Interior Design Trends 2023 – What Are the Newest Trends?

39+ Interior Design Trends 2023

ID# 154804 | – Credit© The Room Studio

Industrial Living Room with Interior Design Trends 2023

Nestled under a vaulted ceiling, this industrial living room enjoys its high-ceilinged space. Overhead, the fully exposed white-washed beams deliver a freshened vibe instead of rustic, while the brick walls keep enough raw texture intact. Along with the poured concrete, the room respects its industrial setting and makes it homier with a soft sofa and a red carpet. And behind the laid-back couch is a dry bar with green plants positioned by the windows to get spoilt by sunlight. A daybed also finds a cozy spot for itself, creating another seating option within the same room.

ID# 154829 | – Credit© Setus Design

Modern Rustic Style Dining Room with Marble Countertop and Wood Ceiling

Modern and rustic sometimes goes hand in hand, which refers to more civilized and refined forms of natural elements. And this rustic dining room is an ultimate example of it. Nestled under a wood-clad ceiling and interspersed with floor-to-ceiling windows, this room presents an eye-appealing design. The exposed wood beam transforming into the round and identical wood pieces on the wall makes for a smart wall accessory and explores the core of wood pieces. A wood dining table topped by a dramatic marble countertop and wood stools creates a texture-rich eating space. Underneath, again, lies a wood floor coating that delivers further warmth. And overhead, a yellow glass clustered pendant adds a nice statement feature that matches the warming wood shades.

Interior Design Trends 2023

Interior design trends 2023 are all about unpredictability with a focus on the uniqueness of spaces. But how do you accomplish that? This year promises sophisticated juxtapositions of warm and soft palettes and natural materials as the main home definers. Though less is still more, bold colors and patterns make the rooms lean into more maximalist looks as well. Incorporating bold statement pieces into interior spaces is a great way to catch the trends! Natural color schemes and earth tones that impart calming effects to spaces and users continue to take their place while we still reflect on the pandemic-induced times.

In other words, whether you are looking for something minimalist and sustainable or want to act more adventurous, interior design trends 2023 offers both. Here we compiled a list of interior design trends. The following categories show how to align rooms with 2023 looks without costing you a fortune. From large rug ideas to wallpaper designs, raw materials, oversized pendants, and more, here you find it all!

ID# 154801 | – Credit© Synergy 3 Construction

Interior Design Trends 2023 for Wood and Dark Blue Cabinets

This year all-white kitchens will be replaced by lively designs that boast different colors and patterns. And this transitional kitchen exemplifies one of those looks. Here, traditional dark wood cabinets creep back into this transitional kitchen, offering a classical finish. And dark blue cabinets bring a splash of color to offset the warming shades. The gold metal hardware punctures these cabinets. And the oversized brass lighting fixtures, wood cutting boards, and a runner add to the homey atmosphere.

ID# 154802 | – Credit© Two Birds Design

Contemporary Dining Room with Wishbone Stools and Wood Console

This contemporary kitchen is an ultimate example of a nature-inspired design. Abundant in wood touches and biomorphic forms, it celebrates organic textures and visuals. For example, the wood console with intriguing patterns is like the centerpiece of the room. On the floor, a leaf-patterned brown carpet provides warmth and softness underfoot. The wood-carved wishbone stones and a glass tabletop placed on biomorphic and oversized rock-reminiscent forms enjoy the softness of the carpet. Flowers, wall-mounted paintings, and modern chandeliers are used to incorporate art into the room.

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Contemporary Living Room with Wall Sconces and White Couches

This comfort-oriented living space goes with warm textures to luxuriate in. Visually and tactually relaxing, a duo of white sofas feels at home in this contemporary room. The warm and soft carpet features undulating lines that divide it into different sections. A TV is placed on a gray console, accompanied by a duo of sleek wall sconces that provide accent lighting. In other words, they are ready to create a cozy atmosphere that will suit the warm textures of the living room. The organic shapes of the armchairs soften the overall look.

