Glass Countertop Ideas for Edgy and Sleek Kitchen Designs

37+ Glass Countertop Ideas

ID# 90427 | – Credit© Hann Builders

Modern Contemporary Stone Kitchen with Textured Glass Countertop

This home in Houston proudly features a contemporary galley kitchen with glass-front dark wood cabinets, multicolored tiles backsplash, paneled appliances, laminated wood flooring, and turquoise countertops. It has a two-layered countertop on the island which looks great with the stone counter wine storage and slate mosaic tile wall. Notice that the glass countertop has a textured bottom to bring more drama to this modern contemporary kitchen.


ID# 90410 | – Credit© Columbia Cabinets

Luxurious Farmhouse Kitchen with Curvy Textured Countertop

A spacious designer kitchen with white walls and wooden flooring to complete its farmhouse look. It has white cabinets for kitchen storage and comfortable curvy white chairs. This stunning curvy glass countertop ideas used 1.5 inches thick glass that is supported by a stainless leg on one side and is left hanging on the other side. In the center is a void intended for wine and ice to double the counter’s usage as a home bar. Decorative chandelier, pin lights and a pendant lights are also added in this country kitchen.


37+ Glass Countertop Ideas (Glass Top Designs, Tips & Advice!)

Glass Countertop Ideas

Glass countertops are ideal for an edgy and sleek modern kitchen. There are different varieties of glass which can be used for the kitchen. It can be graded according to their sturdiness, opaqueness, and composition. Glass countertop ideas can also be used in combination with other materials. Since it is a manufactured material, it is available in myriad sizes, designs, forms, shapes, and thickness.

Environmentally friendly glass countertop ideas

Homeowners can even choose any color and design that they want. This material is stain resistant, heat resistant and also scratch resistant. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.

Glass Countertop Cost / Price;

Glass countertop varies between $50 – $100

ID# 90401 | – Credit© National Kitchen & Bath Association

Brown Transitional Kitchen with Glass Countertop

A transitional open concept eat-in kitchen with exposed wooden ceiling beams and beige walls features a half U-shaped glass countertop on a stainless steel countertop. The curvy shape of the countertop is a nice contrast with the straight lines of the recessed panel brown cabinets and the patterns of the brown backsplash tiles and flooring. To complete the look, brown glass pendant lights, track lightings and orange leather counter-height stools were added. This space is indeed a head turner!



ID# 90402 | – Credit© Aumer Group

Sleek Modern Contemporary Kitchen

Seeing this black, white and gray modern contemporary L-shaped open concept kitchen with gray ceramic tile flooring will definitely make you love the way glass countertop looks! Yes, even a simple counter can get a sophisticated feel merely by adding glass on it. The natural light from the white picture window brightens the kitchen with black ceramic tile flooring during the day while the white decorative pendant lights bring drama to the area at night.



  • Available options: – Glass countertops can be design wide variety of styles, colors, and textures. Because it can be shape & formed in to so many design style.
  • Extremely durable: – Heat resistant, also free for dirt and bacteria to get trapped in.
  • Eco-friendly: – Glass countertop can be made from recycled materials that makes it great eco-friendly option.


  • Sharp or heavy objects: – If glass countertop crack or chip, difficult and expensive to repair.

Buying Options Where to Buy Glass Countertop

  • Beautiful glass kitchen countertops and raised bars.
    ; ThinkGlass

ID# 90403 | – Credit© John Kinsley Architects

Edinburg Plywood Contemporary Kitchen with Decorative Glass Countertop ideas

This mid-sized trendy single-wall kitchen with gray concrete flooring, glass-front light wood cabinets, laminate countertops, white backsplash, and stainless steel appliances features the use of plywood in counters, cabinets, ceiling and even walls. The use of glass in this mid-size trendy contemporary kitchen is a good combination with its wooden features. Its island brings a creative touch to the space revealing a mosaic-like design underneath the glass. Meanwhile, the metal chairs add an industrial touch to the kitchen and is a good match with the stainless steel elements of the kitchen fixtures and appliances.


