Tuscan Style Kitchen Ideas Natural Feel with Cozy Atmosphere

20+ Tuscan Style Kitchen Ideas

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Tuscan Kitchen with Visual Drama

It is almost impossible not to get hooked by this marvelous Tuscan kitchen design! Clad in travertine tiles, it embodies the ultimate form of luxury, sophistication and visual drama. From the vaulted ceiling to the arched built-in niche featuring the cooking zone each piece acts as a singular body that outstretches itself toward the outdoors. At the back, the blue kitchen cabinets and the wood island are complemented by black granite countertops while the dining room is enriched with a wooden table with gray chairs. The oversized pendant lights above the dining table make a cohesive final touch that adds a warm glow!

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Rustic Mediterranean Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances

This kitchen is a bit of everything… The calm and soothing effect of the Tuscan style meets with the organic elements that add a rustic flavor to the space while the metallic details bring some industrial flair! As a solid base, the gray wood cabinets create a nice textural look. The gray countertops complement the cool aesthetic of the wood texture perfectly while the stainless steel appliances add a dose of sparkle. At the back, the exposed stone wall gives this space a bunch of character and the glamorous chandelier above the island complements the historic feel of this home!

Tuscan Style Kitchen Ideas

Characterized by rich wooden cabinetry, eye-appealing details, earthy shades, and bespoke furnishings, Tuscan-style kitchens are all about paying tribute to the local materials and creating an environment that feels warm and intimate. As they are filled with intricate details and ultimate examples of craftsmanship, it wouldn’t be wrong to argue that Tuscan-style kitchen ideas tend to make your space a living work of art.

Serene and Sooting Charm of the Tuscan Style

Awash with sandy and wood tones, Tuscan kitchens love mismatching pieces and a sense of casualness and spontaneity that reflect the lifestyle of the countryside. Starting from the cast-iron chandeliers to the ceramic plates, printed tile backsplashes, colorful rugs, and landscape paintings, they all form an integral part of these cozy kitchens. In this blog, we compiled a list of Tuscan-style kitchen design projects that both participate in the traditional applications of this style and upgrade their original rustic vibes with adjustments to today’s modern kitchen designs. Whether you prefer it modern or rustic but feel sure that you are into homespun charms, look no further because these Tuscan-style kitchen ideas will give you all you need.

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Tuscan-Style Kitchen Ideas with Natural Wood Cabinets and Gray Countertops

Tuscan-style kitchens are a bit about rustic romance. Bringing outdoors in, they snag lots of texture inside. Here, for example, travertine wall and floor tiles, vaulted ceiling, and dark window frames tie together almost everything a Tuscan-design kitchen does signify. The designers also don’t forget a patterned backsplash to cozy up the space and a wrought-iron pendant light to emphasize the grandeur of the high ceilings. In the background, the arch houses the cooking zone, paired with a stainless-steel range hood and natural wood cabinets that create a warm and welcoming look. The ceilings referred to as the fifth wall of the rooms are sacred enough for Tuscan styles, treated with stone tiles to envelop the kitchen with a sense of warmth and intimate atmosphere.

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Modern Mediterranean Kitchen with Wood Island

To capture the Tuscan style best, try to create the illusion as if the kitchen has been put together over time and each generation brought something new into the inherited sacred space of the kitchen with mismatching items and wood textures! The historical ceiling with raw and cracked edges stands out between the white paint and bowls building up the rustic character Tuscan kitchens love. In the background, the white kitchen cabinets provide a clean and sleek appeal while the marble countertops add a dose of luxury to the space! The real statement piece in this kitchen is the wooden island that is enriched with floral wallpaper and a marble top. Above the island, the ceiling-mounted open shelving adds some industrial sense while the wood floor ties all the elements together.

What is a Tuscan-style kitchen?

Tuscany is a region in Italy, famous for its yellow and red houses surrounded by olive trees, cypresses and vineyards… The materials used outdoors are densely used in the interior spaces to maintain a connection between inside and out and the similar features of course find reflection throughout the interiors and the heart of the homes!

So, coming back to a Tuscan-style kitchen, dipped in the bright and pale shades of earthy shades, yellows and even peachy pinks in the company of weathered wood and stone accent features, a Tuscan style kitchen has distinct qualities that make it immediately recognizable! If you happen to see lots of wood, stone and brick melted in one pot, along with cast-iron chandeliers, stone floor finishes and cast-iron stoves then you can ensure that it is a Tuscan-style kitchen!

