Bathroom Curtain Ideas Stylish Way to Provide Privacy

50+ Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Scandinavian Bathroom With Tropical Bathroom Curtain And Skylight

ID# 107628 | Source – Credit© Kia Designs

Scandinavian Bathroom with Tropical Bathroom Curtain Ideas

This bright Scandinavian bathroom serves a modern look with clean lines of its features. Dark wood vanity paired with white quartz countertop, vessel sink, and black open shelves. gray and white floor tiles provide a serene atmosphere. A tropical bathroom curtain livens up space and matches with the natural materials.

Shabby Chic Style Bathroom With Pink Curtain And Gold Accents

ID# 107605 | Source – CreditSuzy Kloner Design | © Carolyn Reyes

Shabby-chic Style Bathroom with Pink Curtain and Gold Accents

White, gold, and pink, what a chic combination? A claw-foot tub paired with a gold faucet. Pink curtain brings a romantic look while gold accents making a luxurious touch. Beige patterned wallpaper is preferred above the white subway tiles and adds texture.

Colorful and Eye-Catching Options for Bathroom Curtains

The bathroom curtains can bring a lot of character to your bathroom and change the atmosphere immediately! Here are some stunning bathroom curtain ideas to make your bathroom feel brand new.

Liven up your bathroom with colorful curtains.

Bathroom curtains can be a source to introduce style to a bathroom besides its privacy function. Whether you go with a soft solid colored curtain to brings harmony with other features or chose a vibrant pattern on it to create an accent in a plain bathroom, adding a curtain to your bathroom provides a comforting and eye-catching atmosphere.

If you want to create a visual appeal without spending too much money, here are some bathroom curtain ideas to get some inspiration for your bathroom!

Contemporary Neutral Bathroom With Black Penny Tiles

ID# 107601 | Source – Credit© Ursus Homes, Inc

Contemporary Neutral Bathroom with Black Penny Tiles

If you don’t want to use vibrant colors in your bathroom but still want to add some texture, the neutral-toned curtain can be your solution like this design. Beige and grey striped bathroom curtain in a harmony with the white tiles which cover all walls. White floating vanity, frameless mirror, and bubble pendant light create a clean look.

White Bathroom With White Floating Vanity And Yellow Countertop

ID# 107602 | Source – Credit | © Bar Harbor Interiors

White Bathroom with White Floating Vanity and Yellow Countertop

Goldfish on the shower curtain brings joy to this white bathroom design. Also, yellow countertop on the white vanity and a yellow built-in niche popping up between the white features. White embossed tiles as a backsplash add texture.

Mediterranean Bathroom With Blue Cement Tiles And Brass Accents

ID# 107603 | Source – Credit© Gonterman Construction

Mediterranean Bathroom with Blue Cement Tiles and Brass Accents

Eye-catching blue cement tiles cover the floor and an accent wall fitted with a window positioned above an oval freestanding bathtub. Floor to wall tiles gives the illusion of a larger bathroom. A blue patterned fabric as a shower curtain provides a separation for the shower. Antique brass shower kit and brass faucet add a vintage vibe.

White Shaker Vanity With White Countertop And Ocean Blue Tiles

ID# 107604 | Source – Credit© NEST Design Group

White Shaker Vanity with White Countertop and Ocean Blue Tiles

With the spectacular tile and the white vanities, attention turned to the ocean blue tiles above the tub in the bathroom. White vanities paired with a white quartz countertop and create a clean and fresh look. A fringed shower curtain and valance complete this Mediterranean style perfectly.

Coastal Bathroom With Black Trough Sink And Wood Floor

ID# 107606 | Source – Credit© Drew Castelhano

Coastal Bathroom with Black Trough Sink and Wood Floor

The shower curtain brings the ocean into this bathroom with its turquoise wave prints. Black trough sink with double faucet, brass-framed medicine cabinet, and shiplap wall reflects the coastal theme beautifully. Harwood floor creates a warmer atmosphere.

