Dining Room Art Ideas Colorful, Monochrome, Neutral and More!

82+ Dining Room Art

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Small Dining Room with Colorful Abstract Painting

This unique and oversized abstract artwork is full of texture for need personality and surface play in this dining room. wooden dining table and white chairs create a Scandinavian look under the black pendant lamps.


ID# 109706 | Houzz.com – Credit© Urban 57 Home Decor & Design

Contemporary Scandinavian Dining Room with Bubble Chandelier

Monochrome artwork creates a focal point on the white brick wall and it brings Scandinavian vibes with the motif on it. Black dining table surrounded by black-framed chairs and white cushions. The bubble chandelier makes a modern touch over the dining set.

Colorful, Monochrome, and Neutral Dining Room Art Ideas

Dining rooms create a lovely space for you and your family. But a dining room feels empty without artwork. Artworks play an important role to complete your dining room and bring a more welcoming atmosphere. We gather up stunning dining room art ideas for inspiration!

Add a focal point with an artwork

Despite its purely decorative function, artworks can transform the whole atmosphere of your dining room. You can go with smaller art pieces for lower ceilings or If your artwork is big enough, you can lean artwork against walls. You can bring dynamic to your neutral dining room with the colorful abstract geometric shape or complement an existing neutral color scheme with muted tones of its own. We share a host of creative ideas in our dining room art gallery to get inspiration for your dining room!

Whether you’re partial to colorful painting or black and white photographs, artworks add visual interest to the home.

ID# 109701 | Houzz.com – Credit© Winfrey Design Build

Neutral Dining Room with Colorful Painting

Colorful artwork popping up between the neutral colors and creates a focal point behind the dining set which featured with glass-top dining table and metallic dining chairs. The cream rug makes a soft touch against the colorful artwork.

ID# 109702 | Houzz.com – Credit© Woodmaster Kitchen & Bath Inc.

Monochrome Dining Room Art Ideas with Wood Table and White Chairs

If you don’t want to use vibrant colors in your dining room, this design is perfect for you! Monochrome piece of art elevates the look with an elegant touch and in beautiful harmony with the rest of the room. The wooden dining room between the white chairs and gray rug gives a warmer and cozy look.


ID# 109703 | Houzz.com – Credit© Marrapodi Architecture

Stunning Dining Room Art Ideas in Midcentury Style

Custom-made wall art livens up this dining room. gorgeous paint creates a bridge between the indoor and outdoor and brings the nature view into the dining room. Live edge wooden tables and wooden framed chairs complete this natural atmosphere. The wooden buffet gives an integrated look as if it were part of the wall.


ID# 109704 | Houzz.com – Credit© Art of Construction Inc

Neutral Dining Room with Blue and Gold Contemporary Artwork

Neutral colors make the special features stand out more such as gorgeous artwork and beautiful hanging light that sits above a wooden dining table. Blue and gold-colored artwork popping up between the other features and it brings a contemporary touch. Wooden dining table, wooden bench, and chairs give a plain and elegant look under the linear lighting with tiny bubble bulbs.

ID# 109705 | Houzz.com – Credit© Whitley & Co

Wooden Breakfast Nook with Gray Striped Rug

Instead of using vibrant colors, you can enliven your dining room by using a natural colored piece of art. In this design gorgeous view of the painting in a harmony with the farmhouse atmosphere. Wooden dining table, wooden bench, and white chairs create a plain and cozy breakfast nook under the traditional white light.


ID# 109708 | Houzz.com – Credit© J.T. Design Eye

Colorful Dining Room Art Ideas with Wood Dining Set

Grouping artwork is a great way to make a big impact in a dining room. Here, four colorful pieces liven up space and create a clean look over the fireplace. The wooden dining set and fireplace give a warm and intimate look on the beige floor tiles.


ID# 109710 | Houzz.com – Credit© Regan Baker Design Inc.

Midcentury Dining Room with Colorful Artwork and Modern Lighting

Doesn’t the colorful artwork make you feel the tree trunk? It gives the natural vibes with vibrant colors behind the dining set and creates contrast with the square shapes of the black lighting with its own curvy shapes. Wooden dining table and black chairs give a modern and plain look over the wooden flooring.

