Small Bathroom With Bathtub Practical and Compact Yet Stylish

55+ Small Bathroom Ideas

ID# 101532 | – Credit© The Brighton Bathroom Company

Small Bathroom with Bathtub and Cement Hexagonal Floor

In this petite bathroom, the hexagonal Cement floor tile patterned floor creates packing in plenty of personalities. With an eye-catching floor, the rest of the bathroom is kept simple with 3×6 white subway tiles. The glass-hinged shower door adds transparency in this small bathroom, while the black-framed painting offers personal touches. Black bathroom fixtures and black lighting provide modern touches with its contrasting color.

ID# 101554 | – Credit© Four Brothers Design + Build

Blue Porcelain Wall and Wood Harmony in Contemporary Small Bathroom

This contemporary small bathroom stands out with its blue porcelain wall tiles and the use of wooden cabinets. While the white floor tiles help the whole area to feel wider and airier, the area that is useful for this narrow bathroom, which is used instead of both shower cabin and bathtub, provides a relaxing atmosphere with blue porcelain wall tiles. The wooden cabinet reinforces the cozy and warm atmosphere, while a large mirror and glass shower door makes space appear wider.

Convenient, Stylish: Furniture Choices, Storage Solutions, and Some Design Tricks!

A small bathroom can be a stylish, practical, and compact bathroom with the right technical knowledge. A few space-saving tips mixed with a range of gorgeous tiles, colors, and accessories will turn the most modest bathrooms into an enviable space in minutes. We gather out some ideas in our small bathroom with bathtub gallery to show you how to create the little bathroom of your dreams.

Create cozy, comfortable and small spaces with minimalist choices

Regardless of your style, the most important thing to consider when decorating a small bathroom should be to make a modern and minimalist design as possible. Also, with soft and natural color tones, modern bathroom furniture with clean lines will make your bathroom look much larger than it is. When making small bathroom designs, it is very important to use the ceiling height at the maximum. Reflective surfaces such as a frameless flat mirror model, clear shower glass, and large-scale glossy ceramic tiles are among other small bathroom decorating ideas. In this article, we present you with examples of images and small bathrooms with bathtub models.

You can find small bathroom furniture choices, bathtub-shower cabin ideas, storage solutions, marble ideas, subway tiles, color use ideas to create bathroom design ideas with various examples.

ID# 101501 | – Credit© Horrigan O’Malley Architects

Small Bathroom with White Porcelain Subway Tile

The elegant white porcelain subway tiles have a glossy finish that adds the beauty of the bathroom to white. Continuing on the walls and bathtub of this small modern bathroom, 3×6 white porcelain subway wall tiles create a more airy space. While this bathroom with enough natural light gives the feeling of spaciousness, the wood-look floor tiles create an elegance that makes it comfortable. The bathroom is complemented by a white vanity and cupboard, a mini toilet.

ID# 101502 | – Credit© Frances Herrera Interior Design

Small Bathroom with Bathtub with New Approach

This bathroom remodel takes a new approach to the traditional style. Inspired by freshly cut flowers and a vibrant palette, space is transformed with spacious elegance. The marble mosaic shower wall combines with chalky white tones, 3×12 marble wall tiles, while the classic white mosaic marble floor creates a natural look. Antique silhouettes, a classic mirror, a pedestal sink create a romantic, simple elegance as much as a love poem.

ID# 101503 | – Credit© Lauren Rubin Architecture

Small Contemporary Bathroom with Bevelled Edge Floor Tile

This contemporary small bathroom is full of simplicity and naturalness. The 3×6 beveled edge floor tiles explode gracefully on the white porcelain wall tiles with the warm look of its green color. The white green beveled edge tiles continue with the bathtub while using the same pattern on the bathtub curtain, it cheers up the bathroom. Window opening, a console sink minimal paintings, steel bathroom accessories bring elegance to this small bathroom.

