Recycled Glass Countertop Ideas Sophisticated and Sustainable Recycled Glass

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Sophistication, style and sustainability: Recycled glass countertop ideas.

Thinking about renovating with style and keeping an eco-friendly ambient? I have the perfect solution for you. Recycled glass countertop ideas are the newest market trend which has already become the favorite material of homeowners everywhere.

Keep it #1 eco-friendly top: How this beautiful material is made

The Recycled glass countertop is made of a combination of glass chips with binding resin. How is this eco-friendly, you ask? Easy peasy: the source of the glass is recycled wine and beer bottles! The mixture depends on each manufacturer, but usually, it is composed of 80% glass and 20% binder.

The price range of this material varies between $50 and $125 per square foot

ID# 90303 | – Credit© Cortney Bishop Design

Bringing beach to inside of your kitchen

If you are crazy about beach design, and want some in your home, this is for you! The minimal color scheme is a fresh union of white, light blue and yellow. The open shelves, gorgeous detail, give the illusion of the kitchen being bigger than it is. And can we talk about the gorgeous recycled glass countertop, which matches perfectly the style of the ambiance? White subway backsplash tile makes clean look. Dream kitchen!


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Recycled Glass Countertop 01

ID# 90314 | – Credit© Green Goods

Eclectic kitchen space

Amazing backsplash tiles are the first thing you notice in this gorgeous space. The amazing recycled glass countertop, with different colors and shapes is a great asset inside this ambient. Finally,the red oak of the floor tile and clean blue backsplash idea helps creating a cozy environment.



  • Pleasant looking: – The beautiful surface comes in different colors and pigments, adjusting to your unique and personal style and fitting in any type of kitchen!
  • Easy to clean: – There is not an easier task than cleaning your amazing recycled glass countertops: hot water will, in fact, be more than enough. You can also use soap, but a continuous use is not recommended as it will damage the material in the long run. It is recommended to clean the spills as soon as possible after they occur, so that the countertop won’t be damaged by the acids that food and drinks contain.
  • Eco- friendly: – Helping the environment is amazing, and so is this incredible eco-friendly substance. 80% of this surface is made of recycled materials!


  • It requires sealing: – Not a big con, but if you have a limited budget, recycled glass could be a bit tricky. At the same time, though, sealing means that your product will have a long-lasting life, so you could actually take it as an investment for the future!
  • Glass can chip out – Depending on the edge of it, glass can chip out. When buying your countertop, make sure you have enough information from the store and the installer so you can make a good choice and have a beautiful product without having to constantly worry about it getting ruined.

Buying Options Where to Buy Recycled Glass countertop

  • IceStone sustainable, recycled glass countertops and surfaces are handcrafted in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard; IceStone
  • Vetrazzo slabs and panels are unique surfaces handcrafted with recycled glass in America; Vetrazzo
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Recycled Glass Countertop #recycledcountertop #recycledglasscountertop #recycledglasscountertopkitchen #recycledcountertops #recycledcountertopskitchen #ecocountertop
Recycled Glass Countertop #recycledcountertop #recycledglasscountertop #recycledglasscountertopkitchen #recycledcountertops #recycledcountertopskitchen #ecocountertop

ID# 90325 | – Credit© Court Atkins Group

Beautiful traditional kitchen

This big kitchen is a mix of styles, and among those, the modern details are the predominant ones! The beautiful color of the cabinetry looks incredible with the recycled glass countertop. The details of the walls and ceiling are breath taking; finally, the lighting design is a very interesting mix of recessed lights and a gorgeous Hudson Valley Pendant light.


Glass Mosaic Tiles

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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Try a Sample

Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 90326 | – Credit© Uhrich Design

Cheerful countertop in Contemporary kitchen

Amazing blue backsplash and the recycled glass countertop by Vetrazzo are the main elements of this space. The light wood of the cabinetry gives a cozy feeling to it, while the big windows bring tons of natural light to this amazing space.


