Kids Bathroom Ideas Joyful Patterns, Colorful Decors and More!

62+ Kids Bathroom Ideas

Boys Bathroom With Shiplap Walls And Dark Blue Ladders

ID# 106234 | Source – CreditVilla Decor | © Ashley Avila Photography

Boys Bathroom with Shiplap Walls and Dark Blue Ladders

If you have more than one kid, you can give them separate faucets and ladders to avoid the long wait. The trough sink creates an airy look on the shiplap walls. Three industrial-inspired light fixtures are placed above the large frameless mirror. Wicker basket and ‘No Diving’ floor tiles complete this sailor look.

Contemporary Bathroom With Yellow Mosaic Tilework

ID# 106202 | Source – Credit© Epoch Solutions, Inc.

Contemporary Bathroom with Yellow Mosaic Tilework

The eye-catching yellow tiles give an instant character to this otherwise ordinary bathroom. The yellow tiled wall creates an accent and brings a mosaic appeal to the wall. Wall-mounted sink and toilet serve a simple look and allow to shine tilework out. Wood details bring warmth to the atmosphere and create a harmonious look with the yellow.

Entertaining and Creative Kids’ Bathroom Ideas

Designing a kids’ bathroom is all about fun and creativity. From joyful patterns to colorful decors there are endless options to create a bathroom that will attract your child’s attention. Here we gather out our favorite kids’ bathroom ideas, scroll down, and find some inspirational design!

Add some fun decors to create an entertaining space

It is always fun to design a place that belongs entirely to your child and the bathroom is one of them. You can go out of the box, merge the colors, patterns, and textures, and create a bathroom with full of joy and creativity. You can incorporate a theme from your child’s favorite movie into walls, shower curtain, and bath mat or you can keep it simple but create an effective look with bold and fun decors. Whether your choice is colorful or minimalistic, you will create a stylish and entertaining bathroom for your children with these kids’ bathroom ideas!

From playful wallpapers to entertaining accessories there is an endless option for making a bathroom not only cute but functional!

Transitional Kids Bathroom Ideas with Marble Elegance

ID# 106201 | Source – Credit© Re-Bath

Transitional Kids Bathroom Ideas with Marble Elegance

Just because the kid’s bathroom is fun doesn’t mean it won’t be stylish. In this transitional bathroom, marble elegance surrounds the atmosphere and creates an elegant and stylish look. Pastel Blue wall paints in great harmony with the marble and it transforms the atmosphere into a suitable environment for children. Ocean-themed wall decors complete the look beautifully.

Pop Art Bathroom Ideas with Black Floating Vanity

ID# 106203 | Source – Credit© Jannat Vasi Interior Design

Pop Art Bathroom Ideas with Black Floating Vanity

A combination of vibrant colors creates an eye-catching and joyful bathroom design. Black vanity paired with black countertop and blue drawers. Black wall paint behind the vanity provides a continuous look. Yellow wall paint and cute Winnie the Pooh painting create a contrasting look and break the serious atmosphere created by the black vanity.

Blue Vanity With Beige Countertop And Colorful Backsplash

ID# 106204 | Source – Credit© Traci Connell Interiors

Blue Vanity with Beige Countertop and Colorful Backsplash

Blue vanity and geometric patterned backsplash take the stage in this contemporary bathroom. The vanity paired with the beige countertop, undermount sink, metallic handles, and faucet. Colorful geometric pattern of the backsplash adds a joy to the atmosphere while blue glass pendant lights complementing the vanity. White wall tiles create a clean and fresh look.

Small Kids Bathroom Ideas with Colorful Hexagon Shower Tiles

ID# 106205 | Source – CreditJennifer Ryan Design | © Katheryn Moran Photography

Small Kids Bathroom Ideas with Colorful Hexagon Shower Tiles

Colorful hexagon tiles create a more streamlined look with just a shower. Keeping everything white except the hex tile gives it a fresh clean look. Mini white hexagon tiles are used on the shower floor and complement the colorful hexes without stealing attention.

