Marble Hexagon Backsplash Modern Luxury with Hexagonal Tiles

22+ Marble Hexagon Backsplash

ID# 141514 | – Credit© Leona Mozes Photography

Kitchen Design With Earth Tones Transitions, Marble Hexagonal Backsplash, and White Cabinetry

This kitchen design, in which color tones soften the space, combines white with earth tones to achieve a warm feeling. The tonal harmony of the marble hexagonal backsplash, countertop, and floor changes the cold feeling of the white cabinets, making the kitchen warmer. Color and movement are provided to the plain-looking kitchen with the Marble hexagonal backsplash texture and pattern, while its relationship with the counter and the floor complete the design of the kitchen. The kitchen, where the effects of the marble hexagonal backsplash application with earth tones on the kitchens are seen, is at the forefront with elegance, while the backsplash shows a complementary feature.

ID# 141523 | – Credit | © Greener Kitchens

Combination of Gray Marble Hexagonal Backsplash and Wooden Detailed İndustrial Kitchen

Another kitchen becomes beautiful with the harmony of different tones together. White cabinets and a gray hexagonal marble backsplash combined with a wood-detailed shelf and island complete the kitchen and materials. The backsplash, dominated by gray details, adds movement to the space with its tonal pattern and adds visuality to the kitchen it is in. It softens the harsh color transitions in the gray countertop and black and white cabinet choices while influencing the design of the space and nicely integrating the kitchen. Influencing the industrial-style kitchen with its soft touch, the gray marble backsplash responds to the needs of the user by offering visuals and quality together.

Marble Hexagon Backsplash

Marble is a material that is always available for use and has a place in kitchens. However, when it comes to kitchen and marble, the general uniform designs that come to mind are moving away from fashion day by day, causing us to look for new searches. The marble hexagon backsplash, which emerged as a reflection of this, not only continues to use marble but also allows us to use marble in new ways in designs by adding a new breath to it.

In addition to the simplicity and elegance brought by its texture and shape, having the features of marble makes the hexagonal marble backsplash an indispensable material for the user. Cut marbles, which are cut in the form of hexagons and then applied as a backsplash, suit the spaces very well and pave the way for new designs. So, with a marble hexagon backsplash, you can create as timeless an appeal as a subway tile backsplash and bring a sense of luxury to your kitchen. Scroll down and find these stunning kitchen backsplash ideas that will inspire you for your next design projects.

ID# 141510 | – Credit© Tatiana Wojtan Studio

Touch of Marble Hexagonal Backsplash to The Kitchen Dominated by White Transitions

White cabinets and hexagonal marble backsplash are in perfect harmony in this kitchen where white and soft transitions are at the forefront. Metallic countertops and white cabinets come together with gray and white in the pattern of marble, while wooden details soften the atmosphere of the kitchen. While the natural wood texture used on the floor makes the white and metal look warmer, it adds charm to the kitchen. While the metal hood and metallic lighting used in the cooking area adapt to the contrast of the kitchen, its complementary effect adds aesthetics to the kitchen.

Marble Mosaic Tiles

Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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Multi Color Marble Diamond Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Gray Marble Leaf Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Gray Gold Chevron Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Marble Small Picket Design Backsplash Mosaic Tile

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Luxury marble and mother of pearl mixed mosaic tile

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Modern look, slim white marble mosaic tile, for kitchen backsplash and bathroom projects.

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White Gray Dot Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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Luxury Waterjet Gray & White Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 141511 | – Credit | © Cornerstone Homes

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Marble Hexagonal Backsplash

In this kitchen where white and wooden details dominate, we are faced with a design that reveals the harmony of white and marble hexagonal backsplash. Contemporary beauty and marble hexagonal backsplash, which emerge when the simplicity of white is combined with unpretentious textures, add quality to the kitchen. The marble hexagonal backsplash, which continues from the countertop to the ceiling, adds light to the space, while its white gray tone breaks the rawness of white and offers a nice contrast to the space. The marble hexagonal backsplash material, which is durable in terms of use and easy to clean, provides convenience to both the eye and the user.

Are hexagon tiles too trendy?

Hexagonal marble backsplashes, which can adapt to almost any design, are very popular in general use. The quality of the material and what it offers to the user show that it will be a frequently used material in the future.

