Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas Distinctive Patterns & Vibrant Colors

61+ Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Beach Style Bathroom With Soft Blue Vanity And Marble Countertop

ID# 106805 | Source – CreditRiverside Homes Custom | © Laurey W. Glenn

Beach Style Bathroom with Soft Blue Vanity and Marble Countertop

Blue shades create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in this well-organized beach-style bath. With the correct placement and material choices, this small bathroom turns into a functional and beautiful space. The flower-patterned walls elevate this small space while the marble countertop of the blue vanity adding a luxurious feel. The wicker baskets under the vanity and vases complete the look and provide a more welcoming atmosphere.

Orange Bathtub With Floral Wallpaper And White Subway Tiles

ID# 106835 | Source – Credit© Alison Kandler Interior Design

Orange Bathtub with Floral Wallpaper and White Subway Tiles

Vibrant colors popping all around this joyful bathroom! White subway tiles separate floral wallpaper from the painted wood floors and provide a bright atmosphere. Orange freestanding bathtub creates a beautiful contrast with the floor while matching with the flowers on the wallpaper.

Colorful, Neutral, and Stylish Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

You might think that wallpapers are a bad choice for bathrooms because of the water spillage and humidity levels but with the right material choice, you can transform your bathroom walls into an eye-catching design element. Here are some beautiful and inspiring bathroom wallpaper ideas!

Make a statement with distinctive wallpaper

When it comes to wallpaper, from colorful, distinguished patterns to neutral textures there are endless style, design, and pattern options. A well-designed wallpaper can turn the bathrooms into an indulgent sanctuary. Also, besides the visual statement, wallpapers can save you spend a fortune on a bathroom renovation. But you need to avoid using wallpaper too near the shower, bath, or other wet areas. If you want to see more bathroom wallpaper ideas, scroll down and find a wallpaper that suits your taste!

New wallpaper designs are developing every year with different choices to suit any budget, style, and color scheme!

Tropical Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with White Subway Tile and Gray Furniture

ID# 106801 | Source – Credit | © Kohler

Tropical Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with White Subway Tile and Gray Furniture

The beautiful tropical wallpaper design makes a definitive statement in this contemporary bathroom. The leaf patterns bring the tropical island into the room. The glossy white subway tiles accentuate the wallpaper design on the lower walls and create a clean and fresh look while the gray pedestal sink and toilet completing this unique look. The gray and white floor complements the gray furniture and white subway tiles and completes the look by adding a nice pattern.

White Shaker Vanity With Blue Patterned Wallpaper

ID# 106802 | Source – Credit© Richard Harp Homes, Inc.

White Shaker Vanity with Blue Patterned Wallpaper

Blue patterned wallpaper creates a cheerful and intimate atmosphere. White bath vanity fitted with a white quartz countertop mounted under a medicine cabinet with mirrored doors. The turquoise bath mat sits on white hexagon floor tiles in front of an oversized mirror. The blue mat complements the blue patterns of the walls.

White Subway Tiles With Colorful Wallpaper And Medicine Cabinet

ID# 106803 | Source – Credit |

White Subway Tiles with Colorful Wallpaper and Medicine Cabinet

In this small bathroom, the colorful wallpaper makes a big difference with its tropical patterns. It provides an eye-catching look to this otherwise ordinary bathroom. White subway tiles complete the wallpaper design in a classic way. The mirrored cabinet above the white washstand creates a visual illusion with the reflection on it.

Traditional Bathroom With Gray Vanity And Stone Countertop

ID# 106804 | Source – Credit© Etons of Bath

Traditional Bathroom with Gray Vanity and Stone Countertop

You might think that covering the whole bathroom with wallpaper is overwhelming but this wallpaper design will change your decision! With its neutral tones, the wallpaper takes you to the old times. The gray washstand with stone countertop and vessel sinks, round mirrors, and wall sconces contribute to the design of the wallpaper. The white bathroom wainscoting accentuated the wallpapers and brings a fresh look between the brown shades.

