Backsplash for Brown Kitchen Cabinets Stylish Backsplash Ideas

54+ Backsplash for Brown Kitchen Cabinets

ID# 129601 | – Credit© European Kitchen Center

Contemporary Kitchen with Two Tone Cabinetry

Natural textures with plain surfaces create both stylish and contemporary designs. The combination of white and brown color used for the cabinets add a beautiful harmony and they match with the white countertops and white backsplash. To carry the natural look further and keep the stylish look you can use a stone slab backsplash.

ID# 129630 | – Credit© Studio Style Home

An Eat-in Kitchen with Brick Backsplash and Flat-Panel Cabinets

The industrial design and brick walls create a duo that has a stylish look, always. Brown flat-panel cabinets and the open design of the pull-outs with wooden textures add a pleasant harmony with the brick backsplash. Normally it is expected that bricks are used in reddish or white colors but here they are in a lovely beige color that matches well with the brown cabinets.

Backsplash for Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Although most people are interested in colors other than brown kitchen cabinets, it is an indisputable fact that kitchens in this color will reveal classic and beautiful designs. Of course, this choice of color varies from person to person. Since your design will reflect your character, the incredible designs that the brown color can reveal will also carry a piece of your soul. So, you can create stylish kitchen designs with brown cabinets. But what about the backsplash? Between all the possibilities, choosing the right backsplash might be tricky, but do not worry! In this backsplash for brown cabinets gallery, you will find different inspirational kitchen backsplash ideas for your design project!

Of course, cabinets are the backbones of the kitchens. However, the backsplash will also play an impressive role in your design. Let’s start with the color of the backsplash for brown cabinets. The most preferred colors in a brown kitchen are white, blue, and gray tones. Because these colors create harmony and contrast with brown very well. We can often see gray tones in brown kitchens in contemporary design style. After you have decided on these colors, the tiles come one step forward. Ceramics, marbles, granites, or different shapes of tiles can create attractive and stylish designs with your brown cabinets. Let’s take a close look at them!

ID# 129604 | – Credit© Pugachevich Studio

Contemporary Kitchen with Flat-Panel Cabinets and Brown Countertops

There is a beautiful harmony between the light and dark brown that are used on the surfaces of the flat-panel kitchen cabinets. Handleless kitchen cabinet design helps you to have a simple and stylish view in terms of contemporary design. The dark brown countertops and the backsplash help to this plain surface view with their simple look.

ID# 129602 | – Credit© Переяславская Надежда

High Ceilings for a Contemporary Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinet Design

The perfect dance of the dark brown marble floors and dark wood cabinets. The contemporary look is achieved with plain cabinets and simple material choices. White curtains and white high ceilings encircle the dark wood cabinets. The black marble countertops and the marble backsplash match the brown cabinets and harmonize with the floors.

ID# 129603 | – Credit© Timber Trails Development Company

Light Brown Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops and Subway Tile Backsplash

Such a lovely wood color creates a bright and friendly look. The white and dark brown wood floors match soft contrast and put a warm welcome to the atmosphere. The black grout of the subway tile backsplash matches the dark wood colors and adds a movement with the contrast to their white surfaces and the light brown color of the cabinets.

ID# 129605 | – Credit© The Kitchen Design Centre

Bright Modern Kitchen Design with Marble Accents

The stone materials are the perfect fit for wood surfaces thanks to their natural aspects. The dark brown wood kitchen cabinets add warmth, as always, and create harmony with the white color kitchen cabinets. The harmony of white walls and white kitchen cabinets help to white marble backsplash to show off.

ID# 129606 | – Credit© Annette Jaffe Interiors

Transitional Kitchen with Metal Subway Tiles and White Countertops

There are so many things to talk about in this kitchen. From glossy navy blue cabinets to metallic backsplash, glass-fronted wall cabinets to the undermount sink, for these stylish brown kitchen cabinets. Even the pendant lights look like beehives are eye-catchy. Navy blue-framed glass-fronted cabinets and metallic backsplash add a look in full ring.

ID# 129607 | – Credit© Studio Dean

Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets with Mirror Backsplash and a Peninsula

A stylish and inviting contemporary kitchen welcomes with a masculine attitude. Black cabinets and dark brown kitchen cabinets add a stunning contrast together. The peninsula surrounds the kitchen and leather chairs complete the design. The mirror backsplash creates an illusion that gives depth to the kitchen.

