Contemporary Bathroom Ideas – Modernize Your Space

32+ Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

ID# 150302 | – Credit© Артём Самохин

Floating Vanity with Black Countertops and White Cabinets

This bathroom is a triumphant and beautiful space, its yellow and dark gray walls providing a stark contrast to the black and white features! The alluring floating vanity, white cabinets and black countertops create a chic and modern feel, all of which is brought to life with the white vessel sink and tile backsplash, bringing warmth and a sense of cleanliness to the room. Unmistakably eye-catching, the round mirror adds a layer of depth and individuality. Patterned floor tiles of grey and white tie together the room, resulting in a refined and harmonious atmosphere. The distinct use of various shades of grey, creating an impression of depth and interest, is truly awe-inspiring.

ID# 150321 | – Credit© Penman Brown Interior Design

Contemporary Master Bathroom with a Freestanding Tub

This bathroom boasts a chic, modern design with a blend of light and dark colors. The open shower and white freestanding tub provide plenty of space for a relaxing soak or invigorating rinse. The dark green shower wall tiles add a bold splash of color, while the gray floors and black floating vanity add a touch of sophistication. The gray tile backsplash on the vanity complements the overall color scheme and the white walls provide a clean crisp contrast.

Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

Contemporary bathroom ideas are all about creating a space that is enjoyable and stylish to be in, while also being practical. Using clean lines, neutral color schemes and natural features like wood, stone and glass, your modern bathroom can be a relaxing retreat or fun and energizing, depending on your mood. Gilded finishes and a minimalist touch add an air of luxury and sophistication. Ultimately, a contemporary bathroom should inspire positive feelings.

Let the Simplicity Fill your Contemporary Bathrooms

Rejuvenate your bathroom with contemporary designs offering minimal and streamlined fixtures. Replace traditional, bulky sinks with modern, vessel, and wall-mounted designs that make the room feel more open, spacious, and inviting. Bring extra light through windows and skylights, while also utilizing a harmonious mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Utilize natural materials such as stone, wood, and glass, to give the room an inviting warmth and texture. Install dimmer switches to truly customize the lighting, creating a calming atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation. To learn more about contemporary bathroom ideas, scroll down and get inspired!

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Contemporary Bathroom Ideas with a Wood Floating Vanity

This bathroom is a perfect example of contemporary design, with its clean lines and neutral color palette. The flat-panel wood floating vanity adds warmth and texture to the space, while the white countertops and vessel sinks create a fresh and modern look. The blue beadboard backsplash adds a pop of color and a touch of traditional charm, creating an interesting visual contrast with the more contemporary elements of the room. The ceiling window is a great addition to the bathroom, bringing in plenty of natural light and making the space feel bright and airy. The gray floor tiles add a neutral and sophisticated touch, tying the room together and completing the modern aesthetic.

ID# 150303 | – Credit© Daniela Fulford Photography

Contemporary Bathroom Ideas with Gray Countertops and Wood Flat Panels

This bathroom evokes feelings of comfort and elegance. From the light wood flat-panel vanity and sleek gray countertops to the crisp white walls and ceiling, this stylish and modern space does not fail to impress. The white vessel sink and frameless mirror add an air of brightness and purity, while the brass accents inject a warm and sophisticated touch. The stylish gray floor tiles create a neutral, unified aesthetic that ties together the entire design, while the varying shades of gray create visual interest and depth. Finally, the pristine white walls and ceiling complete this serene space, lending a clean and calming atmosphere.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

Elevate your space with our custom-made limestone tile, designed to bring a modern touch to any interior with its sophisticated gray tones.

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Experience the perfect blend of modern design and classic elegance with the white and gray marble subway tile, offering sophisticated and elegant finish.

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Experience modern sophistication with the white glass and metal mosaic tile, offering a bright and elegant finish that transforms any space.

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Designed with a chevron pattern and long size, our white marble chevron mosaic tile offers a sleek appeal with a sense of luxury.

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Our long gray porcelain tile, with its honed finish, creates an ultra-modern look that blends sleek lines with an elegant touch for a refined finish.

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Achieve a modern look with our pure white marble mosaic tile, featuring a geometrical shape that adds a sleek and sophisticated touch.