Turquoise Vanity With White Subway Tiles And Floral Bathroom Curtain

ID# 107607 | Source – Credit© New Avenue

Turquoise Vanity with White Subway Tiles and Floral Bathroom Curtain Ideas

This retro bathroom features vibrant colors that create visual beauty. Turquoise vanity with white quartz countertop makes a statement while floral curtain bringing a romantic feeling. White subway tiles cover all the walls and provide a bright atmosphere. Black hexagon floor tiles create a strong contrast with subway tiles. Brass faucet and sconce support this retro look.

White Transitional Bathroom With Tropic Shower Curtain

ID# 107608 | Source – Credit© Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Small Bathroom Window with Tropic Shower Curtain

If you have a white bathroom, the colorful curtain can change the whole atmosphere instantly. Tropical shower curtain makes a big impact in this white bathroom with its vibrant color. White vanity, white medicine cabinet with mirrored door, and white subway tiles create a fresh and bright look.

Contemporary Small Bathroom With Soft Color Palette

ID# 107609 | Source – Credit© MWAI Architecture and Interiors

Contemporary Small Bathroom with Soft Color Palette

The combination of pink, gray and marble creates a serene atmosphere. Large-format marble tiles give a contemporary yet classic finish to this small bathroom. Tiling halfway up the wall is a good solution to ensure a small space like this doesn’t feel overwhelmed by one material. For the upper parts of the walls, gray wall paint is preferred. The pink curtain creates beautiful harmony with the gray and marble.

Midcentury Bathroom With Fun Shower Curtain And Black Vanity

ID# 107610 | Source – Credit© Jessica Cain

Midcentury Bathroom with Fun Shower Curtain and Black Vanity

An eye-catching shower curtain, the hero of this bathroom with its entertaining print. Black vanity paired with white countertop. using a large mirror in small spaces like this design brings depth to the atmosphere and makes the space feel larger.

Beach Style Bathroom With Wood Vanity And Concrete Countertop

ID# 107611 | Source – Credit | © Deny Designs

Beach Style Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Concrete Countertop

Layering patterns and material is the easiest way to create a visually interesting space. in this design, wood vanity paired with concrete countertop and stone vessel sink. Yellow patterned white curtain brings joy without straining the eye. Greenery plants enliven the space and match with the natural materials.

Nautical Bathroom With Blue Vanity And Wood Medicine Cabinet

ID# 107612 | Source – CreditIDF Studio | © Christopher Stark

Nautical Bathroom with Blue Vanity and Wood Medicine Cabinet

The shower curtains with an attractive wave pattern along with the light blue vanity create a tranquilizing color scheme. The natural wood medicine cabinet and the nautical lamp is a touch of contrast that adds to the rustic look.

Wood Vanity With Black Herringbone Tiles And Black Patterned Curtain

ID# 107613 | Source – CreditDelphinium Design | © Meagan Larsen

Wood Vanity with Black Herringbone Tiles and Black Patterned Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Combining patterns and textures with the right material choices creates such a beautiful appearance. A Black patterned curtain gives the bathroom some bold design and a pattern. Black marble in a small-scale herringbone pattern grounds the bathroom floor. wood vanity and wicker basket add warmth to the atmosphere between the blacks and whites.

Midcentury Bathroom With Mauve Hexagon Tiles And Gray Penny Tiles

ID# 107614 | Source – Credit© Heidi Caillier Design

Midcentury Bathroom with Mauve Hexagon Tiles and Gray Penny Tiles

In this design, high-quality materials create an elegant and luxurious look in this beige bathroom. The shower has stylish gray penny tiles covering the walls, floor, and shower niche. The beige shower curtain provides a nice transition between the gray tiles and mauve hexagon floor tiles. Wood vanity with marble countertop creates a clean look with a frameless mirror.