ID# 129608 | – Credit© Collective Design Group

Rustic Kitchen with Wood Cabinets and Glossy Brown Subway Tiles

Brown kitchen backsplash ideas can also work with brown cabinetry. Dark wood cabinets and their surfaces give this impact with the dark wood floors. The white countertops of the island add a clean look that completes the well-illuminated interior. Using light color countertops with dark color kitchen cabinets adds a pleasant contrast and finishes the design of the kitchen. If you want a more contemporary look you may use modern designs for appliances such as stainless steel appliances or lighting fixtures.

Backsplash Colors

There is a wide variety of styles and colors that you can team with brown cabinets. Since your design in your interiors will reflect your character, it is obvious that you will be happy in the atmosphere you create with the colors you choose. Another factor that helps your dark brown cabinets to show off is, of course, the backsplash. We can use the backsplash, which comes in different color options, with white, black, blue, and beige tones. These colors, which can create a very good harmony with dark brown kitchen cabinets that add a stylish look with contrast, will help you in choosing a backsplash color.

White Backsplash For Brown Kitchen Cabinets

The color you can always use in dark brown kitchen cabinets is of course white. Whether modern, traditional or industrial, the white backsplash will always be in harmony with your brown cabinets. The contrast it will create will increase the movement in the interior and your design will stand out with its stylish appearance. You can change or harmonize your white backsplash according to the design style of the brown cabinets. The white backsplash, which already has a striking effect with the dark brown color, will gain a completely different dimension with the choice of texture such as marble, granite, mosaic, etc. So let’s see the white backsplash effect!

ID# 129609 | – Credit

Cozy Kitchen with Dark Brown Cabinets with Natural Surfaces

Industrial kitchens can be cozy, also. This cozy effect comes from the beautiful illumination and natural surfaces of the dark brown kitchen cabinets. Those stylish pendant lights help the cozy look, too. White stone slab backsplash with the countertops creates a beautiful harmony with the modern look.

ID# 129610 | – Credit© w.b. builders

Modern Kitchen with White Backsplash and Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Such a stylish kitchen design! Simple and plain wooden cabinets with dark solid countertops look amazing. Wooden floors and wood cabinets add a warm look with the white brick backsplash. White color usage for the backsplash creates harmony with the cabinets stylishly.

ID# 129611 | – Credit© Gonterman Custom Homes

Zellige Tile Backsplash with Wooden Cabinetry and Brass Hardware

The seamless texture of the cabinets creates a smooth look with the help of white countertops. The wooden knee wall of the island and white waterfall adds perfect harmony with the brown kitchen cabinets. The most eye-catchy thing in this kitchen is the upper cabinets that have hexagonal golden patterns on them. You may like to use white ceramic tiles for your backsplash to continue the harmony of brown cabinets and white countertops.

ID# 129612 | – Credit© Yanina Mazzei Fotografía

Beadboard Kitchen Cabinetry with White Penny Tiles

The most beautiful part of the Scandinavian-style kitchen is the simple and plain look. This look gives a gorgeous harmony with stylish appeal. The brown cabinets add a warm look with the natural textures of the white countertops. Using charcoal color walls with white penny tiles for backsplash adds a soft contrast.

ID# 129613 | – Credit© Екатерина Федорова

Contemporary Kitchen with White Marble Details

The splendid view of the white marble material creates a natural look. Plain designs of the cabinets keep the simple style and wholeness. Framing-marble material and marble island create a beautiful harmony with the white backsplash.

ID# 129614 | – Credit© Peregrine Design Build

Natural Wood Cabinetry with Unique Wall Tiles

Creating a team from white countertops and white backsplash is a clever idea when you want to use dark colors for your kitchen cabinets as in this kitchen. Brown kitchen cabinets and their natural texture add a warm look with an inviting glance. These wooden cabinets highlight the white backsplash and countertops very well.

ID# 129615 | – Credit© Anna Koroleva

Brown and White Kitchen Cabinets for a Scandinavian Design with White Backsplash

The perfect simplicity and its stylish look become alive before our very eyes. White backsplash that has herringbone tiles joins the plain look with its simple design and adds a movement. White countertops and white backsplash with the brown cabinets add a simple and soft design look with the light brown cabinets.

