Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops Marble, Glass, Ceramic and More!

41+ Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

ID# 134008 | – Credit© Ashley Campbell Interior Design

Southwestern Kitchen with Slate Blue Cabinets and Quartz Countertops

The arresting and tender look of the kitchen feels visually pleasing and soothing at the same time. Slate wood cabinets beautifully harmonize with square tile beige-gray backsplash, while white quartz countertops lighten up the space. The wood floating shelves give that rustic charm, supported by the vintage range hood. The running-style rug creates homey vibes, partially coating the beige porcelain tile flooring.

ID# 134026 | – Credit© Tailored Designs

Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Brick Accent Wall

In this transitional kitchen, the brick accent wall strategically separates the kitchen from the rest of the open-plan layout. It radiates a sense of warmth and friendliness. The white marble subway tile backsplash is coordinated with the brick wall, suggesting some distance with its gray hues. However, both offer similar visual schemes with different functions, which puts them in synchrony. White cabinets lighten up the space, punctuated by black handles. Stainless steel appliances offset the raw and earthen hues brought by the brick wall, while light wood flooring reinforces a sense of warmth.

Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

Before discussing a backsplash for white quartz countertops, first, let’s make clear what quartz is and what its features are. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals found on Earth, composed of natural quartz crystals, minerals, pigments mixed with resin. So, white quartz countertops particularly owe their popularity to their stain-resistant, easy to care, and waterproof nature. As they are engineered and feature non-porous surfaces, they come with additional advantages unlike natural stones such as marble and granite countertops which require a more complicated care routine. Unlike them, quartz countertops don’t require any sealing thanks to their non-porous solid surfaces.

White quartz countertops have various shade scales when it comes to white, offering design flexibility for homeowners. Some feature veining, shades, and gray hues, which make them resemble marble. But in all versions, they create eye-catching designs for kitchens. Choosing backsplashes for them is not very challenging, as quartz countertops easily blend in and match with other materials and patterns. For instance, marble, glass, quartz, and ceramic tiles are some of the most popular backsplash applications for white quartz countertops. Keep reading and find stunning kitchen backsplash ideas to find different backsplash combinations for quartz counters!

ID# 134001 | – Credit© Knock Architecture and Design

Two-tone Cabinetry and Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

The soothing ambiance lures you into this contemporary kitchen for longer stays. Light wood cabinets channel cozy vibes spread through its combination with white. The full-height white quartz backsplash creates an inherently contemporary look, paired with quartz countertops of the same color. The waterfall island mirrors the perimeter of the kitchen, creating a continuous design. The grayish-blue cushioned counter stools match upper cabinets while injecting a small dose of softness and serenity.

ID# 134002 | – Credit© Haven Design and Construction

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Rattan Chairs and Marble Backsplash

This stunning kitchen draws on multiple designs, adapting modern lines and farmhouse architecture vocabulary. With a keen exploration into the material scheme, we see white quartz countertops and marble backsplash teamed up. Both make a great pair, as quartz can masterfully mimic marble. To accompany this couple, the recessed panel full-height gray cabinets add a sense of grandeur, while the oversized handles appoint the cabinets, reflecting that farmhouse spirit wonderfully. Woven rattan chairs with black tapered legs harmonize beautifully with light-wood flooring. They grant a rustic look and link the kitchen to its modern farmhouse identity.

White Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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ID# 134003 | – Credit© ProPacific Builders, Inc.

Beach-style Kitchen with Quartz Countertops and Wood Cabinets

In this beach-style kitchen, the white scheme creates a summerish and fresh atmosphere, while timber softens the all-white look. The vaulted ceiling, wood cabinets, white walls, and wood floating shelves orchestrate a well-coordinated look. The floor level features wood base cabinets to suggest a binding with earth. The running-style rug adds a character to the kitchen, partially coating the light wood floor. White quartz countertops and backsplash provide a uniform look with white quartz countertops. The range hood hidden in a white painted wood dressing remains out of sight to offer a clutter-free look, without stealing anything from the uniform look of the kitchen.

