Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops Stylish Backsplash Designs

29+ Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops

ID# 148010 | – Credit© Arborite Australia

White Flat Panels and a Glass Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops

The stunning gray glass tile backsplash perfectly complements the sleek and modern look of the all-white flat-panel cabinetry in this kitchen! The gray color of the backsplash seamlessly blends with the stainless steel appliances, creating a cohesive and contemporary feel throughout the space. The simple and stylish gray hardware adds to the modern aesthetic of the kitchen and beautifully ties in with the backsplash. Overall, this kitchen design is a perfect example of how a well-chosen backsplash and hardware can elevate the style of a kitchen to a whole new level.

ID# 148017 | – Credit© Monita Cheung Design Ltd

Black Flat-Panel Cabinets and a Gray Island

The gray glass tile backsplash and the blue undertone of the black flat-panel cabinets combine to give beachy sensations a modern twist. The backsplash and front wall of the island are both made of glass tile, giving the space a unified appearance. The white countertops give the cabinetry design a contrasting appearance while coordinating with the backsplash and floors.

Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops

If you choose the proper backsplash, your new kitchen will have the ideal finishing touch. The portion of the wall between the base of your cabinets and your countertop is known as a backsplash. It is essential to both good aesthetics and functionality. It shields your walls from liquid stains and other forms of harm caused by sloppy kitchen operations. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to complete your kitchen’s interior design and add a decorative element. For countertop material, laminate is popular nowadays. Choosing a kitchen backsplash with laminate countertops will be the main issue in today’s post.

Due to the availability of realistic designs that replicate many materials, like marble, soapstone, wood, and more, laminate countertops, an outdated mainstay, are once again becoming more and more popular. Fans of vintage design will be happy to know that laminate is still available in vibrant colors and themes that pay homage to the mid-century era. Better still, modern laminates are more resistant to wear than ever before; while comparing alternatives, search for those that resist scratches and stains. If you will use this material, let’s focus on a kitchen backsplash with laminate countertops since a backsplash puts the finishing touch to kitchen cabinetry design.

ID# 148001 | – Credit© Casa Perfecta Inc

White Shaker Cabinets and a Tile Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops

The warm gray details of the kitchen welcome you with a harmonious look with the wood kitchen floors. The medium-tone wood kitchen floors emphasize the white shaker cabinets and increase the warm atmosphere of the environment. The brown undertone of the gray tile kitchen backsplash with laminate countertops keeps alive the warm atmosphere of the cabinetry.

ID# 148002 | – Credit© Space Craft Joinery

Mid-Century Inspiration with Pale Pink Flat-Panel Cabinets and Wood Details

The soft and pale hue of the pink cabinets creates a cute appeal. The flat panel cabinetry design makes the general view simple and aesthetic. The wood look laminate countertops and wood details provide a warm atmosphere to this dynamic and cute kitchen design! The small square tiles of the backsplash bring movement to the simple cabinetry design and add some retro vibes.

ID# 148003 | – Credit© Дом архитектуры и дизайна Кирилла Егорова

Contemporary Single Wall Cabinets and a Slab Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops

The dark gray recessed-panel kitchen cabinets, gray slab backsplash, and countertops provide a masculine appeal with the medium-tone flat-panel upper cabinets. The upper cabinets are designed as handleless which prevents any busy look. Thanks to the light wood kitchen floors the dark hue of the cabinets stands out with a warm contrast.

Is laminate good for a kitchen countertop?

If you look for a budget-friendly countertop, laminate is perfect for this role. There are numerous grades of laminate. Like other materials, the performance improves with grade. Laminate countertops may easily last 10 to 15 years with proper upkeep. Since the plastic melamine that makes up the top layer of laminate is almost impermeable, laminate counters are perfect for the abrasion that comes with regular cooking. Laminate, however, is brittle and prone to scuffs; even worse, it may burn. If you accidentally place a hot skillet on your laminate countertop, you’ll have to decide whether to replace it or accept an unattractive stain. Some patterned and textured laminates conceal small dings and blemishes, but lighter laminates can fade and get discolored.

ID# 148004 | – Credit© Line Design Studio

Wood Flat-Panel Details with White Flat-Panels

In this contemporary kitchen, the white brick backsplash gives some movement to the flat surfaces of the white and wood cabinets. Also, the rough texture of the exposed brick wall makes a rustic twist against the sleek lines of the cabinetry. While the white cabinets and countertops provide a clean and bright look, the wooden textures and the light beige floor tiles bring warmth. The black stainless steel appliances create contrast against the whites.

