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35+ Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

ID# 156404 | – Credit© | Виктор Штефан

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas for Industrial Kitchen with Chalkboard and Plants

This industrial kitchen is fitted with black cabinets punctured by copper hardware and a floral-patterned backsplash. This combination feels both energic and reserved. Adding to this dualist design are also a chalkboard and indoor plants to enrich the kitchen’s décor vocabulary. While the chalkboard makes for a fun addition, reminiscent of cafes, plants vivify the indoor space, creating an outdoor feel. Also, the timber countertops contribute to the raw and tactile character of industrial kitchens.

ID# 156424 | – Credit | © Bearcanvas Interiors

Beach-Style Kitchen with White Cabinets and Chalkboard

Instead of lining the empty walls with upper cabinets, why not go with statement décor ideas? This beach-style kitchen employs a sizeable chalkboard to leave some notes on or get creative with words. Whether you want to use it for jotting down aphorisms or recipes, a chalkboard serves as a great statement. Plus, it is functional as well. Here, also, the further enriching elements are kitchen plants and bamboo-carved lighting fixtures. They inject a coastal flair into the room, while white cabinets and countertops lighten it up all.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Kitchen wall decorations set the tone of the design, giving it a healthy dose of personality. Let’s put it this way. If you have an all-white kitchen, it offers you a blank canvas for you to embellish as you wish. And it all is up to you whether you want to make it look modern or farmhouse. And with farmhouse kitchen wall décor and modern kitchen wall decor ideas, you can give this all-white kitchen a new vibe. Or if you prefer classy kitchen décor ideas over kitchen rustic wall décor, again, you can establish any look you want. Scroll down and find some inspirational kitchen wall ideas!

Creative Wall Decor Ideas

Wall décor for kitchen ranges from chalkboards to hanging pans, plants, floating shelves, plates, ceramics, and artwork. In other words, kitchen wall décor ideas don’t necessarily have to be super expensive or too complicated. Simple wall décor ideas are plenty and are enough to construct the look you aim for. Kitchen wall décor made of timber as well as kitchen metal wall décor can be included in simple wall décor ideas. And they make immersive additions, creating effective looks.

And if you have an entire blank wall, large kitchen wall décor ideas can guide you at this point. Décor for large kitchen wall could be a sizeable artwork and a cluster of plates /cutting boards. For example, you can create a gallery wall in your kitchen to deepen the aesthetic mood of the space. Or if you love country looks, you can hang shovels and wooden cutting boards to emphasize the farmhouse flair.

Here we have a list of kitchen wall decorating that showcases how to play with different textures, materials, and forms. Take note of these designs and ideas to apply them to your kitchen and give it a new life.

ID# 156401 | – Credit© Анна Моджаро

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas with Plants and Statement Lighting Fixtures

This contemporary kitchen knows how to bring colors together while using them as a way of decorating the space. For example, the red refrigerator pops against the white background to enliven the white-and-black color scheme. Likewise, the brass statement lighting fixtures overhanging the island bring further depth overhead and another splash of color. Also reminiscent of mushrooms, they deliver visual interest to the room. In addition to them, an artwork of a dog and kitchen plants distributed here and there promotes engagement with the kitchen. Altogether they inject a healthy dose of personality into the space while making it more attractive.

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Industrial Kitchen with Brick Backsplash and Wall Rack

Recognized for their brick walls, industrial kitchens expose their users to rawness and tactility. And here we have a perfect example of it. For this kitchen, the designers preserve the original exposed brick wall of the house to lay the foundation of an industrial look. The suspended-looking wall rack and black ceiling-mounted fixtures support this industrial feel, along with the wood accents on the island. Kept oversized and accompanied by a few stools, the island is there to say that the kitchen is also a social hub. Thus, it is always great to make decorative additions without making it feel over the top. Here, this kitchen only goes with kitchen plants to add a pop of shade and open shelving feature. Both stay loyal to the industrial kitchen design themes in their color and form.

What are good kitchen themes?

To start with, as good kitchen themes, all-white and contrasting color schemes rank at the top of the design themes. They have proven themselves as timeless and classic. And they can be updated whenever needed as they are suitable for a wide range of additions.

