Yellow Kitchen Ideas Brighten Up Your Kitchen with Yellow Shades

16+ Yellow Kitchen Ideas

Sunny Effect with Yellow Kitchen Ideas

In the kitchen design, which consists of yellow shaker cabinets, a white and black veined quartz countertop and backsplash are used. Instead of upper cabinets, open shelves covered with the same quartz are applied. Mid-tone wood flooring is used on the floor, while the ceiling is high and open-beam wood flooring is applied. Farmhouse sinks and stainless steel appliances are used. The window behind the sink adds natural light to the space, adding more vitality. Brass hardware sink mixer and cabinet handles are used. In addition, brass hardware sconce lighting offers an authentic look and is very compatible with the concept. In the middle, a raw wooden mini bar table and two worn brown stools provide a nostalgic look. When the energy of the yellow cabinets is combined with other details, it has become a warm and pleasant kitchen.

Gray Cabinets and Yellow Backsplash in Modern Kitchen Ideas

In the kitchenette design, which consists of gray raised panel cabinets and a white counter, the island is positioned in the middle and used as a dining table. While island cabinets are used in white, wooden countertops are preferred. Multicolored parquet with herringbone flooring is used on the floor. Along with built-in appliances and a black under-counter sink, a black sink mixer and brass hardware cabinet handles are used. Instead of the upper cabinets, a white open shelf is placed. By using the yellow backsplash in the area up to the shelf level, vitality and energy come into the space. white paint is applied to the upper part after the shelf. Brass-equipped sconce lighting is used right above the shelf, while pendant lighting made of brass details on the island creates an elegant appearance. Gray cabinets and yellow backsplash make a good pair, providing a lively and stylish look.

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

If you feel your kitchen is lacking in natural light or want to use a few colors that warm the room, yellow will enliven the space with sunny weather. The refreshing shade comes in a wide variety of beautiful shades, from amber to softened cream to saffron. And all the hues will brighten up the whole space while evoking that warm feeling. In this article, we gather stylish yellow kitchen ideas that will bring joy to your house!

Of course, it would be the right choice to combine it with beautiful transitions without covering everything with yellow. Various shades of yellow can be used to create different kitchen color ideas and effects. For example, when paired with white, concrete gray, or sharp pastel colors and seamless upholstery doors, it creates a contemporary look or softens it with a soft tone, bringing a sense of warmth and comforting ambiance to a traditional kitchen. When used on the center floor, walls, or tiles, it brings modern artisanal energy, adding a unique character.

Yellow hues are perfect for spaces with a lot of activity, such as the kitchen. It spreads positive energies by supporting these places that are always high in noise, laughter, entertainment, and energy.

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Yellow Cabinets and Black Countertops with Transitional Kitchen Design

The kitchen design consists of yellow flat cabinets, it is designed as two islands. One is used for preparation, while the other is used for sitting and eating. Just behind the cabinets, there is a window along the counter, so that the space is sufficiently illuminated. In addition, the sun rises into the kitchen with the effect of yellow. The black marble countertop and the farmhouse sink from the same material show a very cool stance. The airy effect is completed by applying the same material backsplash up to the lower level of the windows. The surrounding windows are painted the same color yellow as the cabinets, creating an assertive and interesting space. A wooden bench is used on one of the islands and a black bar chair is placed to create a seating area. And black pendant lights are in harmony with the space.

How to decorate a yellow kitchen?

When decorating a yellow kitchen, neutralizing colors go well with some bold colors such as bold, navy blue, emerald, or lavender. You can take a black, assertive kitchen with yellow cabinets or an airy white space for the same, or create a kitchen with suspended yellow cabinets and two-tone designs that are dark below.

Raised Panel Cabinets with White Countertops and Gray Backsplash

A traditional wind is blowing in the kitchen design consisting of yellow raised panel cabinets and glazed upper cabinets. Built-in appliances and under-counter sinks are used. An authentic brass hardware sink faucet adds a stylish flair. White marble countertops and vintage patterned blue tiles complete the space and take us back to ancient times. While the window behind the sink gives an illuminating effect, the half curtains offer a sweet visuality. Beautiful details are also added to the space with a simple lighting fixture. The positive energy of the color yellow spreads throughout the kitchen.

How to Incorporate Yellow into Your Kitchen?

