Copper Backsplash Warm Allure & Charming Glamorous Appeal

25+ Copper Backsplash

ID# 123502 | – CreditFinchstudio | © Alexandra Dermont

White Cabinets with Copper Penny Tile Backsplash and Green Walls

With its glamorous appeal, the penny tile backsplash transforms this otherwise ordinary kitchen into a stylish design. The hexagon tile backsplash complements the olive green wall paint with its earthy color while white flat-panel cabinets create a clean and fresh look. The black wood range hood and black floating shelf complete the modern style of the cabinets. Using white paint for the upper walls enhances the space height and provides a more spacious atmosphere.


ID# 123517 | – Credit© Nicole Arnold Interiors

Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinetry with Gray Quartz Countertop and Metal Handles

Dark wood shaker-style cabinets, gray quartz countertop, and copper penny tile backsplash create a cool and clean look. Stainless steel appliances, metal handles, and the faucet complete the modern look of the cabinets while copper backsplash tiles add a sparkle to the design.

Copper Backsplash

If you are looking for a visually interesting and at the same time durable material for your kitchen backsplash, copper offers you everything you want. With its warm allure and charming appeal, copper backsplashes are in the rising trend lists. From sleek modern kitchens to rustic delights, copper finds a place in every kitchen and instantly elevates the overall look. Here are some of the best copper backsplash ideas that embrace the beauty of this chic material.

From copper penny tiles to rectangular tiles, copper sheets to tin panels, there are plenty of different ways to incorporate copper into kitchens. You can polish your copper tile backsplash to give an exceptional glow or use an aged copper to add a bunch of character with vintage appeal. With their sleek and minimal looks, copper sheets are very suitable for modern and contemporary kitchens. If you want to add more texture, hammered copper or tin copper give an individual look that is rustic. Copper can easily combine with different colors like white, black, brown, blue, or green. Also, using copper with wood accents is a great way to create a cozy warm-colored kitchen. Whatever your choice is, a copper backsplash can lend a sophisticated and unique look to any kitchen. Scroll down and find some ideas for copper kitchen backsplashes that going to transform your kitchen.

Copper Tile Backsplash

Whatever the material is, tiles are the most popular option for backsplashes because they protect the wet areas without sacrificing style. And if you want to highlight your backsplash choosing a shiny material like copper is a perfect way. Copper is a material that can elevate the overall look of the kitchen. From classic rectangular tiles to small squares, copper tile backsplash comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can even use real pennies to create a one-of-a-kind backsplash!

ID# 123501 | – CreditFinchstudio | © Alexandra Dermont

White Cabinets with Copper Penny Tile Backsplash and Green Walls

With its glamorous appeal, the penny tile backsplash transforms this otherwise ordinary kitchen into a stylish design. The copper backsplash complements the olive green wall paint with its earthy color while white flat-panel cabinets create a clean and fresh look. The black wood range hood and black floating shelf complete the modern style of the cabinets. Using white paint for the upper walls enhances the space height and provides a more spacious atmosphere.

Metal Mosaic Tiles

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Sleek brown metal and glass mixed modern kitchen backsplash & bathroom tile

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Gray white marble & metal kitchen backsplash tile for modern projects

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ID# 123503 | – Credit© Ideasxchange Ptd Ltd.

Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets with Copper Backsplash and Open Shelving

When the classic beauty of the subway tiles meets with the allure of the copper, the result is just stunning. Here, The copper subway tile backsplash offers an eye-catching backdrop for this contemporary kitchen. The beveled edges of the tiles highlight the beautiful pattern and bring dimension to the space. the matte black kitchen cabinets and white countertop create an ultra-modern look while open shelving provides an open and airy feel.

Copper Backsplash Sheet

Copper sheeting is Copper Backsplash Sheet is the simplest form of copper which is a smooth, flat, and large piece. Sheet copper backsplashes are characterized by their sleek and clean look. The ultra-modern appeal of the copper sheets can take any kitchen to the next level and easily glams up the atmosphere. If you don’t want to use a plain sheet, there are hammered and patterned pressed options that can add visual interest. Besides their visual beauty, copper sheets are easy to clean and durable materials that make them a good candidate for backsplash.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Copper Backsplash and Leather Chairs

In this white kitchen design, the copper backsplash sheet makes an unexpected twist against the clean and fresh look of the white kitchen cabinets with its charming appeal and brings a rustic feel to the space. Also, the backsplash makes the space warmer. Brown leather counter chairs and wooden herringbone floor complete this warmth. Thanks to the glazed roof, this kitchen has a bright and spacious atmosphere.