In addition to those, there is a wide range of designs that embrace Nordic aesthetics, luxurious touches, and chef’s kitchen themes. They are very popular, soothing, and effective in their own right. Likewise, coastal design themes abundant in muted blue shades impose serenity. Tuscan design themes are awash with yellow and dark brown wrapping you with warmth and texture. Also, again, for nature lovers, soothing color schemes warmed up with timber accents and biomorphic forms result in timeless and artistic designs.

For those who love upscale household appliances, a chef’s kitchen can be another design theme to go for. From cylinder-shaped range hoods to double-door fridges, and metal finishes, a chef’s kitchen can boast all. Stainless steel countertops also take part in these designs, offering unparalleled durability.

Overall, all these styles are considered viable design themes, relaxing their users through their color and material vocabulary.

ID# 156403 | – Credit© Michelle Berwick Design

White Shaker Cabinets with White Countertops and Timber Floating Shelves

Though oxymoronic it may sound, this modern country kitchen offers decluttered lines with white shaker units and white quartz countertops. The black lip pull notches barely puncture the cabinets for a sense of accent. On the wall, the timber floating shelves accommodate some kitchen decor such as plants, a cutting board, and accessories that characterize the kitchen. Similarly, oversized black pendants and wall sconces further punctuate the design, demanding attention.

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Contemporary Kitchen with Achromatic Color Scheme and Artwork

If you have a penchant for all-white looks, sure, go for it. Yet don’t shy away from incorporating a piece of artwork or a kitchen wall décor. It won’t break up the visual integrity, so don’t worry. Here, for example, this contemporary kitchen is outfitted with white cabinets and marble-effect countertops. And this all-white combination is added movement and color with dark red stools. Hung by the island, an eye-catching artwork brings a stark contrast to the all-white kitchen.

What Can I Use to Decorate My Kitchen Walls?

Popular wall decoration ideas include framed art prints, paintings, plates, chalkboards, lighting fixtures, and statement backsplashes. Each design element helps develop a certain design theme. For example, chalkboards can make fun additions to any design, while paintings introduce a formal version of art. You can visit thrift stores and find intriguing decors filled with history. In short, it is your imagination that sets the boundaries for decoration ideas.


Whether colorful or monochromatic, landscape or abstract, the artwork gives plenty of options to impose a specific mood on kitchens. You can either hang them on walls or place them on countertops. Especially sizeable ones that add a high aesthetic value. Also, if you wish, you can create a gallery wall to accompany a kitchen island or a banquette.

ID# 156406 | – Credit© плитка из старого кирпича

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas with Artwork and Statement Lighting Fixtures

This contemporary-industrial kitchen boasts an eye-appealing brick wall to accompany the sleek black cabinets. An iconoclastic wall art finds its perfect place on this brick feature wall, integrating artsy vibes. Also, the countless number of dropped-down lighting bulbs at various heights over the island comes as a beautiful choice. Not only that they create a statement moment but also showcase how multiplied numbers of simple additions can make a room pop.

ID# 156407 | – Credit© AY STUDIO

Mid-Century Kitchen with White Backsplash and Artwork

This all-white mid-century kitchen surprises its users with the pink grout used between the white ceramic subway tiles. Horizontally stacked, these backsplash tiles make the design feel more alluring and welcoming. And thanks to the grout color, they automatically coordinate with a pink kitchen wall art that punctures the white wall. The books exhibited on the breakfast bar’s storage shelving feature add to the authentic vibe of the room.

ID# 156408 | – Credit© Maria Vasilenko

Contemporary Kitchen with Pink Ceiling and White Cabinets

You don’t necessarily have to hang artwork. Instead, place it on the countertops to stylize your food preparation zone. This contemporary kitchen, for example, goes with an oversized abstract artwork rich in colors. Overhead, the pink-painted ceiling brings another layer of color to spice up the all-white look with white cabinets. In addition to them, black tracking spotlight lighting fixtures, cylinder-shaped pendants, and a rounded hood contribute to the overall design aesthetic. First, they pull the design together with consistency in the forms. Secondly, bringing contrasting shade, these additions help ground the look.

ID# 156409 | – Credit© Insomnia

Eclectic Kitchen with Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas and Kit Kat Tile Backsplash

Eclectic kitchens love merging a little bit of this and a little bit of that – as proven by this design project as well. Here, from the kit kat tile backsplash to green classy stools and the diamond-detailed glass-front cabinets, each element speaks volumes. Altogether they make the design intriguing, modern, and classy. And for one final touch, a floral painting brings in the feeling of spring along with the green leafy branches.

