Neutral Backsplash Sleek & Elegant Tile Designs for Different Kitchens

20+ Neutral Backsplash

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Modern Kitchen with Glass Sheet Backsplash and Gray Countertops

Glass sheet backsplashes are renowned for their minimalistic style, yet they may nevertheless have a significant effect in kitchens! The glass sheet in this contemporary kitchen, adorned in a deep black tone, creates a striking contrast with the white flat-front cabinets. The impact of this space is increased by the dark gray counters, which go well with the backsplash.

ID# 175511 | – Credit© Régine Louiset – Reve’l Architecture

Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Glazed Tile Backsplash

The beige worktops and backsplash in this Mid-Century modern kitchen design create harmony and tranquility while the natural wooden cabinets create a warm atmosphere! The shiny Zellige tile backsplash adds a gorgeous tactile impact to the backdrop and the blue velvet chairs and the brilliant pendant lights further the midcentury aesthetic!

Neutral Backsplash

Since the backsplash is often the finishing touch for kitchens, it helps to provide the general integrity in the space and add some style. Among all the different types of colors and material options, neutral-colored backsplash come in front in recent days and dominates our kitchen walls through some eye-catching tile designs or large format stone slabs. And if you are looking for a tile design that can create a cohesive look with your kitchen furniture and add a subtle elegance, a neutral backsplash might be the one that you are looking for!

Incorporate the Subtle Elegance of Neutral Shades

You can easily energize your kitchen with an accent-neutral backsplash! With eye-catching ideas like natural stone, tile, mosaic and stainless steel, neutral backsplashes will make your kitchen the best space in the house. Using simple neutral colors for your kitchen creates minimal elegance and reveals pure beauty. It is a type of backsplash that is far from an exaggeration but has a very cool stance!

ID# 175501 | – Credit© FOHR DESIGN STUDIO INC.

Midcentury Kitchen Design with Neutral Backsplash and Floating Shelves

If you are working in a small kitchen design like this one, you can eliminate the upper walls and replace them with floating shelves will give your kitchen a light and airy atmosphere. The tiny white backsplash tiles reach through the ceiling and provide a clean and fresh backdrop. The wood floating shelves complement the contrasting look of the wood cabinets and draw attention to this feature wall. The white quartz countertops seamlessly blend with the backsplash tiles while the gray flooring makes a cohesive final touch.

ID# 175502 | – Credit© Jane Cameron Architects

Modern Kitchen with Wood Cabinets and Granite Island

All you have to do once inside is admire the abundance of natural colors and textures! The gray natural stone backsplash with gold veining and the wood cabinets, which complement the granite worktops and island unit, create a visually pleasing pattern. The creative continuity, consistency, and attractiveness are greatly enhanced by the deft coordination of the various qualities generated using the same material language. The kitchen also has an artistic touch from the sculptural island design and a futuristic vibe from the tracking spotlight lighting bulb.

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Black and Wood Cabinets with Stacked Neutral Backsplash

This kitchen’s minimalistic, serene style exudes simplicity and tranquillity! In order to give a warm basis, the wood herringbone flooring blends seamlessly with the natural wood base cabinets and worktops. The above subway tile backsplash’s stacked design provides a lovely tactile element and the tiles’ bright white hue gives it a modern feel. The matte-finished, black upper cabinets create a striking contrast that gives the room depth.

What Are Neutral Colors?

Neutral colors are soft tones that are thought of as muted colors but have underlying tones that change with different lighting. Examples of neutral colors include beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black and white. Neutral colors complement primary and secondary colors. You can combine primary colors such as red, white, and blue to create a range of other colors!

When creating secondary colors, it is necessary to mix two primary colors such as green (yellow plus blue), orange (yellow plus red) and violet (red plus blue). Mixing different colors creates unique shades, so neutral colors can be complex in tone. Neutral colors vary within themselves as pure neutrals, close to neutrals, and warm-cold neutrals.

White Backsplash

White is a timeless color that can easily be paired with all colors! It is also helpful in keeping surfaces clean for users as stains are easier to detect clearly. Using white for the kitchen also gives the impression of proper hygiene and cleanliness.

In addition, especially glossy white backsplashes provide a refreshing look, as they create a clean feeling. However, patterned, textured white backsplashes can also look great and add neutral vibrancy. White backsplashes which never go out of fashion and always adapt easily to any kitchen style, are the first choice for everyone.

ID# 175504 | – Credit© Blended Interiors

Farmhouse Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and White Subway Tile Backsplash

The blue and white color scheme combined with a few wooden accent pieces will help you create a cozy and inviting farmhouse kitchen while also bringing in a little seaside air! The white upper cabinets, quartz worktops and white subway tile neutral backsplash creates a light and airy atmosphere while the blue perimeter cabinets soften and invite guests into the room. The brass hardware, wood floating shelves and range hood trim give the blue and white color scheme a cozy feel.

