Blue Bathroom Teal, Navy, Aqua, Pastel, Royal and More!

64+ Blue Bathroom Ideas

ID# 107806 | – Credit© Eisenmann Architecture

Blue Bathroom with Black Vanity and Marble Countertop

The beautiful blue ombre ceramic tile highlights the room’s length and height rather than its width. The skylight creates a bright atmosphere and illuminates the color variation in the shower tile. The recessed wall niche provides additional space for bath products in the shower. The black vanity paired with a marble countertop adds a luxury feel to space. Wood round mirrors and stool in the shower give the feeling of coastal style. Also, the hexagonal floor tiles offer a nice contrast to the shape of the wall tiles.

ID# 107846 | – Credit© Valery Design

Blue Bathroom with Multicolored Hexagon Tiles

Hexagons are making a strong statement in this contemporary bathroom. While navy-blue hexagons surround the alcove bathtub, the tiles are lighter and elongated on the floor. On the wall, the transition from blue to white is softly provided by the perfect combination of tiles. The nickel shower kit, towel rack, and white vanity serve a simple look which allows the to hexagons stand out.

Calm, Relaxing, and Clean Blue Bathroom Ideas

Blue color represents the calm and relaxing evocative of sea and sky. The wide color range of the blue from calm and serene pastels to bold and energetic navy blues, allows you to create a timeless blue bathroom in your dreams.

Bring the ocean into your bathroom with shades of blue

If you want to incorporate color into your bathroom, the shades of blue can be your solution. There are so many different shades of blue such as teal, navy, aqua, and pastel. Whether its ocean themed wallpaper or mermaid tiles, coastal decors, or a blue painted vanity, blue bathrooms give the serene and tranquil atmosphere that you want in the bathroom and you can combine these shades with plenty of color scheme according to your taste. So, scroll down and check these stylish blue bathroom ideas to find the right blue!

With a little help from the wood accents and white furniture, you can create your dreamy blue bathroom that will never go out of style!

ID# 107801 | – Credit© GlassEco Surfaces by Fisher Recycling

Beach Style Bathroom with White Vanity and Blue Glass Knobs

Knobs, light fixtures, and decor accents are smart ways to incorporate blue into the bathrooms. In this beach-style bathroom, the white vanity becomes the main focal point with the help of the blue details. The sparkly aqua glass knobs and blue-tiled frame of the mirror provide just the right dose of fanciful flair. The recycled glass countertop complements the blue accents and turns the vanity into a conversation piece. White and blue towels also contribute to the design perfectly.

ID# 107802 | – Credit© GlassEco Surfaces by Fisher Recycling

White Master Bathroom with Blue Bubble Chandelier and Marble Floor

Blue knobs, lighting fixtures, and textiles pop up in this white bathroom and serve a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The blue bubble chandelier highlights the freestanding bathtub. Marble floor tiles complete the luxurious look created by the bathtub. The white vanity paired with glass knows and recycled glass countertop. The built-in shelves provide additional storage space for towels and bath products.

ID# 107803 | – Credit© Clayton Vance Architecture

Transitional Bathroom with Wood Washstand and Multicolored Penny Tile Floor

A combination of navy blues and wood creates a cozy nautical bathroom. The wood washstands paired with a marble countertop adds a luxury feel to space. Nay-blue wall paint provides a sleek backdrop for the vanity and it is accentuated with navy blue subway tiles in the shower area. The multicolored penny tiles create hexagons and add a nice texture to the floor.

ID# 107804 | – Credit© Pristereo

Black and White Bathroom with Glossy Blue Shower

Clean lines and sharp edges bring a stunning modern appeal to this bathroom. Glossy blue tiles with black grout create an accent in the shower. White square tiles provide a clean and fresh atmosphere while black floors creating contrast. The black and white patterned tiles make a traditional touch to the design. Recessed niches are also covered with these tiles. Wooden benches bring warmth to the atmosphere.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Try a Sample

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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ID# 107805 | – Credit© Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio

Light Blue Subway Tiles with Matte Black Accents

Floor-to-ceiling light blue subway tiles make a statement in this supersize shower. The light blue tilework is accentuated with a wood ceiling and gray floor. Natural gray stone floor tiles add visual interest and create a cohesive design while the wood ceiling bringing warmth. Matte black faucets, shower kit, and other accents contrast with the soft look of the blue tile and bring a contemporary appeal.