How to clean white quartz countertops?

The advantageous part of quartz countertops is that they are non-porous. So no liquid can penetrate beneath the surface, which prevents bacteria growth inside. This, in return, makes the cleaning process much simpler. Just keep in mind to avoid using harsh and strong chemicals or spiky sponges. Besides that, all you need is a mild soap or a non-abrasive cleaner, a soft sponge, tissue paper, or a piece of soft cloth to wipe and dry.

ID# 134004 | – Credit© Jarrett Design, LLC

Off-white Transitional Kitchen and Backsplash for Quartz Countertops

We love the look of the gray ceramic chevron backsplash nestled between the off-white flat-panel cabinets and white quartz countertops. The white grout between the tiles punctuates the chevron patterns beautifully and helps the backsplash harmonize seamlessly with the countertops. Brass-finish handles, wall sconces, and pendant lighting fixtures add a dash of warmth, while stainless steel appliances blend in perfectly.

ID# 134005 | – Credit© Vista Kitchens Newcastle

Contemporary Kitchen with a Stunning Window Backsplash and White Cabinets

The window running along the wall acts as a backsplash in this gorgeous kitchen. It graces the kitchen with natural views and an abundance of daylight. White slab-front wood cabinets paired with Silestone quartz countertops offer a seamless design and clean finish. The island with vertical lines adds momentum, complemented by rattan backless counter stools and wicker pendants. These boho staples offer a laid-back look and therapy for the kitchen in the company of the garden view.

ID# 134006 | – Credit© Younger Homes

Two-tone Cabinetry with Black Island and Shiplap Board

Black has its big moment in this modern farmhouse kitchen, even colonizing the center of the kitchen. The black waterfall island, white quartz backsplash, and countertops bring an urban twist, contrasted by farmhouse fixtures, including wood floating shelves and range hood clad in shiplap board with wood trim. Brass handles on the cabinets inject a sense of warmth. They are big and feature a sleek finish, taking reference from modern and farmhouse kitchen designs.

White Quartz Countertop Colors

A white is not simple white; it has variations in itself too. The same thing applies to the white quartz countertops which have plenty of variations with distinct styles. Thus, they give you many alternatives to choose from. Even if you are choosing a white quartz countertop! Here are some of the most popular quartz designs:

Arctic White: Arctic white quartz countertops are best to lighten up the space, making a perfect pair with black, wood, and blue cabinets regardless of cabinet styles.

Calacatta White: looks like marble produced with quartz technology. Thanks to its soft gray veins, it proposes a marble-like look.

Carrara White: It comes with cloudy shapes on a white backdrop.
Cascade White: Cascade white quartz offers a busier and delicate look with taupe, silver, and grey contrasts.
Empire White: With ghostly shadows, veins, and soft movements on its surface. Empire white is one of the most favored forms. Delicate and beautiful!

Iced White: Iced white quartz features soft shades and gray hues applicable to homes and commercial spaces. They offer a timeless look.

Frost White: With an icy palette, it provides a clean and smooth aesthetic to the surface. When compared to iced white, its shades are much smaller and hard to notice, but still there to offer a sophisticated look.
Pure White: It is referred to as “ Whitest White.” Thanks to its seamless look, it represents a superlative form of quartz whiteness.
Sparkle White:  It features another icy palette with tiny speckles and subtle beauty.

Backsplash for Pure White Quartz Countertop

Pure white, also referred to as “whitest white,” offers a silky finish and a sleek look, contributing a refreshing and brightening tone to the kitchen.

ID# 134007 | – Credit© C. Kairouz Architects

Slab-Front Cabinets and Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

The pure beauty of this contemporary kitchen derives from its all-white color scheme contrasted with black fixtures. The slab-front cabinets’ modern and sleek lines create a sense of lightness, which turns back into a feeling of serenity for its voyeurs. The white quartz backsplash and countertops add a seamless look, creating a continuous design with white cabinets. This high-ceiling kitchen borrows plenty of daylight from outdoors, while a bonus ribbon window above brings a sky view, drawing your eyes up.