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Our beige porcelain tile features a long, slim shape and elegant design, providing a modern and stylish enhancement.

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Experience modern sophistication with our white marble backsplash mosaic tile that features a bold geometrical design.

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Featuring a modern look with a dynamic pattern, our white, gray, and brown chevron mosaic tile delivers a chic and eye-catching design.

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White Subway Tile Walls with Gray Grout and a Wood Floating Vanity

This contemporary-style bathroom is a bright and inviting space, filled with warmth, modernity and sophistication. The use of white subway tile creates a timeless, aesthetically pleasing, yet classic look, and the gray grout gives visual interest and depth. The gray floor tiles lend a neutral and elegant touch; unifying the various design elements with an effortless charm. The floating wood vanity is a stylish and modern piece that adds warmth, texture, and visual interest. The white countertops create a clean and refreshing atmosphere and the frameless mirror adds a contemporary touch. Altogether, the overall effect is one of comfort and style.

ID# 150305 | – Credit© Penman Brown Interior Design

Contemporary Bathroom Ideas with Wood Vanity Cabinets and Marble Tops

The square tile brings a refreshingly modern feel to the shower area while the wood vanity brings a comforting warmth and texture. The glossy marble countertops add a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere that is further complemented by the dramatic black wall faucets. The gray floor tiles offer neutrality and elegance, seamlessly connecting the diverse design components and unifying the overall aesthetic. The bright white walls create an invitingly comfortable and clean setting that leaves guests feeling welcomed and embraced.

ID# 150306 | – Credit© MMAD Architecture

Grau Floor Tiles and a Wood Floating Vanity With Gray Countertops

This bathroom evokes a sense of comfort and luxury with its contemporary design and soothing yet vibrant color palette. The warm wood flat-panel vanity adds a touch of natural beauty while the gray countertops exude a sophisticated and stylish appeal. The bright white walls and gray floor tiles bring a cohesive, calming atmosphere, tying all the pieces together to create a welcoming and harmonious design. The walk-in shower is a practical and modern touch, contributing to a fresh and spacious feel.

How Can I Make My Bathroom Look Contemporary?

To create a contemporary bathroom look, begin by using a neutral palette with accents of vibrant hues for an eye-catching contrast. Flat-panel or frameless cupboards and vanities with neat, streamlined lines add to the modern, minimalist effect. Complete the design, including current fixtures like wall-mounted sinks, walk-in showers, or freestanding tubs for an updated feel. Embrace the warmth and texture that natural materials bring to contemporary design. With these steps, you can transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional space that expresses your personality.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

A contemporary bathroom vanity is a stylish and functional piece, imbued with human emotions, that can dramatically alter the ambiance and feel of your bathroom. With its sleek and modern design, it exudes beauty and sophistication while providing ample storage space. Varied materials, such as natural wood, synthetics like acrylic and metal, and customizable designs let you craft a contemporary vanity that appeals to your individual artistic taste. Its minimalistic aesthetic, straight lines and simple shapes impart a chic and fashionable atmosphere while exuding both function and class.

ID# 150307 | – Credit© Black_Wall

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity with White Flat Panels and Countertops

The white creates a calm, bright atmosphere while the floating vanity lends a modern, stylish look and makes the area seem larger! The unframed mirror is a sleek, elegant addition that blends in perfectly with the feel of the bathroom. The beige walls offer a neutral, elegant quality while the herringbone tile wood floors bring a sense of warmth and texture that’s inviting.

ID# 150308 | – Credit© Nice Design

Blue Cabinets And White Countertops with Terrazzo Floor Tiles

This bathroom is a fashionable and modern refuge, that brings a gentle feeling of comfort. The blue flat-panel floating vanity and white countertops create a clean and vibrant canvas, while the black vessel sinks draw out drama and contrast, providing an eye-catching visual effect. The terrazzo floor tiles offer a unique and elegant touch and the warm brown tile wall adds a welcoming ambiance. Together these elements create an exciting and inviting atmosphere.

Waterjet Mosaic Tiles

Our mother-of-pearl and marble waterjet white mosaic tile combines a unique design with a luxurious finish for an elegant touch.