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White Kitchen Design with Brick Ceiling

Don’t feel that something is wrong if you don’t see any earthy shades in Tuscan-style kitchen furnishing. Clean white looks form part of this geography too as long as craftsmanship and some eccentric details are used. Here, for example, we have a chic modern white kitchen that earns a Tuscan character with a brick vaulted ceiling and the exposed brick arch above the peninsula reminiscent of Tuscan houses.

Modern Tuscan Style Kitchen Ideas

If you want to update Tuscan kitchens, you can use flat-front cabinets, lighter shades, and quartz countertops with white subway tile or slab backsplashes. But, don’t skip on incorporating wood shades, double islands, and eat-in bars, and creating informal layouts, which will keep the kitchen in the Tuscan zone.

ID# 170605 | Houzz.com – Credit© Peter Schaad Design Studio

Patterned Cement Backsplash with Dark Wood Cabinetry and Tiled Island

This modern Tuscan kitchen features a civilized articulation of wooden textures and colorful backsplash framed by flat-front cabinets without compromising the grandeur of the kitchen. Creamy neutral shades are traded with pops of colors; yet, a flair of romanticism is still in the air. Flanked by white countertops, the cooking zone creates an elegant appeal while patterned backsplash tiles make an unexpected twist that enhances Mediterranean flair. Adorned by the same backsplash tiles, the large kitchen island serves as a division element. This way, guests and family members not only enjoy the warmed-up ambiance and smell of the dishes but also the connection of the kitchen to the rest of the home.

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Modern Tuscan Style Kitchen Ideas with Natural Wood Cabinetry and White Countertops

Though featuring the informal layout of the Tuscan kitchens, this refined interpretation maintains a high level of consistency and regularity that signifies its modern character. Dotted with walnut base cabinets topped by white quartz countertops, it also features a slight mid-century flavor combined with Mediterranean and Tuscan vibes. The sleek white walls and black minimalist cabinet hardware paint a contrast without allowing it to be the protagonist of the space. Instead, the marble look quartz backsplash with a gloss finish and walnut cabinets remain to be the statement features. Even though they present a rather sleek profile, the casualness is preserved to stay loyal to Tuscan culture!

How to decorate a Tuscan-style kitchen?

In Tuscany culture, kitchens are not only about cooking but also for gatherings to celebrate togetherness, enjoy a glass of wine, and share a laugh. Thus, the decorative pieces share the same mindset, privileging the handcrafted items and textures that channel warmth.

Starting from earthenware pitchers to ceramic colorful plates, textured suede effect walls, old wine bottles turned into lighting fixtures, wine racks, and bespoke furnishing, anything could be used as an accessory in Tuscan kitchens. Kitchen towels, pots, herbs, woven storage baskets, rugs, and accent chairs also make nice additions.

Natural and Soothing Charm of the Tuscan Style

Walls and ceilings exist to use the space to the fullest, getting a lot of attention. Wood-lined walls, floating shelves, orange-painted walls, stucco walls, and mosaic tile backsplashes all make the walls focal points. And the same goes for the ceilings and lighting fixtures. If you have gabled ceilings, for example, you are lucky. You can highlight them with trusses, cast-iron chandeliers, and pot racks. Likewise, you can clad the ceiling with slatted wood panels, bricks, and terracotta tiles.

As for the flooring, terracotta and travertine floor tiles offer the perfect old-world look as well and the planks with 6-inches wide to 12-inches. To accentuate them, you can partially coat the ground with handcrafted rugs to add warmth and texture underfoot.

But above all, when decorating your Tuscan-style kitchen, don’t forget to include an eat-in bar to enjoy a hearty meal with your loved ones (if the space allows). Enjoy the process and add antique or eccentric objects. And the best part is that you don’t even need to spend lots of money. You can get all you need from flea markets, thrift stores, and local boutiques.

