Subway Tile Bathroom Bring Timeless Elegance with Classic Subways

17+ Subway Tile Bathroom

White Subway Tile Bathroom with Black Accents

The stylish harmony of white subway tile walls and black and white hexagonal flooring is eye-catching. The clean and sleek appeal of the white subways surrounds the whole room and offers a timeless, elegant, and classic look. The showering system perfectly follows the theme of black outlining. This black and white combination makes a statement. Greenery plants break the monochrome scheme and also enliven the space.

Contrast Harmony of Black and White with Subway Tile in Modern Bathroom Design

In the bathroom design, which is a perfect combination of gray, white, and black, gray small square tiles are used on the floor. Small tiles used on floors in wet areas are functionally correct as their adhesion increases. The concrete sink and counter design exhibit a very cool stance. The washbasin counter, located in the middle, rests against the wall where the shower is. Chrome fixtures are used. While all the white walls are laid with white horizontal subway tiles, only the corner-shaped black horizontal subway tile is used on the part of the counter, which leaves a distinctive effect and thus determines the limits of the shower. This bathroom design, which creates a simple, modern, and minimalist atmosphere, is also very interesting.

Subway Tile Bathroom

Subway tiles are now a classic for kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to a traditional atmosphere, they add a warm atmosphere to every place they are used. They are making a big comeback, starting to be used more often indoors. If you can’t decide which tiles to choose, subway tiles are the best idea. Because they are timeless, stylish, and look cool by complementing each other with many designs. In this article, we gather the stunning subway tile designs for bathrooms. Keep reading and find some inspirational designs with subway tile bathroom ideas!

Subway tiles are great choices for traditional, farmhouse, modern, industrial, Scandinavian, and mid-century modern styles. It leaves a completely different and magnificent effect in bathroom designs of all styles. Thanks to its plain state, it can be used easily for many years without getting bored. For the bathrooms, you can use subway tiles on walls, sink areas, and shower areas. You can even line the tub with these timeless tiles. To highlight these tiles in different areas, a part of the bathroom can be used as a more neutral, and the desired area can be used as a subway tile for an airy emphasis!


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Contemporary Bathroom with Multicolored Wall Tiles

Besides the offset layout, there are many other layout options for classic rectangular tiles. In this contemporary bathroom, blue, gray, and white subway tiles are laid in a vertically stacked pattern. This vertical placement creates a visual illusion and makes the space feel higher. The black grout of the tiles nicely contrasts with them and emphasizes the grid pattern while the usage of different colored tiles adds more visual interest. Also, the other features such as sink, toilet, and mirror serve a minimalist look and allow the subway tiles to be the centerpiece of the design.

Color Options for Subway Tile Bathroom

Metro tiles are available in all kinds of colors and shades. In this way, you have the opportunity to find your perfect match easily. You can use various colors on your shower walls or anywhere in the bathroom. You can easily reach all kinds of navy blue, dark blue, light blue, and water tones to create the serene and calm atmosphere of the sea. For those who want a fresh and lively feeling, green would be an ideal color. For those who love the simplicity and neutral decor, there are always classic white and gray subway tiles. Black subway tiles are great for stylish and art deco bathrooms. In addition to these, there are also mirrored subway tiles that not only add accents but also reflect light and make the bathroom look bigger, they are also pretty cool for creating eye-catching bathrooms.
Bold colored tiles help white sanitary ware stand out, while gray and marble, paler tones help create a peaceful mood.

White Subway Tile Bathroom

When white, which is a timeless color, is combined with subway tile, which never goes out of fashion, a classic image emerges. It’s not surprising to see why homeowners use white subway tiles in the bathroom. Its texture ranges from minimalist to custom handmade, while its glossy look can contrast beautifully with many color palettes. It is also a highly preferred option for creating spacious and bright spaces.

