Black Bathroom Ideas Dramatic Impact with Sophisticated Black

41+ Black Bathroom Ideas

ID# 119802 | – Credit | © Klassmore

Black Bathroom with Cement Tiles and Walnut Cabinets

This is a bathroom that uses black as wall paint and combines with the black and white cement floor tile, white subway wall tile, and gold accessories as faucet, mirror, and scones. Cement tiles give a vintage effect, walnut, and faucet support it, but the overall shape and style of the cabinets and mirror are modern. White tiles provide an open and airy atmosphere.

ID# 119817 | – Credit© Ejay Interiors

Industrial Bathroom with Concrete Vessel Sink and Black Wall tiles

Industrial style is applied very well in this bathroom, the concrete vessel sink looks very stylish. Black porcelain plank tiles, a wooden small countertop with steel frame and metal sheet backsplash, black thin framed mirror, linear wall lamp, and half tile half white wall complete the industrial look. From the mirror we can see the door is also a black framed wooden leaf, it’s matching with the countertop nicely.


Black may seem a bit controversial to use in interiors, however, it is sure a bold one, the huge dramatic impact of black mesmerizes our eyes and creates the most stylish spaces ever! Check out our eye-catching black bathroom design ideas to find some inspiration for your house!

Stylish, sophisticated, and elegant black bathroom ideas

Either you apply the black on the background, or bring it to the front, it will always be a sophisticated choice. Black backgrounds always create big contrast and emphasize what’s on the front, if this is what you prefer.

You can use various examples of tiles (mat, glossy, patterned, textured), wainscotting ideas, marbles, mosaics, wallpapers or just plain wall paints, all of these are good examples of materials you can use the black color, also with a different approach, using black as mountings, bathtubs, faucets or sanitary ware on a different wall color adds contrast and richness to the bathroom, back then we would not think we can be impressed by a toilet seat, but if it is black it is possible now, classic white sanitary wares and chrome mountings left their places to the black ones, be brave and try black, black is not a color of regret. Scroll down to see elegant black bathrooms in different styles!

ID# 119801 | – Credit© General Assembly

Small Bathroom with Black Marble Shower and Wooden Rack

In this bathroom interior design, a white-veined marble shower is the star of the design, which is creating a big contrast with the other parts of the room as color and style. Oak wood-look porcelain tile flooring, light beige painted walls, wooden rack and white vessel sink look quite calm, but the black wall mounts and black shower create a great depth and took the design to a new level, all the pieces look very harmonious and create a rich finish.

ID# 119804 | – Credit© Essteam Design Services Llp

Modern Shower Idea with Matte Black Wall Tiles

This large walk-in shower is covered with black porcelain tiles, which are placed by reducing the size of the tile at the middle and filled them with a light contrast joint where shower faucets are located. Shampoo shelve is also lined with the middle part and again it’s black, everything looks very subtle, except the flowers, which are setting the mood into romantic but they are very replaceable accents.

ID# 119805 | – Credit© DVSInteriors

Modern Black and White Bathroom with Beige Floor

This is a go-to example of a simple black design with porcelain floor & wall tiles, marble vanity countertop, white vessel sink, white built-in toilet, chrome accessories, chrome-framed dark glass closed shower, and matching textures of matte concrete look tiles. Nothing outrageous, all look very simply harmonious and modern.

ID# 119806 | – Credit© JMaD Estudio

Modern Bathroom with Black Wall Tiles and wooden cabinet

In this modern-looking dark shower, concrete-look black porcelain wall & floor tiles are used and combined with wood-look materials which are on the floor and cabinet with different shades. White vessel sinks are creating contrast together with the eye-catching yellow towels which remind us of the tiniest little detail that no one thinks creates a huge difference in the overall vibe.