What should I put on my kitchen walls?

From floating shelves to plates, artwork, lighting fixtures, and hanging cutting boards and pots, there is a wide range of decoration objects to accentuate kitchen walls. You can start with a gallery wall to deepen the aesthetic mood of the room. Floating shelves are popular, especially when the backsplash is extended up to the ceiling. You can accompany them with statement lighting fixtures.

Yet it also depends on the overall design theme of the kitchen. For example, rustic and country kitchens can exhibit shovels, cutting boards, and salvaged log pieces. Mediterranean kitchens, on the other hand, can benefit from plates, cast-iron statement lighting fixtures, and exposed wood beams.

So, first, plan a specific design theme. Then choose your decorations accordingly to retain consistency.

ID# 156410 | – Credit© LSD Bureau

Contemporary Kitchen with White Quartz Countertops and Timber Cabinets

In this contemporary kitchen, the juxtaposition of off-white and timber cabinets results in a well-balanced design, which feels peaceful. Yet it still needs to pack a punch to gain a sense of life. That’s why this calmness is enriched with black abstract artwork located on the white quartz countertops. Additionally, white round lighting fixtures hanging over the dining table add to the contemporary vibe of the room significantly.

ID# 156411 | – Credit | © Ирина Шевченко

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas for Wood and White Cabinets and Marble Backsplash

It is no secret that wood and white cabinets with a marble backsplash get you a timeless look. In other words, this sophisticated and classic combination of timeless materials never disappoints homeowners. But if you are looking for a way to give this classic look a new vibe, this kitchen shows you one way. It employs an eye-striking painting and places on the countertop. Featuring a naked human body in a sitting position, this piece of artwork adds a dramatic feel to the overall look.

ID# 156412 | – Credit© Ze|Workroom Studio

Industrial Kitchen with Whitewashed Brick Wall and Black Lighting Fixtures

If you don’t like the reddish-brown colors of brick walls or prefer a cleaner look, why not whitewash the bricks? This industrial cooking space chooses to paint the bricks. Doing so doesn’t steal from their authentic feel of them or their richly textured surfaces. Rather, it just creates a brighter and more spacious feel. The black lighting fixtures add further depth and dimension, while wood cabinets bring warmth. The art print that reads “Good vibes only” not only makes for a fun addition but also heightens the mood of the kitchen users. Sometimes all we need after a long day is a little reminder to feel better. Why not do it with a beautiful piece of art print?

Statement Backsplash

Backsplashes not only protect the walls from water splashes, food splatters, and grease but also add aesthetic value to the walls. They can easily jazz up the overall look and make the design pop. So, if you don’t have a penchant for accessories, you can go with a statement backsplash. From mosaic patterns to a marble slab, printed tiles, and geometric tile splash-backs there are different alternatives to make a statement with your backsplash. Just choose a statement material, size, or pattern, and then go for it to make a difference.

ID# 156413 | – Credit© Alair Homes Forest Hill

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas with Statement Backsplash and Floating Shelves

Surely, backsplashes could serve as kitchen wall décor ideas, too. This beach-style kitchen, for example, participates in the tradition of going with a statement backsplash. And by choosing Mediterranean-inspired tiles to create a stove backsplash, it lends enough interest to the walls. The timber floating shelves with exposed kitchen items and plants further draw attention to the backsplash. Plus, their symmetrical installation provides extra comfort for the eyes.

ID# 156414 | – Credit© Soda Pop Design Inc.

Picket Tile Backsplash with Blue Cabinets and Marble Accents

Using two types of backsplashes helps a lot when you want to further accentuate the design. Here, this contemporary kitchen uses a picket tile backsplash as the main splash-back. Taken up to the ceiling, it gives the design movement and interest due to its intriguing shape. Secondly, a marble backsplash defines the stove zone, which is again extended up to the ceiling. In the rest, blue cabinets, wood accents, and gold hardware give the design visual uplift.

What colors are best for kitchen walls?

White, off-white, light beige, soft earthy shades, and warm colors are the most popular and suitable colors for kitchen walls. Additionally, lavender, pink, orange, and muted blue shades enrich the color repertoire.