White Vanity With Green Wall Paint And Black Marble Floor Tiles

ID# 107615 | Source – Credit | © Дизайнер Алина Гамм

White Vanity with Green Wall Paint and Black Marble Floor Tiles

This contemporary bathroom features white lacquer vanity with a white quartz countertop, white shower tiles, black and white patterned curtains, and black marble hexagon floor tiles. Vibrant green wall paint, wood shelves, and greenery plants bring a tropical vibe to the bathroom.

Black Vanity With White Subway Tiles And Wood Circular Mirror

ID# 107616 | Source – Credit© Jay Reinert Architect, LLC

Black Vanity with White Subway Tiles and Wood Circular Mirror

Black vanity makes a bold statement in this white bathroom and creates strong contrast with white features like bathtubs and subway tiles. Gold patterned white curtain adds a nice texture. The wood circular mirror creates a focal point above the vanity and brings warmth.

Alcove Bathtub With Subway Tiles And Penny Tiled Niche

ID# 107617 | Source – Credit© Jess Cooney Interiors

Alcove Bathtub with Subway Tiles and Penny Tiled Niche

In this sophisticated bathroom, the shower-tub combo has classic subway tiles covering the walls and tub surround, and penny tiles in the two shower niches. The white curtain in a harmony with the other features.

Farmhouse Bathroom With Gray Vanity And Black Framed Mirror

ID# 107618 | Source – Credit© Verde Homes

Farmhouse Bathroom with Gray Vanity and Black Framed Mirror

Matte gray vanity with marble countertop and brass handles and black framed mirror create a luxury bathroom look. The shower curtain complements the mirror with its black patterns. Black glass sconces make a warm glow above the mirror. Small windows and white walls provide a bright and spacious atmosphere.

Transitional Bathroom With Gray Hexagon Tiles And White Shaker Vanity

ID# 107619 | Source – Credit© Alicia Calhoon

Transitional Bathroom with Gray Hexagon Tiles and White Shaker Vanity

All white transitional bathroom with white shaker vanity, marble countertop, and glossy white subway tiles, completed with gray marble hexagon floor tiles and gray shaded bathroom curtain.

Blue Graphic Wallpaper With White Vanity And Wicker Stool

ID# 107620 | Source – Credit© Love Your Room LLC

Blue Graphic Wallpaper with White Vanity and Wicker Stool

Just adding a bright-colored wallpaper transforms this small bathroom into a cheery space. Blue wallpaper catches the eye and creates an accent wall between the white features like vanity, floating cabinet, and shower curtain. Wicker stool and wood floor add warmth to the atmosphere. White blinds as bathroom window curtains provide privacy.

Midcentury Bathroom With Wood Vanity And Colorful Bathroom Curtain

ID# 107621 | Source – Credit© The Artisans Group, Inc.

Midcentury Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Colorful Bathroom Curtain Ideas

This bathroom serves a combination of minimalism, coziness, and functionality. Wood vanity paired with white quartz countertop and vessel sink. Colorful patterns of the bathroom curtain catch the eye between the neutral colors. The black floor creates strong contrast with white features. Small bathroom windows provide a bright and spacious atmosphere.

Farmhouse Bathroom With Wood Vanity And Marble Countertop

ID# 107622 | Source – Credit© Beautiful Chaos Interior Design & Styling

Farmhouse Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Quartz Countertop

This bathroom serves a beautiful combination of rustic and elegant vibes. Wood vanity paired with quartz countertop and bronze handles. These handles and blue patterned floor tiles make a traditional touch. other white features like a mirror, shower curtain, and toilet create a bright atmosphere with help of the white walls.

Alcove Bathtub With Yellow And White Curtain And White Herringbone Tiles

ID# 107623 | Source – Credit© Rachel Loewen

Alcove Bathtub with Yellow and White Curtain and White Herringbone Tiles

We loved the strong contrast between the yellow stripes of the curtain and dark gray wall paint. The contrast creates an eye-catching look with the help of tiles. The tilework incorporates a mix of patterns: subway tile set horizontally on the walls and in a herringbone pattern in the shower.

