Beige Kitchen Cabinets Great Alternative for White Color

24+ Beige Kitchen Cabinets

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Beige Kitchen Cabinets With Flat-Panel Design In A Contemporary Kitchen

This I-shaped contemporary kitchen features beige kitchen cabinets with brown quartz countertops. The kitchen cabinets offer a fresh and modern look to the kitchen. The white porcelain kitchen backsplash adds brightness and makes the cooking area look wider. The light hardwood dining table with pink velvet dining chairs makes the environment romantic and cute. Also, the light hardwood floors complete the soft and airy kitchen look.

ID# 154513 | – Credit© eands

Beige Flat-Panel Kitchen Cabinets In A Minimal Contemporary Kitchen

The light beige flat-panel kitchen cabinets with white quartz countertops make this single-wall kitchen spacious. The white glass subway tile backsplash invites brightness to the cooking space. The beige kitchen island with white quartz countertops creates continuity in the space. Also, it includes an extra counter space and an eating area in the kitchen. Medium hardwood floors invite warmth and coziness to the environment. The wood decorative items and kitchen island stools blend light and wood look perfectly.

Beige Kitchen Cabinets

Neutral paint colors in the kitchen build a solid base upon which you can layer bold hues. You only need to replace a few accessories to modernize a neutral kitchen, making it simple and affordable to do so. They can also make your kitchen appear brighter and larger because they don’t compete with the light in your room. Nowadays, beige is among the most widely used neutral paint colors for kitchens. If you want to include beige color in your kitchen, choosing beige kitchen cabinets is a good way to do that.

Soft and Warm Beige Cabinetry

Beige kitchen cabinets are more practical than white ones. Beige cabinets require less cleaning than white and off-white kitchens because black stains and smudges stand out more visibly on a bright white surface. Additionally, bear in mind beige’s adaptability: it works well with both traditional and contemporary designs. Such an oddity offers a range of possibilities and enables the use of various tinctures to design beautiful and fashionable homes.

Beige kitchen cabinets dominate the interior design world. Whites, light grays, and creams will never go out of style, despite the contemporary enthusiasm for bolder and deeper color schemes. Because of this, beige cabinets have a classic appearance that serves as a wonderful backdrop for a variety of other colors and textures. Although white cabinets have a timeless appeal, it’s crucial to keep in mind that if a light room is not adequately designed, it may end up feeling sterile and bare. Along with choosing the appropriate accessories, choosing beige cabinetry will also bring warmth and can solve any interior design problems.

ID# 154502 | – Credit© Maxim Maximov

Black and Beige Flat-Panel Kitchen Cabinets In A Fresh Contemporary Kitchen

The contemporary single-wall kitchen offers a stylish appeal with its flat-panel kitchen cabinets. The combination of black and beige creates a contrasting look and offers a modern vibe. The dark gray countertop and 4-inch backsplash soften the sharp contrast without breaking the flow.

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Recessed-Panel Beige Kitchen Cabinets With A Traditional Style

The recesses-panel kitchen cabinets with curvings offer an elegant and luxurious look for this traditional kitchen. The diamond layout beige ceramic backsplash adds a modern look against the classic look of the kitchen cabinets. The black granite countertops of both kitchen cabinets and kitchen island create contrast and balance the beige look. The beige glass-front kitchen cabinets invite light to the space. The dark hardwood chair adds movement and fits the traditional elegant kitchen look. In addition, the dark hardwood floors complete this classy kitchen style.

Is beige good for kitchen cabinets?

Warm beige shades are one of the most recent trends for kitchen cabinets and wall paints. The soft and appealing feel of the beige color schemes provides a calming, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

ID# 154504 | – Credit© Ira Sagun

A Contemporary Kitchen With Elegant Flat-Panel Beige Cabinets

The flat panel beige kitchen cabinets are the star of this stylish contemporary kitchen. The beige kitchen cabinets create a neutral and warm kitchen environment. Pairing these cabinets with gray marble countertops and backsplash adds depth and movement to the cooking space. The marble floors complete the marble backsplash and countertops. Thus, there is wholeness and continuity in the space. Dark hardwood dining table with beige velvet dining chairs add coziness and include an eating area to the kitchen. Also, the white pendant lights invite brightness to the space.

