Very Small Kitchen Ideas Clever Designs for Small Spaces

33+ Very Small Kitchen Ideas

Flat Panel Upper Cabinets and Beadboard Lower Cabinets Design for Very Small Kitchen Ideas

For very small kitchen ideas, light grey flat panel cabinets and white beadboard cabinets are used. The color choice of these kitchen cabinets prevents the space from being suffocated. The space looks airy. White stone backsplash is preferred which creates an open and refreshing kitchen. A full-length beadboard cupboard is placed on the right side of this very small kitchen. It is a great way to have an extra storage unit. Also, using the same material in both cupboards and lower cabinets provides a sense of continuity in the kitchen. Light-colored parquets add more light to the kitchen. Adding a white small vase with a green plant and wooden chop board also gives warmth and color to the kitchen.

Black Flat Panel Lower Cabinets and Open Shelving with Stone Walls in Very Small L – Shape Kitchen

Black flat panel cabinets and open shelving unit with stone walls look incredible! Using black to add color works very well in this white kitchen. The color black doesn’t make the space smaller; it makes the room cooler. Stone walls provide a stylish and original look. Additionally. wooden decorative items and a brown rug add coziness to this very small L-shaped kitchen.

Very Small Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the house. We spend most of our time there. But not all houses have big and open kitchen spaces, especially tiny houses with very small kitchen areas. Also, very small kitchens are hard to organize. Fortunately, you do not have to have a huge space for a functional space. The philosophy of “less is more” helps with very small kitchen ideas. These very small kitchen ideas are very functional, useful, and clever. You need to model and plan very small kitchens carefully. For a start, investing in storage is a must. There are plenty of cute and cool storage units such as baskets and shelves which can be used as accessories, too. This very small kitchen idea allows you to keep everything in one place. Using storage as an accessory is incredibly handy and practical.

Another very small kitchen idea is using only one color for the kitchen. Kitchens with one color palette tend to look bigger than they are. You can choose a color for cabinets, counters, and walls. Also, you can use large tiles for the kitchen floor. It is a general belief that using large tiles makes a space smaller, but it is not true. Installing small tiles for the floor makes the space small and crowded. So, to create a bigger and open very small kitchen use large tiles. So, these simple very small kitchen ideas help you to build fresh, comfy, and roomy tiny kitchens.

Dark Toned Shaker Style Lower Cabinets and Wooden Backsplash in Very Small Kitchen

This dark-toned very small kitchen looks breathtaking. Dark-toned shaker-style lower cabinets and wooden backsplash are combined with a silver oven. The oven has golden handles which give a very luxurious style to the kitchen. The wooden backsplash has hangers on it. This is a creative way to create more storage areas in the very small kitchen. To add more color and warmth to the kitchen copper pans are hung from the ceiling. To soften the dark tone and prevent the kitchen from being in a stifling atmosphere, painting the walls white is a good choice. The use of white tiles adds modernity to this very small kitchen.

Minimalist Flat Panel Cabinets in Very Small Kitchen

Using flat panel kitchen cabinets prevents the feeling of complexity and claustrophobic feeling in tight spaces. The use of black and wood in the upper cabinets has added a style to this very small kitchen. White walls, white flat panel lower cabinets, and white tile backsplash open the space and make the space modern. The wood countertop gives room more light, too. Also, it looks very minimalist and cute. White tile flooring helps the space to look bigger and wider. Adding green plants adds color to this very small stylish kitchen. Purchasing a kitchen cart is a smart way to add more storage units into the kitchen which is also a necessity for a very small kitchen.

How to decorate a very small kitchen?

Using open shelves instead of upper cabinets gives your small kitchen a cooler and modern look. To get this look to avoid putting too many items on the shelves. Adding a wood cutting board, colorful flowers or potted plants, and small vases makes the small kitchen lively and spirited. These kinds of accessories add characteristics to your small kitchen.