ID# 156415 | – Credit© Alair Homes Waterloo

Statement Patterned Backsplash with Copper Accents and White Shaker Cabinets

This modern kitchen boosts your mood with its calm and relaxing atmosphere. In the background, the white patterned tile backsplash serves as a visual focal point. A copper filler and copper lighting fixtures introduce metal touches, warmth, and color, breaking up the all-white look.

ID# 156416 | – Credit© Uniik Design

Walnut Cabinets with Blue Geometric Tile Backsplash and White Countertops

Oozing opulence and timelessness, walnut cabinets ensure that the kitchen feels rich yet sophisticated. The white countertops brighten up the interior while the statement backsplash brings color. Consisting of geometric tiles, this blue backsplash serves as wall décor that is eye-catching and entertaining.

ID# 156417 | – Credit© Ideasxchange Ptd Ltd

Orange Backsplash with Black Cabinets and Suspended Shelves

Keep the patterns timeless, and play with the colors. Here, this orange subway tile backsplash is more than enough to make the entire design pop. The suspended wood shelves used in place of wall units further draw attention to this ceiling-height backsplash. Glass jars, accessories of little bunnies, and synthetic plants round up the overall look. Together they insert liveliness, casualness, and warmth, making the design more approachable. Overhead, black tracking spotlights inject more modernism into the room along with the sleek polished refrigerator.

How can I make my walls look nice?

Kitchens with more freed-up space always tend to feel much nicer. That’s why you can start by taking your backsplash up to the ceiling. To leave more space for it, ditch the upper cabinets if you are not short on storage. But if that’s not an option for you, you can use a color-blocking technique and paint a certain section of your walls another color. It could be a lively or a contrasting shade, depending on your preferences. Aside from those, using two types of backsplashes to create visual diversity also offers another alternative.

Additionally, suspended shelves, art prints, plates, cutting boards, and floating shelves are alternative options to beautify your walls. Industrial kitchens, for example, also prefer faux or original brick splash-backs. For a cleaner look, they can also be whitewashed just like rock backsplashes.

ID# 156418 | – Credit | © Князева Вероника /студия “ProIntDesign”

Industrial Kitchen with Blue and Brick Backsplashes and Wood Open Shelving

Here we have another kitchen that goes with two backsplashes that divide the wall into two horizontal rows. Below, there is a blue subway tile backsplash with a polished finish. On the upper part, the reddish-brown faux brick backsplash gives the room its industrial vibe. These two backsplashes provide a complementary contrast to the kitchen both color-wise and finish-wise. The wood open shelving flanking the cylinder range hood ditches the upper wall units for more breathing space. Aside from those, the green-legged industrial stools introduce a third color to accompany the rest.

Hanging Pots

Especially popular in country and rustic designs, hanging pots are a great way to add accents to walls. Generally made of copper, they introduce color and a metal finish to the room. As simple metal kitchen décor ideas, they elevate the overall aesthetic ambiance. Plus, hanging them on the walls opens more space inside the cabinets.

ID# 156419 | – Credit© deVOL Kitchens

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas with Hanging Pots and Plants

This country kitchen abounds in texture, accessories, lighting fixtures, and kitchen plants while creating a harmonious whole. Here, first, the yellow ceiling beams bring a ripple of color, which is balanced out with white cabinets and a white subway tile backsplash. Secondly, gold hardware, terracotta floor tiles, and timber stools come together as warm elements made of different materials. Thirdly, the hanging copper pots layer the kitchen with warmth and introduce metal as a new form. The plants and art prints hung on the walls promote engagement with this space.

ID# 156420 | – Credit | © Valery Design

Blue Cabinets with Wood Panel Backsplash and Black Countertops

This contemporary kitchen bombards its users with a surge of blue thanks to its blue raised-panel cabinets. To complement them, the wood panel backsplash and black countertops bring a calming effect to prevent blue-poisoning. The copper pots, likewise, add a touch of warmth. And the chalkboard mounted on the range hood adds a fun twist, taking kitchen users by surprise. A little note on the board, which reads “Sweet home” is like a nod to the kitchen referred to as the heart of a home.

ID# 156421 | – Credit© Gillian Jackson

Blue Cabinets with Hanging Pots and White Backsplash

One of the best ways to save more space in cabinets is to hang your bulky copper pots. There is no way for you to go wrong with this trick. Though this transitional kitchen seems as if it has been exaggerated a bit, it manages o curate a well-balanced look. The off-white backsplash provides a blank canvas wall space of sorts for the pots to lean against. And the dark blue cabinets anchor this entire look, while the copper cabinet hardware helps bring the design together.