ID# 101505 | – Credit© Moroso Construction

Pebble Floor and Blue Wall Tile Idea in Modern Small Bathroom

Blue, the color closest to water, gives great results in this small bathroom. The beige stone pebbles mosaic floor uses natural materials to create a feeling of bathing in nature, while 4×12 white wall tiles turn into a blue wall tile with a smooth transition in the bathtub. The plain appearance of the white quartz countertop in a harmony with the natural wood cabinets. The frameless mirror is the accessory that makes this small modern bathroom look wider.

ID# 101506 | – Credit© Bountiful

Modern Bathroom with Calacatta Gold Marble

This bathroom looks modern and simple thanks to its beach-style calacatta gold marble and light color palette. Only the dark brown bathroom cabinet moves away from the light-colored design, becoming the stylish focal point of the room. The black-bordered, 3×8 calacatta gold marble tile backsplash wall matches the calacatta gold vanity countertop as it runs along with the bathtub. The window opening that illuminates the bathroom creates an illusion of glass around the bathtub, giving the impression that space is larger.

ID# 101509 | – Credit© Designs By Human

Small Bathroom with Bathtub and White Black Marble Floor

Standing out with its black and white patterned floor and neutral white color, this small bathroom is very inviting. White black mixed marble floor tiles make this small toilet from simple to eye-catching. While the tiles passing through the floor add texture and depth to space, the 4×12 white glossy porcelain wall tiles passing through the wall does not compete. The plain white shower curtain separates the bathtub area. Golden cabinet handles and golden bathroom fixtures bring an eye-catching detail to the bathroom space.

ID# 101510 | – Credit© Urban West

Contemporary Bathroom with Color Printed Wall Tiles and Red Cabinets

Vivid red cabinets, painted colored wall tiles serve as an eye-catching focal point in this contemporary bathroom. While the white hex mosaic tile floor is a minimal design element on the floor, it meets the white bathtub, and 3×6 porcelain wall tiles with color printed allows it to explode on the wall. Combining with the vibrant red cabinet, this eye-catching bathroom gains a calm elegance with a gray quartz vanity top. A red painting and a thick gray framed mirror complete the last needed elements.

ID# 101512 | – CreditCarriage Lane Design-Build Inc. | © Stephani Buchman

Small Bathroom with Wooden Shelves and Gray Subway Tiles

The smooth transition of white and gray stands out in this stylish and small bathroom. Color harmony; It shows the smooth transition of 3×6 porcelain gray wall tiles on the bathtub wall and minimal gray hexagon marble floor tiles on the floor. The gray cabinet and the wooden shelf space recess with storage space create a more useful space. Open storage helps the small bathroom feel airy and open.

ID# 101513 | – CreditThomas Alexander | © Darry Snow

Small Bathroom with Bathtub and White Porcelain Tiles

This stunning two-tone bathroom mixes black and white to highlight the room’s different features. While 6×6 white porcelain tiles add simplicity, they are completed with black fixtures and surfaces that create bright contrast. The fixtures are placed in tiled recesses that provide storage. T The white curtain, the white sink contrasts with darker elements such as a black bathtub. A frameless mirror, black towel warmer are elements of the bathroom.

ID# 101514 | – CreditGina Godin | © Gordon King

Contemporary Small Bathroom with Bubble Design Shower Wall

Gray and white colors create a simple and clean look in this contemporary bathroom. While 4×16 porcelain white tiles continue with the bathtub, a smooth transition is provided with 12×24 gray floor tiles and gray cabinetry. It definitely gives a decorative lift in the bathtub area with its fun bubble design shower wall marble mosaic. While storage space is provided with wooden shelves over the closet, the frameless mirror makes the area wider. It is decorated with key colors: blue hanging light, red accessory, towels.

ID# 101515 | – Credit© Fresh Start Living

Small Bathroom with Bathtub and Blue-Gray Wall Tiles

This traditional bathroom is full of elegance. While multicolored mosaic floor tiles add originality, 4×12 blue gray wall tiles are a great way to make a small area look larger than it is by using half of the wall to create the illusion of height. Reflective surfaces like a transparent glass door instead of a shower curtain, a pedestal sink instead of vanity make the bathroom look bigger. A white bathtub, a white toilet with a wooden lid, a traditional mirror are other items in the bathroom.

