Boho Kitchen Backsplash Infuse Personality with Casual Style

21+ Boho Kitchen Backsplash

Boho Kitchen Backsplash with Butcher Block Countertops and Boho Rug

If what immediately comes to your mind is pops of colors and oranges in Boho-inspired kitchens, that may not always be the case. The neutral color schemes, consisting of organic textures with a limited palette, also deliver a Bohemian vibe. Here, for instance, the main bones of the kitchen are kept as simple as possible with white flat-front cabinets paired with a white subway tile backsplash achieving a timeless aesthetic together. But the complementary elements are chosen carefully to build up the boho feel. Kitchen plants, the lighting fixture over the island, and the Boho-style rug complement the butcher block countertops and timber floating shelves to pull off that Boho look.

Green Boho Kitchen Backsplash with Wooden Freestanding Cabinet and Eccentric Decorations

The green boho backsplash demarcates the cooking zone, framed by a wooden beam, creating a visual focal point. It is accompanied by a white floating shelf that houses eccentric decorations, including a vintage clock and a framed print flanked by kitchen plants. Right across it sits a freestanding wooden cabinet used for extra storage and accentuated with a pink plant adding a dash of color. To keep this couple as the statement pieces, the rest features rather simple profiled furniture, including white shaker cabinets topped by wooden countertops, beige floor tiles, and a woven rug.

Boho Kitchen Backsplash

Laid-back, casual, and eclectic! Boho kitchens are celebrated for their abundance of patterns, textures, organic shades, and lush foliage tinged with hippie personality. The best part of boho kitchens is their carefree spirit that not only sets the overall theme of the kitchen but also encourages homeowners to feel freer while designing. Ranging from jungle-inspired accessories to colorful island units, rattan rugs, and verdant plants, everything can be included in boho kitchens that contain nature, warmth, and individuality. But of course, above all, one of the best parts to channel a boho vibe is through a boho kitchen backsplash that can come in light gray shades for a well-lit ambiance or colorful finishes such as navy and emerald green to energize the space.

Backsplash options for boho kitchens vary from stone backsplashes to Mediterranean tiles, authentic handmade terracotta tiles, orange accent walls, mosaic tiles, white hexagon patterns, and wallpaper backsplashes. In short, boho kitchens are very inclusive and encourage one to think outside of the box and add crafty touches as much as possible. So, all you need to do is to stick to the ever-changing nature of the boho style and use it to reflect your quirky personality. To show how this round-up consists of 20+ boho kitchen backsplash ideas that both bring in natural shades and colorful hues with various patterns from which you can steal some inspiration. But before that, let’s take a closer look at where boho comes from.

What is Bohemian style?

Having come to rise in the 1960s and 1970s with the counterculture movement in the USA or, in other words, the hippy movement that rebelled against the norms of the society, the bohemian style created a newfound identity for the interior spaces, too. And the resulting scheme was a more casual, independent, and eclectic style with free-spirited looks inspired by different cultures and artistic expressions. Perhaps this also explains why the bohemian style is one of the most forgiving and welcoming designs for personal touches and mix-and-matching.

One of the best parts of this style is that it doesn’t necessarily encourage you to do more shopping and spend pockets of money. Instead, it promotes the importance of personal values and memories and designs that foreground these little personal statements. Also, borrowing from a variety of styles, particularly mid-century modern and Scandinavian styles, they collaborate with different mindsets on the shared ideals. For example, in recent years, Scandi-boho kitchens have become a thing popularized for their timeless look, sophisticated simplicity, and personalized cooking spaces, which we will be covering a lot in this blog. So, if you are ready, let’s start to discover some.


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Warm Kitchen Design with Cream Cabinets and Natural Lighting Fixture

Even if the overall scheme of this kitchen feels more akin to a modern Scandinavian kitchen, the decorative items drive the kitchen a bohemian look. Starting from the sun-spoilt kitchen plants to the natural lighting fixture, stone-look backsplash, and boho-style rug, the kitchen includes a range of texture-rich materials in the company of brighter shades. Particularly, the plywood lighting fixture that could have been a luxurious chandelier just captures the casual spirit of the boho style. Its light wooden material and single oversized body create a focal point that draws attention to the dining area colored with leafy plants. And further enriching elements come with a round-shaped table and round charge plates that cohere with the natural design circular rug for a well-curated look.


