Colorful Dining Room Ideas Stunning Color Schemes for Dining Areas

67+ Colorful Dining Room

Stunning Dining Room Design With Colorful Painting

ID# 117623 | Source – Credit© Michele Bitter Designs

Stunning Dining Room Design with Colorful Painting

You can color up your dining spaces with gorgeous paintings like this design. This massive painting brings joy to the room. The dramatic chandelier hanging on the wooden table and gray chairs with wooden details. Gray carpet placed under the dining table.

Contemporary Dining Room With Colorful Details

ID# 117658 | Source – Credit© Gena Sylvester Design

Contemporary Dining Room with Colorful Details

Look at the harmony between the vibrant colors and white! Two custom-designed blue chairs were placed on both heads of the white top dining table. The white color is used on the rest of the chairs. Table leg painted with four different colors. Medium tone wooden is used as a floor covering. Colorful painting creates a focal point on the white wall.

Colorful Elegant and Plain Dining Room Ideas

There are few places in the home where you can feel free to work a show-stopping color scheme. The dining room is one of those few places. Create your dream dining space with the right paint colors. Get inspired by our gallery of colorful dining room design ideas.

Don’t afraid to play with colors.

There is something magical about the dining rooms. It’s provided a space to gather face-to-face with friends or family. So why you don’t revive your dining rooms with bold color schemes. You can use colors on each part of the room like on wallpapers, cabinets, or even on the ceiling. The contrast created by transverse colors brings the room of your dreams one step closer.

Add some colorful decorations to complete the final look!

Dining Room With Red Chairs

ID# 117601 | Source – Credit© Aidan Design

White Dining Room with Red Chairs

Use an eye-catching color to make chairs pop in an otherwise simple room. The bold red chairs around this white table look so chic against the dark wood floor! Natural light coming through the large French window. Yellow flowers creating contrast with the red color. White cabinets with a white countertop create a bright atmosphere.

Eclectic Dining Room With Yellow Lighting

ID# 117602 | Source – Credit© Mia Mortensen

Eclectic Dining Room with Yellow Lighting

Love the idea that using different types of the chair! Despite using different chairs, they are in perfect harmony around the wooden table. Yellow pendant lighting over the table completes the eclectic look thoroughly.

Contemporary Dining Room In Pastel Tones

ID# 117603 | Source – Credit© Natalie Myers

Wood Dining Set with Pastel Tones

Traditional rug under the table can provide a visual anchor in the room. Wooden dining table and chairs give the feeling of being on the beach with the beach painting on the gray wall. Circular mirror and gold lighting make a modern touch to the colorful dining room.

Colorful Dining Room In Open Kitchen

ID# 117604 | Source – Credit© British Standard by Plain English

Yellow Cabinets with Wood Countertop and Blue Shiplap Walls

What a bold color palette in this colorful dining room! Yellow kitchen cabinets, dark blue wooden wall panels, green chairs, and red dining table. These strong colors create a contrast between each other on the wooden floor. Gray pendant lighting makes a soft touch.

Colorful Dining Room With Yellow Walls

ID# 117605 | Source – CreditEberlein Design Consultants Ltd. | © Tom Crane

Eclectic Dining Room with Colorful Bubble Chandelier

Colors are playing perfectly with each other! Go bold with a colorful pendant lighting over the wooden table with a glass top! Different colors on each chair. Giant human figures over the fireplace bring a fun touch! The yellow paint color and fireplace create a warm atmosphere.

Contemporary Dining Room Design With Yellow Details

ID# 117606 | Source – Credit© Milla holtz & Bruno Signillo Arquitetos

Glass Top Dining Table with Yellow Legs and Wood Bench

Metal table legs, decoration objects, and pendant lighting are lacquered in a yellow pop against the pastel tones. Wooden bench and chairs bring a warmer atmosphere. Picture frames in different sizes increase the liveliness of the white wall.