Kitchen Backsplash Material Options for Laminate Countertops

You should consider your general decorating style at this point. Which design trend do you like best: classic, contemporary, mid-century modern? These are only a few illustrations of common interior design trends. Kitchen backsplash material options for laminate countertops, like the color options, may alter numerous design elements. Such example, a glass backsplash with laminate worktops may produce a modern appeal, a marble backsplash can provide a rich and costly look, or you can explore the world of ceramic tiles to discover the ideal design choice for your laminate countertops.

Choosing a backsplash might be challenging. However, choosing the kitchen backsplash material options for laminate countertops is one way to make this simpler. Once the purpose has been established, you can concentrate on the look and select the ideal backsplash to meet your needs and preferences. We separated it into many materials here.

Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops

Available in a plethora of colors, styles, and textures, are long-lasting, inexpensive, and simple to install! The most popular choice among homeowners and interior designers is a ceramic kitchen backsplash with laminate countertops because of its practicality and lovely appearance. There are several installation areas, ranging from flooring to kitchen backsplash, bathroom tile, and ceiling tile for ceramic tiles. Scroll down to uncover the greatest and most fashionable kitchen ideas that will inspire you if you’re looking for additional details about a ceramic kitchen backsplash with laminate countertops.

Whether you have laminate countertops or not, picking a backsplash tile can be challenging. There is no better alternative for a ceramic kitchen backsplash with laminate countertops to meet these requirements than a kitchen backsplash that combines both aesthetics and practicality. A ceramic kitchen backsplash with laminate countertops enables you to give your design uniqueness thanks to its nearly unlimited variety of color, pattern, style, form, and texture possibilities. You may install tiny ceramic tiles to create a mosaic design that offers a startling focal point or use the traditional subway tile look to create a timeless appeal. Therefore, a ceramic tile backsplash will be the ideal complement to your kitchen with laminate countertops, no matter what you decide! Installing a ceramic kitchen backsplash with laminate countertops will shield your walls from water and food spills in addition to giving your kitchen more aesthetic flair.

ID# 148005 | – Credit© Transform-A-Space

Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops for a Contemporary Style

White flat-panel kitchen cabinets and white ceramic tile subway backsplash design complement each other smoothly. The white laminate countertops provide a sleek design look and keep the contemporary appeal of the kitchen alive. The wood frame detail of the cabinetry creates a warm vibe to the kitchen.

ID# 148006 | – Credit© Tailored Space Interiors – Interior Design

Beachy Vibes with White Cabinets and Gray Tiles

This beach-style kitchen greets you with a clean and fresh appeal. The all-white kitchen cabinetry design provides a simple yet stylish appeal to the environment. The medium-tone wood kitchen floors and the wood details complement the kitchen with a warm atmosphere. The gray ceramic tile backsplash harmonizes with this warm atmosphere, too.

What are the disadvantages of laminate countertops?

As with every countertop material, laminate countertops have their cons, too. Such as;

Value at resale. Unfortunately, although being better than it formerly was, laminate today still has almost no resale value. In fact, it can make it more difficult to sell your house.

Durability. Although laminate countertops are reasonably heat-resistant and impact resistant, they are also readily scratched. Delamination can be brought on by moisture-penetrating seams.

Not fixable. Deep scratches and chips cannot be repaired; however, small scratches can be touched up with special resin paint. While temporary fixes are conceivable, the functionality of mended areas will never be the same. The countertop will need to be replaced if the layers start to separate at the edges.

Lifespan. When compared to other common countertop materials, they have the lowest lifetime.

ID# 148007 | – Credit |© Nimmo Nielsen Collective

Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops in a Contemporary Design

The brass hardware and the wooden details of the kitchen complement each other perfectly that brings a golden shine to the kitchen. The white flat-panel cabinets and the medium-tone wood floors harmonize with each other adding a natural freshness to the kitchen. The gray and wood laminate countertops complement the freshness of the kitchen.