Crisp Blue Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Wood Vanity

ID# 106806 | Source – Credit© Elise Denver Interior Design

Crisp Blue Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Wood Vanity

This crisp blue-white palm-leaf wallcovering adds life and color to this pool house bath. The wood vanity with a white countertop and wood flooring brings warmth to the atmosphere while a large frameless mirror above the vanity making space feels larger. The recessed niches on the wall next to the toilet, provide additional storage space and with the wicker baskets, a clutter-free look was provided.

White Pedestal Sink With White Wainscoting And Hexagon Tile Floor

ID# 106807 | Source – Credit© Prime Renovations

White Pedestal Sink with White Wainscoting and Hexagon Tile Floor

This small guest bathroom becomes livable with fun wallpaper and different patterns. The butterfly patterns of the wallpaper bring joy to the atmosphere while marble subway tiles and hexagon floor tiles adding texture to space. The white bathroom wainscoting in a harmony with the wall covering and provide waterproofing around the wet spaces.

Walk In Dog Shower With Dog Printed Wallpaper

ID# 106808 | Source – CreditHome Design & Decor Magazine | © Dustin Peck

Walk-in Dog Shower with Dog Printed Wallpaper

If you have enough space, how about designing a shower for your dog? A walk-in dog shower will accommodate its needs and also make it easy for you to wash them. Here, the choice of fun dog printed wallpaper is very suitable for space. For the wet spaces, white subway tiles were preferred and they were supported by a glass separation unit. The metallic trash can completes the design with its cute paw sticker.

Freestanding Bathtub with Gray and White Abstract Bathroom Art Ideas

ID# 106809 | Source – CreditUpscale Construction | © Patrik Argast

Contemporary Bathroom with Freestanding Sink and Green Mirror

Less but unique design elements make a big difference in this bathroom. The blue and beige patterned wallpaper creates an eye-catching backdrop for the freestanding white sink, metal sconces, and green framed mirror. The tiny glass floating shelf provides a space for vases. White hexagon floor tiles add a nice texture to space.

Green Vanity With Black And White Patterned Floor

ID# 106810 | Source – Credit© Home On Cameron

Green Vanity with Black and White Patterned Floor

The green vanity design pops up in this black and white bathroom and provides a more welcoming atmosphere. Black and white patterned floor, curtain, and wallpaper serve the harmony of the different patterns while white subway tiles creating a clean and fresh look between the patterns. A thick, bold frame, along with a unique shape, turns the mirror into a statement of its own. The brass sconces complete the traditional vibes.

Transitional Bathroom With Unique Mirror And Bubble Sconces

ID# 106811 | Source – CreditA. Sadowski Designs | © Alyssa Lee

Transitional Bathroom with Unique Mirror and Bubble Sconces

In this transitional guest bathroom, the navy-blue vanity makes a statement with its bold color. It paired with a quartz countertop, white sink, nickel faucet, and glass knobs. The flower-patterned wallpaper serves as a joyful backdrop for the vanity while complementing the vanity with the blue patterns. The oversized mirror is a dramatic feature in its own right. Large bubble sconces contribute to the dramatic look created by the mirror.

Whimsical Blowfish Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Teal Vanity

ID# 106812 | Source – Credit© Bogart Interiors

Whimsical Blowfish Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Teal Vanity

The pattern of the whimsical blowfish wallpaper is playful enough for young children, but the color palette is sophisticated, which will allow the space to grow up with them. The teal vanity with quartz countertop and brass hardware offers an elegant and stylish look. The hardware pulls have star-shaped backplates. The curved mirror and sconce contribute to the nautical theme created by the fish patterns of the wall covering. Black penny tiles add a nice texture to the floor.

Fun And Quirky Wallpaper With Penguin Book Covers

ID# 106813 | Source – Credit© Taylor Jacobson Interior Design

Fun and Quirky Wallpaper with Penguin Book Covers

The ‘Penguin Books’ iconic covers make a lovely statement when they’re cobbled together onto the walls. The fun and quirky look of the book covers is a real showstopper! The white pedestal sink, mirrored medicine cabinet, and white sconce serve a simple look and allow to steal all attention of this stunning wallcovering.

