Dining Room Chandelier Ideas Personize with Glamourus Chandeliers

51+ Dining Room Chandelier

ID# 109803 | Houzz.com – Credit© Amanda Louise Interiors

Blue Dining Room Chandelier Ideas with Gold Finish

This dining room is proof that there’s no such thing as too much color. Greenside chairs and bench with colorful pillows placed around a wooden table. The blue chandelier with bronze details looks glamorous above the table. White walls covered with colorful paintings.


ID# 109841 | Houzz.com – Credit© Yoder Homes

Circular Bubble Dining Room Chandelier Ideas with Gold Details

A combination of white and gold creates an elegant and luxurious look. A plain white circular dining table creates a clean look between the colorful dining chairs. Gold details of the circular bubble chandelier complement the gold frame of the dining chairs.


Elegant and Luxury Dining Room Chandeliers

A chandelier can make or break a design scheme, especially in the dining rooms. There is such a wide range of dining room chandelier styles for personalizing this essential space. Here are some inspirations to find the perfect chandelier for dining rooms.

Find the right chandelier to finish your dining rooms

With the right choice of chandeliers, you can elevate your dining rooms with an elegant style. Chandeliers always have been a historical feature for dining spaces but with the advent of new trends, now there are more style, material, and shape options for chandeliers than before. Sleek and shiny chrome finishes can fit in modern designs and bring a sparkling aesthetic. Bronze dining room chandeliers can blend perfectly with more transitional or rustic décor and support the bohemian atmosphere. Bubble chandeliers can elegantly bring joy with their unique shape. As you can see, there are many different styles of chandeliers to complement your dining room. We gather out best dining room chandelier ideas in our gallery for you!

Your chandelier should be centered over your dining table, even if the dining table is not centered within the room.

ID# 109805 | Houzz.com – Credit© Linda Burnside Interiors

Green Globe Lighting in Transitional Dining Room

A large globe pendant creates a beautiful focal point over the dining set. It adds a sense of luxury and makes a warm glow with lights gliding through the green details. A circular dining table and white tufted chairs allow a welcoming dining area. Abstract artwork over the wooden buffet complements the color palette of the room.


ID# 109806 | Houzz.com – Credit© Stalburg Design

Modern Black Dining Nook with Gold Lighting Fixture

If you have a simple dining room, you can choose as bold as you want in the chandelier. Here, a stunning chandelier stands out in the black dining room with its unique design and color. A black window seat with gray cushions and a black dining table gives a sleek look under the chandelier.


ID# 109807 | Houzz.com – Credit© Ameen Ayoub Design Studio

Glass Bubble Pendant Lights with Black Marble Backdrop

This dining room serves us a luxury look with its feature. Glass bubble chandelier hanged from the high ceiling and creates a dramatic look over the dining set which featured with large marble top dining table and black and white dining chairs. The eye-catching marble wall provides a stunning backdrop for the chandelier.


ID# 109813 | Houzz.com – Credit© Wrensted Interiors

Eclectic Dining Room with Modern Gold Light and Wooden Dining Chairs

The gold chandelier makes a modern touch to this eclectic dining room with its clean lines. Wooden dining table between the wooden chairs and traditional rug stand out between the white walls.


ID# 109814 | Houzz.com – Credit© KC Drafting & Design

Linear Crystal Dining Room Chandelier Ideas with Wooden Tray Ceiling

The linear chandelier hanging from the wooden ceiling and make a warm glow over the dining set. Wooden dining table and gray tufted chairs create a luxurious look on the gray rug.


ID# 109817 | Houzz.com – Credit© Allison Lind Interiors

Luxurious Crystal Dining Room Chandelier Ideas with Gold Finishes

Crystal dining room chandeliers shine out over the black dining table and make a luxe touch to this modern atmosphere. Wooden dining chairs provide a comfortable seating area with black cushions. White walls and white rug with black stripes allow the become prominent of the dining set.


ID# 109818 | Houzz.com – Credit© B+G Design Inc.

Contemporary Dining Room Ideas with Large Geometric Chandelier

A large geometric chandelier makes a dramatic touch and a warm glow over the dining set. It creates contrast with the circular wooden dining table with its sharp edges. Cream leather dining chairs surrounds the circular table. The recessed wall provides a beautiful frame for artworks.

ID# 109819 | Houzz.com – Credit© Universal Flooring, LLC.

Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas with Rustic Chandelier

Naturally weathered reclaimed wood which black cables are wrapped on it, creates a rustic look with the help of the wooden dining table and bench. Small bulbs hanged to the black wires, makes a warm touch to this white atmosphere. Whitehead chairs provide a comfortable dining space. Thanks to the high ceiling and upper windows, natural light fills out the dining room.