Kids Bathroom Ideas with Fun Stickers and Shower Curtain

ID# 106206 | Source – Credit© Bluetomatophotos

Kids Bathroom Ideas with Fun Stickers and Shower Curtain

This design is a great example that you can turn a regular bathroom into an entertaining kids’ bathroom with some stickers and a shower curtain! Colorful stickers and ocean themed shower curtain definitely take your kids attention while taking a bath! Concrete look walls serve a simple look and focusing on the fun decors.

Eclectic Kids Bathroom Ideas with Blue Mosaic Tiles and Red Washer

ID# 106207 | Source – Credit© Happy House Architecture&Design

Eclectic Kids Bathroom Ideas with Blue Mosaic Tiles and Red Washer

A combination of all these colors, patterns and textures creates chaotic but stylish bathroom! The bright blue mosaics help give this eclectic bathroom a charm of its own. Black and white dotted floor tiles add a nice texture to the floor. White freestanding tub and sink create a fresh look between this chaos. Wood-look wall tiles bring warmth to the atmosphere while pop art painting creating a focal point above the tub.

Small Bathroom With Black Trough Sink And Wood Cabinets

ID# 106208 | Source – Credit© Square Footage Inc.

Small Bathroom with Black Trough Sink and Wood Cabinets

Although, this transitional bathroom has a small space, a window opening, white subway tiles and penny tiles on the floor create a bright and spacious atmosphere. Mirrored cabinets completed with the wood niche. Wood cabinets under the black trough sink provide a clutter-free space with the help of the gray baskets. Black penny tiles on the floor add a fun pattern and complement the black sink.

Wood Vanity With White Countertop And Black Pendants

ID# 106209 | Source – CreditStudio Munroe | | © Thomas Kuah

Wood Vanity with White Countertop and Black Pendants

This transitional bathroom creates a cozy feeling with wood vanity. The gap between the wood cabinets provides a space for towels and some bathroom products. Subway tiles between the mirror and white countertop add texture. Black pendants and black and white floor complete the look beautifully.

Eclectic Bathroom With Yellow Hexagon Tiles And Colorful Poufs

ID# 106210 | Source – CreditAlex Fulton Design | © Julia Atkinson

Eclectic Bathroom with Yellow Hexagon Tiles and Colorful Poufs

Color and fun dominate the space and are complemented by a sense of fun and a sense of humor. Yellow hexagon tiles with white grout create a stunning backdrop. The blue towel rack contrasts with the yellow tiles. Turquoise, green and pink poufs complete this fun atmosphere. A large frameless mirror makes space feel larger while white vanity and white hex tiles providing a clean look.

Beach Style Bathroom With White Shaker Vanity And Fish Patterned Wallpaper

ID# 106211 | Source – Credit© Waterford Construction

Beach Style Bathroom with White Shaker Vanity and Fish Patterned Wallpaper

Fish patterned wallpaper and blue shaded mosaic floor tiles create a serene atmosphere and bring the ocean feeling to the bathroom. White shaker vanity paired with recycled glass countertop. Large vanity provides plenty of storage space for towels and bath products. Blue framed mirrors complement the floor tiles and add some personality to the counter.

Navy Blue Vanity With White Countertop And Wallpaper Design

ID# 106212 | Source – Credit© CTA Design Builders, Inc.

Navy Blue Vanity with White Countertop and Wallpaper Design

Inspiration for a transitional bathroom with a navy blue vanity, white countertop, vessel sink, large frameless mirror, alcove bathtub, monochrome wallpaper and gray floor tiles. Navy blue vanity with a white countertop makes a big impact in this bathroom. monochrome wallpaper design creates a tile look in a fun way. A small recessed niche provides a space for bath products.