Eclectic Small Bathroom with Bathtub and Handmade Blue Tiles

This small bathroom stands out with the organic look of the eclectic master blue tiles. Continuing along the wall, 4×4 handmade blue wall tiles contrast the white bathtub area with a blue patterned bathroom curtain, contrasting with the patterned multicolored floor tiles light color. While the window opening provides a bright environment, bronze bathroom fixtures, green plants complement the natural and organic ambiance of this eclectic bathroom.

ID# 101517 | – CreditLauren Bryan Knight | © Noah Darnell

Small Bathroom With Bathtub and Subway Tiles

This small bathroom is very clear and stylish in black and white. While using 3×6 white porcelain wall tile half is a great way to make a small area look larger than it is, the black continuing wall, black bathtub, and the irresistible charm of the white floor tile create a feel that is both modern and powerful in the bathroom. While the inclined window opening provides natural lighting, the atmosphere is integrated with mini green plants and wooden accessories.

ID# 101518 | – Credit© Caroline Day Design

Small Bathroom Idea with Blue Handmade Printed Tile

To add visual interest without overwhelming this small bathroom space, it is embellished with one key color: blue. The deep tone connects blue mosaic floor tile, blue handmade tile, and White bathtub. 4×4 blue handmade printed tiles are used mostly in the shower area of the wall, giving a ripped feel. Neutral white curtain, wooden shelf help create a more intimate atmosphere. Wall-mounted washbasin, wide window opening, blue framed mirror make the bathroom look wider.

ID# 101520 | – Credit© Elle Du Monde LLC

Small Bathroom Luxury Look with Hexagonal Mosaic Floor Tiles

Black, white and gray colors work wonders for this luxurious, sophisticated bathroom. The hexagon black and white mosaic floor tile adds interest without overwhelming this small room with a pattern, while the gray marble vanity matches the gray cabinetry. The white bathtub, white curtains, and white walls lengthen the space forever. The classic bronze framed mirror, flashy lighting element brings a luxurious atmosphere to the bathroom.

ID# 101521 | – Credit© GKA Design Studio

Ambitious Black-White Floor for Traditional Small Bathroom Idea

The bathroom defined by these traditional elements is quite ambitious. While black and white floor tiles make this small bathroom from simple to eye-catching, a white half wall panel is a great way to make space look bigger than it really is. A traditional black and white claw-foot bathtub matches a traditional pedestal sink. White flashy lighting, golden bathroom fixtures stand out by adding a claim to the bathroom.

ID# 101522 | – Credit© Mango Design Co

Contemporary Bathroom with Wooden Bathtub and Hexagonal Floor

This contemporary small bathroom is full of warmth and light. The hexagonal white floor tile explodes gracefully in the white ceramic wall tile with the warm look given by the wooden bathtub. The wooden-white bathtub cheers up the bathroom by using a moving pattern on its curtain, while the wooden bathroom cabinet adds a warm atmosphere to space. Window opening, minimal paintings, golden bathroom accessories bring freshness and elegance to this small bathroom.

ID# 101523 | – Credit© Валентина Хребтова/Гаврилова

Small Bathroom Idea with Green Mix Glass Mosaic Tile

A vibrant trendy green shower acts as an eye-catching focal point in this small bathroom. The remaining wall space continues in white and allows the green mix glass mosaic tile shower to really explode. The light-colored wood-look floor adds a more natural look to the bathroom. The transparent glass door of the shower creates a reflective surface, making the bathroom look bigger. While spotlights provide a brighter and more modern look, steel bathroom fixtures are the finishing touches that complement this bathroom.

ID# 101525 | – Credit© Janet Shea Interiors

Contemporary Bathroom Idea with White – Blue Shower Wall Tiles

This contemporary small bathroom is full of elegance. 4×4 white – blue shower wall tiles are used in two colors to create a different illusion. The two hues on the walls are a perfect compromise: light enough to create an airy feel, blue with more character. The Wood-look porcelain floor matches with the wooden cabinet, creating a comfortable atmosphere. White quartz vanity top integrates with the white color of the bathroom and a thin-framed mirror and minimal accessories add elegance to the bathroom.