Lovely Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Lemon Tree Prints

ID# 106814 | Source – Credit© Widney Pierson Interior Design

Lovely Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Lemon Tree Prints

The lovely lemon tree prints on the wallpaper remind south Italy beaches! The wall covering livens up this white space. The white shaker vanity paired with quartz countertop and nickel accents. The wood-framed mirror and black sconces create contrasting looks with the lighter shades while the gray and white floor bringing a texture to space. For the shower, wallpapers are accentuated with white subway tiles that provide waterproof for spills.

Green Onyx Wallpaper With Round Mirror And Spider Chandelier

ID# 106815 | Source – Credit© Cook Construction

Green Onyx Wallpaper with Round Mirror and Spider Chandelier

Curves, luxe detailing, and that gorgeous green wallpaper. This bathroom serves an elegant look with its high-end materials. The stunning green onyx wallpaper gives a distinguished appearance and highlights the richness of its many layers. The wood vanity completes the luxury feel with its marble countertop and brass handles. The spider chandelier offers a dramatic look and the large round mirror contributes to this look.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas with Floral Wallpaper and Wood Floating Shelves

ID# 106816 | Source – CreditIDF Studio | © Christopher Stark

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas with Floral Wallpaper and Wood Floating Shelves

This bathroom design is full of fun! Floral wallpaper creates a feminine and romantic look. Wood floating shelves climb all the way up this grand feature wall, provide plenty of space for toiletries, plants, and décor. Wicker baskets in the wood cabinet complete this natural look while hiding the clutter.

Kids Bathroom With Wood Vanity And Matte Black Accents

ID# 106817 | Source – Credit© Ilderton Contractors, Inc

Kids Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Matte Black Accents

This kids’ bathroom serves a contemporary appearance with its clean lines, wood textures, and matte black accents. The black wallpaper provides a sleek backdrop for the wood vanity while adding fun with its white patterns. The white patterns look like hand drawings and this made the wallpaper more special. Food Framed mirrors complement the vanity. Bubble sconces bring Art Deco vibes into the atmosphere.

White Transitional Bathroom With Orange Details

ID# 106818 | Source – Credit© Creative Tonic – Courtnay Tartt Elias

White Transitional Bathroom with Orange Details

The vibrant color of the orange details pulls the attention at the first sight and brings a unique look to this otherwise ordinary bathroom. The blue pattern of the curtain contrasts with the orange. Keeping other items white makes the oranges stand out even more. The gray patterned wallpaper adds a texture to space without disrupting the clean appearance.

Elegant Girls Bathroom Ideas with Flamingo Printed Wallpaper

ID# 106819 | Source – Credit© Fohr Design Studio Inc.

Elegant Girls Bathroom Ideas with Flamingo Printed Wallpaper

A Shade Wilder Flamingo Beach Wallpaper gives an art-like feel to this girls’ bathroom and creates a stunning backdrop for the white furniture. The hot shade of pink increases the cuteness level in the bathroom! The washstand is accented with modern brass knobs, a vintage cross handle faucet, and a white and gray quartzite countertop. The white porcelain toilet is mounted to Carrera marble hex floor tiles beside the alcove bathtub. In the shower area, white subway tiles and a nickel shower kit provide a timeless appearance.

Victorian Bathroom With White Wood Washstand And Marble Floor

ID# 106820 | Source – Credit© Erin Paige Pitts Interiors

Victorian Bathroom with White Wood Washstand and Marble Floor

The fish-printed wallpaper design gives a unique look to this Victorian bathroom with a white wood washstand, metallic framed mirror, sconce, white toilet, and marble floor. The wallpaper contributes to the Victorian style with its soft color shades. The marble floor brings a texture with its black and white patterns.

Koi Patterned Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Wall Mounted White Sink

ID# 106821 | Source – Credit© Regan Wood

Koi-patterned Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Wall Mounted White Sink

A combination of the geometric mirror and the square, wall-mounted sink, provides a grounding counterpoint to the dynamic, koi-patterned wallpaper. The additional shelf of the wall-mounted sink provides a space for towels that complement the koi patterns of the wallpaper. The recessed wall niche is also covered with wallpaper which gives a seamless look.