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The luxurious white and gray waterjet mosaic tile features a delicate, soft pattern that enhances any space with its rich appeal.

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The unique pattern of the white and gray marble tile, waterjet cut for precision, adds both a dynamic feel and a luxurious touch.

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Our black and white arabesque mosaic tile features a water jet cut pattern that offers both uniqueness and luxury.

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ID# 150309 | – Credit© D’Cruz Design Group

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity with Brass Accents and Marble Tops

In this modern bathroom, there are two under-mount sinks and a marble topped counter. The black accents and brass faucets provide a touch of sophistication. The contemporary appearance is completed with a marble backsplash and a leveled mirror pattern. The vanity’s outstanding overall design is furthered by the white flat-panel cabinets and golden fittings. The outcome is a room that is both stylish and practical.

What is a contemporary bathroom?

Contemporary bathroom design has become a popular choice, offering a look that is characterized by clean, minimal lines and a focus on both comfort and function. While the style may vary, it is often associated with modern architecture and interior design and can be used for both new construction and renovation projects. Contemporary bathroom design allows for a range of personal preferences, but it particularly emphasizes simplicity, neutrality, and practicality. Bringing feelings of comfort and relaxation, it is a style that can be easily adapted to suit the needs of any homeowner.

ID# 150310 | – Credit© Modscape

Brown Floor Tiles and Wood Flat-Panel Cabinets with White Tops

This spacious and modern bathroom has a lot to offer, from its inviting double-sink floating wood flat-panel vanity to its high ceilings with windows. The wood provides a cozy and inviting texture, while the floating vanity cleverly creates the illusion of a bigger, more open space. The black wall faucets add a contemporary and elegant touch that stands out brilliantly against the other elements. Neutral and graceful brown floor tiles, coupled with the captivating white walls give a sense of cleanliness and freshness to the room. No matter which way you look, this bathroom evokes a feeling of warmth and delight.

ID# 150311 | – Credit© TT Architecture

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity with a Wood Structure and White Vessel Sinks

This stylish and modern bathroom envelops one with a warm and inviting ambiance. The wood and grey vanity structure imparts an air of comfort, while the wood countertops exude a natural and rustic charm. The unique and contemporary double vessel sinks add both style and convenience to the area. The shiny chrome wall faucets bring a touch of sophistication, while the frameless mirror atop the wood structure completes the harmonious look. Together, these components create a unified, peaceful atmosphere that elicits feelings of contentment.

Contemporary Bathroom Backsplash

Bathrooms are one of the areas of the house that excite us about design, just like other rooms do. Bathrooms are where we rest with lengthy baths and occasionally get ready quickly, so it makes sense to want them to be elegantly designed. One of the bathroom design features is the backsplash. As kitchen backsplashes, they may shield your walls from water splashes. A contemporary bathroom backslash is an ideal choice if you prefer clean, uncomplicated designs.

A contemporary bathroom backsplash may help you create a trendy and streamlined appearance. Bold or neutral hues are also acceptable choices. Sharp contrasts between the hues are conceivable. The materials may alter the mood as well. Stone can offer a natural element, while wood elements can add warmth. For a contemporary bathroom backsplash, you may select a variety of material colors based on your preferences in terms of style and color.

ID# 150312 | – Credit© Atlas Architects

Contemporary Bathroom Backsplash with White Tiles

The welcoming feel of this bathroom is evident with its modern and natural floating vanity, white flat-panel cabinets and white quartz top. The white ceramic tile backsplash adds to the modern aesthetic, while the black accents provide a sophisticated and minimalist flair. Two sinks provide practicality for a busy household, or a couple sharing a bathroom – making it the perfect combination of style and function. Together, these elements create a beautiful and cohesive look, guaranteed to bring a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

ID# 150313 | – Credit© Big House Little House

Wood Flat-Panel Cabinets and Gray Marble Countertops with a White Sink

The bathroom features a modern and stylish design that stands out with its warm and natural wood flat-panel floating vanity. In contrast, the gray marble countertops deliver a sleek and sophisticated look, while the white sink and backsplash and the white square tiles emit a fresh and clean feeling. Complimenting the vanity and adding warmth to the overall ambiance is the wood frame mirror, with the gray floor tiles serving as a perfect neutral base and tying the design together. This bathroom is sure to make anyone feel at home.