Yellow color gives positive energy in the areas where it is applied with its dynamic and lively structure. But too much yellow can leave a suffocating effect. Instead of using it intensely, striking effects can be left by using it at certain points.
For example; A quick and easy way to add a bold yellow color to the kitchen, you can create an accent effect by using the candidate yellow color, and you can provide a balancing design by choosing a material with yellow tones in the wall tiles.

A colorful accent can be made in the space by making the tall cabinets yellow and choosing the others in neutral tones or wood. The generally calm design is bursting with yellow in one spot, adding a special look to the kitchen.

Another alternative is to include this color in the design by using yellow tones in architectural elements and creating lively spaces. For example, if there are doors, niches, or beams, many alternatives can be produced by painting them.
If you are undecided in material selection and want to include yellow, you can successfully add it to your designs by painting the walls or ceiling yellow. Or, a successful design can be created by using the backsplash yellow that will attract the attention of the whole team.

The most assertive among them, but with the right design, magnificent results can be achieved without suffocating them. Since all the cabinets are yellow creating a certain intensity, it is very important to work in balance with other elements.

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

You can add color and life to your kitchen with yellow kitchen cabinets. Especially if it is a place that needs natural light, yellow cabinets are the right choice. It leaves a lively effect by evoking a feeling of being born into the space. However, one thing to be aware of is that with the yellow of the cabinets, yellow color is dominant in the kitchen. For this reason, excellent results can be achieved when complemented with elements in more neutral and calm tones so that it becomes a timeless, beautiful design.

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Flat-Panel Cabinets

In the kitchenette design, which consists of flat-panel yellow cabinets, yellow countertops and yellow backsplash are used, and the kitchen wall is painted with the same tone of yellow and the other sides are used with white paint, thus defining the borders of the kitchen. Medium-toned wooden parquet is used on the floor. In this kitchenette, which is heavily influenced by yellow, built-in appliances are used, while the intensity of yellow is cut off with the black under-counter sink, black lavender mixer, and black small household appliances. At the same time, a stylish stance is displayed. In this kitchen with a modern flair, the energetic effect of yellow is designed originally.

Modern Style Effect with Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

This modern kitchen, which is an example of minimal design, consists of yellow flat cabinets and black countertops. As a backsplash, the entire wall is painted entirely in light gray tones. On the floor, a neutral look is created using gray flooring. Built-in appliances and a style washbasin made of used countertops are applied. The black basin mixer elegantly takes its place. Instead of upper cabinets, black floating open shelves are positioned, creating a simple and elegant space. It is a successful kitchen design with a cool stance.

What color yellow is good for a kitchen?

You can choose a classic yellow and blue combination for your kitchen and cabinets. A simple yellow tone can be a detail that adds energy to a classic white kitchen. You can also create a fruity touch by painting your cabinets a light banana color. If a bright yellow isn’t your thing, a creamy white with yellow undertones might be nice instead.

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Transitional Kitchen Design with White Subway Tiles 

In a transitional kitchen design with mustard yellow shaker cabinets, black countertops, and a white subway backsplash, hexagonal multi-colored tiles on the floor create a dynamic look. Built-in appliances and under-counter sinks are used. The metal basin mixer and cabinet handles are fine details that complete the space. u Consisting of a countertop, one side of this kitchen is used as a dining table. Gray fabric bar chairs look very stylish. The modern pendant lights above them blend in with the space. The window behind the sink makes the kitchen brighter and more spacious, while the yellow cabinets show themselves more. The energizing stance of yellow creates a positive design effect in the kitchen.

Yellow Kitchen Backsplash

For some, spending time in the kitchen is good therapy to reduce stress and tension. It is a very pleasant and simple way to relieve the stress of the whole day by cooking healthy, delicious meals in the kitchen.
Using yellow in kitchens is a psychologically good and energizing color. It is a very right decision to use yellow in the kitchens, where we spend the most time at home. One of the most practical ways to include yellow in kitchens can be backsplashes.
A yellow kitchen backsplash creates exquisite designs for enjoying a calm mood in a kitchen. The color has long been known for bringing a positive quality to a soft, cheerful, classy feeling. Therefore, by applying it in the right ways, successful results can be achieved. So, if you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen, a yellow backsplash will be the perfect addition.

