Black Bathroom Ideas Elegant Makeover with Sophisticated Black

57+ Black Bathroom Ideas

ID# 107203| – Credit | © Edson

Copper Freestanding Bathtub with Black Accent Wall

The copper freestanding bathtub shines out in front of the black accent wall and makes a big statement in this contemporary bathroom. Copper pipes, black wall paint, and copper barn door create an industrial appearance. Gray wood floor parquets add a nice texture to space.

ID# 107242| – Credit© General Assembly

Contemporary Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Marbled Shower

Light wood table transformed into a bathroom vanity and paired with white vessel sink and black wall-mounted faucet. The vanity has an extra shelf under it for towels or bath products. In the shower area, black marble tiles surround everywhere and create a unique look next to the basic vanity area. Because the bathroom has a bright and large space black marbles don’t drown the visual space.

Cool, Chic and Timeless Black Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to designing a bathroom, fresh and bright whites are the first choice because of it reflects the feeling of cleanliness so well. But if you want to create a chic, sleek and timeless bathroom, black will never let you down. Scroll down and find the best black bathroom ideas that will inspire an elegant makeover!

Add a dramatic hue with the black bathroom ideas

The black bathroom trend is on the rise. So, can we say the black is the new white? Black has a bold aesthetic and makes a strong style statement. This stylish and sophisticated color adds a touch of dramatic hue to your bathroom and easily matches with other shades. From black fixtures to eye-catching black tiling, there is plenty way to incorporate black into your bathroom. If you love this trend but don’t know how to include your design, we gather out some of our favorite fabulous black bathroom ideas to get inspiration!

Don’t miss the functional lights or incorporate natural light into your black bathroom!

ID# 107202| – Credit © Cathie Hong Interiors

Scandinavian Bathroom Design with Wood Vanity and Herringbone Tiles

This Scandinavian bathroom serves a timeless look with its earthy color palette. Black herringbone tiles create an accent between the white walls and provide a stylish backdrop for the freestanding bathtub. Wood vanity paired with white countertop and matte black faucets. Thin black frames of the rectangular mirrors and black sconces bring a contemporary appeal.

ID# 107204| – Credit© Красюк Сергей

Gray Vanity Top with Vessel Sink and Marble Tiles

This black bathroom offers an elegant luxury look with its high-quality materials. Gray floating countertop and gray vessel sink in a harmony with the black marble tiles. The large frameless mirror makes space feel larger and reflects the stunning blue wall design which colors up space and brings the ocean feeling.

Black Mosaic Tiles

Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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Black & white color with crackle glass kitchen backsplash tile

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Try a Sample

ID# 107207| – Credit © Elz Design

Marble Walk-in Shower Design with Gold Accents

The very minimal, simple, and effective design of this shower uses black marble tiles to the ceiling. The size of the tiles decreasing on the floor and it adds another texture to space. Gold patterns of the marbles complement the gold shower kit and add a glam to the look. The recessed wall niches provide a space for bath products without disturbing the eye.

ID# 107208| – Credit © North Bay Construction

Black Bathroom Ideas with Matte Black Subway Tiles

Simple yet effective! Different tile combination serves a sleek eye-catching bathroom design. Matte black subway tiles completed with a recessed wall niche with marble tiles. The matte black surface of the tiles creates a contemporary appeal. Gray marble hexagon tiles add another texture to space.


ID# 107209| – Credit© The Scientist Pte Ltd.

Black Walk-in Shower with Wooden Wall Paneling

The wooden wall paneling steals the attention at the first sight and brings warmth to this black walk-in shower design. The large black stone tiles and gray floor tiles create a dramatic look with their raw texture. A recessed niche is placed on the wooden paneling and complements the black tiles.

ID# 107210| – Credit © Kronos Ceramiche

Modern Black Bathroom Ideas  with Patchwork Wall Tiles

The matte black patchwork tiles add a stunning texture to between the flat surfaces and clean lines. A built-in black bench is placed in the shower area. The concrete vanity complements the concrete floor. Another concrete shelf is placed under the vanity for towels. Tiny spotlights support the dramatic effect given by the black walls.