ID# 150314 | – Credit© VIRSTAK Design

Contemporary Bathroom Backsplash with Blue Chevron Tiles

The bathroom oozes a feeling of elegance and style with its wood flat panel cabinets and blue chevron tiling adorning the backsplash. The round mirrors provide a delightful contrast to the sharp angles of the chevron tiles, allowing the eye to feel as though they are portals to some otherworldly place. The white flat panels and countertop present a sense of minimal alacrity, giving the bathroom a contemporary and chic look. The backsplash however is the most eye-catching feature – with its intricate tile design, accompanied by the soft ambient lighting from spotlights and pendant lights, it is truly breathtaking and draws out a sense of awe for the beauty of its design.

What colors are good for a contemporary bathroom?

No specific colors are demanded in a contemporary bathroom design, as individual preferences and decoration ideas can be adapted to suit. Although there are popular color palettes and mixtures that are regularly employed in contemporary bathrooms.

Neutral colors, such as white, beige, and grey, are timeless selections for present-day bathrooms as they create a composed and unified appearance to be enhanced by different highlights and finishes.

The classic contrast of black and white can also be employed for a modernistic and stylish effect, and can be jazzed up with colorful add-ons or natural materials to induce comfort and energy.

Subtle pastels, like subtle pink, blue, and green, can be used to present an expressive and graceful flair to a modern bathroom. These colors can serve as the core of the color plan or just be a contributing factor to it.

Bright colors, like red, orange, or yellow, are ideal if you intend to pull off a daring and eye-catching bathroom. They can also be either the central color or done in moderation to create a desired effect.

A contemporary bathroom can be designed to reflect your emotions and desires, allowing you to make it unique with a personalized color addition.

ID# 150315 | – Credit© Finnes Building Group

Wood Panel Walls and Flat-Panel Cabinets

The room feels wonderfully warm and natural due to its wood panel walls and ceiling, while the beige floors bring a calming completeness. The light flat-panel floating vanity and white countertops create a refreshingly clean and bright atmosphere. The classy vessel sink and frameless mirror further add to this sense of class and spaciousness.

ID# 150316 | – Credit© Full of Grace Interiors

Contemporary Bathroom Backsplash with Pale Blue Tiles and a Blue Vanity

The pale blue tiled walls and backsplash evoke a delightful and invigorating feeling when guests enter the space. The stark contrast of the white vessel sinks and blue flat-panel vanity gives the bathroom a modern and crisp atmosphere. The versatility of the gray countertops and flooring adds a neutral yet sophisticated vibe, while the vibrant blue walls bring together a cohesive atmosphere. This thoughtfully designed and visually appealing bathroom makes one feel refreshed and excited while maintaining a cool and contemporary charm.

ID# 150317 | – Credit© Full of Grace Interiors

Gray Cabinets and Wall Tiles with Brass Accents

The sleek sophistication of the floating gray flat panel vanity with its white vessel sink and brass accents create a beautiful backdrop for the room. The gray wall tiles and floor tiles provide a calming and neutral atmosphere, while the white ceiling opens up the space and lets in plenty of natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere!

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

Contemporary bathroom lighting can be an integral part of modern bathroom design, both practical and aesthetic. With a range of options to suit individual needs, helping to connect tasks like grooming and showering with the desired atmosphere and ambiance, it can be difficult to decide. Here are some ideas to mindfully go over when choosing to light for your contemporary bathroom:

Take account of what you need:

Thinking about what activities you’ll be doing in the bathroom will be key in determining the best lighting for the task. Think about the difference between lighting for tasks such as grooming and relaxing in the bath, and decide which is more important for you.

Consider the overall look:

Making sure the lighting complements the style of the bathroom is essential. For a minimalist, modern approach, opt for pendant lighting or basic sconces for the wall. If a more classic style is preferred, wall sconces or a chandelier might be the way to go.

Don’t forget the ceiling:

This is often forgotten when it comes to bathroom lighting, but it is ideal for helping to create a general ambiance. Fitting either recessed lighting or flush mount lighting in the center of the ceiling will work perfectly.