White Dining Room Design With Red Cushions

ID# 117607 | Source – Credit© Home Design & Decor Magazine

White Breakfast Nook with Red Cushions

You can color up your white breakfast nook with small details. Red cushions on the side chairs, red-orange curtain, and blue wall décor take on this task in this design. A medium-tone wooden floor gives a cozy touch. Drawers under the sofa provide additional storage.

Farmhouse Dining Room With Orange Side Chairs

ID# 117608 | Source – CreditGolden Gate Kitchens | © Christopher Stark

Breakfast Nook with Green Cushion and Orange Side Chairs

Love every detail of this design! Modern orange dining chairs are eye-catching. The window seat with a green cushion provides a comfortable seating area. Gold detailed dining table for your family Dinners! Blue kitchen cabinets create a contrast with orange. Black window frames make the sharpener look.

Colorful Farmhouse Dining Room With Window Seat

ID# 117609 | Source – Credit© Alison Kandler Interior Design

Eclectic Dining Nook with Built-in Window Seat and Green Table

Look at this gorgeous custom-designed green table with a glass top! Blue side chairs contrast with a table on the wooden floor. The window seat with colorful pillows allows wide and comfortable seating. Classical style brings out with the pendant lighting and beige wallpaper.

Dining Room Design With Colorful Art Piece

ID# 117610 | Source – Credit© Designtheory Inc.

Contemporary Dining Area with Colorful Art Piece

Colorful painting on the wall changing the whole atmosphere of the room. The yellow frame matches perfectly with the same-colored armchair. Black chairs with wooden legs on the wooden floor. white quartz table shining under the dome pendant lighting. A large French window allows brighter space.

Colorful Dining Room With Pink Carpet And Yellow Chairs

ID# 117611 | Source – CreditKhosla Associates | © Shamanth Patil J.

Elegant Dining Room with Pink Carpet and Yellow Chairs

Love the contrast between pink and green in this colorful dining room!Yellow chairs with wooden legs and wooden tables popping up on this gorgeous pink carpet. Even the blue plates are matching thoroughly. Bronze pendant lightings placed along with the table. Also, colorful paintings bring liveliness to these white walls.

Contemporary Dining Room With Colorful Transparent Chairs

ID# 117612 | Source – Credit© Habitat London

Large Light Wood Dining Table with Acrylic Chairs

Using chairs in different colors brings joy to this room. Chairs popping up in this white room perfectly. The white wooden table looks so chic and plain between these colors. The room gives bright look with the rectangular lighting. LED light along the wall allows warmer light.

White Dining Room With Colorful Side Chairs And Details

ID# 117613 | Source – Credit© John Henry Architects

Glass Top Table with Colorful Side Chairs and Details

This design, which attracts attention to neoclassicism, provides the perfect place for your family dinners! Even the gorgeous wall decors in a harmony with the room. A large table with a glass top allows the surrounding colors to explode. Glass roof makes the room brighter.

Colorful Dining Room With Black Wall

ID# 117614 | Source – CreditVictoria Hopkins Interiors | © Zac and Zac Photography

Small Dining Corner with Black Dining Room Paint

This small dining corner design shows us the harmony between the black and vibrant colors. The white dining tables look so plain between these colors. Black seating on the chairs matches with the black wall. Same-colored floating shelves create a simple and clean look. Picture frame placed between the shelves.

Colorful Dining Nook In The Open Kitchen

ID# 117615 | Source – Credit© Sophie Hansen

Open Concept Kitchen with White Cabinetry and Wood Floor

The dining area is placed between the living room and the kitchen and allows a separation between them. Wooden chairs with blue chair pads popping up on the wooden floor in this dining area. Colorful pendant lighting over the living area. White cabinets with a white countertop provide a fresh and bright backdrop.

Colorful Dining Room With Purple Traditional Rug

ID# 117616 | Source – CreditIC360 Images | © Jim Tschetter

Large Dining Set with Colorful Chairs Purple Traditional Rug

Look at this remarkable colorful dining room design! The gorgeous traditional rug defines perfectly the dining area in this white room. Colorful chairs create contrast on the rug. Sunlight comes through the glass roof panels.

