Modern Dining Room Light Elegant and Glamorous Lightings

56+ Dining Room Light

ID# 117804 | – Credit© Castellum Design and Build

Modern Black Wireflow Light with Neutral Dining Set

Three-dimensional wire flow lighting sculptures are composed of thin rods, almost like line drawings. It creates a clean look over the natural-shaped wooden dining table and tile red chairs. Artworks on the gray wall creating a symmetrical view.

ID# 117801 | – Credit© Philip Gorrivan Design

Gray Dining Room Design with Modern Gold Lighting

The modern chandelier features golden LED-lighted sticks, perfectly matching the minimalist quaintness of the room. Black dining room table and gray fabric chairs give a clean and elegant look over the light wooden flooring.

Modern, Elegant, and Glamorous Dining Room Lighting

Since a dining room is a key area of your home, a carefully chosen lighting fixture can instantly transform a room whether it’s plain and simple or has several layers. For inspiration to light your dining room with elegance and ease, we gather up some ideas in our modern dining room light gallery.

Elevate your dining room with a modern lighting fixture design!

The dining table requires a special lighting fixture. With a well-planned lighting fixture, your dining room can really shine. Modern lighting fixtures are more flexible and can work in many different styles. You can make a modern touch with lighting to a cozy dining nook or combine the rustic features with modern lighting in an elegant way. Here are some of the latest modern dining room lighting trends that you can try for your dining space!

It is just so cool to have dinner with family and friends in a well-lighted dinner space.

ID# 117809 | – Credit© Greifenstein Boyce Associates

Farmhouse Dining Room with Colorful Chairs and String Pendant Lights

Colorful dining chairs over the gray floor tiles popping up between the neutral colors. String pendant lightings hanged from the high ceiling and make a modern and clean touch to the room. Gray kitchen cabinets paired with gray countertop.

ID# 117802 | – Credit© Impact Remodeling and Construction

Transitional Dining Room Design with Modern Chandelier

This remarkable lighting design with gold accents and white bulbs resembles a palm tree because of its leafy shape. It makes a modern touch over the marble top dining table and white framed chairs with black fabric. In the kitchen white cabinets paired with black countertop and natural wood cabinet island.

ID# 117803 | – Credit© Unoliving

Contemporary Dining Room with Colorful Glass Pendant Lights

If you want to color up your dining room with accessories this design is just for you! Colorful glass pendant lightings liven up this plain room dining. Whitetop dining table with black legs and black dining chairs placed on the herringbone flooring.

ID# 117805 | – Credit© Art House

Wooden Dining Nook with Modern White Pendants

Modern white pendant lightings hanged from the skylight. Wall-mounted lighting fixtures next to the window give additional light. Wooden dining table and chairs in a harmony with the wooden flooring.

ID# 117807 | – Credit© Ecostruct LLC

Modern Dining Room Design with Industrial Bubble Chandelier

A bubble chandelier with black accents elevates this modern look. Black dining table with gold legs and black dining chairs placed on the gray carpet. The plain console under the art piece gives a clean look next to the dining table.

ID# 117808 | – CreditShirley Meisels | © Stacey Brandford

Wooden Sculpture Pendant Light with Blue Dining Chairs

These pendant lightings come in beautiful shapes to spice up the dining table especially for dinner time. Wooden dining table and blue side chairs create an elegant and formal look on the wooden flooring. Gray floor-to-ceiling curtains complete the look straining your eyes.

ID# 117810 | – Credit© Anthony W Design & Local Trade

Contemporary Dining Room with Colorful Wall Art and Modern Lighting Fixture

Gorgeous wall art on the white brick wall color up this dining room. Modern lighting fixture with bronze accent hanged over the wooden dining table and acrylic dining chairs.

ID# 117813 | – Credit© Efecto 3 Diseño e Interiorismo

Black Modern Dining Room Light with Circular Dining Set

Circular-shaped modern black lighting completes this minimalist look perfectly. The dining room features a wooden top dining table and white fabric chairs over the wooden flooring.


ID# 117814 | – Credit© Armada Design & Build

Contemporary Dining Room Design with Modern Lighting Fixture

Modern lighting fixture which made by LED sticks have clean lines and simple silhouette. Wooden dining table and wooden framed gray fabric chairs give a formal and intimate look under the lighting fixture.

