Gray Dining Room Ideas Cool or Warm, Tranquil or Moody

47+ Dining Room Ideas

ID# 109927 | – Credit© Contour Interior Design, Inc.

Light Wood Dining Table with Black Chairs and White Wall Decors

Each feature in this room is designed as an art piece! wooden dining table between the black accent chairs creates a modern look with its sharp edges. The gray rug complements the blue cushions of chairs. Wall decors make a delicate touch to a stone wall.


ID# 109904 | – Credit© Sobleski

Concrete Top Dining Table with Dark Wood Chairs

Gray features combined with wooden details create a rustic atmosphere. A massive concrete dining table with wooden stands brings a personality to this dining room between the black dining chairs. Gold details of the gray pendants make a warm glow with its gold material. Faux fur and a dark wooden buffet complete this rustic look perfectly.


Luxury, Cozy, and Rustic Gray Dining Room Ideas

Gray is one of those tones that never fall out of trend when it comes to painting colors. Gray is one of the most versatile neutrals and it can make an elegant touch to your dining room. Here are some gray dining room ideas to get some inspiration!

Use gray tones to elevate your dining room.

A grey dining room is a strong theme that brings elegance, sophistication, and a serious sense of style. Gray can be cool or warm, tranquil or moody according to the features you use next to it. Also, it goes well with each style from modern to traditional, rustic to industrial. Thanks to its versatility it’s a great option to dictate what you want your dining space to say. Check out our gray dining room design ideas before start your design!

From moody dark grey to light pastel grey, there is plenty of option to design your dining room with gray tones.


ID# 109901 | – Credit© Folds Inside Ltd.

Neutral Dining Room with Large-Scaled Art Piece

Skylight over the dining set and large sliding doors provides maximum daylight to this dining room. gray features create a sleek look on the wooden flooring. A delicate pendant hanged over the dining table which was surrounded by gray fabric chairs. A stunning art piece creates a focal point.

ID# 109902 | – Credit© Pearl Remodeling

Gray Geometric Patterned Wallpaper and String Pendants

Geometrical wallpaper brings mobility to the atmosphere and creates contrast with string pendants with its pattern. Wooden dining table surrounded with white leather chairs and it allows plenty of space for dinners.


ID# 109906 | – Credit© Summit Signature Homes, Inc.

Transitional Gray Dining Room Ideas with Crystal Chandelier

This gray dining room features a black rectangular dining table and black-framed white fabric dining chairs. A circular crystal chandelier hanged from the coffered ceiling and completes this heavy look perfectly. White panels under the gray wall paint define the level of the dining area.


ID# 109907 | – Credit© Breeze Giannasio Interiors

Black Circular Dining Table with Orange Chairs and Gray Rug

Red dining chairs directly draw the attention in this gray dining room. The circular black dining table has a design as unique as the red chairs. The acrylic chandelier makes a luxe touch over the dining set. The starburst mirror creates a focal point on the gray wallpaper.


Midcentury Dining Room Ideas with Bubble Chandelier and Gray Walls

When the gray is combined with wooden materials, it creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. Dark gray walls bring a personality to the room. wooden dining table and cream leather chairs provide a comfortable dining area. The bronze bubble chandelier makes a warm glow with its tiny bubble bulbs.


ID# 109911 | – Credit© Covenant Building & Design

Wood Dining Table with Gray Coffered Wall and Orange Dining Chairs

The Gray coffered wall creates a stunning backdrop for this dining room. Orange fabric dining chairs in a harmony with the gray wall. wooden dining table and traditional carpet add some rustic vibes. Black lighting creates a sleek look over the dining set. White lamps and circular mirror gives us a gorgeous symmetrical look.


ID# 109912 | – Credit© Park and Oak Design

White Dining Set with Dark Gray Walls and White Rug

Dark gray wall paint creates a heavy and dramatic atmosphere in this transitional dining room. White dining table and white chairs shite out between the dark colors. Crystal chandelier hanged from the coffered wooden ceiling and makes a luxe touch.