ID# 119807 | – Credit© Timberworxs Custom Homes

Luxurious Bathroom with White Bathtub and Glass Chandelier

This is an example of the large luxurious black master bathroom that includes a simple yet impressive freestanding bathtub and Nero Marquina marble-covered all over the room, as a mosaic in the shower area and 60×60 in other areas. A one-piece big glass partition separates the two-headed shower area from the bathtub, and we wouldn’t forget to mention that big glass chandelier that completes the luxury feeling.

ID# 119808 | – Credit© Дарья Ельникова

Modern Bathroom with Black Hexagonal wall tiles and Cement Tile floor

In this modern designed bathroom, three-inch glossy black hexagon porcelain mosaics and patterned cement hexagon floor tiles have covered the shower and bathtub area. Also, the modern-look radiator design completes the look with the style and the color. The ceiling is left white and makes space look taller and more spacious.

ID# 119809 | – Credit | © Поморцев Р.В.

Ornate Bathroom with Black and Silver Mosaics

This bathroom is full of ornate glass mosaics, the walls almost remind us of floral patterned bathroom curtains that Ottoman palaces or mansions have. Color choice of silver and black creates the contrast between patterns and modernizes the style a little bit, glossy surfaces make it a bit hard to comprehend where is what in the room, overall It’s a very bold choice of style and different use of black in the bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom with Light Floor and Black Hexagonal wall Tiles

In this contemporary bathroom, very trendy black large concrete-look hexagon porcelain tiles are used in the shower area, combined with the light beige porcelain tiles, plain white ceiling, wooden countertop, matte black vanity, matte black shower head, and white vessel sink. This is a completely modern style bathroom that uses black very efficiently and since the room takes a very good amount of sunlight, dark colors are still white.

ID# 119811 | – Credit© Henrietta Southam Design

Eclectic Bathroom with Black Mosaic Floor and Floral Sconces

This eclectic style bathroom has black porcelain wall tiles and black porcelain mosaics on the floor, black pop up everything in front of it and makes them look brighter, in this case, there are some gold decorations and accessories such as mini sculptures and floral scones, small tables, white vessel sink, and patterned curtain and they appear very high-contrast in front of the black.

ID# 119812 | – Credit© Britta Weisser Innenarchitekten

Minimalist Black Bathroom with Mosaic walk-in shower

The very minimal, simple, and effective design of this shower uses glass black mosaics to the level of the shower the ad, rest is left white on the walls and connects to the white ceiling. Shampoo niches and showerhead are also very minimalistic, in this design nothing bothers the eye, it has the pure black richness.

ID# 119813 | – Credit© Lavka-Design

Farmhouse Bathroom with Black shiny mosaic walk-in shower

This large and light farmhouse bathroom has a large walk-in shower which is covered with black porcelain mosaics on walls and porcelain tiles on the floor, the wall mosaics are multi-textured, they have glossy ones, veined ones, regular ones and the transitions between them look very attractive especially from a distance. The furnitures are generally farmhouse style and wooden, also the ceiling.

ID# 119815 | – Credit© Giuselle Bathrooms

Contemporary Shower Idea with Gray Concrete Floor Tile

In this shower design, we see a very dramatic effect of the black porcelain wall tiles which have different sizes and gloss amounts, they catch the natural light coming from the window and create different shades on them. Black Wall-mounted faucet and shower head complete the look. The floor is covered with concrete-look porcelain tiles. This is definitely not a cozy bathroom, contrarily it has a very cool and sharp feeling.

ID# 119816 | – Credit© UD’estudi

Modern Bathroom Shower Idea with Marble Floor and Reflected Glass

The black shower idea is executed here in a very modern way, a large matte marble slab and same material plank walls are combined with a plain white ceiling, wall mounted chrome shower faucet, and charming reflected glass partition. The simplicity of this design and high-end material choice constitutes a very eye-catching visual in this bathroom.