ID# 154505 | – Credit© avenue design inc

The Attractiveness Of Marble In A Contemporary Kitchen With Elegant Shaker-Style Beige Cabinets

This beige kitchen looks elegant and cozy thanks to the stylish shaker-style cabinets. The kitchen cabinets with gold handles offer a luxurious look to the kitchen. Pairing beige cabinets with marble backsplash and countertops makes the space elegant. The gold pendant lights and beige dining chairs with dark hardwood legs add warmth and coziness to the kitchen. The beige kitchen island with a charmful marble countertop includes both an eating area and provides a storage opportunity. Lastly, the gray marble floors balance the warm beige look and complete the rich kitchen look.

What colors go with beige kitchen cabinets?

Creamy whites, and greys, as well as vibrant and pastel colors like pink, cherry red, brown, and cerulean blue, blend well with beige kitchen cabinets. White, brown, or black surfaces look great with black appliances, too.

ID# 154506 | – Credit© rtg designs

A Galley Kitchen With Adorable Shaker-Style Kitchen Cabinets and Light Hardwood Kitchen Island

This contemporary kitchen looks very cozy and cute with the beautiful beige-colored shaker-style kitchen cabinets. Combining beige kitchen cabinets and a light hardwood kitchen island allows the creation of a galley kitchen layout. By doing this, the kitchen becomes functional and has a sociable environment. The kitchen cabinets with white laminate countertops make the cooking space fresh and bright. The gray mosaic tile kitchen backsplash adds depth and movement to the area. The hardwood kitchen island with a white laminate countertop includes an eating area the space which is a big advantage to have in a small kitchen like this one. The dining chairs have the same design pattern as the kitchen island. Using the same design for two different items makes a blended and coherent kitchen. Also, the stainless steel kitchen appliances add shine to the space.

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Different Styles for Beige Kitchen Cabinets

Consider installing beige kitchen cabinets in your home if you’re sick of seeing white kitchen cabinets everywhere you turn. Beige is a light color that is quickly replacing white as the dominant hue in kitchen decor. The modest contrast between beige and white makes a beige cabinet kitchen seem stunning whether paired with white worktops or against white walls. There are countless color variants in beige kitchen cabinets, from light to cream. The addition of finishing touches to your kitchen will be simple because beige is a versatile color that goes well with gold, black, or silver metal hardware. Another accent material that contrasts beautifully with any shade of beige is wood.

Also, there are different styles for beige kitchen cabinets. The most popular beige cabinet styles are a shaker style, flat-panel, and raised panel beige kitchen cabinets. You can pick one of these kitchen cabinet styles that suit your kitchen aesthetic and/or design.

Beige Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

The beige shaker-style kitchen cabinets’ simplicity gives them a classic yet stylish appeal. They serve as a nice blank canvas for inventive hardware selections. Beige shaker-style kitchen cabinets create a cozy and warm kitchen environment, too. Also, beige shaker-style kitchen cabinets are very ideal to have a clean kitchen. There aren’t many surfaces on the cabinets for dirt, grease, and debris to accumulate. The cabinets are easy to clean and maintain their clean appearance for a lot longer than more elaborate cabinet designs.

ID# 154507 | – Credit | © Наталья Широкорад

A Galley Style Kitchen With Gorgeous Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

In this bright kitchen beige shaker cabinets offer a lovely romantic appeal. The beige granite countertops and backsplash create a harmonious look with the cabinets and add a sense of luxury. The glass-fronted cabinets enhance the spaciousness. The unique lighting fixture adds a splash of color and elevates the overall look.

