Gray and White Bathroom Cool & Fresh Timeless Bathroom Ideas

37+ Gray White Bathroom

ID# 105807 | – Credit© Frank Good Builders

White Bathroom with Gray Floor and Starburst Chandelier

This farmhouse master bathroom features white vanity with a white countertop, freestanding bathtub, dark gray floor parquets, wood details, and a starburst chandelier. The dark gray floor creates a striking contrast with the other features. Wood stool and ladder bring warmth to the atmosphere. The gold starburst chandelier above the tub makes a luxurious touch.

ID# 105829 | – Credit© Spazio LA

Transitional Bathroom with Cement Floor Tiles

This beautiful bathroom features natural wood vanity, gray shiplap backsplash, white subway tiles, white and black patterned cement tiles on the floors with an infinity drain a custom frameless shower door, and custom lighting. Vanity and shiplap wall creates a rustic appeal while white subway tiles creating a clean and fresh look in the shower.

Fresh Cool Gray and White Bathrooms

If you are looking for a timeless yet chic and stylish style for your bathroom, a gray and white color palette can be your solution. Here are the best gray and white bathroom design ideas. Scroll down and find some inspiration!

Combine white and gray with some other neutral colors

A combination of the gray and white color serves an elegant look for a bathroom. The white keeps the atmosphere light enough, while gray adds some cool movement. Whether you go with an all-white bathroom with gray decors to create a classic look or combine a concrete wall with white vanity to make some contemporary touch, these colors can easily adapt to any style. We gather out some ideas in our gray and white bathrooms gallery. Check out before start your design!

Play with textures like natural stone, wood details, pebble walls!

ID# 105801 | – Credit© Austin and Co. Architecture and Design

Farmhouse Bathroom with White Subway Tiles and Gray Grout

Gorgeous subway tiled bathroom with gray grout provides contrast and dimension while allowing the furnished accents to stand out. This white and gray bathroom features a metal washstand base with a concrete countertop and open bottom shelving for maximum storage space. Dark gray floor tiles complement the vanity. Wicker baskets and stool bring warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 105802 | – Credit© Silver Maple Construction

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom with Concrete Wall

This large bathroom serves a modern look with its clean lines of black-white features. Freestanding bathtub paired with black faucet. The concrete wall provides a smooth transition between the white features and black flooring.


Gray Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 105803 | – Credit© 42 North – Architecture + Design

Open Walk-in Shower with Gray Mosaic Floor Tiles

Inspiration for a large open walk-in shower with pedestal bathtub, gray roman shade, white tile, gray mosaic floor tile, chrome shower kit, and teak stool. A teak stool sits beside the tub on a gray mosaic marble grid floor. A white-tiled niche is fitted beside a chrome shower kit mounted against white surround tiles completed with black grout.

ID# 105804 | – Credit© Someday Studio

Transitional Bathroom with Gray Herringbone Floor Tiles

Attic design sometimes can be tricky because of its sloped shape but with the right organization, you can create a beautiful design like this! This attic bathroom features a clawfoot gray bathtub, light gray bathroom wainscoting, dark gray herringbone floor tiles, and a white curtain. The dark gray floor creates strong contrast and brings a character to the bathroom.

ID# 105805 | – Credit | © Lifestyle by Stadler

White Farmhouse Bathroom with Gray Shiplap Wall

In this white farmhouse bathroom, a gray shiplap wall directly pulls the attention and creates a focal point behind the bathtub. White features like vanities, quartz countertops, freestanding bathtub, and sconces create a bright atmosphere while the gray shiplap bringing a dramatic look. The large crystal chandelier above the tub makes a luxurious touch.

ID# 105806 | – Credit© The Lifestyled Company

Gray and White Bathroom with Black Shiplap Wall

Black shiplap, structured wood vanity, and star-dusted floor tiles make this bathroom in a sophisticated, more masculine direction. Black shiplap wall painted in Benjamin Moore Black Beauty. Wood vanity and wicker wall decors above the toilet bring warmth to the gray-dominated atmosphere and vanity paired with a white countertop. Frameless glass doors of the shower provide an airy look.

White Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 105808 | – Credit© JAC Interiors

Mediterranean Bathroom with Marble Wall Tiles

In this Mediterranean marble wall tiles creates an eye-catching backdrop. Black and gray patterned floor tiles add a texture to the room. The white freestanding bathtub creates a modern look with its clean curved lines and paired with a gold faucet which makes a luxurious touch.

ID# 105809 | – Credit© Huntington Id

Transitional Bathroom with Gray and White Hexagon Tiles

A great way that using two different colored tiles together. White hexagon tile used on the lower parts of the wall and provide a continuous look with the floor. Gray hexagon tile used on the upperparts and bring movement to the atmosphere. white vanity paired with marble countertop. Wood stool and wicker rug bring warmth to the atmosphere. Gray floor tiles complement the gray hexagons.

ID# 105810 | – Credit© MMAD Architecture

Contemporary Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Concrete Countertop

A combination of gray, white, and wood creates a cool and intimate atmosphere. Wood floating vanity paired with concrete countertop and vessel sinks. Thanks to the white tile the room has a bright atmosphere. Wood vanity, mirrored cabinet doors, and open shelves provide a clutter-free look with plenty of bathroom storage spaces. dark gray floor tiles create a contrasting look.

