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39+ Modern Kitchen Ideas

ID# 173511 | – Credit© Soda Pop Design Inc.

Modern Farmhouse Design with Navy Blue Island and Black Pendants

This farmhouse kitchen, enhanced with white shaker cabinets and counters, radiates brightness and cleanliness! The glossy white mosaic wall backsplash nicely matches this roomy appearance, and the blue kitchen island brings a pop of color to the whole scheme. Black pendant lights above the island provide a chic contrast to the soft color scheme. Wood embellishments provide the design warmth and organic elements. Examples of them are the trim on the hood and chairs.

ID# 173521 | – Credit© Régine Louiset – Reve’l Architecture

Midcentury Modern Kitchen Design with Wood Cabinets and White Backsplash

In the Mid-Century modern kitchen design, the natural wooden cabinets provide an inviting atmosphere while the white countertops and backsplash add calmness and harmony to the design! Blending beautifully with each other, white features bring a bright and airy feel between the wooden textures. Enriched by a glossy finish, the Zellige tile backsplash adds a nice textural look to the backdrop while the colorful pendant lights and the blue velvet chairs enhance the midcentury aesthetic!

Modern Kitchen Ideas

Embraced by clutter-free, modern-looking cabinets, smart appliances, sleek backsplash designs, open cabinets, hidden storage solutions, multifunctional islands and neutral color schemes, modern kitchen ideas are ideal options if you are looking for an understated yet sophisticated look! The subtle elegance of the modern designs can easily blend with other styles, including traditional, rustic, industrial or farmhouse! Want to learn more about modern kitchens? We gather 35+ inspirational designs that will help you with your next design project!

Clean and Sleek Appeal of the Modern Aesthetic

The ‘modern kitchen’ term may evoke a cold and cool ambiance, but we are happy to say that these spaces can also be warm and inviting! Modern kitchen designs are very easy to navigate thanks to their neutral color schemes and clean lines. Mostly characterized by flat-front cabinets, these kitchens offer seamless functionality alongside a stylish appeal. To spice up this sleek elegance, you can play with glossy and matte finishes. The material selections of the backsplash, countertops, and flooring also play a huge role in adding a bunch of personality. From natural stone slab backsplashes to quartz countertops, well-chosen materials allow more homeowner personality to shine in modern spaces.

Whether you are designing a modern all-white kitchen or a rustic culinary space with a modern flair, in this article, you will find inspiring modern kitchen designs and modern décor ideas from backsplash to lighting fixtures!

ID# 173501 | – Credit© Penman Brown Interior Design

Modern Kitchen Ideas with White Cabinets and Marble Island

Enriched by clean and sleek lines, this modern kitchen gives a feeling of calmness and elegance! At the back, the white flat-panel cabinets enhance the modern aesthetic with their handless design while the white 4-inch backsplash and countertop complement this plain yet stylish look. On the other hand, the statement-maker element of this design is the marble kitchen island that creates a striking focal point at the center of the space! The eye-catching veins of the marble stone instantly elevated this otherwise white kitchen while the black counter chairs create a contrasting look to enhance the luxurious sense. Breaking the monochrome color scheme, the wood flooring brings warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 173502 | – Credit© Alloy Homes Incorporated

Two-tone Kitchen Cabinetry with Marble Island and Green Chairs

The warm neutral shades surround this modern kitchen and offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere! At the back, the white slab backsplash and white quartz countertops create a seamless look with the beige cabinets while the wood upper cabinets add a nice textural look with a warm sense. The real deal is the waterfall kitchen island adorned by a gorgeous marble countertop. With its eye-catching veins and grains, this marble material makes an unexpected twist against the understated overall look and adds a wow factor. For a final touch, the green chairs perfectly complement the natural materials.

What is a modern kitchen style?