ID# 90418 | – Credit© Lemon Remodeling & Services

Stone and Glass mixed Countertop in Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Neutral colors are used for this dreamy open concept contemporary kitchen remodel with high ceilings, neutral-colored beige backsplash tiles, waterfall countertop and stainless steel appliances. It features a two-tiered island counter with clear glass countertop as well as a stone countertop for the island and the rest of the kitchen counters. The neutral colors of this space plus the materials used including the ceramic flooring in it gives this kitchen a unique and welcoming feel.


ID# 90416 | – Credit© Southam Design Inc

Wooden Modern Kitchen Lighted Backsplash and Countertop

A triangle kitchen design with simple modern aesthetic featuring two built-in refrigerators with freezer drawers, a custom cookbook area with steel roll top covering, a large sink, and maple flat panel cabinets trimmed with 4” cherry border. Oiled 2” thick soapstone is used for the countertop while a custom blue glass backsplash lit by LED strip lighting is added to the space. Its kitchen island used a thick glass countertop on maple counters. Although the modern aesthetics of this kitchen is just simple, the lighting and the use of glass made all the difference!


ID# 90414 | – Credit© Allied Kitchen, Bath, Home and Outdoor Living

Thick Textured Glass Countertop for Contemporary Kitchen

A contemporary kitchen with flat-panel medium tone wood cabinets, paneled appliances and turquoise backsplash. Add a hint of creativity in your kitchen by using textured glass for your island’s countertop. It looks great with the wooden counter that also features a beautiful island hood from Miele. The rest of the kitchen countertop are made from granite which compliments with the floor tiles.


ID# 90429 | – Credit | © Cloisters Design Ltd.

Glass Countertop in Modern Luxurious Open Kitchen

A spacious L-shaped slate floored kitchen with a drop-in sink, white flat-panel cabinets, metallic backsplash, stainless steel appliances and two sleek islands.The glossy pendant lights, glass countertops and the stainless legs of the counter-height chairs provide a gleaming sophisticated feel to the room. The glass used here isn’t as thick as other countertops but it is three-layered as well.


ID# 90408 | – Credit© Opun

Sleek Glass Countertop in Contemporary Kitchen Extension

At first glance, this gray and white contemporary kitchen with white walls, gray ceramic flooring, and white shaker cabinets is just simple. But the multicolored backsplash of this kitchen is very artistic featuring a beautifully lighted cityscape. Also notice the glass countertop used not just on the island but on the other counters as well. It is made of three layers of glass which is a good match with the white color of the cabinet. There is also a wooden counter used for eating placed next to the white island.


ID# 90413 | – Credit© Glastone Marble

Modern Minimalist Kitchen with Artistic Glass Countertop ideas

A mid-size modern minimalist open concept L-shaped kitchen with gray ceramic floor and white walls. It also features a double-bowl sink, beaded inset white cabinets, white backsplash and stainless steel appliances. One advantage of a glass countertop ideas is that you can add whatever style and design you want underneath it just like the one in the picture. This color of the countertop hints and exciting vibe to the white kitchen.


ID# 90422 | – Credit© Green Draft Pty Ltd.

White Wooden Contemporary Kitchen with Glass island and Countertop

This eat-in contemporary kitchen has a great mix of materials from its bamboo floor to the high gloss white flat-panel wood cabinets. The design of the wooden counter-height chairs will no doubt draw your eyes to this kitchen. But the use of glass on the countertop and glossy white for the backsplash and flat panel cabinets brings a contrasting texture with its wooden flooring. This open concept kitchen also features stainless steel appliances, an undermount sink, white walls and glass backsplash idea.


