Hardware for White Cabinets Stylish Pulls & Knobs for Every Style

39+ Hardware for White Cabinets

ID# 128209 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Black Hardware for White Cabinets and Chevron Backsplash

The perfect dance of white and black with sweet contrast creates a very nice look in this kitchen. Black appliances, black pendant light fixtures, and black sink and faucet complete each other beautifully. Adding black matte hardware to this completed look creates a striking kitchen design. White cabinetry and the white chevron backsplash provide a clean and bright atmosphere.

ID# 128224 | Houzz.com – Credit© Zawadski Homes Inc.

Brushed Nickel Hardware for White Cabinets and Wood Range Hood

A sweet kitchen welcomes us with a cute design. White cabinets and blue cabinets are in perfect harmony with the light wooden floor. There is no need to even mention the warm contrast between wood colors and blue tones. Although the kitchen seems to be divided into two zones, it has a separate harmony within itself. The harmony they have achieved with brushed-nickel hardware is striking.

Hardware for White Cabinets

When it comes to designing a kitchen, from cabinets to backsplash, countertops to lighting fixtures, there are too many decisions that you need to consider. But what about the small details like the hardware? You might think that it is the very small part, yes it is. However, the cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen cabinets which is the unsung hero, especially for white cabinets. Well-chosen hardware can easily elevate your white kitchen cabinets and drastically change the style of your space. If you are ready to explore different hardware for white cabinets, scroll down and find a 41 cabinet hardware design that you can easily recreate in your own home!

ID# 128201 | Houzz.com – Credit© Sparrow Lane Interiors Inc.

Black Hardware for White Cabinets and Wood Island

It is actually a very small detail that makes this bright kitchen indisputably striking. Black hardware! The sweet harmony of black naive handles and black chandeliers creates a nice contrast with the white cabinets. The contrast of the matte black material with the white color adds a different atmosphere.

ID# 128202 | Houzz.com – Credit© Urbane Design

The Elegance Of Gold Surfaces And White Kitchen Cabinets

It is certain that the chic look of yellow tones, whether golden or brass, adds a very different atmosphere to the environment. While white kitchen cabinets already emphasize simplicity, gold hardware takes this simplicity to the next level.

Metal Mosaic Tiles

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Golden Hardware With Blue Island and Dark Brown Floors

The warmth created by the dark blue and dark brown colors welcomes us very pleasantly. Of course, this warm appearance in the environment takes on a completely different atmosphere with gold hardware. White, brown, and blue colors help to capture both a natural and a modern look. The most beautiful aspect is the magnificent effect of gold hardware that adds a naive beauty to the simplicity of white.

How to choose the right hardware for the white cabinets?

When choosing the hardware for white cabinets, the style of your cabinets is an important point that you need to consider. You can complete the overall look or make an unexpected twist. If you have warm accents, black, gold, or bronze hardware can provide the perfect match. On the other hand, if you have cool gray shades, stainless steel hardware will be a better option.

ID# 128204 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jessica Koltun Home

Metal Hardware for White Cabinets and Black Countertops

The harmony of the beach-style white kitchen cabinets with the light brown color looks great. The ambiance is really bright and airy. Black countertops and gray hardware provide a monochromatic color transition. The golden faucet and golden chandelier on the island add a different elegance to the look of this spacious kitchen.

ID# 128205 | Houzz.com – Credit© Yates Desygn

Luxury Modern Kitchen with Subway Tile Backsplash and Onyx Island

The incredible beauty of the marble island attracts us, and its patterns and colors are strikingly beautiful. Of course, white kitchen cabinets and the white subway tile backsplash have a role in the emergence of this beauty. The dark wood floor and dark grey bar do their best to emphasize the marble island with white cabinets. While everything looks so contemporary, the brass hardware adds a warm grandeur.

What are the different types of cabinet hardware?

Cabinet hardware is both functional and decorative. Yes, we are talking about cabinet hardware, but what are the different options? In today’s market, cabinet hardware comes in two basic forms: pulls and knobs.

Knobs are smaller pieces that are designed to be easy to grab and are mounted to the exterior of the cabinet door. From round to square, mushroom to oval, knobs come in different shapes and styles that can provide different visual impacts. They require only one screw to install which provides easy installation than pulls.