Eclectic Dining Room With Colorful Wallpaper

ID# 117617 | Source – CreditEleven11DESIGN | © Charlie Walker Creative

Wood Dining Table with Brown Leather Chairs and Gold Chandelier

Wooden dining table and chairs placed on the colorful stripped rug. Colorful wallpaper popping up behind the white flat-panel cabinets. Upper cabinets with glass doors provide additional storage. Gold pendant lighting makes a modern touch.

Eclectic Dining Room With Colorful Wallpaper

ID# 117618 | Source – CreditHome Design & Decor Magazine | © Dustin Peck

Small Dining Corner with Blue Buffet and Wood Floor

Bright yellow chairs and a blue console in front of the window brought the dining nook to life. These colors create contrast between the woods. Yellow painting placed between the windows. Remarkable bronze pendant light looking perfect above the dining table.

Blue Dining Room With Gorgeous Colorful Wall Decor

ID# 117619 | Source – Credit© Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC

Red Dining Table with Blue Side Chairs and Wall Decor

In this design, each feature is like an art piece! blue side chairs creating contrast with the red dining table on the blue rug. Colorful orb-shaped wall decor looks glamorous on the white wall. The large painting in a black picture frame in a harmony with the other features.

Eclectic Dining Room With Colorful Chairs

ID# 117620 | Source – CreditMasfotogenica Interiorismo | © Masfotogenica Fotografia

Eclectic Dining Nook with Colorful Chairs

Using different colored and shaped chairs brings joy to your dining space. The pink sofa allows more comfortable seating. Wooden floating shelves are placed perfectly in the bulge between the column and wall. circular mirror on the wallpaper makes a modern touch red pendant lighting placed above the wooden table.

Plain Dining Room With Yellow Lantern Lightings

ID# 117621 | Source – CreditChango & Co. | © Sean Litchfield

White Dining Area with Yellow Lantern Lights

Love this gorgeous color palette! Soft colors in great harmony with vibrant colors. Yellow lantern lightings popping up on the white dining table. Even the pink napkins matching thoroughly with the other colors. Two pastel mint chairs were placed on both sides of the table. Rush mat bench and chairs placed on other sides of the table. This design is a great example of an eclectic style.

Colorful Dining Room With Blue Chandelier

ID# 117622 | Source – Credit© Amanda Louise Interiors

Colorful Dining Room with Blue Chandelier

This dining nook is proof that there’s no such thing as too much color. Greenside chairs and bench with colorful pillows placed around wooden table trim. The blue chandelier with bronze details looks glamorous above the table. White walls covered with colorful paintings.

Blue Dining Room With Transparent Chairs

ID# 117624 | Source – CreditSarah St. Amand Interior Design, Inc. | © Kelly Horkoff

Blue Dining Nook with Blue Wall Paint Color

Benjamin Moore Spa Day CSP-635 gave the all-white kitchen a dramatic uplift. Wall-mounted dining bench with blue cushions placed in l-shape at the corner and in a harmony with the blue paint color. White table and transparent chairs on the dark brown floor placed under the glass pendant lighting. Pillows on the bench and paintings in the white picture frames bring more color to this dining nook.

Contemporary Dining Room Idea With Turquoise Wall

ID# 117625 | Source – Credit© Надежда Емешева

Natural Wood Dining Table with Purple Chairs and Turquoise Wall

Look at the harmony between the turquoise wall and the wood bookshelf. Painting the radiator a darker shade of blue paint color is bring mobility to the wall. Lillia side chairs and a wooden table with black legs placed on the light wooden floor. One colorful side chair was placed on the short side of the table. Glamorous lighting above the dining table.

Colorful Dining Room With Blue Wall And Orange Chairs

ID# 117626 | Source – Credit© Think Contemporary

Wood Dining Table with Orange Chairs and Teal Wall

Choosing two different vibrant colors in one room can make your dream room perfect! The contrast between the orange and blue looks remarkable. Black and white paintings on the blue wall. The white oak dining table looks like a part of the same-colored floor.