ID# 117816 | – Credit© Linc Thelen Design

Rattan Basket Pendant Lamp with Scandinavian Dining Set

This weaved jute and rattan basket lamp complements the bright and pretty coastal interiors of the living room. Custom live edge white oak table with white chairs placed on the rough wide plank white oak flooring. Large picture windows bring the maximum natural light. White flat-panel cabinets placed under the window provide space for storage.

ID# 117817 | – Credit© Jason Thomas Architect

Neutral Dining Room Design with Modern Gold Starburst Light

Golden starburst provides just the right amount of luxurious cheek-tempered with elegant styling. The neutral dining room which featured with wooden dining table and gray fabric chairs allows the shining of the sputnik chandelier with its neutral color palette. Black and white striped art piece prepare a beautiful background for the lighting fixture.

ID# 117818 | – Credit© Np Interior Design

Bright Chic Dining Room with Modern Linear Silver Lighting

Silver lighting fixture with sharp edges in a harmony with the white features. It completes the modern look in an elegant way. Live edge dining table and wooden legs of the comfortable white chairs bring a warmer look to this room which is surrounded by white color. White cabinets and white countertops create a clean and bright look.


ID# 117819 | – Credit© Moore House Design

Modern Industrial Black Lighting with Glass Bubble Bulbs

When the sharp color of black is combined with bubble bulbs, it creates a modern and elegant look. A custom-made white top table with a wooden stand creates a beautiful contrast with the black lighting fixture.

ID# 117820 | – Credit© All About the Wow, Inc.

Modern Chandelier Design with Warm LED Lighting Sticks

A modern black chandelier with LED-lighting sticks completes this modern look. Gray dining table with gray side chairs in a harmony with the gray floor tiles.

ID# 117822 | – Credit© Quezada Architecture

Neutral Formal Dining Room with Modern Black Drum Lamp

The Black and white drum lamp perfectly complements the brown fabric dining chairs and white table of this dining room. Wooden roofs and wooden wall panels make a warmer atmosphere.

ID# 117823 | – Credit© In2designla

Industrial Modern Black Chandelier with Bubble Bulbs

A Black framed chandelier with bubble bulbs completes this neutral look perfectly. A combination of earthy colors and materials ensures a grounded atmosphere. The curved shape of the black dining chairs creating contrast with the sharp edges of the wooden dining table.

ID# 117824 | – Credit© Elms Interior Design

Colorful Dining Nook Design with Modern White Lighting

The modern lighting design features lights that are distributed around a circular white band and rectangular metal elements. It creates a clean look over the colorful dining nook. Glass top circular dining table, tan leather chairs, and a built-in bench with orange cushions and colorful pillows are the smartest choices in a small space.

ID# 117825 | – Credit© Fenstermann LLC

Dining Room Design with Modern Pendant Lighting and Wooden Dining Bench

Black pendant lighting completes this eclectic look with modern black dining chairs in a modern and simple way. The wooden dining bench compliments the gorgeous mountain view behind the blue store curtains.

ID# 117826 | – Credit© BuiltIN Studio

Navy-Blue Walls with Gold Modern Dining Room Light

The branching bubble chandelier gets an industrial treatment. Rather than the smooth and perfect bubbles, this design makes a raw and uneven look next to the gorgeous navy-blue walls. Navy blue wall maximizing the functionality of the space with built-in shelves and a built-in bench with cream cushions. The wooden frame of the cream fabric dining chairs makes a warmer touch to this formal look. The white top dining table finished the look simply and cleanly.


ID# 117827 | – Credit© Global Kitchen Concepts

Wooden Dining Set with Modern Falling Lightbulbs

This modern lighting fixture features a dozen tiny bulbs hanging from silver threads. Tiny bulbs bring a warm glow over the wooden dining table and wooden dining chairs.

ID# 117830 | – Credit© Oza Sabbeth Architects

Wood Bench with Modern Dining Room Light and White Bulbs

Custom-made black-framed lighting with white bubble bulbs brings an industrial look. The curvy shapes of the black pipes create contrast with the sharp edges of the wooden dining bench.


ID# 117833 | – Credit© Hansen Interiors

Spacious Dining Room with White Frosted Glass Pendant Lamps

This beautiful and elegant dining room is complemented by the modern white pendant lamps along with the dining table. The white and wooden interiors include a wooden dining table and wooden framed gray fabric chairs. The gray rug defines the dining area perfectly.

ID# 117837 | – Credit© Elese James

Mid-Century Dining Room with Modern Silver Chandelier

The silver chandelier features tiny bubble bulbs and steel elements, bring a modern look to this mid-century dining room. Gray fabric chairs and glass top dining table placed on the white curly rug.