ID# 107211| – Credit © Peter Schaad Design Studio

Elegant Black Bathroom Ideas with Black Marble Tiles and Concrete Floor

This black bathroom is easy-going elegance defined! Black marbles surround the all space and create a timelessly elegant look. The mirror is placed in the recessed niche. Black washstand with white countertop and gray vessel sinks in a harmony with the marbles. Gray concrete floor tiles make a smooth touch to space and soften the bold look of the blacks.


Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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ID# 107212| – Credit© HBC Homes

White Bathtub with Black Hexagon Tiles and Wood Door

The black hexagon tiles catch the attention at the first sight and bring an instant character to this Scandinavian-style bathroom with their white grouts. The black hexes accentuated with gray marble tiles on the wall and floor complete the luxury feel created by the freestanding bathtub. The wood door complements the earth tones and brings warmth to the atmosphere with the help of the wood stool and potted plant.

ID# 107213| – Credit© Babette Kempfer Raumkonzepte

Modern Walk-in Shower with 3D Hexagon Tiles

3D wall tiles are a great way to bring movement to flat surfaces. Here black hexagon tiles bring that movement without too much effort. Large black tiles in a harmony with the hexagons and create a sleek backdrop for the gold shower kit. The recessed niche separated with a glass shelf and decorations in it complements the shower kit.

ID# 107214| – Credit © Chervin Kitchen & Bath Inc.

Elegant Black Bathroom Ideas with White Marble Floor Tiles

This dramatic, moody bathroom is stunning and stylish. With black as the majority finish on cabinetry, counters, and walls, this bathroom has a cozy, modern, elegant vibe, as tasteful brass accents and perfect, natural pop of pink, add an opulent elegance. White marble tiles on the floor and white toilets create a contrasting look with the blacks.


ID# 107215| – Credit © Raykon Construction

Modern Walk-in Shower with Glossy Black Tiles

In this black walk-in shower, the black wall tiles create a visual illusion with their glossy surfaces while black and white floor tiles bringing a mosaic appeal. The recessed niche and the built-in bench maximizing the showers’ functionality. The glass separation panels provide a seamless look for this walk-in shower.

ID# 107216| – Credit © Andrés Arranz Fotografía

White Freestanding Bathtub with Black Marble Accent Wall

If you doubt to design your bathroom in all-black, you can incorporate the black as an accent wall. In this design, black marble tiles create a stunning accent behind the white freestanding bathtub, and with the usage of these same tiles on the floor, a continuous look is provided. The black marbles accentuated with white walls allow to stand out these tiles.

ID# 107217| – Credit© Penman Brown Interior Design

Black Vanity with Granite Tiles and Green Sconces

This black and white bathroom uses the texture beautifully, from the black and white granite tiles to the black wood vanity. The granite tiles provide an eye-catching backdrop for the black floating vanity, vessel sinks, and wall-mounted faucets while white walls above the granites creating a clean and fresh look with the large round mirror. Green glass bubble sconces pop up on the white wall and complete the contemporary appeal perfectly.

ID# 107218| – Credit © Maven Home Interiors

Transitional Bathroom Ideas with Marble Counter with Gold Stand

This transitional bathroom reflects the design elements of the 1920s very well and it serves a luxury look with the combination of blacks, marble, and gold. Black walls accentuated with the black marble subway tiles on the lower part. White marble counter paired with the gold stand and shines out in front of the black accent wall. Glass wall sconces and mirror contribute to the dramatic atmosphere.


ID# 107220| – Credit © Anthony W Design

Marble Walk-in Shower Ideas with Gray Penny Floor Tiles

This design shows us that how one material can change the whole atmosphere. Black marble tiles surround all the walls and create a sleek contemporary appearance. Matte black shower kits in a harmony with the marbles. Gray penny floor tiles and white painted ceiling make space brighter with the help of the windows.

Dark Mosaic Tiles

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

Try a Sample

Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Grey blue with rusty earth tones Brazilian slate mosaic tile with red glass inserts.

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Gray Blue glass white marble subway mosaic tile for on-trend kitchen backsplashes

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Try a Sample

Minimalist Bathroom with Open Shower and Patterned Floor

The black, white, and gray patterned floor tiles take this minimalist bathroom to the next level. Black wood-look tiles create an accent between the white walls and ceiling. The open shower helps to make the space more minimalist and provides a fresh and airy atmosphere. The white freestanding bathtub supports this bright atmosphere.