ID# 148008 | – Credit© Case Design/Remodeling Halifax

Blue Shaker Cabinets and White Shakers with Brass Hardware

In this beach style kitchen, the white counters and navy blue shaker cabinets provide a beachy atmosphere with a clean setting! The blue mosaic tile mural backsplash behind the stove draws attention to the white subway tiles and creates a focal point. The movement and visual intrigue this backsplash design brings to the kitchen cabinets design. The sumptuous atmosphere is enhanced by the brass hardware.

ID# 148009 | – Credit© Four Blocks South

White Shaker Cabinets and a Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops

While the white cabinets and the brass hardware provide a luxurious appeal the white ceramic kitchen backsplash with laminate countertops create a fresh and crisp look! The white square tile ceramic backsplash brings movement to the cabinetry design while the wooden details add a warm touch. The glass fronted upper cabinets add visual interest with the colorful glassware in them. The antique brass hardware perfectly complete the traditional style of white cabinetry.

Glass Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops

You can create a striking appearance with a glass kitchen backsplash with laminate countertops! The transparent glaze is burned onto the back of each glass tile, which is constructed of tiny glass fragments. They are available in a wide variety of hues, designs, and patterns, and you can easily incorporate them into a variety of spaces, including kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls. No matter what your design aesthetic is—contemporary, traditional, modern, or farmhouse—you may find a variety of solutions for your unique design concept. They are more popular than ceramic or porcelain because of their capacity to reflect light and the larger diversity of surface designs.

Since glass is a timeless material, the end product is unquestionably stunning when contemporary, flawless duplicates of other materials with the laminate countertops are combined with its glitzy allure. One of the possibilities that might give a creative appearance from an aesthetic perspective is a glass kitchen backsplash with laminate worktops. Glass tiles may also be used in tiny rooms to give the impression that the space is larger due to their reflecting surface. The durability of a glass tile is among its main benefits. These lovely tiles offer surfaces that are easy to clean and stain-resistant. So let’s look at what a glass kitchen backsplash with laminate countertops may be used for.

ID# 148011 | – Credit© Dynamic Kitchens

Black Flat Panels for a Modern Design Style with Matte Chrome Hardware

This kitchen design oozes a chic and modern vibe with its black flat-panel cabinets, complemented by matte chrome hardware, and a metal and glass tile backsplash. The reflective surface of the backsplash tiles creates a mirror-like effect, adding to the sleek and stylish appearance. The black appliances perfectly match the cabinets, creating a cohesive and unified look that is both elegant and practical.

How can I make my laminate countertop look good?

If you feel that your laminate countertops look a little bit outdated and need an update, the most budget-friendly way to make them look good is by using countertop paints! Painting your countertops is a fantastic alternative if you want a fresh appearance but don’t want to spend a lot of money. This is a clever method of updating countertops without having to replace them. Additionally, this is the simplest method for updating bathroom countertops.

ID# 148012 | – Credit© LD&A

Transitional Design with White Cabinets and a Glass Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops

The touch of a pale green hue for the gray glass tile backsplash adds a natural atmosphere with fresh vibes. The all-white cabinetry is always a perfect canvas for the backsplash to make it stand out. The black hardware adds a contrast to the white kitchen cabinets while the white laminate countertops balance the environment.

Marble Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops

In our kitchen, we gather, eat, prepare food or beverages, converse, weep, or just wait outside to get a drink of water. We spent most of our time in the kitchen, the heart of the house. While we are there, we employ its components, particularly the backsplash and countertops while preparing food or drinks. They are one of the crucial components you might think about while designing your kitchen. Of course, the visual appeal of a marble backsplash will be used to determine the price of your kitchen. If your counters are laminate you may choose to build a marble backsplash with elegant, modern, or vintage design elements. Your kitchen may have a fashionable look with a marble backsplash with laminate countertops while yet feeling more opulent thanks to the marble.

The backsplash industry offers a variety of options, including various colors, patterns, and materials. Depending on your taste, you have a range of alternatives for a backsplash for laminate countertops, and a marble backsplash is one of them. One of the best ways to achieve a contemporary or sculptural design is to pair a marble backsplash with laminate countertops. Laminate worktops can be used with a light marble backsplash for more open and inviting views. Let’s take a look at some of the stunning marble backsplash designs we discovered for this post.

ID# 148013 | – Credit© Kinkaid Construction

Marble Kitchen Backsplash with Laminate Countertops and Gray Details

A chic contrast with harmony is created by the gray island and the gray frame of the white kitchen cabinetry nook. The stainless steel appliances gleaming chrome stools, chrome hardware, and pendant lighting fixtures all go well together and mix in with the gray tones of the niche frame and island. The white counters and shaker cabinets brighten the space.

