Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash Classic & Timeless Subway Tiles

31+ Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

ID# 147301 | – Credit© HOME by belle

Full-Height Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash with Timber Floating Shelf

One of the best ways to make your bathroom stand out is to use a full-height bathroom backsplash. Here, this modern bathroom goes with subway tiles laid in an offset pattern. The timber floating shelf makes this bathroom feel warmer, while curved accessories and a round accent mirror bring in soft features to contrast the minimalist lines of modern designs. From the vessel sink to the colored cubist vase and a green bottle, each piece elevates the aesthetic value of the bathroom. Chrome hardware and white floor tiles complement the overall look.

ID# 147316 | – Credit© on Concept Habitation

Scandinavian Bathroom with White Backsplash and Green Hexagon Floor Tiles

The casual and relaxed atmosphere of this Scandinavian bathroom springs from the timber vanity coupled with a white sink and a white subway tile backsplash. The satin finish on the backdrop adds a beautiful sheen, while a black-framed mirror accentuates the wall. The top walls are light blue that instills calmness, while the green hexagon tile floor finish introduces natural colors that team up perfectly with the wood vanity.

Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

In high-traffic and wet rooms like bathrooms, the backsplash is one of the most important elements in terms of functionality to protect the walls from water splashes, mold, and mildew. But when you add such a functional element, it wouldn’t feel wrong to make it something timeless and beautiful to create a design-savvy look. And if you don’t feel adventurous enough and prefer to play safe, a fail-safe option exists, which is the subway tile bathroom backsplash. Subway tiles are one of the most popular options for a bathroom backsplash as well as a kitchen backsplash.

A subway tile bathroom backsplash is available in a wide array of color and material options, from marble to glass, metal, and ceramics. Plus, thanks to the several layout options, you can make different aesthetic statements. And as long as you juxtapose them with the right combinations and some personal touches, you can provide a new outfit for traditional subway tile bathroom backsplashes. To familiarize yourself with some concrete examples, check out this blog where we gathered bathroom designs with subway tiles for you to fire up your imagination.

ID# 147302 | – Credit | © Workshop interior Accent

Contemporary Bathroom with Black Subway Tiles and Vessel Sink

This very masculine contemporary bathroom has a sense of casualness with an industrial vibe and rustic edge. The black subway tiles stretching from floor to ceiling create a solid background, while the walk-through shower with glass enclosure truly exposes itself. The black-painted vanity topped by a veneered countertop accommodates a vessel sink for a layered look. The rope pendants with light bulbs provide an elementary look, matching the vanity handles, again, made of rope. These well-thought-out additions set this contemporary bathroom apart from its counterparts.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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All-White Transitional Bathroom with Wraparound Backsplash and Freestanding Bathtub

In high-traffic and wet rooms like bathrooms, it is best to get a wraparound backsplash for full protection rather than installing one only for the shower and vanity. Here, this monochromatic transitional bathroom prefers a white subway tile wraparound backsplash that brings the design together. The white vanity with ornate hardware and pronounced hinges gives the bathroom a classical spin. The small marble tiles coat the floor to provide a non-slip, user-friendly environment, thanks to the friction. The walk-in shower and freestanding bathtub enrich the bathroom experience of its users while keeping things both modern and classic.

How to install subway tile backsplash in the bathroom?

Installing a backsplash requires a level of dexterity and good planning. But with subway tiles, it gets easier, especially if you are going to stack them, and unless you plan to lay them in a herringbone or chevron pattern. But for a typical subway tile installation, it feels less stressful and daunting.

Before starting to lay the backsplash, remove all of the hardware and electrical plug outlets. Then cover the countertop and cabinet with a plastic sheet. Clean the backsplash surface that needs to be perfect with no detritus, dust, dirt, or cracks. To do so, you can use sandpaper. After sanding, don’t forget to clean the residual dust with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner.


When you are ready to apply the adhesive to the wall, use a notched towel. Try not to get any lumps and keep the adhesive as smooth as possible. While applying the tiles, benefit from spacers to leave even space between them. It is recommended to start tiling from the center (that you marked before) and lay the tiles along the wall by moving from the center to the outer. Clean any excess glue on tiles before it dries.

After completing the installation, for the next 24-48 hours, you need to wait for the backsplash to completely cure. Then you can come back to apply the grout. Choose your grout color. If you wish you can get a premixed one to keep things simpler or mix it yourself by following the instructions. Apply the grout with a grout float across the backsplash surface diagonally. Make sure that the joints between the tiles are filled. Wipe away any excess with a damp sponge.