ID# 141512 | – Credit© Troico

Marble Hexagon Backsplash Effect to Kitchen with Dark Wood and White Cabinetry

In the kitchen, where white and dark wooden walls are adorned, the marble hexagonal backsplash brings warmth to the space, while making the contrast with the floor and dark cabinets feel softer. The white effect on the ceiling, cabinets, and countertops refreshes the overall kitchen, while the dark cabinet and Calacatta gold marble hexagonal backsplash provide depth. The combination of the warm wood tone used on the floor and the wood variations of the dark wood cabinets transforms both the kitchen and the space into a pleasant visual. The natural stone tile backsplash, with its white-gold and gray color palette, integrates the space and presents a visual that completes the kitchen.

Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

Blue & gray hexagon glass & marble mix mosaic tile.

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Hex glossy glass tile with gray veins.

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White Marble Small Picket Design Backsplash Mosaic Tile

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Picket Design Rusty brown & gray slate mosaic backsplash tile

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White Hexagon Marble Look Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 141513 | – Credit | © Belle Construction

Marble Hexagon Backsplash in White-Gray Contemporary Kitchen Design

In this kitchen designed with smoked gray and white cabinets, simplicity and elegance are at the forefront. The gray and white soft-toned marble hexagonal backsplash calmly balances the color tone in the cabinets, breaking the harsh atmosphere in the kitchen and making the space more attractive. Marble hexagonal backsplash combined with a plain white countertop not only stands out with its geometrical form that contrasts with the design but also adds itself to the design with its color palette. The kitchen, designed with the Contemporary design language, offers a visual feast to the user by using fine details for simplicity. The kitchen design, which establishes the feeling of depth in the space with the embroidery on the cabinets, softens these transitions with the marble hexagonal backsplash and completes the kitchen.

Do you need spacers for the hexagon tile?

Spacers are not needed. However, spacers can be used within the framework of decorative factors and upon the forethought of the design. There is no harm in using spacers for a more decorative appearance or to give the material another appearance.

ID# 141515 | – Credit© PURE Design Inc.

Stylish Kitchen Design With Hexagonal Marble Backsplash and White Kitchen Cabinets

The marble hexagonal backsplash will inevitably stand out in a kitchen design where traditional inspirations come to the fore. White traditional kitchen cabinets, a distinctive gold-toned extractor hood, and a marble hexagonal backsplash with clean transitions complete the space. The dark wood material on the floor emphasizes tradition while keeping the kitchen in the foreground and the marble hexagonal backsplash draws the main focus. The combination of the convenience and the visuality of the Marble Hexagonal backsplash shows how the right choice of design and material.

Marble Color Options for Hexagon Backsplash Tile

While marble hexagonal backsplashes find their place in new designs, they show themselves in designs with different colors and textures. Hexagonal marble backsplash, which can be used in almost every design with different color tones and options, is preferred because of its ease to use and long-lasting. Thanks to the different options of the natural marble texture, it appears in many different styles. With the classic white veined marble texture or countless variations of earth tones, marble hexagonal backsplash offers variety. With countless variations from white to gray, brown to blue, the marble hexagonal backsplash appeals to every design and every user.

White Marble Hexagon Backsplash

The place of marble in kitchens is an unchangeable fact. The texture of the stone and its easy use ensure that it always finds a place in the kitchens. White marble is one of the most preferred shades of marble. The hexagonal marble backsplash is also the most popular option of such materials. The white marble backsplash, which is frequently used in designs, shows why it is one of the most preferred materials with its visual features and harmony with most designs. Adding color to spaces with simplicity and elegance, the white marble backsplash stands out in kitchens and completes the designs.

ID# 141516 | – Credit© Collaroy Kitchen Centre

White Marble Hexagon Backsplash Effect in Modern Kitchen

The white marble hexagonal backsplash, applied to the kitchen design dominated by white simple and modern cabinets, activates the uniformity in the space with its natural texture and completes the design without sacrificing elegance. Adding movement to flat surfaces, the white marble backsplash design keeps it away from boredom and adds warmth to the space with its texture and color transitions. The harmony of matte concrete-looking ceramic and white marble hexagonal backsplash used on the floor makes the space more inviting by highlighting the kitchen. While the skylight providing natural lighting on the ceiling illuminates the space, the reflective surface of the backsplash arouses curiosity to explore the space with light plays.

