Dining Room Curtain Functional, Decorative, and Strike a Balance

27+ Dining Room Curtains

ID# 109601 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ariel Okin Interiors

White Dining room with Blue Floor to Ceiling Curtain

These blue floor to ceiling curtains livens up white dining room without being too in-your-face. White dining chairs with wooden legs and wooden dining table creating soft and classy look in front of the large window opening. Green plant on the table crating a contrast with blue color.


ID# 109603 | Houzz.com – Credit© Krista + Home

Gray and White Dining Room with Gray Patterned Curtains

If you have frames that are already beautiful and makes attention like this design, you can choose neutral curtains that is don’t steal the attention. Plain patterns on the curtains wand wallpaper matches perfectly. Gorgeous gold chandelier right above the dining nook featured with white dining table and gray side chairs.


Modern, Elegant, Casual and Colorful Dining Room Curtain

There is no doubt that curtains can be the crowning glory of a room. Curtains can be functional, decorative, or strike a balance depending on your space and the amount of natural light you receive! We gather up modern, elegant, and colorful designs in our dining room curtain gallery!

Choose a curtain that takes your dining room to next level!

When it comes to curtains for dining rooms, the options are endless. Many different styles, colors, patterns, sizes, and materials are available. You can dress up your neutral dining room with colorful curtains or create harmony with patterned curtains and make an inviting dining room. Check some of our dining room curtain ideas before starting your design!

There are patterned, colorful, pastel-toned, or solid-colored curtains which can fit all dining rooms in different styles.

ID# 109605 | Houzz.com – Credit© Александр Громов

Gray Dining Room with Blue-Gray Patterned Curtains

Blue-gray patterned floor to ceiling curtains looks perfect in this high ceiling dining room. remarkable wooden beams and natural wooden dining table makes a cozy touch. Gray dining chairs placed around the wooden table. Circular chandelier matching with this style thoroughly.


ID# 109602 | Houzz.com – Credit© Interior Particulier

Dining room Design with Yellow Curtains and Teal Wall

Contrast between the yellow floor to ceiling curtains and teal wall strike the eye behind the arched door. Wooden dining set makes a modern and clean touch. Gray carpet on the hardwood flooring.


ID# 109606 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jinx McDonald Interior Designs

Classic Dining Room Design with Cream Curtains and Crystal Chandelier

Gorgeous crystal chandelier takes this neutral dining room to next level! Cream floor to ceiling curtains hanging both side of the wooden framed window. Dining chairs with patterned fabric and glass top table. Solid gray carpet on the gray wooden floor, makes a clean and simple touch to the design.


ID# 109608 | Houzz.com – Credit© Naboo

Small Dining Room with Leather Chairs and Gray Curtains

Love this modern neutral look! Floor to ceiling gray and white curtains provide a wide atmosphere in this small dining room. brown leather chairs with gold legs and glass top dining table on the white oak flooring. Two custom designed pendant light and picture frames complete this modern look perfectly. Beautiful green plants liven up the space!


ID# 109609 | Houzz.com – Credit© Kovalinskiy Design, LLC

Gray Dining Room with Gray Curtains and Acrylic

Gray floor to ceiling curtains in a great harmony with the gray walls and wooden flooring. If you bored of solid walls you can add a wood lath an bring mobility to your walls. Acrylic dining chairs gives it a visually spacious look because of its transparency. White bubble chandelier with gold details riht above the wooden table, makes a modern touch.


ID# 109611 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ana Donohue Interiors

Transitional Dining Room Design with Flower Patterned Curtains

Flower patterned curtains gives the scheme cohesion perfectly. Salmon host chairs and dark blue side chairs in a harmony with the wooden table and gray carpet. Black lighting makes a modern touch to this transitional dining room.


ID# 109612 | Houzz.com – Credit© Phoebe Howard

Neutral Dining Room with Gray Curtains and Wooden Details

If you love soft colors, go for this dining room curtain idea! Beige leather chairs with wooden legs and green striped host chairs placed around the wooden dining table. Cream pendant light above the dining set. Wooden buffet in front of the large window and in a great harmony between the gray curtains. Gray carpet brings a clean touch!


ID# 109615 | Houzz.com – Credit

Dining Room Design with Gray Curtains and Gold Pendant Lightings

Harmony between the pink and gray is beautiful! Marble top dining table between the pink dining chairs. Gold pendant lightings placed along the table. Same gold used on the curtain tubes. Gray buffet placed in front of the gray floor to ceiling curtains. Wooden flooring brings a warmer atmosphere.


ID# 109617 | Houzz.com – Credit© Laura U Design

Elegant Dining Room Design with Floor to Ceiling Curtain

Damson color makes an elegant touch to this neutral dining room. Cream floor to ceiling curtains fits perfectly between the windows. Dining set with wooden circular table and damson side chairs placed in the middle of the space. Granite floor and silver chandelier support this look thoroughly.


ID# 109620 | Houzz.com – Credit© Billy Kien Designs

Chic Dining Room Design with Black and White Curtain

Green side chairs popping up gorgeously on the room.Black and white patterned curtain support the design. Glass table provides a clean look between the green chairs. White fireplace right behind the nook! Gold details on the chairs and table leg and bubble chandelier make a chic touch.