Pulls are larger pieces than knobs which are generally used for drawers and larger cabinet doors. Just like the knobs, they also come in different styles and shapes such as bar, arch, ring, cup or, finger. Pulls require two screws to install.

You can go with only knobs or pulls or mix and match them to give more visual interest. Also, knobs and pulls both come in different materials and finishes which can impact the style and feel of the space.

ID# 128206 | Houzz.com – Credit© Lugbill Designs

Brass Hardware for White Cabinets and White Backsplash

Recently, brass-plated materials are very popular and thanks to God it is so. Simple white kitchen cabinets are blended with a light wooden floor in this kitchen, while brass plated handles add elegance to their simplicity. The sleek look of the brass hardware enhances the modernity of the design.

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White Kitchen Cabinetry with Black Pulls and Knobs

This bright and spacious kitchen design uses very nice contrasts and details. The soft contrast of the navy blue island and dark wood floors match the harmony of the white kitchen cabinets with this floor. The use of black elegant handles and knobs on white kitchen cabinets has created a minimalist look. Also, using both handles and knobs together adds visual interest. What brings out the elegance in the environment is the brass handles used on the dark blue island cabinets. Thanks to the wide window opening, natural light fills the room!

Cabinet Hardware Finishes

While brushed nickel and chrome are the most common finishes for many homeowners, there are plenty of different finishes. When choosing a hardware finish, you need to consider the color of your cabinets and the other finishes. White cabinets serve a clean and simple look for the hardware and they can look beautiful with all finishes. If you want to create a contrasting look, go with black. If you want to make a warm touch, brass will be the perfect match!

Black Hardware for White Kitchen Cabinets

Black and white is the most classic and timeless color combination of all time and you can’t go wrong with white cabinets with black hardware. You can go with classic round knobs to complete the traditional look or use matte black pulls to make a modern touch!

ID# 128208 | Houzz.com – Credit© Custom Classic Cabinetry

Modern White Kitchen Cabinets with Green Backsplash and Black Hardware

When we look at this kitchen, we see that the wooden floors welcome us with warm air. The naturalness of marble counters and wooden materials adds a nice atmosphere to the kitchen. Of course, white kitchen cabinets and green backsplash make an extra contribution to this naturalness. The sweet contrast created by black hardware and white kitchen cabinets both adds movement to the environment and creates a naive design.

ID# 128210 | Houzz.com – Credit© Lugbill Designs

Wooden Floors with White Kitchen and White Backsplash

It’s an absolute truth that handles add movement to the kitchen, and when it is done with the contrast of black and white, it adds a different movement to the atmosphere. The wooden shelves and the wooden floor make a beautiful whole together while white shaker cabinets and the white picket tile backsplash provide a bright and spacious atmosphere. The modern design of the handles adds a contemporary look to the kitchen.

ID# 128211 | Houzz.com – Credit© Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Transitional Laundry Room with Patterned Floor Tiles

A bright and spacious laundry room shines with sweet black handles. White laundry cabinets, white ceramic laundry room backsplash, and counters help the daylight coming in through the window to fully illuminate the interior. The black hardware and the pattern of the tiles on the floor add a lively look to the environment.

What hardware looks best on white cabinets?

Thanks to their clean and fresh look, white cabinets can work well with any type of cabinet hardware. In recent days, matte black and satin brass finishes are the popular choice for white cabinets.

ID# 128212 | Houzz.com – Credit© Made To Last Custom Homes Ltd.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances

Sometimes you can use the corners with shelves just like in this kitchen. Wood shelves go well with white backsplash ceramics. Wooden floors and shelves create harmony together. White marble countertops and white kitchen cabinets complete each other very well. The contrast of black handles and white cabinets, adds elegance to this beautiful completed look. The surface of the stainless steel appliances creates a monochromatic transition with the white cabinets and black handles.

ID# 128213 | Houzz.com – Credit© PlaidFox Studio

Traditional White Kitchen With Gray and White Chevron Backsplash

A traditional kitchen design welcomes us with a bright atmosphere. While the wooden transitions on the ceilings add a warm atmosphere to the environment, they create a very harmonious design with the wooden floor. White kitchen cabinets, white marbles, and backsplash softly diffuse the daylight into the interior. This elegant look is accompanied by the sweet contrast of black hardware with white cabinets.

