Onyx Vanity Top Highly Functional & Real Statement Maker

34+ Onyx Vanity Top

ID# 89407 | Houzz.com – Credit© CBI Design Professionals

Beige Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Onyx Countertop

Beige onyx, beautiful and unique! The neutral color scheme of this contemporary beige bathroom serves a calm and relaxing feel. The thick onyx vanity top creates a characteristic look with the wood base. The wooden base of the vanity boasts drawers and an open shelf which provides a clutter-free look. The beige wallpaper surrounds all the surfaces and provides a sleek backdrop.

ID# 89411 | Houzz.com – Credit© Winfrey Design Build

Onyx Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Bronze Vessel Sink

This powder rooms’ backsplash is understated and neutral, but still interesting, thanks to the backlit lights and veining. The same onyx stone is used as a countertop on the dark wood cabinets which offer a sleek modern look with its flat panel drawers. The rubbed oil vessel sink and faucets also make a unique touch.


The New Marble: Onyx Stone for Vanity Top

If you are looking for something different and at the same time elegant, we want to introduce you to the new trend: onyx stone! With its striking beauty, the onyx vanity top designs can make a strong impact in the bathroom. Check out these onyx vanity top ideas that will inspire you!

Make a real visual statement with onyx vanity top

We want our bathroom vanity tops to not only be highly functional but also make a real visual statement. Onyx collection comes in varying degrees of patterns and stunning colors that can transform any bathroom into an eye-catching space. The transparent surface of the onyx is great for lighting or for creative purposes like a backlit light which emphasizes the glamorous patterns of the stone. So, could this gorgeous and unique stone be right for your bathroom vanity top? Scroll down and find out more about onyx vanity tops!

Onyx is available in a range of colors from bright whites to glamorous golds, from warm greens to bold black. So, it can easily adapt to different interior design styles.

ID# 89402 | Houzz.com – Credit© Antarya Design

Massive Onyx Vanity with Unique Vessel Sink and Faucet

When the translucent onyx is emphasized with backlit lights the result is outstanding! In this contemporary powder room, the onyx takes the stage and with the backlit lights, it creates a dramatic atmosphere. the massive natural edge onyx slab as a vanity continued through the wall which enhances the impact. Stick sconces next to the mirror and a unique vessel sink and faucet make a perfect final touch.

ID# 89420 | Houzz.com – Credit© Day One Lighting

Master Bathroom with Backlit Onyx Countertop

The white onyx countertop stands out in this master bathroom and creates a glamorous look with its backlit lights. The onyx stone slab is fitted with black vanity cabinets. The black framed mirror complements the vanity cabinets. The stick sconces on the mirror make a warm glow while the white bathroom wallpaper adding a nice texture to space.

ID# 89405 | Houzz.com – Credit© Creative Cleanout Covers, Inc.

Onyx Powder Room Design with Backlit Lights

This powder room shows that one material can create an impactful design! The stunning onyx slabs used on the backsplash, sidewalls, and vanity and offer a glamorous look with its backlit lights. Also, the vessel sink was made of onyx which acts as part of the vanity. The metallic framed mirror, wall-mounted faucet, and potted orchid complete the design flawlessly.

ID# 894018 | Houzz.com – CreditLaura U Interior Design | © Julie Soefer

Small Powder Room with Stone Backsplash and Metallic Sconces

With the right material choices, even the small spaces look extraordinary! This small powder room serves a unique look with an onyx floating vanity, frosted glass vessel sink, beige stone backsplash, frameless mirror, and wall sconces. The white onyx vanity adds a dose of luxury while metallic wall sconces making a warm glow above it.

ID# 89409 | Houzz.com – Credit© Kendall Ansell Interiors

Glamorous Onyx Vanity with Gray Walls and Orange Ceiling

The onyx vanity makes a strong statement in this contemporary bathroom and becomes glamorous with the help of the backlit lights. Thanks to the backlit lights the vanity makes a warm glow and warms up the cold gray tone of the wall panels. Coloring up the ceiling in orange also an interesting way to liven up space but it totally works! The large round mirror contrasts the sharp edges while creating a focal point above the vanity.