ID# 141517 | – Credit© Paragon Kitchens

The Relationship of the Scandinavian-Designed Kitchen with The White Marble Hexagonal Backsplash

Adorned with plain white cabinets, this kitchen stands out with its simple yet elegant look and white marble backsplash. The Scandinavian-inspired kitchen design is complemented by gray wooden shelf details and a white marble backsplash, offering a stylish look. Gold cabinet handles and warm wood floors warm up the space and add color to the kitchen. Its simple yet powerful design highlights each material, while the white marble backsplash both softens the contrast and adds integrity to the kitchen. The backsplash, which provides contrast to the white balance, is the most prominent material of the kitchen and affects the design.

What are the hexagon tiles called?

There is no special name for hexagonal tiles. Terms that may occur with material differences such as hexagonal tile or hexagonal ceramic give information about the structure of the material.

ID# 141518 | – Credit© Cabinet Effects Inc

White Marble Hexagonal Backsplash Effect on Kitchen Design with Blue Island

This kitchen, which leaves great marks on design with its cabinet colors, offers a bold and innovative perspective. This kitchen, decorated with a white marble hexagonal backsplash, where plain white cabinets meet with a baby blue island, combines innovative and traditional textures. By using the design preference that wants the focus to be on the island in favor of simplicity, it adds the white marble hexagon backsplash to the kitchen. While the natural wood texture on the floor provides contrast to the space, its combination with the blue island is visually appealing. The design, in which the white marble hexagonal backsplash is used as an adapter, draws attention with its highlights, while the material detail of the backsplash emphasizes the depth of material in the kitchen.

Carrara Marble Hexagon Backsplash

Carrara marble, which takes its name from the Carrara region in Italy, is a type of marble that has made its name known to the world with its white color and gray veined structure. It is one of the most popular marble types with its unique patterns and gray background. It has no harm in terms of health and can be used in almost any desired area. Carrara marble stands out with its decorative stylish appearance and variety of uses. It has a rich look and offers a stylish solution to your needs.

ID# 141519 | – Credit© Burgess Kitchens

Carrara Marble Hexagonal Backsplash and Harmony of Traditional Kitchen

A Carrara marble hexagonal backsplash is perhaps all it takes to make a space stylish. The elegance offered by white gray traditional design cabinets and Carrara marble is priceless. Adding light to the space and design with its appearance combined with the white countertop, the Carrara marble hexagonal backsplash brings the design to the fore by spreading the reflection of its texture to the entire kitchen. The backsplash, which provides simplicity with the wooden texture on the floor and the movable cabinets of the kitchen, shows itself while establishing the hot and cold balance.

How do you lay out a hexagon tile?

Depending on the hexagonal tile dimensions, the laying process may vary. The smaller ones come in knit form with a mesh back and are laid piece by piece. Large-sized ones are laid one by one, like normal ceramics.

ID# 141520 | – Credit© Trace Studio Architects

Carrara Marble Hexagonal Backsplash Touch to The Warm Effect of Wood

The warmth of wood has always inspired spaces. Combined with Carrara marble, this kitchen combines wood and Carrara marble, giving the space both a bright and warm appearance. The white countertop and Carrara marble hexagonal backsplash combined with wood and white plain cabinets bring out the modern design in perfect harmony. The backsplash, which stands out among the wooden integrity of the floor and cabinets and adds elegance to the space, blends the colors in the kitchen with its appearance and reflective surfaces.

Is marble backsplash OK for the kitchen?

Marble stone is a very useful material as a backsplash. Being healthy, clean, and durable makes it a material that meets the needs of the users and offers visuality.

ID# 141521 | – Credit© Caroline McCredie

Scandinavian White Kitchen Design, Carrara Marble Hexagonal Backsplash Effect

The perfect harmony of white Scandinavian design cabinets and Carrara marble… Carrara marble hexagonal backsplash, which makes an impact on plain kitchens, always brings designs to the fore. The cabinets, which cover the kitchen with a white frame, come to life with the Carrara marble used in the backsplash, and the space becomes suitable for living. The backsplash, which provides movement, color, and contrast to the still image of the kitchen, finds its place at the focal point of the design and offers answers to the needs of the user due to its structure.

