Stainless Steel Countertop Ideas Great Material, Greater Designs

Stainless Steel countertops: Great material, greater ideas.

A while ago, stainless steel countertop is only used inside restaurants´ kitchens, but times have changed, and this amazing material has traveled all the way to our residential kitchens, bringing style and sophistication to the room.

If your ideal kitchen involves a beautiful island made of stainless steel, you couldn´t have made a better decision: this material is not only pretty but is also cost-effective, varying from $67,76 per square foot to $95,51 per square foot.

These will definitely be well-spent money! If you, like some of our buyers, still have doubts regarding which material to chose for your space, you might make up your mind after reading these pros and cons!

contemporary kitchen with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90205 | Photo Credit | Tina Leveridge

Small, contemporary and practical

This contemporary kitchen is packed with style and class. The color scheme matches beautifully the stainless steel countertop, while the black and wooden cabinetry brings a modern and cozy atmosphere to the space. The mirror behind the sink creates an aspect of depth to the ambient, making it look bigger. The final touch is all about the accessories, such as the finishes of the stools, which match the beautiful FLOS Tatou S white pendant light.

Modern stainless steel countertop brown kitchen cabinets

PHOTO ID #: 90201 | Photo CreditHughesumbanhowar Architects

Ocean front wood and stainless steel kitchen

This oceanfront contemporary kitchen with stainless steel countertop will make all your dreams come true. Space features lots of storage in a beautiful tone of wood with built-in accessories. A stainless-steel island and sink create an amazing finish. Also full metal backsplash tile. Leather bar stools are added to the space to give a pop of color. Space has an amazing flow to it, for you to run your daily errands.

stainless steel island countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90203 | Photo CreditShinji Ito

White, wood and stainless steel

This Asian style kitchen can bring everyone to agreement: it is simply stunning. The protagonist is the stainless steel countertop with implemented sink, probably the bigger element of the kitchen.The main color of the space is white, which creates a great contrast with the light wood countertop base.

contemporary Minimal loft kitchen stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90208 | Photo CreditMargot Hartford Photography

Minimal loft kitchen

This space is the perfect example of a fine line between minimal and modern. The amazing floor tiles contrasts beautifully the stainless-steel countertop and accessories. The white cabinetry and black barstool by Ever modern home gives a modern touch to this gorgeous mixed style kitchen.


  • Resistant to heat and rust – You can place a hot pot on your stainless-steel countertop, and nothing will happen, thanks to chromium and nickel, two heavily present elements in stainless-steel.
  • Doesn’t leave stains – Worried about the spilled sauce on the countertop? You shouldn’t be! Acids, drinks and other liquids won’t set on stainless steel. How awesome?
  • Antibacterial – Worried about bacteria? If so, this material will work wonders for you. Metals are nonporous, meaning that they are antibacterial!
  • Easy to maintain – This amazing material does not need extreme cure: washing it gently after the use with a sponge and some neutral soap will do the magic, and always leave it fresh and shiny.


  • Scratches – One of the cons of this amazing material is that it becomes scratched with time. Nothing will happen to the metal, but there is going to impact on the appearance.
  • Cold material – If you are looking for a warmer style, some people would say that stainless steel is not the right choice for your space. It has a cold surface, giving the impression of a ‘cold’ look inside your kitchen. Adding warmer elements could solve this problem if your mind is set on a warm ambient with stainless-steel.
  • Noisy – Imagine giving your kid pots and pans to play drums. Can you picture it? This is the sound you are going to have to learn to live with. Cutting, chopping and placing utensils has never been so loud!

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stainless steel countertop gray walls metal bar chairs

PHOTO ID #: 90202 | Photo CreditDenver Image Photography

Industrial stainless steel kitchen

On this small industrial kitchen lots of elements call your attention, such as the exposed pipes. A beautiful island with stainless steel countertop is featured in the ambience and a cooktop was smartly implemented in it. In combination with the Bastille Counter Stools, the gorgeous result is a gourmet space. The wood of the cabinets brings a cozy feeling to this cold colored space.

all stainless steel wood mixed island countertop modern white cabinets

PHOTO ID #: 90204 | Photo CreditNicholas Anthony

Eclectic space

If you are looking for a mix and match of styles, this is the right space for you. The accessories scream vintage, while the stainless-steel countertop and base are definitely industrial elements. An unusual and eye-catching detail is the fireplace frame, which we don’t usually see inside of a kitchen space. This Eclectic ambience is as dreamy and classy as it gets!

transitional kitchen paris stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90210 | Photo Credit10surdix

