Yellow Kitchen Ideas Brighten Up Your Kitchen with Yellow Shades

18+ Yellow Kitchen Ideas

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Yellow Shaker Cabinets with White Backsplash and Gray Countertops

If you love the yellow shades, why not use them for your kitchen cabinets? Dominated with the elegant look of a mustard yellow, the kitchen cabinets look eye-catching! The white subway tile backsplash and gray quartz countertops balance the overall look of this yellow-dominated kitchen. The color palette is enhanced by the combination of brown, white, and dark blue in multicolored hexagon tile flooring. Above eye level, two enormous pendants in pale yellow with deformed shapes hanging over the peninsula dominate, and the peninsula provides a useful eating area that blends in with the kitchen’s overall theme.

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Scandinavian Laundry Room with Blue Cabinets and Yellow Tiles

Just like the kitchens, yellow is a popular color choice for laundry rooms! And if you want to make a statement with your laundry room, this blue and yellow color scheme will easily help you achieve your goal! The yellow backsplash tiles adorned by square shapes stand out on the white walls while the blue cabinets create contrast against this vibrant yellow shade. The gray countertops and white apron-front sink soften the contrasting look while the multicolored floor tiles consist of blue, yellow and gray hues that complement the overall color scheme.

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

If you feel your kitchen is lacking in natural light or want to use a few colors that warm the room, yellow will enliven the space with sunny weather! The refreshing shade comes in a wide variety of beautiful shades, from amber to softened cream to saffron. And all the hues will brighten up the whole space while evoking that warm feeling. Of course, it would be the right choice to combine it with beautiful transitions without covering everything with yellow. Various shades from very light ones to mustard can be used to create different yellow kitchen ideas and effects!

Bring a Sunny Whether to your Kitchen with Shades of Yellow

Yellow is the perfect color for spaces with a lot of activity such as the kitchen! It spreads positive energies by supporting these places that are always high in noise, laughter, entertainment and energy. And this vibrant and joyful shade might be a great addition to your kitchen with any design aesthetic! When paired with white, concrete gray or soft pastel colors and seamless upholstery doors, it creates a contemporary look or softens it with a soft tone, bringing a sense of warmth and comforting ambiance to a traditional kitchen. When used on the center floor, walls or tiles, it brings modern artisanal energy that adds a unique character!

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Contemporary Yellow Kitchen Ideas with Subway Tile Backsplash

White, wood, and a pop of yellow… If you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a joyful look, this color combination will never let you down! Adorned by a subtle pastel shade, the yellow color surrounds half of the backsplash tiles, upper cabinets, and ceiling to create a visually striking appeal that balances the white and wood details. The wood base cabinets perfectly complement the warm sense of the yellow shade while the white subway tiles and white quartz countertops brighten the environment.

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Blue and Yellow Kitchen Cabinets with Patterned Tile Backsplash

This midcentury-inspired kitchen is a perfect example of there is not too much color! This color-blocked kitchen consists of yellow and blue cabinets and patterned tile backsplash. Even though the backsplash tiles have the same yellow tone as the cabinets, their striking patterns make the backsplash stand out. The blue tall cabinets on the right side contrast against the joyful yellow shade and bring depth to the space. The dark wood flooring with a rustic flair brings warmth to this contrasting look while the stainless steel appliances and the hidden pantry maximize the functionality.

How to decorate a yellow kitchen?

When combined with the appropriate neutralizing hues, yellow kitchen décor offers a vivid and invigorating canvas that can be used to create a well balanced and aesthetically pleasing room! Lavender, emerald and navy blue are vivid hues that contrast sharply with yellow tones. To give the room depth and personality, use these vivid colors for accent walls, kitchen cabinets or décor pieces. On the other hand, an open kitchen can be produced by combining white cabinetry with yellow accent pieces. Two-toned kitchen decor may be attractive and dramatic with the yellow cabinets floating over the darker tones below!

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Transitional Kitchen with Yellow Mermaid Tile Backsplash

If you want to give your white kitchen some color and Art Deco flair, a bold backsplash can make a great impression! The backsplash, which contrasts sharply with the white elements, is comprised of yellow fish scale tiles that create a dramatic focal point. The clean and contemporary design of the white shaker cabinets and countertop allows for this eye-catching backsplash. Brass cabinet hardware and wood open cabinets balance the warm beauty of the yellow tiles.