Gold Mosaic Tiles

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Multi Color Marble Diamond Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Warm Color Gold White Gray Chevron Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Beautiful brown and bronze glass metal mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash

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Gorgeous gold and copper glass metal backsplash tile, ideal option for your project

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ID# 123506 | – Credit | © Vittoriano Cucina

Victorian Kitchen with Sophistication of Black and Gold

Victorian style is all about glamour and this kitchen design gives it perfectly! All pieces act as a piece of art. The black kitchen cabinets are paired with brass accents which adds a vintage feel. The oversized range hood creates a focal point with the copper backsplash sheet which complements the other metallic accents.

Is Copper a good backsplash?

A kitchen backsplash needs to provide durability, easy maintenance, and style. With its durability and unique appearance, copper is a really good material choice for kitchen backsplash. If you want to highlight your backsplash area, a copper backsplash is a great way to add a unique and eye-catching look.

ID# 123508 | – Credit© Zola European Windows

Rustic Wood Cabinets with White Countertop and Floating Shelves

The combination of reclaimed wood finishes, and natural earth and lime plasters offer a rustic modern style with a sustainable theme. The natural wood kitchen cabinets are paired with white countertops which add a fresh look to the cabinetry. The copper backsplash complements the rustic appeal of the cabinets. Reclaimed wood floating shelves create an airy feel on the white wall. Stainless steel appliances enhance the industrial vibe of the atmosphere.

ID# 123509 | – Credit© Kindred Elite

White Contemporary Kitchen with Copper and Teal Accents

The copper backsplash adds sparkle to this white kitchen with its glamorous appeal. Teal accents like counter chairs or kitchenware, and copper backsplash complement each other to create a powerful design statement. The glossy finish of the white flat-panel cabinets and white countertops reflects the light and enhances the spaciousness.

Hammered Copper Backsplash

Copper is one of the softest metals that can easily be shaped. Hammering is a simple process that adds visual interest to the copper. Also, the hammered copper backsplash has a stronger surface than flat sheets. Hammered coopers are more expensive but you can easily get this distinctive look with a DIY project, you just need a hammer. Lay down the copper sheet and secure it to the plywood with a nail in each corner. Hit the sheet with medium force by using a hammer. You can add the texture according to your taste. But be careful, coppe sheets come in different thicknesses and if you are doing by your shelf, thinner sheets are a better option for hammering.

ID# 123511 | – CreditInHouse Design Studio | © Mark Dutka

Dramatic Home Bar with Glass-fronted Cabinets and Black Accents

With its unique look, a copper backsplash also can be a perfect addition to the dramatic atmosphere of the home bars. In this contemporary home bar, the copper backslash is hammered to create a textural look. Wood flat panel cabinets and black accents offer a modern aesthetic while glass-fronted upper cabinets highlight the glassware and bae a focal point for the room.

Copper Tin Backsplash

Tin tiles add an ornate appearance that creates a unique and beautiful visual appeal for kitchens. A copper-tin backsplash offers the undeniable charm of copper with distinctive patterns. Just like the other types of copper, tin backsplashes also have extremely low maintenance and extremely high durability.

ID# 123513 | – Credit© ísARK Studio

Farmhouse Kitchen with Tin Backsplash and Glass Shelves

The strong characteristic look of the copper-tin backsplash transforms this farmhouse kitchen into an eye-catching design. The teal color of the shaker-style kitchen cabinets is in a harmony with the warm allure of the backsplash. Glass floating shelves display the beautiful kitchenware and provide plenty of storage space without overwhelming.

Is copper backsplash out of style?

Copper backsplashes are getting more popular day by day and have become one of the popular choices for homeowners and interior designers. The unique glamorous look of the copper can make a beautiful twist in your traditional kitchen or add a sparkle to your contemporary kitchen.

ID# 123514 | – Credit© Advance Design Studio, Ltd.

Traditional Basement Home Bar with Raised Panel Cabinets and Wine Rack

This basement home bar provides both seating and storage space and offers an entertaining area for large parties. The home bar features plenty of cabinets, stainless steel appliances, wine racks, and a large kitchen island. Dark wood raised-panel cabinets provide a rich contrast against the soft neutral walls and the copper-tin backsplash. The stunning backsplash immediately impresses with its detailed metal tile work. The beige granite countertops pair nicely with timeless stonework on the walls.

How much does a copper backsplash cost?

The average cost of a copper backsplash is between $25-$35. These prices can change according to the type, size, and finish of the copper and the company. Copper is not the cheapest material but this investment will never fail you down.