ID# 109711 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ana Claudia Design

Mid-Century Dining Room with Abstract Piece of Art

Artwork brings an instantly strong personality to an otherwise drab wall. Wooden lacquered dining table in great harmony with the lighter wooden chairs on the wooden flooring.

ID# 109712 | Houzz.com – Credit© Samsung Australia

Modern Scandinavian Dining Room with Wood and White Furnitures

Black artwork gives us a beach feeling with curvy lines and a tiny palm tree on it. It creates a focal point behind the dining set and creates a perfect contrast with the white features. Wooden dining table and white chairs provide a clean and plain Scandinavian look.


ID# 109713 | Houzz.com – CreditFraming to a T Framers & Designers | © Annette O’Brien

Digital Dining Room Art Ideas in Scandinavian Style

Digital artworks with black frames give a sleek look and take this Scandinavian dining room to next level. Black frames complement the black dining chairs around the white circular dining table.


ID# 109714 | Houzz.com – Credit© Horst Architects

Dining Room Art Ideas with Soft Color Palette

An abstract painting doesn’t have to include pops u colors. In this design, artwork complements the soft color palette of the room with muted tones of its own. Black dining table and gray fabric chairs create a sleek look under the pink circular lighting.


ID# 109717 | Houzz.com – Credit© The Refined Group

Wood Tble with Gray Chairs and Red Painting

If you have a neutral dining room and you still want to color up the atmosphere, colorful artwork can be your solution. Red geometric shapes on the artwork popping up between the neutral colors and creating a beautiful contrast with them. Wooden dining table and beige fabric dining chairs create a plain look compared to the artwork.


ID# 109718 | Houzz.com – Credit© Terris Lightfoot Contracting Ltd.

Green and Orange Dining Room Art Ideas with Gray Walls

Each feature beautifully represents the contemporary style in this dining room. Orange and green artwork on the gray wall livens up neutral colors and it complements the curvy shapes of the white chandeliers. Custom-made dining chairs around the wooden dining table bring a personality. Although the white chandelier has a complicated structure, it provides a clean look over the dining set.


ID# 109720 | Houzz.com – Credit© Stephanie Breitbard Fine Arts

Dining Room Art Ideas with Paper Plane Painting

Combination of the colors of your artwork and the rest of the rtakestake an important role but it’s not necessary to use coherent colors. The blue base of the paper plane painting creates an eye-catching contrast with the red dining chairs around the wooden table. Wooden lighting designed as a paper lantern gives a warm glow.

ID# 109721 | Houzz.com – Credit© Fenton & Fenton

Colorful Artworks in Dining Room with Black Flooring

White painted walls always be a blank canvas for colorful artworks. Geometric shapes in vibrant colors pop up on the white wall and green plants complement them. black wooden flooring ensures to shine up marble top dining table and gray bamboo chairs.

ID# 109723 | Houzz.com – Credit© Owl Design

Contemporary Dining Room with Green Pendant and Colorful Chairs

Who doesn’t stop at the sight of a cute dog photograph? The black frame of the photograph makes a statement on the white wall. Colorful chairs around the wooden dining table, color up space with help of the green pendant lamp.


ID# 109724 | Houzz.com – CreditLove Interiors | © Rachael Smith

Transitional Dining Room with Black Artwork and Bronze Dining Chairs

Gray walls look chic with a gorgeous painting framed perfectly by a darker shade of gray. The dark color of the painting draws attention directly. Bronze dining chairs in beautiful harmony with gray colors and create an elegant look.

ID# 109725 | Houzz.com – Credit© Elena Calabrese Design & Decor

Large-Scale Artwork in Scandinavian Dining Room

Why not complete your cool dining room with a piece of art that says ‘cool’ on it? A white top dining table with wooden legs and black chairs creates a cozy look on the hexagon patterned rug.

ID# 109726 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Delphine Jacquet Lequebin

Colorful 3D Dining Room Art Ideas in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow

3D artwork adds depth and realism at a level on the white wall. The wooden ladder propped up against a wall and bring an instantly breezy personality. Glass stands of the wooden table allow a wider look and give the table feeling of floating over the wooden flooring.