ID# 101526 | – Credit© GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens

Small Modern Bathroom Idea with Blue Cement Tile Floor

This small modern bathroom in shades of gray and blue stands out with its patterned floor tile. While 3×12 white porcelain tiles create integrity in the bathroom, 3×12 gray porcelain tile creates a focus on the bathtub wall. Blue cement floor tiles provide a dynamic transition. Combining with the wooden bathroom cabinet, the gray quartz vanity top creates a relaxing atmosphere with its soft transition. Bronze bathroom fixtures and green plants complete the bathroom.

ID# 101528 | – Credit© Oliver Burns

Small Bathroom with Bathtub and Gray Porcelain Tiles

This gray decorative shower wall is a great way to introduce new trends to small spaces. Combined with strong structural lines, the custom look gray porcelain shower wall tile effortlessly evokes a stylish Art Deco feel. For a striking contrast, a sophisticated matte dark bathtub matches with 4×12 beveled edge white porcelain tile, while wood-look floor tile adds elegance to space with its plain appearance. The gray oval divider shower curtain creates a pleasant atmosphere, while the steel bathroom accessories complete the space.

ID# 101529 | – Credit© Horton & Co

Modern Small Bathroom with Beige Black Hexagon Tiles

This serene bathroom doesn’t look overly cluttered thanks to the minimalist design that includes only three colors (white, beige, and black). Hexagonal beige-black mosaic floor tile adds interest to this small room without overwhelming the pattern. While 3×6 white porcelain wall tiles create a holistic image, it creates the illusion of height with the beige part of the wall, making the bathroom look large. This serene bathroom is complemented by a claw-foot white tub, while the all-glass shower section becomes a more transparent space with the console washbasin.

ID# 101531 | – Credit© Tara Seawright Interior Design

Small White Simple Bathroom With Wooden Wall Panels

This contemporary small bathroom is full of simplicity and naturalness. While the mid-sized beach-style kids’ white floor tile continues as 3×6 white porcelain wall tile next to the bathtub, the colorful patterns on the bathtub curtain cheer up the bathroom. Whitewood wall panels create an elegant, heritage feel even in this simple bathroom with its fine, modern units. Raised-panel cabinets increase the storage space, while a console sink creates a larger area. Window opening, white lighting, oval mirror bring elegance to the bathroom.

ID# 101533 | – Credit© Юлия Веселова

Contemporary Small Bathroom with Travertine Wall and Blue

Beige tile and blue walls are striking in this contemporary bathroom. While travertine beige wall tile is used on the wall of the shower part, the gray mosaic floor tile creates reflections and provides a lively atmosphere. Beige tiles combine with a contrasting match, the blue wall and cabinet cover, bringing a more balanced atmosphere. Eye-catching lighting adds elegance to the bathroom, while a frameless mirror, vessel sink, and steel accessories complete this bathroom.

ID# 101534 | – Credit© NK Living

Small Bathroom with Bathtub and Patterned Cement Floor Tiles

This small modern bathroom with patterned floor tiles is very inviting. Cement 10×10 floor tile adds texture and depth to space and uses 4×10 subway wall tiles for a more modern look, while the dark mortar is used for a sharp look. The skylight creates a bright and airy space in the bathroom, while the classic white bathtub, glass shower, and classic pedestal washbasin are complemented by steel bathroom fixtures for a simple look.

Black Freestanding Bathtub in a Small White Bathroom

This small bathroom looks modern and homely thanks to the vibrant glass accents and white color palette. While 4×4 white floor tiles create a simple and minimal image, the half-length white tile space on the wall of the bathroom makes it look larger than it is. Only the Scandinavian freestanding bathtub moves away from the light-colored design, becoming the stylish focal point of the room. The wide window opening adds a bright and spacious atmosphere to the bathroom, while the blue painting adds elegance.

ID# 101537 | – Credit© Rez Studio

Monochrome Small Bathroom with Bathtub

This minimalist bathroom stands out with its hexagonal floor tile and black-and-white contrast, a striking design element. The black details on the white hexagonal floor tile create a flowing, modern look while adding an interesting texture to the room. Using 3×6 white porcelain tile on the half of the wall, it creates a stylish design and combines with the black bathtub and black countertop with elegance. The final touches that complete the space are around thin-edged mirrors and steel bathroom fixtures.