A modern kitchen’s clean lines, clear spaces and emphasis on high-quality materials exemplify simplicity and functionality! In order to achieve an exquisite yet minimalistic design, it frequently has handleless, slim cabinets in neutral colors like white, gray or black. Pull-out shelves and built-in appliances are examples of clever storage solutions that improve organization. Large windows provide natural light into these kitchens, which also feature premium materials like quartz worktops and stainless steel appliances for a polished appearance.

ID# 173503 | – Credit© ZAC and ZAC

Black and Wood Cabinets with Stacked Subway Tile Backsplash

Adorned by clean lines, the design of this kitchen gives a feeling of calmness and simplicity! The natural wood base cabinets and wood countertops create a seamless look with the wood herringbone flooring to provide a warm base. Above, the stacked subway tile backsplash creates a nice textural look while the bright white color of the tiles adds a fresh look. The black upper cabinets embraced with a matte finish add a contrasting look that brings depth to the space.

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Floor-to-ceiling Blue Cabinets with White Island and Black Stools

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets in a pretty baby blue paint combine elegance and fun! White quartz is a sophisticated and glitzy material that is used for the worktops and backsplash in this room design. The warmth from the wood floor settles the space and draws attention to a spotless white island topped with sleek black stools.

ID# 173505 | – Credit© Kitchen Elegance

Modern Black Kitchen Design with Light Gray Floor Tiles

If you are designing an all-black kitchen, opting for lighter shades for the ceiling and floor might be the best way to avoid creating a cramped atmosphere! Also, the sophisticated appeal of the black cabinets, built-in wall ovens, countertops and backsplash stands out more thanks to these white additions.

What’s trending in kitchens in 2024?

Since non-manual cabinets are more cozy, user-friendly and contemporary, they will dominate kitchen designs in 2024. Multicolored countertops, two islands, lots of silver lighting and striking backsplashes are a few additional features! Furthermore, cool-toned color palettes are highly sought-after!

ID# 173506 | – Credit | © Архитектурная студия QUADRUM

Galley Layout Kitchen with Dark Gray Cabinets and Black Countertops

This compact, gray galley kitchen with a peninsula exudes style and elegance! The kitchen’s lower gray flat-panel cabinets and black granite countertops give it a striking, contemporary feel. There is additional counter space and a dining area on the black peninsula. The gray kitchen theme is finished with gray wood floors. The prominence of gray in the kitchen is kept from being overly ominous by the medium wooden cabinetry. The gray kitchen looked great with the gray dining table and chairs. By painting the walls gray, the space becomes cohesive and unified. Additionally, white paint makes the room feel lighter.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 173507 | – Credit© Jane Cameron Architects

Modern Kitchen Ideas with Slab-front Cabinets and Granite Island

Once inside, all you have to do is take in the plethora of natural hues and textures! A visually pleasant motif is created by the white natural stone backsplash with gold veins and wood cabinets, which is continued to the matching granite worktops and island unit. A great degree of consistency, artistic continuity, and attractiveness is ensured by the skillful coordination of the numerous qualities produced using the same material language. In addition, the kitchen’s sculptural island design gives it an artistic touch, and the tracking spotlight lighting bulb gives it a futuristic feel.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Modern farmhouse kitchens offer the perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary convenience! Characterized by classic shaker-style cabinets, open shelves for displaying your favorite dishes, and iconic farmhouse sinks, these kitchens offer a cozy, rustic appeal that we love!

For a contemporary touch, modern farmhouse kitchens also use sleek stainless steel appliances and simple light fixtures. Whites, grays and beiges are the dominant colors in the color scheme which is frequently combined with warm natural wood accents. Reclaimed wood and distressed finishes are common, giving the room a distinctive personality. Those large islands, too? Not only are they used for preparation, but they are also where everyone congregates to speak and eat. The goal is to design a timeless, hospitable kitchen where the old and new harmoniously coexist!