Fresh Minimalist Open Shelf and White Flat Panel Lower Cabinets in Very Small Kitchen

This minimalist and open tiny kitchen is designed very functionally. The use of shelves and hangers provides storage space in the kitchen. Putting kitchen utensils on shelves and hangers both creates a useful environment and looks stylish in terms of decoration. The choice of pendant glass lamps, white flat panel cabinets, and white tile backsplash brightens up the kitchen space. Using wood in decorative items such as cutting board adds warmth to this very small modern kitchen. Additionally, choosing wooden shelves in the same tone as the wooden counter adds style to the kitchen. Also, green plants give color to the kitchen.

Grey Shaker Style Cabinets Design for Very Small Kitchen Ideas

Using light-colored shaker-style cabinets and a glass cabinet together creates a trendy and modern kitchen look. To keep it simple, the white wood backsplash is used, and it covers other walls, too. By doing this, you can have a continuity effect on the space. Grey shaker-style cabinets add aesthetics to this very simple kitchen. Using a wood countertop is one of the best ways to have a modern and stylish kitchen. In this kitchen, the combination of grey and wood is very cool. It adds character to the area. For more space, a wooden coffee table and dining table are added to the kitchen area. So, you both have storage space and a prep area.

Open Shelf Units and Pastel Light Blue Shaker Style Cabinets in Very Small Kitchen

For very small kitchen ideas, white is the most popular color. To avoid dullness tile backsplash, grey granite countertop, and light pastel blue shaker style lower cabinets are used. They also add texture and a sense of style to the kitchen. To open the space the ceiling is painted white, and a white tile backsplash is used in the whole kitchen area. Also, installing open-shelf units widens the space. Warm tones are needed to break the cold effect of white and blue. That’s why the choice of parquet is wise. Also, parquet floors warm and make more stylish the space. Adding wood and glass–made accessories to the environment also creates a cozy and fashionable kitchen space.

Modern Very Small Kitchen Ideas

Simplicity and practicableness are the key points of modern very small kitchen ideas. The size of the kitchen doesn’t matter unless you build a minimalist and functional modern kitchen. To make modern very small kitchens, adding more light into the room would be a wise choice. White color is an excellent way to bring light into the area. Using white flat panel cabinets and white backsplashes can help to create fresh and airy modern very small kitchens. Also, the color white brings modernity and a minimalist aspect to the kitchen. Another modern very small kitchen idea is using wood and quartz materials. You can use these materials to create a kitchen island area with neutral colors. Besides having a kitchen island, you can have a workspace or dining area in the tiny kitchens. Wood gives a warm feeling to the space, and quartz makes the space trendy.

Industrial Style Open Shelf Units and Flat Panel Cabinets Combination for Modern Very Small Kitchen Ideas

The use of wood and metal is the right option for modern very small kitchen ideas. In this modern and industrial kitchen, the open shelving system is used instead of upper kitchen cabinets in order not to narrow the space and to have a spacious look. To be compatible with the wood on the shelves, wood beadboard cabinets are used in the same tone as the shelves. The shelves are beneficial and practical to have an extra store in the tiny kitchen area. White flat panel lower cabinet and white countertops bring light to the kitchen area. Also, using marble tile backsplash gives movement and style to the space. Adding grey carpets and grey accessories such as a metal basket completes the modern and industrial look. Also, they add more color to this modern very small kitchen.

Wood Flat Panel Cabinets and Dark Grey Flat Panel Cabinets with Marble Tile Backsplash Design for Modern Very Small Kitchen Ideas

There is no need to use light colors to get a spacious kitchen. The use of dark–toned cabinets and light–toned countertops does not make the space narrow, on the contrary, they create a modern and stylish space. The combination of wooden cabinets and smoke–colored flat panel cabinets with a patterned backsplash creates a stylish and luxurious image in this modern very small kitchen. Using neutral tones with dark tones always works to get a modern look. To avoid too much darkness in the area, choosing white tile floors and white countertops is a smart idea. These choices balance the color palette and do not create a claustrophobic and dark atmosphere in the kitchen. Also, cabinets with backlights help you to have lighter and cool kitchen space. Also, placing the oven inside the cabinet provides a spacious cooking area, too.

