Kitchen Sink Ideas Utilize Your Kitchen with Best Sink Designs

46+ Kitchen Sink Ideas

Under-mount Sink for White Subway Tile Backsplash and White Countertops

This humble kitchen design chooses to go with an undermount sink and dish organizer aside for practical use. A soap holder is conveniently attached to the stainless-steel interior of it, while its surrounding elements are white subway tile backsplash and white countertops that create a timeless look between the two-tone cabinetry.

Kitchen Sink Ideas with Hammered Stainless Steel and White Cabinets

If you can’t give up on metal and want a lived-in look in your kitchen, we recommend you get a hammered stainless-steel apron front sink that changes the complete look of the kitchen immediately. This kitchen, for instance, has already the perfect set-up for a rustic shabby chic design with an abundance of floating shelves and butcher block countertops. You can complete it with a hammered-finish sink that brings extra visual interest.

Kitchen Sink Ideas

Kitchen sinks might be considered a tiny detail but as one of the workhorses of kitchens, they demand much more attention. Available in different sizes, materials, and shapes, kitchen sinks are one of the most articulate pieces that enrich the overall look of the designs effortlessly along with the plumbing fixtures they are paired with. Ranging from under-mount sinks to butler sinks, double basins, and drop-in sinks, they come in various types. As such, they offer design flexibility, letting homeowners choose whatever is best for them. To find the best one for your kitchen, check out these stunning kitchen sink ideas and get inspired!

Kitchen sink ideas are generally based on the material, size, and shape of the sinks which can take many different forms. Concrete, fireclay, copper, porcelain, granite, and marble sinks, for example, can give a whole new direction to the design. In terms of shape, butler, scalloped, drop-in, and under-mount sinks are some of the popular faces of kitchens. In this blog, we have compiled 40+ kitchen sink ideas that include many different styles, materials, and shapes. If you are ready, just scroll down to get some inspiration for your home-upgrade projects.

Kitchen Sink Ideas with Cream Cabinets and Brass Hardware

A classic butler sink made of marble is a great touch. It creates a trio with marble countertops and marble backsplash. The cream cabinets with brass hardware warm up the interior without stealing attention from the sink. As it is right below the radius window and the brass globe-shaped pendant, all the attention is driven to the sink, which is one of the great ways of playing with the surrounding fixtures to gather attention at a certain point. And that point becomes the butler sink in this spectacular kitchen!

Contemporary Kitchen with Fluted Glass Cabinets and Gray Sink

Open shelving, fluted glass cabinets with interior accent lighting, gray recessed panel cabinets, and clean lines. All come together in this contemporary setting featuring an industrial subtext. The gray natural stone backsplash makes a statement along with the butler sink made of the same material. Adding a visual accent, the oversized sink becomes another visual focal point right below the fluted glass door cabinets.


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Under-mount Sink with Brass Taps and Blue Cabinets

A contemporary kitchen filled with surprising pops of colors and unexpected combinations! What stands out between blue flat-front cabinets is a brass tap paired with an undermount sink featuring a brass interior. These golden details paint a striking contrast to the cool blue tones that energize the kitchen. In between, the white ceramic square tile backsplash, and countertops offer a smooth transition and balance the gold and blue touches.

Rustic Kitchen with Gray Backsplash and Green Cabinets

If you are wondering what suits the rustic kitchen best, a farmhouse sink is a great option that provides ample dish-soaking space. With its apron front, it also shares a big profile that can easily make a statement. That’s why its material makes a great difference in terms of styling. In this rustic kitchen, a white fireclay butcher sink is used that seems like a natural extension of white countertops. It is complemented by a brass tap, green cabinets, and a gray stone-look backsplash with a reclaimed wood island. Among such rustic elements, it rather gives the kitchen a modern and clean look. But if you would like to give the sink a more industrial feel, you can get a copper apron-front sink, which is also naturally anti-bacterial.

