Coastal Backsplash Complete the Serenity with Stylish Tiles

18+ Coastal Backsplash

Blue Coastal Backsplash with White Countertops and Shaker cabinets

The freshness and spacious air welcome you to this beautiful kitchen. Using light colors for the shaker cabinets is a great idea to highlight the busy light blue tile coastal backsplash. The backsplash tiles bring movement to the kitchen interior and add a seaside atmosphere. You may also like to use black knob handles to put a little contrast and add a striking balance.

Fish Scales with a Minimalistic Design Kitchen Cabinetry

The contemporary appeal of the flat-panel white kitchen cabinets is complemented by the white fish scale tile backsplash that puts an energetic atmosphere with a minimalistic touch. The wooden surface of the island creates an ultimate harmony with the white cabinetry and fills the kitchen with a natural vibe. Using white quartz countertops and a waterfall is a terrific choice to complement the white flat-panel kitchen cabinetry.

Coastal Backsplash

In your kitchen, a backsplash is a great way to make a statement. Backsplashes come in so many various colors, patterns, and designs that they may make your kitchen one-of-a-kind. Every kitchen should have a backsplash that reflects the intended design of the area, from bold and colorful to plain and white. So, we’ve gathered some of the greatest coastal backsplash designs in one post. Scroll down and check these stunning and also stylish coastal kitchen backsplash ideas that can be an inspiration for you!

Choosing a coastal backsplash tile may be a lot of fun. To begin, you’ll need to figure out what type of style you want to go with. For a dramatic effect, the coastal style can include a range of beachy hues, such as whites, grays, and subtle muted blues, or it can keep more neutral. Also from mosaic tiles to beach tile murals, recycled glass tiles to marble, there are plenty of different tile styles. Yes, of all these options, deciding on a new backsplash in your kitchen, if you don’t already have one, is a straightforward task. But don’t worry, here you will find different and beautiful tiles that you can get inspired by! Let’s take a look at a few of these coastal backsplash ideas.


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Aesthetic Contrast of the Pale Blue and Wooden Surfaces

The beach is in front of your very eyes thanks to the aesthetic contrast of the pale blue hues and the medium-tone wood floors. The island bar stools join this contrast and increase the naturality with a stylish view. It is also a good choice to have all-white cabinetry with white countertops to emphasize the blue and wood contrast.

What is coastal kitchen style?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Depending on how you perceive it, a seaside kitchen might imply anything. Coastal kitchens are mostly influenced by vacation beach cottages. Beach-themed elements, such as white or blue interiors, tiled walls, and open areas, should be considered. Consider a kitchen with lots of natural light, white with mild tones, and natural wood accents.

Coastal kitchens and farmhouse kitchens share a lot of the same characteristics. Both have lovely rustic finishes and are quite simple. Beach houses and farmhouses aren’t excessively crowded, and they avoid bold colors like red or black. Coastal kitchens are also influenced by mid-century architecture, which has clean lines and an open concept kitchen and living area. Bringing aspects from the outdoors into your house is emphasized in the coastal style. Consider a sleek, bohemian island home on the beach. It’s the summer home you’ve always wanted!

Dark and Deep Colors with a White Coastal Backsplash and White Countertops

The dark blue of the cabinets creates a fantastic contrast with the brass hardware and this contrast joins the brightness of the white countertops and the waterfalls of the island. Using a white tile coastal backsplash increases the movement of the kitchen interior. Also, having white countertops and backsplash is a good idea to brighten up the dark color of the kitchen cabinets.

Tile Materials and Colors for Coastal Backsplash

Because the kitchen is arguably the busiest room in the house, a coastal-themed kitchen might provide the ideal counterpoint to the bustle. Coastal kitchens, as the name suggests, have a beachy feel to them. Because these are the sentiments you get when you spend time by the beach, they’re designed to be locations where you feel comfortable, tranquil, and finally revitalized. Since the kitchen has main design elements such as countertops, cabinets, and backsplash, these should be designed to make you feel the fresh breeze of the coastal areas. Think about a backsplash that may make a big difference with the tile materials and colors for coastal backsplash.