ID# 101539 | – Credit | Lundin Fastighetsbyrå | © Christian Johansson

Small Bathroom Idea with Bathtub and Large Subway Tile

In this modern bathroom, gray porcelain tile and white wall tiles look both trendy and futuristic. Gray 12×24 porcelain floor tile creates the illusion of a wider area by extending the line of sight while moving from the floor to the side of the bathtub. A large subway tile creates a wide perception of space with its modern looks and sparkling surface. Touches such as a sink integrated into the white walls and flat-panel cabinets, a large gray framed mirror, green plants complete the bathroom.

ID# 101541 | – Credit© Villages In Paris

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Mosaic Tiles

This contemporary bathroom is eye-catching with its mosaic tiles. Despite its narrow splits, this small bathroom is given a decorative lift with fun shower wall tiles and dark mosaic tiles. While dark mosaic tiles often make a room look smaller, it takes the focus from the size of the bathroom to much more interesting design elements. The mosaic tiles continue on the wall, next to the bathtub, on the countertop while matching the beige floor tiles on the floor. White washbasin and white cabinets add a sophisticated contrast.

ID# 101542 | – Credit© Clipsal by Schneider Electric

White Alcove Bathtub with Pink Porcelain Printed Tiles

This bathroom looks modern and simple thanks to its pink tiles and white color palette. Pink porcelain printed tiles are used in the bathtub section, creating the focal point in the white-walled bathroom and creating a romantic atmosphere with its soft color. The wide window opening makes the bathroom look bright and the thin-framed mirror matches the white cabinet and white washbasin, adding simple elegance.

ID# 101543 | – Credit© Kate Lester Interiors

Modern Bathroom with Black and White Contrast and Mosaic Floor Tile

The simple formula of this dazzling little bathroom adheres to the two-tone black and white color scheme. White Mosaic floor tiles lengthen the space forever, while black accents add contrast. While the 3×6 white porcelain tiles accentuate the shower wall, it matches the white shower curtain. The white washbasin and black cabinets add a sophisticated contrast and the thin-framed mirror makes the space perceive wide. Green plants and a painting in the bathroom are the finishing touches.

ID# 101545 | – CreditFotograf Josefin Widell Hultgren | © Josefin Widell Hultgren

Small Bathroom with Bathtub and Exposed Beams

This contemporary bathroom catches the eye with the originality of the blue handmade tiles. To add visual interest without overwhelming the space, the bathroom is decorated with blue handmade floor tiles. Blue 4×4 handmade floor tiles create a beautiful tone that connects wooden ceiling beams, large subway white wall tiles. The muted tone of the white subway wall tiles allows the floor to explode. The white bathtub and white cabinets add simplicity, while the white cabinet mirror provides additional storage.

ID# 101546 | – Credit© Chi Renovation & Design

Hexagonal Floor and Gray Cabinet Idea in Contemporary Small Bathroom

This small bathroom keeps the vintage ambiance while combining several contemporary surfaces. Hexagonal floor mosaic tiles stand out and complete the classic look. While 3×6 white porcelain tiles offer a modern and clean appearance, the gray shower curtain provides a monochrome color transition. The contemporary square wall-mounted washbasin offers more space and the gray stylish cabinet increases storage space. The bathroom modernizes its vintage charm with a frameless mirror and a white stylish chandelier.

ID# 101548 | – Credit© Mark Davis Design

Small Modern Bathroom with Minimalist Herringbone Wall Tiles

This small bathroom is a very good example with its minimalist design. The area, which is useful for this narrow bathroom, which is used instead of both a shower cabin and a bathtub, looks simple and stylish with the white herringbone backsplash. In simple lines, cement floor tiles provide a dynamic transition. The wall-mounted modular cabinet looks effortless, modern. A frameless mirror, black lighting, and bathroom fixtures contrast and complete the bathroom.