ID# 147304 | – Credit© Owen Architecture

Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash with Timber Accents and Medicine Cabinet

Here, this pint-size bathroom uses a wall-mounted sink rather than a vanity that occupies a larger space. And to compensate for the lack of storage, a mirrored medicine cabinet is installed above the sink by killing two birds with one stone. In the background, the white subway tiles protect the walls from water splashes. Laid vertically in an offset pattern, it extends the visual scheme on the vertical axis, wrapping around the entire room. On the floor, the rustic-looking dark floor grounds the all-white look of the upper space. Designers also don’t forget to incorporate wood accents and a pink flower to enliven the bathroom.

Material Options for Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Ceramics, marble, porcelain, glass, stainless steel, metal, and mosaic are some of the most popular options for subway tile bathroom backsplashes. And if you are looking for a low-maintenance material, glass, ceramics, steel, metal, and porcelain subway tiles stand out among their counterparts. And among the most budget-friendly ones, we can include porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Highly customizable and cost-effective, ceramic tiles are one of the homeowner-friendly material options on the market. The limitless color and design options, including the printed ones, offer the perfect tile profile for any look. If you love Tuscan and Mediterranean-inspired looks, their colored and printed versions can compete with the encaustic tiles. If you want something more contemporary, geometric patterned ones are available. The same limitless options go for ceramic subway tile backsplashes, too, which are available in a wide array of colors. Plus, in functional terms, they are easy to clean and maintain, providing practical options without requiring regular sealing.

However, if you want the advanced version of the ceramics, you can consider porcelain tiles fired at higher temperatures and consisting of some additives and minerals that make them stronger and less absorbent.

ID# 147305 | – Credit© Blue Tea Kitchens and Bathrooms

Eclectic Bathroom with Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash and Floating Vanity

Designed to be eclectic and refined, this modern bathroom features rigorously proportioned elements so that they don’t encroach on the space. First, it uses a floating vanity to keep the floor level freer. Secondly, it goes with a glass subway tile backsplash laid in an offset pattern that puts the space in motion on the horizontal axis for extra interest. The multi-colored diamond-geometric patterns, likewise, add pops of color, giving the bathroom a whimsical spin. Antique-brass hardware, black accents, and a rounded mirror bring in complementary aesthetic values without intervening with the integrity of the design.

Subway Mosaic Tiles

Modern look, slim white marble mosaic tile, for kitchen backsplash and bathroom projects.

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern Subway Rosewood and Gray Marble Backsplash Tile

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Try a Sample

ID# 147306 | – Credit© On The Ball Bathrooms

Green Ceramic Subway Tile Backsplash with Floating Vanity and White Countertops

This mid-century modern bathroom, not surprisingly, chooses a vivid wood shade for the floating vanity to make it the centerpiece of the design, while the soft green ceramic tiles provide a nature-inspired backdrop. Laid in a vertical running-out pattern, these subway tiles give the space a contemporary update, proving that different layout options are possible with the all-time favorite subway patterns. To accompany them, the pristine white countertop and vessel sink make the backsplash and vanity pop. The frameless mirror just blends into the background, reflecting the other part of the bathroom for visual connection.

Is subway tile still in style for bathrooms?

A timeless classic, subway tile backsplash is still in style for bathrooms. And it is used in various ways, be it a wraparound backsplash, cabinet-to-cabinet splash-back, or wall-to-wall backsplash. Additionally, over time, new and modernized layout options got more popular (E.g., horizontal and vertical stacking). And with the advancement of technology, subway tiles have become available in a wide range of materials and formats that expand the design possibilities, which keep them in style and suitable for the ever-changing home design world.

ID# 147307 | – Credit | © Fanny Prat – Architecte d’intérieur

Gray Tile Backsplash with Gray Countertops and Multi-Colored Hexagon Floor Tiles

This contemporary bathroom knows how to handle a space. First, it starts by using a gray handmade ceramic tile backsplash that reaches up to the ceiling for full impact. The wall-to-wall timber double floating vanity makes it perfect for couples, assisted by a rectangular mirror. Its timber frame coordinates with the wood vanity, while its double is installed vertically on the wall to offer a private spot for self-grooming. And finally, this nature-inspired design is honored by multicolored hexagon floor tiles (green, dark blue, and gray) to turn it into a space of fun and bring a new dynamic to energize its users. Isn’t designing also about having some fun anyways?