Think layer by layer:

Adding multiple lighting sources creates a more visually appealing and stimulating space, so think about adding wall sconces, vanity lights, or accent lights in addition to overhead lights.

Prioritize energy efficiency:

In this day and age, energy efficiency is a concern, so opt for LED lighting with longer lifespans rather than traditional incandescent bulbs. With these tips, hopefully, you’ll be able to create the perfect lighting to suit your contemporary bathroom.

By following these tips, you can choose the perfect contemporary bathroom lighting for your space. Whether you opt for statement-making fixtures or subtle and understated lighting, the right lighting can make all the difference in the look and feel of your bathroom.

ID# 150318 | – Credit© WALA

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting With Wall Appliques

The gray flat-panel cabinets exude a sleek and sophisticated atmosphere, while the white marble countertops lend a luxurious and elegant air to the room! The white ceramic tile backsplash helps to maintain the space looking pristine and crisp, while the wall appliques add a homely charm. The white vessel sink and black accents provide a delightful contrast, creating a bold and contemporary touch that really brings the design to life.

ID# 150319 | – Credit© Bayside Built

Wood Flat-Panel Floating Vanity with White Tops and a Black Vessel Sink

This wood flat-panel floating vanity brings a sense of warmth and naturalness to the room, its white countertops presenting a bright and airy contrast. An edgy and stylish touch is added by the black vessel sink and its accents while the pendant lighting and round mirror help to create a sense of grandeur and openness. Finally, the white tile backsplash lends an aura of cleanliness and freshness. All these pieces come together to create a room full of interesting, attractive and useful elements.

ID# 150320 | – Credit© Some Studio

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting and Blue Flat Panels

The floating vanity with its striking blue flat-panel cabinets is a star feature in this bathroom. The vibrant blue hue adds an invigorating pop of color while providing a striking contrast against the pristine white walls and floors. The black embellishments on the vanity bring a chic and alluring contrast to the bright white, while also gracefully complementing the dark blue of the vanity. The black pendant lights, exuding a modern allure, beautifully unite the bathroom and take it to the next level.

Contemporary Master Bathroom

Designing a contemporary master bathroom is all about creating a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere that expresses your unique style. Selecting the right materials and finishes can turn a space from mundane to marvelous. Sleek and modern materials like marble, quartz and granite can lend an air of refinement, while natural elements such as wood and stone add warmth and character. To embrace the minimalism associated with contemporary design, incorporate a clutter-free aesthetic with floating vanities, open shelving and simple finishes. A monochromatic color scheme with sleek and understated fixtures helps to further cultivate a calming, serene environment – the perfect sanctuary to retreat to after a long day!

ID# 150322 | – Credit | © Spec Design Studio

Pink and White Walls with a Light Wood Vanity

This bathroom showcases a sophisticated and stylish look, with its white and pink tile backsplash adding playful energy. The white freestanding tub and gray floor tiles present a modern effect, while the light wooden flat-panel vanity brings a sense of comfort. The pink vessel sink adds a joyful hue, and the brass and black accents bring a delightful glimmer. Finally, the frameless mirror helps to amplify an airy feeling.

ID# 150323 | – Credit© modhaus

Contemporary Master Bathroom with Gray Herringbone Floor Tiles

The charming gray, large herringbone floor tiles bring a pleasant touch of texture and visual appeal that captivates. The timeless and classic white bathtub offers a luxuriant look. The beige floating flat-panel vanity adds a modern flair that delicately complements the overall color scheme. The airy white countertops, walls, and accents keep the space feeling light, open and inviting!

ID# 150324 | – Credit© Brodware

Onyx Heaven with White Walls

This master bathroom is an awe-inspiring, luxurious space full of bold design. The grand baseboard with onyx impart a dramatic and stylish feel; the white walls offer a tranquil balance to the dark tones; the large windows flood the room with natural light; and the black accents create a modern and striking atmosphere. The pristine white toilet and bathtub bring a classic essence, while the expansive open shower gives an inviting ambience for cleaning up. In sum, this master bathroom is an impressive and remarkable area sure to evoke strong emotions.