As all we know, the tile industry and market can provide a huge material and color plethora for us to design unique interiors. Soft tones, robust yet basic furniture, fresh and smooth tile materials and colors for coastal backsplash, and natural wood features characterize coastal kitchens. To put it another way, you should strive for a relaxed, pleasant, and airy atmosphere in your kitchen. You don’t have to live near the shore to have a coastal kitchen. It all comes down to the design components you use such as a coastal backsplash.

Glass Tile Coastal Backsplash

If you’re planning to build a new kitchen backsplash or update an existing one for your kitchen, you’ll want to look at the entire spectrum of glass tile backsplash options. Glass tile may be an appealing, affordable, and easy-to-clean alternative to standard ceramic tile or high-end granite for kitchen backsplashes. If there is an idea of having a summer breeze or beachside atmosphere for your kitchens, you can use a glass tile coastal backsplash to improve this design idea for your kitchen or bathroom design.

A glass tile backsplash is a terrific way to add color and visual interest to your kitchen, and the tiles may be set in a variety of patterns to give even more individual style and design flair. Glass tile is available in almost every shape for backsplashes, from rectangular subway tiles to mosaic and penny patterns, so the final arrangement is totally up to you. This means that you can use a glass tile coastal backsplash for your kitchens and create unique design outcomes with them.

Blue Glass Tile Coastal Backsplash with White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The harmony and the freshness of the blue and white color can bring the ocean breeze into your kitchens! The calmness of the blue color blends with the white and creates a serene atmosphere with a clean look. Thanks to the white shaker cabinets and their chrome hardware the blue glass tile coastal backsplash stand out. Having dark wood floors is also a good choice to emphasize the contrast between white and dark blue.


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Beach Style Kitchen Design with White Countertops and White Cabinets

If you do not like strong color transitions you can inspire by this beach-style kitchen design. The white cabinetry and white quartz countertops keep the clean look and the light blue glass tile backsplash enriches this clean look with its freshness. The medium-tone wood floors and the blue and white rug brings a stylish contrast with an aesthetic touch adding a warm appeal.

Ceramic Tile Coastal Backsplash

Ceramic tile backsplashes are by far the most popular in houses and for good reason. These tiles are long-lasting, inexpensive, and simple to install, and it comes in an almost limitless variety of designs, colors, and textures. Ceramic tile backsplashes may offer visual appeal and beauty to your kitchen while also protecting your walls from unattractive and potentially damaging food splatter. Aside from the protective element, a ceramic tile backsplash may bring a lot of aesthetic appeal, color, and personality to your kitchen design. Many homeowners consider a ceramic tile backsplash to be a perfect place to try out new designs, patterns, and colors. One of these designs is a ceramic tile coastal backsplash that can create a fresh, clean, and intimate kitchen looks, or create strong contrasts with a pop of bold colors.

Ceramic tile is also one of the most adaptable kitchen backsplash solutions. It is available in an almost infinite variety of designs, colors, forms, and sizes, and can be purchased online or in-store at practically any home improvement store. Furthermore, several ceramic tile specialist stores are available to meet any bespoke form, color, or texture requirements. You’re sure to discover any sort of ceramic tile you’re looking for among the numerous alternatives. Scroll down and take a look at one of the stylish ideas for a ceramic backsplash which is the ceramic tile coastal backsplash design idea!


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Blue Shaker Cabinets with a White Coastal Backsplash

The tremendous effect of the blue and brown contrast is well-done in this beach-style kitchen design. The powder blue shaker cabinets create a stylish movement in the kitchen environment while the white ceramic tile coastal backsplash brightens up the kitchen cabinets. Using floating wood shelves is a good choice to increase the warm and welcoming look of the kitchen interior, also they create a great harmony with the light wood floors.

White Shaker Cabinets and Brass Hardware with White Quartz Countertops

The harmony of the white shaker cabinets and the white quartz countertops is unquestionably a good choice if you do not know how to start a beach-style kitchen design. You can add brass hardware to bring a little bit of glamor to the kitchen and create a harmonious appeal with the wooden surfaces such as in this kitchen. The medium-tone wood floors, the custom design wood range hood, and the brass hardware create a beautiful harmony. Using a white ceramic tile coastal backsplash design is a plus to complement the white kitchen cabinetry which will help you to create a fresh and clean look.