Colorful Subway Tile Bathroom with Black Floor Tiles

Anthracite square floor tiles are used in the bathroom, which is designed in a rustic style. A bathroom cabinet with open shelves in natural wood color creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. White marble and an under-counter sink are used. A large sink and double taps are used. A flat mirror, which is seated to include both batteries, is a detail that supports the natural air. While white subway tile is used on the walls, a chirpy, sweet bathroom design is created by laying black, yellow, pink, and green subway tiles in one row both on top and bottom. A fun bathroom is provided by blending the soft air of white subway tiles with vibrant colors. Also, appliques with green caps placed on both sides of the mirror are the details that complement the space.

Blue Subway Tile Bathroom

Blue evokes a feeling of sea and sky. It offers a feeling of deep freedom and refreshing and relaxing effects. It brings to mind the emotions that wave sounds make people feel. Bathrooms are one of the most important places in the house. It is a space that allows people to rest and relax. For these reasons, it is a very right decision to use blue in bathrooms. Of course, they are designs that will be shaped according to the wishes of the users. Blue subway tiles are very trendy products. It is quite diverse with unlimited color tones. While assertive designs can be created with dark tones, relaxed designs can be provided with light soft tones. Although it will be completely shaped according to taste, it can easily adapt to anything desired.

Beach Style Bathroom Design with Rounded Mirror

In this very bathroom, the blue handmade look subway tiles instantly elevate the space and serve a lovely appeal with their fabulous color. The raw handmade look of the tiles offers a nice textural look and brings a dose of a rustic vibe. The wall-mounted sink and the rounded mirror create a harmonious look with the blue tiles while the black details such as the frame of the mirror nicely contrast with the light colors and add visual interest.

Modern Bathroom Design with Glossy Blue Wall Tiles

Designed in a modern line, gray tiles are used on the floor in the bathroom. Natural wood cabinets, white countertops, and under-counter washbasins, as well as all fixtures, are chosen in chrome. While the shower is separated from the bathroom with a glass partition, it also stands as it is a transparent transition, making the bathroom appear larger. While all the walls are using white tile, a wall where the cupboard, shower head, and toilet bowl are installed is completely blue subway tiles, successfully exploding the color space. It has a lively and at the same time cool stance. It looks very stylish with its shiny texture.

How to install a subway tile bathroom?

For classic subway tile installation, you first need a sander, sponge, painter’s tape, fine-tuning grout, notched trowel, tape measure, wet saw, grout float, grout sealer, and caulk gun. Then you need to clean and sand the application area to create a smooth surface. Then, if it will be applied in a certain part, the boundaries of the area to be made are determined with the separator tape.

Before you start building, place the tiles elsewhere and create the layout. In this way, you can easily find which parts need to be cut. When cutting tiles, if you are using ceramic or porcelain tile, a simple tile cutter will do the job. On the other hand, for natural stone tiles such as marble, a wet saw with a diamond blade can be used to prevent cracking.

You can lay the tiles on the mortar by spreading the adhesive mortar in small sections with a notched trowel. To fix the tiles, place spacers between the tiles (this is not necessary if you are using tiles with a small tile mesh.) and follow these steps until you have covered all surfaces and wait until it dries and the tiles adhere. Next, remove the spacers, if you are using a sealant, you can do this after the tiles are completely dry. Apply the joint mortar you have prepared with a trowel and wait for it to dry. After the mortar dries, you can clean the tile surfaces with a damp cloth.

Traditional Bathroom Design with Brass and Marble Accents

In this traditional bathroom, rich deep blue hues and the glamorous appeal of the brass accents make for the perfect master bathroom retreat! The deep blue subway wall tiles bring depth to the space while the marble floor tiles and the white ceiling balance the dark hues. The white grout of the tiles perfectly emphasizes them. The deep blue vanity complements the tiles while the marble floor tiles and the vanity top enhance the luxurious feel of the design. The brass accents also bring warmth to the atmosphere.

