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29+ Easy to Clean Backsplash Ideas


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Boho Kitchen with Herringbone Pattern Easy to Clean Backsplash Ideas and Black Cabinets

A stunning kitchen that is hard to put into words. And we don’t know where to start. From the black cabinetry to the grey herringbone pattern backsplash and oversized boho lighting fixtures, each piece is a show-stopper, doing the talking for itself. And the dramatic character of the kitchen is substantial, while the fluted design of the cabinets, wood-interior cabinet shelves, corner shelves, and woven baskets bring in style and tactility without encroaching on the space.

Scandinavian Kitchen with Black Glass Sheet Backsplash and Chevron Wood Floor

This minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design is centered around a dramatic backsplash made of a black glass sheet to offer a seamless look. And the rest of the space features contrasting shades and softening textures to curate a look that nurtures the emotional states of its users. From the white cabinets to the wood cabinetry, natural-stone island, and chevron pattern floor finish, each element and texture works harmoniously to nail the perfect Scandinavian look with an easy-to-maintain background.

Easy to Clean Backsplash Ideas

We all know that kitchens are the heart of our homes and the most tend-to-get-dirty spaces that are prone to water splatter, everyday spill, and grease. And what saves our kitchen walls from all this mess is without a doubt the kitchen backsplashes. Whether you are an avid cook or careful not to create any mess, unfortunately, messing up the kitchen is just sometimes unavoidable, which leads homeowners to search for easy-to-clean backsplash ideas.

Whether you go with an easy-to-clean backsplash tile or any other easy-to-clean backsplash material like metal and glass panels or slab backsplashes, easy-to-clean backsplash materials make a huge difference, especially if you cook for a crowded family every day. Even if your heart lies in another statement finish that is harder to clean, what you can do is choose an easy-to-clean backsplash behind the stove since the cooking zone tends to create chaos more than any other kitchen area. As long as you don’t go for anything that has plenty of texture like a real brick and stone but rather easy-to-clean backsplash tiles like ceramic and porcelain, you will have an easy-to-maintain backsplash that will save you from a lot of work at the end of the day.

In this blog, we will introduce you to easy-to-clean backsplash ideas with easy-to-clean backsplash tiles and materials that can still look stylish and become visual focal points effortlessly. So, read on to discover some easy-to-maintain backsplash options which you can steal inspiration from.

Easy to Clean Backsplash Ideas with White Ceramic Backsplash And White Cabinets

If you have an all-white kitchen, keeping it neat and clean gains even more important, as light shades tend to show dirt much more easily. But as long as you keep the material texture-free and properly sealed, it shouldn’t cause so much trouble. Here, for instance, the achromatic kitchen is outfitted with white shaker cabinets, white countertops, and a gloss-finish ceramic tile backsplash. The backsplash has a glossy sheen, making it easier to clean. Glass pendants, black cabinet knobs, and oak timber floors complement the kitchen’s airy atmosphere with visually lightweight and transparent materials to whet your appetite visually.

White Porcelain Subway Tile Backsplash with Blue Stove and Statement Island

Patterns, textures, and contrasts. This transitional kitchen has a bit of everything offering a well-balanced designer look. Dominated by shades of white, it nurtures a calm atmosphere, while the white porcelain subway tile backsplash creates a background with timeless appeal. As an easy-to-clean material with ease of maintenance, it also provides a fully functional backdrop behind the gorgeous blue stove. Also, keeping the upper cabinets glass-front above the stove makes the cupboards easier to clean. And finally, the design feels complete with star-shaped floor tiles and a wooden open-bottom island with black countertops, which deliver a characterful finish to spice up the white perimeter site.

Stylish Transitional Kitchen with Gray Countertops and Chrome Range Hood

Awash with shades of white and grey, this super stylish transitional kitchen fosters an all-time look. The satin finish white ceramic tile backsplash with variegated shades harmonizes beautifully with grey countertops. The chrome range hood with silverish stripes brings in some shine, while the wooden island bottom softens the all-white look with a touch of warmth. Likewise, the traditional patterns of the discolored rug add extra texture, and the window brings a fabulous outdoor view that lends color and light to the overall look of the kitchen, where everything seems in an intentional harmony.

