Pool Tile Ideas Eye-Catching Tile Designs for Stunning Pools

17+ Pool Tile Ideas

Inground Pool with Floral Designs and Interior Steps

This Mediterranean-style waterfront house feels lucky with a modern pool design in the backyard. The pool is surrounded by a sunbathing area that connects with the ocean outstretching a little further. The design of the pool sticks to the blue mosaic tiles with one exception. The oversized pink flower pattern delivers tropical sensations relevant to the surrounding landscape of palm trees and adds a character to the pool that naturally connects it with the environment. Also, a middle-sized fountain and a jacuzzi on the other edge of the pool for aesthetic and relaxation purposes. While pressured water in the jacuzzi caresses and massages the muscles, its users can relax while listening to the sound of the fountain. Overall, this pool design without a doubt gives homeowners and guests a spa treatment, releasing the accumulated tension in the body.


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Blue Pool Tile Ideas with Waterfall Features and Elevated Spa

In this modern pool design, the waterfall falling from the spa creates a relaxing ambiance to watch and listen to. It gently slides on the blue mosaic pool tiles, pouring into the blue waters of the pool. This feature not only entertains the space but also creates a visual show. Behind, a seating area shaded by a wooden pergola resides, which adds an organic feature to the background, while the blue tile spa and waterline create a continuous design completed by white decking and a paver.

Pool Tile Ideas

The hectic schedules of urban life and daily routines of ours that trap us in a loop necessitate a time for self-reflection and relaxation, which is made possible through the presence of water that contrasts the rigid forms of metropolitan life. Water finds a body through pools, Jacuzzis, and bathtubs that promote a healthy lifestyle and mental and physical relaxation. Given that we have been going through troubled times during the Covid, which disconnected us from the rest of the world, we needed and we still need a gateway somehow. This can be accomplished through the reconfiguration of architectural lines both related to the exterior and interior areas. Pool designs and pool tile ideas can be included among the relaxation spots that should be inspiring and if possible, should engage with the surrounding environment for a sense of connection.

To cut it short, pool tile ideas could make a difference to change our mood and upgrade our backyard as it gains unique color and entity through the presence of water and the sunrays diving into the water and creating optical illusions.

Designing Pools

Pools are interactive agents, constantly responding to the sky and natural lights that change the color of the water of the swimming pools. The first thing to know while designing is how water interacts with colors. Why are the tiles always mostly blue, for example? Well, it is mostly related to the shade of the sky that is reflected by the water. Also, water absorbs other bold colors such as red and orange much easier, while with blue, it is much different. Overall, the depth of the water, whether it is indoor or outdoor, the surrounding environment, and the topography of the land all shape the design of the pools. Therefore, while deciding, there is just so much to consider. But, the color, texture, and materials of the paver, decking, and pool tiles seem to be the most basic elements.

That’s why just to make things much simpler and clarified for you, this blog aims to walk you through the pool tile ideas with various projects. Just by looking at pools, you will relax and achieve a sense of calmness. So, if you are ready, just stay with us and be ready to discover some great pool tile ideas.


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Pool Tile Ideas with Enticing Hot Tub Design

Surrounded by the lounge area, this elevated hot tub offers an excellent spot to rest and calm your tense muscles. Clad in multi-colored subway tiles, it performs color therapy even before getting into the tub. Particularly goldish touches bring extra shine and glow to make a statement and communicate a sense of luxury. The tub is also masterfully surrounded by decking to be differentiated from the main pool design and is directly in contact with the seating areas to offer smooth transitions from the seating to the hot tub and from the hot tub to the pool.


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Lagoon-style Pool with Kidney Shaped Spa and Travertine Paver

If you are looking for a more natural pool design that feels camouflaged as if part of the landscape, lagoon-style or free-form pools are the ideal designs for your background. Thanks to their beautiful curvilinear forms, they blend with the surrounding environment perfectly just like here. This lagoon-style pool is a perfect embodiment of it along with the generously-sized elevated kidney-shaped spa whose exterior is clad in glittering mosaic tiles. This pool design is complemented with a rich repertoire of natural elements, including plenty use of rocks, wood, waterfall features, and stones to mimic a natural scene with visual and acoustic features. After swimming or spa time, you can also dry your feet on the surrounding grass.

