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17+ Modern Backsplash for Wood Cabinets

brown cabinets backsplash tile BA1105

ID# 174602 – Product BA1105 – Colorful Glass & Ceramic Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Stainless Steel Appliances

This traditional kitchen is a perfect example of how you can create a cohesive look by using similar shades for the cabinets and backsplash! The red undertone of the cherry wood cabinets provides a classic yet timeless foundation for the space while the beige granite countertops perfectly complement this traditional look. Adorned by red, brown and beige hues, the multicolored mosaic tile backsplash creates a striking backdrop with a dazzling look. The grid pattern of the glass and ceramic square tiles creates an artistic appeal that gives a playful look with a modern touch to the space!

Modern Light Brown Cabinet With Long Mosaic Backsplash Tile BA4502

ID# 174617 – Product BA4502 – Modern Light Gray Porcelain Tile Backsplash

Full-height Modern Backsplash for Wood Cabinets and Brass Faucet

For a modern kitchen that feels airy and light, consider removing upper cabinets and going with a full-height backsplash instead! The gray porcelain tiles in this modern minimalist kitchen as seen above, stretch through the ceiling to create a smooth, slightly textured backdrop. The white worktops and light wood cabinets harmonize with the minimalist design while the brass faucet livens up the atmosphere with a hint of glitz.

Modern Backsplash for Wood Cabinets

There are many cabinet options available if you’re remodeling or building a new kitchen, but wood kitchen cabinets are something you should always consider! Because it can be sculpted into highly distinctive designs and is available in a vast range of shapes, quality and finishes, wood is the most common material used for kitchen cabinets! And a modern backsplash can make your dreams come true when it comes to finishing this cozy and inviting aesthetic! We’ve gathered a variety of modern backsplash for wood cabinets ideas in this post to help you get motivated for your remodeling job!

Complete the Warm and Inviting Appeal of the Wood with Modern Backsplash Ideas!

If you decide to go with wood kitchen cabinets, your next step will be to decide on the type of tile you want to utilize! It’s important to strike a balance between the warm, natural tones of the wood and modern design features when selecting a modern backsplash for wood cabinets. It may be a striking geometric pattern tile backsplash, a classic white subway tile backsplash with a contemporary twist or even a tile design with metallic accents. In the end, the secret is to combine contemporary design elements with the organic beauty of wood cabinets in a harmonious way!

Modern brown cabinets metal glass backsplash tile BA62010

ID# 174601 – Product BA62010 – Glass & Metal Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Modern Backsplash for Wood Cabinets and White Countertops

If you want to make a statement with your backsplash, you will love this modern mosaic tile! Embraced with a puzzle like layout and glossy finish, this glass mosaic backsplash with metal accents provides an eye-catching look that acts as a piece of art. The copper-colored metal accents between the gray glass tiles perfectly complement the warm and inviting appeal of the brown kitchen cabinets. The white quartz countertop is the only material that breaks the brown-gray shades to add a bright and fresh look.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Combining rustic California gold slate with burgundy glass, distinctive and unique aesthetic.

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Brown Cabinet Granite Countertop With Chevron Slate Mosaic Tile BA1065

ID# 174603 – Product BA1065 – Chevron Slate Tile Backsplash

Rustic Modern Kitchen Design with Dark Wood Cabinetry

Even though these slate tiles have a rough surface and rusty brown gray shades that punctuate a rustic appeal, the geometrical zigzag pattern gives this mosaic a modern flair! The dark wood shaker-style cabinets complement the rustic appeal of the chevron tiles while the gray granite countertops seamlessly blend with the neutral color scheme.

What backsplash goes best with wood cabinets?

The overall look you wish to achieve will determine which backsplash is best for wood cabinets! Any style of wood cabinet can be paired with white subway tiles which are timeless and traditional. Glass mosaic tiles have a delicate sheen that makes them ideal for creating a modern look that lets the wood grain come through. Another excellent option for adding a bit of glitz and modernism is metallic tile!

Two Tones Cabinet White Brown With Modern Backsplash Tile BA4502

ID# 174604 – Product BA4502 – Long Light Gray Porcelain Backsplash Tile

Gray Modern Backsplash for Wood Cabinets and Dark Gray Floor Tiles

If you hesitate to fill the kitchen with wood cabinets, integrate white cupboards to break up the monotonic look! This two-tone adjustment is represented on the kitchen cabinetry in this contemporary kitchen. The wood base cabinets provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere while the upper ones enlighten the space with a touch of elegance. The light gray porcelain backsplash tiles provide a smooth transition between the white and wood cabinetry while the dark gray floor tiles bring depth to the space.

Modern White Backsplash for Wood Cabinets

White is the most common color used for kitchen backsplashes. White is a color that goes well with every color scheme because of its crisp bright appearance. Thus, a modern white backsplash is going to be your finest friend if you’re searching for a surefire way to go with your wood cabinets!

