Powder Room Backsplash Ranging From Stylish Wallpapers to Tiles

28+ Powder Room Backsplash

ID# 171304 | Houzz.com – Credit© Avalon Interiors

Contemporary Powder Room with Chevron Wall Tiles

If you are working with a small space, using geometric patterns is a great way to give a dimension and make the space feel larger by creating a visual illusion as you can see in this contemporary powder room! The eye-catching zigzag patterns of the chevron wall tiles distract the compact size of the space perfectly. The plain yet functional design of the vanity creates a cohesive look with the tiles while the black accents add a contrasting touch that enhances the overall design.

ID# 171316 | Houzz.com – Credit© Unique Homestays

Rustic Vanity Design with Stone Vessel Sink and Wall Tiles

This little powder room has stone walls and floor tiles which give the area a rustic aspect and feel. With the addition of the black wall-mounted faucet, an antique sconce and a bronze-framed mirror, the rustic concept is beautifully completed. The eye-catching wood vanity and stone vessel sink complement the tiles in a charming way.

Powder Room Backsplash

Whether you refer to it as a powder room, half bath, guest bathroom, or WC, it is essentially a functional area that just has a sink and a toilet. But it’s also put in a practical area so visitors can see it right away and get a sense of your house and style. This implies that your powder room ought to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful. Also, this room is so small that you can go all-crazy in design and use expensive materials because of the small square foot. The vanity is the most used item in the powder rooms, so it is important how you express your design personality to your guests! For instance, you can have a bold and eye-catching powder room backsplash that draws all the attention when you enter the room.

Stylish and Functional Backsplash Designs for Powder Rooms

There is a huge plethora of material, color, tile, and pattern options in the design industry for your powder room backsplash ideas. Ceramic, stone, glass, cement, wood, or even wallpapers for your powder room backsplash ideas! The alternatives are endless and you are free to use any material or color in this small room’s interior design. A backsplash is a small design element as the powder room itself, however, these small design components can create huge impacts on your guests! Let’s scroll down and get inspired by those stunning powder room ideas that we gathered for you!

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Eclectic Powder Room Design with Blue Glazed Wall Tiles

Enriched by the combination of different materials, textures, and colors, this eclectic powder room serves a bunch of personalities! To start with wall tiles, these vertical subway tiles create an eye-catching backdrop for the room. The glossy finish and the tonal variations of blue on the tiles bring depth to the space while the black marble floor tiles complement the dramatic appeal of the subways. The wood powder room vanity is flanked by a marble countertop and a hammered copper sink. The brass framed mirror complements the vintage flair of the vanity while the wood floating shelves, brass-detailed sconces and framed painting make a cohesive final touch.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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Scandinavian Design with Wood Vanity and Brass Details

Penny round tiles are a failsafe option if you want to create a stylish and timeless look! Unlike usual, the penny tiles are used in larger formats as a backsplash for this Scandinavian powder room. Accentuated by the white walls, these white backsplash tiles reach through the ceiling and create a nice textural backdrop. The black framed circular mirror complements the tiles in terms of geometry while the brass accents bring a luxurious elegant touch. Below, the light wood vanity with an undershelf and concrete vessel sink perfectly reflects the warm and inviting feel of the Scandi aesthetic.

ID# 171303 | Houzz.com – Credit© Endless Ideas Interiors Inc.

Blue Herringbone Tile Powder Room Backsplash with Gray Vanity

This half bathroom welcomes you with a sea breeze thanks to the glossy blue herringbone tiles. This interior welcomes you with a warm and inviting atmosphere with the blue and white harmony. The light gray vanity and white toilet bring a clean movement and the white walls complement it keeping the clean and bright look unified. The basketweave floor tiles add another layer of texture to enhance the overall look.