ID# 107222| – Credit © Joe Schutt – Unit Realty Group

Contemporary Bathroom Ideas with Chalkboard Paint and Wood Details

Using chalkboard paint for the bathroom is an unconventional idea but it’s very original and looks entertaining and creative for kids. Wood details like the wall-mounted sink and window frame bring warmth to this black-dominated space. A frameless mirror above the sink creates a visual illusion. Although all the walls are in black, thanks to the large window bathroom have a bright atmosphere.

Contemporary Bathroom Ideas with Square Black Tiles

In this contemporary bathroom ideas, mini square black tiles covered the walls and floor and turn this otherwise ordinary bathroom into an eye-catching design. Frameless mirrors are placed along the wall and make space feel larger while creating a visual illusion. A white wall-mounted sink creates a contrasting look between the tiles and complements the white ceiling.

ID# 107229 – Credit | © Klassmore

Wood Vanities with White Subway Tile and Brass Accents

In this elegant interior design, stark white subway tiles and warm wood vanities get oodles of interest without introducing a single flash-in-the-pan trend color. The simple gray paint beautifully offsets the warmth and shine of a brass finish. Multicolored patchwork tiles add a nice pattern to the floor and complete the design joyfully.

ID# 107230| – Credit © Henrietta Southam Design

Eclectic Black Bathroom Ideas with Dramatic Lighting Design

This eclectic style bathroom has black porcelain wall tiles and black porcelain mosaics on the floor, black pop up everything in front of it and makes them look brighter, in this case, there are some gold decorations and accessories such as mini sculptures and floral scones, small tables, white vessel sink, and patterned curtain and they appear very high-contrast in front of the black.


ID# 107231| – Credit © Mountford Williamson Architecture

Contemporary Black Bathroom Ideas with 3D Wall Tiles

The contemporary bathroom featured black 3D wall tiles, custom-made oak vanity with white countertop, mirrored cabinets, black granite floor tiles, and an alcove bathtub. The floating oak vanity and wood window frames break the domination of black and bring warmth to the atmosphere. Large window openings and white ceilings provide a bright environment to an otherwise dark bathroom.


ID# 107232| – Credit© Timber Trails Development Company

Transitional Black Bathroom Ideas with White Furniture

In this transitional bathroom, the black accent wall creates a sleek and bold backdrop and it contrasts crisply with the white pedestal sink and white toilet. Oval mirror and stick wall sconce above the vanity shine out on the black wall. A stacked zebra print hangs from a black wall above a white porcelain toilet. Pastel pink rug and potted plant on the dark wood floor make this monochromatic space more livable and intimate.


ID# 107233| – Credit © Черненко Ольга / White & Black Design Studio

Blue Vanity with Yellow Round Mirror and Rose Gold Pendants

Generally, black color combines with whites but this colorful bathroom is proof that the black can go also well with the vibrant colors. The black wall creates a solid background for the blue vanity, yellow framed round mirror, and rose gold pendant lights. The colorful towel complements the colorful furniture with its color and complements the pendants with its geometrical pattern.

ID# 107234| – Credit© Jmga

Black Bathroom Ideas with White Toilet and Mirrored Cabinets

The solid black paint was applied to the walls, ceiling, and floor. Natural light comes through the window and provides a brighter atmosphere. The black wood vanity paired with a white sink and adds a texture with its cabinet doors. The white toilet and white sink create a strong contrast with the blacks while mirrored cabinets making space feel wider.


ID# 107238| – Credit© Алексей Иванов и Павел Герасимов|Geometrium design

Modern Black Bathroom Ideas with Built-in Cabinets and Wood Ceiling

The matte black paint of the cabinets and recessed niche serves a super modern look while wood vanity adding warmth and a sense of a connection to nature. These built-in cabinets are a very clever solution for a clutter-free look. Black stone tiles complete the earthy texture created by the wood vanity and ceiling. Thanks to the well-designed lighting and white furniture this dark bathroom looks brighter.


ID# 107239| – Credit © Ward 5 Design

All-black Bathroom Ideas with Yellow Textiles and Hexagon Tiles

The all-black idea is applied in this small bathroom, with black painted walls, black door, vanity, faucet, wall lamp, towel holders, and porcelain elongated hexagon tiles. Complementarily; a white ceiling, basin, and toilet seat are used. The white ceiling creates a taller and spacious feeling when used in dark rooms. Some small and changeable accents are also used in yellow, such as towels. This creates a strong contrast and eye-catching look.