White Unique Glass Marble Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ba62046 8

ID# 174605 – Product BA62046 – Glass & Marble Diamond Tile Backsplash

Dark Wood Shaker Cabinets with Gray Granite Countertops

Adorned by a textured finish, this diamond tile backsplash looks stunning! The reflective surface of these glass tiles brings a bright and clean look between the dark wood cabinets and gray granite countertops. Also, the sleek appeal of the tiles makes a modern twist against the dark neutral shades to enhance the overall look.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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BA1164 1 1

ID# 174606 – Product BA1164 – Modern White Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash

White Modern Backsplash for Wood Cabinets and Quartz Countertops

Wood cabinets go well with an all-white backsplash if you want to give your kitchen walls a classic uncluttered appearance! White glass tiles with their combination of glossy and matte finishes, add a touch of elegance while creating an airy and light ambiance. The deep and ominous appeal of the cabinetry can be perfectly balanced by placing a bright white backsplash against the dark wood cabinets. A unified finish that produces a seamless appearance with the white tiles is the white quartz countertops enhanced with a marble like texture.

How do you modernize a kitchen with wood cabinets?

First off, say goodbye to those old-fashioned backsplash tiles! Since the backsplash is the detail that ties all elements together, replacing a backsplash is relatively a cost-effective way to give a more modern look to your cabinetry. Consider subway tiles, geometric patterns or some sleek glass for that extra modern touch!

Besides the backsplash tiles, you can also get rid of the old handles and knobs of your cabinets and swap them with sleek, modern alternatives. Since a countertop also plays a huge role in the look of the cabinets, quartz, concrete or even stainless steel materials can give you that sleek contemporary look!

Brown Cabinet White Countertop Glass Calacatta Gold Mosaic Backsplash Tile BA6702

ID# 174607 – Product BA6702 – Glass Calacatta Gold Look Mosaic Tile

Two-tone Kitchen Cabinetry with Elongated Hexagon Tile Backsplash

White backsplash tiles are the classic yet fashionable choices for kitchens but if you want to spice up a little bit the traditional white subway tile pattern, then try hexagon tiles! As you can see in this contemporary kitchen which consists of two-tone cabinetry and white countertops, the white elongated hexagon tile backsplash creates an eye-catching appeal with a modern flair. Adorned by marble-like texture, these white glass tiles provide a clean and sleek backdrop that enlightens the neutral shades. The dark wood base cabinets bring depth to the space while the beige upper ones soften the contrast between the white and dark wood.

Modern Black Backsplash for Wood Cabinets

There is no doubt that black is one of the most sophisticated colors that can instantly add an elegant look to your kitchen! And if you are looking for a modern design for your kitchen backsplash, a black color can help you to achieve your goal. When it comes to wood kitchen cabinets, they have a warm and inviting allure. Using another neutral shade like black is a perfect way to create a unified overall design. Whether it is a modern hexagon pattern or a stone tile, a modern backsplash is ready to jazz up your wood cabinets.

Black countertop brown cabinet with black slate backsplash tile BA1045

ID# 174608 – Product BA1045 – Black Slate Subway Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Black Modern Kitchen for Wood Cabinets and Black Countertops

Sure when it comes to subway tile designs, white is the first color that springs to mind. However, if you want to give this timeless appeal a contemporary twist, consider using black subway tiles! Although this kitchen’s wood cabinets have a traditional feel, the black subway tile backsplash adds a contemporary touch that improves the entire appearance. The oil-rubbed bronze appliances and countertops complement the historic design while the black tiles and countertops mix in perfectly.

What color looks best with wood cabinets?

White or light gray can work well as a reliable alternative that will add a clean fresh look and contrast sharply with the warmth of wood! Black is your best bet for a striking and dramatic style! To add a pop of color without detracting from the beauty of the wood cabinetry, consider blue and green hues if you’re feeling particularly daring. Not to mention, wood cabinets can benefit from the glitz and modernism of metallic accents like copper, silver or gold.

Modern Gray Backsplash for Wood Cabinets

If you want to preserve the natural flexibility, your wood cabinets would look fantastic with a contemporary gray backsplash! Owing to its versatility, a gray backsplash can be used to create a modern striking kitchen that accentuates the warmth of wood cabinets! The wood cabinets remain the focal point of the contemporary kitchen haven thanks to a neutral color choice that incorporates a range of gray tones.

Brown Cabinet Gray Floor And Backsplash Modern Kitchen

ID# 174609 – Product BA1038 – Modern Gray Limestone Backsplash

White and Wood Cabinets with Modern Gray Backsplash and Countertops

The modern gray backsplash perfectly complements the white and wood cabinetry! This Scandi-inspired kitchen’s white base cabinets and kitchen island give a light and airy feel while the gray limestone backsplash and gray countertops lend a clean yet understated elegance. The upper cabinets’ inclusion of wood textures and the island’s expansion as a dining table break up the monochrome design and provide coziness to the space.