Material and Color Options for Pool Tiles

Porcelain, ceramics, granite, and glass are some of the most popular pool tiles, suitable for constant interactions with water and pool chemicals. They come in various colors and shapes to make the pool in your yard a centerpiece. Let’s explore some one by one.

Glass Pool Tile Ideas

Glass tiles are one of the most popular, expensive, yet durable, and versatile tiles to clad the pools. As they are non-porous, they are resistant to water, ensuring longevity. In addition to their functional advantages, they also come in various styles and patterns to create diverse aesthetic effects. They also have frost-proof versions along with the ones with a metallic-like appearance in golds, bronzes, and silvers.

Geometric Pool Tile Ideas with Elevated Hot Tub and Glass Mosaics

Receiving a lot of attention from the neighbor balconies overlooking the pool, this geometric pool design has two layers to distinguish the swimming part from the elevated hot tub. Clad in glittering blue glass mosaic tiles, these tiles are ready to sparkle waiting for natural lights, while the surrounding decking comes in the form of concrete to neutralize the shimmering effect of the glass mosaics. Additionally, the floating-looking ledges offer perfect spots to sunbathe, connected to the interiors and pool simultaneously.

What is the best color of tiles for a swimming pool?

Pools, for sure, evoke a sense of peace and serenity while the textures, colors, and rhythm of the water compose a relaxing visual scheme stimulating our five senses and upgrading our mood. This feeling can be enhanced or manipulated through the use of pool tiles of different colors.

Blue colors are for sure the most popular ones as they suggest freedom and run parallel to the sky in a well-coordinated way. Though, they have their subcategories too, to create different impacts. For example, turquoise gives that paradise-like look to your yard, while darker tones bring more depth and mystic flavors.

Furthermore, if you seek a more natural look that completely blends with the surrounding, you can go with green tiles. Grayish tones, on the other hand, can mimic an ocean and a lake, giving the impression of an aged and discolored look as well, which adds extra interest. This feature is also helpful in hiding accumulated dirt. Last but not least, black also has a certain level of popularity for its minimalist and dramatic aesthetics.

Overall, it is hard to tell what the best color is for pool tiles. As for popularity, blue wins the race surely. But it also depends on the look homeowners want to achieve.  With brief research on colors and their interaction with light and color, they can decide what suits their interest best.

Backyard Oasis with Waterfall Features and Elevated Spa

This beautiful freeform pool traverses through the backyard quite naturally, while its negative edge adds dimension and creates a sense of infinity. A spa and a waterfall feature attached to the pool in different spots enrich the pool design as visual and acoustic elements that create a soothing effect, which suits the desolate character of the landscape. This brown landscape rather than lush greenery offers a secluded yet indulgent ambiance that reinforces the pool’s presence as an outdoor oasis. Overall, it is a very ambitious project that proposes a counterpoint to the landscape with rich colors of blue that are softened by travertine and cement pavers.

Porcelain Pool Tile Ideas

Porcelain pool tiles are one of the most economic tiles you can get to clad your pool. It is durable and highly water-resistant even when compared to the ceramics because they contain additives ceramics lack.


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Contemporary Geometric Pool with Elevated Hot Tub and Waterfall Features

In this contemporary geometric pool design, the stone walls with waterfall features enrich the pool design both visually and acoustically while enhancing the textural capacity of the pool. From porcelain tiles cladding the elevated hot tub’s exterior to white stone walls, cement paving, and black basalts as decorative aggregates, each element creates diversity taking the homeowners on a visual and tactual journey. While the floor level is rather based on contrasts of white and black, the eye level is populated by pink flowers and leafy trees whose reflections fall across the pool water, capturing cinematic moments in the background and feeding the design’s romantic spirit. Lastly, on the other side of the pool, the lounge chairs are cleverly placed near the waterfall features to appease the soul through the sound of falling water.

What tiles can I use around my pool?

What you should prioritize while tiling the pool surrounding is your and your family’s safety and choosing a slip-resistant and water-resistant material with a high-wear rating.

At this point, natural stones stand out as the non-slip and safest options, while the second thing you need to consider is how this material will affect your comfort underfoot. Will it get easily heated up and give you trouble until you reach a shaded spot or the interiors? To minimize this, you can benefit from travertine, limestone, or sandstone. Likewise, bluestone is a worth considering option as it is anti-slip and provides a timeless and neutral look.