Traditional Kids Bathroom Ideas with Blue Hex Tiles and Window Seat

ID# 106213 | Source – CreditOvermyer Architects | © Angie Seckinger

Traditional Kids Bathroom Ideas with Blue Hex Tiles and Window Seat

It’s a space both kids and adults can love with contrasting prints, playful motifs, and pops of red! The night sky-inspired hexagon floor tiles lay the perfect foundation for this whimsical children’s bathroom. Shiplap walls, pedestal sink and brass accents serve a traditional look while floor tiles, red stepladder and tiger print rug creating fun atmosphere.

Soft Blue Vanity With Dog Printed Wallpaper And Brass Accents

ID# 106214 | Source – CreditIDF Studio | © Christopher Stark

Soft Blue Vanity with Dog Printed Wallpaper and Brass Accents

Animal lovers will love this cute bathroom design. Look at this adorable wallpaper with tiny dog prints! It provides cute and creative atmosphere. Also, the cat painting is placed above the toilet. Soft blue vanity with white countertop creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Wood herringbone parquets bring warmth to space while brass accents adding a vintage vibe.

Transitional Kids Bathroom Ideas with Cute Wallpaper Design

ID# 106215 | Source – Credit© Дизайн студия “Нечаев и Сенчугов

Transitional Kids Bathroom Ideas with Cute Wallpaper Design

This sweet wallpaper design will make your child feel like they are in a fairy tale they are taking a bath! Freestanding tub placed in the corner. Beige and soft blue glossy herringbone tiles create an accent behind the tub. Wood-look floor in a harmony with the wallpaper.

Neutral Bathroom With White And Beige Square Tiles

ID# 106216 | Source – Credit© Gommez-Vaëz Architecte

Neutral Bathroom with White and Beige Square Tiles

Inspiration for a large kid’s bathroom with wood vanity, white tiles, black-framed mirrors, and beige floor tiles. White tiles cover the walls and create a bright atmosphere. Also, same tiles continued on countertop of the wood vanity. Floor to ceiling frameless mirror provides a wider and larger atmosphere.

Rustic Coastal Bathroom With Blue Vanity And Shiplap Walls

ID# 106217 | Source – Credit© Denman Construction

Rustic Coastal Bathroom with Blue Vanity and Shiplap Walls

Cool and moody! The small bathroom boasts a blue vanity with quartz countertop, colorful framed mirror, shiplap walls, and penny floor tiles. Wood elements and shades of blue give a 100% coastal vibe. ‘No Diving’ sign on the floor contributes to the coastal style in a fun way.

Rustic Kids Bathroom Ideas with Black Trough Sink and Wood Walls

ID# 106218 | Source – Credit© Conrad Brothers Construction

Rustic Kids Bathroom Ideas with Black Trough Sink and Wood Walls

This rustic mountain cabin has a bathroom decorating down pat. Wood walls reflect the rustic atmosphere beautifully and trough sink in harmony with the walls. The red mirror and vintage flower bucket add a bit of energy while a braided rug adds comfort underfoot. Dark blue bath cabinet paired with stainless steel countertop and it provides plenty of storage space.

Sonic Themed Bathroom With Red Washstand And Unique Tilework

ID# 106219 | Source – Credit© Architectural Studio RE

Sonic Themed Bathroom with Red Washstand and Unique Tilework

Primary colors, a graphic tile treatment, and a video-game character motif on the wall – what more could a child want in their bathroom? White square tiles already create an eye-catching atmosphere with the black grouts. Also, adding a specially designed Sonic figure to it creates a completely special design. It gives a unique look for sure. But in this bathroom, all the furniture is unique. Red washstand, red stepladder, yellow pendant lights and black framed mirror provide a stunning contemporary appeal.

Blue Trough Sink With Double Faucet And Circular Mirror

ID# 106220 | Source – Credit© Chango & Co.

Blue Trough Sink with Double Faucet and Circular Mirror

The vibrant blue color of the trough sink is accented with a pair of gooseneck faucets and breaks the domination of the white. Black framed circular mirror, black bath table, black wall mounted light and white subway tiles create a modern and clean look.