ID# 171305 | Houzz.com – Credit© Structura by Franco

Geometric Patterned Wallpaper Design with Wood Floating Vanity

The geometric patterned wallpaper design seems to be wall tiles and the orange lines create an illusion. This eye-catching wallpaper makes an emphasis wall in this small area when paired with white walls. The wood floating vanity, which is topped with a gray quartz countertop and an undermount sink, has a sleek and simple appearance that allows the wallpaper to stand out. White paint walls are a fantastic way to accentuate the design aspects of the room. The luxury touches are visible thanks to the matte black accents.

How do you install a backsplash in a powder room?

To install a backsplash, before you begin let’s check the materials that you will need in this do-it-yourself project:

1- Tape measure
2- Tile adhesive
3- Tile Cutter
4- Tile
5- Notched trowel
6- Grout
7- Level
8- Caulk
9- Rubber Float
10- Safety goggles and gloves
11- Tile spacers(optional)

Once you’ve gotten all of the necessary supplies, you can begin installing your new backsplash after tiling. These straightforward, step-by-step instructions will let you tile your very own backsplash at home.


The area where you wish to install your backsplash should be measured. You may use this to estimate how much material you’ll need to build your backsplash.

Before you begin gluing your tiles to the wall, lay out your tile pattern close to where you will be working to ensure that it will fit. To include obstructions like switches or electrical plugs, you may even draw out your space.

Clear your workspace of all objects. Disconnect any plug covers or equipment that can obstruct your installation, using the required safety precautions. Your workspace’s wall should be cleaned and dried.

If you’re installing a backsplash and cutting your very own tiles, make sure the tiles are the right sizes for your design template. Wearing safety goggles and gloves is a must when performing this.


Apply your chosen adhesive to one small patch of the wall at a time, following the mixing instructions. The adhesive that is applied too far in advance will dry before the tiles can be applied. Making ridges in the glue with the trowel’s notches will make it easier for the tiles to adhere.

Lay the first tile in your workspace’s bottom corner, approximately an eighth of an inch above the countertop. For a level and solid installation, press and gently twist the tile into the glue.

Lay each row of tiles horizontally and work your way upwards. Repeat this process for the remaining tiles. There should be some room between each tile. Give the tile work at least 24 hours to dry.


Following the directions on the packaging, apply the grout between your tiles. Holding the rubber float at a 45-degree angle, apply while concealing any application seams. After removing any extra grout, allow it to dry. Following the completion of the grout’s hardening process, remove the remaining excess grout with a damp sponge held at a 45-degree angle, being careful not to contaminate the newly installed grout.

Fill up the space at the bottom where the tiles meet the countertop with your caulk. Consider sealing your grouting both the first time and regularly if you’re utilizing natural stone tiles.

ID# 171306 | Houzz.com – Credit© OUD Architecture & Interior Design

Glossy Green Subway Wall Tiles with Small Floating Vanity and Vessel Sink

The rich green shade of the subway wall tiles draws all the attention! Adorned by a glossy finish, these glamorous tiles surround all the wall spaces and create a dramatic atmosphere. The addition of the white grout highlights the classic running bond pattern while the white floating vanity with vessel sink provides a plain appeal which allows the tiles to be the star of the room. This powder room is one of the perfect fits to impress the guests!

White Mosaic Tiles

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Blue Patterned Powder Room Backsplash with Vintage Sink

The chrome accents on the vintage sink strengthen the elegance and opulence of the blue patterned mosaic tile backsplash which already has a quiet and relaxing appearance! While the arching mirror mimics the arch of the window to give a seamless image, the eye-catching mosaic tile pattern provides movement. In addition to adding warmth to the space, the potted plant hanging from the ceiling and the wooden toilet seat go well with the backsplash tiles’ Mediterranean theme.

Material Options for Powder Room Backsplash

Adding a backsplash to your powder room is one of the important design decisions you’ll make while remodeling or creating a new one. You must choose the right material options for powder room backsplash ideas if you want to design a backsplash to create a strong impact. Because the materials may instantly alter the ambiance of any interior design, it is important to know what sort of material can shield your walls from spills and moisture, whether your budget is sufficient, and what kind of mood you want to create in your kitchen.