ID# 117838 | – Credit© Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes

Small Dining Nook with Modern Dining Room Light

Bronze drum lamp creates a focal point and makes a modern touch over the natural materials. Wooden dining table and bamboo side chairs create a cozy environment under the drum lamp.


ID# 117839 | – Credit© Wirth & Company

Farmhouse Rustic Dining Room with Multiple-Armed Black Lighting

Black lighting fixture hanging between the gorgeous beams over the dining table. It features multiple black and gold arms and tiny bubble bulbs. White dining table with black and gray chairs placed over the wooden flooring.

ID# 117843 | – Credit© Denise Morrison Interiors & House of Morrison

Farmhouse Cozy Dining Room with Large Gold Pendant Lamp

Gold pendant light creates a focal point and also it shines out between the earthy colors and materials. The dining set features a black dining table, black-framed wicker chairs, and gray fabric side chairs. The built-in bookshelf perfectly fits next to the black stone fireplace.


ID# 117845 | – Credit© Scribe Studio

Monochrome Dining Room Design with Modern Gold Chandelier

The modern circular chandelier features golden LED-lighted sticks and it makes an elegant touch to this monochrome dining room. Black dining tables and white dining chairs create a minimalist look on the white carpet. The wooden ceiling brings a warmer atmosphere between the blacks and whites.

ID# 117847 | – Credit© Sean Litchfield

Breakfast Nook Design with White Saucer Pendant and Wooden Chairs

The white saucer pendant creates a clean and chic look over the breakfast nook. The dining nook features a window seat with green cushions, wooden dining chairs, and a glass top circular dining table with a white stand. Dark wooden flooring creates a perfect base for this white dining room.


ID# 117848 | – Credit© Gradient Architecture PLLC

Rustic Dining Room with Black and Gold Lighting

Black and gold light make a modern touch to this rustic dining room. Gold details remind me of gold bullion! Wooden dining table and black dining chairs in great harmony with the brick wall. To warm up space, warm walnut furnishings are introduced.

ID# 117849 | – Credit© Cathers Home Furniture + Interior Design

Contemporary Dining Room with Black Geometrical Pendant Lamp

Modern black lighting with rectangular elements creates a perfect contrast with the yellow side chairs. Custom-made wooden tables make a cozy touch between other features. Gray rug under the dining set, completes the look beautifully.

ID# 117850 | – Credit© Studio Sven

Geometrical Gold Light with Hexagon Mirror Pieces

Gold lighting fixture popping up in this dark dining room. Sharp edges of the lighting create contrast with the curvy dining chair’s length. Hexagon mirrors on the ceiling bring mobility to the ceiling and also, the dining room reflects beautifully on it. Black and navy-blue walls bring an elegant and chic look. The wooden top dining table complements the wooden floor.

ID# 117851 | – Credit

Scandinavian Modern Dining Room with Plain Thin Gold Light

Gold lighting makes a modern touch with its material and straight lines to this cozy look. The dining set features a wooden table and black dining chairs with wooden legs. Gray patterned rug and green plant complete this Scandinavian style.

ID# 117852 | – Credit© Amanda Paige Interiors

Black and White Dining Room with Large Circular Chandelier

A stunning circular chandelier with glass sticks around it creates a focal point and makes a warm glow over the dining set. White dining tables and black dining chairs represent the beauty of simplicity. Colorful artwork adds a contemporary touch.

ID# 117854 | – Credit© Huseby Homes

Wooden Dining Set with Modern Striking Golden Pin Lights

The striking golden pin lights shine out over the wooden dining table and wooden framed chairs with white fabric seating.

ID# 117855 | – Credit© Luxury Remodels Company

Neutral Dining Room Design with Modern Long Black Chandelier

The modern linear chandelier features black wires and brass tubes. The sleek black brass tubes gleam with a glow that emanates from the lowest point of each column. The concrete table between the black side chairs complements the concrete fireplace. Wooden flooring brings a warmer atmosphere.

ID# 117835

Scandinavian Gray Dining Room with Long Black Pendant Lamps

The collection of matte black pendant lights highlights the modern theme of the dining room. Wooden top dining table with black legs bring a warmer look between the black dining chairs. The gray rug over the wooden flooring beautifully complements the gray wall.

ID# 117840

Modern Chic Dining Room Design with Long Bubble Chandelier

The modern bubble chandelier creates a clean and elegant look over the dining set which featured with wooden dining table, gray wicker chairs, and a bench. The curvy and uneven shape of the bubble lamps creating contrast with the sharp edges of the other features.

