perfect Match of The Navy Blue and The Bricks

The natural color of the brick and navy blue cabinets creates an amazing duo! Bar chairs and glass pendant lighting fixtures add an extra elegant look. Dark wood floors and blue cabinets are already harmonious with each other and this makes the atmosphere look warm and inviting.

ID# 129443 | – Credit© Tenhulzen Painting & Construction Partners, Inc.

A Sacred Garden with Wooden Cabinets and Brick Bar Backsplash

It is a good idea to have a separate room for the home bar rather than a small corner. Because with this, you can design the complete room with the home bar and this can make you feel freer in decoration and design styles. This home bar room has a little steam-punk effect with those elegant bar chairs and the wood ornament also reminds that style. Dark wood floors and island have their special harmony that contrasts to grey shaker cabinets. The brick backsplash and dark wood color team up with the shelves and lighting fixture in the middle of the ceiling. A stylish and well-illuminated room has a warm and welcoming look.

ID# 129444 | – Credit© AMPM Designs

Black Countertops and a Brick Room with Black Bottle Racks

Oh, this interior looks like a modern wine vault! It gives the cool air of a vault and with the black cabinets, these bricks create an amazing harmony. Brick walls and niches with the black bottle racks join this harmony. You may like to use this black and brick combination in the home bar design to add an elegant and royal look.

Tiled Bar Backsplash

Tiles mean everything for places like kitchens and bathrooms. It is the only warp and woof that you can shortly complete your design. There is such a wide variety of tiles that if you try to choose a tile without adjusting your design style, you can probably get lost in this endless sea. These tiles, which you can also use in home bars, are mostly thought to be compatible with the general design of the house. Sometimes you might want to highlight one of your materials. How about a crazy design with an unusual color?

ID# 129445 | – Credit© KAM Designs

Light Colors for Stylish Wet Bar and Black Hardware

There is a modern and clean look that welcomes you with its warm and inviting atmosphere. This wet bar has a brilliant backsplash which is white porcelain and this creates a clean and bright look. Light wood flat-panel cabinets and the beige countertop complete each other with their soft colors, the wooden floating shelves keep this completeness and finish the design. White porcelain backsplash tiles and white walls team up and harmonize in this modern design.

ID# 129446 | – Credit© JL Design

A Contemporary Niche with a Bar and Multicolored Tiles for Backsplash

The dark grey color and light wood color create an amazing duo and this duo completes itself with the multi-colored backsplash tiles. The cabinets find their perfect place inside the niche that serves as a space-saving design element. The dark blue walls and light wood backsplash are like nature, one is the sky and the other one is earth. The black countertop and the black bar cabinets complete each other and make a wholeness in the design.

Travertine Mosaic Tiles

Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Try a Sample

Light beige and brown travertine with glass inserts mosaic tile in a diamond pattern

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

ID# 129447 | – Credit© Chango & Co.

Pure Simplicity for a Home Bar with Wooden Materials

A little bit of Scandinavian design style blended in this home bar design which has a clean and inviting look. Just with the 2 colors, this bar design gained a simple and elegant look. The wooden cabinets and shelves complete each other with wooden floors that create a wholeness. White backsplash tile and white walls have a soft harmony together that helps daylight diffuse through the interior softly.

ID# 129448 | – Credit© M.S. Vicas Interiors

Blue Cabinets and Eclectic Tiles with Gold Hardware

The usual thing when you use blue cabinets is mostly like blue-brown-gold and as in this home bar design, it can be seen in that way. Brown color tones of the eclectic backsplash tiles and blue flat-panel cabinets created a movement with their harmony. Gold hardware adds an elegant look to this harmony and black countertops complete the design look.

How to clean bar backsplash?

Keeping the backsplash clean is a job in itself, of course. Although things vary from material to material, cleaning it naturally is a smart way to avoid damaging your backsplash. These natural materials can be baking soda, water, and hand dishwashing soap that are in a spray bottle. For the mixture, you can use a glass of water and a quarter cup of baking soda, just add a small amount of hand dishwashing soap. It is a good way to wipe it down with a cloth and then damped the cloth with water to wipe the cleaning mixture.

ID# 129449 | – Credit© Breathe Design Studio

Wet Bar with White Countertops and Black Hardware with Wooden Details

This bar is an example of a midcentury home bar design style. The flat-panel cabinets, the handles, even the ceramic tiles with their patterns on them, give that design style appearance correctly. The blue color and the wooden details complete each other with harmony and the modernish look is provided by both wood shelving and white quartz countertops with beautiful backsplash tiles.