Wood Vanity With Navy Blue Wallpaper And Gold Pendant Light

ID# 106221 | Source – Credit© House of Jade Interiors

Wood Vanity with Navy Blue Wallpaper and Gold Pendant Light

Inspiration for a transitional bathroom with wood vanity, quartz countertop, star-printed navy blue wallpaper, gold-framed mirror, gold pendant light, mini hexagon floor tiles, and walk-in shower. Sky-inspired wallpaper creates an eye-catching backdrop. Gold stars on the wallpaper complement the other gold details and add a glam. Wood vanity creates a warm and intimate atmosphere while white hex tiles providing a clean and fresh look.

Nautical Girls Bathroom With Blue Vanity And White Countertop

ID# 106222 | Source – Credit© Emily Moss Designs

Nautical Girls Bathroom with Blue Vanity and White Countertop

Generally, pink or red are using for girl’s bathrooms but isn’t it so cool this nautical bathroom for little sailors? Blue vanity paired with white quartz countertop and undermount sink. Brass faucet and handles make an elegant touch to vanity. Blue and white tiles on the wall bring the feeling of the sea perfectly. Tiny fish decors above the toilet add some fun and complete the theme.

Blue Vanity With Gray Countertop And Frameless Mirror

ID# 106223 | Source – Credit© Mark Ashby Design

Blue Vanity with Gray Countertop and Frameless Mirror

Blue vanity steals the show in this gray bathroom. Wallpaper on ceiling, gray tiles, and traditional ceramic floor tiles add texture to the atmosphere and creates harmony with blue vanity. A frameless circular mirror brings a clean and simple look.

Wood Vanity With Blue Faucet And Yellow Stepladder

ID# 106224 | Source – CreditHisbalit | © José Luis de Lara

Wood Vanity with Blue Faucet and Yellow Stepladder

You can transform a regular bathroom into a kid’s bathroom with small adjustments like this design. Here, yellow stepladder, robot décor and blue faucet add fun to the atmosphere and transform the ordinary bathroom in to an attractive space. wood vanity paired with white countertop and white vertical backsplash tiles. Flower patterns created by white and black penny tiles on the floor incorporate with the atmosphere.

Contemporary Kids Bathroom Ideas with Pink Vanity and Quartz Countertop

ID# 106225 | Source – Credit© Esra Kazmirci Mimarlik

Contemporary Kids Bathroom Ideas with Pink Vanity and Quartz Countertop

Pink color dominates the space! Colorful DIY wall paints in a harmony with the soft pink vanity with quartz countertop and create a cute atmosphere for little princess. The frameless door of the walk-in shower allows a seamless view of the stunning marble design. The colorful rug complements the wall paint.

Kids Bathroom Ideas with Fish Printed Wallpaper and Concrete Vanity

ID# 106226 | Source – Credit© Visbeen Architects

Kids Bathroom Ideas with Fish Printed Wallpaper and Concrete Vanity

Fish printed wallpaper turns this small bathroom into an entertaining space. Vibrant fish prints bring the ocean feel into the bathroom. Concrete vanity with black stand and white subway tiles brings a contemporary appeal. Metallic framed mirror serves a simple look and reflects the beautiful print of the wallpaper. Mini white hexagon tiles add a nice texture to the floor.

Scandinavian Bathroom With Bubblegum Lily Pad Hexagon Tiles

ID# 106227 | Source – Credit© West One Bathrooms Ltd

Scandinavian Bathroom with Bubblegum Lily Pad Hexagon Tiles

Pink lily pad hexagon tiles as a backsplash, make a real design statement in this Scandinavian bathroom. These are the beautiful Ca Pietra Lily Pad Tiles in Bubblegum and are made out of porcelain. Black trough sinks in harmony with the pink tiles and breaks the soft color scheme with its strong color. Mini white hexagon floor tiles complement the pink ones with its shape and also completes the white walls while adding a texture to the floor.