ID# 109913 | – Credit© Jason Thomas Architect

Gray Dining Room Ideas with Modern Gold Starburst Light

Golden starburst provides just the right amount of luxurious cheek-tempered with elegant styling. The Gray dining room which featured with wooden dining table and gray fabric chairs allows it to shine gold lighting out with its neutral color palette. Black and white striped art piece prepare a beautiful background for a lighting fixture.


ID# 109915 | – Credit© Anadonohue Interiors

Living/Dining Area with Gray Chairs and Yellow Pendant Lamp

Features designed with clean lines create a modern look. The yellow pendant lamp directly draws attention and creates contrast with gray color. It also brings joy with its design that resembles a sunflower. Gray fabric chairs provide a comfortable dining area around the white circular dining table. Dark gray bookshelves become prominent next to the gray walls.


ID# 109916 | – Credit© AND Interior Design Studio

Transitional Gray Dining Room Ideas with Colorful Art Piece

If you want to color up your gray dining rooms, artworks can be your solution. Here, blue and purple colors on the art piece popping up between the gray tones. The silver frame of the painting allows to allows the painting to integrate with the gray dining room. Gold pendant lighting brings a warm glow over the glass top dining table and gray dining chairs.

ID# 109917 | – Credit© L. Lumpkins Architect, Inc.

Luxurious Gray Dining Room Ideas with Marble Floor Tiles

The gray dining room features a glass-top circular dining table and gray and white fabric dining chairs. A stunning gold chandelier takes over the dining set takes this gray dining room to the next level and completes this elegant look. Wine bottles create a visual feast behind the glass walls.


ID# 109918 | – Credit© Madison Modern Home

Scandinavian Gray Dining Room Ideas with Wood Floor

This gray dining room features a wooden dining table and gray fabric dining chairs. Silver bubble pendants create contrast with the cozy style of this dining room. Gray cabinets perfectly fit in the receded wall and a circular mirror is placed on it. The philodendron plant in the wooden pot completes this cozy style perfectly and liven up the atmosphere with its green color.


ID# 109919 | – Credit© Александр Громов

Natural Wood Dining Table with Blue-Gray Patterned Curtains

Blue-gray patterned floor-to-ceiling dining room curtains look perfect in this high ceiling dining room. remarkable wooden beams and natural wood dining table make a cozy touch. Gray dining chairs placed around the wooden table. Circular chandelier matching with this style thoroughly.


ID# 109920 | – Credit© Ирина Крашенинникова

Gold Dining Table with Gray Chairs and Wood Floor

A combination of gray and gold creates a luxurious look in this dining room. glass top gold dining table and fray velvet dining chairs centralized the room and serve a welcoming dining area for you. Crystal chandelier shines out over the dining set and gold details complement the dining table.


ID# 109921 | – Credit© Jinx McDonald Interior Designs

Gray Dining Room Ideas with Cream Curtains and Crystal Chandelier

The gorgeous crystal chandelier takes this neutral dining room to next level! Cream floor to ceiling curtains hanging both sides of the wooden framed window. Dining chairs with patterned fabric and glass top table. Solid gray carpet on the gray wooden floor, makes a clean and simple touch to the design.


ID# 109922 | – Credit© NB Design Group, Inc

Industrial Dining Room with Colorful Art Piece and Gray Wooden Floor

An oversized colorful art piece allows a beautiful backdrop for your family dinners! Wooden dining table and gray leather chairs create a plain and simple look under the open ceiling. Black lightings hanged over the huge industrial pipe and make a warm glow in this industrial dining room.

ID# 109923 | – CreditBarnard & Speziale | © The Interior Design Company

Kitchen-Dining Room Design with Light Gray Wall Paint

Gray painted walls bring a heavy and elegant look to this dining room. The bronze vintage chandelier hanging over the wooden dining table which surrounded by gray fabric chairs with white frames.


ID# 109924 | – Credit© Stefanie Brooks Interior Design

Rustic Dining Room with Stone Fireplace and Circular Chandelier

A large wooden dining table and gray fabric chairs provide plenty of space for you and your family. The Stone fireplace looks stunning under the wooden beams. Thanks to the high ceiling and wide window openings, natural light comes all over the room. The circular metal chandelier makes a modern touch between the natural materials.