Easy to Clean Backsplash Ideas with Yellow Glass Sheet and White Flat-front Cabinets

Looking for a non-tile easy-to-clean backsplash that requires no grout work? Then, why not try a glass sheet backsplash as in this contemporary kitchen? This yellow glass sheet backsplash not only adds a pop of color but also creates a seamless backdrop that is easy to maintain while standing out between the white flat-front cabinets. And complementing it are the marble accent wall, sleek appliances, and cabinets that introduce decluttered lines not to encroach on this compact kitchen space.

Easy to Clean Backsplash Materials

Glass, metal, ceramic, and porcelain are considered among the easy-to-clean backsplash materials thanks to their pore-free nature. Also, going with large format tiles of these materials gives you less fraction and less grout to worry about while expanding the visual scheme as well.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Backsplash

Tile is one of the most common backsplash materials that comes in various shades, patterns, and designs. And this variety even gets more expanded with highly customizable ceramic and porcelain tile backsplashes. Highly durable with high-level resistance to heat and mildew, the ceramic and porcelain tiles are low-maintenance materials that save homeowners time and effort. Even better, they can even mirror wood, marble, and stone patterns, offering great alternatives for those looking for an easy-to-clean backsplash material that looks like a natural material as well.

All-white Farmhouse Kitchen with Porcelain Tile Backsplash and Marble Countertops

This all-white modern farmhouse kitchen has a mesmerizing beauty to it. Ranging from white shaker cabinets to white marble countertops, and ceiling-height porcelain tile backsplash, everything feels in synchrony. The brass wall sconces and cage pendants over the island add contrast and warmth to break up the monotonic look, while the black patterns on the rug add more interest. Leaving the windows bare helps the penetration and diffusion of natural lights throughout the room.

White Stacked Backsplash with Wooden Stools and Small Island

Another timeless look that cultivates a nurturing environment, feeling opened up with the abundance of white shades. Posing against the stacked ceramic tile backsplash with a satin finish, it has a high level of order and clarity that eases the eyes. The use of elements in even and odd numbers, including two globular white glass pendants and 3 wooden spindle stools offer a balanced feel, while extra natural textures build up warming shades with oak timber floors. The black cabinet knobs and a lovely oil painting above the stove, along with other stylish additions on the countertop inject personality into the design.

Printed Ceramic Tiles with Blue Cabinets and White Countertops

Colorful and soothing, this transitional kitchen lays its foundation on a white-blue color palette tinged with brown and wood.
The wooden ladder not only provides access to the upper cabinets but also adds a nice decorative element, effortlessly coordinating with the wooden island. Don’t let printed multi-colored tiles mislead you; they are easy to clean as other ceramic tiles.

What is the easiest backsplash for a kitchen?

Backsplashes are the ideal places to make a statement and showcase craftsmanship, especially because they are installed at eye level and easily become visual focal points. But of course, aside from their aesthetic benefits, their functionality is as important as their decorative aspects. Since they tend to get dirty easily, the homeowners are on the side of backsplashes that are easy to clean and maintain.

When choosing the easiest backsplash, the key points that need to be considered are the ease of its installment and the material itself which comes with a less porous texture. And in these categories, we can include peel-stick, faux brick veneer, beadboard, and shiplap board backsplashes which are easy-to-install materials at affordable prices. Real metal tiles are also great options for stove backsplashes, providing heat-resistant backgrounds. Likewise, ceramic and porcelain tiles make a great alternative.

Apart from those, another easy and cheap backsplash option is the painted wall backsplash. A good-quality paint such as latex makes a waterproof, easy-to-clean, and durable backsplash. Also, as it is seam-free, it is much easier to maintain, saving homeowners from worrying about the grout lines. But if you are looking for something more interesting, why not try a chalkboard backsplash? This way, you can even create a small entertainment zone where you can leave some cute notes for yourself and or even note down your favorite recipe or shopping list.