Kitchen Sink Ideas for Tiny Green Kitchens with Butcher Block Countertops

Having green cabinets topped by butcher block countertops, which continue with shiplap boards cladding the walls, this kitchen already has a lot to say. The serenity of the white, wood, and green offers a visual feast for the eyes. And the white apron-front sink just makes it better that refreshes the kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen with Marble Backsplash and Wood Cabinets

What gives a kitchen a designer look is the attention paid to every single detail and the combination of various textures, which this contemporary kitchen has excelled at. From the exposed concrete ceiling to the woodgrain overhead cabinets, a marble backsplash, and kitchen plants, everything is well-balanced and serves a certain function in addition to their aesthetic benefits. And complementing them is an under-mount sink that consists of two compartments for functional use. It is rather kept remain out of sight not to break the clean and sleek look of the flat-front cabinets.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular types of kitchen sinks, which include:

Under-mount kitchen sinks: They are attached to the bottom of the counter with clips, offering a seamless and minimalist look.

Apron-front or farmhouse sinks: They have a front wall that opens up design possibilities. Available in many different materials, they are commonly used in cottage and rustic-style kitchens.

Drop-in or self-rimming sinks: These affordable, flexible, and easy-to-install sinks come with a template of sorts, and the weight of the sink is carried by this rim.

Double basins: They are multi-functional sinks you can use for washing, rinsing, and draining. If you don’t have a dishwasher, you can just get a double basin which will just ease your life.

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Under-mount kitchen sinks are just everything that the drop-in sinks aren’t. They don’t come with a rim but rather are attached to the bottom of the countertops, which make their basin remain out of sight. Overall, they offer high quality and a sleek look.

Gold Lacquered Glass Sheet Backsplash with Undermount Kitchen Sink and White Cabinets

Contemporary kitchens know how to play with colors and textures to let light play throughout the interior space. Here we have white gloss cabinets paired with a gold lacquered glass sheet backsplash that reflects the light beautifully. Below an undermount sink with two compartments and a modern faucet just plays along with other features of the design.

Kitchen Sink Ideas with Blue Penny Round Backsplash and Hickory Custom Cabinetry

The combination of dark blue penny round backsplash with hickory custom cabinetry makes for a natural and bold design, while black countertops and under-mount-sink complement them with a seamless look.

What type of kitchen sink is easiest to maintain?

Porcelain, ceramic, and fireclay sinks are easy to clean since they have a non-porous nature. Only by using your household cleaning products, you can keep them clean and neat. Plus, their heavy-duty glazed surface makes them durable to harsh chemicals and prevents any bacteria growth and any dirt and grease from building up.


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White Kitchen with Under-mount Sink and Vintage Light Fixtures

In this white timeless kitchen design, the white casement windows provide plenty of natural light for the under-mount sink with a stainless-steel interior. Further enriching features of the kitchen stand out as vintage light fixtures with brass detailing and ceiling-height subway tile backsplash.

Two-compartment Under-mount Sink with White Cabinets

If there is one thing better than a single bowl sink, it is the two-compartment sink that offers one compartment for washing and another for rinsing. This multi-functional double basin under-mount sink increases the functionality of the kitchen, while white cabinets and countertops offer a neutral set-up for it.

Lovely Kitchen with Marble Backsplash and Countertops

Tinged with a farmhouse flair, this lovely kitchen uses a marble backsplash and countertops for a sense of sophistication. The under-mount sink feels rather hidden but punctuated by the intriguing brass plumbing fixture.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Having been around since 1871, farmhouse kitchen sinks, also referred to as butler and apron-front sinks, are one of the most popular sink types. Though mainly associated with cottage-style, coastal, and rustic home designs, they can be also used in modern and industrial homes. They are available in copper, concrete, ceramic, fireclay, stainless steel, and marble. To enrich their aesthetic presentation, their apron front can feature hammered finishes and illustrations or it can be fluted and scalloped to give it a decorative flair.