Colorful Dining Room Design With Lillia Quartz Flooring

ID# 117627 | Source – Credit© Hamid Nicola Katrib

Colorful Dining Room Design with Lillia Quartz Flooring

This design made us feel like we were in a candy store! Sweet colors popping all around the room. White dining table and white side chairs with color cushions placed on this gorgeous Lilia flooring. A colorful balloon chandelier completes the look thoroughly.

Plain Dining Room Design With Blue Curtain

ID# 117628 | Source – Credit© Paul Craig Photography

Plain Dining Set with Blue Curtain

If you have a small space for a dining area floor to ceiling curtains can be a smart choice. It shows your room wider. This curtain in shades of blue looks perfect. Different colored side chairs are placed around the white table.

Blue Dining Room Design With Red Chairs

ID# 117629 | Source – CreditUnpatterned | © Dustin Halleck

Blue Dining Room Design with Red Chairs

Love the contrast between red and blue paint color! Blue cabinet in front of the same-colored wall. Red side chairs placed around the wooden dining table. Wooden flooring matches with the dining table.

Transitional Blue White Dining Room With Light Wooden Flooring

ID# 117630 | Source – Credit© Andrei Belimov-Gushchin

Transitional Dining Set with Blue Wall Paint

This design shows us the harmony between the different shades of blue and white. Two turquoise chairs were placed beside the white wooden chairs with dark blue cushions. The white wooden table looks so chic and plain in between the colored chairs. White floating shelves are placed on the white wall. The blue color is used on the other wall. White oak wooden flooring and beams bring a warmer look.

Contemporary Dining Room With Yellow Wall

ID# 117631 | Source – Credit© Designjunction

Contemporary Dining Space with Yellow and Orange Details

Two vibrant color looks glamorous between the white walls. The wall on the left side is painted with yellow color. The same yellow color is used on the dining table’s leg. Orange bench contrasting with yellow. All products are manufactured using sustainable materials!

Minimalist Dining Room Design With Pastel Tones

ID# 117632 | Source – Credit© Dulux Amazing Space

Minimalist Dining Nook in Pastel Tones

Bright pastel colors liven up this small neutral-colored dining nook. Tile red bench is the strongest color. Pink chair with metal legs placed next to a plain wooden table. Blue and yellow paints are used on different parts of the walls. White string pendant lighting completes this look simply. The wooden floor makes a cozy touch.

Small Dining Nook In One Wall Open Kitchen

ID# 117633 | Source – CreditKimberlee Marie Design | © John Grannen

One Wall White Kitchen Cabinets with Red Backsplash

Red-colored dining chairs popping up in this white and red kitchen. The same color is used on quartz backsplash. White shaker cabinets in one wall kitchen. Glass top table under the white pendant lighting.

Colorful Dining Room Design With White Brick Wall

ID# 117634 | Source – Credit© Atelier Davis

Contemporary Dining Room with White Brick Wall

Love the harmony between the pink, white, and wood material. Bold pink chair frames grab their hue from the eye-catching abstract artwork holding center stage above the built-in buffet. White dining table and black pendant lighting placed in the middle of the room. Black beams under the wooden ceiling and white brick wall bring personality to this colorful dining room.

Contemporary Dining Room With Colorful Dining Chairs

ID# 117635 | Source – Credit© Langlois Design

White Dining Table with Colorful Chairs and Geometric Patterned Rug

Custom-designed colorful chairs look gorgeous on the colorful carpet. Two strips of patterned chairs are placed on both short sides of the white table. Little palm trees and leaf-shaped chandeliers complete the tropical atmosphere of the colorful dining room.

Green Dining Nook With Wooden Details

ID# 117636 | Source – Credit© Homes by Chris

Open Concept Kitchen with White Cabinetry and Green Chais

If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can add a dining nook also. Green and brown dining nook brings joy to this white kitchen. Built-in wall seat with drawers under it allows additional seating. Green pillows on the set matching with the green dining chairs with wooden legs. Dark wooden table between the green chairs. Wooden material is used also on the floor covering.