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Traditional Patterns and Interesting Colors

ID# 106822 | Source – Credit© Petoskey Kitchen and Bath – Designs By Dawn

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Traditional Patterns and Interesting Colors

Bright colors and patterns make this bathroom fun and practical space. The floral wallpaper act with its own personality. The combination of traditional patterns and interesting colors on the wallpaper has the feel of a farmhouse and maintains good alignment with other renovated rooms in the home. The white bathroom wainscoting accentuates the upper walls while providing a clean and fresh backdrop for the wood vanity. The matte black stand of the vanity and accents make a modern touch while brass sconces and round mirror creating a harmonious look with the wallcovering.

White Bathroom With Clawfoot Bathtub And Hex Floor Tiles

ID# 106823 | Source – Credit© Innovative Construction Inc.

White Bathroom with Clawfoot Bathtub and Hex Floor Tiles

The green leaf patterns of the wallpaper give a romantic atmosphere to this white master bathroom with a white clawfoot bathtub, shaker vanity, marble countertop, wainscoting, curtain, and marble hexagon floor tiles. The all-white features provide a bright and spacious atmosphere with the help of the large window opening. The freestanding tub and marbles create a luxurious feeling.

Blue and White Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Starburst Sconce

ID# 106824 | Source – Credit© Bennett Lerner Interiors

Blue and White Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Starburst Sconce

The blue and white distinguished pattern of the wallpaper transforms this small blue and white bathroom into an elegant space. The white floating vanity and toilet keep the design simple and allows to stand out this beautiful wallcovering. The marble countertop of the vanity complements the marble floor while the floor bringing a texture with its hexagon patterns. The gold starburst sconce makes a warm glow above the gold framed mirror.

Victorian Bathroom With Blue Damask Patterned Wallpaper

ID# 106825 | Source – Credit© Hart Wright Architects, AIA

Victorian Bathroom with Blue Damask Patterned Wallpaper

This bath finds the right mix of old-fashioned and modern. The white clawfoot bathtub and toile print border look old-fashioned but the blue damask patterned wallpaper and shiny steel accents in the room balance it out. Wood floating shelves provide a space to display some artworks. The black hexagon floor tiles make a statement and create contrast with the whites.

Monochrome Bathroom With Black Shaker Vanity And Round Mirror

ID# 106826 | Source – CreditLoom Decor | © Stephani Buchman

Monochrome Bathroom with Black Shaker Vanity and Round Mirror

This black and white bathroom is infused with charm using a mod floral-inspired wallpaper as a background. The black shaker vanity paired with a white countertop, glass knobs, and a matte black faucet. The round mirror and black sconce with gold finish in a harmony with the wall covering. The wall covering continues as a glossy white tile in the shower which provides a brighter look. The white alcove bathtub, light gray shower curtain, and marble hexagon floor tile contribute to this bright atmosphere.

Transitional Powder Room With Zebra Print Wallpaper

ID# 106827 | Source – Credit© Cream & Black Interior Design

Transitional Powder Room with Zebra Print Wallpaper

Zebra print wallpaper is a creative way to use animal-themed wallpaper in this powder room without falling too much into the playful. On the other wall, the interesting placement of the white tiles creates an eye-catching backdrop behind the wall-mounted sink and brings texture to space. The black built-in shelf creates a contrast with the white tiles and provides a space for display decors or bath products.

Kids Bathroom With Chalkboard Paint And Yellow Chair

ID# 106828 | Source – Credit© Sara Bates

Kids Bathroom with Chalkboard Paint and Yellow Chair

Chalkboard paint is a creative way to pulls your kids’ attention and create an entertaining space for them. Here, chalkboard paint acts as wallpaper with its simple hand-drawn plus signs. The white sink with nickel legs, wood-framed mirror, and sconces give a vintage look. The wicker basket provides a space for towels or toilet papers. The yellow chair creates strong contrast with the black wall and contributes to a joyful atmosphere.