Quartz Mosaic Tiles

Modern white glass & quartz mosaic tile, ideal for a backsplash

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Gray with few blue glass quartz mosaic tile contemporary look to a project.

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ID# 134009 | – Credit© Carmit Oron Interior Design

Transitional Kitchen with Blue Island and Starburst Pattern Floor Tile

In this modest kitchen, the starburst pattern gray porcelain tiles without a doubt are the highlight of the kitchen, drawing all the attention. They capture a fashionable look that will pass the test of time. The blue island and wood floating shelves add color to the otherwise all-white kitchen, while a vertically stacked white ceramic tile backsplash offers a seamless look with white quartz countertops and white shaker cabinets. Lastly, stainless steel appliances add a clean and professional look, which transitional kitchens admire.

Do white quartz countertops stain?

Though white quartz countertops are stain-resistant, the answer is still yes. Unless you clean the spillage before it dries up! Especially the homeowners should be mindful of tea, coffee, tomato sauce, and wine, some of the strongest materials that leave stains.

ID# 134010 | – Credit© Terri Sears, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Transitional Kitchen with Blue Island and Full-Height White Cabinets

The white-based vast space reimagines beach kitchens in a transitional context, using a combination of white and blue. The perimeter of the kitchen is colonized by full-height white cabinets and subway tile ceramic backsplash, while the center is occupied by a blue island. The backsplash’s glazed finish goes well with white quartz countertops. Brass handles and dark wood flooring implement a sense of warmth and a dramatic look, while transparent counter stools evoke a visual interest.

ID# 134011 | – Credit© JS Interiors LLC

Gray Cabinets with Quartz Countertops and Purple Island

While gray recessed-panel cabinets and gray backsplash set the tone of the kitchen, the purple island and counter stools deliver a colorful touch. White appliances and white Caesarstone quartz countertops radiate a sense of brightness and freshness, supported by brass-finish plumbing and lighting fixtures. Also, the kitchen’s warmth and organic softness come from the wood flooring.

ID# 134012 | – Credit© Studio Z Design

Industrial Kitchen with V-groove Island and Gray Cabinets

In this industrial kitchen, gray cabinets blend perfectly with stainless steel appliances. Topped with white quartz countertops, they offer clean and sleek lines that offer a professional work surface. Giant pipes traversing the ceiling endorse an industrial kitchen atmosphere, while the white subway tile backsplash supports this look. To build up a contrast, wood floating shelves, and the V-groove island torso contribute a farmhouse effect while offsetting industrial vibes with warmth.

Backsplash for Sparkle White Quartz Countertops

Sparkle white quartz countertops feature little speckles that offer a sophisticated and interesting look. To neutralize its busy pattern, you can choose something simpler such as a pure white quartz backsplash. If you prefer something with tiles, subway, hexagon, and chevron backsplashes are some of the other options you can consider.

ID# 134013 | – Credit© Darci Hether New York

Coastal Kitchen with White Cabinets and Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

A fresh palette of blues and whites entertains this kitchen and proposes a delightful atmosphere, while white quartz countertops harmonize beautifully with the white cabinets and subway tile backsplash. Situated at the center of the kitchen, the blue island suggests tranquility and peacefulness. Paired with black counter stools with tapered legs, it also builds a contrast. To complete the coastal kitchen design, the floor is finished with distressed wood flooring to evoke a lived-in look and feel.

ID# 134014 | – Credit© Urbane Design

White Cabinets with Sparkle White Quartz Countertop and Black Accents

Sparkle white quartz countertops are paired with a white backsplash featuring barely visible geometric patterns in this transitional kitchen. Both are in synchrony with the white-based color scheme of the kitchen. This monochromatic look is enriched with black accents and stainless steel appliances. White cabinets upgrade the kitchen’s mood with a sense of freshness, while black pendants and handles on the cabinet establish a slight contrast. Glass-fronted cabinets evoke visual interest, drawing your eyes up to the ceiling, which creates the illusion of a taller kitchen.