ID# 89413 | Houzz.com – Credit© Integrated Resources Group

Backlit Onyx Vanity with Glass Mosaic Tile Wall

Go glam with the backlit onyx! In this contemporary powder room. The yellow onyx vanity has lights that run behind, which brings them to life with just the flick of a switch. The stone vessel sinks in harmony with the vanity. The glass pendant lights cause light to bounce off the t glass mosaic tile wall and the warm lights reflect through space which creates a warm and dramatic atmosphere.

ID# 89414 | Houzz.com – Credit© Venetian Stone Gallery

Blue Onyx Vanity Top with Dolphin Shaped Faucet

The natural balance of color, translucency, and movement is illustrated in this backlit onyx vanity top and it creates an outstanding look in the powder room. The dolphin-shaped faucet and stone bowl vessel sink acts as an art piece and creates a harmonious look with the onyx stone.

ID# 89415 | Houzz.com – Credit© Clear Home Design

Mediterranean Powder Room with Mirror Wall and Bronze Accents

The honey onyx is used for the long vessel sink and vanity and with the backlit lights, the stunning vanity design stands out more. The onyx slab is supported by bronze metal legs. The bronze “twig” lighting and bronze faucet complement the base of the vanity and bring a vintage appeal. The large frameless mirror as a backsplash brings depth to the atmosphere and makes space feel larger.

ID# 89417 | Houzz.com – Credit© Studio K Architects

Brown Onyx Vanity Top with Waterfall Edge

The stunning onyx vanity top makes the interior look like a Paleolithic cave in a modern interpretation. The waterfall edge of the onyx vanity top dramatizes the atmosphere. The rest of the room in a beige color palette which keeps a sleek and plain look and allows the onyx slab to take all attention. The light wood vanity, wood-framed mirror, beige walls, and floor create a relaxing atmosphere.

ID# 89418 | Houzz.com – Credit

Onyx Vanity Top with Backlit Mirrors and White Vessel Sinks

The warm lighting from the backlit onyx vanity top adds a whole new dimension to this contemporary bathroom. The white light from the backlit mirror emphasizes the strong character of the bathroom. The white wall, floor, and vessel sinks allow strong design elements to come forward and provide a clean look.

ID# 89422 | Houzz.com – Credit© Carolyn Parker Interior Design Ltd.

White Freestanding Bathtub with Brown Onyx Accent Wall

If you want to add some luxurious feel to your bathroom, there is nothing better than a freestanding bathtub. Also, if you support the bathtub with an impactful accent wall, the result will be perfect as in this example. The beautiful onyx wall is framed with beige wood slats and it provides a stunning backdrop for the freestanding bathtub. The minimalistic design and soft color scheme give a spa-like atmosphere.

ID# 89424 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jaffa Group Design Build

Eclectic Bathroom with Colorful Wall Décor and Beige Wallpaper

When you add exciting colors inside the bathrooms the aura is getting livelier. The wall decors feel quirky and give an eclectic look. The light brown vanity cabinets paired with the brown onyx countertop rubbed oil bronze vessel sink, handles, and faucet. The bronze accents enhance the impactful look of the vanity while beige wallpaper adding a nice texture as a backdrop. The large mirror and sconce in a harmony with the wallpaper.

ID# 89426 | Houzz.com – Credit© Woods Design Builders

Mediterranean Bathroom with Multicolored Glass Tile Wall

The Mediterranean bathroom features a wall-mounted onyx sink, multicolored glass tile wall, beige walls and floor, wood-framed mirror, and wood sconces. The onyx sink makes a warm glow with the backlit lights and creates a dramatic atmosphere while the glass tile wall providing an eye-catching backdrop. The wood-framed diamond-shaped mirror and wall sconces complete the design beautifully.

ID# 89428 | Houzz.com – Credit© Berceli

Rustic Bathroom with 3D Stone Walls and Onyx Feature Wall

The onyx slabs are used in this rustic bathroom in different ways. The onyx feature wall adds glam to the design and creates a dramatic atmosphere with the backlit lights. The wood vanity paired with a black onyx vanity top and beige onyx vessel sink. This different usage of the onyx definitely elevates the look and brings dynamism to space. The uneven textures of the split-face stacked stone walls give a rustic feel to the end and complement the onyx slabs. The mirrored cabinet doors above the vanity, create an open and airy feel between the dark tones and rough surfaces.