Plain Dining Room Design With Colorful Dining Chairs

ID# 117637 | Source – Credit© Lauren’s Interiors

Minimalist Dining Table with Colorful Dining Chairs

Sometimes a dining table, four chairs and plain paintings can enough to design a gorgeous dining space. Colors that are used on chair legs and colorful paintings are living up in this room. White dining table with blacktop in great harmony with the chairs in this colorful dining room.

Damson Colored Chairs In White Dining Table

ID# 117638 | Source – Credit© Associate Interiors

Damson Colored Chairs with Bronze Dining Table

This elegant dining area is perfect for intimate dinners. Damson colored dining chairs placed on the circular rug. Landscape painting creating a focal point behind the dining nook. Remarkable bronze dining table placed between the chairs. The bronze chandelier matches perfectly with the dining table.

Dining Room Design With Yellow Side Chairs

ID# 117639 | Source – Credit© Whitespace

Wood Dining Table with Glass Top and Yellow Chairs

Sunny, airy, and carefree, the room is the epitome of a breezy summer’s day. Yellow chairs and glass top table. A large open display unit provides space for gorgeous decors and flat-panel cabinets under it for storage.

Eclectic Dining Room With Gorgeous Wall Paint

ID# 117640 | Source – Credit© Kati Curtis Design

Eclectic Dining Room with Gorgeous Wall Paint

Blue tie-dyed wooden cabinet in a harmony with the colorful mountain painted wall. An eclectic colorful dining room featuring stylish hardwood flooring. Gray-yellow patterned dining chairs with gold legs! White pendant lighting makes a modern touch. The black dining table complements the look simply and cleanly.

Modern Colorful Dining Room With Blue Chairs In Attic

ID# 117641 | Source – Credit© Teresa Sapey + Partners

Attic Room Design with Wood Table and Blue Chairs

Sky blue chairs take this modern gray dining nook to the next level. The dining set is placed next to the open kitchen and looks gorgeous on the shiny floor. Plain black lighting makes an elegant touch. Natural light comes through the picture frame windows and makes brighter the space.

Small Colorful Dining Room Design With Circular Marble Table

ID# 117642 | Source – Credit© Merve Kahraman Products & Interiors

Small Dining Room Design with Circular Marble Table

If you don’t want to use vibrant colors and still some color touches, you can create your design in pastel tones. Pink and blue paints are used on two different walls. Yellow ombre curtains bring the sunset hues to the colorful dining room. Custom-designed Astro-rug defined perfectly the dining area. Marble and walnut dining table placed in the middle of the velvet brass chairs. Ziron Chandelier above the dining nook. Bookshelf designed in the shape of a bicycle popping up in front of the pink wall.

Beach Style Colorful Dining Room With Wooden Details

ID# 117643 | Source – Credit© Joli Tipi

Beach Style Dining Nook with Wooden Details

This color palette gives perfectly the beachy atmosphere. Teal wall paint puts forward the wooden dining nook. Wooden bench with display cabinets maximizing the space functionality. Two turquoise chairs were placed on another side of the wooden table with a black frame. The yellow surfboard matching perfectly with the theme and creating a great contrast with the teal wall.

Dining Room Design With Pink Dining Chairs

ID# 117644 | Source – CreditInterior Design: Jamie Bush Co. | © Laura Hull

Chic Dining Room with Pink Side Chairs

Let your chairs set the scene by picking a design in an unexpected color, like this an inviting blush pink. Pink color popping up between gray walls. Large elegant painting over the black buffet. The whole family can gather around this large wooden table and have your family dinners! Glass pendant light makes a traditional touch to this modern dining set.

117645 Minimalist Dining Room With Pastel Colored Chairs

ID# 117645 | Source – Credit© Llowarch Architects

Circular Marble Dining Table with Pastel Colored Chairs

It’s hard to beat classic white walls. It is bright and clean and it also helps reflect natural light! Pink and gray dining chairs complete this plain look in a simple way. Marble dining table between chairs. Pure white pendant lamp merges with this beautiful white wall as if it were disappearing.