ID# 107808 | – Credit© Eleanor Horwell Design

Eclectic Bathroom with Vintage Sink and Brass Faucets

The navy-blue wall creates a sleek and elegant backdrop for the bathroom. The unique design of the white sink pops up in front of the blue wall. The mirror, gold faucets, and bronze sconce complete the vintage look of the sink. The metallic cabinet, geometric patterned rug, and wood side table contribute to the eclectic style.

ID# 107809 | – Credit© Caroma

Blue Bathroom with Black Vanity and Yellow Stool

The mini dark blue tile walls with the simple bathroom elements really make an elegant impression in this contemporary tile bathroom. The plain black vanity creates a harmonious look with the tiling and matte black accents support this look. The yellow stool creates a strong contrast and pops up between the dark shades with its vibrant color.

ID# 107812 | – Credit© L’antic Colonial – Porcelanosa Grupo

Blue Bathroom Design with Marble Vanity and Vessel Sinks

Beautiful textures are perfectly coming together in this blue bathroom. The denim textured wallpaper surrounds the room and is accentuated with the concrete wall panels behind the vanity which creates a sleek backdrop. The LED lighting emphasizes the vanity area. The marble floating vanity paired with marble vessel sinks. Also, the symmetrical look provides an eye-catching design.

ID# 107814 | – Credit© Vito Fusco

Mediterranean Bathroom with Blue and White Tilework

The eye-catching blue and white tilework makes a visual statement in this Mediterranean bathroom. Blue geometrical patterns of the tiles reflect the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. The other white features of the bathroom are kept simple and the tiles are highlighted. Small orange details create a perfect contrast with the blue patterns and elevate the look.

Blue Mosaic Tiles

White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Blue textured glass mixed herringbone mosaic tile

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Light blue, white, and gray color mixed, mosaic tile for backsplash, bathroom & shower.

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Blue & gray hexagon glass & marble mix mosaic tile.

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Gray with few blue glass quartz mosaic tile contemporary look to a project.

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Gray Blue glass white marble subway mosaic tile for on-trend kitchen backsplashes

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ID# 107815 | – Credit© Home Republic Ltd.

White Floating Sink with Glossy Blue Wall Tiles and Black Accents

The glossy blue backsplash tiles create an accent in this minimalist bathroom and provide a stunning backdrop for the white floating sink and gold framed mirror. White walls, matte black accents, and sharp edges serve a minimalist modern bathroom look. The gray floor tiles provide a smooth transition between the blacks and whites.

ID# 107816 | – Credit© Pataross Projects

Coastal Bathroom with Wood Washstand and White Subway Tile

This coastal bathroom serves an elegant look with its high-end material choices. The navy-blue walls are accentuated with white subway tiles on the lower parts which create a clean and fresh look behind the vanity. The brass accents in a harmony with the navy-blue and whites. The wood vanity paired with a white countertop, vessel sinks, and gold faucets. The multicolored geometrical floor adds a nice texture to space.

ID# 107817 | – Credit© Smarterbathrooms+

Navy-Blue Diamond Tiles with White Freestanding Bathtub

The elegant navy-blue tiles are laid in a diamond pattern and run seamlessly into the 6×6 tiles above which is an amazing feature of the white freestanding bathtub. The rich shade of this blue and the freestanding tub give a luxurious feeling. The blue towel complements the tilework beautifully.

ID# 107818 | – Credit | © Фабрика Мебели Royal Es Мебель На Заказ

Unique Blue Bathroom Design with a Touch of White

Blue lovers will love this unique bathroom design! The blue color dominates the atmosphere without overwhelming. Each feature of this bathroom is custom-made and coming together beautifully. The glossy blue vanity paired with a large white vessel sink. The unique mirror adds a nice texture to the blue wall with its traditional shape.

ID# 107819 | – Credit© Parker Bathrooms & Kitchens

Moroccan Themed Bathroom with Beige Floor and Brass Accents

This shiny, glazed tile serves a magnificent look when done well. In this interior design, the glossy blue tiles bring the beautiful ocean hues to space and creates an eye-catching Moroccan style with the wood vanity and brass accents. The wood vanity paired with a gray countertop ad stone vessel sink. Brass wall-mounted faucets and gold decors give richness to the look.