What are decorating trends for 2023?

From large rugs to textured pillows, oversized pendants, plants, art prints, and biomorphic accessories, decorating trends for 2023 are various. Oscillating between maximalist and minimalist looks, home design trends for 2023 also focus on sustainability. Many interior designers and homeowners start to use sustainable materials.

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones are the new fashion in home design, giving birth to natural designs that impart calmness to indoor life. So, if you are fond of earthy tones, you will like this year a lot. So, get ready to embrace wood textures. Antique wood consoles could be repurposed in kitchens as an island, for example. Or green shaker units with gold hardware could be your new kitchen look. You can also get accessories carved out of wood and rugs or pillowcases in earthy shades.

ID# 154805 | – Credit© Brownlow Interior Design

Wood Cabinets with Marble Countertop and Backsplash

Earthy tones are one of the most trending color schemes- as showcased by this modern farmhouse kitchen. Mainly characterized by wood cabinets, antique finish metal range hood fixtures, and natural stone countertops, this kitchen champions its natural color scheme. The beige marble slab backsplash and countertops lighten up the interior. The gold accents assert a touch of glam without feeling over the top. And the wood-engineered flooring grounds the entire room, blending harmoniously with the rest.

ID# 154806 | – Credit© The Home Improvement Services

Country Kitchen with Wood Island and Earthy Tones

If you love earthy tones, 2023 will be probably your year. Designers highlight how natural tones and earthy color palettes will dominate kitchens and living rooms. Here, for example, this country kitchen goes with green shaker cabinets and a wood island that charms its users right away. The V-groove backsplash fosters a sense of movement, while its green-painted version also clads the hood fixture. Exposed beams, wicker stools, and a patterned runner emphasize the resurgence of all sorts of textures. In short, this year will be speaking to your all senses.

ID# 154807 | – Credit© PlaidFox Studio

Interior Design Trends 2023 for Bathrooms with Wood Accents

Natural textures and earthy shades are welcome in bathrooms too! This eclectic bathroom, for instance, hosts a wood vanity and slatted wood feature wall that accompanies a freestanding tub. These wood features inject warmth into the bathroom, contrasted by a black and thick solid stone countertop that adds another organic touch. And the light-colored palette ensures that the bathroom feels visually lightweight enough to feel calm rather than dramatic.

Textured Tiles

Fashionable looks lie in textured tiles in 2023. Coming in a wide array of printed versions, as handmade tiles with uneven edges, textured tiles will give your rooms a new look. From kitchen backsplashes to bathroom floors and fireplace surrounds, we will see bold and eye-catching patterns of tiles. Whether you are looking for color or pattern, check out the textured tiles and see what they have got for you.

ID# 154808 | – Credit© smarterBATHROOMS+

Contemporary Bathroom with Floating Vanity and Geometric Pattern Backsplash

This light-filled contemporary bathroom prides itself on its geometric pattern backsplash that defines the vanity zone. Peeking out behind the floating wood veneer vanity, these tiles energize the room. Echoing the overall color palette, they also stay loyal to the room’s visual scheme. In strategic terms, the white-painted walls compensate for the smallness of the space. Likewise, the large format subway tiles laid diagonally on the floor enlarge the room visually.

ID# 154809 | – Credit© Kendall Ansell Interiors

Interior Design Trends 2023 for Bathrooms with Wood Vanity and Geometric Floor Tiles

If you have a skylight, place your freestanding tub underneath it- as displayed by this mid-century bathroom. Characterized by multi-colored floor tiles and a floating wood vanity, this bathroom keeps itself in line with the trending looks of 2023. The soft and earthy shades encourage a natural and peaceful indoor space. Designers also don’t skimp on integrating a modern print that elevates the artistic mood of the bathroom immediately.

What is the color trend for 2023?