ID# 107241| – Credit © Glynis Wood Interiors

Chic Powder Room with Black Vanity and Quartz Countertop

In this contemporary powder room gold tiles between the white ones add a glam to the backsplash. Black floating vanity paired with white countertop and matte black faucet and enhances the floor space. The red rug on the black herringbone tiles makes a traditional touch. Stick wall sconces next to the mirror make a warm glow.

ID# 107243| – Credit© Carter Williamson Architects

Minimalist Bathroom with Black Penny Tiles and Wood Details

Minimalist yet effective! The black penny tiles surround the whole space, even the ceiling, and create a strong statement in this minimalist bathroom. Wooden frames of the windows and some wooden decors bring warmth to this black-dominated space. The white freestanding bathtub provides a clean and fresh look between the tiles. Bubble chandelier and brass shower kit complete this design effortlessly.

ID# 107244| – Credit© Marble Builder Direct

Luxury Walk-in Shower with Black Carrara Marble

There’s a lot to love about black marble: it’s elegant, beautiful, and effective. The stunning black marble design adds luxury and a little drama to this walk-in shower. The gold shower kit completes the luxurious look created by the marble. On the other wall, an elongated gray hexagon was used and this wall accentuated with a stone slab as a bench.

ID# 107245| – Credit © Point B Design Group

Minimalist Black Bathroom Ideas with Penny Mosaic Tiles

This minimalist design is all about the textures. Black penny tiles completed with the dark gray stone tiles. Using different tiles together creates a visual feast. Nickel shower kit and handles in a harmony with the black tiles.


ID# 107246| – Credit© Giuselle Bathrooms

Modern Black Walk-in Shower with Infinity Shower Head

Sharp edges and bold black color! Mixing dark moody surface textures creates a sense of luxury and drama. Black feature tiles have different textured surfaces and create an eye-catching finish as soon as you enter the bathroom. The built-in shower bench enhances the look and functionality of the walk-in shower. Water spills through the infinity shower head and gives a relaxed feeling.

ID# 107247| – Credit © Jawal Constructions

Wood Vanity with Thick Marble Countertop and Gray Walls

Example of a black modern bathroom with natural wood vanity, thick black marble countertop, white sink, gray wall paint, paintings, and pendant light. The wood floating vanity cabinets bring warmth to the atmosphere while the black marble countertop making a luxurious touch. Dark gray wall paint provides a solid sleek backdrop.

ID# 107248| – Credit © Accord Homes

Luxury Master Bathroom with Black Stone Bathtub

If you have a large space to create a bathroom, placing the furniture separately from the wall gives the room a more spacious appearance. Here, a black stone bathtub with a gold faucet centralizes the room and creates a focal point. Black vanity is also placed separately from the wall and it maximizes the function by providing use from both sides. Thanks to the window walls the stunning nature view becomes the part of the bathroom as a design element and provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

ID# 107249| – Credit © Kelly + Co Design

Black Bathroom Ideas with Subway Tiles and Gold Details

Elegant, stylish, and cool man’s cave for young men! The schoolhouse sink features brass fixtures that coordinate with the brass-frame mirror and brass wall sconces. The white brick column creates strong contrast with blacks and brings an industrial feel with its rough surface. Hexagon tiles on the shower floor add texture.


ID# 107250| – Credit © Дарья Уткина

Black Lacquer Vanity with Oversized Frameless Mirror

Black, cool and sexy! This bathroom serves an elegant look with its black features. Black vanity adds a glam with its lacquer surface while mini black square tiles around the alcove bathtub bring a mosaic appeal. Black stone wall tiles placed till the end of the mirror and the rest of the wall are painted in beige which provides a taller space feel.

ID# 107251| – Credit © Simon Tong Associates

Industrial Bathroom with Brick Accent Wall and Subway Tile

The bathroom was built into the basement of an ex-school boiler room and the black brick accent wall, metallic cabinets, pipe along the wall and matte black surfaces maintain the industrial feel the area once had. Black bricks are accentuated with white subway tiles and black hexagon floor tiles. Glass shelf is added under the wall-mounted sink to provide additional space for bath products. The LED lights along above the frameless mirror create a dramatic atmosphere.