ID# 89432 | Houzz.com – Credit | Мария Родионовская | Архитектурное бюро “ON Plane” | © Юрий Гришко

Transitional Bathroom with White Floating Vanity and Brown Countertop

Inspiration of a transitional bathroom with white floating vanity, brown onyx countertop, brown onyx wall slabs, beige onyx wall tiles, wood floor, long frameless mirror, and white ceiling. The vertical positions of the frameless mirror and the onyx slabs make space feel higher and provide a more spacious atmosphere in this small bathroom. traditional wall sconces make a warm glow on the onyx slabs and emphasize the striking patterns of the onyx.

ID# 89433 | Houzz.com – Credit | Мария Родионовская | Архитектурное бюро “ON Plane” | © Юрий Гришко

Cream Vanity with Beige Countertop and White Vessel Sink

The beige color palette of the bathroom gives the cold bathroom a bit of coziness, makes it warmer and more comfortable. In this transitional bathroom cream vanity cabinets paired with the beige onyx countertop, white vessel sinks, and nickel faucet. The beige onyx wall provides a sleek backdrop for the vanity and beautifully complements the countertop usa. The metallic base of the vanity, silver faucet and metallic frame of the mirror brings a modern appearance. The green flower in the glass vase brightens up the atmosphere.

ID# 89434 | Houzz.com – Credit© Polo MA Inc. Interior Design

Traditional Bathroom with Unique Vanity and Mosaic Tile Wall

Each feature has a unique appearance in this transitional bathroom. The metallic vanity base paired with a white onyx vanity top, onyx vessel sinks, and metallic chains. The mosaic tile wall is highlighted by the traditional wall sconces. The matte copper wall tiles on the sidewall create a contrasting look with the whites and complement the vanity copyright 2021.

ID# 89404

Black Bathroom Cabinets with Brown Onyx Vanity Top

This powder room has full of elegance! The black flat-panel bathroom cabinets paired with a brown onyx vanity top elevates the bath design. The beige wallpaper contributes to the warm tone of the onyx slab. The large gold framed antique mirror and gold wall sconces in a harmony with the wallpaper and add a warm glow.

ID# 89401

Contemporary Powder Room with Onyx Vanity and Black Base

The beige onyx vanity is a real statement maker. It brings instant character with its massive stone while creating a warm atmosphere with its soft wavy pattern. The vanity continues through the wall and is finished with a frameless mirror. The black powder-coated metal base of the vanity and black faucets complete the design beautifully.

ID# 89403

Custom White Oak Vanity with Onyx Trough Sink

Custom white oak shiplap wall paneling to the ceiling gives the vanity a natural and modern appeal. The large trough-style sink in purple onyx highlights the beauty of the stone. The same onyx design is used on the shower wall and creates a focal point between the white walls and floor. Glass pendants above the vanity complete this modern look with its black finishes while gold accents adding glam to space.

ID# 89406

Luxury Mediterranean Bathroom with Dark Wood Shaker Cabinets

When it comes to the Mediterranean bath, the casual and comfortable feel are often extended. This Mediterranean bathroom boasts dark wood shaker cabinets with a brown onyx countertop which creates a sophisticated look. The brass hardware contributes to the elegance of the cabinetry. The onyx stone is used also on the bathtub deck provides a continuous look. the beige floor is elevated with brown tiles at the center.

ID# 89410

Rustic Powder Room with Backlit Onyx Vanity Top

We love the dramatic atmosphere created by the backlit onyx vanity top. The warm glow of the vanity top pulls the attention at the first sight. The onyx carried from the counter to the wall as a backsplash. The black cabinets, black pendant lights, and dark gray floor serve a simple elegant look. The large black framed mirror makes space feel larger.

ID# 89412

Contemporary Bathroom with Walnut-plank Backsplash

The bathroom becomes a personal spa with an infinity tub that has a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The large onyx countertop is on top of this makeover and creates a warm look with the help of the woods. Marble floors and a marble shower kick up the luxury factor, and a walnut-plank wall adds richness to warm the space. The sconces between the frameless mirrors and spotlights make a warm glow above the vanity.

