Backsplash for Laminate Countertops Different Styles for Laminates

25+ Backsplash for Laminate Countertops

ID# 140512 | – Credit© Transform-A-Space

White Backsplash Effect for Kitchen with Laminate Countertops, Designed with White Cabinets and Wooden Details

Less is more. This philosophy has proven its correctness in every field of architecture. White flat cabinets and wooden texture, the plain look of the backsplash… reflects the philosophy of “less is more” and shows how the right choice is this design, which combines beauty with function. The combination of the soft texture used on the counter with white completes the kitchen with the surprising backsplash that removes the uniformity. The choice of backsplash, which adds movement to the white and wood with its black joints, does not detract from simplicity but stands out by breaking the boringness. Integrating with the countertop, the backsplash stands out as a different texture and provides the kitchen’s design, establishes the hot and cold balance, and completes the kitchen with its harmony with the cabinets.

The matte tiles used on the floor bring the kitchen into focus, making the overall atmosphere warmer. In addition to its appearance, the backsplash, which is durable and easy to clean, offers aesthetics and function together.

ID# 140526 | – Credit© Schmidt Kitchens Epsom

Black Laminate Countertop and Backsplash Effect in Industrial Kitchen

The harmony of the black laminate countertop and the brick appearance is dazzling. It combines with the simple gray-toned kitchen cabinets and the counter with black glossy cooking elements, while the black backsplash that separates the cooking area from the other areas stands out and completes the kitchen. While the complementarity of black and the use of black stands out in this kitchen designed in an industrial style, the resulting image combines with the general wall and floor to complete the design.

Backsplash for Laminate Countertops

Choosing a backsplash is a difficult but enjoyable task. Backsplashes chosen for laminate countertops have many options in terms of both color and material. Therefore, it is necessary to research well in terms of design and use and to know the material to be selected well. The color and texture scale of laminate countertops is a color chart that can suit all kinds of designs and materials. The harmony of wood look and ceramic or the combination of a stone look plate with a glossy backsplash is releasing to the eye. In addition, the ease of application and the dimensions of the material help in terms of operation and application. So, there are plenty of different options as a backsplash for laminate countertops and if you want to learn more, scroll down!

Laminate countertops are a highly preferred product with their affordable price, lightweight almost unlimited texture variety. Easy to manufacture and being a price-performance product are the biggest factors that make it gain ground in the sector. Your choice should be made beautifully so that the laminate countertop and backsplash match. Good workmanship in the application phase will yield excellent results. If you want to learn more about backsplash for laminate countertops, check out these stunning backsplash ideas!

ID# 140510 | – Credit© Complete Kitchens

When Green Cabinets, Laminate Countertops, and 80s-Inspired Backsplash Combine in a Kitchen

Shades of green, laminate countertop and 80s-inspired backsplash. Making a place more livable has never been so simple. The harmony of the retro patterned tiles used as the backsplash with the laminate countertop and the green flat kitchen cabinets highlight the Scandinavian design as if it were a kitchen from the past. Contrary to the simplicity of the kitchen, colorful and patterned backsplash tiles take the space out of simplicity and add color and fun, while the harmony of the color of the laminate countertops and shelves fills the kitchen with a more harmonious atmosphere.

When the simplicity of the walls and ceiling is combined with the design of the kitchen and the backsplash it creates a space that is both active and stylish, but equally skin and comfortable. The kitchen, illuminated by natural light, shifts the main focus of the space towards the patterned backsplash by choosing matte tile floor ceramics. The rich texture of the backsplash used adds both elegance and fun to the space, making the space more pleasant.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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Modern white glass & quartz mosaic tile, ideal for a backsplash

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Elegant Rhomboid White Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 140511 | – Credit© KAST DESIGN

Wooden Backsplash for laminate Countertops in Contemporary Kitchen

The magic of the different shades of wood attracts people. Combining different tones makes the space magical. In this kitchen, which is in line with the Contemporary design language, the laminate countertop and backsplash combining dark wood flat kitchen cabinets with light tones ignore the seriousness of the space and create an autumn contrast with natural light and white walls. The choice of materials that differ from each other like the colors of the same tree but are texturally similar, combined with the black and white patterned tiles, creates this pleasant atmosphere.

