Retro Kitchen Backsplash Charming Appeal of Vintage Tiles

26+ Retro Kitchen Backsplash

ID# 162107 | – Credit© Free Space Intent

Pastel Kitchen Design with Mermaid Backsplash Tiles

Step into this delightful kitchen and get ready to be charmed by its whimsical pastel color scheme. The multicolored upper cabinets add a playful touch to the space, making it perfect for those with a soft spot for nostalgia. The pastel pink and green base cabinets create a delightful contrast against the white countertops, emanating fresh and vibrant energy throughout the room. The mermaid tile backsplash is pure enchantment, with shimmering tiles that evoke the allure of a mermaid’s tail. The standout feature of the space has to be the island with its pink panels and terrazzo tiles, adding a unique and trendy element to the overall design.

ID# 162116 | – Credit© Oliver Simon Design

Black and White Retro Kitchen Backsplash with Wood Shelves

Welcome to a kitchen that exudes boldness and style! The black and white statement maker backsplash steals the show, with its eye-catching design that adds a touch of drama to the space. The white upper cabinets offer a clean and timeless look, while the blue base cabinets inject a pop of color and personality into the design. Rustic wood open shelving adds warmth and charm, providing a perfect display area for your favorite kitchen items. The pure white quartz countertop offers a sleek and durable surface that is both functional and beautiful. Gold fixtures and black wall lighting lamps add a touch of elegance and luxury, elevating the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

Retro Kitchen Backsplash

It’s always appropriate to honor our favorite customs and recipes while preparing delectable family dinners in our creative kitchen areas. Nostalgia is at an all-time high right now, and our kitchens are the ideal place to capture some of that vintage vibe! If you’re planning a timeless design for your kitchen and representing your vintage soul, a retro kitchen backsplash is a special surface that gives you the chance to increase visual impact in the entire design.

Undeniable Vintage Charm

If the kitchen feels outmoded, which is one of the most frequent reasons homeowners update it. Linoleum flooring, backsplash tiles, and wall paint hues are examples of design details that might be disappointing if they appear to be from a different era than your design aesthetic. However, if you enjoy the quirky appeal of retro kitchen backsplash designs, you don’t have to replace them with something ultra-modern. While the term “retro” can be used to describe out-of-date items, it can also apply to “preloved” or vintage items that have sentimental or historical significance. If a vintage or retro-style kitchen respects the home’s original architecture and history, it may be very attractive.

Depending on when your house was constructed, replacing a historic kitchen with a more contemporary one might not look right. You may build a unified home that combines your individuality with the architecture of the house by embracing the vintage origins of your kitchen with a retro kitchen backsplash design.

ID# 162101 | – Credit© Wood Works Brighton

White and Orange Cabinets with Wood Island

As you step into the kitchen, your eyes are met with a burst of energy from the bold and vibrant color scheme. The orange cabinets make a striking statement, injecting life and cheer into the atmosphere. The white cabinets, on the other hand, provide an inviting contrast, exuding a clean and modern vibe. But the true highlight of the kitchen is the floating wood island adorned with a rubber top. It adds a unique and organic touch that makes you feel one with nature. More than just a stunning centerpiece, the island serves as a functional addition, giving you extra countertop space to prepare meals or for casual dining.

To complement the cabinets, a white square tile backsplash is laid neatly, exuding simplicity and elegance. And beneath your feet, the natural wood floor adds warmth and texture, grounding the space and creating a cozy ambiance that beckons you to stay awhile.

Colorful Mosaic Tiles

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Luxury look metal & glass gold color backsplash tile

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Chevron Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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6 x 6 Red & Silver color luxury look porcelain tile, Made in Italy

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Beachy brown & beige slate natural shell & glass mosaic backsplash tile

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Multi Color Marble Diamond Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 162102 | – Credit© Grassroots Design

Blue and White Cabinets with Retro Kitchen Backsplash

As you step into the kitchen, you’ll be greeted by a soothing color scheme of blue and white cabinets that emit a timeless charm! The blue cabinet frames emanate sophistication and depth, while the white cabinets offer a fresh and pristine background. Your eyes will be drawn to the classic white subway tile backsplash that complements the cabinets seamlessly and adds a timeless element to the design. The warm and natural wood countertops create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making you feel right at home. And as you glance upon the exquisite marble hexagon floor tiles, you can’t help but feel a touch of elegance and luxury. The light green stove stands proudly as the delightful focal point, adding a pop of color and personality to the space!