Ceramic Powder Room Backsplash

Are you a stylish and economical homeowner looking for affordable powder room backsplash ideas? If so, you’ll enjoy the powder rooms we’ve included here! Ceramic tile is a durable, affordable material that will add personality to any full or powder room. The low-cost tile options available today also replicate a number of high-end surfaces, including European mosaics, wood grain, and even travertine stone in its natural state. Sand, quartz, water, and clay are some of the other natural materials used to make ceramic tiles.

They are frequently used in powder rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens of households, eateries, businesses, and retail establishments. They are competitively priced and easy to install, clean, and maintain. So, if you’re unsure about what to use for your powder room’s backsplash, consider a ceramic powder room backsplash.

Since they are long-lasting, inexpensive, and stain-resistant, ceramic tiles are becoming more and more popular among those looking for the newest powder room accessories. If you want to make your powder room the center of attention in your home, use a patterned, colorful, mismatched, or iridescent tile. There are countless options once you start looking at ceramic powder room backsplash designs. Fear not—ceramic tiles are available for any style and design preference, and you can choose the ideal option from the ceramic powder room backsplash ideas that we looked for!

ID# 171308 | Houzz.com – Credit© Frontiers Design Build

White Ceramic Powder Room Backsplash With Small Wood Vanity

If you want to create a bright and spacious atmosphere for your small powder room but still want to add a slight texture, then white penny tiles might be your savior! Here, the white penny round tiles cover the entire wall behind the vanity and toilet and create a clean and fresh backdrop. The white toilet and the white sink complement this fresh appeal while the tiny wood vanity breaks the white domination to bring warmth. The black frames of the mirror, brass faucet and cabinet hardware make a cohesive final touch.

ID# 171309 | Houzz.com – Credit© Troico

Modern Powder Room with Rustic Wood Vanity

When it comes to the most popular backsplash tile, subway tiles are the number one choice! Due to their classic yet timeless pattern, these metro tiles can easily be part of any design and as you can see in this modern powder room, this beauty perfectly creates a visually pleasing overall look! Using a black grout for the white tiles highlights the running bond pattern while the black frames of the mirror complement the grouting. The light wood vanity makes a rustic twist against the crisp white features while the wood floor complements the rustic flair.

ID# 171310 | Houzz.com – Credit© Estee Design

Blue Ceramic Powder Room Backsplash with Blue Vanity and Marble Floor Tiles

The white accents and the blue hues of the ceramic tiles complement each other adding a serene coastal feel! The blue vanity and the square wall tiles in tonal blue shades harmonize with each other blending with the blue wallpaper design that adds fresh and modern vibes. Below, the marble tile flooring in a basketweave pattern bring a luxurious sense to the room while the brass detailed sconce above the mirror adds a dose of sparkle.

ID# 171311 | Houzz.com – Credit© Студия Татьяны Архиповой

Black and White Patterned Powder Room Backsplash with Red Vanity

The more is more shows off in the powder room interior design! The black and white patterned ceramic tiles as a backsplash create an eye-catching backdrop while the circular mirror and the globe sconces emphasize this accent wall. Flanked by a white vessel sink and beige countertop, the red vanity welcomes you with feminine energy!

ID# 171312 | Houzz.com – Credit© Framed Renovations

Transitional Powder Room with Dark Wood Vanity and White Countertop

Although white is the most preferred color for the classic subway tiles, black can also be a great addition, especially if you want to add a dose of drama to your powder room! Here, each piece is stacked with subtle elements to make a statement, starting with the dark floating washbasins and continuing with a circular mirror and lovely brassware. The glass tube pendants embody mid-century modern design. The white countertop and vessel sink enhance the dark colors, while the black subway tile backsplash serves as a backdrop to contain this bathroom area.