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White Herringbone Boho Kitchen Backsplash with Two-tone Cabinetry and Open Shelving

Here we have another Boho kitchen that thrives on light and color. The combination of wooden and green cabinets brings out the warmth, while the white herringbone tile backsplash creates a bright backdrop. The butcher block countertops and open shelving boho-izes the space while bringing in lots of texture. And the discolored rug with traditional patterns along with bountiful kitchen plants takes the bohemian vibes to the next level.

Blue Kitchen with Wooden Countertops and Rustic Floor

The serene vibes of the blue-painted walls do a favor to this cozy kitchen by energizing it, where eclectic decorative items mingle to make a statement. Indoor plants, wall decorations reminiscent of jungle life, and rustic open shelving are honed together for a fully-fledged boho feel, while the white subway tile backsplash provides a clean and neat look to tie the space together. Overall, the rustic floor and modern wooden stools colored with dashes of blues execute a designer look in synergy with bohemian aesthetics and its free-spirited nature.

Color Options for Boho Kitchen Backsplash

When it comes to boho kitchen designs, there are no rules regarding color options. Thus, you can feel free to immerse yourself in any color, be it dark shades, light hues, or energizing colors. For example, you can mix jewel tones and use lantern patterns, hexagons, geometric patterns, and mosaic tiles for your boho kitchen backsplashes. Also, oranges, pinks, yellows, blues, emerald greens, and dark grays are welcome. You can even mix some of these colors even though they seem unrelated and irrelevant to each other as long as it is done properly.

White Boho Kitchen Backsplash

White is a popularly used color in boho kitchens, especially because of the harmonious coalition of Scandinavian and boho kitchens. Enhancing openness and creating a blank canvas to offer a visually soothing design theme, white backsplashes celebrate the dynamics which boho and Scandi-styles are built upon. Coming in square, subway, herringbone, and hexagon patterns, white backsplashes also tend to generate a movement on the wall surface to add a subtle play of patterns. With a glazed finish, it can easily be accentuated for a glittering effect.

White Boho Kitchen Backsplash with Green Cabinets and Floating Shelves

One of the best ways to open up the space is to use lighter shades and ditch the overhead cabinets as in this kitchen. And it is supported by the white subway tile wraparound backsplash that enlarges the kitchen visually while giving it a face-lift with green cabinets. What complements them is the incorporation of natural shades, wooden floating shelves, and a beige rug with traditional patterns that bring in the right amount of warmth and character to personalize the space and attach a Boho feel.

Gray Cabinets with Red Rug and Wooden Countertops

Creeping back into our homes, the boho vibes remind us that we need to relax and act carefree sometimes while offering a getaway from the dense city life. And to dress in this attitude, we can just play along, embrace organic textures, and bring outdoors in with indoor plants and timber additions. This kitchen, for instance, utilizes the butcher block countertops, a floating shelf, and leafy plants to inject a healthy dose of organic vibes, while the gray cabinets and floors introduce a serenity. The red-colored rug with traditional patterns gives the kitchen a true boho spin that delivers a contrast to the function and simplicity-oriented Scandi-look of the kitchen. Finally, in the background, the full-height white alternated subway tile backsplash adds a modern and graphic look to tie the space together.

White Hexagon Tile Backsplash with White Quartz Countertops and Antique-Mirror Finish Cabinets

Also known as honeycomb tiles, the hexagon tiles are a nature-inspired shape, thus proposing a testament to the personality of the boho style and its love of nature. Complemented by plenty of plants exhibited on the rustic shelves and white quartz countertops, the kitchen imparts a sense of calmness to its users. The discolored rug and antique-mirror finish cabinet door also add complementary eclectic touches that bring in a “worn-in look” to avoid any too-sleek vibes that would kill the boho effect.