ID# 107252| – Credit © Matt White Custom Home

Marble Slab with Tall Black Cabinets and Brass Accents

A freestanding thick marble slab sits between black cabinets and creating the perfect luxurious single vanity with brass fixtures. A large frameless mirror extended from the marble slab to the ceiling and makes space feel larger. Glass pendant lights with black finishes provide ample lighting to the vanity. Black and white floor tiles add a nice texture to space.

Gray Mosaic Tiles

Try a Sample

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

Try a Sample

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

Try a Sample

Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

Try a Sample

Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

Try a Sample

White Gray Marble Leaf Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Light blue, white, and gray color mixed, mosaic tile for backsplash, bathroom & shower.

Try a Sample

ID# 107253| – Credit © Jette Creative

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom with Patterned Floor

The light wood vanity with a waterfall quartz countertop pops against jet-black walls which creates a super modern backdrop. Vanities’ countertop merges with the stone slab on the right side and provides a continuous look. The recessed niche almost disappears on the wall. Frameless mirrors and gold sconces create an eye-catching look with the black tiles. The Black and white patterned floor completes the vanity.

ID# 107254| – Credit © Yarrabank Builders

Contemporary Small Bathroom with Freestanding Tub

Bathrooms that receive ample natural light or have an even layer of artificial lighting can use darker shades of gray. Thanks to the large window opening, in this small bathroom dark gray tiles are easily used, and still, the space is quite bright. Dark wood floating shelves provide a space for towels. A white freestanding bathtub creates a fresh look between these dark color schemes.

ID# 107255| – Credit © Crystal Sinclair

Transitional Bathroom with Glazed Terra-cotta Tile

This transitional bathroom is covered with black glazed terra-cotta tiles, which adds an organic, handmade charm to space. For the upper parts of the walls, beige paint was preferred and it makes space feel longer. A black marble slab used as a backsplash and reach the end of the shower. The black washstand paired with a thick countertop and wall-mounted gold faucet. The gold accents completed the luxurious feel very well.

ID# 107256| – Credit © Andrés Arranz Fotografía

Contemporary Bathroom with Marble Accent Wall and Wood Floor

In this contemporary bathroom ideas, black marble tiles create an accent behind the white freestanding bathtub and continue halfway down the floor. The rest of the floor is covered with wooden parquets which bring warmth to the atmosphere. The quartz countertop paired with a black stand and transformed into a vanity with a vessel sink. An oversized frameless round mirror stands out on the white wall with the reflection of the beautiful marble stiles.

ID# 107257| – Credit © Woodford Architecture and Interiors

Luxury Bathroom with Marble Slab and Gold Accents

The gray marble slab creates an accent behind the vanity with its eye-catching texture and glamorous accents. Recessed niches on the slab provide a space for both mirrors and some decors. Wood vanity breaks the glamorous look with its rough surface and brings a rustic look while stone vessel sinks complementing the slab. Glass bubble pendant lights with black finishes create a modern appeal and make a warm glow along the wall.

ID# 107228

Wood Vanity with Dark Gray Countertop and Glass Pendants

The contemporary black bathroom ideas have a distinctive look that screams cool and dramatic. Incorporating the wood textures provide a warmer atmosphere. Wood floating vanity paired with thick waterfall countertop. Black wall tiles are used with two different surfaces, matte and glossy, and this adds a beautiful texture to space. The glass pendant lights that are hung above the mirror and adds quirkiness. The lightings stand out more because of the frameless long mirror.


ID# 107201

Black and White Walk-in Shower with Marble Slab

The white marble slab is framed by the black one and provides a dramatic backdrop to this walk-in shower. The marble slab is accentuated with white subway tiles which create a clean and fresh look with their glossy surface. Black hexagon floor tiles bring a continuous look with the black marble. The frameless glass partition of the shower provides a seamless look and allows to stand out this beautiful marble design.

Black and White Mosaic Tiles

Modern white glass, marble & mirror mix backsplash tile

Try a Sample

Black & white color with crackle glass kitchen backsplash tile

Try a Sample

Gray Blue glass white marble subway mosaic tile for on-trend kitchen backsplashes

Try a Sample

Hex glossy glass tile with gray veins.