Wall Mounted Sink With Pink Vanity Bench And Beige Curtain

ID# 107624 | Source – Credit© Richard Massa Architect

Wall Mounted Sink with Pink Vanity Bench and Beige Curtain

The vibrant pink bench directly pulls the attention in this white bathroom. White bathtub, white lacquer wall panels, and white floor tiles create a bright atmosphere. Natural light comes through the black French window. The bathroom curtain adds a texture with its beige patterns and thanks to the u-shape hanger the curtain also acts as bathroom window treatments.

Black And White Bathroom With Black Herringbone Backsplash

ID# 107625 | Source – Credit© Home Quality Remodeling

Black and White Bathroom with Black Herringbone Backsplash

In this black and white bathroom design, the border between the two colors is clearly seen. The creamy beige shower curtain smooths the strong transition while complementing black herringbone tiles with its black floral pattern. Gold framed mirror above the pedestal sink and glass sconces with gold finish make an elegant touch.

Blue Penny Tiles With White Vanity And White Countertop

ID# 107626 | Source – Credit© JayMarc Homes

Blue Penny Tiles with White Vanity and White Countertop

Dark blue penny tiles as a backsplash make a big impact on the white vanity with a white countertop. The blue octopus print on the shower curtain complements the penny tiles and creates an eye-catching look. Dark blue floor tiles bring a moody and dramatic look to this white bathroom.

Black And White Subway Tiles With Color Blocked Bathroom Curtain

ID# 107627 | Source – Credit© Tim Barber Architects

Black and White Subway Tiles with Color Blocked Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Glossy black subway tiles in an alcove bathtub create a contrasting aesthetic on the shower walls. Color-blocked shower curtain in tile red and beige adds color to this monochrome bathroom design. The white-tiled wall niche in the shower provides extra storage for products.

Wood Floating Vanity With Gray Herringbone Tiles

ID# 107629 | Source – Credit© PURITY Designs Inc.

Wood Floating Vanity with Gray Herringbone Tiles

The gray herringbone tiles on the floor and wall carry elegance to space. Gray curtain protects the bathing area from prying eyes. Wood floating vanity with quartz countertop and vessel sink provides a clutter-free space while bringing warmth to the atmosphere.

Gray Shaker Vanity With Marble Countertop And Gray Bathroom Curtain

ID# 107630 | Source – Credit© Kennedy Construction

Gray Shaker Vanity with Marble Countertop and Gray Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Gray, white, and marble! This combination adds a luxurious, elegant feel to any space. Matte gray vanity completed with marble countertop and undermount sink. Marble herringbone floor tiles add a nice texture. The Gray bathroom curtain complements the vanity and breaks the domination of white in the bath area.

Transitional Bathroom With Subway Tiles And Vintage Runner

ID# 107631 | Source – Credit© Kennedy Construction

Transitional Bathroom with Subway Tiles and Vintage Runner

The family bathroom is modern and sleek! White subway tiles, rich brass accents, black striped white curtain add texture to the sun-filled space. A multicolored vintage runner brings some traditional vibes and enlivens the bathroom.

Beach Style Bathroom With Gray Washstand And Black Bath Mat Set

ID# 107632 | Source – Credit© Mathieson Design

Beach Style Bathroom with Gray Washstand and Black Bath Mat Set

A light gray bathroom wall complements a gray wooden washstand paired with a white marble top. A raccoon drawing above the toilet brings joy to this small bathroom. black bath mat set placed on a gray floor tile. The shower curtain creates a nice transition with its gray shaded stripes.