ID# 107820 | – Credit© JDL Homes Vancouver

Blue Subway Tiles with White Square Tiles and Brass Accents

Mix and match the different patterns! In this bathroom, navy-blue subway tiles are effectively used for the bottom half of the wall with contrasting white square tiles for the upper half. The gray penny floor tiles add another texture space. The brass faucets and shower kit in a harmony with the blues and whites. The blue tiles and brass accents give a traditional feel while curved mirror and bubble pendant light bringing a contemporary appeal.

ID# 107821 | – Credit© Isa Gomez Interiorismo

Small White Bathroom with Glossy Blue Hexagon Tile

The glossy navy-blue hexagon shower tiles give an instant character to this mostly white bathroom. The hexagons merge softly with the white wall and it creates a flawless look. On the other hand, white tiles provide a clean and fresh backdrop for the white washstand and round mirror. The gray hexagons are used for the floor covering and they complement the blue ones.

ID# 107822 | – Credit© Салон ЛюксШтора

Blue Bathroom with White Hexagon Backsplash and Glass Pendants

With many different shades of blue and different patterns, the bathroom makes a strong impression at first sight. The navy-blue vanity paired with a white quartz countertop and white knobs. The fresh look created by the countertop continuous with the white hexagon backsplash on the wall. The hexagon patterned wallpaper serves as an eye-catching backdrop with its blue shades. The frameless mirror and glass pendant lights complete the look without disrupting the design.

ID# 107823 | – Credit© Hamta Partners INC

Contemporary Bathroom with Blue Accent Wall

The blue accent wall and hidden LED lightings make a big impact in this contemporary bathroom. The blue accent wall is accentuated with gray walls which provide a sleek look. The white sink stands out in front of the blue wall with its black stand and black faucet. The black framed mirror and wall-mounted lighting complete the design.

ID# 107824 | – Credit© Elms Interior Design

Contemporary Powder Room with Blue and Yellow Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the best and easier way to transform your rooms. Here the blue and yellow patterned wallpaper creates a joyful atmosphere. It accentuates with blue bathroom wainscoting on the lower parts. The white pedestal sink, toilet, and black framed medicine cabinet in a harmony with the blues and yellows. The wood floor completes the design warmly.

ID# 107826 | – CreditVonmeiermohr Architekten | © Johannes Vogt

Blue Walk-in Shower Design with Skylight

This walk-in shower with a generous skylight that throws light into the room serves a minimalist look. The skylight gives the room something inviting. All the room is covered with blue tiles which gives an impactful impression. The spotlights accentuate the recessed wall niche. The nickel shower kit in a harmony with the blue tiles.

ID# 107827 | – Credit© Pablo Cousinou

Tropical Bathroom with Pebbled Floor and Unique Vessel Sink

The square wall tiles, wood vanity, and the unique oyster-shaped sink bring the beauty of the ocean into this tropical bathroom. The minimalist design of the wood vanity allows to stand out the unique vessel sink. The large frameless mirror in the vanity makes space feel larger.

ID# 107828 | – Credit© Michael Davis Design & Construction

Transitional Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Stone Countertop

The thick bluestone countertop of the wood vanity makes a statement in this transitional bathroom. The wood vanity brings warmth to the atmosphere while the blue linen wallpaper creating a sleek backdrop for the vanity. A wood-framed mirror complements the vanity. The colorful flowers in a harmony with the color scheme and also liven up space.

ID# 107829 | – Credit© Ceramiche Supergres

Blue and White Bathroom with Mosaic Shower Tiles

This modern bathroom blends blue and white beautifully and serves a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The navy-blue floating vanity paired with a large white vessel sink. The white wall, vanity, blue floor tiles, and toilets give a minimalist look while the stunning blue and white mosaic tiles in the shower creating an accent.

ID# 107830 | – Credit© Jauregui Architecture Interiors Construction

Contemporary Bathroom with Ocean Wave Mosaic Tile

The perfect harmony of different tiles comes out in this bathroom. The ocean wave mosaic tiles literally bring the ocean into the bathroom walls. The Calacatta gold marble tiles accentuate the mosaics. The mini marble floor tiles complete the look perfectly.