ID# 173508 | – Credit© Raven Valley Kitchens

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with White Shaker Cabinets and Wood Shelves

As a classic design element of farmhouse style, white shaker cabinets create a sleek appeal! Adorned by marble-like textures, the white quartz countertops and backsplash behind the stove add a nice texture with a touch of opulence. The black range hood and the kitchen island add a striking contrast against the white features while the black pendant lights complement them. Even though the overall color scheme is based on black and white contrast, the addition of the wood floor and wood floating shelves brings warmth to the atmosphere!

ID# 173509 | – Credit© Classic Interiors

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Herringbone Flooring

It’s impossible not to admire these blue kitchen cabinets! Enriched by brass hardware, these light blue shaker-style cabinets provide a soft and romantic atmosphere for this modern farmhouse kitchen. The marble countertops, backsplash behind the stove, and white apron-front sink are the beautiful details that enhance the overall look. The gray herringbone patterned flooring brings a textural look to the sleek appeal of the cabinets.

ID# 173510 | – Credit© Omniform

Modern White Cabinets with Mirrored Backsplash and Wood Island

Characterized by a gorgeous vaulted ceiling, this farmhouse kitchen looks very spacious! The most important element in this design is the large wooden kitchen island that is combined with gray granite countertops and white drawers. Besides its functional aspect, this island also makes a strong statement that instantly elevates the overall look. At the rear, the white flat-front cabinets provide a clean and sleek backdrop while the mirrored backsplash adds a dimension with a glamour to the space.

How to modernize kitchen cabinets?

The first step in updating your kitchen cabinets is to paint or refinish them in stylish, neutral colors like white or gray and give them a matte finish for a modern look. Modernize the hardware with streamlined styles in black or brushed nickel finishes to instantly improve the cabinet’s appearance.

Think about adding glass inserts to certain cabinet doors to provide a more upscale appearance and to enable fashionable displays. For a practical yet stylish look, add open shelving or functional organizational elements like pull-out shelves and built-in dividers.

Installing puck lights or under-cabinet LED strips will brighten the area and give it a contemporary feel. Lighting is very important. Choose new cabinets with slab-style or flat-panel doors, which have minimalist aesthetics and clean lines, if your budget permits.

ID# 173512 | – Credit© Green Chip Constructions Pty Ltd

Light Gray Shaker Cabinets with Black Hardware and Wood Shelves

This modern farmhouse kitchen’s minimalist color scheme includes off-white cabinetry, wooden accents and marble features! The marble backsplash creates a unified effect with the cabinetry, and the shaker-style kitchen cabinets, adorned in a clean off-white hue, reach through the ceiling to highlight the height of the area. The matte black cabinet hardware and black lights with intricate detailing welcome us to the kitchen island. Dining chairs with ergonomic, mid-century-inspired designs that are human shape-adjustable highlight the design’s contemporary elements and practicality.

Rustic Modern Kitchen Ideas

If you are imagining a perfect blend of cozy charm and contemporary flair for your kitchen, you need to consider the rustic modern design style! Characterized by reclaimed wood accents, exposed wooden beams, natural tiles and of course stainless steel appliances, these kitchens offer a perfect balance where rustic coziness meets the practicality of modern design!

ID# 173513 | – Credit© Linda Mazur Design

Rustic Modern Kitchen Ideas with Matte Black Cabinets and Metal Countertops

Different textures, materials, and finishes perfectly come together for this rustic modern kitchen and orchestrate a stylish appeal with a bunch of characters! The richly stained wood textures form the foundation of this rustic design while the addition of matte black cabinets and metallic pendant lights bring a modern aesthetic. The wood kitchen island with a metal countertop and wood stools enhances the rustic feel perfectly.

ID# 173514 | – Credit© Space Craft Joinery

Natural Wood Cabinets with Black Countertops and White Subway Tiles

Even though the richly stained wood cabinets provide a rustic foundation for this kitchen, the addition of black accents brings a modern flair to the space. Adorned by a glossy finish, the black quartz countertops play with natural light and enhance the airy feel. The white subway tile backsplash complements this feel while the gray floor tiles soften the sharp contrast which is created by the deep black shades.