Bronze Hardware for White Cabinets

Bronze cabinet hardware has a vintage appeal that adds charm to kitchen cabinets. Also, bronze hardware can create a nice contrasting look with the white kitchen cabinets to emphasize them. Because of its vintage look, brass hardware generally is used in traditional or farmhouse kitchen styles.

ID# 128214 | Houzz.com – Credit© Balanced Interiors

Bronze Hardware for White Cabinets and Beige Backsplash Tiles

A warm kitchen welcomes us lively. The harmony of the white kitchen cabinets and the wooden hood with the beige backsplash tiles adds a wonderful warmth to the environment. The use of the wooden hood with its natural texture adds a wonderful warm air. Bronze hardware, which is a stylish model, is very compatible with wood.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Transitional Kitchen with Bronze Pulls and Marble Countertops

The wonderful harmony of white kitchen cabinets with wooden floors has always revealed the natural look and at the same time warmly welcomes us. The simple contrast created by those naive black handles on the white kitchen cabinets adds a minimalist and stylish air to the kitchen.

Gold Hardware for White Cabinets

Brass finishes are trendy remodel picks for years in the ’80s and the brass or gold hardware trend is back in recent days! Also, a brass finish is a great way to add warmth to the atmosphere and soften the bright look of the white cabinetry. You can complement your gold hardware with other features like lighting fixtures or appliances.

ID# 128216 | Houzz.com – Credit© Studio Dearborn

Gold Hardware for White Cabinets and Wooden Touches

Gold material takes a considerable place in the latest white kitchen designs. The best part is that it creates an incredible harmony with the light wood material. This harmony adds both elegance and grace to the environment. In this kitchen, too, we see the perfect harmony and elegance created by the golden handles with the white and wood color.

ID# 128217 | Houzz.com – Credit© Bob Thompson Homes

White Transitional Kitchen With Gold Accents

Dark wood floors and white kitchen cabinets create beautiful harmony together. It is a good choice to have gold hardware usage with the white cabinets. Even the pendant light fixtures are gold and all the gold surfaces create a modern and stylish kitchen design.

ID# 128218 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jarrett Design, LLC

Two-tone Kitchen Cabinetry with Glossy Gray Chevron Tiles

It contains a different detail in a bright and spacious kitchen design. Using two-tone cabinetry adds visual interest. Gray wood cabinets that team up with the stainless steel oven! These are a nice change. Gold hardware and light wood floors make a harmonious duo by adding warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 128219 | Houzz.com – Credit© Dan Rak Design

Sleek and Bright Kitchen Design with Brass Pulls and Knobs

It is an indisputable fact that subway backsplash tiles bring movement to kitchens, of course, and when you add gold kitchen cabinet hardware, the harmony and elegance in the interior go up. The harmony of light beige-colored countertops and light wooden materials creates a beautiful atmosphere with golden hardware. The elegance that the white, wood, and gold trio adds to the interiors is an undeniable reality.

ID# 128220 | Houzz.com – Credit© Blue Sound Construction, Inc.

Traditional Kitchen Design with Off-white Cabinetry and Herringbone Floor tiles

How stylish and elegant look the white kitchen cabinets and the gold hardware add, right? An exquisite design feast literally comes to life. While gray herringbone floor tiles and off-white cabinets offer a soft color transition, gold hardware adds a naive touch to it.

ID# 128221 | Houzz.com – Credit© Platt Builders

White Kitchen with White Quartz Countertops and A Peninsula

This kitchen, which is a marvel of design, adds a wonderful atmosphere to the environment with its striking features. From the gold details on the glass cabinet doors to the gold details on the oven’s buttons, every piece looks harmonious with each other. A clean and bright kitchen design has been revealed. Caesarstone quartz countertops and the peninsula surround the kitchen and this helps to maximize space usage in terms of cabinets.

Chrome & Brushed Nickel Hardware for White Cabinets

Chrome or brushed nickel hardware is the most popular material for many years. They can work with different design aesthetics and give different visual impacts. The sleek beauty of these finishes perfectly matches the bright look of the white cabinets!