In this design, which does not have upper kitchen cabinets, the use of a half backsplash breaks the hard transition between the wall and kitchen cabinets and explains in soft language that the kitchen is the main element of the space. dark-colored built-in kitchen utensils fit the general color palette of the kitchen while harmonizing with the countertop and backsplash

Can you do a backsplash with laminate countertops?

Yes, we can. Backsplash application with laminate countertops is very easy and convenient. The important thing is to choose the most suitable combination for your design among the texture and color options.

ID# 140513 | – Credit© Фабрика Амбрелла (UMBRELLA)

White Backsplash for Laminate Countertops in Contemporary Kitchen Design

Designs bring together different elements day by day. As the usage areas of materials change and our aesthetic perception changes, the quality of our spaces increases as well. In this kitchen, the different look of the wooden textured flat kitchen cabinets together with the textured gray flat kitchen cabinets both provide contrast to the space and highlight the materials. White subway tiles on the backsplash blend with the colors in the kitchen, offering a transition between materials.

While the harmony of the laminate countertop and white used offers a pleasant appearance to the kitchen, the reflection of the material choices to the user emerges as functionality. It creates a black-and-white balance by creating a color transition with the ceramic used on the floor and the gray cabinets used in the joints. Combined with simple lighting elements, a design is achieved in which the kitchen is the main focus. The kitchen, which is an element of color and movement between the ceiling and the floor, provides a function to the space with different colors and textures. The gray joint detail on the backsplash also adapts to the general atmosphere of the kitchen, revealing the quality of the material and offering the user both easy use and beautiful visuals.

Backsplash for Different Laminate Countertop Colors

Different styles and different colors are always the elements that make the choice difficult. Tap to combine different textures and knowing that color will always go well with plain colors is a good start. Knowing that white and black will reveal different textures and colors makes your job easier. Also, using color palettes will always make your job easier. Color palettes are a one-to-one system for creating both appropriate and contrasting contrast. Having many different colors and varieties of backsplash makes your choices easier, while the backsplash will offer you different materials and useful functions that you need to choose. Backsplashes containing ceramic, stone, laminate, glass, and other materials will always meet your needs.

Backsplash for White Laminate Countertops

White is always a color that is easy to use and combine. However, attention to small details is important in white as in all designs and colors. Small choices can make a big difference. Although most colors generally match with white, choices should be made considering the general color palette of the kitchen and other textures used in the space. Soft transitions can make the space warmer, while hard, bold transitions can make the space stand out more. You can be sure that the most suitable backsplash will be found in the backsplash catalogs, where there are many options to consider.

ID# 140514 | – Credit | © Studio Mônty

Shades of White and Backsplash for Different Laminate Countertop Colors

One of the colors that white fits best is white. In this image, which combines simplicity and elegance, the white color of both the counter and the backsplash dazzles us. The white backsplash combined with the matte light gray flat cabinets adds light to the space and makes the user happy by offering a clean look. The dark wood color used on the floor adds depth to the space and provides contrast to the kitchen, while also making the backsplash stand out.

While the feeling of flatness in the space is broken by the brick-like texture of the backsplash, it adds movement to the kitchen without disturbing the simplicity of the space. While the backsplash stands out thanks to its reflective glossy surface, it provides a lot of convenience to the user in terms of cleaning and durability. The material against deterioration and contamination stands out as one of the most important features of the backsplash.

ID# 140515 | – Credit© Into interior design

Green and Metal Backsplash Effect in Kitchen with White Laminate Countertops and Cabinets

Design is like a living organism that changes and develops every day. Although this cycle is encountered in every field of architecture day by day, its surprising nature offers new uses to the users. As seen in this design, the material used for the backsplash is limited to paint separately from general use. Or is it not limited? While the use of paint adds color and movement to the space, isn’t it the choice of paint in this color that makes plain and white countertops and cabinets stand out?