Backsplash for White Marble-Look Quartz Countertops

White marble-look quartz countertops do effortlessly take over the kitchen with their elegant look that also embeds simplicity. While choosing a backsplash for them, you can apply a backsplash identical to the countertops. This book matching brings a strong sense of integrity. But you can also feel free to use a real marble backsplash, tile backsplashes, or pattern-free white quartz backsplashes.

ID# 134015 | – Credit© KSI Kitchen & Bath

White Cabinets with Marble Backsplash and Marble-Look Quartz Countertops

This transitional kitchen reimagines the relationship between marble and quartz while employing both materials confidently. To be more specific, marble-look quartz tops the white cabinets and island, while white marble backsplash dresses the walls. To add more personality and create diversity, the kitchen benefits from two types of backsplashes: marble hex tile stove backsplash and arabesque tiles with black grout. Brass sunburst lighting fixtures and handles on the cabinets bring a sparkle of color to break up the gray-white monotonic look.

ID# 134016 | – Credit© Agape Design Group

Match the Countertops and Backsplash for a Seamless Design

The spatial distribution of this chic kitchen is well-managed thanks to an oversized island and under-window seatings. The latter allows the kitchen to benefit from daylight at maximum, without unnecessary fixtures blocking or shading the windows. Also, the bay window elevates the look of the interior space effortlessly, transporting nature into the kitchen. The marble-look white quartz countertops and backsplash offer a seamless look with white kitchen cabinets. Brass finish plumbing fixtures, pendants, and cabinet handles bring a splash of color and charm to the otherwise white kitchen, supported by medium tone wood flooring.

What backsplash goes with white quartz countertops?

Picking a backsplash always requires a lot of thinking. However, already having white quartz countertops in your kitchen does save your time and effort. It is because white quartz countertops can go well with many different styles, designs, and materials. Secondly, the fact that they show diversity thanks to their distinct patterns and hues makes the matching process even simpler. Thirdly, while keeping things simpler, you can still make statements and come up with appealing surfaces.

For instance, to create extra visual interest, glass backsplashes can be paired with quartz countertops. Due to their light-refractive surfaces, they add movement to the kitchen, matching the simple beauty of quartz countertops. Aside from that, marble, ceramic, and porcelain backsplashes make great couples with white quartz countertops. Especially, you can match the luxurious and chic marble with marble-look white quartz countertops. This helps enhance the texture scheme of the kitchen while creating a seamless outlook.

ID# 134017 | – Credit© Judd Builders

Flat-front Gray Cabinets and Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

The full-height white quartz backsplash stands out above the furniture-like gray cabinets. Its inherent veining adds a flowing effect to the wall surface, emphasizing the contemporary kitchen’s character of flexibility and generosity with forms. The island topped with a quartz countertop identical to the backsplash creates a continuous design, paired with the hour-glass walnut counter stools. These stools emanate an earthy feeling that gently transports us to a mid-century modern kitchen in the blink of an eye.

ID# 134018 | – Credit© The Kitchen Design Centre

Contemporary Kitchen with Marble-Look Quartz Backsplash and Wood Island

Without a doubt, this contemporary kitchen owes its impeccable look to the marble-look quartz backsplash paired with quartz countertops of identical material. This concept of the harmonious look and paired elements plays out throughout the kitchen. For instance, while the suspended open cabinet and kitchen island make a pair, Island’s wood bottom teams up with the floor-to-ceiling wood cabinets. White faucet, backless bar stools, and white cylinder-shaped ceiling lighting fixtures blend seamlessly with the white smooth surfaces of quartz. Wood softens the all-white look and douses the kitchen with a sense of warmth.