Shimmery Textured Black and White Glass Backsplash Tile BA8024

ID# 174610 – Product BA8024 – Gray & Black Textured Glass Backsplash Tile

Gray and Black Glass tiles with Black Granite Countertops

This textured tile backsplash surrounded by gray and black tiles gives this modern kitchen a sleek look! The black granite countertops go well with the textured surface of the tiles and the vertical pattern of the tiles adds to the futuristic look. The wood cabinetry in a medium tone creates a cozy and friendly ambiance.

Modern Gray and Black Beveled Metallic Glass Backsplash Tile BA8020 2

ID# 174611 – Product BA8020 – Beveled Metallic Glass Tile Backsplash

Black and Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Laminate Countertops

If you are looking for an ultra-modern look for your backsplash, then you will love these glass tiles with a metallic charm. Characterized with beveled edges, this sophisticated tile adds depth and character to this transitional kitchen consists of black and wood cabinets and gray laminate countertops.

Black Mosaic Tiles

Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Dark gray slate subway tile for a contemporary yet timeless kitchen backsplash

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Black & white color with crackle glass kitchen backsplash tile

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Modern brown cabinet white quartz countertop subway marble backsplash tile BA1034

ID# 174612 – Product BA1034 – Modern Marble Subway Tile Backsplash

Medium-tone Wood Cabinetry with Marble Backsplash Tiles

If you are looking for a modern tile design with a hint of opulence, these marble subway tiles will be a perfect fit for your kitchen! Adorned by soft gray veins, the marble backsplash adds a nice movement between the medium-tone wood kitchen cabinets. The crisp white countertops and chrome hardware also perfectly complete the modern lines of the flat-front cabinets.

Modern Backsplash for Dark Wood Cabinets

Finding the right balance is key to creating a backsplash that perfectly complements the richness of the dark wood cabinets in a modern and eye-catching kitchen!

Dark Brown Cabinet Copper Backsplash Tile BA62010

ID# 174613 – Product BA62010 – Metal, Glass & Copper Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Glass Modern Backsplash for Wood Cabinets and Brass Hardware

The dramatic appeal of this kitchen welcomes you with eye-catching accents! The dark wood cabinets paired with brass hardware provide a sleek base for this contemporary kitchen. The white countertops create a contrasting look that brings a fresh feel. The real show stopper is the glass and metal mosaic backsplash tiles! Embraced by gray and copper shades, these mosaic tiles create a striking focal point between the cabinets while the glossy surfaces add a mirror effect with depth and illusion.

ID# 174614 – Product BA1132 – Brown Glass Metal Mosaic Tile

Transitional Kitchen with Multicolored Mosaic Tiles and Granite Countertops

The beautiful combination of glass and metal tiles offers a sleek and elegant appeal for this transitional kitchen! This mosaic gives a subtle sheen by fusing the durability of metal with the exquisite appeal of glass. The plain look of the dark wood cabinets allows the backsplash tiles to be the star of the show while the beige granite countertops enlighten the dark shades.

Gray Mosaic Tiles

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Gray marble & glass tile for contemporary to modern kitchens or bathroom

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Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look.

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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White Gray Marble Leaf Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Light blue, white, and gray color mixed, mosaic tile for backsplash, bathroom & shower.

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Contemporary Kitchen Brown Cabnets White Quartz Countertop

ID# 174615 – Product BA1038 – Modern Minimalist Gray Subway Tile

Gray Modern Backsplash for Wood Cabinets and White Countertops

Clean, sleek and elegant! Filled with minimalist lines, this modern kitchen offers a sophisticated appeal with a contrasting look. The dark wood kitchen cabinets adorned with flat-panel door style provide a solid base for the space while the gray horizontal backsplash tiles enhance the modern aesthetic with a slight textural look. For a final touch, the white quartz countertops and brass cabinet hardware complete the overall design cohesively.

Modern Backsplash for Light Wood Cabinets

Light wood kitchen cabinets’ simple, practical designs complement almost any type of backsplash! Those who prefer a kitchen with muted tones that may be accessorized with various colors may choose to utilize a contemporary gray backsplash. Darker hues like black or brown will work well to contrast with the clean appearance of the light wood cabinets but white backsplash tiles are also a wonderful match for these cabinets to create a feeling of lightness and space!

Modern Kitchen Gray And Brown Design Modern Look

ID# 174616 – Product BA1038 – Ligth Gray Long Subway Tile Backsplash

Light Wood Cabinets with White Marble Countertops and Gray Range Hood

This modern kitchen enhanced by its smooth, clean lines, has a sophisticated appearance with a hint of texture! The gray backsplash tiles offer a good tactile appeal without detracting from the modern design while the white marble countertops add another layer of texture. The light wood cabinets provide a finished look that is coherent and the dark gray range hood also creates a focal point on the gray backdrop.

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