Warming wood shades, earthy hues, and saturated colors such as deep forest green, reddish brown, and jewel tones belong to the trending color palette for 2023. Lavender, turquoise blue, sundial, magenta, and orange shades enrich this color list too. So, get ready for vibrant and lively colors that will redefine the mood of your home!

ID# 154810 | – Credit© Soda Pop Design Inc.

Laundry Room with Wood Bench and Patterned Tiles

Why settle for a basic laundry room when you can turn it into a spot that is fun and energic? Here, for instance, white-and-black printed ceramic tiles clad the small washing room, extending on the floors. A wood bench placed next to it warms up the interior. Window curtains provide privacy when needed while gold tapware adds a touch of art deco glamour.

ID# 154811 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

Laundry Room with Checkerboard Flooring and Patterned Tile Backsplash

This beach-style laundry room boasts checkerboard flooring that gives it a nostalgic feel and a green patterned tile backsplash that spices up the background. The black shaker cabinet doors, floating shelves, and machines stacked vertically just make for a well-organized room. Yet, the best part is that this laundry room can be hidden behind a white-painted door. And when needed or if wished, it can be integrated into the rest of the home.

ID# 154812 | – Credit© Masellis Designs

Contemporary Bathroom with Wood Vanity and Dark Ceiling-Height Backsplash

One of the trending color schemes for contemporary bathrooms is the juxtaposition of dark patterned tiles and wood vanity. Together they achieve a well-balanced look that feels sophisticated and approachable all at once. This contemporary bathroom is just one example of it. Here, while white countertops serve as a space-brightening factor, gold-touched hardware adds a luxe detail.

ID# 154813 | – Credit | © Suzi Appel Photography

Beach-Style Kitchen with V-groove Cabinets and Tiled Island

Looking for ideas to create patterns? Why not tile a kitchen island? This beach-style kitchen, for example, creates floral patterns on the island base that echo the color scheme of the kitchen. In the background, the purple V-groove cabinetry continues to add colors. And the white subway tile backsplash introduces a timeless pattern, while wicker stools layer the kitchen with warmth.

Curves and Arches

The soft aesthetic features improve the mood of the space and its users, which explains why we need them more and more. Suggesting a sense of fluidity and reminding us of biomorphic forms, curves and arches have become popular in 2022 across the world. And this year they are still with us. Curved-cased openings, arched built-in cabinets, arched windows, or curved accessories are ready to colonize our homes.

ID# 154814 | – Credit© Nadia USAI Interieurs

Interior Design Trends 2023 with Curves and Arches and Wood Accents

This contemporary living room prides itself on its arches that host pink built-in cabinets, establishing a newfound way of optimism to deliver warmth. The intriguing forms of lighting fixtures and sofas and engaging white carpet deepen the artistic mood of the room. The wood-framed oversized mirror brings depth to the atmosphere and makes the space feel larger. Wood coffee tables make a beautiful final touch by completing the nordic vibes.

ID# 154815 | – Credit© Rüme Design

Country Home with Curved Cased Openings and Monochromatic Palette

Wouldn’t you like to have arched cased openings rather than doors? Well, this country home has two of them that open onto a study room by the arched window. Kept all-white, this bright and airy room features a whitewashed V-groove panel wall design and a white study desk with white shaker drawers. Here, the gold accents with a wicker basket bring warmth and texture to finalize the overall aesthetic.

Are accent walls in style 2023?

Eccentric and stand-out pieces that celebrate authenticity and individuality are celebrated in 2023. Thus, accent walls are also very much welcome. Whether it is created with wallpaper or slatted wood pieces, feature walls are a way to transform a bare wall into something more fun and characteristic.