Black Subway Tile Bathroom

Black is a color that creates very successful designs with its cool, stylish, and timeless style. This color used in bathrooms has a bold aesthetic and will never let you down. Since it is a type that is always used in Subway tiles, it is a very popular product in black subway tiles. These tiles, which have different tones and different textures, are the sought-after name of cool designs. It is a simple but effective type of tile.

Contemporary Bathroom with Colorful Wall Art

We are faced with a modern and at the same time crazy bathroom design. While white penny tiles are used on the floor, there is a bathroom cabinet with a black glossy straight drawer and a white sink counter. Undermount tub and pedestal toilet are used. All the walls are covered with black subway tiles and the place takes on a modern, stylish look. After the end of the tub, graffiti work is done on the wall behind the toilet bowl and behind the sink, adding mobility and a different style to the space. The red colors in the graffiti and the red mat capture a liveliness that makes the space explode.

How to clean subway tile in the bathroom?

It takes a fairly simple process to wash these tiles. It’s an easy mix of water, vinegar, and mild dish soap. This cleaning solution is sufficient to remove the dirt. All you have to do is combine these ingredients in a spray bottle for convenient use.

Black and White Bathroom with Gold Accents

In the farmhouse bathroom design, black hexagonal floor tiles and black subway tiles are used. Black and white contrast harmony is achieved by using white brick on the part of his arm. A sink following the farmhouse style creates an authentic elegance. The golden framed mirror and the gold detailed appliqué on both sides are the fine and elegant details that complete the space. Black subway tiles impress with all their cool air. By creating a simple elegance, a very simple but successful bathroom design is also formed.

Is subway tile hard to clean in a bathroom?

We can say that it is almost impossible to find mold and dirt on the glazed surface of the subway floor. Unlike acrylic showers and baths, subway flooring is usually easy to keep clean with little care.

Gray Subway Tile Bathroom

You may think that gray is a boring color, but when used correctly, an elegant, sophisticated, and stylish bathroom can be created. You can also create different beautiful designs by matching gray with different colors. For example, you can combine gray with some black accents to create a luxurious look or combine them with wooden elements to create a warmer atmosphere. Using gray color will make your bathroom stand out in any style and size.

Of course, subway tiles are at the beginning of the tiles that successfully reflect the gray color. It goes well with gray with its timeless styles.

Beach Style Bathroom Design with Gray Subway Tile

In a beach-style bathroom created in a modern style, gray tiles are used on the floor. The bathroom cabinet consists of wood and open shelves. A large top-mounted under-counter basin with three basin mixers is used. A sconce consisting of a flat mirror and glass lighting above the mirror is used. A soft style is created by using gray subway tiles on the walls. While creating a simple and stylish space, light color is added with the accessories used in blue tones.

Is subway tile out of style in 2022?

Although the traditionally placed subway tiles are outdated for 2022, they are still among the sought-after products with their different laying shapes and colors.

White Walk-in Shower with Brass Details

This beautiful walk-in shower design offers a clean and serene atmosphere. The gray marble subway tiles cover the shower walls and ceiling. On the other hand, marble hexagon tiles bring movement to the space as flooring. Also, the frameless glass separation unit of the shower perfectly completes the clean look. The brass accents complement the luxurious feel of the marble while adding a dose of sparkle.

Green Subway Tile Bathroom

Green is a lively color that gives vitality. It gives people a feeling of being deep in the forest as if to take a deep breath. Or it gives you the refreshing feeling of mint. In bathrooms, green colors are a useful and preferred variety, as they create areas that need to be relaxing to rest and purify. Green subway tiles play a big role in many beautiful designs, along with a variety of color tones and sizes.

Green Effect with Subway Vertical Wall Tile in Scandinavian Bathroom Design

What an eye-catching design! The green and orange color combination offers a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere for this unique bathroom design. These two colors contrast with each other and serve a stylish look. The brass accents create a harmonious look with the green and orange. The vertical placement of the green tiles makes the space feel larger. Thanks to the skylight, the bathroom also has a bright atmosphere, even though the tile colors are dark.