Black Marble Hexagon Backsplash

Black is one of the first colors that come to mind when it comes to elegance and black marble is the elegance itself. Therefore, the use of hexagonal-cut black marble as a backsplash is one of the most common and easy-to-use products. Black marble hexagonal backsplash, which gives shape to spaces with its sense of elegance and strong visual, takes its place by adapting to any style of design. It is a material that designers and users use stylishly with its ease of use and decorative features.

ID# 141522 | – Credit© Du Bois Design Ltd

Contemporary Kitchen Design With Black Marble Hexagonal Backsplash

Powerful kitchens, bold choices, es, and great designs. This kitchen in the contemporary design language is an example that distinguishes itself from other designs with its black marble hexagonal backsplash and opens a window to new-generation kitchens. The harmony of the backsplash with its island that offers a strong shape and white flat cabinets offers a design that separates the kitchen from the space and brings it to the fore with its elegance. While the backsplash provides depth and contrast to the space, its marble texture and hexagonal shape strengthen the visuality and highlight the kitchen design.

Gray Marble Hexagon Backsplash

The materials that stand out do not always have to be different. Gray marble hexagonal backsplashes, which capture the flamboyance in simplicity, stand out as proof of this. Gray marble backsplashes that are suitable for every design and time, stand out with their texture and color but can find their place in every field of design. It can fit all different color combinations and different materials, and also offers answers to the needs of the user with its ease of use.

ID# 141524 | – Credit© Caroline McCredie

The Story of the Scandinavian Kitchen With a Gray Marble Hexagonal Backsplash

This design, which makes you feel the Scandinavian breeze strongly and combines simplicity and elegance with its design, gets rid of the monotony with the Gray marble backsplash. The gray marble backsplash is the main focus of the space, and the material’s combination of moving visuals and elegance brings the design to the fore. While the moving backsplash texture in the middle of the kitchen adds depth to the space, it provides tonal harmony with the black table. While the simple lighting and the natural light of the kitchen make the space attractive, the natural wooden floor takes the visuals to the next level.

ID# 141525 | – Credit© Suzi Appel Photography

Gray Marble Backsplash Effect in Contemporary Kitchen Design

This kitchen, which uses black and white plain cabinets and gray countertops and completes the design with a gray hexagonal marble backsplash, is a good example of contemporary design. The warm color of the wooden floor and the gray tones of the backsplash both animate the kitchen and present elegance. Lightings that add color to the kitchen with copper-detailed lighting and wooden detailed furniture complete the design while making the space feel more lively. The gray marble hexagonal backsplash with its decorative image makes the image more saturated by providing smooth transitions between the color and texture of the kitchen. The user-friendly marble material provides convenience to the user in terms of both shape and color.

Marble Hexagon Backsplash Tile Sizes

Although hexagonal marble backsplashes can be produced in any shape and size, they are generally produced in small and medium sizes. Marble hexagonal backsplashes, which can be used in every area, especially indoors, can meet every need. Regardless of small or large size, its decorative effect and usefulness allow it to be included in designs. This material, which has a wide variety of colors and patterns, allows different combinations in spaces when combined with the hexagonal shape.

Small Marble Hexagon Backsplash

Small marble hexagonal backsplash, which is very easy to use and can adapt to any design, is a material that is frequently used among designers and users. The ease and elegance of its application give the space a sense of elegance and quality. The material combined with the color and texture diversity of marble can adapt to any color and design with its different options. The small-sized marble hexagonal backsplash, which can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, floors, cafes, and almost every similar place, is frequently mentioned today.

ID# 141526 | – Credit | © Belle Construction

White Gray and Small Size Hexagonal Marble Backsplash in a Kitchen Design

With a white-gray and small-size hexagonal marble backsplash, elegance has never been simpler. The combination of gray and white-toned movable cabinets with the backsplash brings harmony to the space, while the small-sized hexagonal marble backsplash breaks the monotony in large spaces. and contribute to the design. The combination of the kitchen with natural light, reflective cupboards,s and the backsplash brings elegance and simplicity to the kitchen. The color palette, which progresses from dark to light with the natural colored wood on the floor, allows smooth transitions with the small-sized hexagonal backsplash. While the preferred colors and textures provide integrity, the kitchen with contemporary design language comes to the fore with its beauty.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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ID# 141527 | – Credit© smarterBATHROOMS+