ID# 107832 | – Credit© Armfield Design & Construction

Mediterranean Walk-in Shower with Blue and White Tilework

The stunning blue and white tile design turn this otherwise ordinary walk-in shower into heaven inspired by the Mediterranean! The tiles carried from inside to the outline of the arched door. The frameless glass door of the shower provides a seamless look for the tilework. The nickel faucets and shower kit in a harmony with the tiles. The marble floor accentuates the exclusive patterns beautifully.

ID# 107833 | – Credit© Eclipse Design Studio LLC

Blue and White Kids Bathroom with Sky Painted Ceiling

Sky painted ceiling and lovely use of blue and white tiles create a stylish kids’ bathroom for little sailors! The stunning ceiling paint brings the sky into the bathroom and provides a space for your kids to dream. Usage of the blue and white tiles on the walls and floor adds texture to space and creates visual beauty. Blue cabinets paired with a white countertop and create a clean and fresh look.

ID# 107834 | – Credit© W Design Interiors

Pastel Blue Vanity with Marble Countertop and White Brick Backsplash

The lovely pastel shade of the blue offers a fresh and inviting bathroom. The thick marble countertop is laid on a fresh pastel blue vanity while 3D brick tiles as a backsplash creating a dynamic look behind the oversized round mirror. The gray wall tiles on the upper parts of the walls accentuate the blue bathroom wainscoting. Thanks to the long walls of the room the built-in cabinets are placed along the wall and provide a clutter-free look.

ID# 107835 | – Credit

Small Transitional Attic Powder Room with Blue Wallpaper

This attic powder room features a white vanity with a marble countertop, white framed mirror, wall sconces, geometrical stool, marble floor, and blue and white patterned bathroom wallpaper. The wallpaper turns this otherwise boring bathroom into an eye-catching design. The marble countertop of the vanity complements the marble floor and gives a luxurious feel. The white stool makes a modern touch to the traditional style with its geometrical shape.

ID# 107836 | – Credit© Dots&Points Ирина Киреева

Unique Blue Mosaic Tile Design with Marble Alcove Bathtub

When the calm tones of blue and an eye-catching pattern are combined, a big design statement emerges! The blue-shaded mosaic tiles act as a piece of art with its tree and bird motifs. The mosaic accent wall is accentuated with marble tiles and an alcove bathtub. The marble tiling surrounds also the alcove bathtub. The recessed niche is separated by glass shelves and it provides space for bath products and towels.

ID# 107837 | – Credit© Ceramic Matrix

Metal Bathtub with Glass Mosaic Tile and Pebbled Floor

The square feature wall behind the tub is decorated with miniature glass mosaic tiles that suggest the crystalline clarity of the deep blue ocean. The blue mosaics act as a lustrous design statement. The quarter-circle step framing the compact bathtub presents a pebble stone floor, possibly a reflection of the seashore. The bathtub is completed with the wood deck which creates a harmonious look with the beige wall tiles.

ID# 107838 | – Credit© Студия Enjoy Home

Small Transitional Bathroom with Flower Patterned Floor

In this transitional bathroom, brown painted vanity cabinets create a traditional look with a granite countertop and brass accents. This traditional look completed with the large wood framed mirror and stick sconces. For the shower part, the bold color of the hexagons makes a statement and they are accentuated by the brass shower kit. The same hexagons continuous also behind the vanity but in gray which provides a visible separation between the shower and vanity area.

Curvy Bathtub with Diagonal Patterned Tile and Pebbled Floor

This bathroom shows that the right tile choice can transform instantly the atmosphere. The randomly combined diagonal patterns of the blue tiles round off the modern curved tub and create an eye-catching effect. The pebbled floor reflects the seashore while blue shaded patterns giving the wave effect.

ID# 107841 | – Credit

Beach Style Walk-in Shower with Blue and Yellow Geometric Tile

With these beautiful tiles, you don’t need any other design elements in your bathroom. The yellow and blue colors of the tiles create a strong contrast while bringing an eye-catching appeal. The geometric pattern of the tile provides a dynamic look. The wood stool in a harmony with the tilework. The frameless glass doors of the shower provide a seamless look for the tiles and don’t disrupt the eye.