Glass Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Eco-friendly, pore-free, and easy to maintain! What else can you expect from a backsplash material? Featuring all these qualities as a high-performance material, glass subway tile bathroom backsplashes keep everything practical for you. Not to mention their eye-catching sheen! But if you don’t like their glittering effect, the matte versions are also available. And in case you would like to go green, recycled glass subway tiles featuring marble and wood looks are an excellent option.

ID# 147308 | – Credit© No Chintz

Green Glass Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash with Washstand and Geometric Floor Tiles

This enchanting powder room design is founded on the beauty of the green glass tile backsplash that wraps around the entire room to tie the space together. The white washstand with chrome legs adds an elementary figure, accompanied by a chic gold brass frame. On the floor, the multicolored triangles form squares that create a more intimate atmosphere that makes you feel at home right away.

ID# 147309 | – Credit© Amelia Pearson Interiors

Antique Glass Tile Backsplash with Wall-Mounted Sink and Freestanding Tub

Sticking to the basic needs of the bathroom experience, this modern bathroom in London welcomes its users with a wall-mounted sink and freestanding bathtub. Skipping on storage or unnecessary accessories, it proposes a minimalist look that has everything in it. The antique glass subway tile not only provides a backsplash but also a mirror of sorts that gives the bathroom a lived-in and nostalgic feel. The white runner placed near the freestanding tub makes the floor safer to land on for the bathers.

Are subway tiles good for small bathrooms?

Bathroom subway tiles work in any style (modern, traditional, transitional, contemporary, etc.) and any space whether it is big, small, or medium-sized. Plus, with a few design tricks, you can make small bathrooms feel taller and wider. The key point lies in the layout options. For example, if you have low ceilings, you can lay subway tiles vertically to give the room extra height. Whether you stack them or lay them in an offset pattern is up to you. But if you aim to expand the bathroom horizontally, then it is better to install them horizontally. Also, you can consider slimmer versions of the subway tiles, which again helps you experiment with the scale of the space.

In addition to those, you can lay the subway tiles in different ways, for example, to distinguish the shower zone from the vanity. Or use different shades to create diversity. When planned properly, the color variation also encourages small spaces to feel larger and higher. In short, subway tiles are good for small bathrooms.

ID# 147310 | – Credit© VMD Interiors

Blue Glass Kit Kat Tile Backsplash with Wood Vanity and White Countertops

In this modern bathroom, the blue glass kit kat tile backsplash stretches from the floor to the mirror to provide full protection for the walls. The soothing shade of the glass tiles pairs perfectly with the light wood floating vanity. To accompany them, the beige rectangular floor tiles- that mimic the form of the vanity drawers- also continue on the tub, creating a continuous design. A black framed print, candles, and patterned towel add further interest to the design, packing it with a punch of personality.

Where do I start my subway tile backsplash?

Whether it is the subway tile or some other pattern backsplash, a typical backsplash starts at the level of the countertop and extends 4 inches up minimum. The higher ones can reach up to 6 and 8 inches and even to the ceiling. Some designers also prefer installing a backsplash behind the vanity- that stretches from floors to ceilings. Or better, if you wish and have the budget, you can use a wraparound backsplash.

ID# 147311 | – Credit© Katerina Averkina

Transitional Bathroom with White Vanity and Gray Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Using an oversized mirror helps significantly to make the bathroom feel larger and brighter. This transitional bathroom applies the same strategy while also going with a well-planned, layered lighting system with spotlights and wall sconces to make the interior feel more dimensional. And to define the walls, it utilizes two backsplashes. First, it stacks gray glass subway tiles to create a focal point. And on the side walls, gray tiles are traded with white glass square tiles to help brighten the interiors. The white vanity, white floor tiles, and a vessel sink along with chrome hardware collaborate to make the bathroom feel chic, comfortable, and functional.

Marble Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

If you seek something that contributes to the upscale feel of the room, a marble subway tile backsplash is the way to go. It is elegant, sophisticated, and perfectly suitable to create luxurious designs. If you have the budget, you can use marble subway tiles as a wraparound backsplash to create a continuous design and pull the space together. Brass or chrome hardware, freestanding bathtubs or walk-through showers, wood vanity, and smoked mirrors can be paired with marble subway tile backsplashes.