Modern Subway Tile Bathroom

Metro tiles can create desired perceptions with their various sizes, colors, and laying styles. It can create different effects with its glossy and matte surfaces. Even with the joint color used, the whole atmosphere changes. This is the reason why it has such a timeless fashion and is more trendy instead of getting bored day by day. If you want to create a modern design, it is useful to use very neutrally and soft. Even just changing the direction of laying the same tile using the same joint creates an incredibly different perception.

Modern View Effect with White Vertical Subway Tile in Modern Bathroom Design

A modern bathroom with gray floor tiles and white vertical subway tiles provides a simple and stylish look by using a concrete suspended sink counter and a wooden shelf under it. An upper cabinet with a mirror door and a cabinet with shelves are added. Also, the glass wall sconce hung next to the cabinet is a detail that completes the space. All the fixtures are chosen black to create a cool line. And while the vertically furnished subway tiles used on all bathroom walls are chosen in a long size and display a modern and cool stance, the use of white grout creates a minimally stylish design by giving it a softer appearance.

Large Subway Tile Bathroom

Large subway tiles, where they are applied, have effects that make the spaces look bigger than they are. Since they have fewer joint lines, they create spacious areas without cutting the eyes. They exhibit a more effective stance, especially in small areas. However, it is easier to maintain, because the most troublesome parts of the tiles and the parts that show the dirt are the joints.

White Large Subway Effect Tile with Blue Cabinets in Beach Style Bathroom Design

In a colorful beach-style bathroom, light wood-like tiles are used on the floor. Cabinets in a phosphorescent blue create an energetic effect. With the black countertop, the intensity of this color is somewhat balanced. All walls are furnished with large, white subway tiles, providing a pure and clean appearance. The colorful shower curtain is also a detail that reflects the summer energy.

Marble Subway Tile Bathroom

Marble has excellent results for any bathroom design. Each marble slab has its unique veins. It also has customizable patterns. It’s a great way to add some difference and interest to bathrooms. It gives a classic and elegant look to all bathroom designs. With the possibility of being used in different sizes, it is easily preferred in many areas. Although it is priced compared to other materials in terms of cost, it is a product that deserves its price in terms of durability and ease of use in the long run.

Marble subway tiles, on the other hand, are becoming very trendy and are creating attractive designs day by day. With effect of baths, it is frequently preferred in bathrooms and provides the feeling of a bath. It also creates a luxurious and quality space.

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Gray- White Marble Subway Tile

In the white bathroom design dominated by white, white shutter-like cabinet doors are used to create a lively effect. A white countertop and two under-counter sinks are used. Two separate mirrors and gold-colored sconces at the level of the sink provide an elegant appearance. All other fixtures are made of brass hardware, creating a pleasant atmosphere. White marble-like tiles are used on the floor. The shower is also separated by a glass divider. While white paint is used on the walls, the wall where the sink and shower mixer is located is completely using marble subway tile, attracting all the attention and providing a quality stylish look.

Marble Shower Wall Tiles with Chrome Fixtures

A stylish space is created in the white bathroom design, which reflects the harmonious combination of white marble subway wall tiles and white features. While the white marble wall and floor tiles serve a luxurious appeal, the chrome plumbing fixtures are the details that support the rich effect. The wooden stool breaks the white domination in the room while bringing a rustic vibe without breaking the luxurious feel.

Are subway tiles good for showers?

Subway tiles are a popular choice for showers, and traditional white subway tile showers are a favorite for those looking to create a Victorian-inspired design. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain materials which is a huge advantage for bathrooms. 

Is subway tile difficult to install?

It is very easy to lay the subway tile. The only challenge is when it’s necessary to cut. Therefore, you need to have all the necessary tools and equipment.

Is subway tile classic or trendy?

Although subway flooring is trending with the farmhouse, it is a classic that has been used for a very long time. However, subway flooring is very easy to incorporate into different styles with its plain and clean state.

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