ID# 101549 | – Credit© Amy Shirlaw Interiors

Stunning Small Bathroom with Bathtub and Black Herringbone Tiles

This modern bathroom with a dark palette is very pleasant and inviting. Midnight blue ceiling and walls match with reflective herringbone black wall tile to maximize the feeling of space. In the area used as a shower cabin and bathtub, the white large subway wall tiles create contrast and extend the space forever. Gray and white cement floor tiles are balanced with plants and pale wood to create a natural feel to space with its neutral colors and geometric patterns.

ID# 101550 | – Credit© Panageries

Small Bathroom with Wooden Victorian Cabinet and Mosaic Tile Floor

This small bathroom wood victorian cabinet stands out with its leaded window. While the gold and black marble basketweave mosaic tile floor is created, 3×6 white porcelain tiles create an illusion of height by making a sharp finish with black marble and make the space look bigger. Faux gray and light blue walls combined with a white freestanding tub and polished nickel faucet give the room a clean and vibrant feel.

ID# 101551 | – Credit© True North Development

Small Bathroom Idea with Serene Marble Mosaic Tile

This serene bathroom is full of decorative elements from marble mosaic floor tiles to traditional line cabinets. Beige-gray marble mosaic floor, combined with the white subway wall tile, becomes a stylish focal point on the shower wall, while continuing on the floor tile, creating a holistic image. Maintaining a calm color palette, this modern bathroom is complemented by traditional style cupboards, mirrors and steel accessories.

ID# 101553 | – Credit© Lauren Rubin Architecture

Small Modern Bathroom with Bathtub and Stylish Blue Wall Tiles

This small bathroom with blue porcelain walls is full of elegance. While the white bathroom wall continues to the side of the bathtub, blue porcelain wall tiles are used in the area used as shower cabin and bathtub, and it gives great results with its closest color to water. While the light-looking white washbasin with metal legs makes the bathroom perceive wider, a frameless mirror, white shower curtain complement the bathroom with their stylish and simple looks.

ID# 101504

Vintage Small Bathroom with White Marble Mosaic

This bathroom, which is formed by using monochrome colors together, has style. The 3×6 beveled edge white porcelain wall tiles match with the white grey marble mosaic wall tiles while at the same time giving a burst of elegance. The white floor tiles have black details, making it highly decorative and ideal for any bathroom upgrading. A pedestal sink, frameless mirror, and steel accessories add elegance to this small bathroom with a classic line.

ID# 101508

Small Bathroom with Bathtub and Glass Shower Door

This calm bathroom is full of decorative elements from patterned borders to Verde white color mixed marble mosaic. 3×6 Thassos white marble tiles are extended to half and add charm to the bathroom, while the mosaic border makes a stylish touch. Verde white color mixed marble mosaic floor tiles add originality. A wall-hung toilet and flush button, oval trough sink, floating vanity drive modernity. The illuminated mirror and glass bathtub divider are the elements that make the space bright and wide.

ID# 101511

Beach Style Bathroom with Herringbone Black Floor

Look at this stunning interior design! This small modern bathroom stands out with its herringbone black marble floor. 4×4 square white porcelain shower tiles are used for a more modern look, while the dark mortar is used for a sharp appearance. Champagne gold faucets, wooden cabinets add warmth to the room, while a flowing bond pattern shower curtain adds a bold touch. A classic pattern on the floor: small-scale herringbone black marble mosaic floor. A deep-framed mirror adds depth and a graphic touch while providing a place for toothbrushes, other toiletries, and a few eucalyptus leaves.

Contemporary Small Bathroom Idea with Wooden Wall and Floor

In this cozy bathroom, the use of wood creates the illusion of comfortable space. Adding white wood panels to the walls and wooden floor tiles is a great way to add personality to small, feature-less bathrooms. The country-style medium-tone wood floor continues on the ceiling, creating a holistic environment. While the claw-foot bathtub brings style to this cozy bathroom, a green chair, thick-framed mirror, a painting becomes complete.

ID# 101524

Minimalist Bathroom with Neutral Color Scheme and Hexagonal Floor Tiles

This minimalist bathroom is mostly unadorned, except for the hexagonal marble mosaic floor. While the white walls continue with 4×4 porcelain white on the shower wall, it protects the neutral color palette with the hexagonal marble mosaic floor. The wall-mounted washbasin makes the bathroom look wider than it really is because it doesn’t take up any floor space. White shower curtain, frameless mirror, black accessories have a modern and light look.