Farmhouse Kitchen Design with Zellige Tile Backsplash

White countertops are used in the kitchen design, which consists of decorative panel white cabinets. A large island in the middle is used both for dining and as a preparation bench. Island cabinets are dark green. While the farmhouse sink and stainless steel appliances are accompanied, the gold-colored sink mixer and cabinet handles display a stylish stance. White chairs and white pendant lighting are used around the island. In this kitchen, which has a plain and simple elegance, the applied yellow Zellige tile backsplash gives vitality and creates a perfect look. It also looks very interesting with its dynamic stance.

Is yellow good for kitchens?

The color yellow, which makes people feel hungry, has a soothing quality and also makes people feel calm and happy. Also a good option for small spaces, yellow can make rooms feel bigger and brighter. It also blends well with white and gray tones.

Minimal Design with Square Yellow Kitchen Backsplash Effect

The kitchen design consists of blue flat cabinets, gray countertops, and marble farmhouse sinks are used. In this minimally designed kitchen, the marble sink creates a cool look. Black cabinet handles have a stylish stance. A stylish harmony is achieved by using black on the sink mixer. Also, in this space created in soft colors, six rows of small square backsplashes create a warm and friendly space by using yellow. A beautiful design is created with the dynamic effect of yellow.

How do I make my kitchen yellow?

You can add light yellow paint to your kitchen for a calming effect. You can paint your walls a deep gold color to complement wood cabinets or ceilings. If you want to add a splash of color, you can brighten up an all-white kitchen with yellow for a sunny focal point. Also, you can create successful designs by using a yellow ceiling, backdrops, walls, or accessories. Mixing dark wood and sandy yellow is the right combination for a rustic effect.

Subway Backsplash and Navy Blue Cabinets in Transitional Kitchen Design

Raised panel cabinets are used in a transitional kitchen design, which consists of a navy blue lower cabinet and island, and white upper cabinets. While white countertop is used, island bench wood is preferred. Stainless steel appliances and under-counter sinks are used. It is accompanied by a metal sink mixer and cabinet handles. Two windows are used behind the counter one is at the level of the sink and the other is at the level of the stove. And of course, the main effect in this kitchen is the yellow subway backsplash that shines like the sun in the space. It also enlivens the kitchen and provides a fun environment.

Yellow Kitchen Walls

If you want to make energizing changes in your kitchen, perhaps the most affordable and most practical method is to paint the walls. If you want to experience the dynamic effect of yellow hue, you can change the whole atmosphere of the place by painting the walls. While creating a sweet ambiance, especially with light-colored cabinets, it can be completed in harmony with other colors. Fun and beautiful designs can be obtained by using the appropriate tone of yellow according to the style of the kitchen and the colors of the other elements.

Yellow Cabinets with Yellow Kitchen Walls in Modern Design

In the modern kitchen design consisting of light yellow flat cabinets, the terrazzo countertop turns only a skirting board as a backsplash. Just above the counter, instead of the upper cabinets, a yellow open shelf is placed. On the floor, herringbone flooring parquet is used in light tones close to white. The dining table with a terrazzo marble top and yellow legs with a sympathetic look and the yellow pendant lighting placed directly above it creates a very harmonious look. While the wall behind the counter remains white, the other walls are painted a yellower color than the cabinets, creating a lively ambiance.

Color Combinations

Yellow is a very useful and fondly preferred color for creating lively, energetic, and friendly environments for kitchens. Especially in places that need natural light, it is among the ones that are preferred functionally by giving almost one solar energy. However, using completely yellow will create suffocating areas, so combining it with different colors will be a very logical choice. Among the colors that can be combined most harmoniously, gray, white, and black are the colors, in all types and styles. Excellent results can be achieved by considering the general concept of the space, its size, and the wishes of the designer and the user. Different designs and living kitchens are created by providing both the fun state of yellow and stylish stances according to the design.

Gray and Yellow Kitchen Ideas

Gray and yellow are a bold and cool color duo. They are two contrasting hues that make a perfect look together. The combination of yellow, full of sunshine and joy, is a color palette that energizes you and helps you wake up in the morning.

Gray and yellow can be used in many decorations, but the most commonly used are farmhouse, modern, contemporary, industrial, and minimalist style designs. You can apply dark gray and lemon yellow for a more pessimistic space, pale yellow and dove gray for a pastel kitchen, and light grays and soft yellows for a bright and light feeling. You can also complement such a color combination beautifully with white, black, navy blue, and hunter green details. But to make the space bolder, bright colors will be effective.

