Luxury Walk in Closet Display Cabinets, Drawers, Shelves and More!

62+ Luxury Walk-in Closet

ID# 101705 | – Credit© Nosan Signature Homes

Gray Walk-in Closets With Flat-panel CabinetS

Large skylights provide daylight without losing any wall space. The glass doors are both functional and beautiful allowing one to view the shoes and accessories easily and also serves as an eye-catching display wall. Central island with a quartz countertop provides more space for clothes! Gray wooden doors create a sharp panel look.

ID# 101735 | – Credit© Clayton & Company

Dark Blue Wardrobe With White Vanity and Gold Details

What a strong color choice! Deep blue color matches perfectly with gold details! Square touches as a pattern on the wardrobe and handles bring elegance. Classic style armchair and makeup table create a contrast with flat panel cabinets. Light blue curtains provide the color transition.


Glamorous, Luxury Walk-in Closet Design Ideas with Chic Touches!

Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous walk-in closet in their house! Walk-in closets never fail to add a dose of luxury to a home. If you have a lot of clothes and have no idea how to organize and store them properly, you can create your very own high-end boutique with the help of our luxury walk-in closets!

Combine display cabinets, drawers, shelves

Well-designed walk-in closets can be a great way to store your clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can maximize the functionality of the space with cabinets, drawers, a central island, and upper shelves. Material, color schemes, and even tiny elegant touches like gold handles or glass shelves can enhance your design. Find inspiration from our luxury walk-in closet design ideas to maximize the small spaces and also large dedicated dressing rooms.

Mirror usage in the walk-in closets makes the space wider and it can fit all designs.

ID# 101701 | – CreditMike Schaap Builders | © Ashley Avila

Glamorous Walk-in Closets With Open Shelves

Your clothes and shoes can be a stunning decoration in Display cabinets! Clothes are popping up in the white color. Cabinets placed opposite each other along the wall, maximize the space functionality.

ID# 101704 | – Credit© Studio Aubergine Interior Design

Transitional Wardrobe With Display Shoe Cabinets

Shaker drawer with marble countertop becomes remarkable with gold details. Small gold touches can make your design glamorous! Glass doors on the display cabinets show off shoes in a chic way. Tiny glass open shelves next to the window bring wideness to space.

ID# 101708 | – Credit© MM Interiors, LLC

Luxury Walk in Closet With Metal Chandelier

Inspiration for a large 1960s gender-neutral walk-in closets. Stunning central island with marble countertop! Mirror doors on the flat-panel cabinets enlarge the rooms and add deepness. Open shelves between the drawers can be a good choice for your shoes!


ID# 101709 | – Credit© Adriana Solmson

Luxury Walk in Closet With Dark Wood Open Cabinets

We like the idea that using two different shades of wood! The same dark wood drawer adds more storage area. Also, it creates an l-shape to help divide the area. Gold detailed pendant lighting! Small green plants enhance the natural atmosphere.


ID# 101710 | – Credit© Kim Armstrong

White Cabinets With Clothe Hacks and Central Island

The stained-glass transom above the door was custom designed and fit just for that space. Stunning antique salvaged doors leading into the closets. Little vanity provides a space for try the jewelry. Traditional chandelier winks the gold detailed chair! Open hanging shelves for clothes support this plain look.


ID# 101712 | – Credit© Litz Real Estate

Large Shoe Cabinets With White Central Island

Look at the elegance of the white! Shoes popping up on these plain shelves. Central island with shaker cabinets and quartz countertop matches perfectly with the u-shaped cabinets. A gap between the ceiling and cabinets is a good way to display your luxury brand bags!

ID# 101713 | – Credit© Framestead Enterprises, L.P.

Full Height Open Luxury Walk in Closet With White Ladder

One wall display cabinets and central island with wooden countertop! Countertop and same colored wooden floor make the atmosphere warmer. Large square openings on the cabinet provide enough space for the clothes. Using a ladder makes it easier to reach the upper shelves. remarkable tiny gold appliances on the drawers and cabinets!

ID# 101715 | – Credit© Kent Shaffer Builders, Inc.