Modern Dining Room with Large-Scale Painting and Bubble Chandelier

Large-scale painting helps define the dining room while making it all the more memorable and liven up space with its colors. The black lacquered table reflects the gorgeous painting beautifully. Gray fabric dining chairs complete the look purely.

ID# 109729 | Houzz.com – Credit© John Henry Architects

White Dining Room with Touch of De Stijl Movement

This design, which attracts attention to the De Stijl movement, provides the perfect place for your family dinners! Even the gorgeous wall décor in a harmony with the room. A large table with a glass top allows the surrounding colors to explode. Glass roof makes the room brighter.

ID# 109732 | Houzz.com – Credit© Creative Style Furniture,Inc.

White Table with Blue Chairs and Multicolored Rug

White and blue is a match made in color heaven and create a welcoming atmosphere. Blue paints on the white canvas complement the rug on the wooden flooring. White dining table surrounded by blue chairs with wooden frames. The string pendant lamp brings a spacious look.


ID# 109734 | Houzz.com – Credit© LA Hally Architect

Aquatic Themed Dining Room with Large-Scale Artwork and Acrylic Chairs

Stunning large-scale artwork brings the ocean to your dining room. Blue acrylic dining chairs around the white table, complement the artwork and give completely the aquatic theme.

ID# 109735 | Houzz.com – CreditChristopher Elliott Design | © Sharyn Cairns

Modern Dining Room Design with Blue Oversized Artwork

You can definitely use the oversized artwork that to maximize the impression. Blue artwork creates a focal point on the white wall and creates a perfect backdrop for your family dinner. Wooden dining table black chairs give a plain and elegant look under the black pendants.

ID# 109736 | Houzz.com – Credit© Shirley Meisels

Monochrome Abstract Artwork in Modern Dining Room

Oversized abstract artwork which almost covers the whole white wall creates a stunning backdrop for your dinners and brings a personality with its strong black color. The silver chandelier complements the metal frame of the black dining chairs. Wooden dining table and wooden flooring create a warm atmosphere.

ID# 109737 | Houzz.com – Credit© Dsdganna Carin Design

Gray Dining Room with Colorful Piece of Art and Bubble Lighting

A colorful piece of art adds color to the dining room and serves as a great focal point. Red brushstrokes on it complement red artwork on the gray buffet. Black dining tables and gray fabric chairs create a modern and elegant look under the bubble lighting. White dining room curtains provide a bright atmosphere.


ID# 109739 | Houzz.com – Credit

Circular Dining Set with Geometric Artwork in Red and Gray

Red and pink popping up harmoniously on the geometric artwork, so the artwork creates a focal point between the gray tones. Circular shapes on the artwork complement the string pendant lamp. Circular wooden tables between the gray chairs bring a warmer atmosphere.


ID# 109742 | Houzz.com – Credit© Norcross and Scott

Minimalist Dining Room with Cute Dog Painting

The cuteness of the dog painting creates an intimate atmosphere. The blue base of the artwork directly draws attention and serves as a focal point on the white wall. wooden dining table and white chairs give a clean and plain look on the wooden flooring.

ID# 109744 | Houzz.com – Credit© Mercer Interior

Contemporary Dining Room with Blue Accent Wall

Blank walls are a great space to display your art collection. The dark blue wall accentuates the colors in the artworks perfectly. A black table surrounded by brown chairs. The black lighting fixture makes a warm glow with its cylindrical bulbs.


ID# 109745 | Houzz.com – Credit© Falcon Custom Homes

Abstract Dining Room Art Ideas with Orange Dining Chairs

Abstract artwork creates a beautiful focal point on the white wall but in the meantime, orange chairs are also drawn attention to the gray rug. Bubble pendant lamps make a warm glow over the white dining table.


ID# 109747 | Houzz.com – Credit© Samantha Stein Interiors

Traditional Dining Room with Nature Painting

Nature painting creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere in the dining room. The gold frame makes the painting stand out more. The black dining table between the white chairs makes strong touch because of its color.