ID# 107842 | – CreditClarissa Orsini Architetto | © Franco Lombardi

Mediterranean Bathroom with Blue Bathtub and Gray Cabinets

A combination of blue and neutral colors creates a serene Mediterranean look. Blue bathtub and blue wall paint popping up next to the gray vanity. The sharp edges and gray color of the vanity bring a modern appeal. Wood mirror and wicker baskets in the cabinets make a natural touch while providing a clutter-free look.

Accent Wall with Blue and Gold Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass mosaic tiles not only offer a glamorous appearance but also allow you to have a unique bathroom with beautiful patterns. In this contemporary bathroom, Blue and gold shaded mosaics serve a beautiful flower motif and creates an accent in the shower. The mosaic accent wall and acrylic chandelier give a luxurious feeling while blue vanity, white countertop, frameless mirror, and white toilet bringing a modern appeal. The thick floating countertop paired with navy-blue drawers provides plenty of storage space for the bathroom.

ID# 107844 | – Credit | © Наталья Вершинина

Blue Bathroom with Fun and Quirky Hexagons

As the blue color has dominated the wall, the quirky and fun hexagon tiles in three different colors, add accent for the toilet and shower! Hanks to these hexagon tiles and blue wall paint this otherwise ordinary bathroom gains a unique look. The floating shelves placed in the niche above the toilet complement the white hexes and provide additional space for bath products.

ID# 107845 | – Credit© Homoly Signature Homes

Blue Bathroom with Wooden Vanity and Mosaic Floor

Blue and shades remind instantly the sea and it is a perfect color that contributes to beach vibes. Here, the blue walls serve a calm and relaxing atmosphere with its soft pastel tone. The wood floating vanity enhances the floor space while providing bathroom storage. The blue shaded mosaic tiles liven up the design and create a harmonious look with the blue walls and wood vanity. The colorful painting as a statement wall art fills the empty wall perfectly.

ID# 107847 | – Credit© Aiya Design Айя Лисова

Modern Industrial Bathroom with Blue Wall and Red Towel Rack

The modern and industrial style blends perfectly in this master bathroom. The navy-blue wall makes a statement with a red painted towel rack which creates a strong contrast and the blue wall accentuated with the concrete wall. This concrete wall provides a sleek backdrop for a wooden floating vanity with a white countertop and white vessel sink. The wooden stool complements the vanity while the concrete floor adds a texture to space with its hexagonal patterns.

ID# 107848 | – Credit© Lavka-Design

Mediterranean Bathroom with Distinguish Patterns

You might think that this much texture can be overwhelming but when it’s combined right the result will be perfect. Here, a combination of the stunning motifs, textures, brass accents, and a touch of blue serves an eye-catching Mediterranean style bathroom. The blue and white traditional patterned tiles as wainscoting are accentuated by soft blue wall paint on the upper parts. Another distinguishes pattern used on the vanities but these two patterns create a harmonious look. The brass accents contribute to the Mediterranean style.

ID# 107849 | – Credit© CTA Design Builders, Inc.

Navy Blue Vanity with White Countertop and Wallpaper Design

Inspiration for a transitional bathroom with a navy blue vanity, white countertop, vessel sink, large frameless mirror, alcove bathtub, monochrome wallpaper, and gray floor tiles. Navy blue vanity with a white countertop makes a big impact in this bathroom. monochrome wallpaper design creates a tile look in a fun way. A small recessed niche provides a space for bath products.

ID# 107850 | – Credit© Bearded Builders, Baltimore

Transitional Powder Room with Starburst Hexagon Tile Floor

In this transitional powder room, blue hexagon tiles serve fun and quirky look with their starburst pattern. The same hexagons used in the recessed niche provide a continuous look. The elongated white hexagons create a clean and fresh backdrop for the wood floating vanity, metal framed mirror, and white toilet. The glass pendant light in a harmony with the other features.

ID# 107851 | – Credit© Agsia Design Group

Modern Minimalist Bathroom with Black Wall and Floor

Although it has minimalist elements, this modern bathroom offers an artsy look with its bold color choices. The white floating sink is completed with separate blue cabinets. Black tiles carried from wall to floor to create a continuous look and bring depth to space. The black accent wall accentuated with the white walls which create a contrasting look.