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Timber Cabinet Shelves with White Square Tile Backsplash and Whitewashed Brick Wall

This natural kitchen design imparts a sense of calmness to its users, thanks to the light shades and abundant use of timber. Starting from the white-square tile backsplash, it lends a pretty clean look, enveloping the countertops and the kitchen island for a continuous design. At the back, the brick wall is camouflaged with whitewashing, helping the tiled backsplash melt into the background. Also, the matte finish of the tiles delivers a sense of sophistication, offering a backdrop easy to maintain, which is complemented by timber cabinet shelves and an exposed concrete floor that gives birth to a timeless look.

Easy to Clean Backsplash Ideas with Black Picket Tile and Stainless Steel Appliances

This black picket tile backsplash endows the kitchen with a solid and modern look, enveloped by white cabinets and stainless-steel appliances. Reaching up the ceiling, it sets the tone of the kitchen, accompanying the steel hood. For extra decorative treatments, the white countertops get styled with wooden cutting boards, while the floor is partially blanketed by a traditional rug rich in dark shades, providing extra texture and comfort.


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Easy to Clean Backsplash Ideas with Beige Tiles and Rustic Floor

If you want to achieve an exciting look with your ceramic or porcelain tile backsplash, just choose a glazed finish for a gleaming look. As long as the rest is kept in matte finishes, it should establish a well-balanced look as here. And you can complement it with white cabinets and beige granite countertops. To add a stronger character, an island can help you. Here, for instance, the island unit is topped by a black countertop, paired with a duo of cage pendants that are given modern treatment for this transitional kitchen. Lastly what seals the look is the rustic wood floor finish that injects the much-needed warmth to complete the beige hues introduced by the countertops and glazed subway tile backsplash.

Is matte backsplash hard to clean?

Though offering a better grip and being better at hiding stains and watermarks, matte finish backsplashes are much harder to clean when compared to glazed finish backsplashes due to their rough texture. But the good part is that they demand fewer maintenance thanks to their high capacity to conceal stains.


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Gray Ceramic Backsplash with Marble Countertops and Wooden Cabinetry

In this contemporary kitchen, the neutral colors create a tranquil atmosphere that slows the pace of time for sure. And the stacked grey ceramic backsplash tiles not only clad the backsplash wall but also the upper cabinets for a uniform look, concealing the range hood to retain integrity. To serve the same aim, the built-in stove is kept barely noticeable in the grey marble countertops that pair perfectly with wooden cabinetry bringing the right amount of warmth to the kitchen. For the ground, the

concrete-poured floor finish provides a seamless look that coordinates effortlessly with the marble-volume island and marble countertops. Also bringing the outdoors in, the choice of concrete helps different sentimental vibes blend. And the resulting scheme executes an immersive look with a space mostly clad in tiles to create a design easy to maintain.


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Green Ceramic Backsplash for Wood Cabinets And Gray Countertops

In this modern kitchen design, the green ceramic kit kat mosaic backsplash makes a show-stopping statement between the white upper and dark wood base cabinets. The grey countertops commute between the variegated shades of the overall color palette, while the wooden floating shelves add character to the design with the cookbooks and personal decorative items put on display.

Glass Backsplash

As eco-friendly and easy-to-customize materials, glass backsplashes have various finishes, formats, and designs, which make each piece unique. Ranging from mirrored glass to antique glass, glass sheet, glass tile, and frosted, and etched glass versions, glass offers all sorts of looks, letting you choose the best version for your kitchen theme easily.

But above their stylish looks, they are also favored for their practical use and ease of maintenance. Glass backsplashes don’t even require any sealing, which makes them a low-maintenance and kitchen-friendly material.

Contemporary Kitchen with Mirrored Glass and Two-tone Cabinetry

Also known as reflective glass, mirrored glass is a type of glass treated with a metallic substance, serving as a mirror. Used for multiple purposes and in numerous places, it enhances the openness and extends the space visually. And in this contemporary kitchen, it is used as a backsplash that illuminates the space between the flat-front timber cabinets. What complements it is the white kitchen island that runs parallel with the counters, designating the kitchen zone, while the dark green-cushioned stools add a splash of color.