ID# 134019 | – Credit© Olamar Interiors

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with False Ceiling and Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

This spacious modern farmhouse kitchen is brought together with a full-functional island, which not only adds a splash of color to gather the attention in the center but also oozes to offer a laid-back dining zone. Another clever space connection comes with material usage. The marble-look quartz used both as a backsplash and island countertop binds the kitchen center and perimeter together. Additionally, rustic wood beams adapted into a modern context are replaced by a false ceiling with wood coating, while brass wall sconces, hardware, and rug do the kitchen’s make-up.

Backsplash Materials

Choosing a backsplash is extremely important to define the background of your kitchen while combining it with the right countertops is another issue. In today’s market, a wide range of materials, colors, and shapes are available. In addition to the natural stones such as granite, marble, travertine, and quartzite, engineered and manufactured materials like quartz also occupy a large portion of the market.

Glass Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

A glass backsplash offers a luminous look and reacts to daylight, thus creating a playful visual scheme. Likewise, white quartz countertops can lighten up the space effortlessly. Besides, glass and quartz have some common features. For example, they are more stain-resistant and durable. And thanks to their non-porous surfaces, they don’t need any sealing These shared properties, in return, make them a great pair to elevate the overall scheme of the kitchen.

ID# 134020 | – Credit© 27 Diamonds Interior Design

White Cabinets with Gray Glass Backsplash and Waterfall Island

White quartz countertops paired with gray glass backsplash offer a harmonious look with white cabinets. The shimmering glass surface adds depth to the kitchen, while subway tiles offer a timeless look. The waterfall island topped with a quartz countertop brings a modern element to elevate the overall look of the kitchen. It is paired with dark blue cushioned counter stools that inject a small dose of color. As one final touch, light-colored laminate parquet adds a dash of warmth to achieve cohesion with an organic element.

ID# 134021 | – Credit© YourStyle Kitchens Ltd

The Monochromatic Kitchen and Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

The gray horizontally laid elongated hex tile glass backsplash is the highlight of the kitchen that arrests you for a moment. Partnered with white quartz countertops, its glass surface with white grout refracts the light and adds movement. White shaker cabinets lighten up the gray backsplash and harmonize beautifully with white walls. The island delineates the kitchen zone with a colorful touch in the open-plan layout. Its blue torso is gently hidden beneath the quartz waterfall countertop that gestures the island beautifully.

ID# 134022 | – Credit© 27 Diamonds Interior Design

White Shaker Cabinets with Blue Glass Backsplash and Quartz Countertops

This sophisticated transitional kitchen harnesses a fresh background with ceiling-height white shaker cabinets and a blue glass backsplash. The combination of white and blue fosters vibrant energy spread throughout the room. And the bay window navigates the flow of natural light, ensuring a connection with the outdoors. Situated in the heart of the kitchen, the white waterfall island topped with a quartz countertop adds a stylish and flowing character. The perimeter gray countertops harmonize beautifully with stainless steel appliances to offer a professional look.

Marble Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

Marble is one of the most luxurious and stylish natural stones highly sought after in interior designs. Even if they are not as durable as quartz countertops and require a more complicated cleaning and sealing process, they are considered worth all trouble thanks to their pure aesthetic value.

When it comes to marble-quartz compliance, matching a marble slab or tile backsplash with quartz countertops makes a great pair for sure. As work surfaces are used more, choosing a quartz countertop would be a smarter choice because it is more resistant. At the same time, a marble backsplash can dress your kitchen walls and make a statement with its natural beauty. Another reason why quartz-marble goes well is that you can apply them in slab formats instead of tile versions. Slab formats alternate the look of the kitchen beautifully and offer a seamless design.

ID# 134023 | – Credit© Herron Horton Architects, Inc.

All-White Contemporary Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances and Marble Backsplash

Marble and quartz materials are the perfect pairs for all styles of kitchen designs. As both feature different textures, they enrich the tactile feel the kitchen proposes. This in return stimulates five senses and feels uplifting. With clean lines, slab-front cabinets, and an unfussy design, this all-white contemporary kitchen makes a statement with the materials. The marble subway tile backsplash offers a stylish background, while white quartz countertops provide comfort for daily use. The oversized black trimmed windows point towards the outdoors and greenery behind the window, while dark wood flooring carries organic softness into the kitchen. The wood effect is offset by stainless steel appliances to maintain a self-reserved aura of the kitchen.