ID# 154508 | – Credit | © Александра Хасанова

The Earthy and Neutral Effect Of Hardwood Flat Panel Cabinets 

In this contemporary kitchen, the earthy color scheme offers a sleek and elegant look. The beige base cabinets serve a plain appeal. On the other hand, the wood upper cabinets add a nice textural look. The gray porcelain tiles act as marble and add a sense of luxury.

What is the most popular beige color?

Accessible beige is the most popular beige color. Accessible beige is a soft, warm shade of beige. It has some gray in it, which distinguishes it from many beige paint colors and enables it to be a member of the greige family.

ID# 154509 | – Credit© Юлия Карпухина

A Traditional Kitchen with Gray Quartz Countertops

The traditional l-shaped kitchen offers a very bright and welcoming appeal with its adorable shaker-style kitchen cabinets. The glass-fronted upper cabinetry enhances the spacious feel of the kitchen. The gray quartz countertops add depth and highlight the kitchen cabinets. The beige peninsula adds extra counter space and an eating area to the kitchen. Also, it divides the kitchen from the living area. Lastly, the multicolored ceramic tile floors and the yellow flower-patterned curtains match the kitchen with the living room.

ID# 154510 | – Credit© Бюро “АрхОснова”

A Unique Combination Of Beige and Blue Cabinets In A Transitional Kitchen

This l-shaped transitional kitchen looks very cute and unique with its curvy layout and beautiful beige and blue shaker-style kitchen cabinets. Combining blue and beige kitchen cabinets makes the cooking area fresh, cute, and calm. The black quartz countertops provide richness to the cabinets whereas the blue backsplash with beige and gray patterns adds movement and depth. Also, the blackboard wall gives a café vibe to the kitchen which makes the space cute and welcoming.

Is beige going out of style?

You might think that beige is a dated color but in 2023 this color gains its popularity back. So, it is definitely not out of style!

ID# 154511 | – Credit© FINTERIO cтудия дизайна интерьера и архитектуры

A Transitional Kitchen With Beige Colored Kitchen Cabinets With Shaker Style Design

This u-shaped small transitional kitchen looks very adorable and fresh with its stunning shaker-style kitchen cabinets. The cabinets with golden handles have a romantic and classic vibe which makes the space elegant, too. The white laminate countertops and white ceramic tile backsplash increase the light in the cooking space. Preferring the same pattern for both backsplash and floors creates continuity and wholeness in the kitchen. In addition, the beige glass-front kitchen cabinets above the white peninsula with gray velvet chairs divide the eating area from the cooking area.

ID# 154512 | – Credit© BiglarKinyan Design Planning Inc.

Transitional Kitchen with Navy Blue Island

The beige shaker-style kitchen cabinets are the star of this u-shaped transitional kitchen. The cabinets with golden knobs have a romantic vibe whereas the blue peninsula has a modern and dynamic vibe. Combining the beige kitchen cabinets with a blue peninsula island gives a calm and relaxing feeling to the environment. The golden faucet and the glass pendant lights with golden details provide richness to the kitchen. The blue barstools with gold detail complete this rich gold look. Also, the medium hardwood floors invite warmth and coziness to this stunning kitchen.

Beige Flat-Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets with flat panels reappear in fashion trends often. They will experience a brief decline in popularity before resurfacing with a fresh design aesthetic. This design might be something to consider if you’re thinking about updating your kitchen cabinets.

Slab cabinets, commonly referred to as flat panel cabinets, have a flat front. While other designs of cabinets have more ornate trim, Shaker cabinets feature a plain edge trim. Kitchen cabinets with flat panels have no trim at all. Depending on the kitchen’s general design, they may or may not feature hardware. Also, flat-panel kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of hues, including varied beige tones. Beige flat-panel kitchen cabinets are those for who want to have a minimal and fresh, earthy kitchen look. They are ideal cabinet styles, especially for contemporary, and minimal kitchens. You can prefer only beige flat-panel cabinets or you can mix-match the beige flat-panel kitchen cabinets with other colored cabinets.