To compare them in a more detailed way, while travertine with its porous skin lends a more traditional feel evoking tactility, limestone has a more modern and industrial flavor to it like concrete. For a more traditional look, you can go with a tumbled finish of a limestone.

In addition to these natural stones aforementioned, porcelain tiles are a great alternative. Plus, they can mimic wood, brick, and stone patterns. So, if you are looking for something that is not stone but still with a natural look, porcelain tiles can give you what you are looking for.  But, of course, for material authenticity, porcelain tiles can’t replace natural stones.


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Blue Porcelain Pool Tile Ideas with Rain Waterfall

In this masterfully designed pool, well-thought-out details communicate a sense of luxury. Rainwater channeled through the pipes installed on the pergola creates a waterfall effect, gently landing on the pool and offering a gentle rain curtain. Under the pergola sits the integrated rectangular-shaped hot tub comfortably in an open conversation with the surroundings. Below, the blue porcelain tiles distinguish the spa from the rest of the water body of the pool. White natural stone decking seems like a natural extension of the white walls of the house, while at the back, green bushes create a natural border offering an organic background for other elements to settle in.

Mosaic Pool Tile Ideas

Mosaic tiles are heavily used tiles in pool designs as an alternative to traditional plaster coatings, spicing up every design, even if the rest is kept all-white. They introduce texture, effortlessly transforming pools into the focal points of your backyard. Especially their chip sizes are excellent options to achieve impressive looks and also are ideal for irregularly shaped pools to clad the most impossible spots.

If you are wondering about material options, glass mosaics are great to achieve a depth of illusion as their luminous surfaces feature a high capacity to reflect light, adding movement.

When it comes to the decking options for mosaic pool tiles, we can count concrete and travertine that offer a radical transformation in terms of texture. To complete the mosaic pool tiles with a modern feature, concrete provides a practical and affordable alternative and a smooth transition with a clutter-free look. However, if you seek something more natural, you can use natural stones such as travertine, granite, and marble.


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Above-ground Pool with Elevated Spa Clad in Mosaic Pool Tiles

This beautiful backyard offers everything needed to unwind after a long strenuous day: an above-ground pool, a spa, and multiple seating areas. To start with, the elevated spa exhibits a very dynamic visual scheme through blue mosaic tiles, while the exterior façade of the main pool is coated in stones to insert the pool into a more natural frame. To offer a laid-back zone for a couple of drinks, the pool’s paving acts as a bar complemented with black stools. But the best part is that the pool water offers a canvas for trees to cast their shadows for cinematic effects.

What are the best tiles for swimming pools?

Ceramic and porcelains are without a doubt the best ones, though, not as fascinating as glass. But they are favored because they are budget-friendly and affordable for those on a strict budget. But if you feel free in financial terms, then glass tiles serve the pool best.


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Mosaic Pool Tile Ideas with A Vanishing Edge Pool

In this calm backyard, the pool introduces a burst of color to the otherwise all-white look of the house. Its negative edge is shaded by the palm trees, while the rest is exposed to the sun during certain times of the time, making it perfect for swimmers who both prefer hot or colder spots of the pool. The blue mosaic pool tiles enliven the space truly, supported by greeneries starting a little further. The integrated spa resides between the two volumes of the house, accompanied by lounge chairs to offer a cozy spot to relax rather than swim.

Blue Pool Tile Ideas

Blue pool tiles enhance the presence of the water and reflect the sky. Benefiting from different shades of blue, you can play with the visual depth of the pool playfully. While darker blue tones make the pool look deeper, the light tones create a shallow feeling and evoke the sandy waters of an island. But if you seek a tropical feeling, then bright blue shades might be what you are looking for.

Modern Pool Design with Tanning Ledge and Ledgeloungers

This modern pool area rather feels isolated, offering a resilient resting spot peacefully dialoguing with the sky. It is modern and vast. The dark blue subway tiles exude elegance and sophistication replacing the vibrant and energizing blue shades that suits the overall ambiance perfectly. Lastly, the tanning ledge is equipped with two ergonomic design ledge-loungers where you can rest and sunbathe while still feeling the coolness of the water.

What should you consider when choosing pool tile?

