Travertine Subway Backsplash Tile Idea

The use of the subway travertine mosaic backsplash tile in this kitchen definitely brings out a truly fashionable touch. With a meticulously designed and crispy giallo ornamental kitchen granite countertop, the harmonious results tell of a painstakingly thought-out style that will transform any cooking space into a mealtime sanctuary. Add the beige kitchen cabinets for classic results.

Travertine Subway Backsplash Tile with beige cabinet and giallo ornamental granite countertop from

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Photo Credit | Jennifer Brouwer Design

travertine subway Tile multi size small

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Photo Credit | Jennifer Brouwer Design

travertine subway tile multi size large

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Photo Credit | Jennifer Brouwer Design

gold granite white cabinet travertine backsplash

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Photo Credit | Jennifer Brouwer Design

  • Paul Blaccard

    I am interested in this blacksplash. Can I please get pricing. Thank you.


      Hi Paul, we found very similar backsplash tile, you can see below. I sent you more info & price. Thanks

      travertine long mosaic subway backsplash tile

    • diane murphy

      Can i please get a pricing . thank you .

  • Scott

    I am designing my kitchen identical to this one and was stumped on the backsplash until I saw this! Please provide me with pricing as well. Thank you!!


      Hi Scot sure I just sent you information about pricing. Any question let us know. Thanks

  • Catdcruz

    Hi can I purchase a sample please


      Hi Catdcruz, we can supply samples for you, which item you would like to have a sample, because those are 2 different items. Let us know Thanks

  • James

    Hi, I’d like more information on pricing and availability. Thanks!


      Hi James, we’ll sent an information about this item. Thanks

  • Ann Mcgravey-Riccio

    o you have or know where to get multivariate brick palace honed marble small subway tiles that come as mosaic sheets 12 by 12?


      Hi Ann I sorry but we do not have that item. Any question let us know thanks.

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  • bill dehaan

    in the main image on top of page where this backsplash is shown, does anyone know the the name of the granite that is shown ?

  • Jan Spahn

    Hi, I am also interested in the BA1024 backsplash. Would like a sample as well as pricing. How can I purchase
    this tile?