Laminate Countertops Colors

We are aware that everyone wants a kitchen that inspires them and appeals to their aesthetic sense. People frequently like to utilize light and airy materials or colors for the laminate countertops in their kitchens. Given that the word “dark” conjures up images of a gloomy, uninteresting kitchen, you might wish to choose lighter laminate countertop color selections. With so many different materials, colors, patterns, and design possibilities available in the design industry, laminate countertop colors have been used in innumerable creative ways.

There are so many alternatives that you might wish to restrict your choices to white backsplash designs for white laminate countertops. Of all, nothing creates a more striking contrast than a white backsplash and black laminate countertops. You can select a tile backsplash or a slab backsplash depending on your choices in design. Dark backsplashes are an alternative if you decide against having a sharp contrast and instead decide to include the backsplash colors for dark laminate countertops. It is possible to have a colorful backsplash for laminate countertops to offer a brilliant burst of color even if there are no alternatives for bright or dark. Check out the backsplash options for various laminate countertop colors.

Kitchen Backsplash with White Laminate Countertops

Your kitchen backsplash with white laminate countertops may be given new life by the trendy and polished attitude of numerous backsplash materials. Thanks to all the alternatives for backsplash ideas with white laminate countertops, you won’t regret the elegant addition to your kitchen for a very long time. For any design concept, there is the ideal material for a kitchen backsplash with white laminate countertops choices. What design categories do you prefer? Modern? Contemporary? Vintage? No matter what style you choose for your kitchen, these ideas for a backsplash with white laminate countertops will come in handy.

Kitchen backsplash designs with white laminate countertops provide several benefits. With the elegant look of a kitchen backsplash with white laminate worktops, kitchen backsplash ideas may increase your home’s value. View some gorgeous designs of a kitchen backsplash with white laminate countertops by scrolling down!

ID# 148014 | – Credit© Ira Sagun

White Kitchen Backsplash with White Laminate Countertops and Beaded Inset Cabinets

This single-wall small kitchen cabinetry design provides an elegant appeal thanks to the white beaded inset cabinet fronts. The minimalistic design of the hardware keeps the tidy look alive. If you want to bring movement with a textural look to your white laminate countertops, you can use a tile kitchen backsplash with white laminate countertops.

ID# 148015 | – Credit | © Laura Zylberman • Décoration d’Intérieur

Transitional Style with Black Recessed Panel Cabinets and Gray Ceramic Floors

The sophisticated and opulent appeal of the black recessed panel kitchen cabinetry stands out thanks to the white environment, backsplash, and white laminate countertops. The gray ceramic floor tiles complement the cabinetry design keeping alive the contrasting look with the white environment. Brass hardware provides a terrific design look with its luxurious feel.

ID# 148016 | – Credit© Tanya Schoenroth Design

Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash with White Laminate Countertops for a Modern Design

This all-white kitchen design serves a clean and fresh overall look! While the white cabinets and countertops offer a sleek modern appeal, the light blue glass backsplash tiles add a slight texture to enhance visual interest. The chrome hardware and the stainless steel appliances perfectly complete the modern lines and add a dose of sparkle.

What is the most popular laminate countertop?

Formica is unquestionably the most recognizable brand of laminate countertops, and its 180fxTM line has helped it shed many of its previous connections. There are 36 distinct designs available, including sizable representations of genuine, raw stone and a walnut wood grain.

Large patterns enable entire counters without repeating patterns, which undermines the realism of many laminates with stone- and wood-like appearances.
A complete, one-year limited guarantee against damage is provided for the 180fx series.

Formica offers an IdealEdge option: curved, clipped, or square edges that entirely erase the obvious brown seam that indicates the countertop is laminate. The manufactured edge of quartz, solid surface or stone countertop exactly matches the appearance of these edge profiles.

ID# 148018 | – Credit© VMD Interiors

Blue Kitchen Backsplash with White Laminate Countertops and White Flat Panels

The kitchen has a contemporary appearance thanks to the white laminate counters and flat-panel cabinetry. An appealing contrast is created between the light blue glass tile backsplash and the light wood kitchen floorboards. The all white cabinetry evens out this contrast.