Ceramic Farmhouse Sink with Cream Cabinets and Marble Countertop

This ceramic farmhouse sink forms part of a kitchen island that faces the open-plan kitchen and the floor-to-ceiling windows that open toward the garden. If you want to boost your kitchen with a sink and have an open-plan layout like this, just stick to an island sink that will keep you connected to your home while doing your kitchen work.

Kitchen Sink Ideas with Concrete for Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens are visually rich designs that can come in different materials. And one of the best ways to introduce new material to the farmhouse kitchen is through an apron-front sink. Here, for example, we have a concrete sink that is fully exposed with a raw texture, whose popularity has been on the rise. As long as it is sealed properly, it will have a long lifespan thanks to its durable nature, and resistance to heat and stains. To complement such a raw texture with soft touches, you can use other natural materials, which are a picket tile marble backsplash, wood open shelving, and brass strips on the range hood in this kitchen.


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Marble Scalloped Kitchen Sink with Creamy Walls and Marble Countertops

Marble is a statement material that easily communicates a sense of luxury. And it doesn’t necessarily have to offer a sleek look with a contemporary appeal. You can as well benefit from it to suggest a sense of causality. In this kitchen, for instance, the scalloped marble farmhouse sink gives the cottage flair perfectly, providing plenty of texture and a timeless aesthetic. It is complemented by creamy discolored walls and marble countertops of the same color with vintage lighting fixtures to emphasize the lived-in feel and country home vibe. To make the marble sinks live long, don’t forget to seal them regularly and avoid abrasive cleaners. This way, they will always be indestructible.

What is the most popular kitchen sink style?

It mostly depends on the overall design of the kitchen. For example, rustic, farmhouse, coastal, shabby chic, and traditional design kitchens use apron front sinks, while contemporary and modern kitchen designs generally prefer under-mount sinks for a sleeker and clean look. So, depending on your kitchen style and your personal preference, you can decide what is the best for you. Additionally, double sink or bowl sinks are other popular options that allow for washing on one side and rinsing on the other.

Butler Sink with Chevron Tile Backsplash and Gray Cabinets

If you are wondering what is the best sink type for kitchen chores, try a butler sink that provides ample dish-soaking space. You can get two-compartment ones as well as here. They are heatproof, and stain resistant with a long lifespan. If you want to modernize it, you can use chevron tile backsplash and gray cabinets for a touch of moodiness.

Shabby Chic Kitchen with Wood Cabinets and Open Shelving

Adding a white butler sink among the rustic wooden cabinets and open shelving adds a fresh character to the design. Pairing it with a commercial faucet adds a sense of grandeur. Also, don’t forget to use a two-piece curtain to cover the below-sink cabinet to suggest a shabby chic look.

Kitchen Sink Ideas with Blue Cabinets and Marble Backsplash

Blue is one of the most popular colors used in the heart of our homes. With a rich scale of shades, it can create moody, cheerful, energizing, and stylish designs. But sometimes you need complementary elements to suggest the right vibe. In this kitchen, for instance, what we have is a rather cozy and casual style, which is achieved with the help of a white apron-front sink. It naturally coordinates with the marble backsplash and countertops and blue cabinets that give the kitchen a cottage look.

Corner Kitchen Sink

Corner kitchen sinks are one of the best ways to efficiently use counter space especially if you have a small kitchen. Typically, a corner kitchen sink consists of multiple sink basins on both sides of the counter and a sink faucet in the middle. But there are also single-basin corner kitchen sinks and farmhouse sinks that are popularly used in the corners.

Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas with Corner Windows and Shaker Cabinets

What is as important as the sink style is where the sink is placed. And if you have a corner window, one of the best ways to crown is to add a corner butler sink. This way, the view behind the picture window will provide enough interest and what you should do for the rest of the kitchen is to keep things simple. To do so, use white shaker cabinets with silver hardware and gray countertops that will provide enough interest and character.