The metal backsplash sheet behind the stove indicates a certain area of the kitchen. The color used in other parts provides contrast and breaks the ordinariness of the space. While the warm-toned wood coating of the floor balances the heat and cold that emerges when it meets white, the green and metal backsplash makes the environment more attractive. Opening to a natural garden, this kitchen is inspired by nature while bringing the inviting feeling of green color to the kitchen.

Should the backsplash be lighter or darker than the countertop?

The color of the backsplash should be in harmony with the general kitchen and the color tone should be integrated with the features of the design. While the choices may vary according to the kitchen, generally light color and light backsplash are used, while the use of dark and dark backsplash is more common. However, new designs and new materials change these norms and offer new options to the user.

ID# 140516 | – Credit© Transform-A-Space

White Backsplash Texture Between White Laminate Countertops and Cabinets

White is one of the most at peace with itself. Especially in places where depth and lighting are beautiful, white starts to evoke different feelings from being monotonous. You can see how the light and the perception of depth provide contrast to the space in this kitchen where white flat cabinets, white laminate countertops, and white backsplash meet. Crowned with small wooden details, the kitchen captures simplicity in a single color and offers a visual feast in harmony.

The staggered backsplash adds movement to the general flatness and contributes to the contemporary design with its texture. The choice of wood in decorative products, on the other hand, plays a role in the completion of the space by adapting to the kitchen details. The general white ambiance gains depth and warmth with the help of lighting and wooden details, bringing the kitchen design to the fore. While the glossy but bumpy surface of the backsplash adds light to this space, it helps to spread the warm texture of wooden details throughout the space.

ID# 140517 | – Credit© Tailored Space Interiors – Interior Design

Gray Design of Backsplash for White Laminate Countertops

Being different always makes you stand out. This rule also applies to designs. Bolder, more fearless designs always appeal to the user. Unusual materials make the space special by making their touches to the space. The gray reflective backsplash used with the white plain kitchen cabinets we see in this kitchen takes the space out of the monotony and adds a different dimension. The kitchen design, which combines simplicity with different surfaces to reveal the backsplash, stands out.

Combined with the wood texture used on the floor and kitchen furniture, the backsplash not only spreads the warm texture to the kitchen as a reflection but also completes the built-in kitchenware. The backsplash, which sharply complements the contrast in the kitchen and provides depth to the space, also helps to disperse the natural light in the kitchen, taking the effect of the space to another level.

What is the most popular laminate countertop?

Marble-looking and wooden-looking laminate countertops are the most used products. The reason is that it is the equivalent of the general materials used in the kitchen. However, this material, which has many varieties, can be produced and used with almost any desired texture.

ID# 140518 | – Credit© Александра Сакмарова

Combination of White Backsplash with White Countertop in Contemporary Kitchen

Black, white, and wood will never let you down. Although we often want the difference in designs, some designs are pleasing to the eye at every moment and carry general aesthetic elements. In short, some designs never get old and this kitchen is one of the best examples of this. There is no need to explain the harmony of the materials used in this kitchen, which has a contemporary design language.

The kitchen, where the transition from black to white is softened with wood, and the space is divided into two with a stone-textured backsplash, simply appeals to the eye. The integration of the color of the white laminate countertop and the backsplash softens the strong feeling of the space and makes it more inviting. The plain but elegant stance of the wood used on the floor enriches the space, while the green velvet chairs are used to make the kitchen more colorful. The combination of pendant lighting and spotlights on the ceiling is just one of the details made to highlight the contemporary kitchen.

Porcelain Mosaic Tiles

Modern light gray long porcelain mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Brown and bronze mixture of glass, ceramic for a clean contemporary kitchen backsplash

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Brown red beige small square kitchen backsplash and bathroom tile.

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6 x 6 Red & Silver color luxury look porcelain tile, Made in Italy

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ID# 140519 | – Credit© Emilie Melin architecte DPLG

Light Gray Backsplash Match with White Laminate Countertop

In this kitchen, where white plain cabinets meet with very light gray backsplash tiles, we see how a small space can be easily made stylish. A small but cute and useful kitchen is obtained when the backsplash, consisting of a short plain white laminate countertop and glossy tiles, and the tables and chairs that provide the integrity of the space, are combined. Wooden chairs and lighting suitable for wood color add color to the space and make the kitchen feel full of life. The natural-looking veneer and woods on the floor bring Scandinavian breezes to the kitchen while breaking the white color, making the space warmer. The beauty offered to the space with the color of the backsplash provides convenience to the user thanks to the durable and useful material.