ID# 109820 | Houzz.com – Credit | © Pamela J Design

White Star Pendant Light with Circular Dining Set

The white chandelier is a unique handcrafted work of art. It adds instant glam, sparkle, and elegance to this gray dining room. The circular dining room and gray fabric chairs create a modern look over the wooden flooring.


ID# 109821 | Houzz.com – Credit© Covenant Building & Design

Farmhouse Dining Room with Black Linear Chandelier and Orange Dining Chairs

The black linear chandelier creates a sleek look over the dining set. The Gray coffered wall creates a stunning backdrop for this dining room. Orange fabric dining chairs in a harmony with the gray wall. Wooden dining table and traditional carpet add some rustic vibes. White lamps and circular mirrors give us a gorgeous symmetrical look.

ID# 109822 | Houzz.com – Credit© Kingswood Custom Homes

Dramatic Dining Room Chandelier Ideas with Exposed Beam Ceiling

Grey-colored teardrop-shaped glass discs with a milky center hang delicately layered on the chandelier hanged from the exposed beams and create a beautiful warm glow over the dining set. Wooden dining tables and grey dining chairs create a heavy and luxurious look under the exposed beams.


ID# 109824 | Houzz.com – Credit© Design Alchemy

Scandinavian Modern Dining Room with Black Lighting

The black chandelier is both timeless and functional. It finished with solid black while the interior of the shade exudes a warm reflection from the gold surface. A black wooden table and wooden dining chairs create a beautiful Scandinavian look under the chandelier.


ID# 109826 | Houzz.com – Credit© Prull Custom Builders

Modern Gold Chandelier with Colorful Abstract Artwork

The gold chandelier creates a warm glow with its tiny LED lights and it makes a modern touch with its straight lines. Abstract art piece creates a focal point behind the dining area and livens up space. Wooden dining table and tile red chairs bring a clean and plain look.

ID# 109827 | Houzz.com – Credit© Built IN Studio

Navy-Blue Walls and Bubble Chandelier in Small Dining Room

The branching bubble chandelier gets an industrial treatment. Rather than the smooth and perfect bubbles, this design makes a raw and uneven look next to the gorgeous navy-blue walls. Navy blue wall maximizing the functionality of the space with built-in shelves and a built-in bench with cream cushions. The wooden frame of the cream fabric dining chairs makes a warmer touch to this formal look. The white top dining table finished the look simply and cleanly.

ID# 109828 | Houzz.com – Credit© Donna Elle Design

Traditional Iron Chandelier with Acrylic Chairs

The stunning chandelier features iron in a rust finish and glass crystals. Acrylic chairs and shiny crystals on the chandelier allow the shining of the wooden dining table and the iron finish of the chandelier.

ID# 109829 | Houzz.com – Credit© Wolf & Wing Interior Design

Transitional Dining Room Ideas with Gold Starburst Lighting Fixture and Gallery Wall

Gold starburst chandelier shines out between the neutral colors like a sun. Plain lines of the art pieces create a beautiful gallery wall for a backdrop. Wooden dining tables and soft pink dining chairs create a sleek and elegant look.


ID# 109830 | Houzz.com – Credit© Lichten Architects

Gray Dining Room Design Ideas with Crystal Chandelier

This luxury dining room features a circular lacquered wood dining table, gray fabric dining chairs, and gray rug. Crystal chandeliers hanged from the white ceiling and support this luxurious look. Built-in shelves. floor-to-ceiling windows and cream dining room curtains create a symmetrical look behind the dining set.


ID# 109831 | Houzz.com – Credit© Korneev Design Workshop

Outstanding Crystal Dining Room Crystal Chandelier Ideas

The combination of natural materials and more shiny, chic elements is mainline in the furnishing of the dining room. A large crystal chandelier shines out over the white dining set and take the design to next level. The large wooden panels create separation and, depending on their position, create different scenarios in the dining area.


ID# 109833 | Houzz.com – Credit | © David Wilkes Builders

Tree Branch Chandelier in Contemporary Dining Room Ideas

Treen branch chandelier finish with black chains creates a dramatic look over the dining table and it makes a warm glow with its tiny LED lights. Wooden dining table and orange chairs bring a sleek and modern look over the gray rug.

ID# 109834 | Houzz.com – Credit© Shakuff

Tulip Chandelier with Small Curved Glass Panels

This graceful lighting design features curved glass panels attached to the metal finish with wires. It creates a visual feast over the dining set and makes a warm glow between the whites. The acrylic dining table provides a clean look between the white dining chairs.