Kids Bathroom With Blue Wall Paint And Colorful Curtain

ID# 107633 | Source – Credit© Soeur Interiors

Kids Bathroom with Blue Wall Paint and Colorful Curtain Ideas

Colorful details transform this space into an entertaining kids’ bathroom. White subway tiles run vertically to visually expand the height of the room. Graphic floor tiles add just enough whimsy without being too kitschy for a kids’ bathroom. Wood vanity brings warmth. Mirrored medicine cabinet and white shelves on the blue wall provide a fresh and airy look.

Colorful Tiger Print Shower Curtain With Wood Vanity

ID# 107634 | Source – Credit© Mason London Design

Colorful Tiger Print Shower Curtain with Wood Vanity

This colorful shower curtain changes the whole atmosphere of the otherwise plain bathroom and brings joy with its fun animal print. Wood vanity with white countertop and wood framed mirror creates a clean and simple look.

Black Vanity With Teal Shower Curtain With A Touch Of Gold

ID# 107635 | Source – Credit© Hallmark Floors

Black Vanity with Teal Shower Curtain with A Touch of Gold

The teal-colored shower curtain with cat patterns livens up the mood of this white bathroom with a touch of black and natural flooring. Black vanity paired with marble countertop while white subway tiles create a clean backdrop. Gold accents and marble add a sense of luxury.

Nautical Bathroom With Blue Vanity And White Countertop

ID# 107636 | Source – Credit© Emily Moss Designs

Nautical Bathroom with Blue Vanity and White Countertop

Generally, pink or red are using for girl’s bathrooms but isn’t it so cool this nautical bathroom for little sailors? In this blue and white bathroom, blue vanity paired with white quartz countertop and undermount sink. Brass faucet and handles make an elegant touch to vanity. Blue and white tiles on the wall bring the feeling of the sea perfectly. Tiny fish decors above the toilet add some fun and complete the theme.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom With Oxford Pattern Floor Tile

ID# 107637 | Source – Credit© Crystal Blackshaw Interiors

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom with Oxford Pattern Floor Tile

Beige bathroom curtain and multicolored floor tiles make a nice impact in this white bathroom with mirrored medicine cabinet, pedestal sink, and alcove bathtub. White subway tiles provide a brighter atmosphere.

Oak Vanity With White Countertop And Floral Floor Tiles

ID# 107638 | Source – Credit© Parker & Parker Design, LLC

Oak Vanity with White Countertop and Floral Floor Tiles

Beautiful, functional, and spacious! Custom oak vanity brings warmth to this mostly white space. light gray wall paint and white wood panels brighten up the bathroom. Gray floor tiles and gray striped bathroom curtains make a joyful touch.

Beach Style Bathroom With Black Sink And Gold Details

ID# 107639 | Source – Credit

Beach Style Bathroom with Black Sink and Gold Details

Gold details directly pull the attention and bring a vintage look to this black and white bathroom boasting a white freestanding bathtub, black wall-mounted sink, medicine cabinet, and white hexagon floor tiles. Shiplap walls complete the beachy atmosphere.

White And Gray Bathroom With Gray Scallop Floor Tiles

ID# 107640 | Source – Credit | © Meg Blu Home

White and Gray Bathroom with Gray Scallop Floor Tiles

Gray and white style bathroom features a white floating vanity, white wall tiles, alcove bathtub, black patterned white curtain, black shower set, and gray scallop floor tiles. If you don’t have the space for a separate bath and shower, consider installing a shower over the bathtub so that both functions take place in the same spot.

Wood Washstand With Wood Shelves And Macrame Bathroom Curtain

ID# 107641 | Source – Credit© Barker Associates Architecture Office

Wood Washstand with Wood Shelves and Macrame Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Macrame bathroom curtain brings a bohemian vibe to this contemporary bathroom with wood vanity, mirrored medicine cabinet, and white bathtub. Wall-mounted wood shelves add warmth to walls clad in elongated hexagonal tiles. Black tiles create a strong contrast on the floor.