ID# 147312 | – Credit© Feng Shui Concepts

Marble Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash with Floating Vanity and Brass Hardware

While some designs feel colorful and pronounced, some feel recessed, calm, and tranquil. This contemporary bathroom falls into the second category. It is outfitted with understated floating vanity and a wraparound beige-brown marble subway tile backsplash. The fact that each marble tile features a different shade of brown creates a non-monotonic backdrop while enriching the visual scheme – even though it is muted and subtle-. The white countertop, a duo of basic wall sconces, and brass knobs of the vanity add stylish elements without overcomplicating the look. The glass division of the wet-room-style shower retains the visual connection, underlying the contemporary theme of the bathroom.

What colors go well with white subway tile?

White subway tiles are timeless and versatile. That’s why the color and materials combinations you can achieve with them are limitless. To start with the grout, grout color is popularly chosen to be white, gray, black, and sometimes gold. But if you wish, light beige, brown, mossy green, red, and pink are other grout colors that suit white subway tiles. As for the cabinets, again, any color is suitable, while the most popular ones include white, timber, black, and muted blue and green. Finally, when it comes to floor tiles, light gray, soft beige, white, and even multicolored floor designs are welcome, pairing perfectly with white subway tiles.

ID# 147313 | – Credit© March Twice Interiors

Black Double Bathroom Cabinet with Marble Subway Tile Backsplash and Chrome Fixtures

To create clean and well-balanced looks, consider a black bathroom cabinet. This en-suite bathroom design accommodates one of them to assert its solid foundation, pairing it with a white marble subway tile backsplash. Stretching between the countertop and the mirror, the marble tile backsplash oozes elegance and feels effective enough even though it runs shorter on the wall when compared to many other backsplash types. To celebrate the elegant union of marble and black, wall-mounted chrome plumbing fixtures and cabinet handles constitute a glam aesthetic.

Design hint: If you want to add nuanced details without complicating the look, just use different cabinet handles. This black cabinet, for example, distinguishes its cabinet doors from the drawer panels. This way, it also provides a more ergonomic design since storage styles demand different forces for pull-and-push actions.

ID# 147314 | – Credit | © Christina Reed Interiors

Marble Backsplash and Marble Floor with Muted Blue Cabinets

One step into this bathroom is an instant treatment to daily stress, thanks to its muted blue vanity and the subtle shade marble tile backsplash. Not only that the marble clads the entire wall but also continues on the floor to pull the space together. In the rest of the design, the tilted black-framed mirror and brass hardware offset each other to create a well-balanced look without getting in the way of the harmonious integrity between the vanity and backsplash. On the floor, the multi-colored and patterned runner commands attention, keeping the floor non-slip in case it gets wet to make it safer for the children.

Color Options for Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Colors are as important as material types, making certain statements and evoking certain moods. That’s why it is important to dwell upon what kind of color and material combination fits the impact you want to achieve. So let’s just go over the most popular color options, which include white, black, gray, blue, and green.

White Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Usher in calmness and tranquility with white subway tile backsplashes while enlarging the bathroom and brightening it up. If you wish, you can even use them as wraparound backsplashes, which are also very popular. With satin and high-gloss finish, you can emphasize the white subway tile backsplash to make the design more eye-catching.

ID# 147315 | – Credit© Mon Concept Habitation

White Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash with Wood Vanity and Smoked Mirrors

For a timeless feel, get inspired by Scandinavian designs -as showcased by this bathroom. Here, the white subway tile backsplash pairs perfectly with the timber floating vanity. They are paired with a duo of irregularly-shaped and frame-free smoked mirrors that modernizes the space instantly, coordinating with the black taps. The wicker basket and the timber ladder used to hold towels are placed near the white bathtub conveniently. The glass pendant consisting of glass bubbles adds a nice detail overhead, while black floor tiles anchor this soothing design.

ID# 147317 | – Credit© Dylan Barber Building Design

Wall-Mounted Sink and Subway Tile Backsplash with Gray Floor Tiles

Even if you keep the main bones of the design monochromatic, you can always liven it up with accessories and even towels- as proven by this modern bathroom. Here, the white ceramic subway tile backsplash wraps around the entire room, making it feel fresh and metropolitan. The wall-mounted sink with black plumbing fixtures creates a soft contrast without feeling domineering, while an indoor plant and yellow towels pop, charging the bathroom with positive vibes. On the floor, the gray rectangular tiles provide a neutral look that feels solid enough to anchor the visually lightweight look.