Black Backsplash For Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Of course, we can achieve a breathtaking and stylish look with the black color. Matching dark color with each other creates a mysterious and noble appearance in interior designs. The black backsplash used with brown kitchen cabinets creates an attractive beauty and a noble look. You can go with dark brown cabinetry to create a dramatic atmosphere with a black backsplash. You may hesitate to use dark colors with each other, but with good lighting and good material selection, it is possible to make your interior design incredibly beautiful. Black backsplash may be used mostly in modern and contemporary designs, but black is a beautiful color that can be used in traditional or farmhouse kitchens as well.

ID# 129616 | – Credit

Black Backsplash for Brown Kitchen Cabinets with an Island

If you want a simple look with a stylish view it is a clever idea to use a lined or patterned backsplash between the plain cabinets. The black island knee is patterned with rectangles that match the black backsplash well. The wood and the black color have a harmonious togetherness that adds a modern and elegant look to the interior.

ID# 129617 | – Credit© Haley Custom Homes

Modern Kitchen Design with a Black Splash and Wood Cabinets

Splendid textures with a natural touch with these wood cabinets create a beautiful harmony with the white countertops and white lower cabinets. It is a good idea to use the grey seamless concrete floors to highlight the beautiful brown color of the wooden cabinets. The only eye-catchy element in this kitchen is, of course, the black backsplash that teams up with the brown kitchen cabinets and contrast to white upper cabinets. Paneled appliances keep the wholeness of the kitchen cabinet design and join the stylish view of this kitchen design.

A Contemporary Kitchen with Brown Cabinets and White Countertops with Peninsula

The peninsulas are great design elements for the kitchen bars! It is very useful when you want to eat quickly and go, they also have a nice potential to create stylish looks in the kitchen design. White countertops with brown cabinets have a pleasant harmony together and their harmony is completed with the black backsplash that adds a royal look to the interior.

ID# 129619 | – Credit© Impala Kitchens and Bathrooms

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertops and Black Backsplash

The white walls and the light-colored floors tiles surround the kitchen cabinets and highlight them. The black backsplash and the wooden hood created a brilliant harmony with the help of black countertops. Sometimes It is a good idea to use ceramic tiles for backsplashes to add movement to the design look. The wood island completes the black and brown combination and black countertops create a stylish match with the black backsplash tiles.

Gray Backsplash For Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Gray is one of the most beautiful colors that can suit espresso kitchen cabinets. The harmony of gray color backsplash and wooden cabinets creates a wonderful look in the environment. This color is not as striking as white and not as deep as black, for this reason, you can achieve both contrast and harmony very easily. The product range is quite wide with gray color from metal materials to marble. Stone textures that you can use with wooden textures help a warm and natural look in the interior. You can use the gray color as a backsplash, which will help in all kinds of design styles, in harmony with your brown cabinets.

ID# 129620 | – Credit© Cozy Houzy

Dark Brown Cabinets with Gray Backsplash and Gray Floors

While black and brown are creating strong harmony with bold colors of theirs, gray and brown have a soft look. Plain surfaces of the dark brown cabinets add the contemporary style and the solid black countertops help this look. The herringbone tiles used in gray color soften the bold look of the black and wood. Gray floors team up the wooden cabinets and highlight them. Using materials that are utterly different than usual such as red handles, or appliances, adds a lovely colorful design look to the atmosphere.

ID# 129621 | – Credit© Everingham Design

Rustic Kitchen with Wooden Cabinets and Gray Stone Backsplash

Nothing is missing in this warm kitchen design, where naturalness screams as if I am here. Of course, this natural and warm look comes true with the textures of wooden materials and the harmony of stone walls. The best part of the rustic kitchen style is that it prefers to use materials with their natural textures as in this kitchen design. The gray countertops and gray stone backsplash team up and complete this natural look with their harmony.

ID# 129622 | – Credit© ACC Inc.