Is yellow good for kitchens?

Yellow is a bright hue that has a calming effect, makes people feel content and is joyful! Yellow is a great color for tiny areas as well since it can brighten and expand a room and also looks good with gray and white tones!

ID# 175404 | – Credit© R2 Studio Architects

Colorful Kitchen Design with Concrete Backsplash and Countertops

This multicolored modern kitchen pairs different shades of yellow, blue, and green with a concrete countertop and backsplash. Additionally, it preserves everything’s natural matte sheen that maintains its unpolished forms without the need for buffing. An island that serves multiple purposes also takes center stage as a linking element. This island provides areas for eating and storage and mirrors the perimeter cabinets. Together with the island, the red, ultra-modern counter stools provide a unified design.

How to Incorporate Yellow into Your Kitchen?

Yellow color gives positive energy in the areas where it is applied with its dynamic and lively structure. But too much yellow can leave a suffocating effect. Instead of using it intensely, striking effects can be left by using it at certain points.

For example; A quick and easy way to add a bold yellow color to the kitchen, you can create an accent effect by using the candidate yellow color, and you can provide a balancing design by choosing a material with yellow tones in the wall tiles. A colorful accent can be made in the space by making the tall cabinets yellow and choosing the others in neutral tones or wood. The generally calm design is bursting with yellow in one spot, adding a special look to the kitchen.

Another alternative is to include this color in the design by using yellow tones in architectural elements and creating lively spaces. For example, if there are doors, niches, or beams, many alternatives can be produced by painting them. If you are undecided in material selection and want to include yellow, you can successfully add it to your designs by painting the walls or ceiling yellow. Or, a successful design can be created by using the backsplash yellow that will attract the attention of the whole team.

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

You can add color and life to your kitchen with yellow kitchen cabinets. Especially if it is a place that needs natural light, yellow cabinets are the right choice! It leaves a lively effect by evoking a feeling of being born into the space. However, one thing to be aware of is that with the yellow of the cabinets, the yellow color is dominant in the kitchen. For this reason, excellent results can be achieved when complemented with elements in more neutral and calm tones so that it becomes a timeless, beautiful design.

ID# 175405 | – Credit© Студия “Атаманенко, Архитектура и Интерьеры”

Contemporary Kitchen with Yellow Cabinets and White Stone Slabs

The vibrant yellow cabinets colonize the main food-preparation area while ceiling-height white cabinets alleviate the color density of the space. A well-balanced atmosphere is produced by the book-matching countertop, white stone slab backsplash, and other white cabinets. Intriguing forms are introduced into the otherwise pattern-free kitchen by the multicolored carpet with interwoven circular motifs. The other elements that bring some texture to the design are the cabinet doors that have vaguely visible geometric forms.

How do I make my kitchen yellow?

You can add a light yellow to your kitchen for a calming effect. Paint your walls a deep gold color to complement wood cabinets or ceilings. You can brighten up an all-white kitchen with a backsplash with yellow shades for a sunny focal point or you can create successful designs by using yellow on backdrops, walls or accessories. Mixing dark wood and sandy yellow is the right combination for a rustic effect.

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Yellow Kitchen Ideas with Two-tone Cabinetry

If you’re not sure whether to paint your cabinets completely yellow, you may still achieve a striking effect by adding some wood elements! As you can see, the wood base cabinets balance off the rich appeal and add a touch of natural warmth to this unusual kitchen. The yellow upper cabinets add a happy quirky mood. The black stainless steel appliances go well with the sleek contemporary lines of the cabinets and the multicolored floor tiles in the kitchen add to the eclectic look.

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Transitional Yellow Kitchen Ideas with Vertical Subway Tiles and Black Countertops

Every element of this transitional kitchen has a distinct charm! The white farmhouse sink and bronze accessories wonderfully complete the vintage flare and the mustard yellow base cabinets provide a cheery atmosphere. A streamlined and uncluttered background is created by the glossy subway tile backsplash. The tiles’ vertical arrangement gives the room the appearance of being higher. To achieve a seamless look, the same subway tile is also used for the floating shelf. The wood display cabinets on the right side flawlessly finish the overall design.