ID# 154816 | – Credit© Erin Interiors

Transitional Entry with Caged Pendant and Wicker Baskets

This transitional entry is connected to the main lounge via an arched way. On one side, residents enjoy a mixture of different design elements such as a black lantern pendant, wicker baskets, and modern wall-mounted prints. The black console offers a sleek elegant look and complements the dark gray floor tiles.. The rounded edges of the mirror perfectly complete the soft design flow of the room. The pure white lampshades complete the spacious atmosphere which is created by the white wall paint. On the other side of the cased opening, lilac-painted walls ooze elegance.

ID# 154817 | – Credit© Radomski Consulting Ltd.

Interior Design Trends 2023 for Bedrooms

Curved forms can be incorporated in a wide range of ways into a bedroom design. And a headboard for a double bed is just one of the ways to do that. Here, for example, the green headboard with its undulating patterns creates a soft design that is eye-catching. The bed cover and pillows come in matching and contrasting colors to take the design to the next level. The organic shapes of the furniture catch the trends in 2023!

Oversized Pendants

Though in some designs, lighting fixtures are taken for granted, recently they have become a star for new designs. And homeowners have started to act more adventurous when it comes to lighting fixtures. They see them as investments or opportunities to make statements instead of considering them clutter-makers. And oversized pendants are one of those lighting fixtures if you want to go bold. Caged pendants, intriguing biomorphic forms, and sputnik-inspired fixtures, starburst chandeliers, and many more. All can be gathered under the category of oversized pendants, with which you can make true statements.

ID# 154818 | – Credit© Alair Homes Aurora Newmarket

Interior Design Trends 2023 with Opulent Pendant for Dining Room

This contemporary dining room is sleek and sophisticated, and it is surely an expert at incorporating a luxe feel. Celebrating rounded forms, it goes with rounded -form stools and a circular dining table. To anchor them to the design, it brings in an opulent oversized pendant. And in the background, a black wall -mounted decoration matches variously-shaped accessories accentuating the dining table.

ID# 154819 | – Credit© Erin Interiors

Marble Hexagon Tile Backsplash with Blue V-Groove Island and White Oversized Pendants

In this traditional style kitchen, a marble hexagon tile backsplash makes a statement with its intriguing geometric form. And a blue v-groove island adds a pop of color to accompany the bluish veins on the marble. Overhead, a duo of white oversized pendants converses with the white countertops and black hardware puncturing the kitchen cabinets.

ID# 154820 | – Credit© avenue design inc

Contemporary Bedroom with Black Fluted Wall Design and Glass Pendants

This all-black contemporary bedroom offers luxury, comfort, drama, and more. From the fluted wall design to the soft rug and its expansive palette of lighting fixtures, each element contributes big to the overall design aesthetic. Yet it is particularly the glass pendants dropped down on both sides of the double bed. And a rounded pendant that serves as the major lighting fixture creates a true visual focal point in the bedroom.

Mid-Century Décor

Originally dating back to the 1950s and 60s, the mid-century modern movement offered back then what we expect still today in terms of interior design. Its tenets overlap with the ones of minimalism and contemporary styles that prioritize simplicity and functionality. So, keep the following motto in mind: “Form follows functionality.” And let it guide you when picking up your mid-century décor.

ID# 154821 | – Credit© Two Birds Design

Contemporary Bedroom with Mid-Century Decor and Hexagon-Patterned Side Table

This sleek and gold lighting fixture is a true mid-century décor. With its oozing long arm, it is easily accessible and can turn its shade in different directions easily. As such, it provides a very convenient use for homeowners. Plus, it is accompanied by another mid-century-inspired hexagon-patterned side table that is cute and minimalist without sacrificing its assertive character.

ID# 154822 | – Credit© Interior Fox

Interior Design Trends 2023 with Midcentury Decors

A biomorphic form ceiling lamp, a black wall sconce, a slatted wood feature, and an intriguing wood coffee table offer a stylish living room. All these features pay tribute to the mid-century-modern movement, presenting practical and functional designs. Thanks to the large window opening, natural light fills the room and provide a spacious atmosphere.