ID# 148019 | – Credit© Casa Moderna Designs Inc.

Gray Walls and a White Kitchen Backsplash with White Laminate Countertops

The gray walls and floor tiles make the white shaker cabinets and counters pop. The white kitchen cabinets contrast with the stainless steel appliances, flooring, and walls in a pleasing way. The white cabinets are given movement by the glass tile backsplash, which also blends in with the kitchen’s gray tones. Having white laminate countertops enlightens the dark gray hues of the kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplash with Gray Laminate Countertops

As a modern substitute for conventional white, the color gray has become one of the most popular options for kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Perhaps in the past, people’s views on kitchen color were more all or nothing. Today’s color palette is more constrained, and gray kitchen design features are becoming more and more common. For instance, a fashionable kitchen backsplash with gray laminate countertops.

Warmer grays offer a distinctive mood when contrasted with blue-based tones. Within the gray family, where warmer grays offer a unique sensation from shades of slate with a blue undertone, the tone is crucial, perhaps even more so. When creating gray countertop ideas, take into account backsplashes, cabinets and any other surfaces in between. Do not be intimidated even though a kitchen backsplash with gray laminate countertops may be challenging. Given that the color is so versatile, you may choose a kitchen backsplash with gray laminate countertops in fashionable shades like white, blue, black, or even gray!

ID# 148020 | – Credit© My Beautiful Abode

White Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash with Gray Laminate Countertops

White shaker cabinets and black hardware provide the classic look of a country-design style kitchen. The black appliances also join this classic look keeping the contrast alive. The gray laminate countertops balance the bright appeal of the white kitchen cabinets and the white subway tile kitchen backsplash design. Gray island and gray laminate countertops bring a cohesive look to the environment of the kitchen.

ID# 148021 | – Credit© GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens

Contemporary Design with White Shaker Cabinets ad Black Hardware

This kitchen welcomes you with a warm atmosphere thanks to the medium-tone wood kitchen floors. The white shaker cabinets and the black hardware stand out with their small contrast to each other. The gray kitchen backsplash with gray laminate countertops balances the contrasting look and the brightness of the white shaker cabinets.

Kitchen Backsplash with Black Laminate Countertops

If you have laminate countertops, do not be hesitant to utilize the color black. Did you know that black laminate countertops may be used to both create a cozy ambiance and provide the appearance of luxury with a delicate contrast? Of course, it depends on the style of design. Here the kitchen backsplash with black laminate countertops becomes more significant. Everything about the design may be altered by the backsplash’s materials and colors. If you decide you want to create a focal point, combine white cabinets with a black kitchen backsplash with black laminate countertops. The black cabinets and black laminate countertops can also be used with a black backsplash to create a subtle elegance!

Depending on your preferences and design style the options might change. With black laminate countertops, the farmhouse kitchen design may make you feel cozy. White brick’s natural appearance can complement this warmth. The rooms in which we spend the most time are the kitchens. To get some ideas, scroll down, and let’s explore the universe of design possibilities for a kitchen backsplash with black laminate countertops.

ID# 148022 | – Credit© PlaidFox Studio

Gray Tile Kitchen Backsplash with Black Laminate Countertops for a Country Kitchen

The country kitchen design triad consists of a backsplash made of subway tiles, white shaker cabinets, and black hardware. Use a black island and black laminate countertop design to give your space a deeper, more upscale appearance. The wood kitchen floors reduce the stark contrast and add a natural touch of warmth.

ID# 148023 | – Credit | © Maresa

Light Gray Shaker Cabinets and Multicolored Floor Tiles

The gray undertone of the pale off-white shaker cabinets and the chrome hardware complement each other adding a modern appeal. The black laminate countertops bring a contrast to the shaker cabinets and white environment. The white tile kitchen backsplash adds movement to the cabinetry design and this movement is boosted by the multicolored kitchen floor tiles.

How long will laminate countertop last?

The lifespan of a laminate countertop depends on various factors such as the quality of the laminate material and the level of care and maintenance. Generally a well-maintained and properly installed laminate countertop can last between 10 to 20 years. However, this material is as not durable as natural stones such as marble or granite.