ID# 90432 | – Credit© Birkwood

Neutral Colored Contemporary Kitchen Glass Countertop

This single-wall mid-sized kitchen use a mix of plywood and glass which is seen in its cabinets, counters and walls. It features stainless steel appliances, flat-panel light wood cabinets, and metal counter-height industrial stools. Adding stones of green and cream colors underneath the glass countertop compliments with the wooden features of the space. Overall, you can feel the beauty of nature being brought into the kitchen.


ID# 90423 | – Credit© Home Check Plus

Glass Island Countertop in Minneapolis Contemporary Condo Kitchen

Trendy contemporary kitchen in Minneapolis with beige light wood floor and light gray walls. It also features single-bowl sink, gray flat-panel cabinets, blue backsplash tile, stainless steel appliances. This modern gray kitchen used both straight and curved lines. The curved lines seen in the chairs, ceiling and glass countertop on top of a marble counter are dominant which gives the kitchen a relaxing feeling.


ID# 90421 | – Credit© Arnaud Bertrande I Photographe en Architecture

Glass Orange Countertop in Gray Modern Kitchen

Medium tone wood floor is used in this small trendy galley kitchen with an undermount sink, white flat-panel cabinets, dark gray glass backsplash tile, and stainless steel appliances. Add a burst of orange in the kitchen with glass countertops to bring a subtle hint of excitement. This modern gray kitchen with sleek lines is also enhanced by the natural light from the sliding glass door.


ID# 90435 | – Credit© Era Architecture

Small Modern Kitchen with Yellow Backsplash and Glass Countertop

This mid-sized contemporary L-shaped kitchen in an apartment in Paris features gray ceramic flooring, white sleek modern flat-panel cabinets, and attractive yellow – gold glass backsplash. It looks great with the subtle shine from stainless steel and glass. Glass countertop is added on this simple white cabinets with paneled appliances. Plants and other kitchen essentials are placed on floating wall shelves for a natural earthy touch.


ID# 90436 | – Credit© The Wood Works

Black Glass Kitchen Countertop in Large Contemporary Kitchen

Porcelain floors are used in this large contemporary eat-in kitchen with an undermount sink, black recessed-panel cabinets, beige walls, black appliances and a peninsula. Glass countertop is added on this huge L-shaped black counter with sleek black counter-height stools. The stainless fixtures and crystal-like drawer handles are a good match with the glass worktop for a more luxurious feel.


ID# 90437 | – Credit© Laziundlazi/

Sleek Modern White Kitchen with Glass Countertop

This trendy galley eat-in kitchen has a sleek modern look. It used gray slate backsplash, beige vinyl flooring, an integrated sink, white glossy flat-panel cabinets, and an island. This simple modern white kitchen in an open concept home uses glass not just for its induction cooker worktop but also for its range hood. The glass windows has venetian blinds for window treatment allowing natural light into the kitchen.


ID# 90420 | – Credit | © Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC

Contemporary Wood Glass Kitchen

A trendy contemporary L-shaped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, flat-panel light wood cabinets, gray ceramic tile flooring, and glass backsplash idea. Aside from the wooden elements, the color of the mosaic tiles and the glass island countertop gave this kitchen a coherent look. Both straight and curvy lines are found in this kitchen. Black solid surface countertop is used for the kitchen counters on top of wooden counters. Its island also features wine storage, cabinets and wooden stainless steel counter-height bar stools.


ID# 90434 | – Credit© Küchenstudio Prühäuser

Contemporary Brown and White Kitchen Glass Countertops

This large contemporary single-wall dark gray laminate flooring kitchen is a result of an impressive renovation. Dark wood and white flat-panel cabinets are used for storage with glass countertop and a single-bowl sink. The brown glass countertop looks perfect with the wooden counter and wall cabinets. The warm colors of this kitchen create an inviting and relaxing aura. It is finished with pin lights under the cabinets, a white modern pendant lighting and track lighting.