All White Closet Design With Natural Wood Floor

Pure white display cabinets and central island with quartz countertop popping up on the wooden floor. The metal Castile chandelier matches perfectly with the atmosphere of this farmhouse closet.

Flat Panel Cabinets In White Walk In Closet

ID# 101716 | – Credit© ObsessiveCloset Disorder

Simple Shoe Cabinet With Blue Hanging Chair

The blue rocking chair is a remarkable choice in this white modern closet! Mirror usage on the flat panel cabinets extends the look in narrow spaces like this! Open shelves fit perfectly the wall next to the window. Stunning little soft pink details.


ID# 101717 | – Credit© Picture Perfect House

Farmhouse Luxury Walk in Closet With Open Cabinets

The black quartz countertop leaps out on the white shaker drawers. simplificative Open shelf display cabinets placed on two sides of the wall, maximizing the space usage. plain mirror frame integrates with the gray wall.

ID# 101718 | – Credit© Huseby Homes

Men’s Black Walk-in Closets With Wooden Drawers

Look at these elegant black shelves! Same colored storage boxes integrate perfectly with the upper shelves. Glass shelves in the middle of the closet popping up with lightning inside of them. Lightning makes the atmosphere warmer with the wooden drawings. Wicker baskets are perfect decorations for the open shelves!

ID# 101719 | – Credit© Millennial Design + Build

Gray Shaker Cabinets With Frosted Glass Doors

The sliding door is a smarter choice in narrow space! Frosted glass cabinets which are along the wall create the perfect perspective look. Glass open shelves provide continuity with glass doors. Gold detailed chandelier and central island with marble countertop add a classic flair. Stunning color match between the pastel pink cushions and bluish doors of the closet.


ID# 101720 | – Credit© Set The Stage

White Cabinets With Glass Shelves and Glam Chandelier

Mirrors placed in the middle of the open shelves both add depth to the area and make it possible for you to look after wearing your clothes! Central island with marble countertop and shaker drawers provides extra storage space.


All-white Closet Room With Brass Hardware

Who doesn’t want a rolling library ladder in their closet? Never struggle to reach those high storage areas again! Stunning gold appliances! The combination of the open shelves, display cabinets with glass doors, and shaker drawer create harmony. The wooden floor makes the warmer atmosphere.


ID# 101724 | – Credit© Austin Bryant Moore LLC.

Luxurious Closet With Tufted Ottoman Pouf and Crystal Chandeliers

Look at this glamorous white closet! Perfect perspective cathing with the display cabinets which are placed on both sides of the wall. Clothes are eye-catching between the shaker drawer. The marble floor matches the atmosphere. Crystal chandeliers and tufted ottoman pouf complete this classic look!


ID# 101725 | – Credit© Payne & Payne Renovations & Design

Open Cabinets in Luxury Walk-in Closet

White display cabinets and central island with glass top. You can put your holdalls on the enclosed upper shelves. beige wall-to-wall carpet and blue stools are in great harmony!


ID# 101727 | – Credit© Grove Gallery & Interiors

Luxury Men’s Walk-in Closets With Dark Brown Cabinets

Closet designed in a dark wood color with a flat panel drawer and ample lighting running throughout the cabinets. Brown cabinets popping up between white floor and ceiling. Square Flush Mount Lights bring the completion with the sharpness of the atmosphere. Open shelves placed on top of the drawer are a perfect space to show off your hats!

ID# 101728 | – Credit© Jasmin Reese Interiors

Gray Cabinets With Wood Ladder

Stunning gold appliances look glamorous on the gray shaker drawers and display cabinets in this contemporary closet. Open shelves for shoes! Wooden ladder to reach the upper glass shelves. two different wood used on the floor and ceiling and gold flush mount lightning and sheepskin throw popping upon them.

ID# 101729 | – Credit© Kasper Custom Remodelling

Recessed Panel Cabinets in Medium-Sized Closet

White recessed panel cabinets, a center island with double side drawers with marble countertop, and extra shelves for shoe and bag storage. A clean, understated design that incorporates maximum function! Spotlights show off the glam of the cabinets. Wooden flooring creates a warmer atmosphere in this transitional closet.