ID# 109835 | Houzz.com – Credit© Geoff Sumich Design

Luxury Dining Room Ideas with Linear Glass Chandelier

The linear glass chandelier complements the rectangular shape of the dining table and it features glass shades with a gold finish. The wooden tray ceiling defines the dining area perfectly. Blue dining chairs add a sense of luxury.


ID# 109838 | Houzz.com – Credit© Shakuff

Oversized Circular Glass Dining Room Chandelier Ideas with Black Dining Set

A large glass chandelier perfectly centralized the dining room and it makes a luxurious touch. It features glass bulbs hanged to the metal finish with metal wires. An oversized mirror brings a deepness and provides a wider atmosphere. Black circular dining table and gray fabric chairs create an elegant look on the white rug.


Oval Crystal Chandelier in Neutral Dining Room

The glamorous chandelier features prismatic crystals hanged from an oval metal finish. White oval dining table and beige leather dining chairs create a modern and clean look.

ID# 109839 | Houzz.com – Credit© Frits de Vries Architect Ltd.

Contemporary Dining Room with Modern White Chandelier

The white chandelier creates a feeling of a cloud over the dinner set with its white pieces hanged from a metal finish. Black dining table surrounded by green dining chairs. The wooden buffet perfectly fits in the recessed wall and LED lightings are leading this wall forward.

ID# 109802 | Houzz.com – Credit© Jinx McDonald Interior Designs

Classic Dining Room Design with Cream Curtains and Crystal Chandelier

The gorgeous crystal chandelier takes this neutral dining room to next level and shines out over the dining set! Cream floor to ceiling curtains hanging both sides of the wooden framed window. Dining chairs with patterned fabric and glass top table. Solid gray carpet on the gray wooden floor, makes a clean and simple touch to the design.


ID# 109842 | Houzz.com – Credit© Interior Marketing Group

Neutral Contemporary Dining Room with Gray Chandelier

The gray chandelier makes a dramatic and luxe touch to this dining room. It also creates a contrast with cozy features like a wooden dining table, white chairs, and a white bench with gray cushions.

ID# 109843 | Houzz.com – Credit© Phillip-Jennings Custom Homes

Luxury Dining Room with Gray Walls and Silver Chandelier

Gray Dining room features a wooden top dining table with gold stand, cream fabric chairs with acrylic legs, silver chandelier, and cream rug. The silver chandelier brings a sense of luxury.

ID# 109844 | Houzz.com – Credit© Sun Soul Style Interiors

Modern Bubble Chandelier with Small Dining Set

Plain wooden dining chairs with black legs and a white circular dining table create a sleek and modern look on the wooden flooring. The gold bubble chandelier shines out over the dining set and makes a glamorous touch.

ID# 109846 | Houzz.com – Credit© Merve Kahraman Products & Interiors

Small Colorful Dining Room Design with Bubble Chandelier

If you don’t want to use vibrant colors and still some color touches, you can create your design in pastel tones. Ziron Chandelier above the dining set brings an industrial look between the pastel colors. Pink and blue paints are used on two different walls. Yellow ombre curtains bring the sunset hues to the dining room. Custom-designed Astro-rug defined perfectly the dining area. Marble and walnut dining table placed in the middle of the velvet brass chairs.

ID# 109847 | Houzz.com – Credit© Kati Curtis Design

Gold Starburst Chandeliers with Hexagonal Coffered Ceiling

Gold starburst dining room chandeliers create a visual feast while hanging from the hexagonal coffered ceiling. The black lacquered top of the dining table allows to allows the unique features to shine. Black dining chairs and table creates a modern look over the blue carpet.

ID# 109848 | Houzz.com – Credit© Studio Aubergine Interior Design

Large Shell Chandelier in Luxury High Ceiling Dining Room

A large shell chandelier creates a focal point over the dining set which featured with gray dining table and chairs. Purple pars of the floor-to-ceiling curtains define the level of the dining space and bring joy to this gray atmosphere.

ID# 109849 | Houzz.com – Credit© Narratif

Circular Crystal Dining Room Chandelier Ideas with Circular Tray Ceiling

The circular tray ceiling provides a clean frame for the dining area. Crystal chandelier with metal finish creates a luxe look over the modern dining set which featured with wooden circular dining table and white dining chairs.


ID# 109850 | Houzz.com – Credit© Décor Aid

Modern Chandelier with White Bubble Bulbs

The bubble chandelier features white bubble bulbs hanged with black wires to the gold finish. The Blue accent wall emphasizes the two-piece art that was to be the focal point of the dining area. Black dining tables and gray fabric dining chairs create a modern and sleek look over the gray rug.