Monochromatic Transitional Kitchen with Corner Farmhouse Sink

A corner kitchen sink easily makes a statement even if you keep everything simple and monochromatic as in this kitchen. Just dark floor tiles, a black faucet, and stainless-steel appliances break the uniform look of the space, building a sense of contrast. But the rest is under the influence of the farmhouse sink that occupies the corner area, leaving more worksurface on the island.

Stainless Steel Corner Sink with Gray Marble Countertops

If you have a small kitchen and are looking for ways to optimize your countertop surface, try a corner sink. It will make a great change. This kitchen, for example, prefers a stainless-steel corner butler sink that makes the kitchen look more professional thanks to its unparallel durability and natural hygienic capacity. It is well-coordinated with gray marble countertops and flat-front wood-finish cabinets that provide a modern look to the design.

Corner Undermount Sink with Floating Shelves and Granite Countertops

It feels like a lot is going on in the corner, even if it doesn’t show. First, a corner under-mount sink skillfully separates the cooking zone from the rest of the work surface, acting as a bridge of sorts. Above the beverage cooler, the use of floating shelves in favor of overhead cabinets provides breathing space. And the busy pattern granite countertops ooze toward the window sill to embrace the green views of the outdoors, bringing natural colors to the otherwise all-gray and brown kitchen.

Stylish Kitchen with White Quartz Countertops and Corner Farmhouse Sink

Another monochromatic kitchen but this time, it is accentuated by brass hardware and black grout between the white subway tiles for a sense of contrast. The corner farmhouse sink flanked by white quartz countertops creates a statement corner. It is paired with white casement corner windows, a brass faucet, and kitchen plants placed nearby that create a lively corner without a doubt. Of course, yellow tulips left in the sink also add another splash of color and give life to the sink.

Unique Kitchen Sink

Unique kitchen sinks love integrating different metal shades to create a sophisticated look. Especially, since farmhouse sinks have a large front surface, it is easier to reimagine them through different techniques to enrich their aesthetic value and make them unique. Here we have some examples; let’s check them out.


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Unique Kitchen Sink Ideas with Satin Brass and Burnished Nickel

This kitchen island sink inserted into an island will keep you tuned about what is going around you, but it is more than that. This butler form of the sink is enriched with a curvy form that combines satin brass and burnished nickel. These metal shades make the sink a centerpiece, assisted by brass finish hardware and light blue shaker cabinets that help this unique kitchen sink steal the show.

Cottage Kitchen with Cream Cabinets and Brass Hardware

For those who can’t give up on places filled with old-world charm, this cottage-style kitchen has one of those. Ranging from the rustic dark wood floor to the cream cabinets, wood ladder, and a vintage lighting fixture, every piece takes you back in time. Not to mention the gorgeous farmhouse standalone sink paired with brass taps and copper pipe, standing on a wooden open cabinet that feels exposed, which reveals each intriguing detail of the sink.

Marble Farmhouse Sink with Brass Fixtures and Marble Countertops

We love the peacefulness and serenity that the marble brings into this kitchen! It is accompanied by the light blue shaker cabinets that match the off-white marble countertops dotted by light blue striations. They assist the marble farmhouse sink that serves as the statement piece paired with brass taps.

Color Options of Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks can feature different colors, ranging from white to brass, copper, black, and stainless steel. They can also be given an update with art detailing.

White Kitchen Sink

White kitchen sinks can be made of granite, ceramic, porcelain, and stainless steel. They are a safe choice that can comply with any look. Especially, the porcelain and ceramic ones are extremely popular for their durability, strength, and low maintenance.


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White Farmhouse Sink with Wood Cabinets and White Countertops

The soothing atmosphere of this kitchen owes it to the light wood cabinets, white countertops, and natural stone backsplash that eases the mind and body of its users. And what highlight its contemporary character is the white butler sink that offers a sleek profile, accompanied by chrome taps for a sense of shine.