Small White Bathroom With Blue Mermaid Tiles

ID# 106228 | Source – Credit© QuarterLab Design Build

Small White Bathroom with Blue Mermaid Tiles

The streamlined and aerodynamic form of the mermaid tile creates stunning movement and uninterrupted flow. Also, it creates a beautiful shimmering wall reminiscent of the ocean. Other features preferred in white color and allow this stunning tilework to steal attention. White subway wall tiles and hexagon floor tiles give a sense of cleanliness.

White Kids Bathroom Ideas with Marble Countertop and Black Ladders

ID# 106229 | Source – Credit© McCall Homes

White Kids Bathroom Ideas with Marble Countertop and Black Ladders

A great example of a shared bathroom for two boys! A trough sink sporting two separate faucets with two built-in medicine cabinets overhead gives them plenty of elbow room. Free-standing white vanities completed with marble countertop.

Small Kids Bathroom Ideas with Plus Shower Tiles and Blue Floor Tiles

ID# 106230 | Source – CreditNoz Design | © Colin Price Photography

Small Kids Bathroom Ideas with Plus Shower Tiles and Blue Floor Tiles

What an interesting tile choice! The plus shaped tiles are not usually the preferred choice but this design is proof that we should see tile in the bathrooms. Gray and red tiles between the white ones add a joy to the atmosphere. A bright matte blue glaze makes these patterned bathroom floor tiles pop.

Beach Style Bathroom With Blue Vanity And Quartz Countertop

ID# 106231 | Source – Credit© White Sands Coastal Development

Beach Style Bathroom with Blue Vanity and Quartz Countertop

Simple, classic coastal cottage! Blue vanity with quartz countertop, white bathroom wainscoting, and little surfboard as a towel rack perfectly reflect the coastal vibe. Black and white penny tiles add a traditional look while complementing the faucet and frame of the mirror with its black tiles.

Wood Vanities With Gray Trough Sink And Yellow Stepladders

ID# 106232 | Source – Credit© HighCraft Builders

Wood Vanities with Gray Trough Sink and Yellow Stepladders

The warmth of the wood surrounds the whole space beautifully! The bathroom provides plenty of space for two children. Gray trough sink placed between the wood cabinets and creates harmonious look with the gray penny tiles. Because of the sink is wall-mounted, yellow stepladders perfectly fit under the space of the sink. The eye-catching penny tile makes the counter special with its glossy surface. Wood-look floor and wood-framed mirrors complete this transitional look.

Gray Kids Bathroom Ideas with Green Stepladder and Penny Floor Tile

ID# 106233 | Source – Credit© Christie Hausmann Design

Gray Kids Bathroom Ideas with Green Stepladder and Penny Floor Tile

Placing the sink in a corner creates an opportunity for more storage. The white custom wall-mount cabinet on the wall next to the sink, recessing it into the wall to keep the bathroom feeling open and uncluttered. Green stepladder and decorative elements in the open cabinets bring a joy to the atmosphere while gray shaded penny tiles create a mosaic appeal on the floor.

Floating Vanities With Round Mirror And Blue Sink

ID# 106235 | Source – CreditCindy Aplanalp & Chairma Design Group | © Kolanowski Studio

Floating Vanities with Round Mirror and Blue Sink

Blue through sink pulls the attention between this soft color palette. A wood round mirror softens these details while maintaining a timeless look. White and beige strips catch the nautical atmosphere. Floating white vanities and wall-mounted sink enhance the footprint of this small space.

Wall Mounted Sink With Red Stepladders And White Penny Tile

ID# 106236 | Source – Credit© Carl Mattison Design

Wall-mounted Sink with Red Stepladders and White Penny Tile

The black and white color scheme in the master bedroom and bath feels simple and serene while red stepladders under the black trough sink popping up in this monochrome space. White framed medicine cabinets create a clean look with the white walls. The Gray door provides a smooth transition between the whites and blacks. White penny tiles add a nice texture to the floor.