ID# 119818 | – Credit© Astro Design Centre

Contemporary Powder Room with Wooden Floor and Large Window

This modern, elegant and classy powder room is a one-of-a-kind example with the artworks, framed drawings, wooden thick block basin with undermount black sink, freestanding classy mirror, wooden black plank walls, black ceiling, glass ceiling lamp, porcelain wood-look floor tiles, black-framed large window over the basin which lets a lot of sunlight in.

ID# 119819 | – Credit© Astro Design Centre

Contemporary Powder Room with Wooden Floor

In this powder room, a wall-mounted toilet is placed under the framed drawing almost as an artwork, on full black wooden walls the toilet is barely noticeable, we can only tell it is there because of its glossy material property, the floor is covered with wood-look porcelain tiles.

ID# 119820 | – Credit© 株式会社 GOSIZE, A.Fukuzawa

Minimalist Japanese Bathroom with Black Concrete Bathtub and large Skylight

Classic minimalistic Japanese style meets with the contemporary architecture, and here we are looking at their marvelous outcome. This concrete bathroom with porcelain floor tiles and a white ceiling is all about the simplicity of visuality and efficiency of space usage. The concrete vanity and concrete bathtub looks custom-made with the slanted sink. From the mirror, we see the shower area with ceiling mounted rain shower head, wall-mounted faucet, and shampoo niche. The skylight gives all the depth in this design.


All Concrete Industrial Bathroom Idea with Wood accent

We see an industrial style bathroom which is made of the concrete ceiling to the floor, even the door is covered with concrete to create this one material look. This is a bathroom that reminds us of the “less is more” idea, there’s nothing fancy about this bathroom other than its simplicity. A wall-mounted industrial basin is used with wooden addition which serves as a soap holder, combined with the wall-mounted simple faucet. There’s a wooden covered niche outside the bathroom that steps forward in this one material look.

ID# 119826 | – Credit | © Crib Creative

Contemporary Bathroom with Black Wall Tiles and White Sink

This is an example of contemporary modern bathroom design which includes porcelain walls and floor tiles of the same material installed in variable sizes, this manner created a rhythm and depth in the room. White ceiling, black vanity with white sink, linear led lamps, white toilet, and chrome accessories are combined with the porcelain wall and floor tiles, the plant adds a fresh touch to the cold gray environment.

ID# 119827 | – Credit© Sydesign Pty Ltd.

Contemporary Black Bathroom with Shower Skylight and Hexagonal Tiles

This small modern bathroom has many black surfaces with different textures, such as black hexagon marble mosaics on the floor and shower wall, marble counter on matte black vanity, black porcelain wall tiles, black ceiling, lamps, and accessories. Gold is indisputably the best friend of black, here gold faucets and gold led lights are used to enrich the luxury feeling. On the other hand, the shower skylight adds a lot to the design because the textures stand out with the daylight.

ID# 119828 | – Credit© Robert Nichol and sons

Stunning Black Bathtub Idea in Large Bathroom with Black Wood Floor

This bathroom design is all about surfaces, textures, and light, it has a wide window and natural light that determines how everything is going to appear. 3D marble mosaic wall is very dominant, but not more than a black concrete bathtub, the floor is covered with wood-look floor tiles and the faucet is kept simple wall-mounted to support the minimal and dramatic idea.


ID# 119829 | – Credit© Robert Nichol and sons

Contemporary Bathroom with Large Marble Vanity and Black Wooden Floor

Marble material is used very variably and effectively in this interior design. 3D marble mosaic wall, white veined marble block vanity with undermount sink, and white veined gray marble panel near the mirror all together create a marble-themed modern luxury bathroom. On the other hand; wood-look black tiles, gold faucet, black pendant light, and white ceiling complements the design.

ID# 119830 | – Credit© Nataly Komova

Stained Glass Ceiling in Black Tile Wall and Pebble Floor Bathroom

The colorful stained glass is very prominent in this design with beige natural pebble floor mosaics, black porcelain wall tiles, white toilet seat, chrome accessories, black door, and glass brick wall.