Gray and Yellow Kitchen Ideas for Modern Designs

Flat cabinets are used in the kitchen design, which consists of dark gray cabinets and vibrant yellow tall cabinets. The gray countertop is used as a backsplash with white paint and the window behind the sink is used as a backsplash. While mosaic patterned tiles are used on the floor level with the cabinets, the rest is light-toned parquet. Under-counter sinks and built-in appliances are used. A modern and lively kitchen design is created with the successful harmony of gray and yellow. Also, when the neutral stance of gray is combined with the energy of yellow, successful results emerge.

Black and Yellow Kitchen Ideas

If you like bold looks, the perfect combination for you is a black and yellow color scheme. Even if you choose the lightest shades of yellow, you will get remarkable results.
While black and yellow are the main colors of your kitchen, you can adjust the intensity of this combination according to the design and your desire. Will you use very dark shades of yellow such as sunny and lemon tones, or will you use lighter tones and make a softer application, depending on what is desired. Such a bold color scheme can also be softened with a variety of stained woods such as white and cream, gray and blue. In addition, while yellow touches are the right choices to make a pessimistic black kitchen bolder, it can be smart work to include black as the main color and add yellow to the elements that are easier to change when you get bored.

Brick Backsplash with Black Countertop and Blue Stove

The kitchen design, which consists of yellow shaker cabinets and black countertops, uses white upper cabinets and a white panel backsplash. The blue farmhouse cooker creates a refreshing effect in the kitchen. The wall behind the stove is covered with bricks, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. Light wooden parquet is used on the floor. Black cabinet handles are complementary and stylish details. Also, the yellow cabinets and the black counterbalance each other, creating a successful design.

White and Yellow Kitchen Ideas

To make your kitchen airy, bold, inviting, and energizing, a yellow and white color scheme would be the right decision. Deciding how colorful a kitchen you want is the most important point. If you want quite bright tones, you can choose lemon yellow and sunny yellow as the main color and then dilute them with whites and neutral colors. If you are unsure of the brightness, you can choose white as the main color and then just add bright highlights. You can add gray or black colors to add drama. They work well with both colors and provide a bold touch. To add a natural feel, you can add natural wood and plywood. These give the space a contemporary feel.


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Minimal Effect with White and Yellow Kitchen Ideas

In the kitchen design, where yellow flat-panel cabinets are used, the white herringbone backsplash exhibits a very stylish stance. The gray bench accompanies them. Under-counter white sink and white sink mixer are used. This kitchen, which is a soft design example, complements each other with white pendant lighting. It is also a successful and simple design with the harmony of white and yellow in minimalist elegance.

Do gray and yellow go together?

Gray and yellow work well together in spaces because gray can reduce the vibrancy of yellows and yellows can liven up cool-toned grays. You can achieve successful results by choosing the right tones to achieve the look you are looking for.

Shaker Cabinets with White Countertops and Walls 

In the kitchen design, which consists of bright yellow shaker cabinets and white countertops, completely white paint is applied between the countertops and all the walls. A thick baseboard of the same white material as the counter and a backsplash are applied at the level of the stove up to the hood. Built-in appliances and under-counter sinks are used. The cabinet handles and the sink mixer are made of metal. Also, three glass stalactites are placed on the bench that rotates in the shape of a peninsula. While the sharp transitions of white and yellow balance the two colors. They also make the high energy of yellow intensely felt.

White backsplash and countertops with Yellow Cabinets Effect in Kitchen Design

The farmhouse sink is used in the kitchen design, which consists of yellow flat-panel cabinets, a white countertop, and a white panel backsplash. The window behind the sink leaves a spacious effect in the space. Brass hardware sink mixer and cabinet handles provide a stylish look. On the other hand, white open shelves create an authentic design. Wooden parquet in dark tones is used on the floor. Also, with the sweet combination of white and yellow, a sincere and beautiful kitchen design is created.

What color goes with yellow walls?

Yellow color harmonizes well with tons of other colors such as white, orange, green, pink, blue, and brown. To create the perfect yellow color scheme, you can choose two different shades of yellow to use as accents, plus dark neutral and white tones for a balanced color palette.

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