How do you make a boho kitchen?

Navy and emerald green finishes, traditional rugs, and terracotta floors paired with pale blue cabinetry are some of the key design features of a boho kitchen. But just because a boho kitchen loves colors and mixing and matching doesn’t mean that there is no place for light shades. Those who love white looks can use a white-wood-oriented palette. And to make it more akin to a boho kitchen, they can use Mediterranean tiles for the floor finish and evoke visual interest overhead with a tracery ceiling. This way, though the main bones of the kitchen are kept pattern-free and light, it still maintains a boho look.

And when it comes to the complementary elements, you can feel free to use fabrics and curtains to make the design more comforting, individual, and inviting. Also, include macramé, ceramics, candles, paintings, quilts, and rugs as part of the design vocabulary. Plus, in boho kitchens, you don’t need to match everything. The imperfections and unconventional infusion of the various patterns and colors are welcome and appreciated for their versatility and unique integration. That’s why boho kitchens are very forgiving, letting you project your personality freely. So, don’t forget to get some eccentric objects for your floating shelves. You don’t need to spend pockets of money on that. You can just visit flea markets, thrift stores, and boutiques to search for vintage pieces that will give your kitchen an instant change.

Beadboard Walls with Green Cabinets and Black Wall Sconces

In boho kitchens, you don’t need big design moments. Rather, a punch of texture, lightness, and spirituality are enough to nail the boho look. Dotted with green cabinets topped by wooden countertops, this cozy kitchen executes a similar palette with a fully-fledged interior design. The oversized black wall sconces, a traditional kilim rug, and wall-hung decorative items add a punch of character, personalizing the kitchen with eclectic touches. Overhead, the coffered ceiling adds extra interest, while beadboard walls seem like extensions to bring the space together.

Scandi-Boho Look with Light Shades and White Subway Tile Backsplash

Heard of Scandi-boho kitchens? Though both look different and seem to be based on different philosophies, they also share something in common: the inclusivity of the natural textures and the comfort-oriented spaces that feel casual and organic. Some designers borrow from two looks to create a more soothing and welcoming ambiance, and this kitchen is no exception. The U-shaped kitchen abundant in light shades and wood textures offers a very welcoming atmosphere. The white subway tile backsplash and display cabinets provide enough breathing space for this compact kitchen, while the lovely rattan lighting fixtures inject the boho spirit skillfully. The plants sprinkled throughout the space and a geometric-pattern rug complete the boho look while bringing freshness and extra comfort underfoot, respectively.


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White Boho Kitchen Backsplash with Curtain Front Cabinet and Woven Baskets

Here we have another Scandi-boho kitchen that constitutes a well-curated look that is natural, inclusive, and comforting. From the white cabinets to the wooden countertops, open shelving, and space organizing tricks, the kitchen presents a delightful design. The white square tile backsplash supplies the kitchen with a canvas-like background, while the woven baskets and handcrafted items placed on the top of the overhead cabinets make use of the efficient use of space, achieving a multi-layered and cozy atmosphere.

Gray Boho Kitchen Backsplash

Famous for being a neutral and versatile color, gray is everywhere. And it is confidently used thanks to its distant yet approachable, simple yet sophisticated nature. Like any other design, the boho kitchens also can’t forego the gray touches. Ranging from gray subway tiles to gray mosaic tiles and hexagon patterns, any gray touch could serve as a fine backdrop for boho kitchens. You can combine them with wooden cabinets, white, and black to reinforce the contrast or soften it with nice warming shades.

Small Kitchen with White Cabinets and Mosaic Tile Backsplash

The timber-carved decorations hung on the blue-painted accent wall honor this boho-style kitchen with nature-inspired materials, offering an excellent welcoming entrance. The rest is complemented with white modern cabinets topped by wooden countertops to orchestrate a Scandi-boho feel. The resulting scheme is an intentionally created space outfitted to the architectural needs of the space with custom-built cabinets formed according to the vaulted ceiling and the skylight. And between the cabinets, what stands out is the gray-colored Mediterranean-inspired mosaic tile backsplash to adds more patterns to emphasize the Boho feel. Complementing them are freestanding timber storage, rattan chairs and woven rug, and a biomorphic-shaped lighting fixture that makes a statement overhead.