When getting a pool, there are a lot of details to consider, ranging from the size, shape, and material of the pool tiles to the deck, paving, color, lighting, and pool style. Of course, while planning all this, you should also determine what kind of budget you can devote to such a huge and demanding project. Let’s just dive into the topic in a more detailed way:

1) To start with, choosing tiles is the most important part. Ceramics and porcelain are the most affordable materials than glass. If you wish, you can even create alluring mosaic designs with porcelain.  Yet, of course, for a sense of luxury and shimmering effect, glass tiles are the best, though pricier.

2)As for the size of the tiles, avoid using large format tiles as they are prone to cracking due to temperature shock.

3) For decking and paving, use non-slip materials that don’t get heated up easily so that your feet won’t burn until you reach a shaded spot. Stone tiles and concrete are popular options. While concrete offers a smooth and streamlined look, natural stones enhance the design, creating a more organic and natural ambiance.

4) Another important detail is the grout and maintenance of the tiles. You can consult an expert or your manufacturer not to miss any detail.


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Enticing Pool Design with Artificial Grass and Blue Pool Tiles

Tactually rich, in this modern pool design, artificial grass and white cement tiles surround the pool, creating different layers. As such, it offers its users different pathways to walk on. At the back, seating areas and a poolside bar shaded by a pergola provide an excellent spot to unwind right next to the pool. The blue subway tiles surround the waterline and the hot tub’s exterior to create visual dynamism on the parts which are prone to more daylight.

Black Pool Tile Ideas

Black swimming pools, resembling black voids or massive black holes, provide a minimalist and edgy design for your background. They also allow you to be more creative with a lighting system, making for immersive looks. Thirdly, as black absorbs heat and light, it also makes the pool water warmer, which is great for those who hate swimming in cold water.

Though, black pools are not very recommendable for certain reasons, particularly due to safety concerns as they distort depth perception and could lead to accidents. But this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on black tool tiles. You just have to be mindful of where to use them. For example, rather than creating a dark-bottomed pool, you can use black tiles to cover the exterior part of the design or as a waterline to add some visual richness.

Black Granite Pool Tiles

To discuss some popular black pool tiles, we can have a look at glass, granite, and porcelain. To start with, granite is durable, resistant to staining, and provides non-slipping surfaces, executing a sophisticated and elegant look with a contemporary appeal. Granite black mosaics make a wow factor with a sleek design that can be furthered with black granite tiles for decking and paving.

Black Porcelain Pool Tiles

Black porcelain tiles provide a stylish look, creating a visual drama, thus, could be another option to make a statement. As it is an option that will never go out of style, you can achieve a timeless look that won’t lose its relevance anytime soon. Plus, the porcelain’s resistance to water and affordable prices when compared to other materials make it stand out among other tile options in the market. If you don’t want the mosaic look and seek something more oriental, arabesque tiles and standard 6” – 6” tiles are alternatives to the mosaics.

Aside from those, black jet tiles offer a sleek look. Last not but least, a black pebble sheen finish adds textuality and richness, some of which even feature seashell pieces. More, PebbleSheen increases durability and is great at hiding stains.

Black Mosaic Pool Tile Ideas with Integrated Spa and Gray Granite Coping

Visually mesmerizing and comforting, this geometric pool exudes contemporary elegance with black mosaic tiles that continue with gray granite coping that subdues the black tiles’ strong influence. The lap hot tub is beautifully integrated into the pool but still distinguished from the rest thanks to the full framing. The raised exterior of the pool enhances the pool’s zero-edge design, while composed of various elements surrounding it. These materials include slatted wood panels and cement tiles to evoke diverse tactile feelings. As such, it offers a great spot for swimmers and sunbathers to gather around and rest.

Are waterline tiles necessary?

The waterline tiles are not necessary but help you keep things cleaner and in a better form. Body oil, dirt, sunscreen, etc. build up along the waterline which makes it easier to clean the pool. Secondly, waterlines also help avoid freezing pool water and cracking as they keep the pool liner sealed. Thirdly, they add an aesthetic value and make one of the most visually accessible parts of your pool look alluring.


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Freeform Pool with Black Tile Ideas and Raised Hot Tub

This freeform pool creates an oasis in the backyard surrounded by beautiful tall palm trees that shade the area. The pool features a footprint of curvilinear forms, which brings profound interest to the landscaping design. Additionally, the raised hot tub offers an outdoor spa to unwind and relax. Its design with black mosaic tiles brings a contemporary appeal and edgy presence drawing all the attention. The lawn and the light-earthy palette of the travertine decking and paving surround it to create a well-balanced and organic atmosphere that prevails over the backyard.