Natural light in a Parisian Kitchen

Nothing better than having big windows lighten up your space: they bring tons of natural light and hopefully a wonderful view outside. This is the case of this apartment kitchen in Paris. Stainless steel appliances and built in accessories create modernity, wooden floor helps with warmth and all the accessories such as the Molten Chandelier by Hedgeapple, are for our benefits!

large stainless steel countertop dark brown wood floor

PHOTO ID #: 90211 | Photo CreditRamona Balaban photography

Stylish loft

This big kitchen does not lack attributes, such as a big stainless-steel island through the whole perimeter of the kitchen, creating plenty of space for storage and dividing the space in two. Behind the counter you will find a big table for meals or to gather around with friends. The architectonic elements cannot pass unnoticed: beautiful big windows which bring tons of natural light inside this gorgeous Italian kitchen, and beams on the ceiling giving the final touch to this industrial space.

modern kitchen with concrete countertop ideas

PHOTO ID #: 90212 | Photo CreditAndrea Zanchi Photography

Peaceful minimal kitchen

Minimal, comfortable and practical: the 3 words that describes this kitchen. The color scheme of this space was chosen to bring peace and comfort inside this ambient. Open shelve gives the impression of a bigger space, the shelf on the lateral of the kitchen can be used as a table bringing functionality inside the kitchen. Stainless steel countertop and cooker hood complement the kitchen perfectly.

Industrial kitchen with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90213 | Photo CreditFBN Construction

Chic Industrial kitchen

The variety of materials and patterns inside this chic industrial kitchen is what catches the attention the most, besides the beautiful stainless-steel countertop held by a pillar. The color scheme was chosen wisely and wonderfully matches the beautiful light wood floor.

barn style kitchen stainless steel island countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90217 | Photo CreditStudio Mark Ruthven – Somerset

From barn to futurism

Believe it or not, this kitchen used to be a farm! Proof that there is nothing that a great design can’t do! The big island with stainless steel countertop steals the scene. The amazing Jetson pendant lamp brings modernity into the space, with its futuristic look. The beams on the ceiling remained in place, and work now as a perfect contrast element.

$ 27.50 - Price Per Sheet

Modern white & gray metal modern tile for modern kitchens or bathroom walls.

modern green kitchen cabinets stainless steel island countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90218 | Photo CreditThe Masonry Center, Inc.

OC Kitchen

Between the walls of this gorgeous contemporary house in Orange County, this amazing kitchen hides. Unique colors for the cabinets and island base. The countertops are made of stainless steel, just like the appliances. The big windows create an even more appealing look for this incredible space.

blue kitchen cabinets stainless steel countertop brown floor

PHOTO ID #: 90219 | Photo CreditYOLO

Blue Gray Kitchen

This contemporary kitchen in Moscow shows its true colors! The breathtaking blue tone of the cabinetry creates an incredible color scheme with the stainless steel of the countertop. The wood floor brings the right amount of warmth to this cold colored ambient.

stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90223 | Photo CreditHome-Staging Experts

Open space loft

Nothing better than a Parisian design, right? In this loft, it couldn’t be different. The open kitchen gives the sense of a bigger space. Stainless steel countertop and accents represent the real industrial element of the ambient. The beautiful Lem Piston modern bar stool by Kardiel makes all the difference on this open space loft. Also sparkle glass backsplash mosaic tile gives more shine.

Large stainless steel countertop modern look kitchen

PHOTO ID #: 90228 | Photo CreditSaharchitects

Luminous and open space

A beautiful landscape can be seen from the inside of this modern kitchen in Dondelange. Besides the amazing stainless-steel countertop and appliances, the floor tiles call the attention because of the size and the effect that they create. The cabinetry can be opened and closed and you will find accessories all over the place! Ready to cook in a kitchen like this one?

brown kitchen floor stainless steel island countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90229 | Photo CreditN.A.O

Light wood, stainless steel and exposed pipes

Wood is the main element of Japanese style kitchens. Horizontal shelves were incorporated inside this ambient to give the impression of a bigger space. A beautiful stainless-steel island with exposed pipes was added to create a division between kitchen and dining room.

modern white kitchen countertop with stainless steel island countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90230 | Photo CreditJag Kitchens

Glossy kitchen island and marble backsplash

Chalkboard paint, marble backsplash, two tones of grey and exposed cement bricks. Do you still have any doubts about the style of this space? Thinking about having a space like that yourself? Don’t forget to add an amazing stainless-steel countertop with a glossy base and a vintage light pendant by LALUZ.

modern look white kitchen cabinets stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90231 | Photo Credit | Jag Kitchens