Modern Very Small Kitchens with Neutral Colored Flat Panel Cabinets

Flat panel cabinets are one of the most popular cabinets to create a modern look. They are simple and easy to combine. Neutral-toned kitchens provide a modernistic and minimalist look. The color choice gives calmness to the space. To balance the color scheme white walls and white countertops are used. White adds more light and relaxed feeling to this modern very small kitchen. Having a few items on the counter gives you more space to cook. It also provides a clean and basic look. To add more color to this modern tiny kitchen green plants and wooden items are used. This choice also completes the wooden look and sustains the minimal and modern look.


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White Modern Very Small Kitchens with Open Shelves and Flat Panel Lower Cabinets

The harmony of green and white is an undeniable fact. This harmony is used in this kitchen, and it makes the space calm and modern. Monochromatic white always helps you to create a spacious and stylish kitchen. This style does not strain the eyes and is refreshing. Using white tile backsplash and white open shelving is a very genius way to sustain this monochromatic look. Also, they make the space look bigger. To include warmth and color in this modern very small kitchen, wooden parquet and wooden decorative items are placed and green leaf curtains are used.

Very Small Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

Very small open concept kitchen ideas are required multifunctionality, especially for small houses. For both spacious and practical very small open kitchens, the area should be analyzed thoroughly. Measuring the areas that can be used, increases the functionality of the area, and makes the designing process easier. To prevent the claustrophobic feeling, glass front cabinets, or open shelving would be a good choice. Glass helps the kitchen to look brighter and roomier. Building open shelves creates modern and practical very small open concept kitchens.

Very small open concept kitchen ideas help to combine the kitchen and dining area of a house. Also, you can add the living area into the space. There are no walls or doors to camouflage the kitchen area. So, this very small open-concept kitchen must be polished and trendy. Adding an island and stools can make very small open-concept kitchens both the dining area and a work area. Thus, it becomes a functional very small open concept kitchen as well as an environment where all family members or guests can spend time together.

Dalmatian Backsplash and White, Wooden Flat Panel Cabinets in Very Small Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

Very small open-concept kitchens can be the center of attention in the house. It is necessary to consider this when designing the kitchen area. that’s why creating a stylish kitchen is essential. Dalmatian backsplash is a great way to have a stylish kitchen. It is ideal to combine such backsplash with white flat panel cabinets. Adding some dalmatian patterns on the floor completes this trendy and unique look. Using the wood floor, countertops, and breakfast area complete this very small open concept kitchen. Also, it gives more color and warmth to the space. This layout also makes the kitchen look large, useful, and spacious.

Wooden Beams and White Shaker Style Cabinets in Very Small Open Concept Kitchen

Wooden beams are a very clever way to make the open concept kitchen a separate section. To make these beams appear, the kitchen should be designed simply. In this very small open concept kitchen white and simple shaker-style cabinets are used. To prevent a crowded appearance in the space, shelves are used. Wood is used on the countertop to match the wooden beams. To add light to the kitchen, white walls and white tile floors are used. Also, a mirror is hung on the wall to make the space look wider. To add warmth to the space, neutral-toned baskets are used as accessories.

What is the smallest size a kitchen can be?

According to National Kitchen and Bathroom Association, the smallest size of a kitchen is below 70 square feet.

Reflective White Flat Panel Cabinets with Downlighting in Very Small Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

For very small open-concept kitchen ideas, lightning plays an important role. White flat panel cabinets reflect the lights. Thus, the space looks bigger and open. To have space, the white countertop is used as a breakfast area. Adding metal-legged barstools into this area creates a modern and instrumental look. All the walls are painted in the same color to have wholeness in the house. To separate the living and kitchen area from other areas, a different colored parquet is preferred. To be in harmony with the colors in the living area, white color is picked in the kitchen. So, this very small open concept kitchen becomes a whole with other areas of the house and it looks modern and elegant.

Wood Beadboard Upper Cabinets with Dark Blue Beadboard Lower Cabinets in Very Small Open Concept Kitchen

Beadboard cabinets and marble backsplash are very practical for very small open-concept kitchen ideas. They add a cool and trendy look to the kitchen. Thus, you don’t have to add unnecessary decorative items to the kitchen. In this very small open concept kitchen, wooden and dark blue beadboard cabinets are used to create a cool kitchen area and give warmth and color to the space. Adding marble backsplash and countertops gives a luxurious look to the space. The table is used to create a dining area that is compatible with the backsplash and counter. Hanging a picture on the wall also gives an artsy look to the space.