Gray Boho Kitchen Backsplash with Black Countertops and Black Hardware

Much different from what we have seen so far, this Boho-Scandi kitchen features a darker palette that abounds in contrasting shades of white and black. And the gray and wood additions just commute between these two shades to create soft transitions. To start with, the white cabinets, black hardware, and black countertops create a striking contrast. The gray boho kitchen mosaic backsplash creates an accent wall, while the wooden table and wooden stools on a black soft rug offer a laid-back dining space. The choice of wood for this area offsets the dramatic contrast of white-black, creating an eating space rich in textures to stimulate the senses of its users. Above all, what this kitchen does best is the way it introduces patterns just on one wall, keeping the rest of the space free for a well-balanced look.

Black Boho Kitchen Backsplash

Black is such a statement color especially if you want to create a visual drama and add depth to the space, which is welcome in boho kitchens as well. In these kitchens, you can combine them with green and light wood cabinets or even wallpapers with leafy designs and silverish hardware. Likewise, the lighting fixtures, the accompanying materials, and counter stools could be used to enrich the look and soften the black boho kitchen backsplash. It is also important to keep in mind how richly pigmented the color black is, which needs to be inserted into the boho mindset with nature-inspired touches and biomorphic additions.

Black Boho Kitchen Backsplash with Green Cabinets and Marble Countertops

Filled with characterful additions, this natural design kitchen invites natural lights through the stunning 3-panel wooden skylight. Nestled under this giant skylight, the kitchen proposes a cozy working space defined by green shaker cabinets, marble countertops, and a black subway tile backsplash. The floral-patterned green wallpaper brings in an ecosystem of its own to lend another layer of interest, accompanying the real plants getting ready to grow. In the center, the kitchen island serves as a space-organizing object and a cooking space right across the sink. And above the island, the metal pot rack dropped down with the chains comes as a statement piece, while busy-pattern white-black floor tiles bring in another layer of patterns to nail the Boho look.

Beige Boho Kitchen Backsplash

With an easygoing nature, beige backsplashes are soft and gentle touches that bring out the warmth of the surrounding elements. Mostly combined with wooden countertops and white flat-front cabinets, beige backsplashes especially suit the Scandi-boho design spirit.

Beige Boho Kitchen Backsplash with Kitchen Plants and White Shaker Cabinets

A boho kitchen wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the giant kitchen plants that make the space feel like a jungle of sorts. This lovely kitchen does the same, benefiting from indoor plants sprinkled throughout the space to build an ecosystem of its own, while white shaker cabinets provide a simple and basic vocabulary for other elements to find some reliance on. To complement them, the wooden countertops, rattan counter stools, and beige backsplash bring in the right amount of warmth, color, and texture, channeling the boho vibes. To keep the harmonious integrity alive, the stainless-steel fridge is also given a new look with peel-and-stick vinyl to match the rest of the cabinets. Lastly, the archway offers a cozy spot and a good-sized windowsill to house the kitchen plant, and the under-cabinet warm lighting makes the space even lovelier.

Fluted-Design Wooden Cabinetry with Terrazzo Countertops and Backsplash

This Scandinavian-boho kitchen characterized by statement materials and finishes exudes elegance layered on, oxymoronic enough, the sophisticated simplicity. Rich in earthy shades, it delivers a look down to earth with oversized woven lighting fixtures, a wooden floating shelf and beams, and fluted cabinet doors that generate movement, taking its users on a visual and tactile journey. Enriching this color palette are the shades of beige that seep in from the terrazzo countertops and backsplash. Yet, above all, what sets this kitchen apart from others is the use of eco-conscious materials like terrazzo, which not only creates a timeless look but also remains loyal to the Scandi principles of sustainability and longevity. And how it merges with the boho feel comes through the inclusion of lots of wood shades, textures, and a variety of exhibited decorative pieces that personalize the space.

