Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash Refresh Bathroom Walls with Wood

23+ Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

ID# 144910 | – Credit© Madison Taylor

White Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash with a Mystical Design

The warm atmosphere provides by the wooden floor parquets and the horizontally white shiplap backsplash. This is accompanied by the washbasin cabinet, which looks like a whole piece of marble. This cabinet adds mystical air to this space. The round mirror and faucets in silver support this style. Although there are not many details, a lively space is formed with the wall and the sink cabinet.

ID# 144915 | – Credit© Trickle Creek Designer Homes

Country Style with Gray Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

Country-style bathroom design. This bathroom has a very cute and warm vibe and it has a gray shiplap backsplash horizontally. Although this is a small guest bathroom, it has a very stylish design. Just opposite the door are a cute wooden cabinet and a long narrow mirror. The small white sink takes its place above the cabinet. Medium-toned parquets on the floor strengthen the sense of the warmth of the space. The flowers on the washbasin add freshness to this small space, while the glass pendant lamp emphasizes elegance.

Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

A Shiplap application can be a great feature in the bathroom when applied as a ceiling, sink backsplash, or wall. Shiplap is a timeless and beautiful design to put on any wall. True shiplap overlaps and was originally used on older ships to prevent water from seeping in. Today, it is also used for decorative purposes in kitchens or bathrooms, creating wonderful environments. It is commonly characterized by horizontal wooden planks placed on the wall with a small gap between each piece to create a simple line along the wall. Although typically installed horizontally, the shiplap is also used in many areas as a vertical dock, making it a versatile way to add charm and character to any space. So, if you want to learn about shiplap bathroom backsplash, scroll down and find inspirational design ideas!

The best part about shiplap as a backsplash is that it creates a simple line that draws your eye around the room if hung horizontally or upwards if hung vertically. Either way, it adds a simple charm and warmth to a space. Shiplap can easily be used as a backsplash in the bathroom as long as you prepare and paint it with the right products. There are different ways you can ensure your backsplash is waterproof. For example, you can Prepare and paint it with the appropriate paint and sealer or you can keep shiplap edges off of the counter and caulk the gap to keep water away from the wood. If proper initial sealing and regular inspection and maintenance are employed, shiplap in a bathroom will last for a long, long time.

ID# 144901 | – Credit© Braam’s Custom Cabinets

Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash with a Contemporary Design

This bathroom uses shiplap in white. This bathroom consists of two different areas that are generally separated from each other; These are the part where the sinks are located and the shower area. Thus, it becomes a very spacious place. In the part where the sinks are located, the walls are white shiplap backsplash. It is a suitable choice as this area is separate from the shower area and is not exposed to moisture much. Double sinks are used here. Again, the white marble sink is accompanied by wooden-colored lower cabinets.

Wooden cabinets are in perfect harmony with the wall covering. The herringbone-style tiles used on the floor add movement to the space. The large round mirror adds depth to the space. Right next to the washbasins, there is a special-use area with a large mirror in front of it and it is very functional. The wall sconces and taps on both sides of the round mirror are in perfect harmony. In general, it is a spacious and bright design.

ID# 144902 | – Credit© Dependable Renovations Ltd

Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash in a Rustic Bathroom

A small and cute bathroom design in rustic style. The star of this design is the green shiplap backsplash. Although it is halfway up the wall at the back of the toilet and sink, it adds a very different atmosphere to this place. The shiplap backsplash is here horizontally, making this small space seem even larger. This backsplash is in perfect harmony with the Shaker white sink cabinet. Silver button-shaped handles are used on the cabinet, and they are in harmony with the faucet of the same color. A round and black framed mirror completes the design. Dark gray tiles, consisting of hexagonal forms on the floor, contrast with their colors. The large window here makes the space bright.

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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ID# 144903 | – Credit | © A Simple and Elegant Space Created with Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

A Simple and Elegant Space Created with Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

This contemporary style bathroom design is accompanied by a vertically placed shiplap backsplash. The fact that this shiplap is vertical makes the space feel very high and spacious. In front of these white walls, light gray shaker cabinets take their place. The wonderful harmony of white and gray is dazzling. In terms of style, the shiplap and shaker cabinet are in harmony. With the Shiplap backsplash, although this space is a bathroom, it also offers the warmth of living space. The single sink, used fixtures, appliques on both sides of the mirror and cabinet handles look very elegant. The patterned flooring on the floor adds a warm atmosphere to the space and completes the design.