ID# 101730 | – Credit© Closet Theory by Janie Lowrie

Luxury Walk-in Closet With Gray Floor

White paint grade wood cabinetry with base and crown Cedar lining for coats behind doors. Extra shelves placed under the window for shoe storage. Chandelier and Ottoman Lingerie used as an accessory. Gray floor. Ceiling and accessories which are placed middle of the wall along cabinets bring deepness.


ID# 101731 | – Credit© Tipler Design & Build

Open Shoe Cabinets With Central Island and Grey Pouf

A large built-in dresser provides plenty of storage with glass doors, open shelves on both sides of the window, and a large center island with a marble countertop. Shelves under the stairs fit perfectly! Open shelves provide to display your branded bags and shoes. The Gray blush bench next to central island looks chic!

ID# 101732 | – Credit© Butter Lutz Interiors, LLC

Luxury Walk in Closet With Colorful Wallpaper

Remarkable colorful wallpaper popping up in this plain white closet. We love the idea that using colorful wallpaper as a background behind the display cabinets with glass doors. Also, the choice of wallpaper brings deepness. Beige-brown patterned carpet completes the look with wallpaper. Central island with shaker drawers and open shelves for shoe storage maximizing the space functionality.

ID# 101733 | – Credit© John Cannon Homes

Luxury Closet Room With Mirrored Wall

White display cabinets with light wooden floor! Glass door upper cabinets and drawer front of the mirror provides extra storage space. White bench with gold details matches perfectly with gold pendant lightning. An armchair and coffee table for a relaxing area in this stunning closet.

ID# 101736 | – Credit© Refined Llc

Pastel Blue Shaker Cabinets With Gold Handless

An interesting idea that placed the working space in the walk-in closets! Stunning color choice for shaker cabinets! Central island with brown countertop for additional storage. The same color used for the worktable. Blue and white patterned chair with wooden details popping up in this plain closet.


ID# 101737 | – Credit© Fiona Watkins Design Limited

Luxury Walk-in Closet With Blue Bench

Glamorous closet doors with mirrors bring liveliness. White wall-to-wall carpet. Blue Tiergarten Accent bench with black details popping up in the pure white closet.

ID# 101738 | – Credit© August House Co.

Contemporary Luxury Walk in Closet With Wooden Floor

Plain display cabinets become eye-catching with natural light provided by gorgeous rectangular windows. Create extra storage spaces with drawers between the open cabinets and under the window. Square-shaped gray ottoman matches with the sharp shape of windows.

ID# 101739 | – Credit© Shiflet Group Architects

Minimalist Closet Room With Central Island

You can encolour your white spaces with colorful rugs! Also, clothes are shown themselves in the display cabinets. Square shelf openings blink to the same shaped windows. Flat-panel drawers placed under the window.


ID# 101740 | – Credit© Bennett Leifer Interiors

White Vanity Table With Circular Mirror and Gold Details

Gold touches look so chic in this white closet. We love the idea that place the vanity table attached to the display cabinets. Small drawers provide a space for your jewelry and cosmetics! Liliums touching the colorful seat of the white chair.


ID# 101742 | – CreditShirley Meisels | © Kim Jeffery

Luxury Walk-in Closet With Marbled Central Island

Look at the combination of the marble floor and marble countertop. Gray drawers with gold appliances popping up on this marble floor. Display cabinets along the long wall. Eye-catching gold spiral stair makes harmony between the two central islands.

ID# 101744 | – Credit© Nest Design Group

Gray Wardrobe in Elegant Closet Room

Gray shaker cabinets popping up on the dark wooden floor and provide continuity with the white ceiling. The drawer placed under the hexagon opening ensures space for jewelry. Cabinets placement maximizing the space functionality.

Open Cabinets With Furry Carpet and Gray Bench

Dark wooden floor leap to the eye between the white cabinets. Drawers and cabinets with glass doors provide additional storage spaces between the display cabinets.