How can I make my kitchen look retro?

By incorporating vintage elements and utilizing second-hand or thrifted products, you can achieve a beautiful, classic look for much less than expensive modern renovations. For a true retro aesthetic, consider using candy hues or pastel colors like sherbet pink, blue, green, or yellow for your cabinets. To really ramp up the nostalgia factor, transform your kitchen into a diner by merging it with your dining room, complete with chrome-edged tables and matching chairs.

Retro-style kitchen appliances, such as toasters, kettles, and refrigerators, can be a great way to add a pop of color and retro glamour to your space. Experiment with different color combinations, such as pairing cream cabinets with a bold red or blue countertop, or opt for a classic 1950s look with a Formica worktop. Tile backsplash designs, painted with geometric patterns or pastel shades, can lend an alluring retro vibe to your kitchen. If candy colors aren’t your thing, go for a custom design featuring sleek stainless steel. Finally, embrace the retro appeal with a vintage-style shelving system showcasing old-fashioned cooking utensils, prints, scales, and racks, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. With these tips, you can easily achieve an inviting, cozy retro-style kitchen that fits your budget.

ID# 162103 | – Credit | © bellager design

Open Concept Kitchen with Pink Backsplash Tiles

The kitchen boasts a unique and eye-catching design with bold color choices and retro-inspired elements. The upper cabinets in vibrant pastel pink color create a striking focal point, adding a sense of fun and personality to the space! The green base cabinets offer a refreshing and unexpected contrast adding depth and visual interest. The wood countertop brings warmth and natural beauty to the design, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The open concept layout allows for a seamless flow between the kitchen and other areas, promoting a social and welcoming ambiance. The pink subway tile backsplash with a glossy finish and vertically stacked layout adds a touch of vintage charm, while also serving as a statement piece. The retro backsplash adds a playful and nostalgic touch, completing the unique and eclectic look of the kitchen!

ID# 162104 | – Credit© Builders Team

Beige Cabinets with White Retro Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen exudes retro vibes with its beige base cabinets and blue flower-patterned white square tiles! The beige base cabinets create a warm and inviting backdrop, while the blue flower patterned tiles add a playful and nostalgic touch to the design. The retro theme is further enhanced with a brass faucet that adds a touch of vintage charm and elegance. A wood floating shelf provides both functional storage and a rustic element, adding warmth and texture to the space.

Decorative Mosaic Tiles

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Beige glass rhomboid design kitchen backsplash tile

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Black & white color with crackle glass kitchen backsplash tile

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Luxury marble and mother of pearl mixed mosaic tile

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Mother of Pearl Waterjet White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Oval shape luxury water jet white Dolomite marble mosaic tiles

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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ID# 162105 | – Credit© Uncommon Projects Ltd

Gray and Yellow Cabinets with Wood Accents

This kitchen is absolutely stunning! The dark gray base cabinets are so modern and sleek, while the vibrant yellow upper cabinets create such a playful and lively atmosphere. And those wood open shelves just tie everything together perfectly! The white backsplash and countertop create such a clean and fresh backdrop, allowing the yellow cabinets to really shine. And let’s not forget about those black floor tiles – they add such a touch of drama and sophistication! The addition of the wood dining table is just the cherry on top. It provides such a warm and natural texture, creating such a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Anyone would be lucky to cook, eat or entertain in this gorgeous space!

ID# 162106 | – Credit | © Stunning Blue Kitchen Island with Hanging Pots

Stunning Blue Kitchen Island with Hanging Pots

The kitchen features a bold and statement-making blue island with open shelves, serving as the focal point of the space. The blue island adds a pop of color and creates a striking contrast against the surrounding cabinets. The island’s wood countertop adds warmth and natural texture, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Above the island, hanging pots add a touch of charm and functionality, allowing for easy access to frequently used cooking utensils. The eclectic and retro vibes are further enhanced by the metal backsplash, which adds a unique and industrial touch to the design!