ID# 173515 | – Credit© Atlantic Lighting Design

Wood Kitchen Island with Black Granite Countertop and Metal Stools

A wooden island, like the one in this kitchen, could be your saving grace if you want to give your contemporary kitchen a little rustic character! The modern backdrop of white cabinets, gray counters and gray brick-look backsplash tiles is contrasted with a rustic warm feel from the wood kitchen island topped with a black granite countertop. The black pendant lights and metal bar stools complete the rustic modern look!

Modern Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Industrial kitchens offer a unique charm and vibe that is similar to a trendy urban loft thanks to their raw material choices of concrete and brick, their metallic fittings and their weathered wooden accents! The important components that combine raw, edgy characteristics with a contemporary flair to produce a modern industrial kitchen that stands out are clean lines, neutral color palettes and an uncluttered look.

ID# 173516 | – Credit© Cast Studio

Industrial Modern Kitchen Ideas with Exposed Brick Wall

Black cabinets can assist you in drawing attention to a brick backsplash while preventing other features from drawing attention away from it! To make it more eco-friendly and upscale, this kitchen for instance, features concrete countertops over black kitchen cabinets. It creates a detailed aesthetic by coordinating with the ceiling-height brick backsplash and using dark colors to accentuate the warmth. The black kitchen island in the middle adds just the proper amount of texture and interest.

ID# 173517 | – Credit© Cuisines Steam

White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertops and Open Shelving

This contemporary industrial kitchen achieves a strong aesthetic with its white cabinetry, black upper cabinetry, and ceiling-height brick backsplash, feeling bright and spacious! Extra workspace, storage, and dining area are provided by the galley-style kitchen island that mirrors the perimeter layout. It is enlarged with a black table and contemporary, minimalist black stools that contrast with the all-white aesthetic. The linear lighting fixture above the island adds a finishing touch that warms the space and heightens the futuristic feel.

ID# 173518 | – Credit© Rock’n’wood

Black and Wood Cabinets with Brick Backsplash and Metal Pendants

Natural textures are a wonderful accent to this industrial kitchen, which is adorned with a sophisticated black aesthetic! With their textured appearances, the wood countertops and red brick backsplash offer visual interest to the otherwise sleek and sophisticated matte black kitchen cabinetry. Overlooking the kitchen peninsula, the rose-gold pendant lights provide a touch of glitz.

ID# 173519 | – Credit© MAKEdesign

Modern Kitchen Ideas with Black and Blue Cabinets

The dramatic tone in this industrial-style kitchen is created by the strong pairing of black and blue flat-panel cabinetry! The small kitchen is creatively designed with a natural wood peninsula at the end of the cabinets. The stainless steel backsplash and the sleek black counters both add to the industrial theme. The room’s rustic beauty is enhanced by the gray floor tiles and the concrete flooring on the ceiling. Suspended over the dining table, concrete pendant lights intensify the industrial vibe while precisely coordinating with the structural idea.

ID# 173520 | – Credit© my build

Waterfall Island for Contemporary Kitchen Designs

The black appliances and flat-panel cabinets in this kitchen give it a striking appearance! The medium-tone wood floors add warmth to the room while the gray worktops provide a neutral contrast. The floor-length black sheers of the floor-to-ceiling windows preserve the basic look while offering seclusion. In addition to providing more space for preparation and storage, the black island with gray counters acts as a fashionable and practical focal point.

Midcentury Modern Kitchen Ideas

Functionality is the primary focus, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic defining midcentury contemporary kitchens! They usually have sleek, flat-panel cabinets with noticeable wood grain patterns. The most popular color schemes are warm and earthy, with natural wood tones like teak and walnut taking center stage. Appliances with a retro feel, geometric backsplashes and chic pendant lighting are typical relics from the middle of the 20th century!

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ID# 173522 | – Credit© FOHR DESIGN STUDIO INC.