ID# 89416

Wood Vanity with Green Glass Mosaic Backsplash and Vessel Sinks

The contemporary master bathroom serves a timeless elegance with its high-end materials. The green glass mosaic tiles provide a stunning backdrop for the vanity area. The wood floating vanity paired with a beige onyx countertop adds a dose of luxury. The silver handles, faucets, and metallic frames of the mirrors bring contemporary appeal to space. Wall sconces make a warm glow between the mirrors and highlight the beauty of the mosaic tiles.

ID# 89419

Brown Onyx Vanity Top with Metallic Backsplash Tile

In this contemporary powder room, each feature acts as a piece of art and comes together harmoniously. The onyx stone has been worked in a one-piece washbasin with a bathroom shelf which creates a magnificent appearance. The metallic textured tile wall as a backsplash provides a stunning backdrop and accentuated by beige wallpaper on the side walls. The large frameless mirror makes this small space feel larger. The black pendant light creates a focal point above the vanity.

ID# 89421

Gray 3D Backsplash Tile with Wood Vanity and Back Vessel Sink

This powder room definitely has a wow factor! Textures and patterns come together beautifully with the high-end furniture. The dark wood vanity cabinets paired with a thick backlit onyx vanity top that makes a strong statement. Black vessel sinks in a harmony with the onyx slab. The gray 3D backsplash tile brings dynamism to space and provides an eye-catching backdrop for the vanity. Frosted glass pendant lights highlight the wall tiles and emphasize the movement on the wall.

ID# 89423

Southwestern Powder Room with Onyx Freestanding Sink

Usually, sinks are placed adjacent to the wall, but if you have a unique sink like this one, placing it in the middle of the space makes a strong statement. In this Southwestern powder room, the freestanding block of onyx serves as the sink and with the backlit lights create a glamorous look. the plain pendant light hung above the sink which creates a focal point. Thanks to the window wall, the beautiful nature view has become part of the design.

ID# 89425

Elegant Powder Room with Onyx Backsplash and Gold Accents

This contemporary powder room serves a relaxing yet elegant design with a soft color scheme. The wood floating vanity paired with a beige onyx vanity top, gold vessel sinks, and handles. The onyx vanity top is carried from the countertop wall as a backsplash which emphasizes the vanity more. The onyx backsplash creates a beautiful frame for the mirror. The gold details and the use of the onyx stone enhance the luxurious feel in the room.

ID# 89427

Brown Onyx Vanity with Gold Framed Mirror and Gray Floor

The onyx stone can change instantly the whole atmosphere in any room. Here, the massive stone slab as a vanity turns this otherwise ordinary bathroom into a glamorous design! It takes all the credits by itself and steals all attention. The gold framed mirror above the vanity adds glam to the blank white wall while large pendant light creating a focal point and highlighting the vanity area.

ID# 89429

Laser Cut Onyx Vanity Top with Modern Faucet and Antique Mirror

The craftsmanship takes a role in this unique powder room design. The gray laser cut onyx vanity top serves a beautiful motif on it as a sink. The ceiling-mounted sensor faucet brings a modern appeal with its metallic material. The large antique mirror doubles the beautiful effect of the onyx slab and creates a visual illusion. The brown wallpapers provide a sleek backdrop for the powder room and allow the vanity and mirror to stand out.

ID# 89430

Wood Vanity with Blue Countertop and Glass Vessel Sink

With its relaxing effect, the blue onyx vanity top changes the whole atmosphere in this contemporary bathroom with wood vanity, glass vessel sink, white sconces, beige wallpaper, and mirrored wall. The wood vanity cabinets come together harmoniously with the blue onyx slab and they bring an ocean feel into the room. The beige wallpaper contributes to this feel with its seashell patterns. The mirrored wall emphasizes the effect of all features.

ID# 89431

All-white Bathroom with White Onyx Vanity Top and Wall Mounted Faucet

Bright, spacious, and light-filled! This all-white bathroom serves the beauty of the minimal aesthetic. The horizontal onyx vanity top is placed next to the large window brightens up space. Positioning the faucets on the sidewall emphasizes the horizontal onyx vanity top. The original marble fireplace makes an architectural statement and provides a more welcoming atmosphere. Stark white walls and ceiling gives a clean and fresh bathroom feel.

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