Colorful Retro Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash is the ideal place to express your creative side in the kitchen. Since a backsplash is prominent enough to capture attention while staying small enough to be inconspicuous, it is an excellent location to experiment with new forms, patterns, and textures without entirely altering the appearance of the space. While there’s no denying that white subway tiles are popular, there are a ton of options for colorful retro kitchen backsplash designs that might help you mix things up a little. From delicate square tile designs to sumptuous glass tiles a colorful retro kitchen backsplash has advantages on both the aesthetic and functional fronts.

This vintage backsplash type is well-liked in all kinds of kitchen designs because of its capacity to give a significant degree of visual diversity, color, and charm to any space. If you want to spice up your kitchen with colors and vintage details or move up the contemporary appeal of your kitchen you can use a colorful retro kitchen backsplash. Here are a few creative ideas for colorful retro kitchen backsplash design ideas.

ID# 162108 | – Credit© studio gamp!

White Cabinets with Multicolored Tiles and Gray Floor

As you enter the kitchen, a rush of nostalgia hits you. It’s the multicolored backsplash that catches your attention first. The retro vibe oozing out of it adds a certain charm to the space. Against the white flat panel cabinets, the backsplash truly shines and takes the spotlight. But that’s not all! The kitchen island is a masterpiece, tiled and equipped with a wooden extension that doubles as a dining area. Because what’s better than having your loved ones gather around while you cook them up a storm? The wooden countertop on the island complements the design and adds a sense of warmth to the room. And let’s not forget the concrete-look floor with its industrial-inspired aesthetic. It’s a perfect modern touch that really ties the whole kitchen together.

ID# 162109 | – Credit© Green Room Interiors

Contemporary Kitchen with Teal Backsplash and Wood Island

In this contemporary kitchen, the teal backsplash creates a striking focal point. Each square tile exudes vibrant energy, adding character to the space. The white base cabinets, standing clean and crisp against the bold backdrop, instill a sense of freshness and modernity. Your gaze then lands on the inviting wood island with a warm beige countertop, offering natural texture and a comforting atmosphere. It feels like a focal point of the room. Then you notice the stainless steel appliances that seamlessly integrate with the overall aesthetic. They represent the finishing touch and create a sleek and contemporary ambiance.

ID# 162110 | – Credit© Green Room Interiors

Orange Square Tiles with Wood Countertop

As you step into the kitchen, a sense of nostalgia envelops you, thanks to the striking orange square tile backsplash that instantly draws your attention. The vibrant color adds a pop of excitement and personality to the space, filling it with upbeat vibes. The upper wooden cabinets project a warm and inviting touch, blending effortlessly with the retro feel of the room. As you run your hand across the wooden countertop, a rustic charm emanates, evoking feelings of homeliness and comfort. The base cabinets with their dark grey shade contrast perfectly with the backsplash, creating a visually appealing harmony that pleases the eye. Under cabinet lights illuminate your workspace, while simultaneously highlighting the beautiful backsplash, making you feel right at home. Finally, the exposed beams add a touch of architectural interest, further enhancing the character of this unique kitchen.

ID# 162111 | – Credit© Sealy Design Inc.

White Shaker Cabinets with Floating Shelves and Gray Countertop

Enhance your kitchen with a timeless and elegant design featuring white shaker cabinets that exude sophistication! The light gray countertop adds a touch of modernity, while the blue mosaic tile backsplash adds a pop of color and visual interest with a retro vibe. The white floating shelves provide both practical storage and a stylish display area for showcasing your favorite items. Complete the look with sleek gray floor tiles that add a modern touch to the overall design.

ID# 162112 | – Credit© L.A. Carpet & Tile Inc.

Yellow Retro Kitchen Backsplash Behind Stove

Elevate your kitchen with the warmth and charm of wood cabinets that bring a touch of nature indoors! In this contemporary kitchen, the yellow penny tile backsplash behind the stove adds a playful and unique focal point to the space, while the white subway tiles create a classic and timeless look. The stainless steel appliances add a sleek and modern touch, providing both functionality and style. The white countertop provides a clean and fresh contrast to the natural wood cabinets, adding a touch of brightness to the overall design.