ID# 147318 | – Credit© ABI Interiors

Industrial Bathroom Design with Subway Tile Backsplash and Timber Vanity

Lay subway tiles vertically in an offset pattern for a change to give your bathroom extra height – as showcased by this industrial bathroom. Here, to accompany the white metro tiles- that bring in that subway-life look-, the timber cabinet and the timber mirror frame introduce raw textures. The dark gray large format tiles expand the floor scheme, while the gray metal-carved vessel sink furthers the industrial feel. The brushed brass hardware adds a soft feature to assist the wood textures.

Blue Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Associated with oceans and water, perhaps blue is one of the best colors for a bathroom. It brings in tranquility, stillness, and serenity, improving the psychology of the space at the same time. And if you would like to add timelessness to this beautiful shade, you can get them in subway tiles to define your bathroom walls. Especially the glass versions are worth considering.

ID# 147319 | – Credit | © Lauren Smith

Coastal Style Bathroom with Terrazzo Floor and Handmade Blue Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Visually soothing, this coastal-style bathroom juxtaposes the best colors for a bathroom. From the handmade blue subway tile backsplash to the thick gray countertops, white floating vanity, and timber accents, every piece converses with each other in harmony. The black cabinet hardware and protruding white vessel sink further stylize the bathroom, while white terrazzo floor coating creates a seamless and visually lightweight aesthetic to luxuriate in.

ID# 147320 | – Credit© Cathi Colla Architects

Blue Glass Tile Backsplash with White Floating Vanity and White Countertop

In this contemporary bathroom, the floor-to-mirror blue glass tile backsplash is the centerpiece of the bathroom, taking the lead in the design. It accommodates a white floating shelf topped by a white countertop. In the rest of the space, the black floor tiles ground the design, while the white subway tiles clad the rest of the walls.

ID# 147321 | – Credit© TO THE MIL excellence in construction

Beach-Style Bathroom with Floor-to-Ceiling Blue Backsplash and Round Mirror

Beach-style bathrooms love blue backsplashes, and this bathroom is no exception. Here, the handmade ceramic subway tiles traverse the walls, paired with minimalist additions, including a wall-mounted sink and a round mirror. Additionally, a floating shelf installed on the adjacent wall provides a bonus spot to keep shampoos and lotions. Overall, it feels relaxed and casual, a perfect spot to wash the day off.

Gray Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Versatile and timeless, gray subway tiles are as popular as white versions. They are especially great and up your alley when you want to create an understated and barely-there background. You can pair them with white and timber floating shelves, washbasins, and chrome hardware.

ID# 147322 | – Credit | © SkyLofts

Gray Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash with Wood Countertop and Vessel Sink

The subtle shade of gray subway tile backsplash instills calmness along with the wood countertop and a basic vanity with an open bottom shelf. The vessel sink nestles on the benchtop, and the sloping ceiling makes the space feel more intimate and cozy.

ID# 147323 | – Credit | © Nicola Hicks Designs

Transitional Bathroom with Wood Basin and Gray Backsplash

Lucky to have both a bathtub and walk-in shower, this transitional bathroom is fitted with a wood basin to make more room for other elements. The gray subway tile backsplash serves as another main character, while the white grout makes the subway tiles look more intriguing. The black and white patterned floor tiles perfectly complete the monochrome color scheme while adding character to the space. Wicker baskets under the vanity, serve as bathroom storage.

What size subway tile should I use in a small bathroom?

The typical size for a subway tile is 3*6 inches, which is also the most popular backsplash tile size in a small bathroom. Other popular sizes include 2″x4″, 2″x6″, 3″x6″, 3″x12″, and 4″x8″. These sizes are also suitable for small bathrooms. However, strategically, using large tile formats helps the bathroom feel more spacious. That’s why you can also choose larger tiles. It, in turn, comes with other functional benefits such as less grout and less worry.

ID# 147324 | – Credit | © Homewings

Dark Wood Bathroom Cabinet with Niches and Gray Backsplash

This transitional bathroom proves that for a luxurious feel, you don’t always need big design moments or luxurious materials. Sometimes all that a space needs consists of a dark wood bathroom cabinet for visual drama and a gray subway tile backsplash that is timeless and neutral as a downplaying element. The rest, again, comes with a designer look with wall niches used to keep shampoos, along with the eye-appealing floor tiles and retro-style wall sconces.