Midcentury Modern Kitchen Ideas with White Full-height Backsplash

In a small kitchen, you may be able to add more room by using floating shelves instead of higher cabinets. In this mid-century kitchen, the wood floating shelves create a visual feast with lovely cookware and potted plants on them. The white stacked tile backsplash, which is full height, adds subtle texture while providing the shelves with a sleek, contemporary backdrop. The white quartz countertop of the wood cabinets completes this bright attractiveness.

How much does a modern kitchen cost?

The cost of renovating modern kitchens, including worktops, cabinets, and backsplashes, is about $25,000, which is roughly $150 per square foot.

ID# 173523 | – Credit© Blue Tea Kitchens and Bathrooms

Modern Black Cabinets with White Zellige Tile Backsplash

Wood cabinets are the classic features for midcentury kitchens but you can also catch the midcentury flair with black cabinets and create a modern aesthetic! The sophisticated appeal of the black cabinets is enriched with glass fronts and wooden accents in this style kitchen. The white Silestone quartz countertops and the white Zellige tile backsplash bring a fresh look with the black shades while the black cabinet hardware enhances the modernity. The addition of the wood floor, counter chairs, and brass details soften the black and white contrast to bring warmth.

ID# 173524 | – Credit© Uniik Design

Medium-tone Wood Cabinets with Blue Backsplash Tiles and White Countertops

Midcentury designs are mostly characterized by bold patterns and pops of colors and this kitchen is a perfect example of it! Even though it has a light blue shade, the geometrical tile backsplash stands out between the wood cabinets and white countertops. The lack of upper cabinets allows the backsplash tiles to stand out more while the wood floating shelves and stainless steel range hood add visual interest to the black upper walls.

Small Modern Kitchen Ideas

It’s important to create a clutter-free look while creating a small space which you can simply do with a modern design theme! These small kitchens frequently have open shelving and handleless, minimalist cabinets to give them a light, airy vibe. Consider making whites, grays and delicate pastels the focal point of the color scheme to optically enlarge the space. On the other hand, smart storage solutions such as pull-out pantry shelves and built-in organizers will be your savior to maximize every inch of available space!

ID# 173525 | – Credit | © Alexander Shevtsov

Small Modern Kitchen Ideas with Glass-fronted Cabinets

Small kitchens look great in modern style because of their sleek and uncluttered appearance! As this little kitchen demonstrates, the cabinets’ handle-free design and simple lines give the space a clutter-free appearance. The floor and backsplash tiles which have a gray concrete appearance, wonderfully match the modern style, and the glass-fronted top cabinets add to the room’s open, breezy atmosphere.

ID# 173526 | – Credit© CARTELLE DESIGN

Open-concept Kitchen with Black Flooring

The light hardwood surfaces in this compact open-concept kitchen help it feel spacious even with its dark color scheme! The wood backsplash, countertops and upper cabinets give visual interest to the otherwise monochromatic black design which is complemented elegantly by the matte black cabinets in the back. The cabinets and the black flooring combine to create a seamless appearance. This tiny room is made more useful by the gray seats and wood dining table.

How to decorate a modern kitchen?

Decorating a modern kitchen should emphasize clean lines and a subdued color palette with beige, gray, or white as the foundation colors! Streamline your appearance and embrace a minimalist look by keeping surfaces clutter-free and utilizing creative storage options.

Displaying stylish dishware on open shelving is a terrific idea. Select high-quality materials such as quartz or granite for worktops; glass or ceramic tiles are good options for backsplashes. Choose sleek, contemporary small appliances made of stainless steel and add striking pendant lights or other lighting fixtures.

Include natural elements such as accents of wood or stone, and add color with little appliances or decorations. Give practical spaces first attention in your concept so that the stove and sink are conveniently accessible.