Are white walls in style for 2023?

White walls are still in style for 2023, opening up the interiors and encouraging rooms to feel larger. They also create the perfect canvas for lighting conditions and decorations. If you want to avoid their too-white look, 2023 gives you plenty of accent options. Bring in art, intriguing wall sconces, or some authentic pieces to decorate your white walls. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone.

ID# 154823 | – Credit© FOHR DESIGN STUDIO INC.

Mid-century Kitchen with White Subway Tile Backsplash and Wood Cabinets

This modern kitchen design boasts two favorite colors of mid-century designs: pristine white and wood. The former is introduced by a white subway tile backsplash. Stacked vertically, it brings a sense of order and clarity. The latter are wood cabinets and floating shelves that inject warmth and texture. Using open shelving instead of upper cabinets is a great way to add a spacious feel to the existing space. Complimenting them are raw finish flooring and high-tech stainless-steel appliances that reflect the transition period of the 1950s.

ID# 154824 | – Credit© Ravenwood Developers LTD

Interior Design Trends 2023 with Wood Vanity and Brass Lighting Fixture

This mid-century bathroom design pays tribute to the well-acclaimed combination of wood and white. Here, a wood vanity dialogues with a white hexagon tile backsplash, both giving birth to an intriguing design. The brass lighting fixture installed over the mirror is also a true reflection of mid-century decorations.

ID# 154825 | – Credit© Cliff and Evans Ltd.

Home Office with Art and Yellow Stools

A pair of yellow stools enjoy the view offered by a full-height picture window in this mid-century home office. These pops of color are what a mid-century design favors. Here, also, a wall-mounted art makes a visual statement, injecting a sense of artsy mood. And wood is never skimped on, introduced in the form of a study desk.

Raw & Natural Materials

This year designers focus on the uniqueness of the spaces that can be established with raw and natural materials. Leather, solid wood, dramatic marble, and textiles are some of these natural and raw materials. The organic cotton used for pillows, blankets placed on sofas, and sheepskin is some popular examples from living rooms and kitchens.

ID# 154826 | – Credit© MELD design Studio

Interior Design Trends 2023 with Raw and Natural Materials

This Scandinavian dining area is both relaxing and luxurious. From the wavy ceiling design to the undulating form of the table, each addition has a unique form that demands attention. The richly patterned wall accessory with fringes is the star of the room, flanked by sleek sconces that further draw attention to it. And the polished floor finish creates a seamless look, letting light bounce around the room in a playful spirit.

ID# 154827 | – Credit© Cristina Láiz

Home Office with Wood Study Desk and Wishbone Stool

This warm home office abounds in wood textures and warming timber shades, stimulating a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. As such, it provides a perfect study room that promotes motivation and concentration to study. In terms of design, the wood wall-mounted study desk leaves enough room for the legs. And the wood floating shelves offer ample space to store books, notes, and personal accessories. Likewise, a wood-carved bookcase accompanies the desk, alongside a wishbone chair. Yet one thing that could be changed in this room is the place of the sockets. They could be hidden under the countertop to avoid any visual clutter.

What is the kitchen trend for 2023?

From dark wood cabinets to bold patterns, textured tiles, rugs, and oversized pendants, the kitchen trends for 2023 focus on energic and statement looks. Additionally, nature-inspired designs with earthy hues and beadboard panels are also popular. With such soft and warm palettes, you can inject calmness into your kitchen.

Aside from those, tiling kitchen islands is another way to have fun. Feel free to integrate daisy and star patterns while tiling the islands’ front panels. Similarly, get kitchen plants that boost your mood and energy. And bring art too into your kitchen, which will elevate your kitchen’s artsy mood instantly. These kitchen decor ideas 2023 will transform your kitchen!