Kitchen Sink Ideas with Plaster Cabinet and Inset Iron Door

This white farmhouse kitchen sink is given special treatment with a white plaster cabinet and an inset iron door, inspired by a Belgian farmhouse kitchen. It breaks the uniform look of the surrounding wooden shaker cabinets that flank it, and the brass tap adds a splash of color and a glow to this natural design kitchen.

What kind of kitchen sink doesn’t scratch?

Composite sinks are the most scratch-resistant ones, which can hold up to heavy use. They can also withstand harsh chemicals and don’t show water stains. As they are non-porous, they also don’t require sealing, which makes them even more favorable.


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White Under-mount Sink with Subway Tile Backsplash and Brass Hardware

If you want to give your kitchen a slight shine without compromising its natural look, what you can do is use brass hardware and a satin-finish ceramic subway tile backsplash that reaches the ceiling to achieve full impact. This way, you can also provide a sense of spaciousness and enrich the optimist character of the white quartz countertops. And keeping the rest simple helps the design feel balanced. To achieve that, you can use a white undermount sink that will match the countertops perfectly and will feel camouflaged.

Black Kitchen Sink

Though black is a hesitantly-used color in most cases, you can easily make a statement, create a striking contrast, or add a layer of sophistication with black fixtures. And for those looking for a sleek look, the black sinks are one of the best. You can find them in metal, ceramic, composite granite, and marble, and easily enhance the depth of the space with black sinks.

Laundry Room with Black Kitchen Sink and Green Cabinets

Laundry rooms need as much attention as the other parts of the home, and if you want to give them special treatment, you can use a black apron-front kitchen sink that will offer a statement finish. Plus, benefiting from streaming lights, this laundry room feels light-flooded, which allows the use of darker shades. To complement a black sink, you can borrow colors and patterns from nature to soften it. For example, here we have light green cabinets and multi-colored floral pattern floor tiles that blossom into spring in the company of the fresh smell of newly washed clothes.

Black Kitchen Sink Ideas for Industrial Kitchens with Brick Backsplash

This spectacular kitchen embodies one of the finest examples of industrial style. Starting from the black grid window to the black flat-front cabinets, suspended black open shelving, and full-height brick backsplash, each feature feels like the signature piece of the industrial look. Complementing them is a black undermount sink that just feels camouflaged, integrated into the sleek black countertops. It is only the exposed brick backsplash and stainless-steel hardware that add color and punctuate the design with raw and stylish touches. Lastly, the city view encompassing the skyscrapers gets even better in the company of the industrial-style pendants over the island.

Best Kitchen Sink Materials

Among all those best kitchen sink materials, it is hard to tell which one is the most ideal. But if you are looking for something durable and indestructible, composite granite, stainless steel, porcelain, and fireclay are some of the top-quality materials. They also can adjust to any kitchen design theme. Let’s explore them one by one:

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel sinks provide one of the best qualities in terms of durability, hygiene, and resistance to heat and stains. The only thing that can bother homeowners is that they are prone to getting water stains. That’s why it is recommended to dry them often with a soft cloth.

Cast iron:

Cast iron sinks are available in various colors, shapes, and styles, offering a long lifespan, heat resistance, and durability. Thanks to their non-porous polished enamel surface, they are easy to clean and maintain. Also, a min. 80% of them are reclaimed iron, which makes them an eco-friendly products.


Famous for having a “living finish,” copper sinks are naturally anti-bacterial materials, ensuring durability in the long term. However, when they are not cleaned properly and sealed regularly, they can grow a green-blue patina over time due to their reactive nature. Additionally, for aesthetic purposes, they can be oxidized for a burning effect. You can also try a hammered copper sink for extra texture.


Another durable sink type, quartz sinks, have non-porous nature with natural soundproofing. They are affordably priced, offering resistance to high temperatures.