ID# 173527 | – Credit | © Varvara Chesnokova

U-shaped Kitchen with White and Wood Cabinets and White Backsplash

The breakfast bar with natural wood cabinets defines the primary cooking area in this compact open-plan kitchen which also benefits from the tranquil white color scheme that brings brightness to the room! Three white pendant lights, brown counter stools, and gray counters all go well with them. The white top cabinets and the white stacked subway tile backsplash’s glass option, in particular, add visual lightness to the design and the pendants work in unison with the other white elements used on the higher floors!

ID# 173528 | – Credit© Huge Studio

Small Open-concept Kitchen with Minimalist Lighting Fixture

This open-concept kitchen will appeal to you if you enjoy the modern style! The combination of white and wood tones gives this kitchen a classic charm and a cozy atmosphere. White upper sections are the best way to create bright and airy interiors; in this case, the white flat-panel cabinets, backsplash, and countertops all work together to accomplish this look. Among these, the modern range hood is unique in shape and stands out. The brown dining table and wooden base cabinets, however, give the room coziness.

ID# 173529 | – Credit© Texier et Soulas

Waterfall Kitchen Island with Blue Cabinets and Walls

Wow… The beautiful shade of blue surrounds all the cabinet surfaces to create a sleek yet eye-catching backdrop for this open-concept kitchen! The same blue paint is also applied on the walls, the built-in open shelves, and the small portion of the ceiling to create a seamless look. The waterfall marble island stands out between the blue features and brings a nice textural look with a touch of luxury.

Modern Coastal Kitchen Ideas

You can transform any kitchen into a coastal-style space with soft, light colors, accessories and other smart touches that indicate a sunny and seaside life! One of the main components of modern coastal kitchen design is color choices. Colors such as teal, nature green, light beige and soft pinks are among the most popular colors. Color tones tend to be gentle and soothing. Whites and creams often create beautiful designs with a bright, lively, and relaxing effect at the same time while marine-themed elements are a perfect choice for the decoration of a beach kitchen!

ID# 173530 | – Credit© Donna Guyler Design

White Shaker Cabinets with Blue Island and Wicker Pendant Lights

The light gray subway tile backsplash is enhanced by a glossy surface and gives a peaceful, calming appearance because of the effect of the white and light blue cabinetry! The navy blue island produces a striking contrast that conjures a maritime feel while the white shaker cabinets and white quartz counters provide a light and airy ambiance. The island zone is precisely defined by the patterned floor tiles which also provide additional texture. The counter seats and wicker pendant lighting add a finishing touch that completes the beachy look.

Marble Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 173531 | – Credit© Connors & Co.

White Modern Kitchen Ideas with Blue Square Tile Backsplash

If you are designing a modern white kitchen and want to add a coastal breeze, a blue backsplash might be your savior, as you can see in this kitchen! The white cabinets, quartz countertops, island, and shiplap walls provide a clean and fresh atmosphere for this kitchen. Adorned by a glossy finish, the blue square tile backsplash makes a strong statement between the white features. The wood floor breaks the blue and white color scheme to bring warmth to the atmosphere while the red stools add some quirky vibes with an industrial touch.

ID# 173532 | – Credit© Vista Kitchens Newcastle

White Beach-style Kitchen with Window Backsplash and Wicker Stools

Although beach-style kitchens are mostly characterized by blue shades, you can still create stylish coastal designs without these shades! As you can see in this kitchen, the white color surrounds all the surfaces of the cabinets and countertops to create a bright and spacious atmosphere. The window backsplash perfectly complements this airy feel and it lends a pop of color with the beautiful green shades behind it. For a final touch, the addition of natural textures like wicker stools, pendant lights, wood cabinet hardware and wood floor breaks the white dominance and enhances the coastal feel.

Backsplash for Modern Kitchen Ideas

Creating a backsplash for a kitchen is similar to adding the finishing touches to a painting and there are a ton of amazing modern design alternatives! If you like a more understated elegance, a seamless, elegant look can be achieved by matching the tones of your countertops and cabinetry. Contrasting hues give your room personality and drama for individuals who want to make a big impression. Bright colors arranged with purpose add vitality without detracting from the modern aesthetic.