Very Small L-Shape Kitchen Ideas

L – shape kitchens consist of two perpendicular walls, one short and one long. It gets its name from the way these walls form. Usually, counter space and cupboards are placed along the longer wall. Small kitchen utensils such as an oven are placed on the shorter wall. Sometimes a kitchen island is used in building an L – shaped kitchen. Kitchen islands are helpful to have more countertop spaces, a sitting area, and more storage. For these reasons, very small L – shape kitchen ideas are very practical, especially for small houses like studio flats.

Fitting a very small L – shape kitchen into a corner gives an ergonomic and efficient kitchen space and is amazing for tiny areas. It provides flexibility, and also it allows you movement in small spaces. Plus, very small L – shape kitchen ideas are very trendy and one of the most popular kitchen styles.

When designing a very small L – shape kitchen, you must avoid upper cabinets. Using an open-shelf system is a wonderful way to make the space bigger. Choice white flat cabinetry provides more light and an open space feeling. Also, you can use mirrored surfaces to create a roomy and spacious very small L – shape kitchen.


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Marble Counters and Marble Backsplash with Chequerboard Floors in Very Small L – Shape Kitchen Ideas

For very small L – shape kitchen ideas, it is very important to place items carefully. Putting the stove on the larger part creates space for movement in very small L – shape kitchens. By placing the sink where the window is, the space has a spacious look. To prevent this view from narrowing, only a shelf is added next to the window. Dark-colored shaker-style cabinets with golden holders and light-colored marble backsplash and marble countertops make the space very elegant and trendy. Using a chequerboard floor gives the kitchen a modern and classy look.


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White Flat Panel Cabinets in Very Small L – Shape Kitchen

This white-based kitchen looks very open and refreshing. Using white flat panel cabinets, white walls and white worktops creates more light and spacious feeling in this very small L – shape kitchen. Using a kitchen cart provides more storage space. Adding grey-toned items such as a rug and towel gives more color to the space.

Open Wood Cabinets with Shaker Style Lower Cabinets in Very Small L – Shape Kitchen Ideas

Wood always works for very small L – shape kitchen ideas. It gives warmth and color to the space. In this kitchen, open wood cabinets and white shaker-style cabinets are combined. The harmony between white color and wood material allows you to have a balanced and modern kitchen. For continuity in the area, white tile backsplash, white walls, and parquets are preferred. To give more color, beautiful and elegant golden cabinet handles are also used.

White Beadboard Cabinets with Stone Walls in Very Small L – Shape Kitchen

White beadboard cabinets and stone walls with parquet floors look very stylish and luxurious together. These beadboard cabinets provide a modern style whereas stone walls and ceramic backsplash give an authentic look. This very small L – shape kitchen allows you to breathe. It also looks spacious and larger. It is also warm and cozy which invites you to spend quality time there.

Chequerboard Floors and White Tile Backsplash with White Shaker Style Cabinets in Very Small L – Shape Kitchen

This white very small L – shape kitchen looks brilliant! Using white in almost every area makes the kitchen look larger. White shaker-style cabinets, white tile walls, and white chequerboard floor make the space heavenly. The layout provides movement ability to the homeowner(s). adding dark–toned worktop and green plants into the kitchen provides color and liveliness. So, cooking is very fun and easy in this very small kitchen.

Very Small U-Shape Kitchen Ideas

U – shape kitchens consist of three adjoining walls. These designs give you more space and allow you to add more drawers, countertops, and cabinets to your tiny kitchen. The best thing about every small U – shape kitchen idea is that you can adjust the kitchen according to the space you have. For instance, three walls do not need to be actively used in very small U – shape kitchens. Depending on the space you have, you can use a breakfast bar as the third wall for this style of kitchen. So, you can have a creative and stylish very small U – shape kitchen.

One of the most popular very small U – shape kitchen ideas is decluttering the kitchen space from upper storage units. You can use lower storage units more actively and efficiently. If you still need an upper storage option, you can choose glass-front cabinets. These cabinets have a mirror effect, so they bring light into the space. Another very small U – shape kitchen idea is adding a window into the layout. This idea allows you to create a cluttered and open kitchen area.