ID# 107852 | – Credit© Phillip-Jennings Custom Homes

All Blue Bathroom with Stone Countertop and Wicker Baskets

In this all-blue bathroom distinguish textures to make a big difference. The bluestone countertop laid on the blue floating vanity. The wicker baskets in the open shelf of the vanity provide a clutter-free look and bring warmth to the atmosphere. The linen wallpaper serves as an eye-catching backdrop while blue and white floor tiles adding another pattern. The small recessed niche on the wall next to the vanity is a smart solution to keep towels tidy.

ID# 107853 | – Credit© Rtg Designs

White Transitional Bathroom with Navy-blue Washstand

The navy-blue cabinet is a perfect choice to amp up this white bathroom! The white walls, mini hexagon floor tiles, silver metallic finishes, white accents, and the blue framed mirrors exceptionally well together. The marble countertop of the vanity brings a luxurious feel to the atmosphere. The recessed wall niche above the toiled tiled with the same gray tiles on the floor.

ID# 107854 | – Credit© Бюро IVA

Contemporary Powder Room with Multicolored Wallpaper

Thanks to the multicolored wallpaper and blue wall tile, this small powder room turns into an eye-catching design. The blue tiles create a fresh look between the wallpapers and save this dazzling pattern from being overwhelming. The skylight highlights the wall and makes it stand out. White vanity and white toilet serve a simple and basic appearance.

ID# 107855 | – Credit© Lewis Schoeplein Architects

Midcentury Bathroom with Starburst Hexagons and Potted Plants

Floor-to-ceiling blue hexagonal tile creates a dramatic backdrop for the freestanding tub. The blue tiles are finished with angled white lines which create a mesmerizing pattern. White subway tiles serve a simple and clean look next to the blue hexagons. Large potted plants next to the bathtub make the space more livable and welcoming and complement the Mid-century style of the bathroom.

ID# 107856 | – Credit© Студия дизайна Жанны Бадальян

Soft Blue Washstand with Gold Details and Curved Mirrors

The soft blue vanity with gold details makes a statement in this contemporary bathroom. Marble tiles create an elegant and luxurious backdrop and the quartz countertop complements the marbles. The curved shaped mirrors above the vanity act as a piece of art and elevate the design. The matte black lighting fixture completes the contemporary appearance.

ID# 107857 | – Credit© Classic Homeworks

Contemporary Bathroom with Blue Hexagon Tiles and White Bathtub

Inspiration for an entertaining bathroom with a white bathtub, blue hexagon tiles with white starbursts, and white subway tiles. The white recessed niche between the blue tiles creates additional space for bath products.


White Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

Try a Sample

Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

Try a Sample

Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

Try a Sample

White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

Try a Sample

ID# 107858 | – Credit© Дизайн-бюро Estee

Blue Bathroom with Clawfoot Bathtub and White Wainscoting

Even if you have a small bathroom, you can make space feel larger with the right material and furniture choice. The multicolored ceramic tiles act as a rug and draw attention to themselves and distract from the small size of the room. The clawfoot bathtub in a harmony with the tiles. The white wainscoting accentuates the blue walls which create a dramatic atmosphere.

ID# 107859 | – Credit© A! Emotional & Estudiodom

Mediterranean Bathroom with Vintage Sinks and Coffered Ceiling

This bathroom reflects the Mediterranean beauty luxuriously. Glossy white square tiles as a backdrop, paired with the blue subway tiles on the upper parts of the walls. The white tiles are carried from wall to ceiling which provides a larger space feel. The vintage sinks stand with nickel legs. The white coffered ceiling and metallic framed mirror complete the luxury look.

ID# 107860 | – Credit© Beth Haley Design

Elegant Bathroom with Freestanding Tub and Blue Curtains

If you want to renovate your bathroom but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, colorful textiles might be your solution. Here, the blue velvet floor-to-ceiling curtains elevate the look of this transitional bathroom and complete the luxury feel created by the bathtub and marbles. Curtains also complement the blue details of the marble floor.