ID# 90433 | – Credit© CreoGlass Design

Pink Scratch Resistant Glass Worktop in Sleek Modern Kitchen

Sleek modern U-shaped mid-sized kitchen design with glossy wooden cabinets, wooden flooring, and purple glass sheet backsplash. The pink glass countertop compliments with the decorative backsplash of this chic contemporary kitchen! The primary advantage of this countertop is that it is scratch resistant and very easy to maintain. This kitchen also features modern appliances like the glass top induction cooker and stainless fixtures. Natural light goes into the space through the steel casement glass windows.


ID# 90409 | – Credit© Innovate Building Solutions

Contemporary Gray Kitchen with Raised Bar Textured Glass Countertop

Open space & bright contemporary kitchen futures with flat modern look gray color kitchen cabinets and white quartz countertop. A great mix of gray and brown colors. Brown hardwood floor, window and door panels with bar chairs. Layered glass countertop steals the show! Its sleek design looks great in this contemporary kitchen. Aside from its appeal, another good thing about this is that it does not need high maintenance. Finish touches with contemporary led kitchen light and top cabinet lights.


ID# 90404

Bel Air Contemporary Kitchen Lighting Glass Home Bar

Glass countertop ideas enclosed wine storage and open shelves under the wooden staircase against a concrete wall backdrop make this kitchen unique and beautiful. Its powder gray flooring is a good match with the color of the home bar and the gray walls. Anyone would fall in love with the mood lighting of this home bar with elegant black counter-height chairs. Glass is used not just for the countertop but even for its vertical sides as well. This is a great idea to give your home bar that exciting Friday night out feel!

ID# 90426

Thick Blue Glass Countertop in Modern Kids Bathroom

Wood flat panel sleek modern cabinets with stainless steel handle and wide mirrors are used in this fun modern kid’s bathroom which also features glass mosaic tiles from the backsplash to the shower. It is wise to use a thick glass countertop in a kid’s bathroom since it is easy to clean and safe. Gray veined ceramic tiles are also used in the shower area.

ID# 90425

Midcentury Stone and Wooden Kitchen with Glass Island Countertop

This eat-in kitchen in Austin features an undermount sink, flat-panel medium tone wood cabinets, blue glass countertops, backsplash tile, and laminated wood flooring. The combination of colors in this midcentury kitchen is just lovely! Also notice different textures from the walls to the textured glass countertop with LED lights.

ID# 90430

Miami Contemporary U-shaped Kitchen with Glass Countertop

A trendy U-shaped island in an open layout contemporary kitchen remodel featuring beige flat-panel cabinets, stainless steel appliances, wooden flooring, and turquoise glass countertops. The glass countertop for this large kitchen island is a vital feature to bring more beauty and function to the kitchen. Custom-made brackets hold up the glass while soapstone material is used as countertop for the rest of the kitchen counters.

ID# 90405

Three Layer Countertop in Contemporary Kitchen Renovation

Neat contemporary kitchen renovation with brown laminated flooring and brownish walls. Who would think that cracked glass could look this stunning? The cracked glass is sandwiched between two 3/16″ tempered glass with added LED lighting on its edges trimmed with stainless steel. The lights of this white counter with brown counter-height leather chairs elevated the kitchen’s appeal. This kitchen also features an undermount sink, raised-panel cabinets, stainless steel appliances, stunning glass pendant light, and turquoise countertops.

ID# 90417

Midcentury Kitchen Glass Slab Island Countertop

Mid-sized 1950’s L-shaped kitchen brown dark wood floor, an undermount sink, white flat-panel cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and mosaic tile backsplash. The island used a 900 lb glass slab which wasn’t easy to transport since it needs extra care to avoid breakage. But once it’s on the countertop, all the hard work is worth it because it looks really stunning! The kitchen sink is off the center with a large picture window on the side. Above the island is a suspended, rectilinear, aluminum, dimmable fluorescent pendant which is another head-turner in this mid-century kitchen.