Contemporary Kitchen with Dark Wood Cabinets and Gray Backsplash

Probably the only thing that can be said about this design is that it is breathtaking. We can see all kinds of looks that should be in contemporary design in this kitchen. Dark brown cabinets and the sweet harmony they create with white countertops create a strong look with the stone countertop of the island. A gray tile backsplash completes this look.

ID# 129623 | – Credit© SLIC Design

Contemporary Kitchen Design with White Countertops

The ultimate contemporary style is created with the help of dark brown wooden cabinets and gray slab backsplash. There is a pleasant color transition from white to brown and gray. White countertops add a strong view with their solid surfaces and the gray backsplash help this look with its soft color. Plain surfaces of the cabinets keep the contemporary look with their handleless design.

ID# 129624 | – Credit© Matteo Crema

White Walls with Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets and Metallic Backsplash

This contemporary kitchen has smooth look with the plain surfaces of the cabinets. The clean look comes from the white cabinets, countertops, and metallic backsplash. It is a good idea to match the stainless steel appliances with the backsplash using it as metallic. Also, the handles join this match with their chrome surfaces.

Blue Backsplash For Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Blue and brown colors have been included in our lives from ancient times to the present day with their incredible harmony. The blue backsplash, which you can use with brown kitchen cabinets, helps you create a soft and stylish design image in the interior. Of course, you can use blue tones with different materials, from dark blue to turquoise. Stone backsplash or granite, mosaic or ceramic tiles will add an incredible look to brown with blue color. Then let’s look at this magnificent harmony that the blue will create in terms of color and mobility!

ID# 129626 | – Credit© Boston Counters

Blue Backsplash for Brown Cabinets and White Countertops

This modern kitchen has a lovely harmony with the blue backsplash and brown cabinets. The island and its white countertop join this harmony with the white countertops of the wooden cabinets. It is a good idea to match blue tiles with white countertops to gain a fresh look. You may like to use a similar color shade of the wood cabinets for the wooden floors to add a wholeness.

ID# 129627 | – Credit© АСК “Сигнал”

Dark Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Blue Mosaic Backsplash in a Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary design style has a beautiful dark color usage with plain surfaces as in this kitchen cabinets. Dark colors add a stylish and modern aspect to interiors. Matching the dark brown with the blue color creates a stylish look to the kitchen and using mosaic tiles for the backsplash help interior design to gain movement. White countertops create a horizontal line in the kitchen that adds a wider look.

ID# 129628 | – Credit© Brio Interior Design

Dark Blue Ceramic Tiles with Gray and Wooden Cabinets

Dark blue subway tiles for backsplash have created a stylish view already. You may want to use white quartz countertops with a dark blue backsplash to add a fresh look. Also, the white grout of the subway tiles creates a pleasant match with the white countertops and white waterfall of the island. Gray cabinets and dark brown wood cabinets keep the contemporary look with their flat-panel design.

Beige Backsplash For Brown Kitchen Cabinets

The most beautiful feature of the beige color is that it takes simplicity from white and a soft touch from brown. Thanks to this, you can use a beige backsplash with your brown kitchen cabinets with peace in mind because it will never mislead you. The beige color contains the striking effect of white with the tones of brown, it will create both contrast and harmony. It also helps you create integrity in the design. If you add a white countertop to the design, you will complete the design by catching a transition from brown to white and then to beige.

ID# 129629 | – Credit© VPC Builders, LLC

Rustic Kitchen with Dark Wood Cabinetry and Busy Granite Countertops

From the exposed wooden beams to beige countertops this kitchen has a warm and cozy look. All the textures of the materials have their natural look that helps this kitchen design to give an inviting aspect. The bar chairs keep this aspect with their natural textures. Beige backsplash and beige countertops add a pleasant harmony with the dark brown wood cabinets.

ID# 129631 | – Credit© Sea Pointe Design & Remodel

Transitional Kitchen with Wooden Shaker Cabinets and White Countertops

These lovely brown colors of the wooden cabinets bring a cozy and inviting look to the kitchen. Their pleasant harmony with the white Corian quartz countertops completes this look, of course. The brown color transition to beige color adds nice movement to the atmosphere with the horizontal beige picket tiles for the backsplash.