ID# 171313 | Houzz.com – Credit© Pfeiffer Design

Blue Ceramic Powder Room Backsplash with Floral Wallpaper Design

You might think that combining lots of materials, textures and patterns might be overwhelming but this powder room design proves you wrong! The vertically stacked subway tiles cover the lower parts of the wall like wainscoting and create a glamorous appeal with their glossy finish. Above the tiles, the floral wallpaper enhances the eclectic vibes while the pink sink complements the romantic atmosphere created by the wallpaper. The brass accents add a dose of sparkle to the design. For a final touch, the black and white patterned floor tiles bring a modern vibe.

ID# 171314 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jasmine McClelland Design

Two-Toned Green Chevron Mosaic Wall Tiles with Oval Mirror

If you are working on such a small space as this one, you might think of clever design solutions that can maximize the functionality! The tiny wall-mounted sink and the mirrored medicine cabinets in this powder room are great examples of that! The two-toned chevron mosaic wall tiles create a visually appealing backdrop behind the vanity area while the lighting fixture gives off a warm glow and illuminates the space perfectly.

Stone Powder Room Backsplash

There is a common misconception that backsplashes with stone tiles seem more rustic. Stone tile backsplashes also offer a contemporary feel due to the wide variety of available materials Stone veneers or layered stones are more suited to achieving a contemporary aesthetic due to their crisp appearance and sharp edges. Stone tiles or slabs may be utilized to make a stylish stone powder room backsplash and provide lovely views into your powder rooms because of their adaptability to suit any interior design.

However, there are a few issues with stone powder room backsplash ideas. Homeowners may want to avoid utilizing piled, rough stones or institute a regular cleaning routine because spills will undoubtedly make their way into the crevices. Additionally, natural stone has to be regularly resealed. How often? Depending on the type of stone, you may need to reseal it every year or every two years (travertine, for instance, is more porous than granite, necessitating more frequent sealing). Stone powder room backsplash design ideas may offer unlimited beauty and elegance to your small secret guest room if you’re willing to put in a little work. See the chic stone powder room backsplashes from today below for design ideas for your very own powder room.

ID# 171315 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Dion Group Projects

Modern Powder Room Backsplash with Globe Pendant Lights

This modern, all-black bathroom makes a strong impression. Every black component in this room, including the black vanity, vessel sink, herringbone backsplash, and floor tiles, has a distinct aesthetic value. For instance, the black subway tiles in the bathroom’s backdrop which are placed in a herringbone pattern, give the area a sleek contemporary vibe. The copper wall-mounted tapware gives a dash of color while the round mirror and two big and tiny lighting lights punctuate the herringbone backsplash. The rest of the design’s marble floor and wall tiles contrast wonderfully with the carved black marble jar, which conveys majesty.

ID# 171317 | Houzz.com – Credit© Interior Design Grafit

Luxurious Powder Room Design with Double Sink Vanity

Wow… Each piece in this powder room cohesively comes together and offers a luxurious retreat! Adorned by black vessel sinks, the black floating vanity creates an elegant look while the matte black faucets perfectly complete this appeal with a modern touch. Behind the vanity, the large-format marble tiles provide a bright backdrop and these tiles continue through the floor to create a unified look. For the left wall behind the toilet, the brown marble tiles act as a piece of art and create an accent. The same brown marble texture is also used for the vanity top. Thanks to the modern designs of the black accents, the contrast stands out adding a stylish appeal.

ID# 171318 | Houzz.com – Credit© Micieli Design

Black and White Contrast with Marble Textures

The eye-catching white veins of the black marble backsplash bring an elegant look with contrast while the black and white wallpaper design mirrors the same pattern but with negative colors. Belov, the same marble stone is also used for the countertop to create a continuous look. The black flooring vanity completes the dramatic appeal of the black marble perfectly.