ID# 128222 | Houzz.com – Credit© Gallerie B

Chrome Hardware for White Cabinets and Stainless Steel Appliances

Dark wood floors and white kitchen cabinets create a warm atmosphere that shines with chrome hardware. The beautiful white ceramic backsplash and gray countertops work well together. A plain and simple kitchen design with beautiful color options.

ID# 128223 | Houzz.com – Credit© Loop Interior Design Inc.

Transitional White Kitchen with Wood and Metal Touches

If you want to liven up a white kitchen, just add wooden details. Such small touches on the island or in the cabinets really add a warm and friendly atmosphere to the environment. The wooden countertop cabinet used in this kitchen and the wooden backsplash that integrates with it form a very nice set. Chrome hardware, gray floor, and stainless steel appliances combine in a modern way.

ID# 128225 | Houzz.com – Credit© Porebski Architects

White Contemporary Kitchen Design with Dark Wood Floors and Marble Backsplash

Contemporary kitchen designs often have simple lines, and we use the variety on the surface of materials to beautify this simplicity in a modern way. Here, in this kitchen design, the contemporary design style welcomes us simply and dynamically. Dark-colored parquets make the white kitchen cabinets stand out. The marble backsplash and countertops with curved edges also soften the lines and move away from a hard look. Nickel hardware also completes this contemporary look.

ID# 128226 | Houzz.com – Credit© Urban Kitchens and Joinery

Brushed Nickel Hardware for White Cabinets and White Countertops

The nobility of white color and light wooden floors welcome us warmly in the beach-style kitchen. A very stylish and modern look is captured with stainless steel appliances. The glass material in the pendant lighting fixtures adds a different elegance to the environment. The harmony of brushed nickel hardware and white kitchen cabinets creates a magnificent visual.

ID# 128227 | Houzz.com – Credit© Hallmark Floors

Beach Style Kitchen with Gray Subway Tiles and Wood Counter Chairs

A completely simple and elegant design is achieved with stainless steel appliances and chrome hardware. The completed image of white kitchen cabinets with white countertops adds elegance to the spacious-looking kitchen. Knob kitchen handles leave a simple and elegant effect.

Cabinet Style

Knobs and pulls come in many different styles which affect the overall look of the kitchens. That’s why, when choosing the hardware, the door style of the cabinets is an important point. Some hardware works well with modern style and some of them are better than traditionally styled cabinets.

Hardware for White Shaker Cabinets

With their sleek beauty, shaker-style cabinets are the most timeless and classic type of cabinetry and they can be suitable for different styled kitchens from modern to traditional. The most popular hardware choice for white shaker cabinets is chrome or brushed nickel pulls but other options can also work well with them. You can give a more traditional look with nickel pulls, add a vintage vibe with oil-rubbed bronze or brass, or modernize them with matte black color hardware.

ID# 128228 | Houzz.com – Credit© Plain & Posh

Polished Brass Hardware for White Shaker Cabinets with Dark Wood Floors

If you want to add a stylish look to your kitchen, brass hardware is the perfect choice for this, and if you want to add a warm atmosphere, natural textured wood material will help you. White and marble textured countertops add to the warm look of the dark floor in this black and white kitchen.

ID# 128229 | Houzz.com – Credit© Emerald & Laurel

Bright Transitional White Kitchen with Brass Pulls and Knobs

You may like to use white shaker cabinets to move up your kitchen. White marble countertops and white brick backsplash tiles combine each other simply and this helps to clean and fresh look. The brass cabinet knobs and handles add movement to the kitchen with their design.

ID# 128230 | Houzz.com – Credit© Juxtaposed Interiors

White Shaker Cabinets With Brushed Nickel Accents And Stainless Steel Appliances

The monochromatic transition from white to gray color adds a different stylish look. The shaker cabinets are located in an arched niche which creates a soft view with its curved edges. Brushed nickel nobs and pulls bring a modern look with stainless steel appliances.

ID# 128231 | Houzz.com – Credit© 27 Diamonds Interior Design

White Kitchen Cabinets with Gold Handles and Quartz Slabs

In this contemporary kitchen, the Silestone quartz countertops and backsplash bring a sense of luxury between the white shaker-style cabinets. The gold handles add a dose of sparkle while bringing a modern vibe with their sleek appeal.