Gray Mosaic Tiles

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Transitional Kitchen with White Stone Slab Backsplash and Countertops

The light blue shaker-style cabinets offer a splash of color along with a clean sophisticated base! Brass elements and a farmhouse sink give this room a cozier feel while the white stone slab countertops and backsplash and white countertops flawlessly match the cabinetry’s sophisticated appearance. The dark wood floor adds depth to the room as a finishing touch by contrasting with the lighter tones.

ID# 175506 | – Credit© Luke Fry Architecture & Interior Design

Richly Stained Wood Cabinets with White Neutral Backsplash and Granite Countertops

The kitchen remodel creates an interior atmosphere that is reminiscent of art because of its natural textures and muted color palette! A warm and inviting ambiance is created by the striking grains of the natural wood cabinets while visual interest and texture are added by the white stacked ceramic tiles with gray grout. A visual feast, the glazed black granite countertops reflect the textures and create cinematic images.

Black Backsplash

The black color comes first to the users in the dark and they abstain! However, when black is used correctly, it can give a space a timeless appeal and a sophisticated atmosphere. For a modern or contemporary space, timeless black tones are the right address for elegant and cool spaces as a backsplash! Whether it is a black ceramic backsplash or a black stone slab, these backsplashes will definitely make a statement in your kitchen!

ID# 175507 | – Credit

Black Hexagon Tiles with Industrial Open Shelving

The gorgeous black backsplash in this kitchen is made up of large-size hexagon tiles! A kitchen rack set on the wall breaks up the full impact of these ceiling-high tiles. The concrete island, gray countertops, and white cabinets complement them and add an elegant industrial flair. There’s a touch of warmth from the dark wood floor.

ID# 175508 | – Credit | © Lesley Brookes Design

Black and White Scandinavian Kitchen with Gold Accents

Which color combination is more classic and elegant than black and white with a hint of gold? This safe yet fashionable color scheme creates a tidy overall appearance, as this Scandinavian kitchen demonstrates! In addition to providing a sleek and modern backdrop, the black soapstone countertops and backsplash lend depth and contrast to the otherwise white shaker cabinets. The gold faucet and cabinet hardware, which break up the black-and-white color scheme, offer a warm, sparkling touch.

Beige Backsplash

Even though the first impression of the beige color might be dull, the gentle beige hues can easily create stylish appearances for any design aesthetic! The soft and subtle appeal of beige can work cohesively with other neutrals like white, brown, gray or black. Glass, travertine, marble, ceramic, and stone are only a few of the material kinds and color tones that it contains!

ID# 175510 | – Credit© Popham Interiors

Contemporary Kitchen with Neutral Backsplash Tile and Granite Countertops

If you’re looking for a beige backsplash for your kitchen, then travertine tiles are your greatest choice! These gorgeously natural looking tiles are perfect for going for a traditional yet refined aesthetic. Ivory travertine tiles in this modern kitchen provide a crisp backdrop that complements the cream walls flawlessly. The elegant black granite countertops provide a dramatic contrast with a touch of luxury which is further emphasized by the modern white cabinets.

ID# 175512 | – Credit

Stone Slan Neutral Backsplash with White Cabinets

Simple, elegant, and minimalistic… Soft neutral colors create a cozy, inviting ambiance in this kitchen that is accented with some texture! White cabinets offer a simple backdrop for the room while a beige stone slab backsplash adds a pleasing texture that lifts the entire scheme. To create a seamless appearance, the floating shelf is also made of the same stone material. Cookbooks, picture frames, potted plants, and a few decorative items give the kitchen personality to complete the look!

Gray Backsplash

A gray backsplash is a great way to create a modern backdrop with a touch of elegance because gray is such a versatile hue! You can experiment with numerous color schemes, materials and textures thanks to this adaptable appearance. A gray backsplash provides a stylish and neutral base for your kitchen design regardless of whether you want to use a monochromatic gray color scheme or a combination of colors and textures.

ID# 175513 | – Credit© anderson architecture

White and Wood Cabinets with Marble Backsplash Tiles

Gray is one of the most versatile colors and you can find almost endless gray tile alternatives that suit your taste. Among all the beautiful options, there is no doubt that marble is the most precious one that can instantly lend sophistication to any space. This gorgeous natural stone material is laid in a classic subway pattern for this contemporary design and makes a luxurious twist against the modern lines of the two-tone cabinetry.