ID# 171319 | Houzz.com – Credit© Topology Interiors

Modern Design Look with a Marble Powder Room Backsplash and Brass Details

The luxurious appeal of the white marble tile backsplash harmonizes with the glamorous brass accents while the wall-mounted white sink complements the bright and fresh appeal of the wall tiles. The black framed mirror above the backsplash brings depth to the space and keeps up with the unified appeal!

Glass Powder Room Backsplash

Powder room renovations are exciting and well-liked. Improve your design satisfaction with your home while increasing its worth by updating the powder room. Older powder rooms are more vulnerable to water damage and shoddy building, so a more contemporary design, such as glass powder room backsplash ideas, may considerably benefit them. Glass is the best material to utilize to add updated, modern style to your powder rooms because of its practical and beautiful look, which gives you clean lines, the appearance of more space, and an easy-to-clean and hygienic surface.

A glass powder room backsplash, whether or not it is black or purple, may transmit the clean lines and unadorned appearance of the modern design style and give movement. The design of your glass powder room backsplash tile may require some help because there are so many possible pattern combinations. Whether or not they receive assistance, everyone has “that design” for their powder rooms. Let’s check!

ID# 171320 | Houzz.com – Credit© Estee Design

Embracing the Luxury with a Glass Powder Room Backsplash

The glamorous look of the white glass backsplash tiles draws all the attraction! From the mosaic tile backsplash to blue Kit Kat wall tiles and wood vanity, this powder room has such a characteristic appeal. Using two different materials for the wall defines perfectly the vanity and toilet area. Behind the vanity, the glossy glass mosaic backsplash tiles add a luxurious sense to the space while the blue Kit Kat tiles behind the toilet add another layer of texture and enhance the room height.

ID# 171321 | Houzz.com – Credit© Marjoram Architects

White Powder Room Design with Brown Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Mosaic tiles are always a great way to jazz up dull spaces, as in this white powder room. The brown-shaded glass mosaic tile backsplash directly draws attention and enhances this otherwise all-white design. The gray granite countertop creates a cohesive look with the tonal variations of the mosaic tiles while the white shaker vanity, apron front sink, and toilet provide a bright and spacious atmosphere with the help of the white-painted walls.

Can you tile a powder room?

You can tile whatever wall or floor you want in a powder room. Tile is one of the most effective ways to create a design look for the bathrooms and powder rooms. To protect your walls and floors from water leaks and splashes, tile is one of the perfect solutions.

ID# 171322 | Houzz.com – Credit© TWELVE Студия дизайна

Black Glass Powder Room Backsplash with Concrete Wall Tiles

All the gray-black hues surround the powder room creating a modern atmosphere with a dramatic feel. Accentuated by concrete-look gray walls, the glass tile backsplash looks eye-catching while the matte gray freestanding sink and floating shelf perfectly blend with it. The wall lighting units add a warm glow and complete the modern flair. On the left wall, the built-in cabinets provide plenty of space for the daily essentials.

Powder Room Wallpaper Backsplash

A tiny room may become spectacular with the addition of lovely wall décor for the powder room. Despite their modest size, powder rooms may nevertheless be very attractive. With the aid of a powder room wallpaper backsplash design, color, and pattern may transform these ground-floor rooms into welcoming areas for family and visitors.

We’re now looking for the ideal powder room wallpaper backsplash design because the little area is suitable for experimenting with a little bit more adventurous ideas. With a few rolls of colorful paper and a little elbow work, you can completely change any area in an afternoon, whether you want to go glam, botanical, cheeky, or geometric! Here are a couple of choices we’re thinking about for our very own personal powder rooms.

ID# 171323 | Houzz.com – Credit© West One Bathrooms Ltd

Black and White Powder Room with Floral Wallpaper and Gold Details

The sophisticated black shade and brass accents never go bad! Thanks to the white and black harmony the timeless appeal fills the entire powder room with a touch of opulence. The vintage design touch makes this powder room feel familiar more. Thanks to the romantic sense of the powder room wallpaper backsplash the movement and the stylish design stand out.