Marble Backsplash with Glass – Front Cabinets in Very Small U – Shape Kitchen Ideas

For very small U – shape kitchen ideas, white is the most ideal color. In this very small kitchen, white marble backsplash and marble countertops are combined with simple white flat panel cabinets and glass–front cabinets to make the patterns more noticeable. To add color, the wall with the glass was painted in indigo and an indigo hanging light is used. The left part of the U – shape kitchen is also used as an extra space.


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Wood and White Based Flat Panel Cabinets in Very Small – U Shape Kitchen

The wood and green color look very balanced in this very small U – shape kitchen. To bring out the wood and green color, the white flat panel cabinets are chosen. One of the sides of the U – shape is used as a breakfast area by adding a nice barstool. By attaching a shelf unit to the ceiling, the space becomes wider and more functional. Green balustrades and wooden materials also create a contemporary and original kitchen space.

Very Small One-Wall Kitchen Ideas

Wall kitchens consist of laying out every kitchen item along a single wall. It is easy to see all the features of cabinets, and counters. This makes very small one-wall kitchen ideas a popular kitchen style. They are economical and effortless. Very small one-wall kitchen ideas help you to achieve your open and trendy tiny kitchen goals.

Very small one-wall kitchen ideas are very simple and popular interior design ideas. They are very suitable for applying to small houses, apartments, lofts, and condos. Their layout is amazing to create spacious very small kitchens. These very small one-wall kitchen ideas help you to save space in your kitchen. By adding a kitchen island into the area, you can solve the lack of space issue. You can use the kitchen island as a counter space and as a storage unit. Also, you can turn the area into a dining area by adding bar stools.

Another very small one-wall kitchen idea is hanging most used pots and pans on a hanging rack which can be placed above a kitchen island. If you want, you can hang some kitchen items in a space on one wall. In this way, you create more space in the very small one-wall kitchen.


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Simple and White Very Small One-Wall Kitchen

For very small one-wall kitchen ideas, simplicity is the key. White and flat panel lower cabinets and white counters are used to have minimalism in this tiny kitchen. To not limit the prep area, very few items are placed on the counters. Also, for a warm and calm kitchen, dark-toned and neutral colors are used.


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White Flat Panel Cabinets with Wooden Open Shelving in a Very Small One Wall Kitchen Ideas

Preferring white flat panel cabinets and wooden open shelving makes small one-wall kitchens look stylish and airy. White wooden backsplashes and white walls give a modern look to the kitchen. Also, parquet and wooden shelves make the space cozier and warmer.

What type of kitchen is ideal for limited space?

The work triangle is very important for a small kitchen. For a limited space– wall kitchens, L – shape kitchens, and galley kitchens are ideal. If your small kitchen is separated from the dining room, or the living room, U – shape kitchens would be suitable for your limited kitchen space.


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Marble Tile Backsplash and Open Shelving 

This very small one-wall kitchen is breathtaking. The marble tile backsplash is the main character in the space. It is beautiful and elegant. Using wooden shelves and white flat panel cabinets allows you to focus on the backsplash. Also, neutral-toned colors and gold-colored handles add a pleasant and sweet feeling to the kitchen.

Very Small Kitchen Backsplash

One of the ways to make your tiny kitchen look and feels larger is by choosing the perfect backsplash. Very small kitchen backsplashes are great tools to create aesthetic and practical kitchen areas. Glass backsplash, which shows the kitchen area more spacious and wider by reflecting the light it receives, is very suitable for your very small kitchen. You can use glass backsplash with dark and light color palettes you prefer. Also, mosaic–tiled backsplash would be an amazing choice for your very small kitchen. By using the mosaic–tiled backsplash you can extend the cooking and prep areas, so your very small kitchen area has continuity and a cool design.


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White Tile Backsplash for a Very Small Kitchen

For a very small kitchen backsplash, a white tile subway backsplash is a practical choice. You can easily match the backsplash with flat panel cabinets. Also, the white tile backsplash gives not only a modern aspect to the kitchen but also helps you to create a minimalist very small kitchen. In this trendy and beautiful very small kitchen, the white backsplash adds a minimalistic and cool look to the kitchen. White flat panel cabinets are matched with white walls. To add color to the space, wooden countertops and decorative items are used. For more storage shelves and hangers are used as well. Also, a white table and stool are picked for creating a dining area.