ID# 175409 | – Credit© E2 Architecture + Interiors Ltd

Contemporary White Kitchen with Hidden Yellow Details

If you have doubts about using yellow color in your kitchen, creating a hidden part with a vibrant shade might add a wow factor! The hidden section of this modern white kitchen, which has floating shelves, an undermount sink, and yellow cabinetry, is heavily dominated by the vivid yellow color. You may conceal these kitchen components whenever you’d like thanks to the thoughtfully constructed cabinet door system!

Yellow Kitchen Backsplash

For some, spending time in the kitchen is good therapy to reduce stress and tension. It is a very pleasant and simple way to relieve the stress of the whole day by cooking healthy, delicious meals in the kitchen. Using yellow in kitchens is a psychologically good and energizing color. It is a very right decision to use yellow in the kitchens, where we spend the most time at home. One of the most practical ways to include yellow in kitchens can be backsplashes.

A yellow kitchen backsplash creates exquisite designs for enjoying a calm mood in a kitchen. The color has long been known for bringing a positive quality to a soft, cheerful, classy feeling. Therefore, by applying it in the right ways, successful results can be achieved.

ID# 175410 | – Credit© Lisa Breeze Architect

Contemporary Kitchen with White Flat-panel Cabinets and Square Tile Backsplash

If you hesitate to incorporate vibrant shades of yellow, you can still opt for pastel shades that provide soft and cohesive appeal! The yellow square tile backsplash adorned with a soft and light hue adds a nice pop of color between the white flat-panel cabinets and white quartz countertops without overwhelming the light and airy atmosphere.

Do gray and yellow go together?

Gray and yellow complement each other well in surroundings because gray can mute yellow’s brilliance and yellow can brighten up cool-toned grays! You can achieve successful results by using the right tone to get the intended effect.

ID# 175412 | – Credit© Hamiltoun

White Cabinets with Black Countertops and Glass Sheet Backsplash

Due to its sleek and contemporary appearance, glass sheet backsplashes are a very popular choice for modern kitchen designs! As seen in this modern kitchen, the monotone color scheme of the black worktops and white cabinets is unexpectedly broken up by the yellow glass sheet backsplash. The black pendant lights and leather counter stools add a unified finishing touch that accentuates the modern design while the vivid yellow backsplash adds warmth to the space.

Yellow Kitchen Walls

If you want to make energizing changes in your kitchen, perhaps the most affordable and practical method is to paint the walls. If you want to experience the dynamic effect of yellow, you can change the whole atmosphere of the place by painting the walls. While creating a sweet ambiance, especially with light-colored cabinets, it can be completed in harmony with other colors. Fun and beautiful designs can be obtained by using the appropriate tone of yellow according to the style of the kitchen and the colors of the other elements.

ID# 175413 | – Credit

Modern Kitchen with White Cabinets and Yellow-painted Wall

If you are looking for a cost-effective DIY project that can spice up your white kitchen, painting the walls in a vibrant shade will be a great way! The clean, airy look of this contemporary kitchen is set in motion by the white counters and cabinets. The yellow walls, which brilliantly highlight the backsplash area, give the space a burst of energy. Above the yellow paint, a stylish wooden floating shelf provides a useful display area for your favorite kitchen necessities or decorative accents.

Color Combinations

Yellow is a very useful and fondly preferred color for creating lively, energetic, and friendly environments for kitchens. Especially in places that need natural light, it is among the ones that are preferred functionally by giving almost one solar energy. However, using completely yellow will create suffocating areas, so combining it with different colors will be a very logical choice. Among the colors that can be combined most harmoniously, gray, white, and black are the colors, in all types and styles. Excellent results can be achieved by considering the general concept of the space, its size, and the wishes of the designer and the user. Different designs and living kitchens are created by providing both the fun state of yellow and stylish stances according to the design.

Gray and Yellow Kitchen Ideas

Gray and yellow can be used in many decorations, but the most commonly used are farmhouse, modern, contemporary, industrial, and minimalist style designs. You can apply dark gray and lemon yellow for a more pessimistic space, pale yellow and dove gray for a pastel kitchen, and light grays and soft yellows for a bright and light feeling. You can complement such a color combination beautifully with white, black, navy blue, and hunter-green details. But to make the space bolder, bright colors will be effective.