ID# 154828 | – Credit© deVOL Kitchens

Farmhouse Kitchen with Wood Beams and Cream Cabinets

This low-ceilinged farmhouse kitchen space feels cozy and warm thanks to its exposed wood beams and salvaged log. The cream shaker cabinets and an open-base island with a farmhouse sink bring more interest to the kitchen. The weathered flooring adds a lived-in feel.

Modern Rustic Style

If you love textures and rustic looks, it is time to integrate them into your home. Today, modern rustic designs have more refined forms that suit today’s contemporary aesthetics without compromising approachability. Though it sounds oxymoronic, this style works in any space, making any space feel warm and intimate yet never pretentious. Modern rustic style encompasses brick feature walls, rock backsplashes, exposed beams, and clean-lined wood pieces. Accessories such as wicker baskets, stools, rugs, and wood pillows enrich the repertoire of modern rustic designs. Also, don’t skimp on ceilings that can be clad in wood and ornamented with ceiling beams. Salvaged logs, likewise, and repurposed items add wonderfully to the overall modern rustic aesthetic.

ID# 154830 | – Credit© Ольга Воробьева

Interior Design Trends 2023 with Modern Rustic Style in Kitchens

This modern-rustic kitchen design employs wood base counters and concrete-effect upper units, merging rustic textures with clean lines. A rounded wooden table with faux leather comfortable stools further the refined rustic flair of the room. Colorful vases, a blue painting that feels as if forgotten on the upper wall unit, and glass lighting fixtures inject enough personality. Such a mixture of materials and colors ensures that the design is stylish and eye-catching, ensuring relevance design-wise.

ID# 154831 | – Credit© Paul Uhlmann Architects

Modern Rustic Bathroom with Stone Shower Room and Wood Slats

If a rustic design means abundant texture, this bathroom is definitely one. Utilizing wood and stone textures to the fullest, it is ready to take its users on a visual and tactual journey. First of all, it distinguishes the shower room with staggered stones that ensure an authentic look. On the floor, the flattened stones prevent feet from getting hurt while ensuring the floor is non-slip in the meantime. The glass door of the shower provides a transparent division to keep the integrity of the design. And finally, the rest of the walls and ceiling come dressed in wood that envelops the interior with warmth.

Warm and Soft Palettes

Warm and soft palettes draw cues from nature and mimic an outdoor life indoors. To achieve that in your own home, utilize wood cabinets and integrate light brown, taupe, and white in different saturations. Also, focus on creating more minimalist and sustainable designs with warm palettes, which is the trending look of 2023.

ID# 154832 | – Credit© Matthews Rea Interiors

Interior Design Trends 2023 with Warm and Soft Palettes in Living Room

Bold patterns and colors are surely popular this year. But in addition to them, we will also be seeing lots of warm and soft palettes- as showcased by this living room. Here, this contemporary lounge claims a peaceful state of mind with light-colored sofas. The concealed storage cabinets and a built-in TV unit ensure that everything blends seamlessly without causing any clutter. On the floor, a textured pattern rug helps zone the living room. Colored cushions add pops of color to the L-shaped sectional sofa. And sculptural forms of the accessories with rounded shapes and coffee tables give the design more character.

ID# 154833 | – Credit© Diana Bastone Designs

Contemporary Bedroom with Wood Vanity and Black Side Tables

This cool and soft contemporary bedroom design keeps it simple yet sophisticated. From the black side tables to the wood vanity, beadboard, and bedside cushion, everything feels relevant to each other. A horizontally lined rug also brings warmth and texture to soak your feet inside after emerging from the bed. The round-shaped accessories and lighting fixtures contribute to the soft ambiance of the room. In other words, both the color scheme and the forms of the accessories give birth to a warm design that feels peaceful and relaxing.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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ID# 154834 | – Credit© Matthews Rea Interiors

Warm Bathroom Design with Wood Floating Vanity and Vessel Sinks

Clad in wood from top to toe, this warm bathroom design offers the perfect spot to wash off the day. Here, first, the floating wood vanity topped by a duo of vessel sinks creates a clean and soft look. And secondly, the mirrored cabinets with integrated LED lighting fixtures ensure the design is tech-savvy, providing an efficient lighting system. And finally, the wood wall panels and floor coating seamlessly blend. A freestanding tub, on the other side, is put into dialogue with the vessel sinks.