ID# 90308 | – Credit© Gathered

Chic beach bar

What about a space to prepare amazing drinks for your guests, or even treat yourself to a nicely done cocktail after a long day at work? This beach style bar has everything you need and more. In terms of design, an amazing subway blue tile backsplash, enough storage space, and a great recycled glass countertop matching everything else.


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Recycled Glass Countertop #recycledcountertop #recycledglasscountertop #recycledglasscountertopkitchen #recycledcountertops #recycledcountertopskitchen #ecocountertop
Recycled Glass Countertop #recycledcountertop #recycledglasscountertop #recycledglasscountertopkitchen #recycledcountertops #recycledcountertopskitchen #ecocountertop
Blue recycled glass countertop with blue bathroom vanity

ID# 90329 | – Credit© Kala Interior Design

Natural vibes

This amazing Hawaiian bathroom is the perfect mix of modern and beach style. All the elements were meticulously placed to create an amazing outcome. The gorgeous recycled glass countertop matches with everything else. Light wood floor, white walls and the light blue cabinetry bring a beach feeling to this incredible space.


white glass Mosaic Tiles

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Try a Sample

Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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Bamboo glass light beige backsplash tile for modern simplicity in your kitchen area

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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Try a Sample

ID# 90334 | – Credit© AGM Imports of Charleston

Light blue oven and white cabinetry

This blue doesn’t tire the eyes: blue appliances, walls, accessories and countertops! The recycled glass countertop of this space makes us wonder where we can get some. The modern tile backsplash idea is a great addition to this transitional kitchen.


ID# 90330 | – Credit | © Kala Interior Design

Natural vibes pt.2

This ocean front kitchen is as beautiful as it comes. The blue of the ocean outside contrasts beautifully with the recycled glass countertop and with the blue details of the space. The color scheme for this space couldn’t look better!


ID# 90322 | – Credit | © Dansky Handcrafted LLC

Deep Red Kitchen

In this amazing contemporary kitchen red is the predominant color, preset in both the storage doors and on the amazing Vetrazzo recycled glass countertop. The wood of the floor tiles matches very well with the one added on the ceiling. The Artemide Pirce pendant lamp brings a modern vibe to the space. The stainless steel appliances are a great addition to the kitchen style.


ID# 90323 | – Credit | © Vetrazzo

Contemporary Canadian Kitchen

At first glance we might think that this kitchen is the perfect example of minimal style! But after taking a better look at this incredible kitchen space, we can’t deny its contemporary traces. White glass backsplash, simple yet beautiful white cabinetry and storage and a pop of color with the incredible recycled glass countertop. A must have!


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Recycled Glass Countertop 08 #COUNTERTOP

ID# 90327 | – Credit | © Uhrich Design

Cheerful countertop in Contemporary kitchen pt.2

What not to like about this space? Colorful, cheerful and comfortable, all at once! The appliances and accessories such as the George Kovacs clear glass pendant light brings modernity into the ambient. The amazing recycled glass countertop ideas is a beauty for the eyes.


Open kitchen with blue recycled glass countertop

ID# 90331 | – Credit | © Kala Interior Design

Natural Hawaiian vibes with Recycled glass countertop ideas

Open space: check. Great interior design: check. Modern appliances: check! And how can we not mention the amazing color scheme of the whole Design. The choice of materials is amazing, practical and young: did you notice the lime green of the sofa?!


ID# 90328 | – Credit© Riddle Construction and Design

Wooden and white island kitchen

What to say about this tradition kitchen in Seattle? A pure beauty. From the pastel tone backsplash tiles to the recycled glass countertop, and the beautiful wood from the cabinetry which gives a rustic feel to this traditional space, wherever you look you’ll see a unique element. The amazing glass dome light by Kovacs gives the necessary pop of color.


Recycled Glass Countertop #recycledcountertop #recycledglasscountertop #recycledglasscountertopkitchen #recycledcountertops #recycledcountertopskitchen #ecocountertop

ID# 90337 | – Credit | © AGM Imports of Charleston

Recycled glass countertop ideas closeup edge corner

This closeup picture allows us to really appreciate the beauty of this recycled glass countertop, with shades of gray, white and a fancy hint of blue. Perfectly coupled with the super light gray cabinet and stainless-steel accessories: we are definitely in love.