ID# 129632 | – Credit© Altercasa

Dark Wood Cabinets with Beige Countertops and Backsplash

These kitchen cabinets have a deep dark brown that adds a strong look to the kitchen design. The u-shaped design of the kitchen cabinets surrounds the interior and helps the maximum space usage. The white countertops draw a line that brings a sharp contrast to the dark wood cabinets and a beige backsplash joins this look.

Tile Patterns

Since the tile patterns are in different colors and sizes, it will offer you the opportunity to reflect your personality in design with the wide range of alternatives it offers. Some of the patterns you can use in this sea of great options can be subway tiles, arabesque tiles, mosaics, herringbone tiles, arabesque, or hexagon tiles. You can enrich these patterns, which you can adapt according to the design style, with your color choices and give your kitchen cabinets a wonderful look.

You may have concerns about which pattern will suit dark brown kitchen cabinets better. This design progresses depending on the style. If you are going to make a traditional design, rectangular shapes will suit the cabinets better, such as subway tile backsplash. Or if you have a contemporary approach, a minimalistic design herringbone backsplash might work well.

Subway Tile Backsplash For Brown Kitchen Cabinets

The subway tile backsplash is one of the most used patterns in traditional and farmhouse kitchen styles. As you know, traditional and farmhouse kitchen designs have more ancient uses. For example, brick walls are one of them. Of course, kitchen cabinets that were built in front of brick walls in the past are getting more modern today. Subway tile backsplash, which can be made with today’s technology instead of using bricks, looks more pleasing to the eye.

ID# 129633 | – Credit© O’Brien Harris LLC

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Wood Open Shelving

The wooden texture of the recessed-panel kitchen cabinets creates a pleasant movement in the kitchen with the help of the white subway tile backsplash. White quartzite countertops add a natural look with wood textures as well. The white arabesque floor tiles give a stylish appeal that combines smoothly with the cabinets.

ID# 129634 | – Credit© Showcase Kitchens

Light Blue Backsplash with White Countertops and Dark Wood Cabinets

The most eye-catchy thing in this kitchen is the light blue subway tile backsplash, of course. They create a fresh look with the help of the white Premium Natural quartz countertops. Adding black handles to the white upper cabinets put a beautiful contrast and those wooden shaker cabinets remind rustic style design with the black handles.

ID# 129635 | – Credit© Leeder Interiors

Transitional Kitchen Design with White Backsplash and Countertops

There is a pleasant movement in this kitchen with the harmony of dark wood cabinets and white ones. Using flat-panel cabinets adds a contemporary look to the interior and gives plain appeal. The white subway tile backsplash is the only design element that adds movement into the kitchen. If you want a plain look with a little movement you may consider this type of usage.

What backsplash goes well with brown cabinets?

Let’s separate the answer into 2 parts, the first one is what color is the backsplash should be with the brown cabinets, and the second one is the what kind of patterns goes good with them? If the style is useful to your design so any color can be good for the brown kitchen cabinets, even pink color! But for the advice, if you want a contrast look you may choose a white-colored backsplash with dark wood cabinets, or if you want a soft harmony you may try blue or green shaded tiles. Beige tiles like travertine tile also work well with brown shades. the To create a wholeness it is a good idea to have similar color shades with the brown. For the strong impact, the black color is useful.

Let’s decide the tiles, the brown color has a soft but strong look with its color shades and if you want to use plain surfaces you may like to use subway tile backsplash to add movement or arabesque tiles, hexagon tiles, shortly, patterned tiles are useful for this. If you want to continue the plain appeal it is a good idea to have plain surfaces for the backsplash like stone slab materials, marble tiles, or granite and ceramics.

ID# 129636 | – Credit© Jordan and Son’s Construction, LLC

White and Wood Kitchen with Black Accents

The inviting kitchen has a look that makes you feel as if you are at home. Traditional kitchen design combines with the modern look and creates harmony. The wooden shaker cabinets and their natural textures balance the warm look of this kitchen. Those white subway tile backsplash complete the bright look with the white quartz countertops.

ID# 129638 | – Credit© Basso Interiors Inc

Transitional Kitchen with a Peninsula and Granite Countertops

The beige floors highlight the beautiful dark brown wood cabinets with the help of the white subway tile backsplash and white upper cabinets. The naïve black knob handles create a minimalistic contrast and those black pendant lighting fixtures balance this contrast harmoniously.