ID# 175514 | – Credit© Blue Tea Kitchens and Bathrooms

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Zellige Tile Backsplash

While wood cabinets are a classic element of midcentury kitchen design, black cabinets can also evoke the style while adding a modern touch! In this design kitchen, the sleek attractiveness of the dark gray cabinets is enhanced by the wooden accents and glass fronts. The black cabinet hardware accentuates the modernism while the white Silestone quartz worktops and gray Zellige tile backsplash provide a fresh look against the black backdrop. Warmth is added to the stark gray-and-white contrast with the inclusion of the wood floor, counter chairs and brass accents.

What makes a color neutral?

Any color that doesn’t strongly tend toward red, blue, yellow, or green, for example, is considered neutral. It’s common knowledge that neutrals are milder, subtler and less powerful than other hues!

ID# 175515 | – Credit | © Atlantic Lighting Design

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen with Wood Island and Lantern Pendant Lights

A wooden island like the one in this kitchen can be your saving grace if you want to give your farmhouse kitchen a dash of rustic character! To create a rustic comfortable environment, the wood kitchen island with a black granite countertop contrasts with the contemporary white cabinets, gray counters and gray brick-like backsplash tiles. Black lantern pendant lighting and metal bar stools complete the rustic-modern look!

What color do cabinets go with a neutral backsplash?

Neutral backsplashes often work well with cabinets in timeless colors such as white, gray, wood and black. In addition, neutral effects can be created by using the entire space in the same tones. For example, brown countertops and brown cabinets with a brown backsplash!

ID# 175516 | – Credit© Lares Design

Modern Industrial Kitchen with Gray Neutral Backsplash

Large-format tiles are great options for generating a modern look, just like slabs! The concrete-look backsplash tiles in this u-shaped kitchen, as seen above, add a pleasing tactile element without overpowering the sleek black and white cabinetry design. Additionally, the backsplash’s cool gray hue creates a seamless transition between the black upper cabinets and the white base cabinets. To provide warmth to the space, the monochrome color pattern is broken by the inclusion of wood counters and leather chairs.

Brown Backsplash

A backsplash made of brown materials adds a rich, adaptable atmosphere to your kitchen! Its varied tones which span from rich chocolate to brilliant copper in paler hues, allow it to subtly evoke the right mood in the user. Users love brown because of its earthy and resonant qualities. Brown backsplashes are suitable for any style and choice and come in a variety of materials, including glass, stone and ceramics!

ID# 175517 | – Credit© Pugachevich Studio

Brown Neutral Backsplash and Countertops with Stainless Steel Appliances

There is an amazing balance between the light and dark browns used on the flat-panel kitchen cabinet surfaces! Handleless kitchen cabinetry provides you with a sleek and simple view of modern architecture. The subtle appearance of the dark brown counters and the backsplash balance the cabinets and add depth to the room.

Black Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 175518 | – Credit | © Zlata / Ira Sazonova

Brown Kitchen Cabinets and Backsplash with Pink Accent Wall

This contemporary kitchen maintains a dynamic design while emanating a charming, sweet appeal thanks to its playful and beautiful pink hexagonal wall patterns. As this kitchen demonstrates, brown and pink may seem like a weird pairing, but they actually go really well together to create a stylish and striking space!

Brown Mosaic Tiles

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ID# 175519 | – Credit© Kim Pearson Pty Ltd

Neutral Backsplash for White Cabinets and Countertops

You may simply enhance the plain appearance of the white cabinets and countertops by choosing a statement maker backsplash design if you find that an all-white color scheme is too boring but you still want to create a bright and spacious ambiance! The simple elegant white flat panel cabinets and counters give this room a fresh, minimalist feel. What really grabs attention though, is the stunning brown square tile backsplash with its three-dimensional appearance! It adds visual interest and texture to the entire design. The sleek and modern design is enhanced by the integrated stainless steel appliances which increase both elegance and usefulness!

How to use neutral colors in the kitchen?

Since the neutral colors are extremely versatile, you can use them on all surfaces. If you want to create a neutral backdrop with subtle elegance, you can opt for cabinet colors like white, gray, brown, and even black! Countertops are the other surfaces that you can use the neutral tones and you can find endless alternatives such as marble, quartz or granite. Just like the cabinets and countertops, backsplashes are one of the most important elements that tie all other features together and using a neutral-colored backsplash will provide a streamlined appearance. Besides these main features, you can always incorprate these neutral colors through some wooden accents, lighting fixtures, or appliances.

ID# 175520 | – Credit© Croma Design Inc.

Dark Wood Cabinets with Neutral Backsplash and Countertops

Are you trying to achieve an industrial-inspired, sleek and modern kitchen aesthetic? The brown backsplash and dark cabinets might be the solution. This earhty color scheme gives the room depth and texture with a striking contrast against the white walls. Appliances made of stainless steel will give your home a sleek, modern appearance. When used as the primary color, dark brown can also provide coziness and warmth to an otherwise cold, minimalist industrial look. These components together will give you a classy kitchen that fits in well with any modern house.

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