ID# 109748 | Houzz.com – Credit© Hibner Design Group

Black Framed Dining Room Art Ideas with Monochrome Breakfast Nook

You can create a dining area by evaluating a wall of your living room. This small dining area features a small black bench, white circular dining table, and black chairs. White spotlights draw attention to the dining set. Black framed painting fits perfectly to the white wall.


ID# 109749 | Houzz.com – Credit© Moises Esquenazi & Associate

Unique Dining Set with Abstract Dining Room Art Ideas

Custom dining tables and wooden framed chairs with green leather cushions create a unique dining room with help of the black abstract artwork. Black herringbone parquets are just perfect for this unique dining room.


ID# 109750 | Houzz.com – Credit© Anthony W Design & Local Trade

Colorful Abstract Wall Art on White Brick Wall

Gorgeous wall art on the white brick wall color up this dining room. Modern lighting fixture with bronze accent hanged over the wooden dining table and acrylic dining chairs.


ID# 109751 | Houzz.com – Credit© Colab Architecture & Urban Design

Wooden Dining Set with Green Rug and Skylight

Waterfall views on the canvasses create a relaxing atmosphere and complement wooden features. The recessed wall allows a perfect frame for the paintings and the wooden buffet fits perfectly in it. Wooden tables and chairs create a sleek look on the olive-green rug.


ID# 109752 | Houzz.com – Credit© Messana O’Rorke

Modern Dining Room Art Ideas with Wood Dining Set

An oversized art piece brings the calmness of the ocean to the dining room. The natural materials of the dining set give a sleek look in this aquatic atmosphere.


ID# 109730

Natural Edge Table with Wicker Chairs and Patterned Rug

Vibrant colors on the artwork create an eye-catching contrast with the neutral features and a focal point on the white wall. Wooden dining tables and chairs bring a warm and intimate dining space over the traditional rug.

ID# 109754 | Houzz.com – Credit© Fine Finishes Design Inc.

Gray Table with Leather Chairs and Black Lighting Fixture

A large-scale art piece creates a focal point and makes the dining room more memorable. Leather-lined chairs around the gray table make it a comfortable space for your family dinners. The bench seat brings a coziness to the dining room.


ID# 109755 | Houzz.com – Credit© Tara Benet Design

Marble Top Dining Table with Black Chairs and Bubble Chandelier

The art piece, decorated with all the colors of the rainbow, creates a focal point in the monochrome dining room and enlivens the atmosphere. Marble top dining table and black chairs make an elegant look under the bubble lighting.


ID# 109757 | Houzz.com – Credit© New Rosslyn Construction

Rustic Breakfast Nook with Blue Art Piece with Built-in Bench

The blue art piece fits into this dining room with its soft colors. L-shaped built-in bench, wooden dining room, and dark wood dining chairs provide a cozy and comfortable dining area.


ID# 109761 | Houzz.com – Credit© Light In Art

High Ceiling Dining Room with Glass Top Table and Gray Chairs

Oversized artwork directly draws attention to the upper level in this gray dining room. glass top dining table creates a clean and spacious look between the gray fabric chairs.


ID# 109762 | Houzz.com – Credit© Bahdeebahdu

Custom Made Dining Set with Unique Light Fixtures

It can be an interesting sensation to have a pair of eyes looking at you while eating! Green artwork creates a focal point with its design. Also, this design serves a beautiful combination of unique features like green dining chairs, wooden dining tables, wooden benches, and black pendants.


ID# 109763 | Houzz.com – Credit© Designtheory Inc.

Oversized Yellow Framed Dining Room Art Ideas in Pop-up Colors

Colorful painting on the wall changing the whole atmosphere of the room. The yellow frame matches perfectly with the same-colored armchair. Black chairs with wooden legs on the wooden floor. white quartz table shining under the dome pendant lighting. A large French window allows brighter space.


ID# 109764 | Houzz.com – Credit© Angela Otten – Inspire Kitchen Design Studio

Cherry Blossom Painting in Black Framed Recessed Wall

A recessed wall niche is a great canvas for artwork. Here, a blossom tree painted with a yellow base, turn the niche into an artwork. Black paints on the edges provide a frame for this artwork.