Easy to Clean Backsplash Ideas with Marble Countertops and White Cabinets

No one could blame you for not being able to take your eyes off this stunning marble-look glass backsplash that provides a durable backdrop with a high-level content of recycled materials. In short, it makes the perfect material, particularly for those who desire a more sustainable kitchen design. And to keep all the focus on this backdrop, all that you need to do is to keep the rest simple and monochromatic as here. This kitchen, for instance, employs white cabinets and natural stone countertops along with some minimalist touches that pull off a soothing atmosphere and make the backsplash a statement piece.

Green Glass Sheet Backsplash with White Cabinets and Grey Countertops

Compact but comfortable, this open-plan kitchen nestles in a corner, well-illuminated by the ceiling-height white cabinets and green glass backsplash that adds a ripple of color. Complemented by orange glass ball pendants, grey countertops, and geometric-design floor tiles, it has a bit of everything despite its smallness. But it just wouldn’t look the same if it weren’t for this ultra-functional and seamless green glass sheet backsplash that makes this overall design rock. What do you think?


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Easy to Clean Backsplash Ideas with Marble Look Glass Sheet and Green Cabinets

A contemporary kitchen is more about executing refined material language, pastel shades, and civilized textures as well as constituting a sophisticated simplicity, and this contemporary kitchen is not an exception. Dotted with soothing green cabinets, slatted door designs, and a light wooden island, it presents a delicate yet solid look. Enriched by the marble-look glass sheet backsplash, it also earns an easy-to-clean backdrop. As a statement material, the glass sheet provides a seamless design with ease of maintenance. Overall, this contemporary kitchen is not only functional but also captures timelessness as its true identity.

How to clean a kitchen backsplash?

How to clean a kitchen backsplash is mainly dependent on what the backsplash is made of. But mainly a soapy sponge soaked in warm water is enough to remove the dust, dirt, and grease. And for stubborn stains, vinegar and baking soda paste could be used. After spreading one of these mixtures, you can wait for a few minutes for the mixture to do its job and dissolve the stains. Then with a soft brush, you can scrub the surface and complete the cleaning by rinsing and drying the surface with a soft cloth.

When cleaning backsplashes, it is important to avoid abrasive cleaning products that might damage the sealing and cause scratches on the backsplash surface. Plus, it is no secret that the longer stains sit, the harder it will be to remove them. Thus, as long as you do regular cleaning, you won’t have to deal with stubborn stains, which will keep the cleaning process much easier for you.

Mirrored Glass Backsplash with Charcoal Cabinetry and Industrial-Style Stools

Dark yet approachable, in this modern kitchen design, an antique finish mirrored glass backsplash serves as the protagonist of the space, complemented by charcoal cabinetry. The glass-front overhead cabinet and wooden window frame break up the wall surface, while glassware, the wall-mounted wine rack, and industrial-style counter stools enhance the elegance of the atmosphere tinged with a sense of casualness at the same time.

Black Glass Sheet Backsplash with Wooden Cabinetry and Black Countertops

This contemporary kitchen is filled with 2022 on-trend textures, materials, and colors. Orchestrating a truly dramatic look and defined by decluttered lines, this minimalist kitchen uses black without darkening the space. And it manages to do so by using a black glass sheet backsplash and gloss-finish black cabinets and countertops for ease of maintenance. Plus, the grout and pore-free nature of glass make everything easier for homeowners, while the glazed finish also adds a sheen to the surface to play with the natural lights. But of course, to create a balance, the flat wooden cabinetry is introduced, injecting warmth and texture into the design.

Blue Mosaic Glass Backsplash with Brass Fixtures and Blue Island

In this spectacular transitional kitchen design, blue and gold make for a luxurious look tied together by white cabinets. For the backdrop, the iridescent, silk finish blue wavy glass mosaic tiles generate movement, crowned by a white range hood with brass stripes. By getting such a backsplash, you not only get a statement piece but also an eco-conscious material with 70 % recycled content. But if you are concerned about how to complete such an amazing piece, you can steal some inspiration from this kitchen that goes with a blue statement island topped by blue marble countertops matching the backsplash patterns. Likewise, the brass stripes of the hood are put into dialogue with the brass cage pendants that make a statement over the island unit.