ID# 162113 | – Credit© R2 Studio Architects

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets with Patterned Tiles and White Countertops

The nostalgic charm of midcentury decor immediately takes hold! The vibrant yellow cabinets exude a playful and personal vibe that is sure to brighten your day. Adding to the retro ambiance is the yellow patterned backsplash that evokes memories of yesteryear, creating a bold focal point in the space. The white countertop, providing a clean and timeless contrast, balances the brightness of the cabinets perfectly. To top it off, the sleek and shiny stainless steel appliances enhance the midcentury vibe and add a touch of sophistication, making for an overall design that is sure to impress.

ID# 162114 | – Credit© Space Craft Joinery

Scandinavian Home Bar with Green Cabinets and Gold Accents

Indulge in the chic and minimalist elegance of a Scandinavian-inspired home bar with sage green base cabinets that exude a sense of calm and serenity! The wood upper open cabinets add warmth and natural texture to the space, creating a harmonious balance. A patterned backsplash adds a pop of visual interest and personality, becoming a captivating focal point in the design. The addition of gold accents, such as hardware and fixtures, adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

What goes with a retro kitchen backsplash?

For your vintage backsplash, tile is key. A retro kitchen looks great with colored or white subway tiles, geometric patterns, or penny tiles. Penny tiles are a terrific way to save costs, especially if you’re a do-it-yourselfer.

Modern Retro Kitchen Backsplash

While preparing delicious family dinners in our imaginative kitchen spaces, it is always appropriate to commemorate our favorite traditions and cuisines. Currently, nostalgia is at an all-time high, so our kitchens are the perfect spot to channel some of that retro atmosphere! However, if you want to spice up your monochromatic and neutral appeal with a vintage touch, a modern retro kitchen backsplash is a unique surface that provides you the possibility to improve visual impact in the overall design if you’re planning a timeless design for your kitchen and displaying your vintage character.

An eclectic blend of old and modern traits is referred to as modern retro design. In other words, a fusion of the current year’s and earlier decades’ popular interior design ideas. Though inspiration may come from any era. Bold and colorful, vintage kitchen décor can brighten your area every day, whether you choose full-on vintage vibes or retro touches. The plain and sleek design look of modern kitchens can be boosted by the vintage charm. For our favorite modern retro kitchen backsplash design and décor ideas for any home, keep reading.

ID# 162115 | – Credit© Fawdry Homes Ltd

Transitional Kitchen with White Backsplash Tiles and Gray Grout

In this transitional kitchen, the white upper cabinets offer a clean and timeless look while the blue base cabinets add a touch of sophistication and depth to the space. The geometrical tile backsplash with gray grout adds a modern twist, creating a visually striking focal point in the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances provide a sleek and functional touch, perfect for culinary enthusiasts. The addition of wood open cabinets adds warmth and texture, infusing the space with a touch of natural beauty.

ID# 162117 | – Credit© David Giles

Pastel Pink Cabinets with Black Countertops and Floating Shelves

Step back in time with this retro-inspired kitchen design! The pastel pink cabinets evoke a sense of nostalgia, bringing a playful and charming vibe to the space. Stainless steel appliances add a modern touch, blending seamlessly with the vintage-inspired elements. The metal sheet backsplash adds a touch of industrial flair while the black countertop offers a sleek and contrasting look. Black floating shelves provide stylish and functional storage, perfect for showcasing your favorite retro kitchenware. Chrome hardware adds a touch of shine and complements the overall retro aesthetic. The checkered floor tiles are a true throwback, adding a fun and classic pattern to the space.

ID# 162118 | – Credit© Wood Works Brighton

Creative Kitchen Design with Unique Cabinets

Do you want to give your kitchen a pop of energy and vibrancy? Consider adding a set of striking orange base cabinets that will make a daring statement in your space! The warm welcoming hue creates a playful and lively atmosphere that will make cooking and entertaining all the more enjoyable. For a touch of natural charm and contrast, complement the base cabinets with wooden upper and tall cabinets. The result is a stunning juxtaposition of rustic and modern styles that scream sophistication. To add an innovative flair, choose unique cabinet doors with hangers that offer both storage and visual interest. But don’t stop there! Add a timeless and retro inspired touch with a stunning white kitchen backsplash that features black grout, making the perfect backdrop for all your cooking adventures!