ID# 134024 | – Credit© Gina Godin

Marble Hex Tile Backsplash with White Quartz Countertops and Blue Island

This transitional kitchen ties together the cooking zone and home bar, using the floor-to-ceiling white cabinets to delineate the home bar. Light wood floating shelves, muted blue range hood dressing, and the island of the same blue orchestrate an upgraded mood, while the garden winks at the kitchen through a glass patio door. Dark wood flooring adds contrast while radiating warming feelings in the meantime.

ID# 134025 | – Credit© Coveted Interiors

Two-tone Cabinetry and Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

The white cabinets paired with a white marble backsplash harmonize beautifully with the blue base cabinets. Brass cabinets and plumbing fixtures douse the kitchen with color and warmth with a stylish design. Arctic white quartz countertops brighten the kitchen in the company of spotlights and pendant lighting fixtures. Dark wood flooring finalizes the outlook of the kitchen while creating a dramatic effect.

How to take care of white quartz countertops?

Taking care of white quartz countertops is not extremely difficult or tricky, unlike the porous materials such as marble and granite that need to be sealed yearly. For quartz, the first important thing is daily cleaning. It will allow you to keep the best look of the white quartz countertops. Secondly, keep strong chemicals like bleach and ammonia, sharp objects, rough sponges or clothes, and anything hotter than 150-200 centigrade degrees away from them. Thirdly, make sure to use a cutting board while using a knife.

ID# 134027 | – Credit© Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC

Eat-in Kitchen with an Oversized Island and Chevron Backsplash

The eat-in kitchen radiates a welcoming atmosphere with an oversized island that offers a dining zone to a crowded family, while the pendant lighting fixture draws all the attention to the island. The multi-functional island’s black paneling provides ample storage space, while its white quartz countertop becomes the visual focal point. At the rear of the kitchen, the white marble chevron backsplash stands out between white recessed-panel cabinets, paired with gray countertops.

ID# 134028 | – Credit© Tanner Homes

White Cabinets with Black Island and Marble Backsplash

The oversized windows navigate the distribution of natural light into the kitchen space generously. The white marble herringbone backsplash tiles offer a dynamic visual scheme to entertain the monochromatic scheme. Additions of brass accents, caged pendants, and wall sconces appoint the kitchen beautifully while adding some color. White perimeter cabinets topped with quartz countertops lighten up the kitchen, while the black island at the heart of the kitchen paints a contrast. Its oversized body anchors the whole design. Paired with French bistro counter stools with sailor stripes on the legs, the transitional kitchen borrows from the beach-design vocabulary to make a statement.

Quartz Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

You can match your white quartz countertops with quartz backsplash but also feel free to choose a different pattern. For example, choosing something with veins like Empire, Carrara, and Callatta white quartz adds a genetic flow and movement to the wall surface, which looks appealing and visible from every angle.

ID# 134029 | – Credit© Orange & Orange Interior Design

All-White Kitchen with Floating Shelves and White Cabinets

This kitchen is cocooned in white silky finishes, luring you for longer stays. The white cabinets and floating shelves feel almost camouflaged leaning against the white walls. Brass wall sconces and faucet add a splash of warmth and color to the otherwise all-white kitchen, while black lip pull notches accentuate the cabinets with a playful touch. A white quartz backsplash is paired with white quartz countertops to create a continuous design and soothing atmosphere.

ID# 134030 | – Credit© Orion Design, Inc.

Beige Slab-Front Cabinets with White Quartz Backsplash and Brass Accents

Unapologetically beautiful, this contemporary kitchen shimmers with sumptuous finishes. Beige slab-front cabinets with white quartz backsplash become the foundation of the kitchen imbued with wood accents and brass touches. The waterfall island with wood torso adds warmth, complemented by backless counter stools with brass legs. Double gold-finish faucets and a pot filler punctuate the quartz island countertop and backsplash respectively. As one final touch, the floor is finished with dark wood flooring to create a darker backdrop, bringing out the warmth and glam hidden in other elements.