ID# 154514 | – Credit© Interior Design By Jo

The Elegance Of Beige Flat-Panel Kitchen Cabinets In A Modern Kitchen

This modern kitchen offers a sleek and elegant look with its beige flat-panel kitchen cabinets. The white waterfall marble kitchen island serves as a cooking and eating space and maximizes functionality. Also, the marble detail on the kitchen island adds richness. The stainless steel appliances perfectly complete the modern appeal of the beige cabinetry.

ID# 154515 | – Credit© Peter Schaad Design Studio

The Modern Simplicity Of Beige and Black Kitchen Cabinets In A Bright Contemporary Kitchen

This large contemporary kitchen looks very sleek with its black and beige flat-panel kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are paired together to create contrast in the space. Black cabinets prevent the kitchen from looking too bright because the laminate countertops and the ceramic backsplash are light-colored. So, black cabinets and the black kitchen island balance the light kitchen look. The layout of the kitchen island looks very unique and stylish. It adds movement to the kitchen. Lastly, the hardwood floors add warmth and complete this trendy contemporary kitchen look.

ID# 154516 | – Credit | © BW buro

A Small U-Shaped Contemporary Kitchen With Beige Cabinets

This small u-shaped kitchen looks very cute and sleek with its yellow undertoned beige flat-panel kitchen cabinets. The light yellow walls and the yellow kitchen island stools complete the yellowish-beige kitchen cabinets. This preference creates a well-blended and adorable kitchen look. The white quartz countertops and the white marble patterned ceramic backsplash provide transitions between yellow and beige colors. In addition, the hardwood floors add coziness and balance the light kitchen look.

Beige Raised-Panel Kitchen Cabinets

With their center panel that is slightly raised above the surrounding wood or main surface, raised panel cabinets are one of the most popular door styles for kitchens, especially traditional ones. Among the multiple color options, one of the most trendy raised-panel kitchen colors is beige. Beige raised-panel kitchen cabinets offer homeowners a neutral, dramatic, and welcoming kitchen atmosphere. Also, beige raised-panel kitchen cabinets can fit both contemporary and traditional kitchen styles.

ID# 154517 | – Credit© Наталья Константинова | Студия “”

Beige Raised-Panel Kitchen Cabinets With Brown Granite Countertops and White Ceramic Tile Backsplash

This traditional kitchen looks very heartwarming and welcoming thanks to the beautiful raised-panel kitchen cabinets. Pairing raising-panel cabinets with beige glass-front cabinets make the cooking area bright and airy. The brown granite countertops and the white porcelain tile backsplash with gold details add movement and depth to the cooking area. The curving details on the ceiling and the cabinet are reminiscent of 19th-century periods. These details add a romantic vibe to the space. The beige ceramic tile floor is a darker shade of the beige used on the cabinet doors. Since a single beige tone is not used, the dominant beige color does not give a suffocating feeling. These two different beige hues blend perfectly.

ID# 154518 | – Credit© Интерьерная студия AI

A Traditional Kitchen With White Subway Tile Backsplashes And Raised-Panel Cabinets

The soft appeal of the raised-panel kitchen cabinets offers a romantic atmosphere for this traditional kitchen. While glass-front upper cabinets make the cooking area spacious, the white subway tile backsplash brings a bright appeal. The wood dining table and white cushioned chairs perfectly complete the traditional style while the gold chandelier adds a dose of sparkle.

Backsplash Options for Beige Kitchen Cabinets

The backsplash choice is very crucial to finalize the design and tying together all elements. Before you select your backsplash for your kitchen cabinets you need to consider a few things. With light cabinets and countertops, a dark backsplash might be a good choice to provide depth to the kitchen. The design should be employed to balance out the light and dark tones of the other parts. In this case, the backsplash options for beige kitchen cabinets should be focused on dark backsplashes. However, you can draw attention to your beige cabinets by using a light-colored backsplash. The combination of a light-colored backsplash and beige kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen a paradise.