Metal Backsplash

From warm copper to cool stainless steel, zinc, silver, and glowing brass, metal backsplashes come in various shades and materials, thus differing in their durability and aesthetic benefits too. Today, unlike in the past, metal backsplash ideas are not only preferred for their functionality but for their ability to sport luxe metallic styles. With oxidized and aged-looking versions, you can even build up a rustic effect with them.

As naturally anti-bacterial and non-porous materials, zinc, copper, and stainless steel have extra benefits when compared to many other materials. But they tend to develop a patina over time. If you want to avoid that and maintain their shiny surface, you need to seal them regularly. For those looking for alternatives, faux metal backsplashes and porcelain tiles that mirror metal textures and shades are also available on the market at affordable prices.

Easy to Clean Backsplash Ideas with Metal for Wood Veneer Cabinets

In this wet bar, the brushed stainless steel offers an anti-bacterial and pore-free nature with unparalleled durability, while its brushed finish tends to show fewer fingerprints and watermarks. As such, it offers a user-friendly material that homeowners would love to have around. And here, it is complemented with wood veneer cabinets that are skilled at conveying warmth and the richly stained nature of real wood. Additionally, the black appliances, the integrated stainless-steel sink, a beverage cooler, and a floating shelf expand the utility of the kitchen, while a biomorphic shape sculptural vase adds a nice decorative touch.
Bonus: If you want to avoid any watermarks in the future, it is recommended to stay away from polished stainless steel. And to clean a brushed one, you can use a spray cleaner specifically produced for that stainless steel and sandpaper if it gets any scratches.

Antique Brass Backsplash with White Cabinets and Blue Island

This fabulous kitchen design mixes colors from different spectrums, engaging in harmonious integrity. The custom-cut antique brass backsplash makes a statement between the white cabinets. And right above where it ends, the dark blue painted wall creates a solid distinction, almost dividing the kitchen into two different halves. Yet, to maintain the space integrity, the brass wall sconces and the dark blue statement island across the white cabinets tie the space together, while black hardware and a kitchen plant add visual accents and some freshness.

Are stone backsplashes easy to clean?

Due to their nooks and crannies, stone backsplashes are not very user-friendly materials. They need constant care and sealing. Because of their imperfections and staggered edges, they have the perfect spots for the dust and dirt to accumulate, which also makes the cleaning process harder, especially reaching those tiny gaps.

But if you think that you can’t give up on stone backsplashes, you can get a layer of plexiglass to cover the stove zone. This way, you can protect at least some part of your backsplash from splatter and grease and provide an extra translucent cover for the natural lights to play while expanding the kitchen scheme and creating a mirror effect at the same time.

Silver Tile Backsplash with White Cabinets and Deformed Glass Pendants

If you don’t want seamless backsplashes but rather prefer classic patterns like metro tiles, metal backsplashes offer pattern options too. Here, for instance, this kitchen uses a silver subway tile backsplash combined with white cabinets, white marble countertops, and a small kitchen island to make for a well-equipped cooking space. The silver backsplash blends seamlessly with the stainless-steel appliances, while the deformed glass pendants and smoked glass vase add statement pieces, posing against the silver backsplash and turning the island unit into a visual focal point. Overall, everything seems balanced, featuring a curated look. Plus, it is almost impossible to go wrong with shimmering silver tile backsplashes.

Contemporary Kitchen with Flat Cabinetry and Stainless-Steel Subway Tile Backsplash

Durable, anti-bacterial, easy to clean, and beautiful! What else could you expect from a backsplash? In this contemporary kitchen, the stainless-steel subway tile backsplash creates a luminous background in addition to all these properties. Laid in a running-bond style, the subway tiles add a sense of movement, expanding the visual scheme on the horizontal axis. And what complements it is the all-white island and white flat-front cabinets that open up the space for the backsplash to make a statement. Additionally, brown leather counter stools with their minimalist style bring a dramatic contrast, exuding elegance right below the white candy-looking oversized pendants.