Distinctive Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with White Subway Tile

ID# 106829 | Source – CreditZazu Designs | © Darren Chung

Distinctive Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with White Subway Tile

This wallpaper design pushes the limits of being creative! The vintage photos on the wallpaper incorporate the Victorian style of this bathroom. White subway tiles placed on the small space behind the pedestal sink provide waterproofing for the spills. Black floors create a strong contrast with the lighter shades and emphasize the room.

Asian Bathroom With Cherry Blossom Wallpaper And Wood Floor

ID# 106830 | Source – Credit© Francisco Sutherland Architects

Asian Bathroom with Cherry Blossom Wallpaper and Wood Floor

The romantic wallpaper design gives an art-like feel to this Asian bathroom and complements the traditions with its cherry blossom tree painting. However, if you look carefully, you can see that the wallpaper is applied to the built-in cabinet doors, not to the wall which is a creative way to color up the blank cabinetries. The white wall behind the frameless mirror, white countertop, and vessel sink allow the wallpaper design to steal all the attention.

Eclectic Bathroom With Book Pages As A Wallpaper

ID# 106831 | Source – CreditRyland Peters & Small | CICO Books | © Debi Treloar

Eclectic Bathroom with Book Pages as a Wallpaper

The pages of the book are put together as wallpaper to make the perfect background for this eclectic bath. The single, slim shelf hung above a basin not only looks attractive, but also allows you to add personal touches to the room such as books, potted plants, or decors. The white wall-mounted sink and nickel faucets serve a minimal basic look while the black framed round mirror creating a focal point above the sink.

Red Shaker Vanity With Quartz Countertop And White Subway Tile

ID# 106832 | Source – CreditJulia Chasman Design | © Bret Gum Chinoiserie

Red Shaker Vanity with Quartz Countertop and White Subway Tile

The red patterned wallpaper offers a Chinese vibe to this bathroom and is balanced out with the central window placement. Whitewood wall panels as a bathroom wainscoting turn into white subway tiles behind the vanity which increases the waterproof function. The dark wood slats create a distinct separation between the reds and whites. The red shaker vanity paired with a quartz countertop and complements the red patterns of the wallcovering. The red and black rugs on the hexagon floor make space feel cozier.

Traditional Powder Room With English Landscape Wallpaper

ID# 106833 | Source – Credit© Frank Ponterio Interior Design

Traditional Powder Room with English Landscape Wallpaper

This beautiful wallpaper from deGournay’s Papier Peints Panoramique collection brings the English landscape into this powder room. The white bathroom wainscoting accentuates the wallpaper design and completes the traditional style of the room with the black framed mirror. The vintage sink boasts a marble countertop and nickel legs and faucets. The unique design of the floor serves a visual beauty.

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Gold Base and Zebra Prints

ID# 106834 | Source – Credit© Cpopp Workshop

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Gold Base and Zebra Prints

The wallpaper design serves a playful look with its zebra prints but still keeps the elegance with the gold base. The stick sconces next to the mirror highlight the wallpaper. black framed art pieces placed above the white toilet. Beige tiles cover all surfaces except the wallpaper and create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Eclectic Bathroom With Vintage Sink And Black Hex Tile Floor

ID# 106836 | Source – CreditMcGrath II | © Matt Harrington

Eclectic Bathroom with Vintage Sink and Black Hex Tile Floor

Charming row house illustrations cover the walls in this eclectic bathroom which offers a unique whimsical design. The white vintage sink, frameless mirror, and Anglepoise lamp in a harmony with the wallpaper. The white shower tiles and white ceiling create a bright and spacious atmosphere while black hexagon tiles complementing the wallpaper and serving a characteristic look.

Colorful Wallpaper Ideas with White Transitional Bathroom

ID# 106837 | Source – Credit© Palette Pro Painting & Renovation

Colorful Wallpaper Ideas with White Transitional Bathroom

In this transitional bathroom, the colorful wallpaper is carried from walls to the ceiling which breaks the dimensions of the room. Thanks to the all-white features the distinguished wallpaper stands out more. The white bathroom wainscoting, white cabinet, penny floor tiles, and even the white door contribute to the bright and spacious atmosphere of the bathroom.