Contemporary Kitchen Design that Combines a Bold Design with a Compact Hexagonal Backsplash

While different designs are shaped with bold colors, some materials find their place in every area. This bold kitchen with a white contemporary design complements the material choices in favor of simplicity with different shapes and volumes. While the small-sized hexagonal marble backsplash finds its place in most of the kitchen, it stands out without being ostentatious in a way that respects the kitchen and the design. The small-sized hexagonal marble backsplash design, combined with the bold lines of the kitchen, winks at the aesthetic perception of the kitchen. Bringing a new breath to design with the backsplash, which offers small touches to large volumes, the designers create the perception of space with a balance of big and small. The dark wood texture on the floor highlights the contemporary kitchen design and shows us that it does not compromise on elegance.

Is a marble hexagon backsplash expensive?

Hexagonal marble backsplashes are priced at the price of marble. In other words, just like marble prices, they may vary according to the material class. However, there is almost no price difference between the hexagon over the type of marble.

ID# 141528 | – Credit© Erin Interiors

Small-Sized Marble hexagonal backsplash Effect to the Kitchen Where Color Transitions are at the Forefront

The kitchen, which offers a simple beauty with natural light and the brightness it offers to the space, stands out with its inlaid cabinet doors and small-sized marble hexagonal backsplash. Combining the white of the kitchen with the other tones in the space, the small-sized marble hexagonal backsplash presents the blending of the kitchen with the general space and the integration of the design with its color and texture. While the harmony of the wood on the floor and the furniture is reflected on the island, the curtains and wall colors beautify the kitchen. The small hexagonal marble backsplash, which softens the transitions and stands out without separating the cabinets from the space, is the main focal element in the space while providing visual and usage support to the user.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Try a Sample
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ID# 141529 | – Credit© Gina Godin

White Cabinets and Small Marble Hexagon Backsplash Effect in Transitional Kitchen Design

Small textures combine to make a big impact. This is perhaps why small-sized marble hexagon backsplashes are the most popular options. As in this kitchen with white cabinets, the small-sized hexagonal marble backsplash is an important element of kitchen design, revealing how small pieces create a beautiful effect when combined. Marble backsplash, which stands out with its appearance, texture, and material quality, finds a place for itself with its use and decorative features. Its interaction with white and its contribution to the feeling of light in the space with its reflective properties make it one of the most basic materials in this kitchen.

Elongated Marble Hexagon Backsplash

Elongated marble hexagonal backsplash is a different material that comes up when different designs and shapes. This material, which designers and users like and enjoy using, is a special material that you can create variations within itself with different application forms. This long-lasting and healthy material, which offers a variety of colors and textures with all the features of marble, finds its place in many areas of architecture. Extended marble hexagonal backsplashes, which can be used in most areas from the floor to the backsplash, come in different colors and textures.

ID# 141530 | – Credit | © The Renovation Broker

An Elongated hexagonal Marble Backsplash Effect in a Timeless Kitchen

The bolder the designs, the more impressive the results are. Designs beyond time are trying to bring new breaths by breaking the monotony in spaces. As we see in this kitchen, this kitchen, which has a timeless design and dominates the contemporary design language, offers users a visual that comes from timeless with its elongated hexagonal marble backsplash. The kitchen, combined with white and wood textured cabinets, gives direction to the kitchen design by taking on a different feeling thanks to the elongated hexagonal marble backsplash. The kitchen, which has hard transitions with the wooden flooring used on the floor, uses these hard transitions as a tool, allowing the main focus to shift to the kitchen and backsplash. The large windows spread the light to the space with the moving texture on the backsplash and allow the kitchen to reach a natural look.

ID# 141531 | – Credit

An Elongated Hexagonal Marble Backsplash Touch to the Contemporary Kitchen

This kitchen, dominated by the big island and gray cabinets, removes the feeling of inactivity in the kitchen with an elongated hexagonal marble backsplash. The elongated hexagonal marble backsplash, which is reflective and patterned, offers a different alternative than paint to the wall, adding movement and depth to both the space and the flat surface. An elongated hexagonal marble backsplash combination used with black built-in kitchen utensils offers a more natural look by softening the black-and-white transition with its patterned texture. The place, which has an overall warm tone with the warm wood tone on the floor and golden details in the lighting, offers a more inviting impression.

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