ID# 148024 | – Credit© Fable Interiors

Stone Tile Kitchen Backsplash with Black Laminate Countertops And Blue Cabinets

Matte finishes of the materials provide a more natural atmosphere in the kitchens. The blue kitchen cabinets and brass hardware create an opulent appeal to the kitchen. The stone tile kitchen backsplash increases this opulent appeal with its expensive feel. The black laminate countertops balance the dark color palette of this kitchen creating a sophisticated look.

Kitchen Backsplash with Stone Look Laminate Countertops

Yes, the undeniable beauty of the natural stone countertops is just perfect. However, these types of countertops are very expensive that can over your budget. So, of you are looking for more affordable alternatives, stone-look laminate countertops might be your solution!

ID# 148025 | – Credit© Борисова Ольга

Beige Matchstick Tile Kitchen Backsplash with Stone Look Laminate Countertops

The beige matchstick tile kitchen backsplash stands out thanks to the stone-look laminate countertops. The stone look brings a sense of luxury and the brass hardware blow this luxury with glamour. The medium-tone wood floors increase the warm atmosphere and welcome you to this stylish transitional kitchen.

ID# 148026 | – Credit | © Наталья Широкорад

Traditional Design with White and Beige Flat-Panel Cabinets

Using beige color for the kitchen makes it elegant and opulent. The gray floor tiles and the beige backsplash design complement each other in terms of patterns and swirls. The stone-look countertops boost the expensive sense of the kitchen cabinetry with the brass hardware. The white base cabinets ad the gray kitchen floor tiles also add a fresh atmosphere.

How much does it cost a laminate kitchen countertop?

The most affordable of today’s standard countertops laminate costs about $30 per square foot in materials. The price range can be as low as $10 per foot and as much as $50 for tops that are specially made. Professional installation costs about $30 per square foot in addition to the cost of the materials.

ID# 148027 | – Credit© Victoria Waters Design Pty Ltd

All-White Cabinetry and a White Tile Kitchen Backsplash with Stone Look Laminate Countertops

The white tile kitchen backsplash provides movement with a textural look to the kitchen cabinetry design! The black hardware creates the classic contrasting look to the all white kitchen cabinetry design. The stainless steel appliances modernize the overall appeal of the white kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Backsplash with Wood Look Laminate Countertops

The foundation of laminate countertops is comprised of particleboard which is bonded to a layer of paper or plastic. The paper may be colored in a wide variety of ways, giving laminate countertops the appearance of being constructed of various materials. Such as wood-look laminate countertops. Compared to butcher blocks, laminate countertops offer several benefits. The cost of laminate is by far its greatest benefit. The flexibility of laminate is greater than that of hardwood. It is now simpler to wrap them around a corner or a sharp bend because of this. Installing lightweight laminate is significantly simpler than installing butcher block if you’re planning a DIY makeover that isn’t as involved. Additionally, laminate is relatively water resistant and easy to maintain. After deciding on choosing the material for countertops, let’s check some of the stylish examples of kitchen backsplash with wood-look laminate countertops.

ID# 148028 | – Credit |© Anastasia Safonova

Multicolored Kitchen Backsplash with Wood Look Laminate Countertops And White Cabinets

The blue patterns of the multicolored mismatched backsplash tiles create an aesthetic contrast to the wood-look laminate countertops. Beige floor tiles complement the stylish look of the wood-look laminate countertops keeping the warm atmosphere alive. White kitchen cabinets balance and enlighten the colors of this Mediterranean kitchen.

ID# 148029 | – Credit© Emilie Melin architecte DPLG

Black Shaker Cabinets and Black Hardware for a Midcentury Style

The matte finish of the black shaker cabinets provides a stylish contrast to the glossy surface of the beige backsplash tiles. The color contrast is a plus while the wood-look laminate countertops balance the striking contrast between them. The wooden details of the cabinetry and the wood-look laminate countertops bring a natural atmosphere with warm vibes to the kitchen.

What backsplash goes with a laminate kitchen countertop?

Slab backsplashes are perfect for laminate countertops.

ID# 148030 | – Credit | © PASIERBEK

Green Tile Kitchen Backsplash Wood Look Laminate Countertops for a Modern Kitchen

The white kitchen cabinets and the wood-look laminate countertops complement each other creating a natural appeal. This appeal is boosted by the vibrant green color of the backsplash tiles. The white grout of the green tiles adds a cohesive look to the white cabinets and highlights the green tiles with a textural look. The light wood floors harmonize with the countertops increasing the natural vibes of the environment.

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