ID# 144904 | – Credit© NFG Designs

A Blue, Spacious Space With Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

The shiplap backsplash in blue is in horizontal form and all the walls are in this way. This wall flooring style gives the space a feeling of spaciousness. In this bathroom, the sink stands in a different style with metal legs and provides a very modern look. This vibrant style washbasin creates a beautiful contrast to the calmness of the wall covering. The round mirror and faucet in silver also complete the design and show great harmony. The white thick frame around the window and the white lamp on the wall stand out on the blue color wall. The ethnic patterned floor covering here, consisting of gray and white, completely complements all the details used. A different bathroom design with the freshness of the blue color.

ID# 144905 | – Credit© Top Shelf Design

Spacious and Contemporary Design with Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

In this contemporary bathroom design, shiplap backsplash is used in a horizontal layout. Consisting of white ceilings and a mosaic tile floor made of black and white tiny tiles, this space has a very spacious and simple appearance. The shaker washbasin cabinet in light blue color adds freshness to this area with its color. The wooden shelf and black metal details on the top of the toilet add movement to this area. The large rectangular mirror adds depth to the space.

Color Options for Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

Shiplap bathroom backsplash is a paintable material, so you can color it in any color according to your taste. Thus, it can accompany a lot of designs. Even if it cannot be changed in terms of form and texture, it can be used in any color, making it an advantageous product to use as a shiplap backsplash in bathrooms. With this feature, it can easily appeal to many pleasures and styles.

White Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

White is the most popular paint color for shiplap backsplashes. When used in spaces, it represents lightness and spaciousness. White color is especially used in bathrooms as it gives the feeling of a sterile and clean environment. It relaxes the eyes and makes the space look bigger than it is. White is a color that can be used easily in every space thanks to the harmony it provides with every object and every color.

ID# 144906 | – Credit | © Paradigm New Pty Ltd.

Harmony of Black, Gold, and White Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

A wonderful traditional bathroom design with a horizontal white shiplap backsplash. Contrasting with the white walls, black shaker cabinets and gold handles look perfect. The black washbasin cabinets are accompanied by a gray benchtop and they support together the overall modern look of the bathroom. On the floor are tiles in a gray color similar to the benchtop and integrity is ensured. A big part of the elegance in this bathroom, the golden faucet, mirror, and wall lights on both sides of the mirror support it. A very modern space is created here with the shiplap, which is not considered very modern due to its structure.

White Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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White interlocking marble glass & metal mosaic tile contemporary look mosaic

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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White Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash by Combining Modern and Classical Style

A spacious and lively space is created with the white shiplap backsplash in horizontal form. This bathroom uses double sinks. Plain blue sink base cabinets are accompanied by a white patterned benchtop. The brass handles and fixtures on the cabinets are in perfect harmony and add an elegant look to the bathroom. Harmony is achieved with the two rectangular rims of black mirrors and the handles of the shower door. All these are accompanied by hexagonal white-on-black patterned floor tiles and integrate with the space. In general, a naive design is obtained by combining modern and classical styles.

Can you use shiplap as a backsplash in a bathroom?

It can be said unequivocally yes. Shiplap backsplash can be used easily in bathrooms after taking the necessary precautions. If proper initial sealing and regular inspection and maintenance are employed, shiplap in a bathroom will last for a long, long time. It can be a suitable choice for those who are looking for an unusual design. An option that can help add warmth to the space.

ID# 144908 | – Credit© Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

White Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash with Pink Sink

A contemporary and natural-looking bathroom design. White shiplap backsplash is used vertically on the walls. Thus, the bathroom is perceived as higher and larger with the spaciousness of white. The gray tiles on the floor against the white walls soften the space with the contrast it creates. Handleless wood cabinets are accompanied by a white benchtop. With these cabinets, natural air comes into this area. The pink washbasin adds warmth and color to the space and creates an intimate atmosphere.

ID# 144909 | – Credit© jodi foster design + planning

White Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash with a Simple and Clean-Looking Design

White shiplap backsplash is used horizontally on the walls. The ethnic style black, white and gray floor covering, which is very suitable for this wall covering, is in perfect harmony. The black handles on the shaker cabinet in dark blue tones, the black framed mirror, and the black details of the wall sconces complete the design by adding a pleasant atmosphere. The white benchtop and built in sink are in perfect harmony with the other elements. A contemporary bathroom design that creates a very hygienic sense of space in general.

ID# 144911 | – Credit© Warren Sanders Building

White Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash in a Traditional Style

A friendly-looking bathroom design in a traditional style. Here, a white shiplap backsplash is applied horizontally on the walls. Ethnic patterned tiles look great on the floor following this wall application. A Shaker washbasin cabinet in gray tones is very suitable for the environment. A small white sink and mirror above it support this traditional style. Shiplap is used on the ceiling again, thus ensuring integrity and making the space feel wider and more spacious. In general, a very natural bathroom design.