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

ID# 107205

Dark Gray Wallpaper with Black Vanity and Marble Countertop

Dark gray wallpaper and black stick sconces create a dramatic yet stylish backdrop for this contemporary bathroom. The thick marble countertop makes a luxurious touch to the flat black drawers. The large round mirror, black accents, and white flower in the black vase complete the luxury feeling.

ID# 107206

Black and White Bathroom Ideas with Gold Shower Kit

This large walk-in shower is covered with black porcelain tiles which are accentuated with a black and white tiled wall niche. The black and white tiles add a nice texture between the black tiles and break the black domination on the walls. The gold shower kit adds a luxurious feel to the shower.


ID# 107219

Industrial Bathroom with Concrete Floating Vanity

Black porcelain mosaics are combined with different shades of dark neutrals in this design. Pretty much every surface reminds the texture of concrete. Porcelain floor tiles, concrete vanity with large and tall mirror, concrete-look wall paint with a tint of the brown, black mosaic shower with mirror niche, very simple matte gray wall-mounted faucet, and floor mounted thin shower faucet create this contemporary monochrome look altogether.

ID# 107223

Black Granite Freestanding Bathtub with Pebbled Floor

The black bathtub carved out of a single piece of granite rests in front of a huge shower with stacked pebble stone walls. Through the doors in the shower is a patio with an outdoor shower, for bathing in our gorgeous Arizona weather! The same granite used on the walls and create a stunning backdrop for the tub and shower. Frameless glass separations of the shower provide a seamless look and they almost disappear in the room.

ID# 107224

Modern Black Bathroom Ideas with Floating Vanity and Mirrored Cabinets

In this black bathroom ideas, each feature serves a modern appearance with its clean lines. Black floating vanity paired with waterfall quartz countertop and vessel sink. The vessel sink complements the bathtub with its same shape as the tub. Mirrored cabinets above the vanity make the space feel large. Black granite tiles reach till the end of the cabinets and on the rest of the walls, white paint was used.


ID# 107226

Wood Floating Vanity with Black Accent Wall and Bubble Pendants

This contemporary look offers a minimalist and relaxing space. Black wall tiles create an accent while wood vanity and other wood details bringing warmth to the atmosphere. Also, the wood texture breaks the strong and sharp look of the black. Glass bubble pendant lights hang on either side of the double vanity and vessel sinks, creates a simple and elegant symmetry in this elegant interior.

ID# 107227

Minimalist Bathroom with Glossy Mosaic Tiles

The very minimal, simple, and effective design of this shower uses glass black mosaics to the level of the shower the ad, rest is left white on the walls and connects to the white ceiling. Shampoo niches and showerhead are also very minimalistic, in this design nothing bothers the eye, it has the pure black richness.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

Try a Sample

Combining rustic California gold slate with burgundy glass, distinctive and unique aesthetic.

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

Try a Sample

Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Dark Wood Vanity with Gray Penny Tiles

Inspiration for a modern bathroom with dark wood vanity, white countertop, round mirror, black accents, and gray penny tiles. Gray penny tiles are used in the shower and on the floor. Dark wood floating vanity makes the atmosphere warmer. Matte black accents such as faucets, wall mounted lighting fixtures and decorations bring a modern appeal.

ID# 107237

White Vintage Sink with Black Subway Tiles and Bubble Sconces

Black subway tiles at the back of the room make the wall recede, increasing the perception of space and the white grouts give an instant character to the bathroom. Bubble sconces with a brass finish in a harmony with the black tiles. The white wall-mounted sink brings a vintage appeal that contrasts with the tiles. Geometrically patterned floor tiles add another texture to space. Red traditional rug breaks the monochromatic look and colors up the bathroom.

ID# 107240

Black Mosaics with Wood Drawer and Round Mirror

Contemporary modern style and Industrial elements are combined in this example, covered with black mosaics on the walls, shower floor, counter, and the rest of the floor with porcelain floor tiles. The shower is walk-in style with single partition glass and the floor is a little bit raised. One wooden drawer is used and it’s separated from the counter, works as a shelf, and creates great contrast and depth in terms of visuality. The vessel bowl sink, valve handles, and pipe faucet add an industrial taste to the design.

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