ID# 119831 | – Credit© Accord Homes

Luminous Bathroom with Freestanding Bathtub and Gold Faucet

This bathroom is all about bringing nature into the luxury modern environment. Very luminous, very contemporary with the large windows that open to the great view of nature, even the mirrors don’t interrupt the view with the help of ceiling mountings and the window continues behind them. Bright white ceiling and walls, black porcelain floor tiles, stone bathtub, and vessel sinks, windows and cabinets are combined with floor-mounted gold and black faucets, in this way walls aren’t wanted, waterworks are solved in-floor system.

ID# 119832 | – Credit | © Maler Hoffmann GmbH

Small Black Walk-in Shower with Wall Mount Toilet

This mono-color and mono-surface small modern bathroom design is surely very salient and eccentric, pure matte black floor and walls have all same finish, this creates an unusual visual, white ceiling and white toilet creates contrast and shower faucet is also very minimal.

ID# 119834 | – Credit© Buro 19.23

Modern Black Bathroom with Freestanding Sink and Alcove Shower

Modern bathroom idea is applied here with black 3D shower wall tiles, black mono-block freestanding stone sink, black porcelain tile wall, black accessories, and in contrast; gray slate floor tiles, white toilets, white painted ceiling, and light gray herringbone tile mosaics on the shower floor. Patterns, textures, and materials are used very effectively in this design.

ID# 119836 | – Credit© Ulfbuilt

Black Bathroom with Large Windows and Wooden Shelves

It changes everything when a bathroom has sunlight coming from a window, in this case, there are two windows with a mountain view, which makes the room very spacious and enjoyable. Dark gray porcelain concrete-look tile walls, metal checker plate pattern porcelain floor tiles, black vanity with white sink, round black framed mirrors, and black windows are combined to create this modern bathroom.

ID# 119838 | – Credit© Екатерина Титенко

Contemporary Bathroom with Stone Vessel Sink and Wooden countertop

The contemporary modern idea is enriched with natural amorph-shaped elements and contrast color choices in this design. The black cabinets are used with textured black wall paint. Wooden vanity top and wooden covered niche on the wall creates a rich contrast, porcelain hexagon gray tiles complete the modern look, on the other side amorph stone vessel sink and soap dispenser add a different taste to the style.


ID# 119840 | – Credit© Ward 5 Design

All Black Bathroom Idea with Elongated Hexagonal Tiles and Yellow accents

The all-black idea is applied in this small bathroom, with black painted walls, black door, vanity, faucet, wall lamp, towel holders, and porcelain elongated hexagon tiles. Complementarily; a white ceiling, basin, and toilet seat are used. The white ceiling creates a taller and spacious feeling when used in dark rooms. Some small and changeable accents are also used in yellow, such as towels. This creates a very contrast and eye-catching look.

ID# 119842 | – Credit© Красюк Сергей

Modern Small Powder Room with Gray Shades and Wall Mount Sink

This modern industrial mixed style small powder room has the classy black and gray harmony with gray textured matte stone walls and black stripe details, also from the big mirror the stripes continue as visual from this perspective, and this idea strengthens the overall design. All the other products used in the design such as wall-mounted sink, faucet and toilet, other fittings, soap holder, and toilet brush also complete the design with their black matte look.

ID# 119803

Contemporary Bathroom with Black Pebble Floor and Gray Wall Tiles

This walk-in shower idea has a very modern style, using gray textured porcelain wall tile and black pebble mosaic. The shampoo niche and the window in the shower line each other and work together as a composition. The black pebble floor gives a natural seaside feeling and the wood stove creates a contrast with other elements of the design. Wall mounts don’t stand out, they melt into the monochrome look.

ID# 119814

Contemporary Bathroom with black wall tiles and wooden cabinet

This bathroom is an example of black and wood rapport, the designer used porcelain mosaic walls and floor tiles and ceiling as black, also the countertop of the wood cabinets is black waterfall style, with an undermount sink and frameless mirror. The shower has wood-look tiles that match with the cabinet and create contrast with the other parts of the room, and there is a big window that has a wonderful forest view that changes all the vibe.