Waterline Pool Tile Ideas

The tiles coating the perimeter of a swimming pool are named waterline that is almost always 6-inch tall. A pool waterline not only comes as an aesthetic feature but also has a purpose. To start with, the pool waterlines are applied for the dirt, sunscreen, and body lotion to accumulate, thus, their main purpose is to make pool cleaning a much easier task while also achieving a more balanced look.

However, besides their functional purpose, you can also add character to your pool through waterline pool tiles. If you are looking for a natural look to blend into the surroundings effortlessly, you can benefit from stone and wood-looking porcelain tiles. This organic earthy palette of the tiles will also visually evoke a sense of tactility and give a solid look to make a statement. A high-end pebble finish for the pool interior is also another option worth considering.

But, if you seek something glittering and exciting rather than organic, you can consider blue glass mosaic tiles which also communicate a sense of luxury. Glass mosaic waterlines are very popular as they capture and reflect the sunlight beautifully, creating a sun-blessed and dazzling effect. They even mimic the movement of the water, producing its rhythm and dynamic visual scheme. If not into mosaics, then glass subway tiles stand out as another popular option. Even though glass tiles are pricier than porcelain, they assure longevity in the long term as they are highly durable and not susceptible to corrosion easily in addition to their wide array of design options.


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Waterline Pool Tile Ideas with Travertine and Playful Waterfall Features

This visually soothing pool is in synergy with its surroundings thanks to its travertine waterline which adds a very organic and tactile touch. The blue mosaic tiles’ vibrant energy feels softened while water drops from specific spots for a sense of playfulness. The surrounding deck clad in travertine creates a continuous design guiding throughout the lounge area. The wooden pergola shading the lounge creates a sense of warmth. The white stone-clad cabinets offer a mini-kitchen by the poolside.

Decorative Pool Tile Ideas

If you want to be more creative and create your design or whatever is in your mind, you can see what your options are with decorative pool tiles. Hand-painted glazed tiles are great alternatives for authenticity that let the interplay of shadow and light, including 3-dimensional ones. Also, for a more decorative look, you can combine a variety of elements, including glass, ceramic, porcelain, and travertine.

If you would like to take decorative pool tiles to another level, pool bottom murals are great alternatives. Imagine a mural of fish, mermaids, turtles, coral, and seashells that mimic the ecosystem of ocean life on your pool’s bottom. You can snorkel as if you are in the ocean and enjoy the freedom supplied by water.


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A Rectangular Vanishing Edge Pool with Custom Geometric Tiles

In this old Mediterranean house, the rectangular pool takes its place running parallel to the water body a little further. It lies in an open conversation with the shaded terrace. The arched openings, potted plants, and traditional-style pillars emphasize symmetry, intimacy, and a laid-back atmosphere that projects the Mediterranean outdoor way of living. As for the pool design, the custom-made geometric tiles add excitement. It makes a visual statement for a more characterful and man-made look in contrast to the natural water body lying a bit further. Also, thanks to its vanishing edge, the pool tricks eyes to believe that it merges with the bigger water body.

What grout do I use for pool tile?

For pool tile grout, there are multiple options, one of which is epoxy pool tile grout that is water-proof and stainproof, ensuring longevity without requiring any sealing. The second option, which is also more affordable, is cement grout. But it is not as durable and stain-resistant as epoxy and can be damaged by pool chemicals in the long term. Additionally, if the gap between the tiles is larger than ¼ inch, we recommend using a sanded grout so that the grout holds more strongly.

Decorative Pool Tile Ideas and Elevated Hot Tub Across Lake View

This beautiful hot tub enjoys the lake and nature view, capitalizing on its elevated position. The blue ceramic floral pattern tiles with a rather oriental flavor make a counterpoint to the modern features of the pool. Additionally, blue square tiles coat the waterline to create a continuous design with a consistent color palette. Overall, this unique design retains its simple yet elaborate features. And it rests its back on the breathtaking views of nature that make the statement.

What is the most expensive pool tile?

Shimmering glass tiles with a natural allure that comes in various shades and shapes are the most expensive pool tiles when compared to other tile options in the market. Thus, customers who are on a low-budget search for substitutes and alternatives to the glass tiles. Though, another alternative would be to use glass tiles only as waterline tiles. To give you an idea, installing a waterline might cost up to $1,800 – $2,500.

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