White and wooden industrial kitchen

This perfect example of industrial kitchen features white cabinets and backsplash with stainless steel countertops. The floor comes in a medium tone hardwood and is multicolored, perfectly matching the stools seats and island top. The brick wall and the pendant bulb lights give the kitchen an industrial and sophisticated look.

kitchen cabinets brown stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90232 | Photo Credit | RENOVESTATE

Industrial grunge kitchen

Wonderful industrial linear kitchen featuring a single sink, recessed panel doors and middle wood cabinets. The hardwood flooring matches the color of the cabinets and the wide kitchen island, with a stainless-steel countertop. The exposed white bricks and brown/gray coloring of the back wall really bring out the industrial vibe of the room.

gray kitchen floor modern stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90236 | Photo CreditAtelier BOOM TOWN

Industrial kitchen with bookcase and glass panel

This mid-sized industrial kitchen features a beautiful gray slate floor with flat-panel black cabinets. The backsplash is made of gray slate, the appliances are in stainless steel, and the island features an undermount sink. The uniqueness of the place is granted by the bookcase and the wooden panel mounted on a transparent matte glass dividing the ambients.

white subway kitchen backsplash with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90237 | Photo CreditFisher & Paykel Appliances

Light filled the white kitchen

This urban looking kitchen is modern and full of light: granite island, white brick subway backsplash, and stainless-steel cabinets and appliances; all of these elements balance the others and create a minimalist and clean environment. The big window allows a great amount of light to enter the ambiance and make the room look bigger and effortlessly gorgeous.

modern kitchen white cabinets with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90241 | Photo CreditLUSTYdesign Inc.

Gray and white minimalist kitchen

Beautiful kitchen with white cabinetry and backsplash, and gray gorgeous island. The floor features a wonderful gray stone, which perfectly matches the metallic and black stools. Proving that simple is most of the times the best choice, this modern and minimalistic space is the perfect choice for a medium sized kitchen with enough space for a big island.

white modern kitchen cabinets with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90242 | Photo CreditDeBu Studios

White and dark wood minimal kitchen

Trendy galley kitchen with white cabinetry and gray countertops. The island features dark wood in the lower part and stainless steel on the top. The backsplash, also stainless steel, shines and reflects the beauty of the whole space; the white stools complement an already wonderful looking ambiance. Thanks to the medium toned floor, the kitchen is full of light and warmth… what else could we possibly want?

modern kitchen bar with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90243 | Photo CreditSoucie Horner, Ltd.

Gray and black contemporary kitchen

A perfect home bar should be comfortable and practical, while still being fashionable and gorgeous. This example wins it all, with its contemporary look and minimalist vibe. The white glass sheet backsplash balances the black cabinetry, the stainless-steel countertops are the perfect midway between those two colors and match the pretty gray floor.

large modern kitchen with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90244 | Photo CreditMatthew Gallant Photography

Stainless kitchen with wooden table

This open concept kitchen features a modern single-wall gray concrete floor, stainless steel cabinets and countertops, and metallic backsplash. All the elements match with one another and are counterbalanced by the medium toned wood table. The wide island also comes in a metallic color and features two types of metallic gray stools.

large gray stainless steel countertop kitche cabinets

PHOTO ID #: 90245 | Photo Credit | Matthew Gallant Photography

Minimalist stainless-steel kitchen

Minimalist galley kitchen with concrete gray floor and stainless-steel cabinets, countertops, backsplash and appliances. Metal is the new black! The island and countertops are both gray, and so are the gorgeous stools, which come in two different styles. The flat-panel cabinets and integrated sink are also worth mentioning.

stainless steel island countertop 1

PHOTO ID #: 90246 | Photo CreditTEPEE HEART

Mediterranean open concept kitchen

This Mediterranean open concept kitchen is a pleasure to look at. The stainless-steel flat-panel cabinets, countertops and island are made of metallic material, all of which is counterbalanced by the white walls and warm feeling given by the wooden table and the light blue ceiling. The black chandelier matches the chairs and is the perfect final detail to really complement the kitchen.

red kitchen backsplash with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90247 | Photo CreditArchitecture Joyce Owens llc

Open concept kitchen with red backsplash

Open concept large kitchen with contemporary furniture: the white cabinets and countertops make the gorgeous backsplash pop to the eye. The red glass tiles backsplash comes in the same color as one of the stools and the wonderful carpet. All the appliances are black but the integrated sink, smartly inserted onto the never-ending island. A dreamy space for a modern family.

dark kitchen cabinets with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90248 | Photo CreditSapphire Living Interiors