ID# 119821

Elegant Powder Room with black glossy wainscotting and Gold frame artworks

This is a small, elegant, stylish, classy powder room with black glossy wainscotting walls and black & white striped mosaic floor decor, chrome leg console sink, golden framed artworks, vintage style wall, and ceiling lamps, classic white ceiling. There are mirrors on the two side of the room that creates an illusion to feel the room much spacious than it is.

ID# 119822

Contemporary Bathroom with Black Mosaics and wooden drawer

Contemporary modern style and Industrial elements are combined in this example, covered with black mosaics on the walls, shower floor, counter, and the rest of the floor with porcelain floor tiles. The shower is walk-in style with single partition glass and the floor is a little bit raised. One wooden drawer is used and it’s separated from the counter, works as a shelf, and creates great contrast and depth in terms of visuality. The vessel bowl sink, valve handles, and pipe faucet add an industrial taste to the design.

ID# 119823

Modern Shower Idea with penny mosaics and black wall tiles

This modern shower idea is made of black subway tile walls and penny mosaic tile floor and shampoo niche, on the walls the subway tiles are installed in a manner that each one lines others half and sometimes their size increase or decrease so it creates a rhythmic pattern with the contrast white joints, whereas the penny floor tile mosaics are white with black joints, the floor, and wall tiles complete each other and the way that wall tiles don’t continue till the ceiling supports the modern idea more.

ID# 119825

Contemporary Bathroom Idea with Black Butterfly Tiles

This is a one-of-a-kind shower design with black glossy porcelain wall tiles in the shape of a butterfly wing’s pattern. These tiles take the window as a beginning point and follow a growing pattern from that, the white joints complement each other with the white ceiling and the floor, the floor is a one-piece surface and the faucet & showerhead are wall-mounted and made of chrome material.

ID# 119833

Small Kids Bathroom with Chalkboard Walls

Many parents complain about their children draw on the walls, this bathroom with the black chalkboard walls is creative heaven for the children or anyone who likes drawing or writing. The sink is kept very small to leave the wall to the drawings and the window lets the sunshine in, prevents the room from being dark with black chalkboard walls.

ID# 119835

Contemporary Bathroom with Dark Neutrals Palette

Black porcelain mosaics are combined with different shades of dark neutrals in this design. Pretty much every surface reminds the texture of concrete. Porcelain floor tiles, concrete vanity with large and tall mirror, concrete-look wall paint with a tint of the brown, black mosaic shower with mirror niche, very simple matte gray wall-mounted faucet, and floor mounted thin shower faucet create this contemporary monochrome look altogether.

ID# 119837

Freestanding Bathtub Idea with Gray and Black Wall Tiles

Freestanding bathtubs have always luxury feeling, especially when they are in the center of the composition and all the other elements are placed accordingly, just like in this example, a simple white freestanding bathtub has become the focal point with black and gray porcelain wall and floor tiles and symmetric crystal wall lamps.

ID# 119839

Black Powder Room Idea with Wooden Floor and Framed Drawing

This classy vintage-modern mixed style of this bathroom is in the details. All-black walls and ceiling, wooden floor, trunk stool, brass detailed vintage pendant lights, and wall lamp, framed old drawings, small vintage rug, simple modern polished black wood basin cabinet and large thin vessel sink with black wall mounted faucet; altogether these elements create a very harmonious look and every small detail counts.

Small Bathroom with Porcelain Black Tiles and Industrial Sink

In this small industrial style bathroom, black glossy porcelain tiles covered the shower walls and all the floor, the wavy surface of the tiles and the way the light reflects from them create a vintage style. Industrial double sink, vintage metal framed mirror cabinet, black and white rug, and colorful towels are very supplementary in this composition.

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