Granite sinks have two sub-categories: composite granite and authentic granite sinks. Composite granite sinks are formed under high temperatures and feature some additives like quartz and acrylic, thus making them non-porous and highly durable additions to your kitchen. As such, they offer a great alternative to stainless-steel and porcelain sinks. Plus, they come in various styles, shapes, and colors, offering you design options to choose from. For authentic granite sinks, they preserve their natural patterns, while the former group is just one color.

Porcelain, fireclay, and ceramic sinks:

They are easy to clean and maintain thanks to their non-porous nature, also offering resistance to chemicals and high durability. Their heavy-duty glazed surface ensures a glossy appearance as long as they are cleaned and maintained properly.

Solid Surface:

Though beautiful, due to their porous nature, they are prone to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.


Acrylic sinks are strong, affordable, and aesthetic with a shiny appearance. But they don’t last as long as composites.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Much more affordable when compared to composite granite sinks, stainless steel kitchen sinks withstand the test of time. They have proven themselves to be durable materials and versatile as well, matching easily with the surrounding features of the space. But if you are looking for something more decorative, stainless steel can’t give you that.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Ideas with Picket Tile Backsplash and White Cabinets

The stainless-steel apron front sink does shine between the white shakers, cream picket tile backsplash, and wood floating shelves, well-coordinated with the stainless-steel dishwasher. They together bring a sense of professional and upscale feel in full contrast to the rest of the simple elements that keep the design down to earth.

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Sleek Kitchen Design with Two-tone Cabinetry and Stainless Steel Under-mount Sink

In this edgy kitchen design, the black overhead cabinets are put into dialogue with the wooden base counters topped by black countertops. This combination creates a very sleek look defined by uncluttered lines. And for such a sleek kitchen design, nothing would be more suitable other than a charming kitchen sink that provides one of the most durable and functional uses of the space.

What color of kitchen sink is best?

To decide what color of kitchen sink is best for you, it is better if you consider the style and color scheme of your kitchen, first. This way, you can get a basic idea. If you have a black-dominant design, for example, you can go with black taps and a black-interior under-mount sink for a seamless look. You can match the sink color with your countertops.

Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Sleek Stainless Steel Sink

The challenging part of the stainless-steel sinks is that they show water stains and fingerprints, requiring regular cleaning to avoid any smudges. Do you think that you wouldn’t mind it after seeing how it paints a beautiful and soft contrast to the white recessed-panel cabinets?

Copper Kitchen Sink

Copper kitchen sinks are strong and naturally antibacterial sinks. They grow patina over time, which might naturally darken them. To avoid that, regular cleaning and sealing are required. To keep a copper sink clean, gentle cleaners like mild detergent and soap are enough. It is also recommended not to scrub copper too harshly as they are prone to scratching and dents.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Copper Butcher Sink and White Cabinets

Occupied by white shaker cabinets and white subway tile backsplash, this farmhouse kitchen needs a pop of color and a punch of character. And it comes with a copper butcher sink that brings an earthy rustic vibe, while black hardware punctuates the cabinets and a cream-colored rug protects the floor from water splashes.


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Copper Kitchen Sink Ideas with Butcher Block Countertops and Cream Cabinets

This heartwarming kitchen design is filled with characteristic materials, including a copper sink, copper pendants, butcher block countertops, and oil-rubbed bronze hardware. All of them create harmonious integrity that pulls off that cottage look masterfully. What about the slightly hammered copper kitchen sink? Don’t you think it is the centerpiece of the design?

Brass Kitchen Sink

Brass kitchen sinks, just like copper ones, feature a living finish that attains a patina over time. If you want to add some color and luxury to your kitchen, you can consider brass sinks. If you love textured ones, the hammered versions of brass sinks are also available. But when compared to other materials, brass is rather soft and prone to scratching. And it can also be scuffed easily.


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Contemporary Kitchen with Brushed Gold Hood and Sink

This stunning contemporary kitchen manages to look natural and luxurious in the meantime thanks to its rich material repertoire. The marble backsplash and slatted wood island design give the kitchen a natural vibe, while the brushed gold finish cylinder range hood and under-mount sink communicate a sense of luxury. These gold-finish features are also crowned by a brass sputnik lighting fixture hung right above the island sink.