ID# 90424

Modern Kitchen with Color Changing Glass with backlit light Countertop

This 1960s U-shaped eat-in kitchen with porcelain floor, beige mosaic tile backsplash idea, stainless steel appliances, stone walls, and blue countertops. The wooden waterfall counter with stainless steel footer lining used a chunky textured glass with LED light strips that changes color! The hanging ceiling decors give a beach appeal to this modern kitchen while the counter-height red bar stools complete the look.

ID# 90428

Gray Contemporary Glass Countertop Kitchen

The gray walled kitchen with wooden flooring has an open kitchen to dining room layout in teal and gray colors. The island used a thick glass countertop which is elevated from the counter giving more depth and appeal to the area. Aside from the glass element, you can also see wood from the flat-panel cabinets and gray stone bricks concealing a range hood and gray subway kitchen backsplash tile idea.

ID# 90411

Beach Style Kitchen in Tampa with Stone and Glass Countertop

Beach style eat-in kitchen remodel wooden flooring with white shaker cabinets, glass countertops. Yes, this is indeed a beach-style kitchen as reflected by its decor and the wave-like design on the thick textured glass which looks even nicer with blue lighting. Comfortable round leather chairs are added here complimenting with the counter’s design and the stone countertop.

ID# 90415

Lighted Glass Countertop in Mosaic Tiled Modern Kid’s Bathroom

A trendy modern kid’s bathroom with red backsplash mosaic tiles on the backsplash and flooring. Who said you can’t use glass countertop for the bathroom? The turquoise glass countertops with LED lighting as well as its cabinet handles are unique. For a streamlined look, a pair of minimalist Brighton Bath Bar wall sconces were added to the bathroom.

ID# 90406

Countertop Lighting in Modern Contemporary Kitchen

Gray modern contemporary kitchen with wooden modular flat panel cabinets and beige flooring. Everything about this kitchen is lovely from its backlighting to the blue mood lighting of the countertop. That glass countertop ideas definitely elevated the beauty of this contemporary kitchen because of its unique design. White decorative chairs were added to complete the look as well as wooden geometric pendant lights.

ID# 90407

Lighted Glass Countertop in Modern Contemporary Kitchen

Gray, beige and white colors work well together in this open concept mid-sized trendy galley modern contemporary kitchen with a subtle earthy appeal. The glass countertop, which stands on stainless steel and is seemingly inserted into a rectangular counter with solid surface countertop, has a unique design with LED lights that bring more drama to the space. But its refreshing aura was enhanced with the added lightings above the wooden shelves and on the countertop.

ID# 90419

Wooden Midcentury Kitchen with Glass Island Countertop

L-shaped eat-in kitchen remodel with ceramic brown tile backsplash, medium tone wood cabinets, and paneled appliances. Wood is used in different areas of this mid-century kitchen with high ceilings. The glass countertop attached to L-shaped brackets is definitely a surprising feature! But it totally gave the kitchen a luxurious touch. The cabinets are made from cherry with a custom- milled pattern. It is finished with ceiling-mounted small accent lights and hanging pendant lights over the counter.

ID# 90412

Contemporary Mid-Sized Kitchen with Curved Textured Glass Countertop

Open concept kitchen with light wood flat-panel cabinets, beige glass tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, an undermount sink, and wooden flooring. The 1.5 inches thick glass countertop with a ripple texture at the bottom adds a touch of excitement to this space. Its curved design is also a nice contrast with the sleek lines of the wooden counter which doubles as a bookcase. Pendant lights and dark blue stools are added to finish the look of this mid-sized kitchen.

Curved Glass Kitchen Table in Contemporary Kitchen

The modern simplicity of this contemporary kitchen area is enhanced by the glass lighting fixtures, colorful wall painting, blue glass tiles, and a curvy glass countertop. This glass table is wedged at the end of the kitchen island with recycled glass countertop. To finish the look of this eat-in kitchen, white leather stools and a variety of glass vases were added.

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