Wood Vanity With Granite Countertop And Wood Look Floor

ID# 106838 | Source – CreditLucy Interior Design | © Spacecrafting

Wood Vanity with Granite Countertop and Wood-look Floor

What an interesting wallpaper choice? You will never get lost again thanks to this Minnesota map! The soft color palette of the wallpaper creates a calm atmosphere and gives a vintage vibe. The wood vanity paired with a granite countertop, wood-framed mirror, and bronze handles contributes to the vintage look of the walls.

White Washstand With Marble Countertop And Dog Printed Wallcovering

ID# 106839 | Source – Credit© Kevin L Harris, Architect LLC

White Washstand with Marble Countertop and Dog Printed Wallcovering

Incorporating wallpaper into a bathroom might be the creative way to bring joy to the atmosphere. Here, tiny dog prints on the wallpaper increase the cuteness level of the room! White vanity with marble countertop, wall mounted lighting fixture, and nickel towel rack serves a clean and fresh bathroom feel.

Wood Vanity With Quartz Countertop And Brass Accents

ID# 106840 | Source – Credit© Keystone Millworks Inc

Wood Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Brass Accents

Compact yet elegant! This bathroom serves an elegant and stylish look with high-quality materials. The custom wood vanity paired with quartz countertop and brass accents. The blue leaf-patterned wallpaper makes a statement behind the vanity, sconces, and mirror with its bold color. White tulips in the vase brighten the atmosphere.

Lotus Garden Wallpaper Ideas with Black Traditional Bathroom Wainscoting

ID# 106841 | Source – CreditCM Natural Designs | © Chipper Hatter

Lotus Garden Wallpaper Ideas with Black Traditional Bathroom Wainscoting

This bathroom bursts with a pattern, featuring a variety of designs that complement each other very nicely. The rich lines of the furniture and the romantic touch of the lotus garden wallpaper work together to capture the adventurous spirit of the owners perfectly. A combination of the wallpaper and black bathroom wainscoting serves both elegant and joyful background. The marble vanity and brass fixtures increase the luxury level of the design while white subway tiles creating a timeless look in the shower.

Black Bathroom With Vintage Vanity And Stone Vessel Sink

ID# 106842 | Source – Credit© John C. Sanders and Company

Black Bathroom with Vintage Vanity and Stone Vessel Sink

A black is not the first choice that comes to mind when it comes to the bathroom but if it is applied correctly, the results will be stunning like this design! Here, white patterns of the black wallpaper serve as an elegant backdrop and contribute to the dramatic atmosphere created by the vintage vanity, black curtains, and brass fixtures. The polished wood vanity paired with a stone vessel sink and brass stand. Brass sconces and brass-framed mirrors complete the traditional style.

Marble Vanity With Mr. Blowfish Wallpaper And Brass Accents

ID# 106843 | Source – Credit© Bozich Construction

Marble Vanity with Mr. Blowfish Wallpaper and Brass Accents

The small powder room is clad in Mr. Blowfish Wallpaper and creates an eye-catching effect. A floating marble vanity and antique brass fixtures such as faucets, sconces, add a feel of luxury. Goldfish patterns of the green wallpaper complete this luxurious look.

Neutral Powder Room With Shiny Brass Accents

ID# 106844 | Source – Credit© Coastal Stone & Cabinetry

Neutral Powder Room with Shiny Brass Accents

By adding wallpaper in the same tones to your neutral bathroom, you can create a more unique appearance to space. Also, in a powder room, you’ll only need a roll or two. Here, the plain wallpaper brings the calm and relaxing feeling of the ocean with its wavy patterns. Floating stone vanity completes the sleek look of the wallpaper while brass vessel sink, sconces, and mirror adding glam to the design.