ID# 154519 | – Credit | © KorenevaZhadanDesign

Flat-Panel Cabinets With Blue Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplash

This small contemporary kitchen looks very cute with its sleek flat-panel kitchen cabinets. The beautiful blue penny tile kitchen backsplash adds depth and color to the cooking area. The quartz countertops highlight both the backsplash and the cabinets. The dark hardwood dining table with dark hardwood dining chairs balance the contrastive kitchen look and provides an eating area. Also, the ceramic tile floors add a vintage look to the kitchen.

Limestone Mosaic Tiles

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A Luxurious Kitchen With Beige Flat-Panel Cabinets With Beige Stone Slab Kitchen Backsplash

This beige-dominant contemporary kitchen offers a breathtaking look with its flat-panel kitchen cabinets. The beige stone slab kitchen backsplash fits perfectly with the cabinets and increases the rich kitchen vibe. The kitchen island with gold details and beige velvet barstool provides a breakfast bar to the space and separates the kitchen from the living area. Overall, this deluxe kitchen looks very blended and adorable with its beige and gold color pattern.

Should cabinets be lighter or darker than walls?

Regarding whether kitchen cabinets should be lighter or darker than the walls, there are no hard and fast rules; instead, it mostly depends on personal taste and the aesthetic you’re going for. Although the kitchen color schemes you choose and how you combine them might change the room, there are advantages and disadvantages to both having lighter or darker cabinets on the wall. For these reasons, it’s crucial to weigh your alternatives.

ID# 154521 | – Credit© BERNIDESIGN

Shaker Cabinetry with Granite Backsplash and Countertops

In this eat-in kitchen, the beige color of the shaker-style kitchen cabinets offers a romantic atmosphere. The gray ceramic kitchen backsplash adds movement and depth to the space. The glass-front kitchen cabinet brings light and provides a spacious feel. The kitchen island with gray granite countertops offers extra counter space to the l-shaped kitchen. The marble-look floor tiles complement the backsplash and enhance the luxurious sense.


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ID# 154522 | – Credit© Мария Соловьёва-Сосновик

White Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash For Light and Dark Beige Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Combining light and dark beige shaker-style kitchen cabinets makes this transitional kitchen look very unique and stylish. The white subway tile kitchen backsplash is the best backsplash choice because it draws attention to the cabinets and makes the space brighter and more spacious. Lastly, the wooden decorative items and hardwood floors invite warmth and coziness to the space.

What color is trending for kitchen cabinets in 2023?

Earthy, natural colors are still in style despite becoming more prevalent in recent years. Sandalwood beige, charcoal gray, silvery gray-green, and light colors with green undertones are some outstanding examples of earth tones. Another trendy kitchen cabinet color is white. White gives the kitchen a feeling of airiness and light because it is such a bright, fresh color. For a more modern, minimalist aesthetic, black is a popular option among trendy kitchen cabinet colors, and it might never go out of style. In addition, natural wood kitchen cabinets are an effortless option to have the ideal mix of simplicity and complexity.

ID# 154523 | – Credit© Студия Юлии Борисовой

White Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash with White Countertop

This contemporary kitchen looks very appealing and stylish with a beige color scheme. The light beige flat-panel kitchen cabinets look very sleek. The white laminate countertops and white subway tile kitchen backsplash add light and freshness to the cooking space. The dark beige walls provide an earthy vibe and prevent the kitchen look too bright. The beige hexagon ceramic tiles support the trendy and modern kitchen look by adding movement.

ID# 154524 | – Credit© Beyond Beige Interior Design Inc.

Flat-Panel Kitchen Cabinets With White Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplash 

This u-shaped tiny contemporary kitchen looks very fresh and bright. The flat-panel kitchen cabinets with white quartz countertops offer a sleek look. The white penny tile kitchen backsplash adds movement and depth to the cooking space. Installing a light hardwood breakfast bar to the counter space creates continuity and wholeness. Also, this choice gives this small kitchen an eating space.

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