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Brass Kitchen Sink Ideas with Hand Hammered Brass and Gray Cabinets

When you have gray countertops with gray cabinets, you need something to spice it up, for which you can use a hand-hammered brass kitchen sink. It will not only add a splash of color but also bring striking contrast to the existing narrative of the design as here.

What sinks are in style 2022?

Ceramic, under-mount, and farmhouse-style sinks are very popular. Thanks to their deep basin, farmhouse sinks allow homeowners to wash even very large pans and pots. In that sense, they are very functional and also bring a classic feel to any kitchen. As for under-mount sinks, they are mostly preferred for their minimalist and seamless look in contemporary kitchens.

Double-volume Kitchen with Brass Sink and Marble Backsplash

This light-flooded, double-volume kitchen feels airy and tinged with gold accents thanks to brass fixtures. From the brass cage pendant to the brass farmhouse sink, and brass hardware, it is abundant in stylish features. The white marble backsplash and bridge-style tap complete the overall look, while the sink serves as the visual focal point of the design.

Matte Sleek Brass Sink with Green Cabinets and Butcher Block Countertops

If you want to add a luxurious element with a statement finish to a natural design, this matte sleek brass farmhouse sink will make a great addition. Standing out between the butcher block countertops and green cabinets, this brass sink enhances the brightness of the space and also provides extreme resistance to scratching and staining.


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Dark Cabinets with Brass Detailing and Hammered Apron Front Sink

Bringing a design with dark cabinets down to earth in stylish touches just requires some brass detailing and a statement piece like a hammered apron front brass sink. Also, complementing them are white marble countertops, backsplash in earthy shades, and a wooden ladder that lends sophistication and a sense of casualty to the space.

Porcelain Kitchen Sink

Known for their strength and durability, porcelain sinks promise at least 15 years as long as they are maintained properly. Though they are a bit pricy, they are a low-maintenance material with an easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain nature.

Porcelain Kitchen Sink Ideas with Cream Cabinets and Brass Tap

It is pure bad luck for the porcelain kitchen sink to be in this kitchen that comes with such a marvelous radius window stealing the show. But still, the cream shaker cabinets and brass fixtures with open shelving create an understated setup for the porcelain kitchen sink to feel privileged. The rest feels complete with exposed kitchen items, a large traditional rug, and indoor plants that just make you feel at home.

Drop-in Porcelain Sink with Wooden Countertops and Gray Shaker Cabinets

This kitchen employs a drop-in sink that is a more affordable and easy-to-install option in the company of warm and cool shades. It also is complemented by wooden countertops and gray shaker cabinets that create a neutral design, enriched with brass hardware and blue-tinged window shades.

Are drop-in sinks outdated?

Even though drop-in sinks, are not the most fashionable models, they are one of the most common options. It is mainly because they are affordable, flexible, DIY-friendly, and easy to install.


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Porcelain Sink with Brass Hardware and Cream Cabinets

In this classic kitchen design, from subway tile backsplash to cream raised-panel cabinets, and display overhead cabinets, everything feels synchronized and softened by the brass touches. The porcelain farmhouse sink emphasizes the generous and gentle spirit of the classic style, while the overall look executes a timeless aesthetic that is purely soothing.

Pink Kitchen with Timber Floating Shelves and Zellige Backsplash

Awash with pink, this lovely kitchen offers a zellige tile backsplash rich in texture, feeling complete with timber floating shelves and accent lighting fixtures. Yet, if there is another piece that makes a statement, it is the highly durable porcelain sink that brings a different form to the kitchen.

What are the kitchen sink sizes?

The most common kitchen sink sizes are 25, 27, 30, 33, and 36 inches. But the most common sizes range from 30 to 33 inches.

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