ID# 129639 | – Credit© Zlata / Ira Sazonova

A Pink Impact for a Contemporary Kitchen

Lovely and cute appeal for the beautiful contemporary kitchen with the dynamic look created by the pink hexagonal patterns of the wall and pink subway tile backsplash. You may think that the brown and pink color is way too far from each other but, as in this kitchen, they can create a stylish appeal to your interior!

Herringbone Tile Backsplash For Brown Kitchen Cabinets

I think one of the things that can add dynamism to a kitchen design is herringbone tiles. This herringbone tile backsplash, which you can use with brown kitchen cabinets, will give your interior design both an elegant and dynamic look. You can use these tiles, created with 45-degree angles, with multi-colored, plain, or minimalistic lines. The white herringbone tile backsplash and black grouting used in the contemporary design style create an incredible image. This pattern has the capacity to create different elegance in traditional style and contemporary styles.

ID# 129640 | – Credit© White Diamond Cabinets & Design

White Herringbone Tile Backsplash for Brown Kitchen Cabinets

This transitional kitchen has a gorgeous backsplash that adds movement to the interior with the help of dark brown wooden shaker cabinets. White handles and white quartz countertops bring harmony together and they match with the white herringbone tile backsplash beautifully. Light wooden floors highlight the brown cabinets and this makes us see the stunning backsplash!

ID# 129641 | – Credit© Gina Roberts-Wagner

Gray Ceramic Tile Backslash in a Traditional Kitchen with Granite Countertops

If you want to bring a natural and warm look, it is a clever idea to use natural textures. From the herringbone backsplash to wooden cabinets this kitchen put a warm welcoming look. You may want to use granite materials with dark brown cabinets to carry the natural look further. The ceramic tile backsplash with its patterns adds movement to the interior and looks eye-catchy.

ID# 129642 | – Credit© John Eaton Homes Inc.

Minimalistic Patterns for a Backsplash with White Countertops

The most striking thing is the multicolored herringbone tile backsplash, of course. The dark wood cabinets and light wood floors add a soft contrast and highlight the backsplash with the help of the white quartz countertops. It is a good idea to use gold hardware for dark brown cabinets to add a stylish look.

ID# 129643 | – Credit© Karly Dell Design Co.

A Scandinavian Appeal with The Wood Textures and White Color

The bright and warm look of the kitchen welcomes you with the help of the wood and white cabinets. To keep the bright look you may use white color for your uppers to help the daylight. Also, using a white backsplash helps you in this way. Adding black hardware creates a beautiful contrast that adds movement to the kitchen. Those elegant herringbone tiles balance the stylish look.

Hexagon Tile Backsplash For Brown Kitchen Cabinets

The hexagon tile backsplash is one of the products that can add movement and elegance to kitchen cabinets, just like herringbone tiles. With brown kitchen cabinets, these hexagonal tiles can create incredible designs. Contemporary and modern approaches love this product, which you can use in any style from traditional to contemporary design. Another good thing about hexagon tiles is that you can create different patterns with them and use them piece by piece. This gives you more freedom in design.

ID# 129644 | – Credit© Gilmans Kitchens and Baths

White Hexagon Tiles for Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The dynamic appeal welcomes you in a fun way created by the hexagon tiles of the backsplash. The dark gray grout of the tiles combine with the black hardware and complete the stylish look harmoniously. You may like to use white countertops to match the backsplash as in this kitchen. Wood countertops with the wood floor add a lovely warm appeal to this modern kitchen design.

ID# 129645 | – Credit© Karen Korn Interiors

Elongated Hexagon Tiles with Dark Brown Cabinets and White Countertops

The blue and brown colors have been always a great duo that adds a stylish look to the designs. Combining them with the white countertops carries this stylish look further. The wood handles keep the wholeness of the wooden textures and blend with them. You may like to use a darker floor to highlight the wood cabinets.

Are brown cabinets outdated?

Of course not! The traditional look is still a trend with the contemporary design elements! You may like to use a metallic backsplash for your brown cabinets, or it can be a subway tile in a pink color! They can be both traditional and contemporary, even in industrial design style! So, do not think that they are outdated, think that with the brown color you will have a stylish and gorgeous kitchen design!