ID# 109832

Eclectic Dining Room Ideas with Blue Glass Chandelier

If you are tired of classic crystal chandeliers, this design can be your solution. The blue glass chandelier is made up of sweeping curves and strands of decorative chain. Serves an artistic look and brings joy to the dining room. beige wallpaper complements the traditional style of the chandelier. Wooden dining table surrounded by blue patterned dining chairs.


ID# 109801

Mid-Century Dining Room with White Shell Chandelier

White shell chandelier features capiz shells which are referred to as “glass oysters” because of their fragile, translucent appearance. Chandelier serves a clean look over the wooden dining table and wooden chairs and it almost disappears in the white walls.

ID# 109804

Large Linear Dining Room Chandelier Ideas with Tiny Teardrop Bulbs

The linear chandelier draws attention to the dining area and brings a glow with its dozens of tiny bulbs. oval marble top dining table and wooden dining chairs with blue cushions create a modern look under the chandelier.


ID# 109808

Transitional Breakfast Nook with Antique Light Fixture

The antique chandelier brings a traditional look to this modern kitchen breakfast nook. U-shaped built-in bench provides a comfortable seating area with gray cushions. Shaker drawers under the bench allow additional storage. down dining table fits perfectly between the u-shaped bench.

ID# 109809

White Bubble Pendant Lights with Wooden Details

The warmth and beauty of natural alder wood combined with opal glass make the chandelier as contemporary as it is timeless. Bamboo dining sets create a natural atmosphere. Large window openings bring the gorgeous outdoor to indoor.


ID# 109810

Dark Dining Room Ideas with Green Chandelier

The green chandelier directly draws attention to the dark color palette of the dining room. It shines out because of its unique design and vibrant color. Wooden dining table and wooden chairs with beige leather cushions create a formal and elegant look. Rectangular painting complements the chandelier with green colors on it.

ID# 109811

Industrial Bubble Chandelier with Abstract Artworks

The bubble chandelier makes a warm glow with its yellow lights. The wooden dining tables between the blue dining chairs create a warmer and intimate look. Abstract artwork is divided into three canvases and makes a luxe touch to the atmosphere.

ID# 109812

Mediterranean Dining Room Ideas with Crystal Chandelier

This dining room has already a personality because of its exposed structure. A large crystal chandelier hanged from the exposed beam and makes a luxe touch to the dining room. wooden dining table and white chairs create a beautiful look in front of the arched window.


ID# 109815

Bronze Globe Lighting Fixture with Warm Glows and Dark Blue Walls

This dining room represents a simple and sophisticated style with a combination of natural materials and dramatic colors. The bronze globe chandelier creates a dramatic and elegant atmosphere when combined with dark blue walls. The wooden top white dining table brings a cozier look between the black dining chairs. Wicker wall décor complements the wooden top of the dining table.


ID# 109816

Industrial Style Bubble Chandelier with Abstract Piece of Art

The bubble chandelier creates an industrial and dramatic look between the neutral colors. Yellow tiny bulbs make a warm glow over the dining set which featured with wooden dining table and wooden chairs. Abstract artworks create a focal point behind the dining set and complement the neutral palette with its colors.

ID# 109825

Beach Style Dining Room with Black Chandelier and Wooden Dining Table

The black dining room chandelier features an open cage to get maximum impact in a bold black and polished nickel finish. It serves a mix of traditional appeal and industrial panache over the wooden dining table and black dining chairs. In the kitchen navy blue cabinets paired with marble countertop.

ID# 109823

Breakfast Nook Design with Blue Glass Pendant Light

This small breakfast nook serves as a cozy and elegant design. blue glass chandelier creates a clean look over the nook. L-shaped window seat with dozens of blue pillows provides a comfortable dining area. White dining tables and white chairs purely complete the design.


Bubble Dining Room Chandelier Ideas with Pink and White Coffered Ceiling

The bubble chandelier hanged from the coffered ceiling provides a clean and elegant look between the contrast created by green and yellow colors. Yellow dining chairs with black frames bring a strong personality around the acrylic dining table. Although floral wallpaper complements the colors of the carpet, it creates a contrast with the sharp lines on the carpet with its romantic pattern.


ID# 109837

Eclectic Dining Room Ideas with Turquoise Chandelier and Mint Green Walls

Even though the chandelier offers a traditional appearance due to its shape, it provides a new perspective with its turquoise color. Wooden dining table surrounded by checked dining chairs. The wooden buffet perfectly fits in the mint recessed wall and it creates an asymmetrical look with help of the lampshades.

ID# 109840

White Dining Room Design with Silver Bubble Chandelier

Thanks to the high ceiling, the bubble chandelier creates an elegant touch over the dining set which featured with white dining table and white chairs. The floor-to-ceiling window helps to get maximum daylight to this white dining room. White cabinets and white countertops provide a clean and fresh backdrop.

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