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Modern Tuscan Home Bar with Vintage Accents and Black Tiles

The dark shades contrast strikingly with the white walls while the touches of brass and wood pop against the white backdrop. The gray marble backsplash, countertops, and glossy black herringbone tiles above the marble slab impart a modern feeling to the kitchen while the vintage brass sconces and cabinet hardware the sense of intimacy and coziness the Tuscan kitchens love to suggest as a feeling. Overall, despite the modern contrasting character of the space, it feels approachable enough and pulls off the sentimental environment that makes its users feel at home.

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Modern Mediterranean Kitchen with a Beige Color Palette

If you want to incorporate the soothing effect of the Tuscan style into your modern kitchen, stone slab backsplashes will be your savior! In this beige kitchen. for instance, the large-format porcelain tiles bring a Mediterranean feel with their stone-look textures. The same stone texture continues on the countertops while the the wood floating shelves above the backsplash complete the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The black faucet creates a contrasting look to enhance modernity while the vases, glasses, and other décor objects on the shelves make a cohesive final touch.

Rustic Tuscan Style Kitchen Ideas

Stucco walls, bricks stacked around the perimeter of windows and archways, mosaic tile backsplashes, cast-iron chandeliers, fireplaces and more! All these statement features come together to pull off a rustic Tuscan kitchen abundant in natural textures and earthy shades. The dropped-down cast iron pot racks, copper and brass pans, cutting boards, and woven baskets sprinkled throughout the kitchen support the rustic vibe, finished mostly with terracotta and travertine tiles on the floor or backsplash.

ID# 170609 | Houzz.com – Credit© Tuscan Developments | Custom Homes & Renovations

Rustic Tuscan-Style Kitchen Ideas with Wood Cabinets and Granite Countertops

The beating heart of the design lies on the bespoke range hood that serves as a focal point! Enriched with natural stones, this range hood design perfectly reflects the soothing aesthetic of the Tuscan style. At the rear, the stone tiles of the backsplash form a picture, framed by dark wood cabinets and granite countertops while the oil-rubbed bronze hardware and stainless steel appliances make a cohesive final touch. Overall, the best part of this Tuscan kitchen is that nothing looks staged but captures the beauty of the spontaneity of unrelated elements that feel at home altogether!

ID# 170610 | Houzz.com – Credit© Maitland & Poate Ltd

Rustic Kitchen Design with Distressed Island and Granite Countertops

Worn-out plastered walls with patterned tiles make for an impactful look in this Tuscan kitchen that benefits from streaming lights to highlight the imperfections of the space nicely! Offering a restful repose with its neutral shades and light wooden tones, it forms ultimate escapism into a world of tranquility a perfect spot away from bustling city life. The minimized needs of the homeowners and the space become translated on the floating shelves. The distressed wood cabinets and kitchen island enhance the rustic flair while the black granite countertops bring depth to the space by creating contrast. The resulting scheme is a space with imperfections that make it more intimate and welcoming with an ethereal appeal.

Small Tuscan Style Kitchen Ideas

We know that Tuscan-style kitchens have an enriched vocabulary, elaborate details, and pops of colors which make them hard to tie all together (especially if you have a small kitchen). But don’t despair, as there is always a way to integrate a Tuscan inspiration into any space with a bit of design magic!

One of the best ways is to use light shades of cream, and greige, floating shelves in place of overhead cabinets to open up the space and light natural textures. Limestone and sandstone floor finishes, marble backsplashes in beige and light cream shades, or even pink shades could add nice expressive materials to make a statement. A small fan overhead, small and cute wall sconces, and freestanding woven basket storage also enrich the visual scheme and bring a punch of character. Just sprinkle some eye-catching accents and details that will enliven the kitchen without even you knowing it.

ID# 170612 | Houzz.com – Credit© Coblonal Interiorismo

Small Tuscan Style Kitchen Ideas with Wooden Cabinetry and Brick Walls

Choosing textures and materials that will age gracefully alongside the clean lines is one of the best ways to treat a space, especially if it is concealed behind a rammed-earth arch. And if you want to create a welcoming yet soothing space, go with a color scale that is also appreciated by natural lights as in this particular kitchen. Sheathed in creamy and warming shades, this compact space already feels spacious enough, while the arched door creates a naturally ventilated space. The modern and refined color scale, the exposed brick textures, and the floating shelves showcase its Tuscan- inspiration in a poetic articulation. Spotlights and accent lighting above the shelves emit a sense of warmth, while a sophisticated simplicity is put into a dialogue with the surrounding environment.