Elegant Luxurious Dining Nook with Modern Black Spider Lighting

The gold accents catch our eye and keep things interesting without creating visual chaos in this dining room. Black spider lighting covers the whole ceiling and creates a visual feast over the nook. The dining nook features a gold velvet bench, black oval dining table, and gold dining chairs.

ID# 117811

Modern Geometrical Chandelier with Wooden Flat-Panel Cabinets

Hardwood floors and all-natural materials give a sense of warmth throughout the spaces with clean lines. Black lighting completes the modern look with sharp edges. Kitchens feature flat-panel wooden cabinets, gray backsplash tiles, marble top dining table, and black chairs.

ID# 117812

Elegant Dining Nook Design with Modern Dining Room Light

Modern black pendant light provides the focal point of the brightly designed room, giving the eyes a spot to settle on. Wooden top dining table placed between the black dining chairs and beige built-in bench.

ID# 117815

Large White String Light in Colorful Breakfast Nook

Huge white string light gives a clean and simple look over the breakfast nook. Whitetop dining table with black leg makes a modern touch between the wooden framed chairs with yellow seating and built-in bench with gray cushions. Features except the dining table create a cozy atmosphere with the help of the yellow color.

ID# 117821

Plain and Thin Black Light Fixtures with Tiny Bubble Bulbs

The simplicity of the matte black lightings complements the plain interiors of the dining room. A large dining table and matching gray leather chairs provide plenty of space for your family meals!

ID# 117828

White Dining Room Design with Modern 6 Arm Ceiling Lamp

White ceiling 6 swivel arms bring mobility to this dining room with its unique design. The acrylic dining table between the white chairs provides a clean look without straining your eyes. Black and white wall art complete this monochrome look.

ID# 117829

Black Elegant Dining Room with White Bubble Pendant Light Fixture

White bubble lamps in different sizes create a warm and bright glow in this black dining room. A circular wooden dining table and black fabric chairs as dining room furniture create a modern and elegant look.

ID# 117831

High Ceiling Dining Room with Modern Ceiling Lamp with Multiple Arms

Black ceiling lamp with multiple arms hanging from the white high ceiling and creates a perfect contrast with it. This neutral dining room features wooden chairs, a marble top dining table, and a wall-mounted wooden bench. Zebra print of the bench’s cushion complementing the gorgeous wall arts on the white wall.

ID# 117832

Black Modern Dining Room Light with Warm Glow

Matte black stick lights hanging from the white ceiling. It creates an elegant look with simplicity and compliments the monochromatic design. Black dining table and white chairs placed over the gray granite tiles. Painting in shades of blue is color up the atmosphere.

ID# 117834

Modern Formal Dining Set with Black Lighting Fixture

Modern lighting fixture features matte black LED sticks. It brings a warm glow over the formal and elegant dining room which featured with black dining table and black chairs with white leather seating.

ID# 117836

Large Modern Black Dining Room Light with LED Sticks

Black lighting with LED light sticks is certain to make a major statement in the dining room while adding a sense of stylish play for the unexpected. Circular dining table and white leather chairs placed gray wooden flooring.

ID# 117841

Hexagon Shaped Lighting with Circular Dining Set

Wooden hexagon-shaped ambient light takes this dining room to next level. A wide black dining table with a rectangular stand and white dining chairs creates perfect symmetry in front of the picture-framed window.

ID# 117842

Mid-Century Dining Nook with Modern Dining Room Light

Modern lighting features gold sticks and it brings a sharper and elegant look to this warm atmosphere. It shines out above the wooden dining table, white leather chairs, and wooden bench with white leather cushions.

ID# 117844

Black and Wooden Dining Set with Modern Black Pendants

The light reflects the gold interiors of the black pendant lamps, giving the room the perfect modern lighting. Wooden top dining table with black legs and wooden framed black dining chairs placed on the red rug. The traditional red rug creates contrast with modern features.

ID# 117846

Gray Chic Dining Room Design with Modern Black Chandelier

A modern chandelier with black LED-lighted sticks creates a focal point in this luxury dining room. Gray fabric dining chairs around the black table allow comfortable seating. Marble patterned wallpaper elevates this look.

ID# 117853

Gray Dining Room with Black and White Modern Chandelier

Modern black chandelier with white LED-lighted sticks in beautiful harmony with this dining room in shades of gray. Oval-shaped dining table and black dining chairs create a minimalist look over the wooden flooring.

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