Blue Textured Wallpaper With Marble Subway Backsplash

ID# 106237 | Source – Credit© Amy Studebaker Design

Blue Textured Wallpaper with Marble Subway Backsplash

A combination of different textures and patterns creates a beautiful spacious boys’ bathroom. Blue textured wallpaper covers the upper walls of this bathroom fitted with a lower wall white wainscoting and serves a serene atmosphere. Alcove bathtub completed with a marble deck and marble subway tiles. A tiny marble-tiled niche provides a space for bath products. Orange bath table popping up between the soft color palette.

Kids Bathroom Ideas with Clawfoot Tub and Toy Animal Heads

ID# 106238 | Source – Credit© Mia Karlsson Interior Design

Kids Bathroom Ideas with Clawfoot Tub and Toy Animal Heads

If your children are difficult to take a bath, creating a cheerful bathroom specifically for kids is the best way for you. Toy animal heads on the wall and animal printed towels turn this small bathroom into an entertaining space. Light blue clawfoot bathtub and beige floor tiles with blue grout complete the design beautifully.

White Kids Bathroom Ideas with Blue and Green Decors

ID# 106239 | Source – Credit© d2 interieurs

White Kids Bathroom Ideas with Blue and Green Decors

By creating two vanity stations, this bathroom allows two and cuts down on time spent waiting and fighting during the morning routine. Navy-blue wicker baskets help to create clutter-free space. Fun zebra rug and dinosaur bathrobes provide an entertaining experience for kids.

Farmhouse Bathroom With Green Vanity And Quartz Countertop

ID# 106240 | Source – CreditTindall Architecture Workshop | © Levi Monday Photography

Farmhouse Bathroom with Green Vanity and Quartz Countertop

The vibrant green color of the shaker vanity takes the stage in this bathroom. The vanity paired with a quartz countertop, undermount sinks, and nickel hardware. Black and white floor tiles add a nice texture to space. White window seats with colorful cushions and wicker store curtains bring warmth and create a cozy atmosphere.

White Bathroom With Glossy Gray Subway Tile

ID# 106241 | Source – Credit© Blume Architecture

White Bathroom with Glossy Gray Subway Tile

Glossy gray subway tiles create a pure, elegant, and modest bathroom appearance. Tiles are used on the floor and around the alcove bathtub. Colorful toys around the bathtub bring joy to this formal atmosphere and make this bathroom adjustable for kids.

Coastal Kids Bathroom Ideas with Black Penny Floor Tiles

ID# 106242 | Source – Credit© Tom Jenkins

Coastal Kids Bathroom Ideas with Black Penny Floor Tiles

A nautical theme adorns this boy’s bathroom. All the features complement the nautical theme beautifully. Large black trough sinks enhance the floor space and provide a space for wood step stools. Shiplap walls create a bright atmosphere. Blu framed mirrors shine out between the neutral tones and in a harmony with the shiplap. Colorful flower patterns between the black penny tiles add joy to space.

Orange Vanity With Blue Patterned Tilework

ID# 106243 | Source – Credit© Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design

Orange Vanity with Blue Patterned Tilework

What an eye-catching design! Vibrant orange and blue create a harmonious look in this bathroom. Blue patterned tiles create a stunning backdrop. Wall-mounted orange sconce, colorful towel, and orange flower in the vase complement the vanity. The frameless mirror above the vanity completes the look without disturbing the eye.

White Kids Bathroom Ideas with Star-printed Blue Tile

ID# 106244 | Source – Credit© Banner Day Interiors

White Kids Bathroom Ideas with Star-printed Blue Tile

Star-printed blue tile on the floor creates an eye-catching bathroom design. Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” for the walls creates a bright and spacious atmosphere. A wall-mounted sink, frameless mirror, and bubble pendant lighting complete the look.

Walk In Shower With Gray Walls And Colorful Stickers

ID# 106245 | Source – CreditNatalia Ivanova | © OVA Design Studio

Walk-in Shower with Gray Walls and Colorful Stickers

Gray shaded wallpaper and colorful balloon and animal stickers on the wall turn this otherwise ordinary walk-in shower into an entertaining space. White recessed wall niches provide storage space for bathroom products.