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White Cabinets and White Square Tile Effect for Very Small Kitchen Backsplash

This minimalist and trendy very small kitchen uses a white square tile backsplash to add texture. It combines white flat-panel cabinets and light wood open shelves. They create a modern atmosphere in the space. White tile backsplashes are used together with black grout, giving a striking appearance. It takes a stylish stance. This idea gives the kitchen more prep space. Wooden accessories and parquet are preferred to add color and warmth to the space. Also, white is the dominant color in this kitchen to make it lighter and more spacious.

White Subway Tile Effect for Very Small Kitchen Backsplash

The white subway tile backsplash with wood cabinetry looks perfect and ideal for this very small kitchen. Painting the walls white is a smart choice to have a space that harmonizes with both the backsplash and the cabinets. The white ceramic tile backsplash and gray hexagonal floors also make the space modern, fun, and perfect.

Very Small Kitchen Storage

It is very hard to have enough space in your kitchen for storage. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big or small. There are never enough cabinets, shelves, or drawers in the kitchen. Fortunately, very small kitchen storage ideas exist! These ideas will help you to use your tiny kitchen space more practically and keep your kitchen very organized.

Hanging hooks is the easiest way to store some items in your very small kitchen. You can hang aprons, towels, or cutting boards. Using corners is a good solution for very small kitchen storage problems. Putting crates in the corner of a very small kitchen helps you to store jars or cups. They can also be used for decoration purposes. Another very small kitchen storage idea is using the tops of the cabinets to put baskets or boxes. You can store a lot of kitchen-related items in these baskets and boxes. Also, you can install rails on the backsplash area to store spoons, ladles, or whatever you need. So, these very small kitchen storage ideas make your tiny kitchen more functional and comfortable.

Wooden Hanging Units as Very Small Kitchen Storage

For very small kitchen storage, using wooden hanging units is a practical and trendy choice. You can hang a lot of kitchen utensils and decorative items on this hanging unit which provides you with a lot of storage area. Also, it matches perfectly with this minimal rustic and neutral very small kitchen.


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Hidden Pantry as a Very Small Kitchen Storage

A great solution for having storage space in very small kitchens is making a hidden pantry. Using the backsplash on the pantry doors is a genius way to hide the pantry. With this hidden pantry idea, you make the kitchen space larger and prevent the area from looking suffocating and crowded.

How can I make the most of my tiny kitchen?

Using hanging units is one of the best ways to have space in tiny kitchens. You can hang your most used kitchen utensils above the counter space. Also, you can add a pegboard backsplash to your tiny kitchen to keep the most used tools. Another idea for your small kitchen is adding a folded kitchen table into the kitchen area. It can be used as a counter space or a dining area. These ideas also make cooking practical and easier and give you more space in your very small kitchen.

Hardwood Very Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

In this warm and cool kitchen, the space above the fridge is used for storage purposes. Open shelving units add an open and airy feel to this area. The units provide storage space and a cool look to this very small kitchen. A hanging system is used on the white tile backsplash which allows for hanging kitchen utensils. Also, a kitchen cart is preferred to store some pantry items. These very small kitchen storage items make the kitchen very functional.

Folding Table and Shelves as Very Small Kitchen Storage Options

Wall–mounted shelves and a folding table provide extra storage in this minimalist and stylish kitchen. Folding tables are very easy to use. They give you a dining area, prep area, and extra storage. In this original kitchen, a cloth-made item divided into compartments is used for storage. Also, preferring shelves makes the kitchen modern and provides more storage space.


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Metal Shelves Inside Cabinets in Very Small Kitchen Storage

It is a very clever idea to create a pantry by placing metal shelves inside the kitchen cabinet, and this idea is a savior for very small kitchens. You can store a lot of items on these metal shelves. Also, they are in harmony with the minimalist style of the kitchen. So, adding metal shelves inside the kitchen cabinets gives extra storage space and a stylish look to the kitchen.

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