Black and light wood cabinetry

This gorgeous kitchen features white floor and walls, black cabinetry and stainless steel countertops. Part of the cabinetry comes in a beautiful light wood, which along with the many and wide windows, infuses light to the whole space. A great way to design a galley kitchen with not much space to get creative!

table looking stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90249 | Photo Creditvilablanch · arquitectura interior

Brick style wall with mediterranean floor kitchen

kitchen hood with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90250 | Photo CreditPatrizia Burato

L-shaped kitchen with white cabinetry

This large l-shaped kitchen is both classy and simple: the white cabinetry and the two windows infuse light to the ambience, while the stainless-steel countertops and paneled appliances give it a chic and fresh look. The medium tone wooden floors look natural and luxurious, and so do the black spotlights.

green bar chairs with dark kitchen cabinet and stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90251 | Photo CreditRoundhouse

Gray and black kitchen with lime green details

This large contemporary kitchen features a gorgeous concrete beige floor, flat panel black cabinets and stainless-steel countertops. The white subway backsplash around the wide window gives light to the room and makes it look considerably bigger. The stools include a modern lime green detail, which is also moderately present throughout the whole ambiance.

stainless steel countertop kitchen bar

PHOTO ID #: 90252 | Photo CreditCarney Logan Burke Architects

Gray stone wine cellar

This gorgeous home bar is the perfect example of a rustic ambiance with a modern touch. The presence of wood and the stone-gray floor is counterbalanced by a gray backsplash tile with white shades, which in this case makes all the difference! The countertops and flat-panel cabinetry are made of stainless-steel. Who wouldn’t like to get a drink in this wine cellar?

mirror kitchen backsplash with stainless steel countertop gray kitchen cabinets

PHOTO ID #: 90253 | Photo CreditAWELT

All silver stainless-steel kitchen

Stainless-steel is the protagonist of this ambiance, in which gray and silver are the winning shades. The glass backsplash is the real transformative element of the room: it not only spread light all over the place, but it gives it a unique characteristic. Such a bold choice has never worked better!

dark gray stainless steel island countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90254 | Photo CreditStommel Haus UK

Minimalist stainless-steel kitchen

A minimalist space is a fashionable space, and it is especially true for this stunning kitchen. The flat-panel gray cabinets and stainless-steel appliances match with the stainless-steel countertops. The also gray floor and metal chandelier make this space the paradise of metallic feeling. Of course, this is all balanced by the light wood exposed beams on the ceiling, which give the kitchen a homey and warm vibe.

modern brown cabinets large stainless island steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90255 | Photo CreditBuild Cincinnati of Coldwell Banker

Stainless-steel island with brown and white details

This contemporary single wall kitchen features a concrete gray floor and dark wood cabinets. The white backsplash tile is elegant and minimalist: in this ambience, it works like a miracle! The very extended island is made of stainless-steel; the stools are black and silver. We are in love with this kitchen!

black kitchen cabinets with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90256 | Photo CreditStephen Graver

White, black and light wood kitchen

This galley kitchen is a modern version of a traditional space with a central island. The colors featured are several: blue, white and light wood, the latter in the cabinetry with stainless-steel and white countertops. The backsplash is a gorgeous yet simple subway tile solution, but the best feature is probably the fact that most of the island is actually mobile.

modern dark color kitchen cabinets with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90257 | Photo CreditBaqueratta

Futuristic kitchen

This kitchen can’t simply be defined modern: this all gray space is so futuristic that it looks like it could have come out of a spaceship. Countertops and cabinets are made of stainless steel, the floor is gray and so is the shiny ceiling. The back wall is a fine gray pattern of tiles.

brown kitchen with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90258 | Photo CreditGiulietti Schouten Architects

Light wood and gray kitchen

This kitchen is, in a few words, a gorgeous all wood and metal space. The cabinetry comes in the same color as the backwall, the appliances and peninsula are both in stainless-steel, and the chair are of a gorgeous deep brown. The chandeliers, peculiarly shaped, come in a gray blue that matches the beautiful gray floor.

modern stainless steel countertop and kitchen cabinet

PHOTO ID #: 90221 | Photo CreditKADO

Modern and Japanese concept

The designer of this space chose to use all stainless-steel materials, bringing modernity to this small kitchen. The built-in appliances were implemented ‘inside’ the wall like a panel. The natural light comes from this rectangular minimal window, giving to the space all the charm it needed.