Luxury Bathroom With Pink Ceiling And White Subway Tiles

ID# 106246 | Source – Credit© Tamra Rubin Design

Luxury Bathroom with Pink Ceiling and White Subway Tiles

The extraordinary pink-painted ceiling makes this white bathroom design more enjoyable. A window treatment that has a big pink chandelier motif creates a harmonious look with the ceiling. Small orange tiled niche provides an additional space between the white gloss subway tiles. White vanity paired with cream countertop and vessel sink.

Blue Vanity With Quartz Countertop And Subway Tile

ID# 106247 | Source – Credit© Adams + Beasley Associates

Blue Vanity with Quartz Countertop and Subway Tile

The kid’s bathroom is made whimsical and open with a pop of color. Blue vanity with quartz countertop in a harmony with the white subway tiles and pastel blue walls. Carrara countertops and satin nickel fixtures lend some luxury, while bright accents create whimsy. Frameless medicine cabinets make space feel larger. Butterfly paintings that reflecting on the mirror complete this blue bathroom.

Girls Bathroom With Separate Japanese Soaking Tubs

ID# 106248 | Source – Credit© DeForest Architects

Girls Bathroom with Separate Japanese Soaking Tubs

If you have enough space placing separate bathtubs for your kids can save you! Here Japanese soaking tubs make a design statement in this bathroom besides its function. Each tub has an own curtain above it. Whitewall tiles under the gray wall paint, add a nice texture. The beige floor and wood vanity bring warmth to the atmosphere.

Green and Blue Kids’ Bathroom Ideas with Gray Floor

ID# 106249 | Source – Credit© Kaplan Thompson Architects

Green and Blue Kids’ Bathroom Ideas with Gray Floor

Vibrant green and blue popping up all around this bathroom! Green shaker vanity paired with beige countertop. Bathroom wainscoting under the blue wall paint provides a fresh look between the pops up colors. A Green framed mirror complements the vanity while a green and blue glossy backsplash giving a special look to the vanity.

Green Shaker Vanity With Gray And White Geometric Tile

ID# 106250 | Source – Credit© Rebel House LLC

Green Shaker Vanity with Gray and White Geometric Tile

In this small beach-style bathroom green shaker vanity with a marble countertop creates an accent. Wood stepladder in a harmony with the vanity. Gray and white geometric patterned tiles add a nice texture to the floor and complement the countertop of the vanity. Metallic sconces and frameless mirrors complete the look.

Small Boys Bathroom With Orange Vanity And Shark Printed Wallpaper

ID# 106251 | Source – CreditChris Fox Construction, LLC | © jack gardner photography

Small Boys Bathroom with Orange Vanity and Shark Printed Wallpaper

Inspiration for a beach-style bathroom with orange vanity with open shelves, white quartz countertop, undermount sink, stainless steel faucet, wood-framed large mirror, and shark printed wallpaper.

Kids Bathroom Ideas with Quirky Fish Wallpaper

ID# 106252 | Source – CreditMartins Camisuli Architects | © Jake Fitzjones Photography Ltd

Kids Bathroom Ideas with Quirky Fish Wallpaper

This wonderfully quirky bathroom features an original fish-themed wallpaper installed in an immersive way. This eye-catching wallpaper brings the ocean into the bathroom! The furniture and other decor elements are kept at a minimum to enhance the immersion effect of the wallpaper.

Contemporary Kids Bathroom Ideas with Blue Hexagon Tiles 

ID# 106253 | Source – Credit© Classic Homeworks

Contemporary Kids Bathroom Ideas with Blue Hexagon Tiles 

Inspiration for an entertaining bathroom with a white bathtub, blue hexagon tiles with white starbursts, and white subway tiles. The white recessed niche between the blue tiles creates additional space for bath products.