ID# 175414 | – Credit© iPozdnyakov Studio

Scandinavian Kitchen Design with Multicolored Backsplash

If you’re thinking that a kitchen with gray and white colors could be too boring, you can easily liven up this monochrome style by adding some yellow accessories! For example, the lacquer-finished gray and white kitchen cabinets in this Scandinavian kitchen create a clean and contemporary foundation for the area. A burst of color and instant visual interest are provided by the yellow base cabinets and the yellow tiles that sit between the white and gray ones.

What color goes with yellow walls?

Yellow color harmonizes well with tons of other colors such as white, orange, green, pink, blue and brown. To create the perfect yellow color scheme, you can choose two different shades of yellow to use as accents, plus dark neutral and white tones for a balanced color palette!

ID# 175415 | – Credit© Uncommon Projects Ltd

High-ceiling Modern Gray and Yellow Kitchen Ideas with Gray Wood Accents

The full-height black-trimmed industrial-style windows blur the line between the indoor and outside spaces while the double-height contemporary kitchen sits in an open dialog with the surrounds! These yellow cabinets with wood interiors are asymmetrically positioned and horizontally enlarged to produce a visually exciting setting. The eye is drawn upward, highlighting the expansive scope of the kitchen, as they cover the entire wall up to the ceiling, replacing glassware with books. Because of this, the functions of the kitchen cabinet and bookshelf blend together to create visual dynamism and emphasize how versatile the products are.

Black and Yellow Kitchen Ideas

If you like bold looks, the perfect combination for you is a black-and-yellow color scheme. Even if you choose the lightest shades of yellow, you will get remarkable results. While black and yellow are the main colors of your kitchen, you can adjust the intensity of this combination according to the design and your desire.

Will you use very dark shades of yellow such as sunny and lemon tones, or will you use lighter tones and make a softer application, depending on what is desired? Such a bold color scheme can also be softened with a variety of stained woods such as white and cream, gray and blue. In addition, while yellow touches are the right choice to make a pessimistic black kitchen bolder, it can be smart work to include black as the main color and add yellow to the elements that are easier to change when you get bored.

ID# 175416 | – Credit© Красюк Сергей

Yellow Cabinetry with Black Stone Slab Backsplash and Countertops

The yellow kitchen cabinets that serve as the focal point of this open concept kitchen emanate a cheerful and energetic atmosphere! Besides their easily cleaned surface for cooking, the black soapstone countertop and backsplash give the yellow cabinetry a hint of richness and elegance. The room seems grounded and contemporary thanks to the serene neutral tone of the grey floor tiles. The appliances made of stainless steel give the kitchen’s contemporary design a dash of style and utility!

White and Yellow Kitchen Ideas

To make your kitchen airy, bold, inviting, and energizing, a yellow-and-white color scheme would be the right decision! Deciding how colorful a kitchen you want is the most important point. If you want quite bright tones, you can choose lemon yellow and sunny yellow as the main colors and then dilute them with whites and neutral colors. If you are unsure of the brightness, you can choose white as the main color and then just add bright highlights. You can add gray or black colors to add drama!

ID# 175417 | – Credit© Maytree Studios

Eclectic Yellow Kitchen Ideas with White Cabinets and Countertops

When designing a kitchen with white cabinets, the backsplash is the perfect place that experiment with colors and textures! As you can see in this eclectic kitchen, the yellow backsplash tiles directly draw attention and create an accent wall behind the modern white kitchen cabinets. The wood floating shelves, the extension of the kitchen island and the staircase complement the warm sense of the yellow.

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Yellow Kitchen Ideas with Transitional Kitchen and Beveled Subway Tile Backsplash

This transitional kitchen seems bright and airy because it makes extensive use of natural light from the outside! This brightness is complemented by the white backsplash and upper cabinets, which give the kitchen a spacious impression. Yellow cabinets with black counters above them provide splashes of color and a distinct style that grounds the whole thing with a good helping of sorrow mixed in with joy. The kitchen’s beveled subway tile backsplash gives it a timeless feel that ensures its relevance over time, despite the vivid color patterns, and black appliances complement black worktops.

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