ID# 129450 | – Credit© Michelle Berwick Design

Herringbone Tiles for Backsplash in a Home Bar Design

A lovely look from the beach-style home bar that invites us with a warm glance. If there isn’t any wooden detail in the bar design it would not be possible to have that warm glance. They changed even the atmosphere with their natural look! Do not forget the beautiful harmony of navy blue color and wood materials. Except for all of these, white countertops and white herringbone backsplash tiles team up to complete the design with the chrome hardware.

ID# 129451 | – Credit

Wooden Harmony with Ceramic Tile Bar Backsplash and Green Cabinets

A stylish and modern design is created with a lovely harmony of wooden and ceramic backsplash match. They create a natural view with the usage of green and brown. The white countertop also completes the design look with a simple touch. You may like to use dark backsplash tiles with light-colored cabinet or shelf designs to contrast or to make it look stand out.

ID# 129452 | – Credit© Zawadski Homes Inc.

Beach Style Home Bar with a Navy Blue Tile Backsplash

Thanks to the blue shade transactions it is possible to feel see breezes. The lovey combination of brass, blue, brown, and white help this interior look harmonious. Wooden floors, floating shelves, and brass hardware team up to put an elegant look, dark blue backsplash tile complete this team. White walls and countertops create a simple duo that gives a final touch to this home bar design.


The styles and the material choices together with them create endless matches, revealing stylish and beautiful designs. As time passes and technology progresses, we can see differences in design. If you ask what’s among the styles, we can count rustic and modern styles as examples. These two designs have temporally and visually opposite characters. Which would you like to choose? Is it the warmth of a design that takes us back to the old times, or the designs that satisfy our eyes with the rapid cycle of modern times?

Rustic Bar Backsplash

Are you ready to have an aged, natural, rough interior style? If so you are in right place. Wood, bricks, marbles are common materials for this style. Mostly you can see raw wood materials as the main material in the design. If you like to use natural materials in the rustic style, you may like to consider it in home bars. You can have a rustic backsplash to highlight it or the bar design can be in a rustic style.

ID# 129453 | – Credit© Morning Star Builders LTD

Rustic Home Bar with Blue Cabinets and Wooden Details

This rustic home bar design has an interesting backsplash pattern. White and wood color combination already create a harmony with the blue cabinets and brass hardware complete this look with their elegance. There is a warm and inviting atmosphere with a movement!

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ID# 129454 | – Credit© Blanc & Noir Interiors

Bricks for Backsplash and Wall in a Rustic Home Bar Design

The dark wood cabinets and the brick created an amazing atmosphere with their natural and warm looks. Black herringbone floors and bricks add movement to the interior. White countertops and dark colors put a contrast that softens the air. This home bar greets you with a warm and inviting look.

ID# 129455 | – Credit© Tindall Architecture Workshop

A Hidden Room For A Home Bar with Rustic Touches

You may like to separate the rooms to create a small place for your sacred area! This tiny room has a special duty! The brick walls and backsplash with the wooden cabinets and the glass-fronted ones create a stylish and warm atmosphere. With the help of the transparent upper cabinets, movement is added to the interior.

Modern Bar Backsplash

Modern design is a style that is in constant progress and changes itself in that direction as technology progresses. For example, if we were in 1950, the design style of that year would have been modern for us. There is a wide variety of products in this style, in which flatter and simpler surfaces are used. You can use various colors and textures, from the backsplash to cabinet handles, which is an alternative you can use when designing a home bar. As backsplash, there is a wide range of products from tiles to stones, from metals to glass.

ID# 129457 | – Credit© Sandra Mijan, Dress Your Space

White, Glass, Mirror for a Modern Home Bar Design

A small and contemporary corner with modern materials that allow you to create beautiful combinations. Even it is a small one with the help of the mirror backsplash and glass shelves this home bar has depth. Golden hardware adds a stylish look with a movement that creates a glance, also.

ID# 129458 | – Credit© ZED Studio

Grey Cabinets with White Cabinets and a Modern Backsplash

The soft look of the beautiful grey flat-panel cabinets adds a contemporary view with the naive brass handles. The white countertop and white backsplash with a wooden part add a movement to the home bar design harmonizing with wooden floors. Adding floating grey shelves is a clever idea to complete the design with a final view.

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