Gray Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

Gray is one of the most versatile colors that are very popular and common for bathroom designs. With its sleek and elegant appeal, gray can be a perfect paint color for your shiplap bathroom backsplash!

ID# 144912 | – Credit© Idonea Design

Synthesis of Classic Modern Style with Gray Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

In this bathroom design, even though the roof has a slope, the atmosphere looks very spacious and bright. There is a gray shiplap backsplash horizontally on the wall where the sink and toilet are located. White tiles in the shower section enhance the brightness. The light gray shades fill the rest of the bathroom. Gray patterned tiles on white with ethnic patterns on the floor are in perfect harmony with the environment. While the wooden sink cabinet and the wooden framed mirror add naturalness to the bathroom, their color and texture are in perfect harmony with the shiplap wall. Black shower fixtures, shower cabin frame, and sink faucet add elegance with their black color. A bathroom design that gives a wide view in small spaces.

ID# 144913 | – Credit© Cadence and Co

Comfortable and Natural Design with Gray Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

Spacious bathroom design. Here, the vertical installation of the gray shiplap backsplash makes the space feel higher. The bathroom has a large black slatted door that opens onto the balcony. This creates a very spacious area and this feature also makes it perceived as a living space rather than a bathroom. There is a double sink on one side of the bathroom. The wooden cabinets are in perfect harmony with this natural environment. Brass handles and faucets add elegance with color and design. On the other side, there is a bathtub in the same color as the walls, in line with this pleasant and comfortable environment. The floor tiles and benchtop in gray tones integrate with the design with their harmony with each other.

ID# 144914 | – Credit© Lacey Construction Ltd.

Bright and Airy Design with Gray Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

A bright and airy bathroom design. There is a gray shiplap backsplash horizontally on the wall where the sink and toilet are located. White cabinets, which are always in perfect harmony with gray, look great in front of this wall. It also harmonizes with other accessories. There is wood flooring in gray tones on the floor. Thus adds warm air to the environment.

Black Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

Black stands for power, formality, and mystery. It is generally considered a negative color. Due to its black light absorbing effect, it minimizes the effects of distracting elements and helps to provide concentration. Apart from this, it is not recommended to be used alone in spaces, but when used as a balancer with other colors, it adds elegance to the space. It can be used as a background color, it contrasts very well with bright colors. According to these effects, it can also be used as a backsplash in shiplap form in bathrooms.

ID# 144916 | – Credit© The Dept of Design

A Modern Design with Black Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

The nobility of black fills this bathroom as a shiplap wall covering. Here, there is a black shiplap vertically, thus awakening the perception of height in the space. The wood floating washbasin cabinet looks magnificent in front of the black wall. The white washbasin, which stands independently on the cabinet, stands out with the contrast it creates in front of the black. Of course, gold color accessories and a faucet make a very stylish touch as a complement. A perfect modern design with other elements against the darkness created by black.

How do you waterproof shiplap in a bathroom?

There are different ways you can ensure your backsplash is waterproof. For example, you can Prepare the surfaces and apply a coat of mold and mildew-resistant paint. These products are made for wet areas which means you can use them as a waterproof layer. You can also keep shiplap edges off of the counter and caulk the gap to keep water away from the wood!

ID# 144917 | – Credit© Creative Innovations & Designs Inc

Black Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash in Harmony with White and Grey

A bathroom design that shows the perfect harmony of black and white despite the contrasts. The black shiplap backsplash used horizontally is accompanied by gray parquet and white walls. The light gray shaker sink cabinet, white sink, and black fixtures look simple and stylish. Overall, it’s a clean and spacious design despite the black wall.

Vertical Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

Shiplap is a popular interior design element that mostly seems horizontal layout, but it can also be installed vertically. With a vertical layout, shiplap walls can create the illusion of a higher ceiling, making the space appear more spacious. Especially, if you have a small bathroom, consider using vertical shiplap panels!

ID# 144918 | – Credit© Stephanie Brown Inc.

Vertical Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash in a Traditional Style

A bright and natural-looking bathroom design. Meanwhile, there is a white shiplap backsplash vertically and it makes this space seem higher than it is. A double sink appears without a cabinet, and the fact that the plumbing pipes are visible adds a different atmosphere to the design. The silver faucets are in perfect harmony with this detail. Unusually, a wooden shelf over the sink instead of a mirror adds a natural sense. The frame and flower used as decor on this shelf add warmth to this space. In keeping with this ambiance, a wicker basket takes its place. On the floor, tiles in gray tones make other elements stand out more.

Gray Mosaic Tiles

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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White Gray Marble Leaf Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Light blue, white, and gray color mixed, mosaic tile for backsplash, bathroom & shower.