Budget-friendly and functional, a chalkboard can even replace a backsplash option. It is a great way to leave yourself some reminders and write grocery lists and recipes. Surely, art drawings and sketching are welcome too. You can install them by breakfast bars. Some designers even use them to accentuate the range hood fixtures, cabinets, and fridge doors.

ID# 156422 | – Credit | © Yuri Grishko

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas with Chalkboard and Whitewashed Brick Wall

This eye-popping high-ceilinged kitchen design has a bit of everything, offering a tactual and visual journey for kitchen users. From the stools coated in sheepskin-looking fabrics, vintage lighting fixtures, and whitewashed brick backsplash, each element oozes quirkiness. And of course, a good-sized chalkboard comes as another whimsical touch that decorates the wall. And while decorating, it creates a café-like atmosphere and outdoor feel, which gains more importance in the post-pandemic world.

Floating Shelf Display

Probably among the most popular kitchen wall décor ideas, we can count floating shelves. Installed symmetrically and in rows, they generally flank range hoods. Though, minimalist kitchens prefer a single linear shelf to maintain the kitchen’s decluttered. But the key thing to keep in mind when designing them is to not store everything you find around. Rather, ensure to leave some breathing space between accessories, plates, and mugs. Focus on achieving intentional randomness, which will give you a well-curated look.

ID# 156423 | – Credit© АВИЛА. Студия интерьера и архитектуры

Cream Cabinets with Black Countertops and Glass Pendants

“Bon Appetit!” What else could you write on a chalkboard while you have such a delicately-set dining table? A pristine white tablecloth with flowers and candle holders is more than enough to lure guests for a hearty meal. In the background, the cream cabinets and black countertops create a neutral backdrop while the stone slab backsplash completes the luxurious sense. Warming up the interior and anchoring the look, these two timeless colors ensure the design feels classy and timeless too.


Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas with Timber Cabinets and Floating Shelf

This calm Scandinavian kitchen fulfills all the premises of Nordic design aesthetics. The abundant use of natural material in the form of timber cabinets and a marble backsplash ooze resilience and peacefulness. The undulating forms on the marble suggest a sense of flow and fluidity that matches the green outdoor views. The timber floating shelves also add accents to the walls, bringing a bonus intrigue and interest. Also, let’s not leave out the sophisticated wishbone stools that take the design to the next level.

ID# 156426 | – Credit© Raven Valley Kitchens

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas with Floating Shelf Display

If you have accessories that you want to display, install floating shelves on your backsplash. The open shelving features bring a sense of casualness but don’t stow everything you find around. It is important to curate them in purposeful randomness. Here, a trio of timber shelves is used to exhibit glasses and mugs, adding personality to the design. To further emphasize them, mount a wall sconce that will provide task lighting for the shelves. Again, here, a farmhouse-style brushed brass wall sconce adds warmth and charm.

ID# 156427 | – Credit© Jodie Rosen Design

Timber Floating Shelves and White Cabinets with Gray Backsplash

In this transitional kitchen, the abundance of white cabinets is softened and warmed up with timber accents and floating shelves. Since the upper walls are freed up from the overhead cabinets, there is more breathing space made available for floating shelves. These timber open shelving features puncture the gray backsplash taken up to the ceiling. The resulting scheme feels well-crafted and well-thought-out.

ID# 156428 | – Credit© TYCON Building Solutions

Transitional Kitchen with White Backsplash and Black Range Hood

Graced with a vaulted ceiling, this transitional kitchen lives up to its potential to the fullest. Here, the white chevron tile backsplash gives the design a modern vibe, accentuated by timber shelves and a black range hood. This timeless combination is also added further character with busy-pattern granite countertops that give the design a traditional spin. Overhead, the rustic ceiling beams and modern stools, again, create a complementary contrast.

Plate Walls

Favored by Mediterranean, Tuscan, and traditional kitchens, plates, whether hung on the walls or placed on the shelves, give any space visual uplift. You can even create your own exhibition and give your kitchen a museum-like vibe. The plates add colors and patterns and also can be combined with artwork too. Thus, feel free to experiment with them.