ID# 101745 | – Credit© McKee & Company

Pastel Blue Cabinets With Window Seat and Wood Floor

Look at the harmony between blue and pink! The pink cushion touches match perfectly with the atmosphere. Placed a built-in window seat with drawer storage. Additional shelves with glass doors create a space for hats and jewelry next to the window. White vanity table and chair.


ID# 101746 | – Credit© The Room & Co interiorismo

Cozy Walk-in Closets With Curtain Door

Love the idea that using the curtains as a wardrobe door! It completes the Scandinavian atmosphere with wooden drawers. Black ottoman popping up on the gray carpet and wall.


ID# 101747 | – Credit© Bjurfors Göteborg

Cozy Walk in Closet With Curtain Door

Love the idea that using the curtains as a wardrobe door! It completes the Scandinavian atmosphere with wooden drawers. Black ottoman popping up on the gray carpet and wall.

ID# 101748 | – Credit© Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP

Display Cabinets With Plenty of Storage Space

Who wouldn’t want an entire room to storage for your shoes! Display cabinets with glass doors provide maximum space for storage. Cabinets fit perfectly on both sides of the wall.


ID# 101750 | – Credit© Closet Theory by janie Lowrie

Men’s Luxury Walk-in Closet With Open Shelves

Love the harmony of wooden cabinets and floor. Pendant lightning popping up between the cabinets. Plenty of shoe storage with in-cabinetry lighting. Wardrobe with mirrored sliding door. Upper cabinets and drawers provide additional storage space.

ID# 101752 | – Credit© More Space Place of North America

Open Cabinets With Furry Carpet and Gray Bench

Dark wooden floor leap to the eye between the white cabinets. Drawers and cabinets with glass door provides additional storage spaces between the display cabinets.


ID# 101749

Men’s Luxury Walk-in Closet With Open Shelves

Love the harmony of wooden cabinets and floor. Pendant lightning popping up between the cabinets. Plenty of shoe storage with in-cabinetry lighting. Wardrobe with mirrored sliding door. Upper cabinets and drawers provide additional storage space.

ID# 101753 | – Credit© Livarea

Elegant Dark Brown Closet With Open Shelves

The wardrobe can become a centerpiece of the bedroom and contains drawers and open floating shelves. harmony with the brown and white bring elegance to the atmosphere. The leather dark brown pouf also matches perfectly with the room.

ID# 101754 | – Credit© Gerald Hennings Interior Design

Wood Flat-panel Cabinets With Brown Carpeted Floor

The attic is an excellent space to place walk-in closets. You can take advantage of the slope. Wooden flat-panel cabinets, floating drawer, and island with glass cutout! Beautiful wall-to-wall carpet on the floor. Remarkable vases can be a perfect choice as a decoration for plain and simple designs.

ID# 101755 | – Credit© Poliform Sagart Studio

Luxury Brown Closet Room With Black Flooring

What an elegant look with brown and black! The mirror between the cabinets brings more deepness with the help of the black floor and white ceiling. circular pendant lightning shining between the flat-panel cabinets.


ID# 101756 | – Credit© 08023 · Architects

Bright Walk-in Closets With Colorful Rug

Decoration objects are the perfect choice to enclose white rooms, in this design rug takes on this task. Rectangular opening middle of the wall ensures the perspective look with the help of the rug.


ID# 101757 | – Credit© The Container Store Custom Closets

Open Cabinet Design With Blue Carpet

Blue wall to wall carpet with traditional motifs in a harmony with white cabinets. The closet has plenty of room for all your shoes and hanging clothes, while a bank of smooth-front drawers provides even more storage. Central island and small bench bring color and personality to your space.


ID# 101758 | – Credit© Sailer Design

Masculine Black Closet Room With Leather Ottoman

Black flat panel cabinets and drawers with plenty of shelves for shoes. Cabinets for hanging clothes on both sides of the room. Leather touch and light-colored rug are excellent choices for this black cabinet.

ID# 101759 | – Credit© Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC

White Luxury Walk in Closet With Black and Gold Details

We are obsessed with this clean glamorous look. White recessed-panel cabinets and central island popping up on this remarkable wall-to-wall carpet. Love the black and gold details on the cabinets. Even the gold pendant lightning fits perfectly into the atmosphere.