Marble Vanity With Mr. Blowfish Wallpaper And Brass Accents

ID# 106254 | Source – Credit© Bozich Construction

Marble Vanity with Mr. Blowfish Wallpaper and Brass Accents

The small powder room is clad in Mr. Blowfish Wallpaper and creates an eye-catching effect. A floating marble vanity and antique brass fixtures such as faucets, sconces, add a feel of luxury. Goldfish patterns of the green wallpaper complete this luxurious look.

Pastel Green Washstand With Granite Countertop

ID# 106255 | Source – Credit© Colleen Knowles Interior Design

Pastel Green Washstand with Granite Countertop

Inspiration for a beach-style powder room with a pastel green washstand, gray granite countertop, undermount sink, brass faucet, wood-framed mirror, and fish printed wallpaper. Bluefish prints the including white wallpaper bring joy to the atmosphere while brass accents add luxury to the atmosphere.

Reclaimed Vintage Sink With Bunny Printed Wallpaper

ID# 106256 | Source – Credit© Advance Design Studio, Ltd.

Reclaimed Vintage Sink with Bunny Printed Wallpaper

An eyer-catching wallpaper design can instantly change the whole atmosphere of the bathroom. A reclaimed vintage sink and custom wallpaper in a harmony in this small powder room.

Beach Style Bathroom With Colorful Curtain And Shiplap Walls

ID# 106257 | Source – Credit© Tara Seawright Interior Design

Beach Style Bathroom with Colorful Curtain and Shiplap Walls

The colorful curtain becomes the focal point of this white bathroom and makes it look more inviting. White vanity, built-in cabinet, and toilet create a fresh look with the shiplap walls.

Transitional Kids Bathroom Ideas with Blue Themed Wallpaper and Wall Lights

ID# 106258 | Source – Credit© La Finca Interiors

Transitional Kids Bathroom Ideas with Blue Themed Wallpaper and Wall Lights

Blue fish-themed wallpaper sets a cool and darker tone to this boy’s bathroom. White vanity with white countertop and white medicine cabinets creates strong contrast with wallpaper while providing plenty of storage space shipping. wood ladders and wicker rug with blue details bring warmth to the atmosphere.

Kids Bathroom Ideas with Green Trough Sink and Gray Glass Backsplash

ID# 106259 | Source – CreditZ+ Architects, LLC | © T.C. Geist Photography

Kids Bathroom Ideas with Green Trough Sink and Gray Glass Backsplash

Small kids’ bathroom features a green trough sink, tall and slim floating display cabinets mounted on gray glass tiles, flanking mirror, pendant lightings, and his and her faucets paired with monogrammed step stools. Gray glass tilework provides a stunning backdrop and in a harmony with the green wall-mounted sink.

Contemporary Bathroom With White Subway Tile And Yellow Details

ID# 106260 | Source – CreditSF Design Build | © Whistle Photography

Contemporary Bathroom with White Subway Tile and Yellow Details

Yellow towels and yellow rug popping up in this mostly white bathroom. White subway shower tiles, alcove bathtub, and mini hex floor tiles create a clean and fresh look. The animal sticker items above the towel rack make this bathroom an entertaining space for kids’ customer service. Black tile details on the floor complement the black pattern of the shower curtain.

White Traditional Bathroom With Large Owl Decals

ID# 106261 | Source – Credit© Harry Braswell Inc.

White Traditional Bathroom with Large Owl Decals

You can make a big difference with a small change using decals. Here large owl decals create a space that can pull your kids’ attention inc all rights reserved. White subway tiles sink with nickel legs, toilet, and penny floor tiles provide a clean and fresh look.

106262 White Cabinets With Teal Backsplash Tiles And Colorful Stickers

ID# 106262 | Source – CreditJennifer Ott Design | © Whit Preston

White Cabinets with Teal Backsplash Tiles and Colorful Stickers

The stickers for shower stalls, furniture, and floor will certainly make the children’s bathroom even more fun and playful. Teal square tiles create an accent between the white flat panel vanity with a black countertop and frameless mirror. White subway tiles are preferred for the shower.

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