Large Area Rugs

This year large area rugs are popular to add soft texture and comfort underfoot. They are mainly used to zone living rooms and make them feel extra laid-back. If you wish you can use them to introduce patterns and let rugs declare their own uniqueness.

ID# 154835 | – Credit© McNicol Interior Designs

Contemporary Dining Room with Large Area Rugs and Caged Pendant

Dining rooms don’t only offer food for the stomach but also a visual feast with their decorations and statement moments. This light-flood dining room, for example, has both that honor its guests. From the oversized caged pendant that carries a country flair to the richly textured wood table, guests and family members get to enjoy a delightful decoration in this room. Likewise, a large rug in soft patterns and shades provides extra comfort underfoot so that each person is surrounded by warmth on all sides.

ID# 154836 | – Credit© The Room Studio

Industrial Living Room with Brick Walls and Gray Couches

In this living room, brick walls provide a perfect industrial canvas for occupants to enjoy the raw textures. By contrast, light gray couches positioned on a large rug make a counterpoint to the factory-like environments of industrial spaces. These soft touches turn the space into an instant home that feels cozy and luring. Patterned pillows, blankets, and plants give the design a sense of life. Also, against the farthest wall is an aged-looking wood cabinet that adds a lived-in feel. Placed on it are an intriguing lighting fixture and a wall painting of a forest in red shades that bring art without sacrificing the minimalist style of the room.

Wallpaper Designs

Available in a wide range of patterns and colors, wallpaper designs are the best way to bring color and pattern to your home. Used almost in every room, including wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms, they help homeowners make the interior cozy. In addition to their attractive and stylish appeals, wallpapers are one of the most affordable ways to bring a fresh look too dated spaces.

ID# 154837 | – Credit© avenue design inc

Interior Design Trends 2023 with Wallpaper Designs for Dining Rooms

Is there anything better than wallpaper designs when all you want is some pattern and color? Bringing a cozy and homey vibe, a wallpaper design can make a drastic change. In this modern family home, the dark blue wallpaper dotted with leaf patterns defines the back wall, mimicking a live version of a plant already integrated into the design. The dining table with pink dining stools adds a feminine touch against the dark blue color. Overhead, a sputnik-inspired lighting fixture incorporates a luxe feel and completes the unique style of the room. And a mirror frame hung on the wall not only adds a sense of humor but also makes a strong visual statement. The white wainscoting panels balance the dark shades while the white console completes this bright appeall.

What interior design trends are out?

All-white looks, rattan chairs/beds, and neutral color schemes of whites and grays are not as popular as they used to be. Nowadays they are replaced by more warm and natural palettes and earthy hues.

ID# 154838 | – Credit© South Hill Interiors

Eclectic Children’s Room with Candy Wall Paper Design

Nestled in a sunken area, the foldable bed serves as a couch during the day, while its arms provide perfect support for children. Placed by the window, this couch bed enjoys freshly delivered natural light. And the white wallpaper design with candy patterns stretches from the floor to the ceiling, defining the entire room. The floor is also treated with carpets and soft textures to create a safe playground for children.

ID# 154839 | – Credit© MGB Building Group

Modern Powder Room with Blue Wallpaper and Hexagon Floor Tile

This modern powder room offers an engaging and entertaining design with its dark blue patterned wallpaper design. You can just spend the time guessing what those patterns actually mean. And if you get bored, there is even more pattern: black hexagon floor tiles. They introduce an intriguing geometric pattern. Additionally, here, given the compactness of the space, the vanity is kept small and suspended to leave more room on the floor.

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