Hardware for White Flat-panel Cabinets

With their clean, simple, and minimalistic appeal, flat-panel or slab-door cabinets are generally used for modern or contemporary kitchen designs. To complete this sleek modern appeal, pulls are a better option than knobs. Stainless steel bar pulls are the most popular option for white slab-door cabinets. On the other hand, flat bar pulls or recessed pulls also work well with these cabinets.

ID# 128232 | Houzz.com – Credit© Cathie Hong Interiors

Brass Hardware for White Flat-Panel Cabinets

Flat-panel cabinet doors are the signature of contemporary interior design. Although gray tones are mostly chosen for hardware, we see the incredible elegance of brass hardware with wooden materials in this kitchen. A simple and elegant kitchen welcomes us with its fresh air.

ID# 128233 | Houzz.com – Credit© Cathie Hong Interiors

Contemporary Kitchen with Square Wall Tiles and Gold Accents

Look at those lovely tiny backsplash tiles! They look so cute with the flat-panel modern white kitchen cabinets. Stainless steel appliances create a modern look with the help of the minimalistic design of the gold hardware.

ID# 128234 | Houzz.com – Credit© DDK Kitchen Design Group

Black and White Kitchen with Soapstone Slabs

The contrast of black and white colors almost dances before our eyes. A contemporary kitchen welcomes us with its moving image. The black soapstone backsplash and countertops blend with their noble image, while black appliances pair with black hardware.

Hardware for White Raised-panel Cabinets

Raise-panel cabinets are one of the most formal designs, generally used in traditional kitchens. Just like the shaker cabinets, raised panels can also work well with knobs and pulls. Also, these cabinets are like a piece of furniture that you can pair with more detailed hardware.

ID# 128235 | Houzz.com – Credit© SPRUILL Remodel

White Raised-Panel Kitchen Cabinets with Gold and Glass Hardware

The gold color suits the white raised-panel kitchen cabinets already, and when you use them with gold and white, the kitchen looks both dynamic and elegant. The hexagon tile backsplash adds visual interest. Bronze floor tiles and gold hardware stand in perfect harmony.

ID# 128236 | Houzz.com – Credit© Gallagher Interiors

Traditional Kitchen Design with Gray Backsplash and Blue Island

The feeling of warmth in the environment naturally comes from the wooden floors and the blue raised-panel kitchen cabinets. While this harmony changes the air in the kitchen, the white-raised panel adds a modern look to the kitchen cabinets with brushed nickel hardware. The gray herringbone tile backsplash creates a focal point between the whites. Stylish and modern kitchen design is completed with the right colors.

Can you mix knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets?

Each of them has different appeals but of course, you can use knobs and pulls together. When using different types of hardware, generally, knobs are preferred for cabinet doors and pulls for drawers because it is much more comfortable to open a drawer with pulls. Besides the function, using two types of hardware is a great way to add more visual interest.

ID# 128237 | Houzz.com – Credit© Norris Architecture

French Country Kitchen with Exposed Stone Wall

How lively, how warm-looking kitchen! Natural textured dark wood floor and brown-colored stone wall are a perfect harmony. There are no words to say to the island that has found its place in the middle. White raised-panel kitchen cabinets and white backsplash tiles are in perfect harmony. While candlestick chandeliers refer to the middle ages, brushed nickel hardware calls us to the present.

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ID# 128238 | Houzz.com – Credit© Accentrics Interiors

Mediterranean Kitchen with White Raised-Panel Cabinets

When we look at this beautiful kitchen, we feel the Mediterranean breeze through the soft green colors and the sand beige on the wall. The waterfall island, white marble countertops, and backsplash create a sweet natural touch, while the dark wood floor supports this touch. The use of brass hardware is very compatible with the white-raised panel kitchen cabinets.

ID# 128239 | Houzz.com – Credit© donna o’brien designs Inc.

Brushed Nickel Hardware for White Cabinets and Arabesque Tile Backsplash

A stylish arabesque tile backsplash and the floor in harmony with its color make the environment both warm and elegant. A sweet design emerges when we add raised-panel white kitchen cabinets to this stylish kitchen. Brushed nickel hardware does not allow us to forget the contemporary image, as it has an effect that takes us to the past years.

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