ID# 123515 | – Credit© Marta Mitchell Interior Design

Black Raised Panel Cabinets with Glass Floating Shelves and Black Countertop

Placing a home bar is a great way to evaluate unused areas in the homes. In this small home bar, black raised panel cabinets, copper tin backsplash, and glass floating shelves offer an elegant design. Bar cabinets are paired with a black countertop which provides a continuous look. The glamorous look of the coper is emphasized by the geometrical pattern. Glass shelves give a seamless look to gorgeous backsplash stand out.

Copper Penny Tile Backsplash

Penny tiles are perfect materials to add texture and highlight the backsplash. All penny tiles have a cool textural look but when this look meets with the undeniable charm of the copper, the result is just perfect. A copper penny tile backsplash is one of the most popular usages of copper material in kitchens. They add a sense of uniqueness with an Art deco vibe and create a chic timeless elegant look.

ID# 123516 | – Credit© Superior Woodcraft, Inc.

Copper Penny Tiles with Wood floating Shelves and LED Lights

This one-of-a-kind custom kitchen features wood cabinets, marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, wood floating shelves, copper penny tile backsplash, and dark wood flooring. Marble countertops add a luxurious feel while the shiny appeal of the penny tiles complements this feel. LED lights on floating shelves provide wonderful accent lighting and emphasize the drama of the atmosphere.

What colors go with a copper backsplash?

Copper is a versatile material that an combine with different colors and shades. A copper backsplash works perfectly with earthy tones like black and brown. These combinations provide cohesive and sophisticated designs. Also, the white color can be a perfect match for copper. The clean and pure appeal of the white allows the copper backsplash to stand out. If you want to spruce up your kitchen, elegant navy blues or natural greens look beautiful with a copper backsplash.

Dark Gray Cabinets with White Countertop and Wood Shelf

This kitchen has definitely a unique vibe! Dark gray flat-panel kitchen cabinets and white countertop provide a sleek modern backdrop while copper sheet backsplash creates a distinctive focal point between the cabinets. The black kitchen island makes a rustic twist with its reclaimed wood countertop against the modern style of the cabinetry. The wooden shelf above the backsplash complements the countertop of the island.

Rustic Aged Copper Backsplash

When copper reacts with the oxygen in the air, copper gain a greenish color that gives a rustic appearance. Some may be uncomfortable with this look, but this rustic look can add a unique atmosphere to your kitchen. Copper aging can take years to develop but there are short ways to age copper artificially. There are some products o do this process or you can age it with a DIY project.

First, you need o clean all the copper surfaces from oils and other surface contaminants and apply commercial window cleaner with a spray bottle. Mix the plain white vinegar, household ammonia, and salt. Apply the mix with a brush, cover the surface with a plastic sheet to create humidity, and wait overnight. If you want to get more color on the piece, you can do his steps one more time. After you get the color that you want, clean the backsplash with a clean cloth. For the final part to finish the oxidation, a protective coat of varnish or clear paint.

Do i need to seal the copper backsplash?

When copper contact with acid, copper gets a greenish color known as a patina. Someones love this natural look and want to keep this oxidation process. If you are one of them you don’t need to seal the copper backsplash. However, if you want to maintain the fresh look of the copper, you need to protect it from acids or other elements, so you need to seal it.

ID# 123520 | – Credit© Copper by Design

White Kitchen with Aged Copper Backsplash and Rose Gold Pendants

The bespoke aged copper backsplash is embodied in a sleek sheath of fine and transforms this otherwise ordinary kitchen into a one-of-a-kind design. White flat-panel kitchen cabinets create a fresh and minimalistic look and allow this stunning backsplash to stand out. Rose gold pendants highlight the dining area while complementing the backsplash.


Copper Subway Tile Backsplash

Subway tiles are classic for kitchen backsplashes. This simple pattern can instantly change the overall look of the kitchen. Using the copper subway tiles as a backsplash will add warmth, elegance, and visual interest to any kitchen. If you want to create a classic look with an eye-catching twist, a copper subway tile backsplash might be your solution.

ID# 123521 | – Credit© Clarke – New England’s Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom

Traditional Kitchen with Cream Cabinetry and Wooden Floor

In this traditional kitchen, the oversized range hood makes a statement and creates a focal point with the help of the copper backsplash and stainless steel range. The warm allure of the copper is in a harmony with the soft color palette which is created by cream cabinets and a wooden floor.

Traditional Mosaic Tiles

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Mother of Pearl Waterjet White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Gray Dot Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White pearl and marble mixed mosaic tile, elegant look for projects.

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Light beige and brown travertine with glass inserts mosaic tile in a diamond pattern

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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ID# 123522 | – CreditWoods of London Ltd. © | Chris Snook

Green Shaker Cabinets with Black Countertop and Subway Tile Backsplash

The beautiful blend of neutral colors offers a one-of-a-kind kitchen design! The pastel green shaker cabinets are paired with the black countertop, copper subway tile backsplash, and copper hardware. The shiny finish of the copper contrast with the matte surfaces of the cabinets and adds a sparkle to the design.