Backsplash for Gray Laminate Countertops

The use of gray color is a stylish detail in today’s kitchens. Gray countertops, gray cabinets, and more. While gray spaces are generally simpler and more elegant, backsplash choices are more daring. While the backsplash types, which add another atmosphere to the strong stance of gray, offer a wide variety of colors and textures, user-friendly products stand out. Gray is compatible with most colors, we see it frequently, and its elegant and noble stance highlights itself and its design. Great results can be achieved with the right color palettes and material selections. Inspiring classic, modern, Scandinavian, industrial, and more design styles, gray countertops combine with the backsplash to offer important touches to the kitchen and space.

ID# 140520 | – Credit© Борисова Ольга

White Herringbone Pattern Backsplash for Gray Laminate Countertops

The backsplash used in this kitchen, where white classic cabinets meet with gray countertops, dominates the off-white tones, softening the transition and balancing the color tones of the space. The backsplash tiles, applied in n herringbone pattern combined with the gray countertop, ensure the integration of the kitchen. Herringbone backsplash, which adapts to the embroidered doors of the cabinets, breaks the color together with the kitchen cabinet handles and makes the space feel softer.

While the brown wood on the floor and traditional lighting contribute to the style of the kitchen, the styles that connect it to the general space ensure the integration of the kitchen with the continuation of the building. The combination of the embroidery on the ceiling and the kitchen complements the kitchen and conforms to a general design language.

ID# 140521 | – Credit© Zesta Kitchens

Backsplash that Integrates the Space with the Gray Laminate Countertop

In this kitchen, where white inlaid cabinets and gray-toned countertops are used, the backsplash is used to break the hard transition of the countertop and wall. Its reflective and embossed texture reflects the light diffusely while softening the wall and gray countertop transition, making the space look more harmonious. Kitchen cabinets adorned with black handles and details bring different colors to the space with small details. The sharply colored kitchen counters and cabinets, combined with the close color palettes of the floor and the wall, provide the integration of the kitchen with the breakage texture of the backsplash while adding richness to the space with light plays. The great look of the gray laminate countertop and backsplash makes the kitchen look simple yet elegant, and the backsplash stands out.

Are there different grades of laminate countertops?

Laminate countertops in different classes can generally be divided into quality and indoor and outdoor. While the changes in the main material of the material with a different quality cause this, the quality makes it different. In addition, the differences in the area to be used change the material class.

ID# 140522 | – Credit | © Валерия Веселова

Gray Laminate Countertop and Reflective Backsplash Harmony in the Contemporary Kitchen

The reflective backsplash used in this kitchen with gray countertops, made up of plain but different patterned cabinets, brings light to the kitchen. The neutral backsplash offers conveniences such as easy cleaning to the user while providing the color transition of the kitchen, making the atmosphere warmer. The harmony of the backsplash and floor tiles in this spacious kitchen, where large areas are powered by simplicity, also shows itself on the ceiling, proving the correctness of the choices made.

The backsplash, which breaks the wood and white difference and brings color balance to the space, allows the natural light from outside to circulate in the space with its reflective feature. The backsplash that integrates with the countertop is a very clear example of the harmony of the gray countertop backsplash.

ID# 140523 | – Credit© No Space Like Home

Gray Countertop Gray Backsplash Combination in blue-gray Design

Different textures show how to create different designs by combining gray with gray. The gray countertop and backsplash, which meet with blue-gray inlaid cabinets, stand out with the different patterns on the backsplash and save the space from being boring. The harmony of the gray-toned wooden floor throughout the kitchen adds a different texture to the gray-dominated atmosphere of the space. With its patterned texture, the backsplash changes the monotonous perception of the space, making the kitchen feel more beautiful. The easy-to-use and stylish backsplash presents itself to the user as the most prominent element of the kitchen.