ID# 173533 | – Credit© Sustainable Kitchens

Beige Natural Stone Backsplash with White Cabinets

Clean, sleek, and minimalistic… Adorned by soft neutral shades, this kitchen offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a touch of texture. The white cabinets provide a plain foundation for the space while the beige stone slab backsplash makes a nice textural look that enhances the overall design. The same stone material is also used for the floating shelf to create a continuous look. To finalize the design, cookbooks, picture frames, potted plants, and some decoration objects add character to the kitchen!

ID# 173534 | – Credit© Melissa Lunardon

Mirrored Gold Backsplash with Two-Tone Cabinets

The design of this modern kitchen gives a feeling of calmness and simplicity thanks to the white and wood cabinets. However, the addition of the mirrored gold backsplash makes an unexpected twist that adds glamour! Topped with a white quartz countertop, the large wood kitchen island provides a laid-back dining experience with white stools. For the rest, the concrete-look floor adds some industrial flair while the white lighting fixture makes a cohesive touch with the modern style.

ID# 173535 | – Credit© Lares Design

Modern Kitchen Ideas with Black and White Cabinets

Just like the slabs, large-format tiles are also excellent choices for creating a modern appeal! As you can see in this u-shaped kitchen, the concrete-look backsplash tiles create a nice textural look without overwhelming the sleek design of the black and white cabinets. Also, the cool gray shade of the backsplash provides a smooth transition between the white base cabinets and black uppers. The addition of the wood countertops and the leather chairs breaks the monochrome color scheme to bring warmth to the atmosphere.

What are modern kitchen colors?

Green, pink, orange and light colors have recently been utilized in the design of kitchens inspired by nature, even though neutral colors like gray, brown, white and black tones are typically selected in modern kitchen design! Size, light angle, user requirements and color choices are all taken into consideration while designing a modern kitchen.

ID# 173536 | – Credit© Western Cabinets

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen with Concrete-look Backsplash and Countertops

This Scandinavian kitchen has a lot of white cabinets, which give the space a minimalist appearance with wood accents. The cabinets appear to be extended volumes of the walls because of the white walls’ ability to blend into the background. The Caesarstone quartz slabs with a concrete appearance that is utilized for the countertop and backsplash blend in well with the contemporary cabinetry design.

ID# 173537 | – Credit© Madeleine Design Group Inc.

All-white Modern Kitchen Ideas with Black Details

Consider using the same backsplash material to cover the range hood to get a smooth, consistent effect! For example, the marble slab backsplash that reaches the ceiling and covers the range hood is the focal point of this all-white kitchen. Softer tones are created by the marble’s flowing contours, which also carry over to the countertops. White cabinets, most with drawers for easier culinary equipment organization, adorn the remaining portion of the kitchen. For a seamless effect, the extended black cabinet pulls simply mirror the black veining on the backsplash and link the cabinets to the rest of the design.

ID# 173539 | – Credit© Chan Architecture Pty Ltd

Full-height White Kitchen Cabinets with Window Backsplash

Window backsplashes are terrific options for modern kitchens, especially the picture-window ones! With its white flat-panel kitchen cabinets and window backsplash, this modern kitchen looks fairly well. The simplicity of the window backsplash allows the beautiful greenery of the outside to enter the inside. Choosing a backsplash that faces a window also enhances the light in the kitchen and highlights the scenery. The kitchen island with its white countertop and light hardwood flooring gives the room a cohesive feel.

ID# 173539 | – Credit© YU Dsgn Галкина Юлия и Беляева Юлия

Contemporary Kitchen Ideas with Green Subway Tile Backsplash

The shiny green subway tile backsplash in this modern kitchen steals the show and makes the drab area look chic! The modern appeal of the white and wood cabinets with an undermount sink harmonizes well with the backsplash’s green tiling. To add a second counter and dining area, the white countertop is extended to form a peninsula. The light gray floor tiles and brushed nickel hardware finish off the contemporary design aesthetic.

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