How to clean copper backsplash?

Cleaning the copper might be a little more tricky than other backsplash materials. When you are cleaning, you need to be more gentle, otherwise, you can scratch the copper and remove the finish. Use a soft cloth, warm water, and dish soap and gently wipe off the surface. Then Dry the copper with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid using an abrasive sponge or pad. These items may scratch the copper. Also, some cleaning products can strip off the finish and cause damage to copper. If your copper backsplash start to turning green, rub these areas with salt and lemon to remove the patina.

Backsplash With Copper Accents

If you’re feeling bold using a backsplash with copper accents gives a powerful impression in any kitchen. From classic subway tiles to vintage penny tiles, plain and smooth sheets to hammered sheets, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the copper into your backsplash. However, if you don’t want to create a fully copper backsplash, you can also combine different materials with copper. From travertine to glass tiles copper can work well for different materials.

What color cabinets go with a copper backsplash?

From emerald to black, white to navy, almost every cabinet color can work with a copper backsplash. If you want to create a warm and cozy look, you can go with brown shades, or if you want to highlight the backsplash you can consider white cabinets. Whatever your choice is, a copper backsplash will be the star of your backsplash.

ID# 123525 | – Credit© Turan Designs, Inc.

Traditional Kitchen with Black Range Hood and Professional Range

In this traditional kitchen, the black painted custom range hood makes a strong design statement and creates a focal point between the white kitchen cabinets and gray granite countertops. The strong contrast between the black and white elevates the design and gives a luxurious feel. The travertine backsplash tiles are finished with copper accents which add a unique appeal. The Black handles of the cabinets bring a vintage feel while complementing the black range hood.

ID# 123504

Gray Cabinets with Stainless Steel Appliances and Kitchenware Hangers

In this contemporary kitchen, the combination of stainless steel appliances, kitchenware hangers, and copper backsplash creates an industrial feel. Gray flat-panel cabinets and marble countertops stand against this feel with their elegant and luxurious looks. Metallic handles of the cabinets complement the appliances while the light wood floor brings warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 123507

Light Green Kitchen Cabinets with White Subway Tile Backsplash and Copper Panel

The copper backsplash panel behind the stove and the copper range hood add a strong appeal with a rustic vibe. The light green color of the shaker-style cabinets and the white subway tile backsplash create a clean and fresh look against the copper accents. The black quartzite countertop and black handless contrast with the cabinets to emphasize the look.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Try a Sample

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Try a Sample

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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ID# 123510

Contemporary Kitchen with Light and Dark Gray Wood Cabinets

In this contemporary kitchen, light and dark wood kitchen cabinets create a visual aesthetic with their beautiful textures. The hammered copper backsplash and the exposed brick wall add another layer of texture while bringing a rustic feel to the atmosphere. The luxurious look of the quartz countertops contrasts with the rustic details and elevates the design. Pendant lights with rose gold finishes make a simple yet effective final touch.

ID# 123518

Natural Wood Cabinets with Apron Front Sink and Aged Copper Sheet

In this farmhouse kitchen, natural wood cabinets are paired with a pure white countertop, apron front sink, matte black knobs, and a faucet. Black accents bring a modern look. The aged copper backsplash complements the cozy feel of the kitchen while adding a rustic appeal against the bright white walls. Colorful kitchenware on the wooden floating shelves adds joy to the atmosphere.

ID# 123519

Natural Wood Kitchen Island with White Countertop and Red Stools

Natural textures and grains of the wood cabinets offer a cozy and characteristic look. The clean and fresh look of the white countertops contrasts with the warm feel of the cabinets. The aged copper backsplash completes this warmth by enhancing the rustic vibe. Stainless steel appliances, red bar stools, and glass pendant lights make a beautiful final touch.

ID# 123523

Industrial Kitchen with Copper Accent Wall and Stainless Steel Appliances

The distinctive appeal of the copper transforms this industrial kitchen into an eye-catching design by creating an accent wall. Gray flat-panel kitchen cabinets, marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, and hangers are in a harmony with the copper tiles. The dark wood kitchen island complements the warm feel of the copper.

ID# 123524

Custom Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops and Copper Tiles

This beautiful old-world-style European kitchen features custom cabinets, range hood, granite countertop, stainless steel range, and copper tile backsplash. Diamond tiles of the square copper tiles add a texture and create visual interest. Raised panel cabinet style and the range hood offer a timeless and elegant design.

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