Black And White Bathroom Curtain And A Touch Of Gold

ID# 107642 | Source – Credit© Arielle Mizrahi Design

Black and White Bathroom Curtain Ideas and a Touch of Gold

White has a special power to brighten up the mood like this in design. The bathroom curtain has the same white tone, the faded black cloud pattern really makes a difference. Quartz countertop of the wood vanity and gold details make an elegant touch.

Navy Blue Cabinets With Colorful Bathroom Curtain

ID# 107643 | Source – CreditOld Town Design Group | © Tom Graham

Navy-Blue Cabinets with Colorful Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Bold navy cabinets and colorful bathroom curtains turn this space into a unique bathroom and they match perfectly. The vibrant colors of the curtain catch the eye. Blue vanity paired with soapstone countertop and brass handles. The wood floor brings warmth to the atmosphere.

Small Victorian Bathroom With Shower Over And White Curtain

ID# 107644 | Source – Credit© Abode Architects Llp

Small Victorian Bathroom with Shower Over and White Curtain

Not all freestanding baths end up in a huge room, you can create an elegant design in smaller ones like this bathroom. This bath takes inspiration from romantic bedroom canopies, with a clever shower curtain that is practical and pretty.

Small Midcentury Modern Bathroom With Wood Alcove Bathtub

ID# 107645 | Source – Credit© Mango Design Co

Small Midcentury Modern Bathroom with Wood Alcove Bathtub

White subway tiles and white hexagon floor tiles make the space light and airy. Wood clay bathtub paired with teak and brushed gold materials that give the mid-century style perfectly. Boho rug, a paisley shower curtain, and art pieces to bring a personal, fun feel.

Modern Neutral Bathroom With Colorful Shower Curtain

ID# 107646 | Source – Credit© Fawn Galli Interiors

Modern Neutral Bathroom with Colorful Shower Curtain

Accents are the easiest way to try out a new color in the bathroom. Colorful shower curtain brings splashes of pink, purple orange, and blue into this modern, neutral bathroom with cream vanity, white countertop with undermount sink, frameless mirror, wall-mounted lighting fixture, and white subway tiles.

Beach Bathroom With A Touch Of Yellow And Black

ID# 107647 | Source – Credit© Rethink Design Studio

Yellow Furniture with Beige Bathroom Window Treatment

Are you in doubt to decorate your bathroom with yellow colors? Your idea can change after saw this design! Delightful bright yellow elements popping up in this white bathroom and provide modern and functional solutions. The lovely white, gray dots theme on this stylish curtain with tie binding on the sides.

Contemporary Neutral Bathroom With Red Printed Curtain

ID# 107648 | Source – CreditShelly Chung Design | © Cassandra Diehm

Contemporary Neutral Bathroom with Red Printed Curtain

A shower curtain gives you a chance to instantly refresh the whole look. In this design red printed shower curtain pops up between the neutral colors and brings a joyful atmosphere to the otherwise boring bathroom with black cabinets, a white countertop, vessel sink, and gray tiles.

Geometric Patterned Shower Curtain With Black And White Floor Tiles

ID# 107649 | Source – Credit© Design Platform

Geometric Patterned Shower Curtain with Black and White Floor Tiles

With small details and touches whole the atmosphere can change! A geometric patterned bathroom curtain brings a visual beauty besides its function. Also, it complements the geometric pattern created by black floor tiles between the white tiles. Another striking detail is the hanging glass plant pots. These details transform this sleek white bathroom into an eye-catching design.

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom With Wood Washstand And White Curtain

ID# 107650 | Source – Credit© Complete Home Improvement Group Inc.

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom with Wood Washstand and White Curtain

Modern, sleek, and elegant! This bathroom shows the beauty of simplicity. White bathroom curtains, white vertical tiles, and alcove bathtub create a clean and bright look. A wood ceiling provides an intimate and warm atmosphere with the help of the wood vanity.

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