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White Kitchen Cabinets and White Ceramic Tile Coastal Backsplash with a Blue Island

Ocean waves and the beach atmosphere greet you with an intimate look in this beach-style kitchen design. The blue hues pop up in the middle of the kitchen creating a contrast with the dark wood floors. This aesthetic view is complemented by the white shaker cabinets, white countertops, and the white ceramic tile coastal backsplash design.

Cement Tile Coastal Backsplash

Backsplash tile is a terrific alternative if you’re searching for a simple and cost-effective solution to remodel or freshen one of your beach-style kitchens. Backsplash tiles bring a burst of color, texture, and pattern to the kitchen while also improving its usefulness by protecting the walls from spills and stains. It’s a tiny enough space that it won’t overshadow the rest of the kitchen, but it has a tremendous impact.

Backsplash tiles are often tiny to medium-sized ceramic, porcelain, glass, or cement tiles. They’re designed to act as a water-resistant and long-lasting barrier between the kitchen wall and all of the problems that come with cooking. Backsplash tiles protect the wall from discoloration and water damage while also adding a stylish touch because of the practically infinite variety of colors, sizes, forms, and patterns available and you can use a cement tile coastal backsplash that is one of the styles that you can find in this large plethora of colors, sizes, forms, and patterns.

Colorful Cement Tiles

You’re undoubtedly most familiar with ceramic tile, even in coastal-style kitchens or others, but we’d like to draw your attention to another form of tile that has the same elegance as ceramic tile but offers many more advantages. Cement tiles are manufactured using a hard-wearing combination of mineral powder, cement, sand, and color pigment, as opposed to ceramic tiles, which are made using a different procedure. It’s squeezed with around 2,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure, and the pattern becomes a part of the tile, rather than just glazed or painted on top of it.

Ceramic tiles, which are manufactured with clays and glazes and burned in kilns, do not have the same amount of resilience as natural stone tiles. Cement tiles have shown to be more resilient and long-lasting than ceramic tiles, requiring less maintenance over time. When properly treated, backsplash cement tiles are also water and stain-resistant. So, these tiles provide an almost limitless number of design alternatives for your kitchen backsplash.

Blue Cement Tile Coastal Backsplash with White Cabinetry and Wooden Island

The calm and serene look welcomes you to this beach-style kitchen. Thanks to the all-white cabinetry the blue cement tile coastal backsplash stand out more! The small square tile backsplash increases the movement of the kitchen interior while contrasting the wooden surfaces such as the medium-tone wood flooring and the wooden island. This contrast brings an aesthetic view to the kitchen environment and improves the natural vibes of a coastal-style kitchen design.

Blue Coastal Backsplash

A coastal backsplash takes its influence from the beach and the sea. Coastal color schemes generally incorporate blues, seafoam green, and beige, just like a beach. The textures, tones, and variations of the backsplash perfectly mimic the captivating yet unpredictable nature of ocean waves. Coastal backsplash may be used in a variety of fashions, depending on the tile used and other design aspects in the space. Pair a blue coastal backsplash with clean white countertops and cabinets for a traditional and modern kitchen that alludes to the ocean’s color palette. Pair white ceramic tile with a distressed beige wood-like tile floor and a gorgeous blue quartzite countertop for a more playful design with rustic appeal.

There are many beautiful colors of blue that spring to mind when you think of the ocean. The ocean is full of stunning colors, from a sparkling light blue over white dunes to a rich deep blue tone at dusk. A blue coastal backsplash is a terrific place to start whether you want to employ a beachy theme throughout your kitchen or just take inspiration from the tones and textures of the beach. Despite its forbidding appearance, blue is a surprisingly flexible color that blends well with a wide range of other hues. To truly commit to the coastal image, add green or beige accents.