ID# 101527

Small Contemporary Bathroom with White Bubble Marble Mosaic Floor

This contemporary small bathroom in white is very inviting. White bubble marble mosaic floor tile for the floor gives a pinch of magic to the small space and adds interest to the room without overwhelming it with its pattern. While the 3×6 white porcelain wall lengthens the space forever, the marble vanity top adds classic, sophisticated contrast. The glass bathtub pane makes space look wider, while the steel bathroom fixtures, white cabinetry, and a few flowers complete the stylish touches in the bathroom.

Small Bathroom with Bathtub and White Subway Tiles

This minimalist bathroom is mostly unadorned, except for the victorian white tile, which is a striking design element. White marble with black dot floor mosaic illusion helps the whole area feel wider and airier. The 3×6 white porcelain wall becomes a great way to open up space and create an airy illusion by limiting wet areas in the small bathroom and leaving the tops of walls unfurnished. Blue walls meet with a slightly patterned gray curtain, defining the white bathtub area.

ID# 101535

Eye-Catching Small Bathroom with Blue Hexagonal Cement Tile

Hexagonal cement tiles make this small bathroom from simple to eye-catching. Blue hexagonal cement tiles continue from the floor to the bathtub and the tiles that pass into the wall add integrity and texture to space. The bathroom continues with the white subway wall tile, which doesn’t compete with visually expressive tiles. It gains a stylish look with white walls, black bathroom fixtures, and wooden stools.

ID# 101538

Contemporary Small Bathroom Idea with Multicolored Cement Floor

This small bathroom has personality with its multicolored aerodynamic finish. Multicolor cement floor tile sets an eye-catching trend, while 3×6 white porcelain wall tiles keep the rest of the bathroom plain and simple. Wooden shelves become a table by freeing up the floor space with an elevated storage solution on the wall. While the bathtub provides a greater perception of the space by creating a reflective surface with a transparent glass partition, beige countertops, and an undermount sink allow the floor to do all the talking.

ID# 101540

Small Bathroom with Bathtub and White Vanity

This white and blue bathroom stands out for its classic look. This layout matching hexagon white mosaic floor tiles with a soft blue wall offer a perfect balance between spaciousness and comfort. While the 3×6 white subway tiles create a more defined area in the shower section, the square arch over the tub conceals a shower curtain rod. Marble vanity adds timeless elegance to this small space. Wall-mounted glass shelves provide storage, while a white classic mirror adds elegance to the bathroom.

ID# 101544

Small Bathroom with Bathtub and Hexagonal Floor Tile

This minimalist bathroom is mostly plain except for hexagonal floor tiles, which is a striking design element. White-black detailed hexagonal floor tiles create a flowing, modern look while adding an interesting texture to the room. While 3×6 white porcelain tiles create a clean and continuous image in the shower area, a patterned shower curtain helps to create a more intimate and pleasant atmosphere as a flexible room divider. In the bathroom, only the dark brown cabinet moves away from the light-colored design, adding elegance to the room.

ID# 101547

Cement Floor Tile and Wooden Cabinets in Small Modern Bathroom

This bathroom doesn’t look overly cluttered thanks to the minimalist design that includes white, black, and wood. Cement floor tile adds texture and depth to space and captures modernity with its minimal and stylish appearance by matching the penny mosaic wall on the shower wall. While the wooden tall cabinet increases the storage space, it matches the wooden cabinet, creating a natural and warm environment. A glamorous golden chandelier, golden bathroom fixtures, gold-framed mirror catches modernity with its stylish appearance.

ID# 101552

The warmth of Wood and White Subway Tiles

This modern bathroom, where white walls meet wood, looks very inviting. With its modern appearance, 3×6 white porcelain tiles continue throughout the wet areas, while the shower cabin and bathtub section integrate with the wood, creating a warm and inviting bathroom. While the large wooden-framed mirror makes space look bigger, the glass partition and steel accessories provide a minimalist elegance.

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