ID# 134031 | – Credit© Collection by Glenvill Homes

Contemporary Kitchen and Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

This minimalist wall-to-wall astonishing kitchen articulates a sense of tranquility in simple and pattern-free forms. The black slab-front overhead cabinets create an edgy look without darkening the space. On the contrary, they even add depth. The beige walls and wood cabinets alleviate the black effect by executing warming feelings. The white quartz backsplash with black veining suggests flexibility and adds a flowing gesture while bringing a more genetic and natural ornament. The backsplash also continues on the countertops creating a seamless look. The ribbon window provides enough light to illuminate the kitchen zone while making the garden view accessible.

What to use to clean white quartz countertops?

Using abrasive or acidic cleaners, including vinegar, oil soaps, detergents, damages the quartz countertops. What needs to be paid attention to is where cleaners belong on the pH scale. If the pH value is between 5 and 8, it is a safe choice. Baking soda is safe to use, for example.

ID# 134032 | – Credit© Rudloff Custom Builders

Blue Cabinets with Glass Fronts and White Quartz Backsplash

Awash with a fresh palette of white and blue, this transitional kitchen offers a soothing ambiance and stylish look. White quartz countertops stand out above the blue cabinets, while the glass-fronted overhead cabinets offer a glimpse into the shelves, evoking visual interest. The raised panel cabinets add a traditional look, while stainless steel appliances and chrome finish hardware bring some extra shine to the kitchen.

ID# 134033 | – Credit© Saltwater Kitchen & Bath Studio

Transitional Kitchen with Black Glass-Fronted Cabinets and Waterfall Island

This beautiful kitchen hooks you, at first sight, thanks to its chic look built upon contrasts. To start with, white cabinets portray contrast with black glass-fronted cabinets, while the white quartz backsplash harmonizes beautifully with white cabinets. The waterfall island organizes the vast kitchen space, contributing a stylish look with a white quartz countertop. Additionally, stainless steel appliances and the island’s wood cabinets make for a beautiful design, while the white scheme facilitates an open and airy feeling.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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ID# 134034 | – Credit© J.THOM Residential Design & Materials

Two-tone Cabinetry with White Quartz Countertops

This contemporary kitchen unpacks the stunning combination of white, black, and wood and emphasizes the beauty of simplicity. The white quartz backsplash with slightly cracked-looking veining acts as a blank canvas for other elements to make the statement. Black cabinets establish contrast, softened by wood base cabinets and island.

ID# 134035 | – Credit© Norelco Cabinets Ltd

Contemporary Kitchen with Full-Height Quartz Backsplash and Half-Waterfall Island

The full-height white quartz backsplash paired with white cabinets becomes the foundation of the kitchen, while seamlessly integrated white elements create a serene atmosphere and suit the needs of daily use. This contemporary kitchen offers a bright and motivating space for kitchen work. Its open-plan layout allows for better ventilation and light distribution. The half-waterfall island with its unique anatomy adds a character, coated with white quartz countertops and paired with blue-cushioned counter stools. These stools with black tapered legs anchor the island to the kitchen, while light wood flooring injects a dose of warmth.

Should your backsplash match your countertop?

There is no such rule. If you match them, sure, they look great and create a seamless design. But feel free to try different tiles, patterns, and colors for your backsplash; especially, if the countertop is an Arctic white or pure white quartz, then there is no need for any concern.

ID# 134036 | – Credit© John Merrill Homes, LLC

Farmhouse Kitchen with Two-tone Cabinetry and Wood Island

This beautiful farmhouse kitchen with an eat-in zone pulls the household members together to enjoy the space. While various layers of texture and colors unfold to bring serenity. Furnished with wood cabinets and an island, the space is given a sense of warmth and earthen hues. The black cabinets with oversized handles bring grandeur and dept with a dramatic look. White quartz countertops and backsplash lighten up the kitchen and soften the black effect. The X details on the island edges, apron-front farmhouse sink, and wall ornaments such as a shovel project the farmhouse character perfectly.