Small Contemporary Bathroom

Searching for balance between style and functionality when designing a small bathroom? Look no further! Creating the perfect combination of appealing aesthetics and practical use can be tricky, but these small contemporary bathroom ideas will set you in the right direction. Go for a minimal, sleek look by incorporating modern, wall-mounted fixtures like a toilet and a floating vanity. Opt for neutral colors like white and gray, to keep the space light and airy. To add some personality, pick eye-catching accents – like bright towels and rugs – or paint the walls to create a bold statement. In addition to creating a fun and fashionable atmosphere, don’t forget the practical side; smart storage solutions and oversized mirrors can help you stay organized while also making the most of the space. With these small contemporary bathroom ideas, you can have both a chic and functional comfort zone!

ID# 150325 | – Credit© HARMONY INTERIORS

Contemporary Small Bathroom Ideas with a Green Vanity

A floating flat-panel vanity in a contemporary small bathroom is a chic and up-to-date solution that may significantly alter the room’s appearance and atmosphere. The black pulls contrast beautifully with the bright, colorful appearance of the green flat-panel cabinets. Green and black together produce a striking, opulent appearance that is ideal for a modern bathroom.

ID# 150326 | – Credit© Ирина Чернейкина

Yellow Herringbone Tile Backsplash Wall with Gray Patterned Tiles

This playful and vibrant bathroom design is sure to elicit strong emotions. The cheery yellow backsplash wall, combining herringbone and gray-patterned tiles, provides a captivating and eye-catching touch, while the yellow vanity, with its white vessel sink, gracefully completes the alluring color scheme. The fresh white walls and floors offer an ideal counterbalance to the daring color choices – for an overall effect that is both fun and fashionable, and sure to bring a smile to one’s face each day.

Is contemporary still trending in 2023?

It is likely that the minimalist and textureless surfaces of contemporary design will not be a part of what encompasses contemporary style in 2023. Nonetheless, we can still expect to see aspects that fall within the realms of a contemporary aesthetic in 2023. It is with a tinge of sadness that we will witness this change, but also with optimism that other elements of contemporary design will remain.

ID# 150327 | – Credit© Mihaly Slocombe

Contemporary Small Bathroom Design with Pink Wall Tiles

This chic, contemporary bathroom offers a delightful mixture of modern sophistication and unique, captivating charm. The pink tiled walls lend a vibrant, cheerful atmosphere, while the grey flooring provides a sleek and stylish feel. The wood bench combined with the white vessel sink infuses this room with warmth, texture and character. Shining brightly, the white wall lighting provides a pleasant, luminous ambiance, and the chrome accents plus the frameless mirror contribute a glossy glamour, at the same time helping to enlarge the space. All in all, this modern bathroom offers a delightful retreat, perfect for any home.

Matte Mosaic tiles

Our medium tone travertine subway mosaic tile combines elegance with natural beauty, ideal for any sophisticated decor.

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Elevate your space with our custom-made limestone tile, designed to bring a modern touch to any interior with its sophisticated gray tones.

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Add a touch of warmth and elegance to your decor with our light ivory travertine mosaic tile, perfect for creating a welcoming and stylish atmosphere.

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Add rustic charm to your space with our slate & glass mixed mosaic tile, combining earthy brown and gray shades for a unique, natural look.

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Our black slate stone subway tile offers a sophisticated look that blends classic elegance with modern design for a timeless appeal.

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Achieve a modern look with our pure white marble mosaic tile, featuring a geometrical shape that adds a sleek and sophisticated touch.

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Our beige porcelain tile features a long, slim shape and elegant design, providing a modern and stylish enhancement.

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Our pure white marble mosaic tile showcases a small picket design, offering a modern and sophisticated aesthetic perfect.

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ID# 150328 | – Credit© Adriano Pupilli Architects

Light Wood Small Vanity and a Mosaic Tile Backsplash

White mosaic tile walls in your bathrooms are a good option if you want a textured surface with a modern design aesthetic. The little square tiles give the bathroom texture and movement, complementing the wooden vanity’s style. Brass hardware adds flair to the bathroom.