Colorful Dining Room With Modern Lighting

ID# 117646 | Source – Credit© High Contrast Design House

Colorful Dining Room with Modern Lighting

You’re not limited to one color or print when it comes to dining chairs. Love the color transition on the chairs. The marble dining table looks elegant between the colors. Remarkable modern lighting takes this design to next level.

Gray Dining Room Design With Colorful Pillows

ID# 117647 | Source – Credit© Allison Burke Interior Design

Gray Dining Nook Design with Red Pillows

You can color up your gray dining nook even with small touches! Red and yellow pillows creating contrast o the gray bench. Black dining chair with a metal stand and gray chairs with black legs placed on the soft blue carpet with red patterns. A huge window opening lightens up this dark room. remarkable pendant lamp hanging in front of the window.

White Dining Room With Colorful Chairs

ID# 117648 | Source – Credit© EcoConfiance Rénovation

Black Dining Table with Colorful Chairs

Eclectic dining room featuring a black dining table with colorful chairs the gray ceramic tiles. Colorful chairs hit the eye directly in the room. Black cabinets creating a focal point behind the dining nook.

Eclectic Dining Room With Navy Blue Window Seat

ID# 117649 | Source – Credit© Loomlight

Eclectic Dining Nook with Navy Blue Window Seat

Popping up colors gives a tropical feeling in this design. Glass top table creates a clean look between the yellow chairs with a wooden frame. Colorful pillows on the navy-blue wooden window seat. Picture frames bring joy to the room. A beige rug completes the look.

Colorful Dining Room With Gorgeous Painting

ID# 117650 | Source – Credit© Anna Stathaki

Minimalist Dining Room with Oversized Artwork

You don’t have to fill up your dining spaces with plenty of features. Sometimes just a dining table and chairs can be enough. Blue and green dining chairs creating a beautiful contrast with the remarkable painting.

Colorful Dining Room With Custom Designed Dining Table

ID# 117651 | Source – Credit© Godrich Interiors

Colorful Dining Room with Custom Designed Dining Table

Gorgeous painting with purple frame creating a focal point and brings the sunset colors into this room. Marble top dining table and camel chairs with wooden frame creating perfect symmetry with the wooden buffet under the painting.

Small Colorful Dining Room With Gray Banquette And Purple Cushions

ID# 117652 | Source – Credit© Recherche Interior Design

Breakfast Nook with Gray Banquette and Purple Cushions

Start your morning with a pop of grape color in the form of a purple banquette with a gray frame. Colorful pillows create contrast on the purple cushions. A Whitetop table with a gold stand makes an elegant touch. Yellow pendant lighting feels as the sun is rising into the room!

Dining Room Design With Black And Orange Dining Chair

ID# 117653 | Source – Credit© Zawadski Homes Inc.

Scandinavian Breakfast Nook with Black and Orange Chairs

The window wall creates the perfect backdrop for this dining nook. Blue-gray hexagon patterned cushion on the white banquette. Colorful pillows match perfectly with the banquette. Black window frames making a sharpener touch. Black and orange chairs provide more seating that can be easily moved to accommodate a buffet or drink station while entertaining. Pure white pendant lighting hanging over the wooden top table.

Black And Tile Red Dining Nook With Colorful Painting

ID# 117654 | Source – Credit© Britany Simon Design House

Black and Tile Red Dining Set with Colorful Painting

Remarkable colorful painting brings joy to this dining nook. Black dining table and tile red chairs with wooden frame in great harmony on the hardwood flooring. Two gray pendant lights were placed over the dining nook.

Small Dining Room Design With Green Dining Chairs

ID# 117655 | Source – Credit© Cabinets and Beyond Design Studio

Small Breakfast Nook with Green Dining Chairs

Built-in wooden banquette with red cushion creates definition between a large family room and kitchen while providing a space for laid-back family dinners. Bold green-colored chairs popping up between the woods. Upper white cabinets fit perfectly to the wall and providing additional storage.