ID# 129647 | – Credit© Дарья Ельникова

The Wood and Gray Color Harmony in a Contemporary Kitchen

You can create a traditional look with contemporary design elements! There is a small detail in this kitchen that adds a modern appeal. The shape of the pendant lighting fixture matches gorgeously with the hexagon tile backsplash! Using tricky design elements helps you to create beautifully designed interiors. Those gray flat-panel cabinets add a balanced look with the wooden cabinets and patterns of the backsplash match with them!

Mosaic Tile Backsplash For Brown Kitchen Cabinets

The mosaic tile backsplash has endless combinations of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials options that you can create stylish designs. So, what are these mosaic tiles? They are small pieces that are gathered together on a sheet. With the brown kitchen cabinets, you may want to choose big patterns of smaller ones to add movement to your design. They allow you to have multi-colored usage with their pieces. So let’s see the designs!

ID# 129648 | – Credit© Laura Manchee Designs

Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets and Mosaic Tile Backsplash with Gray Granite Countertops

The masculine look shows itself perfectly in this contemporary design. The brown and gray color usage balances the elegant appeal with the black upper cabinets near the hood. The chairs for the island and the cabinets match harmoniously and they join the very stylish look of this kitchen design. Gray mosaic tile backsplash and the gray countertops create a duo that highlights each other.

ID# 129649 | – Credit© Colleen Knowles Interior Design

Flat-Panel Wood Cabinets with Black Hardware and Paneled Appliances

A seamless look of the cabinets is created with the help of flat-panel usage, of course. The texture of the cabinets and the color have a striking contrast with the black hardware. Choosing similar color shades or textures helps you to create wholeness for the interior. White countertops and the multi-colored mosaic backsplash match each other and add a bright view to the kitchen.

ID# 129650 | – Credit© Lexie Saine Design

Stylish Wood Cabinets with an Island and White Countertops

The grand kitchen has a stylish welcoming look with beautiful wood cabinets and white countertops. Light wood floors and the cabinets create a wholeness with their color shades and this highlights the white countertops with white mosaic tile backsplash. The island and the white waterfall complete the stylish look with the white walls and the elegant island chairs.

Arabesque Tile Backsplash For Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Yes, we can create noble looks and ornate surfaces with these arabesque tiles! If you want to achieve a design that can contrast with the flat surfaces of contemporary design, the arabesque tile backsplash is for you! Or maybe you want to give your traditional kitchen a noble and stylish air, then these tiles that you can use with brown kitchen cabinets are just for you! The best thing about these tiles is that they can create soft lines with various colors and patterns for brown cabinets. They can create an attractive elegance with their stylish appearance.

ID# 129651 | – Credit© WESTCRAFT HOMES LLC

Arabesque Tile Backsplash for Brown Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops

Having large kitchens help you to use ornamented panels for kitchen cabinets. The brass handles and dark wood cabinets create an elegant look with the help of white countertops and a white arabesque tile backsplash. They are complete the bright look and blend with the wooden cabinets to create warm appeal.

ID# 129652 | – Credit© Kitchen Magic Remodel of Bethlehem

White Backsplash with Wood Cabinets and White Countertops

The smooth lines of arabesque tiles and the plain appearance of flat surfaces create a pleasant movement in the kitchen. Wood texture and white countertops balance the harmony in the interior. It is a nice way to have white surfaces to help the daylight to illuminate the interior well.

ID# 129653 | – Credit© Averra Developments Inc.

Wooden Framed White Cabinets and White Tiles for Backsplash in a Contemporary Kitchen

The light wood floors and their harmony with the white countertops help the dark wood cabinets to stand out. The white arabesque backsplash joins the wooden framed white countertops and creates a beautiful team together. The flat-panel cabinets and the solid surfaces add a stylish and welcoming view!

ID# 129654 | – Credit© Diamond Homes, Inc.

Navy Blue Arabesque Tiles for Backsplash and Stylish view of the Traditional Kitchen

The light beige color of the kitchen cabinets and their ornaments add a perfect look to this kitchen with the navy blue arabesque tile backsplash. Dark wood cabinets of the island strike with the backsplash and help the stylish look. The light beige kitchen cabinets have a benevolent appeal.

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