Subway Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 171324 | Houzz.com – Credit© MGB Building Group

Gold-Detailed Blue Wallpaper Design with Black Hexagon Floor Tiles

With its dark blue patterned wallpaper, this contemporary powder room has a captivating and enjoyable design. Simply spend the time speculating as to what those patterns indicate. Black hexagon floor tiles offer another design if you become bored. They start off with a fascinating geometric design. In this instance, the vanity is kept tiny and hung to free up more floor space due to the limited size of the room.

Do you need a backsplash in a powder room?

You need a backsplash for your bathroom vanity unless it is a pedestal sink that rests apart from the wall. The practical explanation is that a bathroom backsplash guards against decay, mildew, and mold on the wall behind the sink.

ID# 171325 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Mirelle Goren Interiors

Black and White Patterns with a Powder Room Wallpaper Backsplash Design and Brass Accents

Black, white, and brass create some of the perfect combinations for the interiors! The glamorous and luxurious touch of the brass shines with the black color. The harmony of the white and black adds an elegant environment. In this powder room, we see the movement of the black and white patterns of the powder room wallpaper backsplash design.

Wood Powder Room Backsplash

When it comes to the sink area in your powder room, you’re prepared to make changes, but you want to go a different route. You’re considering utilizing wood for your backsplash rather than tile or stone. There are countless options when it comes to selecting wood powder room backsplash alternatives. The material isn’t limited to being rustic; it may also be elegant and contemporary. It all depends on how you install it and whether you want to show off the natural grain of the wood.

Wooden backsplashes exist in a variety of forms, looks, and fashions, unlike more conventional backsplash materials used in powder rooms like tile. The style of powder room you want will have a big impact on the type and style of wood you pick; a modern powder room requires different wood planks than a rustic one.

Here in the list, there are wood powder room backsplash types:

-Reclaimed wood
-Wood-look tiles

Each of these wood planks has a distinctive appearance and comes in a range of hues and finishes to match your walls. Consider your powder room’s atmosphere, how you utilize the room, and how hot your house gets frequently when selecting the material for your wood powder room backsplash.

ID# 171326 | Houzz.com – Credit© Гудзенко Екатерина

Gray Powder Room Design with Black Vessel Sink

Using two different materials for the backsplash is a perfect way to create a visually pleasing backdrop. As you can see in this modern powder room, the concrete-look wall is accentuated by gray wood wall panels that add a nice textural look. The round mirror contrasts with the other features in terms of geometry while the black vessel sink with a black granite countertop brings depth between the subtle gray shade of the bathroom cabinets.

Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 171327 | Houzz.com – Credit© Кучина Ксения

Contemporary Design Style with Wood-Look Powder Room Backsplash

The light wood and the white finishes bring such a contemporary appeal to the powder room to impress your guests! Accentuated by white marble wall tiles, the wood-look backsplash tiles reach through the ceiling to create a sleek and elegant backdrop. The wood single sink vanity with wood countertops creates a cohesive look with the backsplash tiles while the circular shaper of the mirror adds an organic flow to the powder room’s interior.

What’s the difference between a bathroom and a powder room?

The powder room is a place that is only for your guests or for family members who do not want to go upstairs and use the main restrooms. It contains a sink and toilet. Sometimes there can only be a sink according to the area. A bathroom contains a shower, tub, or both of them as a combo, sink, and toilet.

ID# 171328 | Houzz.com – Credit© James Clague Architects Ltd

Traditional Powder Room with Blue Wainscoting

Wainscoting designs are the most popular elements for traditional bathrooms and this powder room perfectly represents the ageless beauty of these elements. The navy-blue painted wainscoting instantly elevates this otherwise ordinary design while the blue curtains complement it. The wainscoting acts as a backsplash behind the vintage sink. Above the sink, the gold framed mirror and wall sconces complement the vintage flair of the furniture.

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