Backsplash for Black Laminate Countertops

Black is timeless. Although there is very little that black does not suit, it is just as difficult to use in places such as kitchens. However, with the right backsplash choices, it is possible to change this and increase the quality of the space. The harmony of black with colors and the fact that it highlights every color placed next to it, besides being a color used frequently on countertops, the image that is compatible with the backsplash makes the kitchens more elegant. Using harmonious color palettes and material textures to properly select the colors used with black makes the space look more elegant and beautiful.

ID# 140524 | – Credit© АР-КА бюро – Илона Болейшиц, Игорь Орлов

Black Laminate Countertop and Deep Teal Backsplash

Extraordinary! While the black countertop calms the design in this bold design where blue is intense, this blue and richly textured backsplash provides the endless blue contrast to the space and reflects the impact of the bold color choice. While the similarity of the tiles used on the floor and backsplash shows the space as a whole, black details add depth to the space. The kitchen design, where the color blue is everywhere, dazzles with its extraordinary visuality, while the reflections of the light on the backsplash illuminate the space and reveal the precision of the full-empty ratio of the kitchen.

Marble Mosaic Tiles

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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Multi Color Marble Diamond Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Gray Marble Leaf Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Gray Gold Chevron Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Marble Small Picket Design Backsplash Mosaic Tile

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Luxury marble and mother of pearl mixed mosaic tile

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Modern look, slim white marble mosaic tile, for kitchen backsplash and bathroom projects.

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White Gray Dot Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Luxury Waterjet Gray & White Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 140525 | – Credit© Popham Interiors

Black and Black Harmony Stand Out with Backsplash for Black Laminate Countertop Kitchen Design

Black and black have always been good couples. The countertop and backsplash with flat white cabinets combined with black and black take the elegance of the space to another dimension. The glossy embossed black backsplash on the black matte laminate countertop distributes the natural light that enters the space and offers pleasure to the user with its stylish appearance. The black and white stripes boost the white plain kitchen cabinets and backsplash, providing a transition with black skirting. The kitchen and backsplash, which contrasts with the wood on the floor, change the atmosphere of the general kitchen and raise the space to the top visually.

Backsplash for Marble Look Laminate Countertops

The marble look is a product that we are used to in our kitchens and that we come across a lot, but if we use this product with different and bold backsplashes, our kitchens will move away from the look we are used to and bring a breath of fresh air. To choose the most suitable one for our counter among the endless varieties and patterns of backsplash, we need to consider the color, texture, and material elements. The harmony of marble and backsplash changes the atmosphere of the kitchen and what makes the design.

ID# 140527 | – Credit© Nimmo Nielsen Collective

Calming Effect of Marble-Look Laminate Countertop and Backsplash

Backsplash and counter provide the calmness of intensely detailed cabinet designs in this kitchen, where blue and white cabinets come together with a marble-looking laminate countertop and a backsplash in the same texture. The cabinet colors and wood texture highlighted by the design combine with the plain style of the backsplash and complete the space. The marble-like backsplash softens the solid cabinet colors, making the visual perfect. The warm wood on the floor and the warm tones of the cabinet handle warm the space and create a contrast to the overall tone of the kitchen.

Metal Mosaic Tiles

Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Sleek brown metal and glass mixed modern kitchen backsplash & bathroom tile

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Gray white marble & metal kitchen backsplash tile for modern projects

Try a Sample
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What are the disadvantages of laminate countertops?

Although laminate countertops are easy to use, they are not a very durable material. It is one of the materials to be careful when using material that is sensitive to heat and water.

ID# 140528 | – Credit | © Starlow Kitchens

White Contemporary Design kitchen with Backsplash for Marble Look Laminate Countertops

This kitchen, which consists of white flat cabinets with a marble-like gray countertop and white backsplash, offers a simple and elegant environment that is pleasing to the eye. The kitchen, which prioritizes simplicity in design, adds depth to the color palette consisting of white and gray, but the backsplash application with joint detail adds depth to the design. While the wood texture on the floor and the clear combination of white balance the warm and cold, the continuity of white allows the kitchen to be in a single but elegant language.

Are laminate countertops good for the kitchen?