ID# 105811 | – Credit© TG-Studio

Marble Bathroom Idea with Recessed Wood Niche

This bathroom shows us that small spaces can also have an elegant look! Marble tiles covering all the room and creates an eye-catching look. Recessed wood niche in harmony with the marble tiles and it provides a space for bath products besides its visual beauty. White and black mosaic floor tiles bring a traditional vibe.

ID# 105812 | – Credit© Smart Space

Modern White Freestanding Bathtub with Gray Tiles

Crystal pendant lamp lights a rectangular freestanding bathtub fitted with a satin nickel deck mount tub filler and placed diagonally on the dark gray floor tiles. The same tiles are continuous on the walls. For the upperparts, gray wall paint is preferred.

ID# 105813 | – Credit© Crisp Architects

Transitional Bathroom with Gray Penny Tiles and White Subway Tiles

A combination of the gray penny tiles and white subway tiles creates a stunning backdrop for this transitional bathroom. White rectangular sink fitted with metal base. The metallic frame of the mirror complements the base.


ID# 105814 | – Credit© ConcreteWorks East

Contemporary Master Bathroom with Gray Cabinets

In this large master bathroom design, built-in cabinetry provides a clutter-free look with its storage spaces. The cabinetry also features a makeup vanity with a soapstone countertop and beige stool. In the walk-in shower, an eye-catching marble tile design makes a big impact. Frameless glass doors allow to shine this gorgeous tiling out.

ID# 105815 | – Credit | © Artists Collaboration

Marble Vanity with Dark Wood Drawers and Marble Backsplash

Inspiration for a contemporary bathroom with marble vanity, white vessel sink, marble backsplash, dark wood drawers, black-framed oversized mirror, gray floor tiles, and white wall paint same marble material is used on the vanity and backsplash to create a continuous look. Floating vanity enhances the footprint. The open shelf between the drawers and vanity provides a space for towels.

ID# 105816 | – Credit© Jo Cowen Architects

Marble Elegance in Gray and White Bathroom

What an eye-catching and elegant interior design! Textural marble is used as a statement feature when balanced against a white ceiling and dark gray floor tiles. Recessed wall niches provide a space for bath products. Gold accents complete the look beautifully.

ID# 105817 | – Credit© Zaharias Design

Gray Vanity with Quartz Countertop and White Walls

Gray matte laminate vanity with black handless and concrete floor creates strong contrast with the white walls but thanks to these white wall paint, the atmosphere of the bathroom is quite bright and spacious. Polished concrete floor continuing into the curb-less shower.

Small Scandinavian Bathroom with Multicolored Floor Tiles

In this small bathroom, gray patterned floor tiles create a characteristic look. White floating vanity enhances the footprint and allows the shine of this stunning tiling out. Large white subway tiles create a bright and clean look. The wood countertop and handles of the vanity break the domination of white and gray and bring warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 105819 | – Credit© House to Home Finishes P/L

Transitional Bathroom with Multicolored Floor Tiles

Although this bathroom is long and narrow, because of the white subway tiles and white features it has a bright and spacious atmosphere. A wall-mounted sink enhances the footprint. mirrored cabinet doors make space feel bigger. Multicolored floor tiles create a contrasting look. Gray grout of the tiles complements the floor.

ID# 105820 | – Credit© Chelsea Lauren Interiors

Small Scandinavian Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Quartz Countertop

This Scandinavian bathroom keeps the space feel just as serene as any spa! Wood vanity paired with quartz countertop and brings warmth to the white-dominated atmosphere. Black accents like faucets, sconces, mirror frames, make a characteristic touch. Gray shaded floor tiles add a nice pattern to the room, while white shower tiles and white wall paint creating a bright environment.

ID# 105821 | – Credit© Mills + McCullough Architects

Gray and White Bathroom with Mirrored Cabinets

A great example to make space feel larger in small bathrooms! Mirrored cabinet doors bring depth to the atmosphere and create a stunning look. Wall-mounted sink and toilet in harmony with the concrete wall and floor tiles.


ID# 105822 | – Credit | © Taconic Remodeling Corp.

Small Bathroom with Dark Gray Wall Paint

A glossy white subway tiles in the shower contrast with dark gray wall paint and floor tiles in this bathroom. The gray wall creates an accent behind the mirrored cabinet doors, sink, and toilet. The floating sink enhances the floor space. Black faucets and shower kits complement the floor and wall. Red decors popping up between the monochrome design.

ID# 105823 | – Credit© Regal American Homes

Minimalist Walk-in Shower with Marble Wall

Who wouldn’t want to take a shower with this amazing view? Thanks to these windows this long and narrow shower has a bright atmosphere. Marble wall makes an elegant and luxurious touch while wood ceiling bringing a rustic vibe. Black square wall tiles and gray floor tiles create a contrasting look with the marble. Floor tiles bring mosaic appeal to space.