ID# 156429 | – Credit© British Standard by Plain English

Blue Cabinets with Whitewashed Beadboard Backsplash and Plate Decorations

This well-curated farmhouse kitchen space boasts a sizeable wicker basket, plates exhibited on the walls, and a traditional carpet. As accessories develop a design theme, these colorful and texture-rich additions bring homeliness, too. To complement them, blue shaker cabinets team up with a whitewashed beadboard backsplash and wood countertops. Also, the patterns on window shades coordinate with the ones on the plates, retaining visual integrity despite the richness of various textures.

Unique Mosaic Tiles

White pearl and marble mixed mosaic tile, elegant look for projects.

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Gray Marble Leaf Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 156430 | – Credit© Julia Bewcyk

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas with Plates for Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinets

A collection of plates is one of the best ways to accentuate your design. Here, blue plates introduce a nice splash of color to the otherwise all-white transitional kitchen. And on the floor, the wood coating brings much-needed warmth to the room. Also, a sliding door makes for a very practical addition without taking up much space, offering convenient use.

How do you decorate a kitchen accent wall?

Kitchen wall décor ideas range from plates to chalkboards, open shelves, and curating a gallery wall. Yet when doing so, it is important to stay loyal to the overall theme. For example, if your kitchen is minimalist, stay away from pretentious elements and employ biomorphic forms and organic patterns. However, if you love shabby chic and eclectic designs, then you get the best chance to gather together different elements.

Yet aside from those, decorating is also about creating a more personal space. So, choose your favorite photographs, frame them, and hang them on your kitchen walls. They will not only provide an accent but motivate you while cooking too. It is always great to be surrounded by memories. And when you have the chance, why not use them to personalize your kitchen?

ID# 156431 | – Credit© Бюро интерьеров Method

Banquette with Chandelier and A Gallery of Plates

In this transitional kitchen, the cozy banquette offers a laid-back seating space, which is turned into a stylish and artsy section. The eye-popping chandelier and a gallery of plates which covers the entire wall above the banquette demand all attention to this part of the kitchen. The plates of various sizes and designs mounted on the wall replace artwork in this kitchen, giving it a more nostalgic vibe.

Statement Lighting

Both functional and aesthetic, statement lighting fixtures are more than light providers. You can use them to accentuate walls or anchor islands to the design. Also, feel free to mount them above the floating shelves. This way, you can provide accent lighting for the selves, which gives you a cozy atmosphere.

ID# 156432 | – Credit© Two Birds Design

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas with Statement Lighting and Geometric Tile Backsplash

What makes this modern kitchen more intriguing is the integration of contrasting mid-century-inspired lighting fixtures. Black outside and brass inside, these lighting fixtures provide task lighting while accentuating the wall. Also, the white ceramic diamond tile backsplash offers a calm canvas for the black sconces to make a statement.

ID# 156433 | – Credit© Красюк Сергей

Calm Kitchen Design with Terrazzo Countertops and Statement Lighting Fixture

With the right choices, you can easily turn functional elements into visual statements. In this contemporary kitchen, the lucky feature happens to be a lighting fixture. Overhanging the terrazzo-topped island, this white oversized lighting fixture is suspended in the air like a giant cloud. As such, doubtlessly, it is the showstopper piece of this kitchen, commanding attention.

Plant Pots

One of the best ways to bring the design to life is plant pots. Greenery plants deliver freshness, a breath of fresh air, and color. You can place them on countertops and range hoods, or exhibit them on suspended shelves. Especially if you want to achieve a Scandinavian design, don’t forget to get plant pots.

ID# 156434 | – Credit© Rogojnikov&Sorokin

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas with Suspended Shelving and Kitchen Plants

If you are going for a Scandinavian look, don’t skimp on kitchen plants. This Scandinavian kitchen, for example, prides itself on its green kitchen plants climbing down. Exhibited on a suspended shelf, they give the design life and color.

ID# 156435 | – Credit | © Анна Крутолевич

Off-White Cabinets with Kitchen Plants and Butcher Block Countertops

One of the best ways to liven up a kitchen with off-white cabinets is to integrate color and texture. Here, the butcher block countertops and multiple kitchen plants serve to complete this mission. The large rim of the range hood strategically serves as alternative storage where the plants are kept. This way, this metal extractor hood is softened with natural touches.

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