ID# 109765 | Houzz.com – Credit© Create Expectations

Earth Marble Dining Room Art Ideas and Paper Lantern Pendant Lights

Artworks don’t have to come in the familiar rectangular or square form. Earth marble artwork creates a more effective look in this dining room rather than a square shape. Different-shaped paper lantern pendant lamps create a visual feast over the wooden dining table and white walls.


ID# 109767 | Houzz.com – Credit© Sofia Joelsson Design

Blue Symmetrical Artworks on White Blank Wall

Sophisticated artworks, with soft and clean tones which fit perfectly in this dining room and liven up space. glass top dining table brings a clean look between the soft cream dining chairs.


ID# 109768 | Houzz.com – Credit© A.M.P. Interiors Ltd.

Oversized Colorful Digital Artwork in Scandinavian Dining Room

Oversized digital artwork brings joy to this neutral room. pop-up colors on the artwork create contrast with the natural materials. The dining table and black chairs bring a Scandinavian atmosphere.

ID# 109769 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ariana Ahmad Interior Design

Dramatic Dining Room with Woman Portrait on Burgundy Wall

The woman portrait contributes to this dramatic look perfectly. Burgundy brushstrokes on the artwork complement the same-colored wall. Burgundy color adds coziness and does not visually reduce the space thanks to the high ceilings. Light wood furniture also looks contrasting with these dark colors.

ID# 109771 | Houzz.com – Credit© Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC

Colorful Bubble Wall Décor in Unique Dining Room Design

In this design, each feature is like an artwork! Blue side chairs creating contrast with the red dining table on the blue rug. Colorful orb-shaped wall décor looks glamorous on the white wall. The large painting in a black picture frame in a harmony with the other features.

ID# 109772 | Houzz.com – Credit© Pratt & Lambert Paints

Colorful Dining Room with Teal Coffered Wall Panels

Colorful geometric artwork on the teal wall creates a focal point and complements the different colors of the dining chairs. Molded wall panels create a perfect frame for the artwork. Gold lightings shine out over the dining set which featured with white table and colorful chairs.


ID# 109773 | Houzz.com – Credit© Atelier Davis

Colorful Dining Room Design with Oversized Artwork and White Brick Wall

Love the harmony between the pink, white, and wood material. Bold pink chair frames grab their hue from the eye-catching abstract artwork holding center stage above the built-in buffet. White dining table and black pendant lighting placed in the middle of the room. Black beams under the wooden ceiling and white brick wall bring personality to this room.

ID# 109707

Minimalist Dining Room Design with Colorful Art Pieces

This dining room represents simplicity with elegance. Vibrant colors on the artworks popping up between the neutral colors. Glass top dining table and gray fabric chairs create a simple and clean look on the wooden flooring.

ID# 109709

Abstract Dining Room Art Ideas with White Table and Chairs

A single piece of artwork is enough to make a statement on the white blank walls. The drum lamp in a neon orange color creates a beautiful contrast with the artwork over the white dining set.

ID# 109715

Elegant Dining Room with Black and Wood Accents

Monochrome abstract artworks create a symmetrical look behind the black leather chairs and complement black lighting sticks. The wooden dining table, wooden bench, and wooden legs of the chairs break the strong look of the black and create a warmer atmosphere.

ID# 109716

Geometric Printed Dining Room Art Ideas in Small Space

Monochrome artwork creates a beautiful focal point behind the dining set and it creates contrast with the curvy edge of the white dining chairs with black straight lines othemit. Glass top of the dining table and glass bubble lamp gives a clean look between the straight lines and curves.

ID# 109719

Beach Style Dining Room with Colorful Digital Arts

Colorful digital arts bring a dynamic to the white wall, so the room. Its vibrant colors create a contrast with the wooden material of the dining table and the wooden legs of the white dining chairs. White large drum light makes an elegant touch.

ID# 109722

Purple Dining Chairs with Black and White Sofa

Colorful art pieces can be a great touch to liven up your small dining rooms. Here pop-up colors draw to the eye on the white wall. Also, creates contrast with wavy shapes on the sofa with its own straight lines. Purple dining chairs around the white dining table bring harmony.