Blue Coastal Backsplash with White and Wooden Cabinetry

The shiplap ceilings rock! They add character already to the kitchen with their beautiful view. Using white uppers with a custom-made wooden range hood is a terrific idea to emphasize the wooden and white color harmony. You can improve this harmony by adding a blue coastal backsplash tile and creating a stunning view. It is just like the ocean and the beach is in the kitchen!

What color backsplash is good for coastal kitchen?

It’s no secret that coastal decor typically incorporates blue or green tones (just like the ocean!). However, you don’t have to go overboard with the color bursts. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. Instead of a primary component of your design, you might use bursts of color in your décor. This also applies to backsplashes! For your seaside kitchen backsplash, a white or neutral hue is a lovely choice. You don’t have to make a bold statement, and a white backsplash may be both classic and elegant.

Modern Ocean view with a Sleek Look

When the word “beach-style” or “coastal” comes to mind we usually do not think of the plain and contemporary design looks in the interiors. That is where the imagination can make a design perfect! The plain and contemporary look fills the entire kitchen with a fresh atmosphere thanks to the blue full-height kitchen backsplash. The dark blue veins of the backsplash bring the ocean waves to the kitchen and draw all the attention.

White Coastal Backsplash

This compilation is for you whether you’re decorating a coastal or beach house, or simply want a piece of the beach in your home. Whatever the season, a seaside or beach kitchen is a lovely calm spot where you’ll feel comfortable and holiday-like. Since the kitchens are the places where we spent our time the most, it is understandable to decorate them as calmly and serene. With neutral tones, natural hues, and textures that you’d find on the beach, the coastal kitchen style creates a soothing seaside look that’s attractive to the eye.

To create a coastal kitchen, you just need a few basic pieces to bring the calm of the ocean straight into your home’s heart. If you do not feel bold enough to use colors for the backsplash or the cabinets, a white coastal backsplash is something that you can trust. You can also use other décor elements to complement the cabinetry and the backsplash such as wooden surfaces, rattan chairs, or woven pendant lighting fixtures.

As the white color represents the clean and freshness, it is one of the neutral and timeless colors at the same time. For this reason, you can easily rely on a white coastal backsplash. It is possible to use a wooden range hood with white cabinets and a white coastal backsplash. We recommend using white countertops to finish the clean and fresh look. You may want to use blue cabinetry, if so, you can brighten up the darker cabinets with a white coastal backsplash and countertops!

White Coastal Backsplash and Dark Blue Shaker Cabinets

This coastal kitchen has a classy look thanks to the dark blue shaker cabinets, the island, and the wooden countertop of the island. The black island chairs create a masculine appeal. Using a white coastal backsplash is a good idea to brighten up the dark kitchen cabinets. The wooden countertop of the island and the dark blue cabinetry create a beautiful contrast that adds an aesthetic to the kitchen too.

What is modern coastal design?

Modern design and seaside design may be an odd marriage. After all, clean lines, strong forms, and slick simplicity are all hallmarks of contemporary design. Coastal style, on the other hand, is recognized for the complete opposite, with its bright colors, beachy designs, and goofy décor. When you combine the two, you get something absolutely unique. Modern coastal decor is a modern, simpler twist on classic coastal décor that taps into the emotional sense of being near the water without being overly literal. To put it another way, you end up with an aesthetic that seems like it belongs at the beach, so much so that you don’t need any décor to tell you where you are.
The sleek simplicity of modern design is combined with the beachy vibe of coastal design in modern coastal design. Clean lines, coastal hues, and subtle allusions to the beachy surroundings are usually the end product.

White Coastal Backsplash with a Strong Contrast

If you want to go bold you do not have to use energetic colors! You can use a black and white contrast and still create a coastal kitchen design with other décor elements. The white flat-panel cabinetry creates a contemporary appeal in contrast to black details and the island chairs protect the coastal vibe of the atmosphere. To emphasize the fresh and natural look you can use light wood floors and surfaces.