Small Dining Room Design With Turquoise Details

ID# 117656 | Source – Credit© Sarah Crowley

Small Dining Corner with Turquoise Details

This small dining corner gives the feeling of being on a vintage cruise! Turquoise color in great harmony with white wooden wall panels and white hanging shelf. Metal table and turquoise chairs placed on a white ceramic floor. Colorful decorations liven up this colorful dining room design.

Small Dining Room With Rectangular Purple Rug

ID# 117657 | Source – Credit© Angeles Molina Fotografía

Small Dining Room with Rectangular Purple Rug

Love the contrast between the orange and purple! One orange chair popping up between the other cream-colored chairs. Purple rug and the white table on it placed on the dark hardwood flooring. Three white paper lantern lights were placed all along with the dining table.

Elegant Dining Room With Black And Yellow Details

ID# 117659 | Source – Credit© Бюро “АрхОснова”

Wood Dining Table with Spider Chandelier

Dining room featuring a modern wooden rectangular dining table and chairs in different styles and colors situated on the home’s wooden flooring. The table set is lighted by a black spider chandelier.

Neutral Colored Kitchen Dining Room Design With Blue Wall Paint

ID# 117660 | Source – Credit© Сидорова Юлия

Neutral Colored Kitchen Dining Room Design with Blue Wall Paint

Remarkable wall paint livens up this neutral color palette. Gray dining chairs with wooden legs and a white top table with wooden legs placed in front of the wall painting. Hexagon tiles and wooden flooring merging harmoniously! Wooden flat panel kitchen cabinets placed on the left side.

Colorful Dining Room Design With Orange Curtain

ID# 117661 | Source – Credit© Наталья Вершинина

Colorful Dining Room Design with Orange Curtain

Blue chair frames creating a perfect contrast with the orange floor-to-ceiling curtain. Rectangular wooden table on the white oak flooring. Rush mat wall decors bring mobility to gray walls.

Dining Room Design With Purple Wall And Blue Chairs

ID# 117662 | Source – Credit© Серж Махов

Dining Room Design with Purple Wall and Blue Chairs

Purple is the color of this dining area but look at the other chairs with blue seating. The purple and blue color scheme makes the room look so elegant. Colorful contemporary painting creating a focal on the purple wall. dark wood dining table. White floor-to-ceiling curtain and white ceiling provide a wider atmosphere.

Colorful Dining Room With Built In Banquette

ID# 117663 | Source – Credit© Paul Brant Williger Architect

Colorful Breakfast Nook with Built-in Banquette.

When wall space is at a premium, windows make great backdrops for kitchen booth seating. White banquette with gray striped cushions tucks snugly into a window to take advantage of often-unused space. Lower draws provide storage. Two additional black dining chairs with red-white striped cushion allows an extra seating. A circular dining table fits perfectly between the seating elements.

Farmhouse Dining Room With Green Curtains

ID# 117664 | Source – Credit© Leah Atkins Design, LLC

Farmhouse Dining Room with Green Curtains

Green curtains popping up in this white high ceiling room and it makes an elegant touch. The dining set is placed on the white rug and creates perfect symmetry. White dining chairs merging with the white rug. Hardwood flooring brings a warmer atmosphere. Black pendant lighting is placed above the modern dining table.

Wooden Dining Room With Colorful Details

ID# 117665 | Source – Credit© Moneo Brock

Wooden Dining Set with Colorful Details

Vibrant colors popping up around the wooden dining nook. Colorful plastic baskets placed all along the wall. floating shelves above the baskets. Contemporary colorful dollhouse allows a perfect playground for kids.

Colorful Dining Room With Transparent Yellow Table

ID# 117666 | Source – Credit© Moneobrock

Acrylic Yellow Table

Look at this gorgeous transparent neon yellow table and red dining chairs! It symbolized the perfect contrast on the herringbone flooring. Circular red wall décor matching with the red chairs. Colorful partition defines the dining area.

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