ID# 109728

Open Concept Kitchen with Monochrome Artworks and Modern Lighting

Black ceiling lamp with multiple arms hanging from the white high ceiling and creates a perfect contrast with it. This neutral dining room features wooden chairs, a marble top dining table, and a wall-mounted wooden bench. Zebra print of the bench’s cushion complementing the gorgeous wall arts on the white wall. In the kitchen white cabinets and white countertops creates a clean and fresh backdrop.

ID# 109731

Black Table with Marble Top and Gray Chairs

Pop-up colors on the artwork draw attention and make a contemporary touch to this formal dining room. Marble top dining table surrounded by gray dining chairs under the silver bubble lighting.

ID# 109733

Transitional Dining Nook with Colorful Artwork and Built-in Bench

If you want to make your dining area interesting without going out of the design frame, you can add statement art to your walls. In this case, vibrant colors on the canvas popping up over the neutral dining room and create contrast with the features like camel leather cushion on the bench or black dining chairs. Traditional lighting makes a sleek touch above the black dining table.

ID# 109740

Transitional Dining Room with Wood Table and Black Chairs

A white wall is highlighted with a multi-colored painting. Pastel-toned painting split into six canvases makes a dramatic statement. Paintings surround perfectly the black two-seat chair. The wooden dining room and black chairs create an elegant look under the gold detailed chandelier.

ID# 109741

Wood Dining Set with Wood Buffet and Chain Pendant Lighting

Recessed wall niches can be a great frame for your artwork. Colorful artwork creates a focal point in the recessed wall niche and olive-green wall paint helps to shine out the artwork. Although the artwork is colorful, it contains natural tones and complements other wooden features.

ID# 109743

Dining Room Art Ideas with Unique Wall Covering

Unique wall covering gives a classical vibe and adds visual interest to the room. Art piece which creates drama in color as well as in its feature, create harmony with the wall covering. White dining table, as shown above, paired with black Windsor Chairs create a classic and timeless style, under the sculptural lighting fixture.

ID# 109746

Farmhouse Dining Area with Wood Floor and Stone Wall

Vibrant colors on the small canvas draw attention to eye level while you are dining. Wooden dining table, black chairs, and black lighting create a sleek look on the wooden flooring.

ID# 109753

Wood Table with Black Chairs and Traditional Rug

This dining room serves harmony between the traditional and eclectic styles. The artwork blends perfectly with the neutral colors. Traditional rug under the wooden dining table and black chairs, color up space.

ID# 109756

Wood Table with Cream Leather Chairs and Colorful Painting

The white wall allows a perfect base for this colorful oversized art piece. Huge metallic drum light takes this dining room to the next level. Wooden dining table and cream leather chairs create a modern look on the wooden flooring.

ID# 109758

Symmetrical Dining Room Art Ideas with Monochrome Geometric Pattern

Monochrome art piece creates a symmetrical look and gives a deepness with its geometrical shape. Wooden dining tables and benches serve a warmer but modern look between the black dining chairs and black flooring.

ID# 109759

Yellow Dining Room Art Ideas with Black Leather Chairs and Wood Table

The yellow artwork creates a perfect contrast with the black features and these colors bring a personality to the dining room. Although the wooden dining table has sharp edges, it softens this strong atmosphere with its material.

ID# 109760

Mid-century Dining Room with Brick Wall

The brick wall allows to shine out the white artworks. Tiny colorful dots are the only color in the room and they bring joy to the atmosphere. White rug under the wooden table and white chairs infuse the space with cultural appeal.

ID# 109766

Dramatic Dining Room with Semi Circular Artwork and Bubble Chandelier

Semicircular artwork brings a dramatic atmosphere to this dining room. The white dining table between the gold chairs creates an architectural statement with its unique design. The bubble chandelier makes a warm glow to the dramatic atmosphere.

ID# 109770

Large-Scaled David Bowie Painting with Orange Backdrop

David bowie painting popping up with its eye-catching orange color, on the gray walls. Custom molding on the walls adds depth and drama to space. Wooden dining table between the white chairs and bubble chandelier create a warmer look.

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