ID# 109925 | – Credit© Bernardo Pozas Residential Design

Glass Top Dining Table with Large-Scaled Artwork

Large-scaled artwork creates a focal point on the gray wall and also it creates contrast with a gray wall with its orange colors. The gray buffet almost disappears in front of the same-colored wall. A circular glass top dining table with a wooden stand allows a clear look between the white leather dining chairs.


ID# 109926 | – Credit© Joni Spear Interior Design

Wood Dining Set with Wallpapered Ceiling and Crystal Chandelier

The luxurious damask print on the tray ceiling brings a personality to this room. damask prints on the white head chairs complement the ceiling. wooden dining table and wooden chairs create a heavy and strong look under the crystal chandelier. The abstract rug adds a touch of modernity.


ID# 109944

Monochrome Geometric Wallpaper with Gray Buffet and Rose-gold Lampshades

Monochrome geometric wallpaper creates a focal point and adds a bit of dimension to space, while brass table lamps add a bit of glam. Matte gray dining table surrounded by gray leather chairs. Linear black light gives a clean and simple look over the dining set.


Dark Wood Dining Table with Silver Chandelier and Wall Mounted Lamps

An asymmetrical look elevates your design like this dining room. wooden dining table and gray fabric dining chairs centralized the room. silver Chandelier makes an eye-catching touch over the dining set. Wall-mounted lamps on both sides of the chandelier, complete this symmetrical look.


ID# 109905 | – Credit© Bo Concept Frankfurt

Scandinavian Gray Dining Room Ideas with Wooden Flooring

White dining tables with wooden legs and white chairs represent a plain Scandinavian style. A white curly rug defines the dining area on the wooden flooring. Wooden details create a warm and cozy look between the concrete walls. A white wooden wall panel allows a gorgeous backdrop for the wall-mounted bookshelf.


ID# 109928 | – Credit© North Works

Contemporary Small Dining Room with Gray Walls

This small dining room represents simplicity beautifully. Blue dining chairs with wooden frames around the white top dining table elevate the look. Gray walls soften the atmosphere sharpened by strong colors. White lighting adds a modern touch.

ID# 109931 | – Credit© Room Service 360

Minimalist Dining Set with Wood Table and Black Chairs

You can create an eye-catching dining room with one table and two chairs. This dining set combines complex materials in modern forms. The rectangular dining table features conical cement legs that support a matte white lacquered or solid walnut top. Dining chairs feature black leather seating and wooden legs. Gray walls allow to shine out the features.


ID# 109932 | – Credit© Lichten Architects

Gray Dining Room Ideas with Wooden Dining Table and Gray Chairs

This luxury dining room features a circular lacquered wood dining table, gray fabric dining chairs, and gray rug. Crystal pendants hanged from the white ceiling and support this luxurious look. Built-in shelves. floor-to-ceiling windows and cream curtains create a symmetrical look behind the dining set.


ID# 109933 | – Credit© Kovalinskiy Design, LLC

Wood Dining Table with Acrylic Chairs and Bubble Chandelier

Gray floor-to-ceiling curtains in great harmony with the gray walls and wooden flooring. If you are bored of solid walls you can add a wood lath and bring mobility to your walls. Acrylic dining chairs give it a visually spacious look because of their transparency. A white bubble chandelier with gold details right above the wooden table makes a modern touch.


ID# 109934 | – Credit© Hubley Design Interiors, LLC

Luxurious Gray Dining Room Ideas with Oversized Artwork and Silver Chandelier

Black dining table surrounded by gray leather dining chairs with black frames. Oversized artwork complements the dining room with its color but also comes to the forefront with its reliefs. The silver linear chandelier makes a warm glove over the dining set.


ID# 109935 | – Credit© Devon Grace Interiors

Gray Coffered Walls with Modern Chandelier and Circular Dining Set

The gray dining room serves us a luxury design. Gray coffered walls bring mobility to the atmosphere. Gray dining chairs around the circular wooden table provide comfortable seating but still with elegance. Gold lighting sticks draw attention to the dining set and make a warm glow with its tiny bulbs.