Gray Coastal Backsplash

Coastal or beach-themed kitchens are those that are inspired by the colors, textures, and general aesthetic of the shore, as well as, in some cases, ocean ships. Coastal kitchens stand out for their sandy tones and nautical embellishments, even if they integrate aspects of popular design trends such as the modern farmhouse kitchen or rustic interiors. Think about a gray coastal backsplash, it can remind you of the pebbles of the seaside and shells! Plus, the gray color is one of the colors that can balance the brightness, calmness, and serene view of the kitchen with their neutrality when they are used in the right way.

Consider the hues you’d find near the beach when choosing a color plan for your coastal kitchen. White, off-white, cream, tan, beige, grays, and blues, inspired by the sand, water, and sky, are colors that match the overall coastal design. The color choice in coastal designs is frequently quite natural and basic. You can try out white cabinetry with a gray coastal backsplash and see the beautiful results! So, let’s look at some of the design solutions with a gray coastal backsplash to get some inspiration!

Gray Coastal Backsplash with White and Blue Cabinetry

The light gray and patterned backsplash brings a soft look with a soothing feel thanks to the effect of the white and light blue cabinets. The wooden trim of the range hood creates a beautiful harmony with the gray backsplash and harmonizes with the white cabinetry! In addition, using light colors can always help you to both have colors and create fresh atmospheres for your interiors.

Tiny Floral Patterns with White Shakers and Brass Hardware

Such a lovely kitchen! The cuteness of the design fills the entire kitchen with a sleek look thanks to the tiny floral patterns of the gray backsplash tiles. Complementing the white kitchen cabinets with white countertops is a way that you can always trust! By doing this you can try out different pops of colors or patterns whatever style you have. Also, adding brass details such as the hardware is a way if you improve your design look with a luxurious touch, as in this kitchen!

How do you create a coastal style in your kitchen?

Whether you live feet from the beach or your favorite vacation spot your backyard, nautical style, and coastal décor will transform any place into a seaside retreat. We turn our focus to the kitchen in this tutorial and explore everything you need to bring the nautical aesthetic to yours, from streamlined lines to a refreshing color palette, and coastal-inspired patterns.
– Neutrals with a dash of primary colors (yellow, red, and blue).
– Warmth and depth are created by combining pattern and texture.
– The open, breezy feel is aided by white furnishings and walls.
– Rope, rattan, sisal, and driftwood are natural nautical decorating elements that pay homage to the style’s marine roots.
– The use of light linen and cotton linens creates a relaxed and beachy atmosphere.


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White Shaker Cabinets with a Gray Coastal Backsplash and Countertops

Gray and white harmony can create a color transition and balance the brightness of the interior as in this beach-style kitchen design. If you want to put a signature on this style you can use some décor elements. The white shaker cabinets and the chrome hardware bring a modern look while harmonizing with the gray backsplash and countertops.

Coastal Farmhouse Backsplash

For many years, the farmhouse kitchen has been one of the most popular interior design ideas. Most homeowners focus on rustic cabinetry, apron front sinks, textured wooden shelving, traditional décor, neutral hues, reclaimed and reused natural components, and faded antiques when building the ultimate country-style kitchen. The correct backsplash can bring your kitchen together and provide elegance and flair to a useful component, which is often disregarded. There are numerous kitchen backsplashes to pick from for a sophisticated and beautiful décor, whether you choose a coastal or modern design style. If you want to improve your farmhouse kitchen with a coastal touch, you can use a coastal farmhouse backsplash!

When the two design style names come together, you may be confused. A coastal farmhouse backsplash can be a complementing part of your farmhouse kitchen or coastal kitchen design style. Thanks to technology, we can create new twists in the design industry and mix the design styles. So, let’s check what is the coastal farmhouse backsplash in the kitchens!

Dark Blue Coastal Farmhouse Backsplash Design with White Shakers

The dark view of the gray island, dark wood floors, and the dark blue backsplash tiles create a dramatic feel in this beach-style kitchen. The white shaker cabinets bring a fresh look to the atmosphere. Using matte black hardware is classy to harmonize with the darker areas of the kitchen and put a striking effect with the contrast to the white shakers. Also, the deep blue of the backsplash creates a serene view thanks to its contrast to the wooden surfaces.

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