What backsplash goes with a boho kitchen?

When it comes to boho kitchen backsplashes, there is a variety of backsplash types for boho-design kitchens. They range from mosaic tiles to hexagon patterns, wallpaper backsplashes with floral and lemon patterns, terracotta tiles, and Mediterranean tile backsplashes. Lantern patterns, handmade encaustic tiles, or any tile that inhabits a sense of exoticism, vibrant shade, and authenticity could be a perfect fit for a boho kitchen. Thus, distressed-look tiles along with antique mirror backsplashes would also serve as great additions for a characterful background.

Apart from colorful and dynamic backsplashes, white subway tile backsplashes and beige colors that offer a soothing background are also popularly used to enhance the openness of the space. As boho kitchens thrive on light shades and natural light, homeowners can go with these options that will build upon the brightness borrowed from the outdoors.

Additionally, to emphasize the modern feel, geometric pattern backsplashes can be employed, while for extra texture, the plaster walls colored in oranges and yellow can give the space a new dynamic and create visual accents. Depending on the need, two types of backsplashes can also be used. Statement backsplashes, for example, demarcate certain zones of the kitchen, such as the dining and cooking areas to create focal points.

Above all, at the end of the day, it all comes down to the personal tastes of the homeowners and how they would like to navigate the space. As boho kitchens borrow from different styles, it allows kitchen users to align themselves with a variety of looks and styles, whether it is a farmhouse, modern, mid-century, or Scandinavian design.

Timeless Kitchen Design with Geometric Pattern Backsplash and Rustic Shelves

Boho kitchens are more than creating a well-functioning design. Rather, they have a lot more to do with how one interprets life, whether it is about creating a nourishing environment with personal design detailing or function-oriented minimalist designs. If you are on side of the first group, boho kitchens present inclusive designs that feel free and unconfined. Cultivating nature-inspired looks, they love rustic shelves, opened-up spaces that breathe, and white backdrops to create visual focal points with statement pieces as in this particular kitchen. Consisting of rustic shelves resting against a white backdrop, a beige backsplash, and wooden countertops, the overall look of this kitchen nurtures a soothing environment. A sense of exoticism invited through ceramic vases, pots, and plates follows along, while the modern geometric patterns on the backsplash steal the show.

Green Boho Kitchen Backsplash

As it makes a direct reference to outdoor life and freedom, green is a championed color in boho kitchens. Especially, emerald green is very popular, creating solid and energizing backgrounds for boho kitchens. They can come in modern geometric patterns, classic subway tiles, or more oriental arabesque or lantern patterns. To complement them, you can use rustic floating shelves, statement lighting fixtures, and busy pattern floor tiles.

Green Stacked Backsplash with White Cabinets and Rustic Shelves

Deploying a green backsplash is one of the key features of Boho kitchens that not only adds a pop of color but also makes a reference to nature. Here, for example, we have a stacked subway tile backsplash that presents subtle tonal variations for visual richness. The white beadboard cabinets and black countertops complement it, composing a wide scale of colors. Additionally, the gray-painted walls with rustic shelves and stools come in to bring the much-needed warmth, supported by a vintage rug and herringbone pattern hardwood flooring. Further enriching features include must-to-have kitchen plants and colorful kitchenware exhibited on the floating shelves.


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Cream Cabinets with Green Backsplash and Red Rug

When creating a Boho look, you can keep reminding yourself of its “more is more” principle. But still, it is important to add more as long as your kitchen maintains its decluttered look to avoid any eyesore in the long term. Here, for instance, we have a kitchen design that is fully generous with colors and unrelated decorations, including the cowboy figure of the Toys’ Story. As such, it has a lot of fun statements to create an engaging design. Starting from the green backsplash with red floral patterns that becomes the focal point to the cream cabinets that radiate a sense of warmth, it has an enriched vocabulary. And adding to those are the black and white checkerboard flooring that brings contrast, and a red rug along with another bonus addition of a purple soft cloth that renders an absolute “more is more” boho feel.

What is boho kitchen decor?