ID# 109621 | Houzz.com – Credit© Bandd Design

Modern Gray Dining Room with Blue Curtains

Blue curtains colored up perfectly this gray dining room. dining room walls covered with gray patterned wallpaper. Gray dining chairs with black legs and white marble table look so elegant on the gray carpet. Gold modern lighting shine out in front of the blue curtains.


ID# 109622 | Houzz.com – Credit© Luxe Pros

Transitional Dining Room Design with Floral Patterned Curtain

What a bold color choice! if you want to go with vibrant colors this design is perfect for you. Custom designed pink color dazzled in this white dining room. White dining table helps the chairs pops up. Floral patterned curtain and gold chandelier complete the design.


ID# 109623 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Jonathan Adler

Small Dining Room Design with Yellow Curtains

Blue and yellow color popping up in this contemporary dining room. yellow curtains, matching with black wallpaper with gold pattern. Custom designed blue chairs placed around the white calacatta gold marble top table with gold stand. Gorgeous decorations complete this look perfectly!

ID# 109624 | Houzz.com – Credit© Hayneedle

Farmhouse Dining Room Design with Pastel Blue Curtains and Gold Chandelier

Dining nook featured with leather dining chairs and black wooden table placed on the zebra accent rug. Gold chandelier above the nook. Pastel blue curtain makes a soft touch behind the black wooden buffet.


ID# 109626 | Houzz.com – Credit© Fawn Galli Interiors

Eclectic Dining Room with Green Curtains and Blue Armchairs

Look at the gorgeous contrast between the green and blue! Green curtains and blue armchairs placed in front of the windows liven up this white dining room. white dining chairs and marble top table bring a modern atmosphere. Custom designed white pendant lighting create a perfect symmetry above the table.


ID# 109627 | Houzz.com – Credit© Studio Sven

Gorgeous Modern Dining Room Design with Black Curtains

If you don’t have an extra space for dining room, you can expand the kitchen island and create a dining space in your living room. Marble kitchen island and black side chairs in a harmony with wooden flooring. Black curtains look stunning on the brick wall. wooden cabinet placed in front of the window.


ID# 109614 | Houzz.com – CreditWesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC | © Dan Piassick

Dining Room Design with Blue Curtains and Colorful Painting

Soft colors make the room feel serene, but the pops of orange in the centerpiece and jewel colors in the artwork create some interest that tie things together. Blue floor to ceiling curtains matches with the patterned fabric on the dining chairs. Large wooden table allows a space for large family dinners! Remarkable pendant lighting hanging on the white ceiling. Natural light comes through the arched windows.

ID# 109619

Dining Room Design with Blue and White Curtains

Modern dining space is warmed up with bold blue textiles. Blue and white printed fabric used on the floor to ceiling curtains. Vibrant blue popping up under the plain dining set with wooden table and white chairs. Gold pendant lighting looks like a sun right above the table.

ID# 109604

White Dining Room with Blue Patterned Curtains

Blue and white patterned curtains liven up this white dining room and brings the beach atmosphere. White chandelier hanging on the gorgeous beams. White dining chairs and dark wooden table placed on the solid gray carpet.

ID# 109607

Elegant Dining Room with Gray Curtains and Black Wall Panels

How elegant to use vibrant green and black together! Green curtains popping up between the black walls. Herringbone patterned wallpaper used upper sides of the walls. Gorgeous wooden dining table placed between the transparent chairs with black seats. Gray carpeted floor provides wider atmosphere.

Eclectic Dining Room with Blue Curtains

Vibrant colors and patterns popping up all around the dining room. Yellow chandelier and green plant creating perfect contrast with blue floor to ceiling curtains.Wooden dining chairs with black seats and black dining table on the blue and white patterned carpet. Two black and white patterned chairs placed both head of the table.

ID# 109613

Transitional Dining Room with Striped Curtains

Look at this gorgeous custom designed wooden dining nook with leather seats. If you have a dining set like this you don’t have to fill up the space with different features. Blue, beige and dark blue striped cushions complete the look harmoniously. Black bubble chandelier makes a modern touch.

ID# 109616

Dining Room Design with Rich Teal Silk Curtains

This polished dining room keeps sleek lines in play, while still feeling warm and welcoming. Zebra printed host chair liven up this dining room with help of rich teal silk curtains. These colors give a tropical sense. Wooden table and chairs with leather seating come to the forefront on the white carpet. Crystal chandelier look gorgeous above the dining nook.

ID# 109618

Eclectic Dining Room with Green and Orange Curtains

Love the harmony between the different color choices for curtains. Green and yellow curtains look gorgeous around the arched windows. Dark wooden working desk and black piano placed in front of this windows. Large wooden table placed between the wooden bench and wooden dining chairs with dotted patterned seating. Spider chandelier complete this eclectic look.

ID# 109625

Eclectic Dining Room with Damask printed Curtain

A damask print makes a lovely curtain pattern, although it can be a little too busy when the print takes over the entire piece of fabric. Wooden dining nook make a plain and clean look under the gold chandelier.

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