Beach Style Powder Room With Floral Wallpaper

ID# 106845 | Source – Credit© Windhill Builders

Beach Style Powder Room with Floral Wallpaper

The soft pastel color palette of this bathroom serves a lovely and welcoming atmosphere. The flower-patterned wallpaper creates a romantic and joyful backdrop for the Benjamin Moore Polaris blue vanity with a white countertop and bronze knobs. The yellow flower in the blue vase and the bee décor contributes to the playful look of the wallpaper. The gold framed mirror and wall sconces next to the mirror in a harmony with the wallpaper.

Glamorous Powder Room With Bee Patterned Wallpaper

ID# 106846 | Source – Credit© Factor Design Build

Glamorous Powder Room with Bee Patterned Wallpaper

Bee patterned glamorous wallpaper makes a big difference in this small powder room. Lots of brass features, including the sink legs, fixtures, and lights, make for another stylish touch and complement the gold bee patterns. The frameless round mirror above the vintage sink brings depth to space.

Black and White Geometric Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Brass Accents

ID# 106847 | Source – CreditHousing First Minnesota | © LandMark

Black and White Geometric Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Brass Accents

The bold black and white wallpaper distracts the small dimensions of this powder room and offers a strong personality. Two floating slabs of walnut combine to form a functional and stylish vanity and maximize this small space functionality. The upper slab provides a counter for a black stone vessel sink while the lower slab serving as a storage unit with a wicker basket.

Elegant Girls Bathroom Ideas with Flamingo Printed Wallpaper

ID# 106848 | Source – Credit© Regan Wood

Bright and Spacious Powder Room with Lacquer Brass Details

This transitional powder room blends beautifully the modern and traditional style. The brass fixtures and accents pull the attention at the first sight and give a vintage look to space while the rectangular sink and white hexagon floor tiles bringing a modern appeal to space. Although the black and white wallpaper creates a strong contrast, it creates a beautiful background without being glaring.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas with Blue Wallpaper Design

ID# 106849 | Source – Credit© Courtney Thomas Design

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas with Blue Wallpaper Design

This bathroom is a great example of a modern farmhouse flair. The eye-catching blue wallpaper brings both color and pattern to this modern farmhouse bathroom. The brass mirror, wall sconces, faucets, and towel rack contribute to the elegant look of the wallpaper. Dark wood table transformed into a vanity with beige vessel sink. The baskets keep tidy the toilet papers and towels.

Farmhouse Bathroom With White Washstand And Wood Floor

ID# 106850 | Source – Credit© Delpino Custom Homes

Farmhouse Bathroom with White Washstand and Wood Floor

The farmhouse bathroom features a small white vanity, brass accents, white framed mirror, wall sconces, blue and beige wallpaper, and wood floor. The soft blue patterns of the wallpaper provide a sleek backdrop for the small vanity. The wood floor brings warmth to the atmosphere.

Pastel Green Washstand With Granite Countertop

ID# 106851 | Source – Credit© Colleen Knowles Interior Design

Pastel Green Washstand with Granite Countertop

Inspiration for a beach-style powder room with a pastel green washstand, gray granite countertop, undermount sink, brass faucet, wood-framed mirror, and fish printed wallpaper. Bluefish prints of the white wallpaper bring joy to the atmosphere while brass accents add luxury to the atmosphere.

Small Bathroom Storage With Thick Marble Countertop

ID# 106852 | Source – Credit© McCollum Studio Architects

Small Bathroom Storage with Thick Marble Countertop

The thick gray marble countertop with a wood drawer makes a design statement in this transitional bathroom. The wood drawers as bathroom storage and wood frame of the mirror create a warm and cozy atmosphere while marble countertop and gold faucet making a luxurious touch to the design. The flower-patterned wallpaper contributes to the warm atmosphere created by the wood materials and complements the nature view behind the window opening.

Live Edge Walnut Counter With Dark Blue Door And Baseboards

ID# 106853 | Source – Credit© Jane Henderson Interior Design

Live-edge Walnut Counter with Dark Blue Door and Baseboards

The door and baseboards in Benjamin Moore’s New York State of Mind help pull out the blue of the geometric wallpaper pattern in this farmhouse powder room and make a statement with its bold color. A floating live-edge walnut counter keeps the space feeling open and supports a vessel sink. The geometric mirror and brass accents like a wall-mounted faucet, towel rack, make the design more unique.