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ID# 144919 | – Credit© Built Works

Country Style with Vertical Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

The country-style bathroom design is accompanied by a vertical shiplap backsplash. This is a very correct choice in this area, which is not very high due to the roof slope because it makes this area seem higher than it is and the feeling of flatness disappears. Thanks to the glass opening to the roof, it becomes a very bright space. There is a bathtub right under this glass and it makes this area enjoyable. The horizontal shiplap wall covering in light green tones adds a nice color and enhances the warmth. The sides of the tub, on the other hand, give great warmth with the light wooden benchtop. The wooden flooring on the floor completes the design by adding naturalness.

Is shiplap backsplash cheaper than tile?

Shiplap is a great alternative to tile in terms of price. The square meter price may vary depending on the product chosen, but there is not a big difference between them. However tiles offer more options, so nothing clear can be said about it.

ID# 144920 | – Credit© JBS Building & Development

A Contemporary Bathroom Design and Vertical Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash in harmony with Tiles

A great bathroom design with a combination of white vertical shiplap backsplash and tiles! The bathroom wall is divided horizontally by a wooden lath. In the lower part, gray Carrara marble herringbone tiles create a nice texture and add a sense of luxury. The wooden vanity brings a warm atmosphere.

ID# 144921 | – Credit© Jon Harris Photography

Vertical Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash in Harmony with stonewall

A rustic bathroom design with a bright and natural look. Behind the wall where the sink is positioned, a white vertical shiplap bathroom backsplash is used. When it comes to side by side with the natural stone wall right next to it, it gains a very natural look and reveals the harmony of these two materials very nicely. The natural wood sink cabinet used here supports the natural atmosphere here. A stylish touch is provided with black handles, a faucet, and a round mirror frame. The tiles in gray tones used on the floor help the other elements to stand out.

Is it OK to use an MDF shiplap in the bathroom?

Whether made of wood or MDF, you can use shiplap in a bathroom provided you take steps to protect the material. So, yes you can use MDF panels as a shiplap backsplash.

ID# 144922 | – Credit© Northern Living Kitchen & Bath

Synthesis of Classic and Contemporary Design with Vertical Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

A contemporary bathroom design in a classic style! The light gray vertical shiplap bathroom backsplash creates a warm atmosphere. The shiplap paneling is continuous on the ceiling and creates a completed look. With its light gray shaker washbasin cabinet style, it is very suitable for this space. The large mirror makes this space seem even larger. Two glass pendant lamps add elegance to the space with their shapes. The freestanding bathtub, white curtains, and decorative objects bring some Victorian era vibes.

Rustic Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash

The decoration, which is completely inspired by nature and used pure trees, is called the rustic style. This style has a decoration where comfort comes to the fore. The rustic style, which stands out with its naturalness and old elements, is also very fashionable in recent years. We can say that rustic decoration is a symbol of naturalness and comfort. It is suitable for the idea of comfortable and shabby decoration by using completely natural products. Shiplap is a very suitable building material for this style. Those who love this style can easily choose shiplap as a backsplash in their bathroom designs.

ID# 144904 | – Credit© Astro Design Centre

Rustic Shiplap Bathroom Backsplash with Natural Elements

This rustic-style bathroom design is vertically accompanied by a shiplap backsplash. Here on the walls, the shiplap is divided horizontally by a lath in a third section. While the lower part uses a light gray tone, the upper part continues with white. In general terms, color tones continue in three stages from dark to white. The floor has a natural stone veneer in dark gray tones. Above this, there is a natural-textured wooden sink cabinet that makes you feel like you are in nature. As the benchtop, there are natural stones in gray tones and two sinks that look like natural stone carving in the same tones. These elements create a very rustic atmosphere. The lighting on the wall, on the other hand, harmonizes with this space with their forms. Although it looks a bit gloomy in general, natural elements obtain a stylish design.

Is shiplap out of style?

It is quite difficult to answer this question because everyone has different points of view. Although generally thought of as an older style, shiplap backsplash can also create a modern style in bathrooms when combined with different materials and styles today. This applies to any material. A modern, contemporary or nostalgic style can be created according to the style desired to achieve. This is determined by the colors and materials used.

How to install a shiplap bathroom backsplash?

Shiplap is a distinctive type of cladding consisting of long, horizontally stacked boards. Make sure the boards are straight, flat, and free of knot hole cavities before purchasing them. Avoid using warped boards. Keep in mind that lumber sizes are measured before being sanded smooth. Measure and cut the shiplap board to fit the wall. Squeeze a line of Heavy Adhesive paste along the back of the shiplap board. Do this immediately before you attach the shiplap to the wall. Heavy Adhesive will make the boards adhere firmly to the wall. After that, you can nail or screw the shiplap to the wall.

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