ID# 109936 | – Credit© Safae Interior Design

Dining Nook Design with Gray Patterned Wallpaper

Gray bench with gray cushions placed in the recessed wall perfectly. It is a good example of evaluating unavailable areas. The wallpaper in gray tones gives depth to the dining room. Black circular dining table and black chairs with wicker seating create an elegant look under the modern bubble chandelier.

ID# 109937 | – Credit© Luxy Space

Gray Dining Room Ideas with Floral Wallpaper and Crystal Chandelier

Gray floral wallpaper brings joy to this formal dining room. Black dining tables and cream dining chairs create a minimalist look under the stunning crystal chandelier.


ID# 109938 | – Credit© Luxury Remodels Company

Modern Gray Dining Room Ideas with Concrete Wall

The modern linear chandelier features black wires and brass tubes. The sleek black brass tubes gleam with a glow that emanates from the lowest point of each column. The concrete table between the black side chairs compliments the concrete fireplace. Wooden flooring brings a warmer atmosphere.


ID# 109939 | – Credit | © Phillip-Jennings Custom Homes

Luxury Dining Room with Gray Walls and Silver Chandelier

Gray Dining room features a wooden top dining table with gold stand, cream fabric chairs with acrylic legs, silver chandelier, and cream rug.

ID# 109940 | – Credit© Studio Gild

Scandinavian Modern Dining Room with Macrame Wall Décor

This dining room represents a modern look with its clean lines. Wooden dining table surrounded by gray fabric chairs. Gold legs of the dining chairs make an elegant touch and shine out between the gray color palette. Macrame wall décor creates a focal point on the white wall. Although the black lighting has a circular shape, it creates a sharp look with its color.


ID# 109941 | – Credit | © Castle Harbour homes

Gray Dining Room Ideas with White Drum Lamp and Art Piece

Abstract artwork creates a gorgeous focal point behind the dining set and the recessed wall provides a beautiful frame for this artwork. Gray dining table and gray fabric chairs create an elegant and plain look under the white drum lamp.


ID# 109942 | – Credit© Margo Nathanson

Minimalist Contemporary Design with Wood Floor

Black framed abstract artwork creates a focal point on the cream wall and it brings a serene look with its soft colors. Wooden dining table surrounded by gray fabric chairs on the wooden flooring. Bubble pendants create a visual feast over the dining set.


ID# 109903

Transitional Style Dining Room with Blue Chairs

Blue dining chairs with wooden legs bring a personality to this gray dining room. gray cabinets fit perfectly next to the window wall. Stone patterned wallpaper saves the gray blank walls from the ordinariness. A white circular dining room with wooden legs makes a cozy touch between the cold colors.

ID# 109908

A combination of the different shades of gray creates an elegant and luxurious look. Black traditional patterned wallpaper perfectly fits the formal and elegant look of the dining room. The black dining table and black leather chairs look stunning under the white chandelier. The white bench allows an extra seating area. Black wooden flooring reflects the dining set perfectly.


ID# 109909

Cozy Dining Nook with U-Shaped Window Seat and Black Pendant

The Gray window seat provides a cozy dining area with comfortable cushions. The Gray dining table fits perfectly between the u-shaped window seat. Wooden dining chairs bring a warmer look into the grays. The black pendant lamp creates a focal point over the dining table and it shines out with gold paint in it.


ID# 109914

Contemporary Gray Dining Room Ideas with Gray Walls and Ceiling

Using the same gray color on the ceiling and walls allows a wider and dramatic atmosphere. White panels of the wall define perfectly the level of the dining area. Wooden dining table surrounded by black chairs on the wooden flooring. Bubble lighting gives the feeling of a balloon and brings joy with its shape.


ID# 109929

Elegant Gray Dining Room Ideas with Concrete Wall

While the gray concrete wall and ceiling bring a cold atmosphere, a huge globe pendant breaks this coldness and adds a warm glow over the dining set which featured with black dining table and white chairs. Floor to ceiling curtains helps to create a wider look. Several faux furs add a luxurious touch.


ID# 109930

Marble Dining Table with Green Chairs and Gray Rug

Natural light comes through beautifully the large windows openings into the dining room. The raw concrete wall creates a stunning backdrop for the dining room which featured with white dining table and green dining chairs. Metal pendants make a warm glow with their tiny lights.

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