A boho kitchen decor is very inclusive, ranging from open storage with curtain fronts to verdant plants, lamp lighting, repurposed wood cabinetry, and quirky additions. Now let’s take a closer look at each component of the space.

Color Palette

In boho kitchens, you can use an earthy color palette that brings the design down to earth and sandy shades for a visually lightweight design to set the tone of the kitchen. It is indeed a personal preference whether you want to go with pops of oranges, navy blues, emerald greens, or shades of white and gray. As long as you pick the complementary elements from the boho-inspired textures, the color palette tends to play along. But if you want to emphasize the boho spirit with the color scheme, then you should use orange shades and natural prints of lemon and floral patterns to bring the boho feel to cohere with timber shades and textures.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are important to add a dash of Boho spirit. The rattan wicker pendants, vintage-style wall sconces, biomorphic lighting fixtures, and filled lampshades not only illuminate the kitchen but also add splashes of color with characterful aesthetics. In sum, just try to have fun with decorations and project your quirky personality into the kitchen with a few eccentric touches.

Combine Vintage with Modern

You can easily channel boho vibes with a combination of vintage and modern furniture pieces enriched with layered eclectic patterns. Discolored and freestanding cabinets are great additions to integrate variety into the space. You can also borrow from different styles, including mid-century modern, Scandinavian, and Mediterranean.

Boho Kitchen Floor Design

Especially for those who want to keep the most-used space of the kitchen simple, they can bring a touch of eccentricity with floor designs. The Mediterranean floor tiles, checkerboard flooring, herringbone terracotta tiles, and multi-colored floor finishes deliver a sense of warmth and achieve casualness. Discolored rugs with a “worn-in look” and boho-style kilims are also great additions to bring in warmth, texture, and color to deliver contrast to the basic profile of the kitchen’s top half.

Make a statement with kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are one of the best workhorses for kitchens which you can also use to introduce pops of colors. As they are generally centered in the kitchen, they tend to draw attention to the center, creating a focal point. 

What other decors can you add?

Lace table clothes, aromatic herbs aligned on the floating shelves, vintage and colorful glassware, rustic floating shelves, and cabinets with curtain fronts are some of the other decorative pieces to create a Bohemian breeze that envelops the space. Vintage and colorful kitchen appliances could also make a difference easily in the overall statement of the kitchen. Antique candle holders, whimsical hardware brighter, and bolder shades are also very much welcome.

Additionally, exposed wooden beams and concrete floors bring in a sense of rawness that doesn’t look tamed or too civil which would contrast the boho spirit. Likewise, the exposed plaster finish walls are great to preserve another layer of texture rather than offering a clean and well-groomed look.

It is also recommended to avoid metal and glass unless they are combined and softened with warming textures and shades. This way, you don’t run the risk of looking too serious and distant or modern. Rather, you should aim to create a sentimental look without any need to resort to anything luxurious.

Green Ceramic Subway Tile Backsplash and Brass Hardware

With a little boho and a little farmhouse flair, this lovely kitchen is lucky to have some of both. And savoring a visually light look, it employs white cabinets to ensure the lightness of the space and optimize the use of natural lights, while the lack of overhead cabinets opens up the space even more to instill a high level of airiness. And in place of wall units, the wooden floating shelves make space for colorful bowls that personalize the design. Below, the blue-green ceramic subway tile backsplash adds a ripple of color to the otherwise monotonic kitchen, also helping eschew all Scandi-feel. Apart from those, other noteworthy features include brass hardware, a butler sink, vintage wall sconces, and woven baskets that complete the boho feel with pared-look pieces.


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Lantern Tile Boho Kitchen Backsplash with Terracotta Floor Tiles and Copper Butler Sink

Vibrant shades, patterns, and earthy textures make for a fully-fledged bohemian kitchen design as here. The green arabesque tile backsplash goes up to the ceiling to achieve full impact. The backsplash creates a harmonious look with the white cabinets and countertops for a well-balanced look, while the hexagon pattern terracotta tiles colonize the floors, expanding the visual scheme thanks to their large format.

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