Leopard Print Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Red Vanity

ID# 106854 | Source – Credit© Sam Kachmar Architects

Leopard Print Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Red Vanity

The black and white leopard print wallpaper covers all the walls, even the ceiling, and offers an eye-catching and stylish style for the bathroom. The red vanity pops up in the black and white design and creates a contrasting look with the blacks. The vanity is finished with a brass faucet, gold knobs, and a slatted shelf. The hexagon patterns of the black floor tiles add another texture to space.

Black Washstand With Quartz Countertop And Vintage Faucet

ID# 106855 | Source – Credit© Third Coast Interiors

Black Washstand with Quartz Countertop and Vintage Faucet

Queen of Spain Wallpaper offers an eclectic print that is balanced with black vanity and silver accents in this beige bathroom. The black vanity paired with a white quartz countertop creates a contrast. The quartz countertop carried from vanity to wall as a backsplash. The dark bronze framed arched mirror and wall sconces finish this traditional design perfectly.

Gold Metallic Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Coral Washstand

ID# 106856 | Source – Credit | © Amy Studebaker Design

Gold Metallic Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas with Coral Washstand

The metallic reflective surface of the wallpaper dazzles our eyes! The gold metallic wallpaper, chandelier, and gold framed mirror above the vanity make a traditional touch to the powder room while coral vanity bringing a contemporary appeal. Colorful flowers in the glass vase liven up the atmosphere.

Gray Washstand With Geometrical Patterned Wallpaper Design

ID# 106857 | Source – Credit© Forged In Wood, LLC

Gray Washstand with Geometrical Patterned Wallpaper Design

Inspiration of a transitional bathroom with gray washstand, white countertop, matte black accents, herringbone-patterned wallpaper, and dark wood floor. The patterned wallpaper provides a sleek backdrop for the gray washstand, black-framed mirror, and black sconces. Wood floor brings warmth to the atmosphere while matte black accents creating a modern appeal.

Contemporary Bathroom With Marble Floor And Piece Of Art

ID# 106858 | Source – CreditBella Vista Developments | © D & M Images

Contemporary Bathroom with Marble Floor and Piece of Art

Inspiration of a contemporary bathroom with wood vanity, gray countertop, white vessel sink, black and white geometric walls, brass accents, and marble floor tiles. The large round mirror and the piece of art create a chaotic yet stylish look with the geometric patterned wallcovering. The matte black pendant light complements the black patterns on the wall while the marble floor adding a luxurious feel to the space.

Birch Tree Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas in Black and White Design

ID# 106859 | Source – Credit© Jenny Madden Design

Birch Tree Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas in Black and White Design

The birch tree wallpaper brings the forest into this transitional bathroom and creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere in this black and white bathroom. The white sink, alcove bathtub, toilet, and ceiling create a bright and spacious atmosphere while matte black accents bringing a contemporary appearance to the design. The black floor tiles finish the look perfectly.

Small Powder Room With Blue Patterned Wallpaper

ID# 106860 | Source – CreditCity Nest Design | © Alyssa Kirsten

Small Powder Room with Blue Patterned Wallpaper

The small powder room got a fun refresh with Hygge and West wallcovering and warm brass accents. The distinctive patterns of the blue wallpaper offer an eye-catching look to this otherwise ordinary powder room. The brass accents and lighting fixtures make a glamorous touch. The white sink and toilet give a simple look and allows the wallpaper to stand out.

White Vanity With Black Countertop And Colorful Wallpaper

ID# 106861 | Source – Credit© Andrew Flesher Interiors

White Vanity with Black Countertop and Colorful Wallpaper

This tiny bath is the perfect blend of polished and approachable layout, with a great mix of materials and prints. The colorful patterns of the wallpaper evoke Egyptian hieroglyphs and offer a joyful atmosphere. The white vanity paired with a black countertop. White subway tiles placed on the small wall under the window.

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