Are Tuscan-style kitchens outdated?

As the needs of modern life change, so do the interior designs and the adaptation of the old countryside kitchens. Ranging from the modern farmhouse to transitional and modern-rustic kitchens, we see more refined forms and color palettes in apartments. Even if the exposed bricks and stone walls are preserved, they are complemented with modern and clean-lined forms. And the same goes for Tuscan-style kitchens, which are in no way outdated.

Today, Tuscan kitchens are still a source of inspiration for their informal layouts, relaxing atmosphere, and reminiscence of intimate moments. But like any other traditional design kitchens, they also change, employing light and neutral color palettes. The used-to-be all-around dark wood shades and cabinetry become replaced by lighter elements. These dramatic elements are generally used as statement pieces rather than colonizing the space of the kitchens throughout. But overall, even the modern versions still maintain a connection to the traditional Tuscan houses by paying tribute to the style with certain materials and motifs.

ID# 170613 | Houzz.com – Credit© MMOestudio

White Mediterranean Kitchen Design with Exposed Stone Ceiling

Even though the white color dominates this small kitchen design, the exposed stone ceiling perfectly reflects the Mediterranean aesthetic. Filled with a good amount of natural light, the white kitchen cabinets, countertops, and backsplash create a bright and airy atmosphere while the portable wooden island complements the warm and intimate feel created by the ceiling. Last but not least, the beige and white floor tiles add a nice textural look that finalizes the design.

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Small Kitchen with Vaulted Ceiling and Blue Accent Wall

Adorned by a gorgeous vaulted ceiling, this tiny kitchen has already a bunch of character! Thanks to this high ceiling, the small space of the kitchen feels larger. The natural wood cabinets complement the historical sense of the ceiling while the blue wall makes an unexpected twist that instantly gives a modern look to the space.

Tuscan Style Kitchen Cabinets

Often custom-made, Tuscan-style kitchen cabinets are considered statement pieces, a chance for carpenters to showcase their carpentry and craftsmanship skills. Thus, ornate trims, corbels, moldings, carved-out island units, curvaceous iron ornaments, and cast-iron tables are signature pieces in Tuscan kitchens executing a high level of artistry.

Apart from that, display, raised-panel, and shaker-style cabinets are also popular faces in Tuscan-style kitchens. But if you want to recontextualize the Tuscan vibes in a contemporary setting, then flat-front cabinets are welcome as well. But what you can do to preserve the Tuscan feel is get them in walnut or light wood finishes to include natural textures.

ID# 170615 | Houzz.com – Credit© Matteo Gebbia

Tuscan-Style Kitchen Cabinets with White Tiled Countertops

The showstopper of this authentic Tuscan kitchen is without a doubt the dark wood raised panel cabinets framed by bright white tiles. The rich textural look of the dark wooden furniture adds visual interest to the space while the white features balance the atmosphere. Right above a stunning tiled floating shelf distinguishes itself from the white square tile backsplash with its reddish patterns and complements the warm appeal of the wooden textures. For a final touch, the wood ceiling and the beige floor tiles are the perfect elements that enhance the Tuscan aesthetic.

ID# 170616 | Houzz.com – Credit© BRÜNING INTERIORS

Tuscan Style Kitchen Ideas with White Herringbone Backsplash

Even if this kitchen lacks the same impact of sprawling that Tuscan kitchens have, the warming color palette rich in earthy and sandy shades alongside the wood additions and Tuscan decors ensures a connection with the bucolic style of the Tuscan. The use of timber doors attached to the stone bases makes a great combination of old and new. Enriched by a glossy finish, the white herringbone backsplash adds extra interest along with the wood trim of the range hood. Apart from those, the integration of the plaster wall cladding captures the Tuscan spirit. And, what complements them is the gray floor tiles and matte black lighting fixtures that bring a modern flair.

Tuscan Kitchen Backsplash

Limestone, travertine, sandstone, and terra cotta tiles are the most popular backsplash materials in Tuscan kitchens. But if you are looking for something more colorful, printed tiles are effective. In more modern kitchens, marble, subway tile, and stainless-steel backsplashes can be used. If you wish, you can also distinguish the stove part from the rest by using two different backsplashes.