ID# 90320 | – Credit© Lindy Donnelly

Modern bathroom with Recycled glass countertop ideas

This stunning piece of recycled glass countertop ideas is what, more than anything else, characterizes this bathroom in San Francisco. The color is Charisma Blue with Patina. The gorgeous faucet is made by Jado and the style is Glance 831/140/150. If you are also interested in the sink, look for it at Bath & Beyond.


ID# 90335 | – Credit© CIOT | Stone & Tile

Recycled glass countertop ideas white countertop corner edge

Las but not least, this amazing piece of recycled glass countertop looks like a million dollar! With its beautiful colors, it can be matched in any type of kitchen and give that something extra to any space. It is THAT special and beautiful.


ID# 90336 | – Credit | © AGM Imports of Charleston

White bathroom with glass shower

The protagonist of this bathroom is the spacious and classy looking shower, which even features a small bench. The cabinetry is of a beautiful dirty white, and the recycled glass countertop looks chic and expensive. White is always a great choice for bathrooms, especially with these materials and style!


ID# 90310 | – Credit© Artistic Kitchen Design

Spacious San Francisco Kitchen

This spacious kitchen in the heart of San Francisco has plenty of useful storage space, and an incredible and stunning design. The light wood floor matches beautifully with the Integra grey oak stain of the cabinets. The amazing recycled glass countertop gives a modern feeling in this contemporary space.


ID# 90302

Transitional Kitchen with Recycled glass countertop ideas

In between the walls of this amazing brown beige tones transitional kitchen, what calls the attention the most is the incredible island with stainless steel sink, made of white and brown recycled glass. The pattern matches elegantly the rest of the kitchen, while the wall sconce by Artemide and the stainless-steel details cannot pass unnoticed.

ID# 90306

Vintage blue kitchen with Recycled glass countertop ideas

Everything inside this ambient scream beach, whomever designed this space really knew what they were doing. The amazing retro fridge in light blue makes a statement. The amazing white tile backsplash matches perfectly the recycled glass countertop and the blue of the glass cabinetry. Simply breathtaking.

ID# 90305

Chic beach style pt. 2

The other side of this kitchen is just as gorgeous as the first: we want it now! The open shelves are perfect for this minimalistic style: every element is very subtle, but brings a great warm feeling to this incredible space. Stainless steel appliances and details: the best feature though, remains the GORGEOUS countertop. And can we talk about the recycled glass countertop? Flawless.

ID# 90316

Eclectic kitchen design

Eclectic kitchens seem to be another cool trend of the moment: a mix and match of different materials, harmonizing together beautifully. The amazing Rosemary Spring (#214430) by Benjamin Moore gives an incredible natural feeling to the kitchen walls. The recycled glass countertop with plenty of different colors give the necessary edge to this fun space!

A sparkly touch brown kitchen countertop ideas

Thinking about a sparkly and bright space? This kitchen is for you. The amazing material of the walls works perfectly with the recycled glass from the countertop. In addition to that, the stylish chairs bring a contemporary feeling to this space.

ID# 90324

Retreat bathroom

This natural stone retreat bathroom gives us a great feeling of comfort! The mirrors create the impression of a bigger space, while the black cabinetry matches the recycled glass countertop ideas creating an amazing contrast in this beautifully done room.

ID# 90319

LA Eclectic Kitchen

A mix and match of materials, techniques and finishes is what characterizes this amazing space. Different tones of wood on the floor and on the beams on the ceiling bring a warm feeling to this ambient. The green backsplash idea is beautifully handmade, the recycled glass countertop is a mix of quartz with crushed and recycled Heineken bottles, which adds interesting chunks of green.

ID# 90317

Stylish kid’s bathroom

Style is the keyword in this kid’s bathroom in Minneapolis. With different types of tiles and finishes, what calls the attention the most is the incredible recycled glass countertop and the stunning glass floor by Villi Glas. A beauty to the eyes!