Easy to Clean Backsplash Ideas with Copper and Black Countertops

If you are looking for some visual drama and warmth, then a copper backsplash is a way to go. If you want, you can even get the tiled versions as in this spectacular kitchen. Here, complemented by black countertops and glazed brown ceramic floor tiles, the copper backsplash coordinates with the rest of the space effortlessly. The employment of dark shades emphasizes the beauty and glowing nature of the copper, while white cabinets enhance the openness.

Slab Backsplash

Slab backsplashes may provide easier-to-clean surfaces than tiles because of their grout-free surface. But if you are using natural stone slabs such as marble, soapstone, quartzite, and granite, these stones require special care routines such as sealing and cleaning products specifically produced for the concerned natural stones because of their porous nature, which makes them harder to maintain when compared to ceramic or porcelain tiles. Of course, it is an undeniable fact that these natural stones bring in enviable aesthetic features and durability for generations as long as they are sealed regularly and taken care of. Overall, though slab backsplashes are much more demanding than other easy-to-clean tile backsplashes like ceramics and porcelains, they still offer an easy-to-clean surface, creating a user-friendly environment for sure, despite their special care requirements. But, if you don’t want to deal with sealing, engineered product quartz offers you an alternative with ease of maintenance.

Gorgeous Kitchen with Marble Backsplash and Waterfall Island

This modern kitchen draws its design narrative on ceiling-height marble backsplash that lends sophistication to the space. As one of the luxurious and statement finish materials, marble creates focal points easily, drawing all attention as here. Plus, with regular sealing, it offers an easy-to-clean surface in addition to its durability and unparalleled aesthetic beauty. That’s why it is no wonder that this kitchen uses marble as a ceiling-height backsplash, accentuating it with wooden floating shelves to break up the expansive wall. And to complement the perimeter site, a white waterfall island sits gently right across, coupled with woven stools with metal legs. The use of contrasting features, such as wood and metal, along with stylish wall sconces and pendants with brass cage outfits embellish the otherwise too-white kitchen, creating design moments throughout.

Quartz Stove Backsplash with Brass Hardware and Tiled Island

Unlike marble, quartz as an engineered product offers a more solid nature when compared to natural stones. For the same reason, it also doesn’t have a porous texture, thus not requiring any sealing, which makes it a safer and easy-to-clean option. And in this kitchen, used both as a stove backsplash and countertops, the white quartz with light striations brings a nice aesthetic detail. It is complemented by the black ceramic subway tiles, brass open shelving, and a tiled-front waterfall island. The subtle hint of blues and the luxurious brass sconces and gold-finish stool legs enrich the overall look, pairing perfectly together while the quartz and dark ceramic tiles provide an excellent background for the other design features to rely on. Bonus: Quartz can mirror marble patterns. So, if you don’t want to deal with sealing but want something reminiscent of marble, you can check out marble-look quartz options.

Is glass backsplash easy to clean?

With a nice sheen and modern appeal, glass backsplashes are easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to their pore-free texture, they provide one of the best and most solid backdrops without any need for regular sealing. Especially with glass sheet backsplashes, you won’t have to worry about the grout lines and the dirt that may accumulate in these joints.


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Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen with Stunning Marble Backsplash and Fluted-Design Island

If you can’t give up on the timeless beauty of the marble backsplashes just like this Scandinavian-style kitchen, no one can blame you. Using marble as a statement backdrop and matching it with a fluted-design timber island couldn’t have looked more sophisticated than this. Complemented by cream cabinets with grey undertones, whimsical paintings, and natural-design bowls, not to mention the gigantic black range hood that highlights the height of the space, this soothing kitchen offers a delightful design. It draws eyes upward to the ceiling and exposed beams, while the streaming lights keep the focus on the black casement window that is almost wall height. Of course, we also can’t help but mention the duo of ergonomic black wall sconces that own the cream-shaded swath of wall in place of the upper cabinets.

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