ID# 170617 | Houzz.com – Credit© Officine Gullo

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets with Oversized Range Hood and Colorful Tiles

One of the coziest and most characterful kitchens that will make you feel the Tuscan vibes to the fullest! Boosted by a warm color palette, this lovely design develops an intimate connection with the space through gracefully aged materials below the wood ceiling. The colorful backsplash with pronounced patterns creates a perfect backdrop, flanked by yellow cabinet fronts. In the center of cabinets, an oversized stove and range hood add a nice detail in favor that gives a vintage sense. For complementary materials, the wall-mounted rack, metallic cabinet hardware, and yellow wall paint tie the space together, tapping into the spirit of the Tuscan kitchens wonderfully.

How do you modernize a Tuscan kitchen?

To modernize a Tuscan kitchen, you can start by toning down the earthy shades and dark wood textures and replace them with lighter shades that feel airy and tranquil. As for the textures, you can bring in refined architectural forms, civilized textures, and flat-front cabinets. But if your kitchen happens to have exposed rustic wood beams and brick walls, it is recommended to keep them intact, focus on the surrounding features, and try to constitute a visually lightweight design with neutral and light warm shades.

When it comes to the backsplashes, consider clean-lined elements, subway tile, slender, quartz slab backsplashes, or more geometric patterns to define the backdrop. To complement them, you can use modern lighting fixtures like linear pendants that instantly give the space a modern spin.

Contemporary artworks and ceramic pitchers could serve as decorative pieces to be exhibited on timber floating shelves. You can feel free to enmesh old and new at certain points to boast of a modern-rustic character, which is celebrated in modern kitchens, too.

But above all, don’t try to make everything perfect and worry about the design process. Just like how Tuscan kitchens are all about enjoying the atmosphere, calmness, togetherness, and textures, just try to dress in a similar attitude when designing. Trust your guts, and let the space impose casual ease on you.

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Tuscan-style Kitchen Ideas with Black and White Tile Backsplash

Though executing a modern version of the Tuscan kitchen clad in light shades and clean lines, this soothing kitchen design still manages to stay loyal to the Tuscan spirit! With the furniture-like range hood and the black and white patterned ceramic tile stove backsplash, it uses Tuscan design vocabulary which makes it grow akin to Mediterranean style as well. Likewise, the minimized corbels and archway pay homage to the Tuscan houses, while black quartz countertops add a modern appeal replacing the texture-rich countertops that Tuscan kitchens adore. Yet, chrome hardware and hardwood floors compensate for the lack of texture, adding rustic elements.

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Light Wood Cabinets with Cement Tile Stove Backsplash

This kitchen showcases how to update an originally Tuscan design and transform it into something more modern with a sleek profile. Defined by light wood cabinets, it paints a design based on contrasting shades enriched with patterns and wood finishes. The cement tile stove backsplash with a blue-white color palette becomes the showstopper while its color scheme resonates with the overall kitchen theme. The sleek door styles of the cabinets also give a clean and ordered finish to the background while the quartz countertops are preferred instead of granite worktops. Lastly, the wooden table and the bronze chandelier above it make a rustic twist against this clean backdrop.

What are the colors of Tuscany?

The colors favored by Tuscany are almost countless. But it mainly relies on the charm of the pale yellows, peachy pinks, sandy shades, strong brown shades, and rusty reds. Also, the mixture of colors and mismatching shades are considered an important characteristic of the Tuscany kitchens. Thus, feel free to use various warm shades and ensure to include wood if you want to stay true to the Tuscany spirit. But if you wish to create a statement corner with bold colors, you can also act bold and incorporate blue shades and reds. But don’t forget to enrich it with lots of wood tones and sometimes golden yellows.

ID# 170620 | Houzz.com – Credit© Studio Invitado

Terracotta Backsplash with White Cabinets and Wood Countertops

Potted plants, wooden countertops, and a terracotta backsplash wooden beam that distinguishes the stove part with a visual accent are sometimes all that a space needs to feel Tuscan enough. And the rest just plays along! The reddish terracotta tiles are laid in a unique style that colors the top half while the white cabinets bring in balance. The wooden countertops and floating shelves perfectly match the soothing effect of the Tuscan style. The black range hood design allows to display of potted plants that add visual interest above the island.

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