Bathroom Vanity with Subway Tile Backsplash

If you want to create a timeless look for your bathroom, a bathroom vanity with a subway tile backsplash is the most failsafe option. Whether it is a classic white subway tile or a modernized version, this combination never fails you!

ID# 147325 | – Credit© Дизайн-студия “Lampa”

Black Floating Vanity with Blue Subway Tile Backsplash and Copper Sink

This intriguing contemporary bathroom is well-appointed with a black floating vanity whose fluted design makes it more expressive. It is topped by a miniature copper sink and a white countertop that brings out the warmth of the black. In the rest of the design, the blue subway tile backsplash adds a pop of color, and the flambeau-like wall sconces flank the round mirror, creating a cozy space to further soften the black accents and furniture pieces.

ID# 147326 | – Credit© Надя и Гиви Ананьевы

Gray Washstand with Yellow Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash and Star-Patterned Floor Tiles

Who would guess that yellow subway tiles suit a bathroom this much? Stretching from the floor to the mirror and continuing on the bathtub as well, these yellow tiles make the bathroom approachable and eclectic. And on the floor, they turn into star-patterned tiles, taking the design to another level. By contrast, the gray washstand and top white walls calm the yellow tiles. The brighter yellow wall sconces and chevron-pattern mirror frame further stylize the walls.

ID# 147327 | – Credit | © Александра Хасанова

Scandinavian Bathroom with Wood Countertop and White Vanity

This Scandinavian bathroom goes with a large format subway tile backsplash to make the space feel roomier, while the wood-topped small vanity feels squeezed between the wall and bathtub, which makes It is a lovely addition. The dark grout of the white tiles highlights the pattern without overwhelming it.

Beveled Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

A beveled subway tile backsplash is the updated version of the subway tiles that feel modern and more dimensional. For those looking for some depth for the background, beveled subway tiles provide one of the best alternatives. Industrial and contemporary bathrooms especially love this version.

ID# 147328 | – Credit

Beveled Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash with Brushed Metal Wall Sconces

This industrial bathroom design avoids any decorative pieces and sticks to basic needs. Thus, the resulting scheme has a beveled wraparound subway tile backsplash that also extends on the bathtub, while the wall-mounted basin, again, keeps things simple. And a black short-legged industrial-style stool pops against the white background. The brushed metal wall sconces and chrome faucets accentuate the space without compromising the industrial vibes of the bathroom.

White Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

Try a Sample

Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

Try a Sample

Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

Try a Sample

White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

Try a Sample

ID# 147329 | – Credit© Fabien Perret et associés architecte

Scandinavian Bathroom with Beveled Subway Tile Backsplash and Hexagon Floor Tiles

Feel free to make a statement with tiles as this Scandinavian bathroom does. Here, this bathroom benefits from a beveled subway tile backsplash to define the background and multi-colored hexagon tiles to coat the floor. And in both choices, it finds a way to add more depth and dimension to the space.

How much does it cost to subway tile a bathroom backsplash?

The subway tile backsplash costs depend on various factors, including the material type, application area, and labor. But on average, subway tile costs range from $7 to $13 per square foot. At its highest, the cost could reach up to $ 24 per square foot, while the total average cost varies from $500 to $1000. Ceramic and porcelain subways are the most affordable options. On the other hand, marble subway tile backsplashes can cost much higher.

ID# 147330 | – Credit | © Marie DUMORA

Industrial Bathroom with White Backsplash and Chrome Hardware

Beveled subway tiles suit industrial bathrooms more for good reason. They give that brick look much better than other flat versions, thanks to their sloping edges. And in this industrial design, they come in shades of white, extending from the countertop to the mirrors. Here, the mirrors are frameless; the hardware is chrome. The towel rails are installed in the front of the countertop to keep things simpler. Overall, everything is classic, industrial to the core, and practical.

ID# 147331 | – Credit© Caroline Touzeau Design

Contemporary Bathroom with White Floating Vanity and Round Mirrors

This contemporary en-suite bathroom has its own way of bringing different elements together. Here, the white floating vanity offers a stylish look with vessel sinks, round mirrors, a wood countertop, and brass cabinet hardware. Not to mention the light bulbs used as pendants that bring an industrial vibe to the bathroom.

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