Retro Kitchen Backsplash with White Cabinets

You need the right backsplash design to go with your white kitchen cabinets if you want to create the perfect social media-ready environment in your kitchens. Contrary to appearances, some stones and tints perform better than others even when matched with the most neutral of neutral colors since the cabinets are white. On the other side, a retro backsplash lends a plain, white kitchen character. A retro kitchen backsplash with white cabinets is an efficient addition that gives each cooking place a distinct taste and hard-working usefulness. When selecting a tile, take into account the suitable backsplash colors and patterns that will give your design a distinctive flare.

Since patterns, materials, and lines may vary a lot of things, it’s important to understand the many kinds of retro kitchen backsplash with white cabinets. A colorful subway tile backsplash is an option, or you may utilize one to infuse flair into a white kitchen cabinetry design. Like the color scheme, the type of retro backsplash with white cabinets is essential to complete the entire design appeal. Scroll down for more beautiful and great concepts for retro backsplashes with white cabinets for stylish kitchens.

ID# 162119 | – Credit© Space Craft Joinery

Minimalist All White Kitchen Design with Greenery Plants

Welcome to a minimalist all-white kitchen, where simplicity meets elegance! Here, the flat panel cabinets in immaculate white create a clean and seamless look, providing ample storage while emanating a minimalist vibe. The petite white square-tiled backsplash adds a subtle texture to the area, complemented by the beige grout that blends with the overall color palette. Delicate greenery plants breathe in natural freshness, imbuing the kitchen with a welcoming and inviting aura. The wooden shelves and countertop inject warmth and character into the all-white scheme, creating an organic contrast that sparks joy and comfort.

ID# 162120 | – Credit© GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens

White Shaker Cabinets with Retro Kitchen Backsplasj

A sense of calmness gently embraces you, emanating from the fresh and crisp ambiance! The white shaker cabinets stand tall, radiating an aura of timeless elegance, imparting a sense of tranquility to the surroundings. The sleek black hardware on the cabinets provides a striking contrast to the white backdrop, infusing the space with a dose of excitement. The white countertop adds to the overall aesthetic, creating a clean and polished look. The eye-catching fish scale tile backsplash in white adds a unique and modern touch to the kitchen. The white grout accentuates the intricate pattern of the tiles, adding a sense of depth to the walls!

ID# 162121 | – Credit© Space Craft Joinery

White Flat-Panel Cabinets with Wood Details and Gray Countertop

When you step into this kitchen and you’ll immediately feel the cool retro vibes! The white flat panel cabinets, adorned with warm wood details, create a sleek and simple design that feels elevated and inviting. The gorgeous gray countertop brings a touch of modernity while the white square tile backsplash with its 3D effect adds a playful touch that’s sure to delight. With white appliances completing the look this kitchen is the perfect blend of old-school charm and contemporary style. It’s a standout feature that will make you feel right at home”

Red Mosaic Tiles

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Grey blue with rusty earth tones Brazilian slate mosaic tile with red glass inserts.

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6 x 6 Red & Silver color luxury look porcelain tile, Made in Italy

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Brown red beige small square kitchen backsplash and bathroom tile.

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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ID# 162122 | – Credit© Grassroots Design

Retro Kitchen Backsplash with White and Wood Cabinets

Imagine stepping into a kitchen that effortlessly blends modern elegance with a cozy, welcoming vibe. The smooth, white flat panel cabinets lend a chic, uncluttered look, while the understated wooden accents embrace the beauty of the natural world. Look closer at the small backsplash tiles, and you’ll notice a delightful geometrical pattern that instantly captures your eye, injecting a playful touch of personality. Brass hardware adds a touch of glamour and refinement, elevating the design to new heights of sophistication. The wooden floor exudes warmth and familiarity, complementing the overall aesthetic to perfection. And let’s not forget the natural light streaming through the window, bathing the entire kitchen in a soft, radiant glow. This kitchen isn’t just a space for cooking – it’s a sanctuary for the senses.