Stainless steel countertop island gray kitchen floor

PHOTO ID #: 90215 | Photo CreditGUILLEM CARRERA Arquitecte

Stainless-steel island

This space features one among the most inviting color schemes of our list. All the appliances and the gorgeous island are made of stainless steel. The floor tiles are perfect to make the most of this contemporary kitchen. The spotlights make a perfect final touch for the ambience.

all stainless steel countertop and kitchen cabinets

PHOTO ID #: 90259 | Photo CreditCM9Architects

Industrial stainless-steel kitchen

Using a word to describe this space would be difficult, but if we had to choose one, it would definitely be Industrial. The stainless steel and gray predominance are contrasted by the light wood table and chairs. We fell in love with this ambience: what about you?

stainless steel countertop kitchen cabinets bar chairs

PHOTO ID #: 90216 | Photo CreditMBB Architects

Stainless-steel ambience

Thinking about stainless steel all over? This kitchen will blow your mind! Everything in it is made of this beautiful material, from head to toe. Inside this mid-size kitchen loft, you will find an incredible amount of storage, and it makes a great space to enjoy a pleasant dinner with friends.

green bar chairs with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90227 | Photo CreditGEINTERIORISMO

Green is the new black

Thinking about remodeling? Here’s one idea: Stainless steel countertop and base, glass subway tiles on the walls and neutral colors on the floor. The popping color of the bar stools is uniquely marvelous in this ambiance!

green bar chairs wood island with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90262 | Photo CreditKim Duffin for Sublime

Modernity with a touch color!

In this modern kitchen, the color scheme was chosen to blow your mind! The white of the wall matches gracefully the brown of the cabinetry, and the lighting is almost futuristic. The final touch is all about the stainless steel and wood mix of the countertop, which contrast with the pop of green from the bar stools.

brown kitchen floor with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90238 | Photo CreditstudioCJF.Inc

Wooden and steel kitchen

This kitchen is a large and trendy galley ambience with concrete floor and eat-in design: the island featured in the center of the space takes up most of the room, and is spacious enough to cook, eat and bake! The colors are light and fresh: the backsplash and countertops are metallic, the island and cabinets feature a medium tone wood, the edgy stools are black.

Modern wooden and stainless steel countertop kitchen blue backsplash tile

PHOTO ID #: 90206 | Photo CreditSTAP

Modern wooden and stainless steel kitchen

Wondering what to look at first within this space? I couldn’t choose myself! The attractive dark blue wall tiles make all the difference paired with the white and wooden furniture. The amazing stainless-steel countertop and accents create a great division between kitchen and dining room: this clearly is a welcoming space for everyone with good taste.

brown wood kitchen island with stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90207 | Photo Credit | STAP

Stainless steel countertop with modern blue backsplash tile

Simplicity meets minimalism brown cabinets subway backsplash stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90209 | Photo Credit | STAP

Simplicity meets minimalism

At first glance, this is a classy yet simple space, and noticing all the well thought details only confirms our first impression. The wood of the cabinetry creates a sense of comfort, while the subway tile backsplash brings modernity and elegance. The transition of the floors is also something interesting to notice, from tiles to hard wood floor in a blink of an eye!

$ 26.50 - Price Per Sheet

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

modern kitchen flat cabinet stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90214 | Photo Creditbulthaup

Creative kitchen in Germany

This beautiful kitchen features a unique wooden panel, which creates two separated ambiences. The front ambient is a kitchen with all accessories you may possibly need. A gorgeous grey island with a thin stainless-steel countertop was implemented to make the space look even more inviting. Behind the panel you will find a dining area with the same style cabinetry.

modern wood cabinet stainless steel countertop


Stainless Steel and wood

Inside this interesting Japanese kitchen, there is amazing contrast within the components. The amazing stainless-steel countertop is part of what makes this room wonderful. The base of the island and the beam attached to the ceiling create a very cozy atmosphere bringing a relaxing and modern vibe to the space.

brown wood kitchen floor subway backsplash stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90225 | Photo CreditN.concept

Elegant, Industrial and chic.

A great color scheme will make all the difference in your space, and this is true also for this industrial kitchen. The combination of the amazing subway tiles with the grey-blue of the wall speaks for itself. When combining all of this with a stainless-steel countertop and base, you will have a million dollar kitchen!

$ 33.50 - Price Per Sheet

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

brown kitchen cabinets bar chairs stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90226 | Photo CreditNest Residential Design

Wooden patterned island

The strong color of the island and cabinetry is the striking part of this kitchen. With built in ovens and stainless-steel countertop and fridge, style is definitely not lacking at all. The dark and wide cabinetry brings functionality into the space, and is also very stylish.

dark gray kitchen island black floor stainless steel countertop

PHOTO ID #: 90284 | Photo Credit | Kawakubo

Black kitchen floor with dark gray kitchen island

stainless steel countertop with white subway kitchen backsplash tile

PHOTO ID #: 90265 |