ID# 134037 | – Credit© Madeleine Design Group Inc.

Modern Kitchen and Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

This modern kitchen employs the quartz backsplash and cabinet handles as the bold elements of the kitchen. Lack of overhead cabinets, the upper walls are kept empty so that the backsplash spreads freely. While doing so, it offers a seamless look and uniform body with the range hood, which also continues on the countertops to achieve integrity. The white base cabinets feature black hardware as big as the drawer itself, adding dimension and layer. Also, the black pot filler punctuates the white backsplash, while the green plant in the vase paints life on the blank canvas of this monochromatic kitchen.

Ceramic Backsplash for White Quartz Countertops

Ceramic backsplashes offer various looks, ranging from a tile-tile look to more natural-looking tiles with the capacity to mimic a natural stone. They are highly customizable, and for the same reason, you can find them in a wide range of hues, shades, and shapes. This in return means that you have a myriad of options to choose from to make a perfect match with white quartz countertops.

ID# 134038 | – Credit© Jen Reagan Interior Design

Contemporary Kitchen with White Island and Wood Flooring

The canvas-like white walls and cabinets allow different layers of white to unfold. Paired with white quartz countertops and a white herringbone backsplash tile, they draw a plain look. So, it is the material and finishes that create the diversity in this contemporary kitchen including a polished ceramic backsplash and paneled island torso. It comes as no surprise as sometimes contemporary needs need to be articulated in relaxed and simple forms in today’s world of infinite choices. This all-white scheme tries to relax the homeowners in a way in the company of wicker counter stools and light wood flooring.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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ID# 134039 | – Credit© Elena Eskandari – Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

White Raised-panel Cabinets and Blue Island with White Backsplash

Love the combination of white and blue in the transitional kitchen! This stunning kitchen greets you with a sense of warmth embodied in a floral pattern stove backsplash. The white raised-panel cabinets give that traditional look, while glass foyer pendants and range hood with luminous stripes harmonize beautifully. The blue island topped with white Corian quartz countertops beautifies the kitchen even more, while its raised paneling adds movement to its torso. Paired with backless blue counter stools tucked beneath the island extension, it organizes the space and expands the walkway. Lastly, the light wood flooring contributes much-needed earthen hues and warmth. Also, its polished surface suits the stylish look of the kitchen.

Do quartz countertops have a backsplash?

It would be hard to pin down any specific backsplash pattern and material for quartz countertops. As they have an infinite capacity to blend with a variety of styles and designs, the backsplash options also vary accordingly.

ID# 134040 | – Credit© JWH Design and Cabinetry LLC

Raised-Panel Gray Cabinets and Backsplash for White Quartz Cabinets

The traditional flair is kept alive in this kitchen with furniture-like raised-panel blue cabinets and wood treatments of the space. The kitchen ensures connectivity to earthen hues with limestone flooring and a wood-torso island with paneling. Situated in the heart of the kitchen, the wood island exposes us to nostalgia and breaths a sense of history. Wood shelves behind the glass-fronted cabinets and wood trim of the range hood accompany the island, emanating an earthy feel. White subway tile backsplash with gray grout and white quartz countertops compliment the kitchen’s overall look. If you can’t give up on traditional décor and its grandeur, this kitchen is full of inspiration.

ID# 134041 | – Credit© Bradford Custom Homes & Remodeling

Farmhouse Kitchen with Wood Cabinets and Chevron Tile Backsplash

The kitchen is interspersed with windows that navigate the light’s penetration indoors and illuminate the space generously. The white ceramic herringbone tile backsplash blends seamlessly with white window beams and upper cabinets of the same color. Topped with white quartz countertops, medium-tone wood cabinets feature a distressed look, suggesting a lived-in look and feel.

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