ID# 101760 | – Credit© Beth Haley Design

Open Cabinets and Central Island With Shaker Drawers

Vanity table placed as a part of the display cabinets. Central island with quartz countertop and upper open shelves create additional storage space. Wicker baskets look a beautiful way to put stuff on the open shelves.


ID# 101761 | – Credit© Tara Fust Design

Warm Luxury Walk in Closet Room With White Wardrobes

Custom white cabinets popping up on the neutral dark wooden flooring. Shaker cabinets, central island, and shelves for shoes provide plenty of storage. Central island with shaker drawers and quartz countertop with glass cutout and small bench maximize the functionality of the space.


ID# 101702

Open Walk-in Closets With Drawers

These u-shaped walk-in closets represent simplicity in a beautiful way! White drawers with steel appliances provide extra space for clothes. Wooden floor makes warmer environment. Wicker basket completes the warmness.

ID# 101703

White Shaker Cabinets With Brass Hardware and Window Seat

Look at this gorgeous plain look! Classic white cabinets with eye-catching bronze appliances. Beautiful colorful rug and cushions bring mobility and they match perfectly with the wooden floor. Bronze lightning supports the classic interpretation.

ID# 101706

Display Shoe Cabinets With Glam Chandelier

White display cabinets with glass doors provide a wider look between the wooden floor and ceiling. The space becomes glamorous with remarkable chandeliers. Small beige ottoman pouf and leather rug create a contrast with the modern cabinets.

ID# 101707

Transitional Open Closet With Wooden Floor

Wooden countertop and wooden open shelves complete the plain look perfectly. Display cabinets maintain beautiful space to show off the clothes!

ID# 101711

Small Closet Room Design With Open Shelves and Drawers

Open shelves increase deepness in this doorless small walk-in closet. Shaker drawers with plain gold appliances create a storage area. Also, the white color of the cabinets matches perfectly with the door frame. The wooden commode contributes to the harmony of the white and gray.

ID# 101714

Walk-in Closets With Dark Wooden Display Cabinets

Display cabinets placed on both sides of the wall create perfect perspective! Choice of the lighter wooden floor and white painted walls and ceiling increase the deepness in large walk-in closets. Oval-shaped stool breaking the sharpness in the atmosphere.

ID# 101723

Luxurious Closet With Glass Enclosed Cabinets

The plain white closet is outfitted with LED lighting throughout. The built-in dressers, glass-enclosed cabinets, and central island with quartz countertop provide plenty of storage.

ID# 101722

Small Closet With Gray Tufted Ottoman Pouf

The plain u-shaped closet isn’t the best choice for tiny spaces! An excellent idea that places a cabinet for the jewelry on top of the drawers. LED Flush Mount lights make brighter the space. Gray Tufted Ottoman pouf brings mobility!

ID# 101726

Luxury Walk-in Closet With Ladder

Built-in ladder to reach top-level areas and gorgeous barn mirror! White display cabinets accented by the light wooden floor and darker wooden cabinets. We love using different patterns to make mobility in the space such as a herringbone-patterned rug and black and white armchair.

ID# 101734

Open Closet Design With Display Cabinets and Central Island

Glamorous contemporary lightning directly draws attention. One wall display cabinets and central island with marble countertop. Gray bench placed next to the central drawers. Shelves with glass doors ensure extra storage for shoes.

ID# 101741

Luxury Walk-in Closet With Central Island

Look at the perfect symmetry! White central island with quartz countertop and display shelves showing off between the two large windows. Awesome pastel color wallpaper stands out on the large door frame.

ID# 101743

White Cabinets With Mirrored Doors and Pink Ceiling

Elegant cabinets and central island with quartz countertop. Look at the reflection provided by mirror wardrobe doors. Crystal chandelier hanging on the pink ceiling. Vanity table placed between the cabinets and pink chair support the look!

ID# 101762

Wood Central Island With Marble Countertop and a Touch of Flower

Stunning central island with shaker drawers and marble countertop eye-catching in this farmhouse walk-in closets. Lighter color wooden flooring creates harmony with the island. Mirrored doors and shoe storages placed on two sides of the room.

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