ID# 150329 | – Credit© Full of Grace Interiors

Contemporary Small Bathroom With Blue Flat-Panel Cabinets and Pinky Countertops

This room radiates with a vibrant and stylish energy that will be sure to make an impression. The deep blue, flat-panel vanity adds a bold statement, while the rose quartz countertops offer a captivating view. The soft white sink coordinates with the colorful motif, and the luxurious brass accents bring an elegant touch. The ivory wall tiles combined with the deep green flooring give off a joyous and lively ambiance, and the frameless mirror helps to make the room appear larger.

White Contemporary Bathroom

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, white is often the go-to choice for a fresh and modern look. Yet, with so many options, it can sometimes be daunting to decide what is the best. Focusing on classic white gives you an effortless and versatile option to incorporate into a range of contemporary designs. Having a white contemporary bathroom can be akin to a security blanket for many – it’s a timeless classic.

Benefits abound to using white in the bathroom; it makes the space feel larger and airier, a feeling particularly conducive to small spaces which can come off as cluttered. The colour white exudes brightness, creating a welcoming and calming atmosphere. On top of its aesthetic offerings, white is also a practical choice. It’s easy to clean and maintain and is less likely to show dirt as compared to other dark hues, making it a great option for busier spaces.

ID# 150330 | – Credit©

Contemporary White Bathroom with a Blue Accent

The white flat-panel floating vanity design and the white porcelain tile backsplash go along well. In terms of geometry and shape, they offer a cohesive appeal. The blue frame of the mirror lends a splash of color to the room while the black vessel sink and flooring give the area a coordinated appearance.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

Experience luxury with our elegant white mosaic tile, featuring a rhomboid design and a sophisticated mix of shell glass and marble.

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Add rustic charm to your space with our slate & glass mixed mosaic tile, combining earthy brown and gray shades for a unique, natural look.

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Add sophistication with our marble chevron tile in gray and white, perfect for a luxurious look with a modern flair.

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Bring elegance and modernity with our glass and metal mosaic tile, offering a stylish and refined finish.

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Our medium tone travertine subway mosaic tile combines elegance with natural beauty, ideal for any sophisticated decor.

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Elevate your space with our custom-made limestone tile, designed to bring a modern touch to any interior with its sophisticated gray tones.

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Experience the perfect blend of modern design and classic elegance with the white and gray marble subway tile, offering sophisticated and elegant finish.

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Our white glass and metal mosaic tile combines elegance with contemporary design, perfect for creating a refined look in your home.

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Add a touch of warmth and elegance to your decor with our light ivory travertine mosaic tile, perfect for creating a welcoming and stylish atmosphere.

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Add a touch of modern elegance to your decor with our white glass and marble mosaic tile, offering a luminous and refined look.

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ID# 150331 | – Credit© Porebski Architects

Marble Tops with Shaker Cabinets and Black Knobs

This bathroom built-in double-sink vanity oozes sophistication, with its white marble tops, shaker cabinets and black handles. The white subway tile backsplash and black frame mirrors add to the alluring and contemporary appearance, leaving you with a classic, yet modern, ambiance. This vanity is truly an alluring and practical addition to anyone’s bathroom – helping you achieve a beautiful and stylish aesthetic.

How much does it cost to build a contemporary bathroom?

The cost of creating a modern bathroom will vary depending on numerous factors, such as its size, materials, fixtures, and complexity of design. A full overhaul of a bathroom is usually expensive, numbering anywhere from five to thirty thousand dollars, or even more, depending on the scale of the work. The expense of constructing a contemporary bathroom can be daunting – from the size, materials, fixtures and complexity of the design, the full cost of a complete renovation can come as quite a shock. On average, the price tag for an entire bathroom makeover could be between $5,000 and $30,000, or even more, depending on the magnitude of the project.

ID# 150332 | – Credit© Modscape

Contemporary White Bathroom Design with Brown Floor Tiles

This contemporary bathroom is a study in bold contrasts – a mix of crisp white wall tiles in a unique vertical layout and dark black grout, creating a daring and captivating visual effect. The open shower stands out as a modern and practical focal point, while the brown floor tiles offer balance and warmth. The finale of the bathroom design are the black accents that add a touch of sophistication and drama to complete the look. This bathroom offers a stimulating atmosphere of bold contrast and inviting warmth.

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