It is very convenient for use in the kitchen. However, the material and the area combination must be well thought out. While it is not very resistant to heat and water, it does not take to the first place in the preferences. It is affordable and has many colors and options, making it a good alternative for use in the kitchen.

ID# 140529 | – Credit© Red Lily Renovations

Importance of backsplash on White Plain Cabinets and Marble Look Countertop

The white laminate backsplash creates a harmonious look with the plain white cabinets and marble-look countertop. The bright backsplash surface, which distinguishes it from lightly glossy cabinets, is pleasing to the eye and helps the space to diffuse the light. This kitchen, which shows how simple material choices create harmony, is one of the examples that shows the effect of backsplash on the kitchen. The cornerstone of a clean and stylish look, the backsplash stands out with its white and reflective texture.

Backsplash for Wood Look Laminate Countertops

Wood appearance is a natural-looking material that warms the spaces and makes them more livable. It is important to choose backsplashes that are suitable for the wood appearance and stand out in the applications. One of the issues that designers pay attention to is that the color tones are harmonious but do not mix or can adapt even if they are different. Countertop and backsplash materials are one of the most important details that show an important kitchen.

ID# 140530 | – Credit© Born & Bred Studio

Backsplash for Wood-Look Laminate Countertops and White Elegance

This kitchen, where woodcuts the kitchen like a straight line, stands out with its simple design. The kitchen, which consists of metal shelves, a wood-look laminate countertop, and a white jointed backsplash results in a stylish visual. In the design, where the backsplash continues up to the ceiling, the main focus remains on the backsplash and makes the general tone of the kitchen white. The decoration elements s used to add movement to the strong image of the backsplash and complete the kitchen.

ID# 140531 | – Credit© Element Design

Wooden Countertop and White Backsplash Effect in Traditional White Kitchen

We see the warm harmony of wood and white in this traditionally designed kitchen. Integrating with the white backsplash, the kitchen reflects the traditional atmosphere with the details on the floor and ceiling. The backsplash both adds traditional flair to the space and harmonizes with the white integrity. In this way, it adds depth to the design while the counter and backsplash stand out.

How much do laminate countertops cost?

The countertop materials are generally expensive because they are natural stones. However, laminate countertops are very affordable materials with high price performance values. Considering that the price changes according to the color and texture difference, it is approximately 50% more suitable in terms of price.

ID# 140532 | – Credit | © Nimmo Nielsen Collective

The Difference that the Backsplash Creates in the Space with the Wooden Bench With a White Cabinet

This kitchen, crowned with white cabinets and wooden countertop patterned backsplash, adds light to the space while offering simple modernity. While the small piece pattern of the backsplash adds movement to the general plain design of the space, it brings the composition to the whole. Wooden handle details and general color harmony also highlight the backsplash product applied on a single surface, offering a stylish solution to the user.

ID# 140533 | – Credit© Кухни Вилладжио

Wood-Look Laminate Countertop and Backsplash Combined with Anthracite Kitchen

In this kitchen, where we witness the harmony of anthracite gray flat cabinets and wood, we see how the use of the same texture with different functions creates differences. While the natural wood texture within an anthracite gray frame stands out, the harmony of the countertop backsplash and cabinet stands out. Also, the warmth and naturalness effect it adds to the kitchen contributes to the design in a contrary way to the overall kitchen.

What to look for when buying laminate countertops?

You need to pay attention to the life of the material, along with the color and texture properties of the elements. Resistance to water and temperature varies. These elements are the most important points when choosing a laminate countertop.

ID# 140534 | – Credit© Francisco LOPEZ | FEEL INTERIEUR

The Pleasant Feeling of the Backsplash That Integrates With the Gray Flat Cabinet and Wood Laminate Countertop

This kitchen, which has a Scandinavian-inspired backsplash combined with gray flat cabinets and a wood laminate countertop, is a very good example of a mix of warm and cool colors. The warm color tone created by the floor and wooden laminate countertops combine with the patterned backsplash and cabinets, adding integrity to the space. Also adding light to the space with the pendant lights on the ceiling, the reflections on the glossy cabinets, and the pattern of the backsplash that softens the color palette in the space, the kitchen stands out.

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