ID# 90332

White and Bordeaux kitchen

Inside the walls of this amazing contemporary beach house the main features are practicality, beauty and bold choice of materials. The mosaic of the island base somehow works perfectly with the recycled glass countertop, floor tiles and wood. The perfect place for a vacation!

ID# 90333

White and blue mosaic bathroom with recycled glass countertop ideas

Thinking about renovating your old bathroom? Take into consideration this amazing recycled glass countertop. The very subtle lines of the cabinetry create a minimal space with traces of contemporary elements. And of course, the beautiful 2 shaded blue tile bathroom backsplash idea couldn’t be prettier.

ID# 90307

Recycled glass countertop

Can we talk about the size of this beautiful white island with recycled glass countertop? If you are the type of person who loves to cook and bring friends over, you will definitely need this space! Picture this: an amazing beach style kitchen, modern appliances, great materials and cozy seats, you and your friends and an amazing dinner. Did it? So did I!

ID# 90309

Contemporary style wooden kitchen

Oh, wood is an eternal classic, am I right? It surely is inside this contemporary style kitchen with brown backsplash tile. The beautiful zebrawood veneer with walnut edge banding creates an amazing pattern to this big kitchen. The amazing and different recycled glass countertop makes all the difference in this interesting, natural space.

Glossy Mosaic Tiles

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Try a Sample

Hex glossy glass tile with gray veins.

Try a Sample

Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Try a Sample

Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

ID# 90311

Luxurious newly renovated kitchen with Recycled glass countertop ideas

Luxurious is the perfect word to describe this newly renovated space in Oklahoma City. Light grey and blue are the predominant colors of this amazing kitchen. The small, yet functional island in blue and recycled glass countertop has enough space for meals and food prep. And let’s talk about the amazing crystal chandelier, simply astonishing!

ID# 90315

Miami guest bath with Recycled glass countertop ideas

Light blue seems to be the predominant color in a lot of spaces nowadays, and we love this new trend! This beautiful guest bath in Miami is so peaceful and relaxing that you won’t even need bath bombs and salts to get through your stressful day. The amazing glass blue mosaic tile ideas on the walls creates ancontrast with the recycled glass countertop. The final details are the rugs and mini pendant light by Kichler light casita.

ID# 90321

Eclectic stylish kitchen

Speaking of eclectic spaces, this amazing recycled glass countertop really leaves us speechless! Who would have thought that these may colors would work so well together, especially if paired with such a strong shade of wooden color. The surface is Vetrazzo – Charis blue with patina. Are you already ordering?

ID# 90313

Patterned laundry room

Inside out laundry, we expect organization and lots of storage, and this space is a perfect example of what the final result should look like. The beautiful combination of recycled glass countertop with the tiles of the backsplash creates a calming and clean ambience. A pleasant and practical ambient to your daily errands.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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Try a Sample

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

ID# 90312

Traditional Bathroom in NY

This traditional bathroom in NY has incredible features. The shower area includes beautiful mosaic tiles, while the rest of the bathroom is painted in a cozy light blue shade. The recycled glass countertop color is a beautiful addition to the 36” custom piece of cabinet made by Town & Country Kitchen and Bath.

ID# 90301

American transitional bathroom with Recycled glass countertop ideas

Inside this beautiful bathroom in Atlanta there are 2 different but equally beautiful types of wood, a unique mosaic floor and wall. Brown is the predominant color, which gives the place a rustic vibe. The amazing and eye-catching recycled glass countertop matches beautifully the color scheme. The big windows create a natural feeling and the natural light gives the final touch!

ID# 90304 | – Credit© Laura U

Chic beach style

What looks more natural than white cabinetry, glass backsplash tile, hardwood floor and a minimal and natural color scheme? This space is certainly a must have in terms of décor. The beautiful recycled glass countertop with blue pigments fits with the other elements like a glove. The sand colored stools are a perfect addition for this light and classy space.

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