ID# 162123 | – Credit© Sustainable Kitchens

Lovely Coffee Station with Herringbone Tiles and Yellow Details

Come and bask in the warmth and charm of a cozy coffee station with a touch of retro flair! The clean and fresh white base cabinets serve as the perfect backdrop for your daily caffeine fix. The upper cabinets, with cheerful yellow frames and glass fronts, add a vintage appeal and put your treasured coffee mugs and accessories on full display. The sage green herringbone backsplash adds a pop of color and lively pattern to the space, creating a focal point that’s sure to catch your eye. The nostalgic and comforting retro vibes of this design are ideal for savoring your morning coffee. Revel in the welcoming and inviting atmosphere of this delightful coffee station, which is sure to enhance any home.

Retro Kitchen Backsplash with Wood Cabinets

Choose it carefully before purchasing to ensure that the undertones and temperature of your retro kitchen backsplash with wood cabinets fit the color scheme of the rest of the room. Making the best choice for your home’s finish is also useful. Surfaces for backsplashes can be glossy or matte. A glossy backsplash is simpler to keep clean, even though a matte backsplash gives the impression of being sleek and sophisticated. You may choose a kitchen backsplash that has a long-lasting aesthetic and practicality by choosing the best finish, color, and design for your room.

Understanding the many kinds of retro kitchen backsplash with wood cabinets is essential since patterns, materials, and lines may drastically alter the look of a space. A colorful subway tile backsplash is an option, or you may utilize one to enhance the character of the wood kitchen. Scroll down for more gorgeous and great suggestions for retro kitchen backsplash with wood cabinets.

ID# 162124 | – Credit© Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors

Contemporary Kitchen with Glossy Beige Tiles and Gray Granite

Each feature is a show stopper in this contemporary kitchen! The natural wood cabinets provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, while also adding texture to the overall design. The full height beige backsplash creates a sophisticated touch, seamlessly matching the wood cabinets and bringing the room together as a whole. But this kitchen doesn’t just look good – it’s also practical and functional. The gray granite countertop and backsplash have been expertly selected for both style and durability, providing a sleek and minimalist aesthetic while also being able to withstand the hustle and bustle of meal preparation and cooking. And the fact that the same granite material has been used for the range hood and island just goes to show the attention to detail and commitment to a cohesive and harmonious design!

What does an 80s kitchen look like?

Travel back in time to the 80s, when kitchens were rapidly evolving. Many families boasted spacious and well crafted kitchens that featured a variety of storage options to meet their needs. During this era, wood flooring, furniture, and units were all the rage, with oak becoming a staple for many kitchens. The trend of matching cabinets and flooring became increasingly common. With more storage capacity, cookbook sales soared and people looked for creative seating options to accommodate the growing number of guests dining and hosting in their kitchens. Breakfast rooms and pantries became the new norm, expanding the kitchen space to allow for even more functionality!

The bright and lively yellows and golds of the 70s were replaced with more muted browns. Some opted for bold hues in their cabinetry and countertops, but white appliances signaled modern and affluent taste. As a matter of fact, white appliances and integrated fixtures were frequently paired with wood, creating a classic combination that defined kitchen aesthetics in the 80s.

ID# 162125 | – Credit© Green Bird Workshop

Dark Green Retro Kitchen Backsplash Behind Stove

Create a stunning two-tone kitchen with contrasting white upper cabinets and rich wood base cabinets, adding depth and visual interest to the space! The dark green glossy finish backsplash, positioned only behind the stove, creates a statement focal point that adds a pop of color and a touch of drama to the design. The white countertop offers a clean and bright surface for meal preparation while the black and white checkered floor tiles provide a classic and timeless look that complements the overall design.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

Try a Sample

Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Brown iridescent glass with light, medium & dark color travertine mosaic backsplash tile

Try a Sample
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ID# 162126 | – Credit© Luca Capurso

Natural Wood Cabinets with Gray Backsplash and Red Fridge

Step into this quaint, inviting kitchen with a charming retro twist, where natural beauty meets practicality! The warmth of the natural wood cabinets creates a cozy ambiance, while the sleek grey granite of the countertops beautifully contrasts the rustic aesthetic. Stand out with a bold pop of red in the form of a stylish refrigerator, making a statement and reflecting your personality. Glimpse above to see gorgeous exposed wooden beams, adding an earthy touch to the space and capturing the essence of natural beauty.

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