ID# 105824 | – Credit© Elite Custom Homes

Concrete Vanity with Wood Shelf and Vertical Backsplash Tiles

This bright Scandinavian bathroom went with an elegant floating concrete vanity instead of a bulky cabinet for a sleek, minimal aesthetic. Vertical white backsplash tiles create a clean and fresh backdrop. Wood shelf brings natural warmth to the atmosphere with the help of the small plant. Black shelves next to the mirrored cabinets, black faucet, and black glass sconce create a strong contrast with the white while concrete vanity providing a smooth transition between them.

ID# 105825 | – Credit© Orangerie Home, LLC

Beach Style Bathroom with Shiplap Ceiling

Clean lines, lots of light, and enough storage space for a family are the main features of this beach-style bathroom. Beige shaker vanity and shiplap ceiling reflect the beauty of coastal vibes. Marble shower tiles and marble hexagon floor tiles make a luxurious touch. Thanks to the large space make-up vanity also placed.

ID# 105826 | – Credit© Coco Camellia

Minimalist Scandinavian Bathroom with Oak Vanity

The bathroom should be a nice place in your house, a place where you can relax. This room serves this relaxing space feeling with its sleek color scheme. Light oak vanity with vessel sink makes a natural appeal in the space. Black accents create contrast with the whites while concrete floor tiles bringing a movement. The recessed wall niche in the shower provides space for bath products.

ID# 105827 | – CreditStratti Building Group | © Shannon Mcgrath

Rustic Gray and White Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

This look is a great example of a combination of styles. Exposed beams and gray concrete tiles create a rustic look while matte black pendant and black shelf making a modern touch with its clean lines. The white clawfoot tub makes a traditional finishing touch.

ID# 105830 | – Credit© Ed Hughey, Architect & Realtor

Modern Gray and White Bathroom with Hexagon Floor Tiles

This interior design serves a modern appeal with its clean and simple lines and beautiful natural light. Dark gray vanity paired with white quartz countertop, undermount sinks, and black faucets. Light gray hexagon floor tiles add a texture to space. A large frameless bathroom mirror brings depth and reflects the beautiful nature view. White pendant lights with a black and gold finish completing the look.

ID# 105831 | – Credit© Chi Renovation & Design

Traditional Bathroom with Octagon Floor Tiles

This renovation kept the vintage ambiance while incorporating a few contemporary finishes. The bathroom features a contemporary square, wall-mounted sink & faucet, black white octagon-designed floor tiles, a sleek medicine cabinet, white subway tiles, gray shower curtain, toilet, and two shower shelves that were safe and out of reach from the children.

Traditional Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 105832 | – CreditBrilliant SA | © Phil Handforth Architectural

Black and White Bathroom with Traditional Floor Tiles

This interior design has a bright and spacious atmosphere. This is due to the glazed ceiling, which blends seamlessly with the windows on the sidewalls and allows the exterior to become a part of the decor and identity of this bathroom. Black shaker vanity with quartz countertop in a harmony with the white subway tiles and traditional patterned floor tiles. Black paint of the upper parts complements the vanity.

ID# 105834 | – Credit© 4 You Residential

Bathroom with Black and White Cement Tiled Shower Enclosure

The beautiful patterned tiles will help create that space with a retro touch that will make us travel back in time to that cozy place where we felt so comfortable. White subway tiles create a clean and fresh look while the wood floor adding warmth to the atmosphere. A wall-mounted sink enhances the floor space.

ID# 105837 | – Credit© Beth Haley Design

Gray and White Bathroom with Shiplap Walls

Gray and white bathroom design idea with white shaker vanity, waterfall quartz countertop, gray framed mirror, gray patterned bathroom curtain, freestanding bathtub, shiplap walls, and marble floor tiles.


ID# 105828

Gray and White Bathroom with Subway Shower Tiles

Once in the master bathroom, the marble counters, slate-look flooring, subway tile, and the warm finish of the polished nickel fixtures make a bathroom that’s sophisticated and timeless. The toilet is hidden behind a pocket door, and a luxurious soaker tub sits under windows that look back into the pine woods behind the home.

ID# 105833

Gray Washstands with Alcove Bathtub and Gold Accents

While this design definitely packs a punch, it still adheres to many minimalist principles. Gold fixtures, tile, and a colorful textile possess personality but don’t add in clutter. Gray washstands paired with white countertop. Gold shower kit and faucet in the bath area create a luxurious look with the marble hexagon tiles.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 105835

Modern Eclectic Bathroom with Gold Accents

This eclectic interior design features white herringbone backsplash tiles complimented by graphic patterned tile flooring. A glass shower panel makes space feel bigger. Gold accents make a luxurious touch while wood and wicker elements adding natural warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 105836

Contemporary Kids Bathroom with a Touch of Pink

You can design your kid’s bathroom in an elegant style but don’t forget to add some vibrant colors to pull their attention! In this room pops pink stepstool and medicine cabinet popping up between the black and whites and pink make the space more entertaining. White floating vanity in a harmony with the white penny tiles. Metallic framed mirrors and black sconces make an industrial touch. The black grout of the penny tiles complements the black accents.

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