ID# 107861 | – Credit© Casa Mexicana Imports

Southwestern Bathroom with Multicolored Floor and Wood Ceiling

A combination of the earthy tones and bold turquoise captures the vibrant, sun-soaked environment of the Southwest. Blue turquoise tiles as wainscoting completed with the beige walls on the upper parts. In the shower, a more distinguished pattern is used on the tiles which pulls the attention at the first sight. The herringbone pattern of the ceiling and the hexagon pattern of the floor adds a nice texture to the pace.

ID# 107862 | – Credit© Nicky Percival Limited

Alcove Bathtub with Glossy Teal Wall Tile

In this transitional bathroom, glossy teal porcelain tiles are placed vertically and finished with the light gray wall paint on the upper parts which increases the feeling of space height. The alcove bathtub is covered with teal panels which serves a complete look with the teal tiles. The wood-look floor brings warmth to the atmosphere while gray walls creating a sleek look.

ID# 107863 | – Credit© QuarterLab Design Build

Turquoise Mermaid Tiling As an Accent Wall

The turquoise mermaid tiles bring the ocean into this white bathroom. Because the other features are in white, the turquoise tiles have a stronger impact on the room. The white subway tiles and white hexagon floor tiles add different patterns to space without stealing attention from the mermaids.

ID# 107864 | – Credit© Akita Komar Architects

Eclectic Bathroom with Geometrical Wallpaper and Concrete Vanity

The dark blue wall paint and yellow wall sconce create a dramatic atmosphere in this eclectic bathroom. The concrete vanity paired with brass accents brings a contemporary appeal. The stone floating shelf is added under the vanity and provides a space for towels. The beige wallpaper adds a nice texture with its black geometrical patterns.

ID# 107813

Blue Vanity with White Vessel Sinks and Gray Rug

In this modern bathroom, blue dominates the room creates a harmonious look with the white details. The blue floating vanity paired with a glass countertop and vessel sinks and with the additional drawers under it provides storage space. The geometrical wall paint in blue and white and blue box shelves contributes to the modern look perfectly. In the shower, blue LED lights create a dramatic atmosphere, and glass doors provide a seamless look for them.

ID# 107807

Dark Wood Washstand with Navy Blue Penny Tile

Navy penny tile is a striking backdrop in this handsome guest bathroom. A mix of wood cabinetry with leather pulls enhances the masculine feel of the room while a smart toilet and alcove bathtub incorporate modern-day technology into this timeless bathroom. The blue shower curtain creates a harmonious look with the penny tile and the large round mirror creates a fresh look between the tiles.

ID# 107810

Beach Style Bathroom with Marble Herringbone Floor Tiles

In this beach-style bathroom, the blue wallpaper breaks the domination of white and provides a stunning backdrop with white bathroom wainscoting. The white vanity with the vessel sink and toilet complete the fresh look of the wainscoting. The white framed round mirror creates a focal point on the wallpaper. Marble floor tiles add a sense of luxury and add a nice texture with its herringbone pattern.

ID# 107811

Blue Walk-in Shower with Floral Patterned Hexagons

The flower-patterned hexagon tiles are a great way to spice up your bathroom! Instead of a classic white and blue tiling, flower-patterned hexagons offset the bold and blocked-out colors. On the other hand, white subway tiles create a clean and fresh look while blue penny tiles add another nice pattern to the floor.

ID# 107825

White Contemporary Bathroom with Blue Separation Unit

Placing a blue glass separation unit is a smart way to color up this white bathroom. It breaks the white domination without overwhelming. The size of the black floor tiles decreasing on the shower floor and it brings mobility to space. The glossy gray glass shower tiles create an accent between the white walls.

ID# 107831

Midcentury Bathroom with Blue Mosaic Tiles as an Accent

The interior designer chose blue shaded mosaic tile as an accent wall which creates a striking ode to water. White freestanding bathtub, wood stool, white walls, glass pendant lights, and gray floor tile serve a minimal and simple look which allows to shine out this stunning tile work.

ID# 107839

Wood Floating Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Blue Shower Tile

By adding distinguish tiles in the shower and teaming it with a clear shower screen, truly sets the bathroom apart. Here glossy blue tiles create an eye-catching look on the shower walls. On the other side, the wood floating vanity with a white countertop serves an elegant look. The large frameless mirror makes space feel larger.

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